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KK Chat -- 30 Dec 2012
« on: December 30, 2012, 10:31:57 pm »
18:06 -!- KK [~kkurtz@4FC299.C97BB0.F1BAC5.EECF55] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:06 <@Evie> Cool!  My parents just had their 51st anniversary this past October
18:06 <@Evie> Hi, KK!
18:06 < jemler> hi kk
18:06 < the_Bee> My aunt and uncle met at ages 3 and 6, and were married 67 years.
18:06 < KK> Hello, all.  Happy New Year!
18:06 < the_Bee> Hi KK
18:07 < Shiral> Hi KK Happy New Year
18:07 <@Evie> Happy New Year!
18:07 < jemler> boy, did they get married early!
18:07 < Rita> Hi KK!  Happy New Year!
18:08 < Sarah> I agree, jemler
18:08 < Sarah> and same ot you, KK
18:08  * jemler puts out blackberry brandy (IDs please!)
18:08 < Sarah> to*
18:08 < Rita> How was your Christmas Katherine?
18:08 < the_Bee> According to Mom, they resisted the family pressure to marry for quite a while.  Their fathers were college roommates and best friends.
18:08  * Shiral puts out some fine bottles of French Champagne
18:08 <@Evie> KK, I got some cool 1:6 props for Christmas for the mini-Deryni
18:09 < Rita> awesome!
18:09 < KK> I just saw the awesome fountain.
18:09 < Shiral> My siblings and I got my Mom an iPad
18:09 < jemler> i was me when i saw that fountain.
18:09 < Rita> cool Shiral!
18:09 < KK> Sant in the person of Cameron got me a Nexus 7 tablet.  Cool!
18:09 <@Evie> Oh, cool!
18:09 < Rita> cool!
18:10 < the_Bee> I mostly got stuff for my trike.
18:10 < KK> Now I just need to learn how to use it.  :)
18:10 < Shiral> She's spent most of this year downsizing her establishment, she definitely doesn't need more tchotchkes hanging around
18:10 < Shiral> Well, what a smart St Nick! =lo)
18:10 < Shiral> =o) Does he bear any resemblance to Scott?
18:11 < KK> Indeed.  There was a promissory last year, of an etch-a-sketch.  Seriously.
18:11 < jemler> you didn't get training wheels did you, Bee? :)
18:11 < Rita> haha that's funny
18:11 < the_Bee> no, just  rear light, rearview miror and fleece seat cover.
18:11 < Shiral> LOL! I hope the Nexus images don't rearrange themselves when shaken
18:12 < KK> I don't know.  I'm just learning the very basics.
18:12 < Rita> you'll be a pro at it in no time :)
18:12 < jemler> i haven't seen an atch-a-sketch in years. or a spirograph.
18:12 < Rita> KK, did you get my email with the pic of Ryan?
18:12 < KK> Yes I did.  Handsome lad.
18:13 <@Evie> they still make both, jemler
18:13 < Shiral> Wow, Jemler. Spirograph was big in our house, what a trip down memory lane!
18:13 < Rita> thanks...I wanted to make sure I had the right now I know :)
18:13 < jemler> what about lioncoln logs?
18:13 < KK> Funny thing is, I felt it through the paper and guessed exactly what it was, which blew Scott and Cameron away.
18:13 < Rita> awesome!
18:13 < Shiral> Nope, we were just wooden block people
18:14 < Shiral> Wow, a blind touch identification. Impressive, KK
18:14 < KK> My sister had lincoln logs.  I had a big erector set.  (Gus is on my ap, and seriously interfering with typing.)
18:14 < Shiral> I'll bet Camber would have had a LOT of fun with a tablet
18:14 <@Evie> :D
18:14 < Rita> so, did you get a chance to write at all this past week?
18:15 <@Evie> Even on vacation, I have a resident cat inspecting all my projects and photo setups. :D
18:15 < Rita> yeah Shiral, he would've
18:15 < Rita> Hi Gus Kitty!
18:16 < KK> Oh, yes.  And printed out 2 chapters and started a new one, where, before they leave Coroth for Bremagne, Brion makes Alaric a squire.  He's nearly 12, and very competent--and the rank is more suitable for a king's companion.
18:16 < Rita> awesome!
18:16 < Shiral> WOW! =o)
18:16 <@Evie> In addition to the fountain and jug, I also found two tiny baskets for my medieval settings, and also found some tiny stirrups at Tandy Leather that will come in handy when I make the saddles for the horses
18:16 < Shiral> That's a Christmas present for your loyal followers! =o)
18:16 <@Evie> Cool!
18:16 < Rita> most definitely!
18:16 < Shiral> I
18:17 < Shiral> have been putting together improvements on the virtual sleigh ride through Papyrus Acres
18:17 < Rita> cool!
18:17 <@Evie> I loved the virtual sleigh ride
18:17 < Shiral> I just never know why I get my biggest ideas at 10 pm. or later =o)
18:17 < KK> That was fun, Shiral.
18:18 < Rita> because you're a night owl
18:18 < Rita> where is Bynw?
18:18 < Shiral> I thought I'd been working on it for an hour or so, until I looked at the clock and realized it was 2:00 am on Christmas Day
18:18 < jemler> i thought ALL owls were night owls.
18:18 -!- Jerusha [Mibbit@4FC299.2DD460.FECEC4.96067B] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:18 < Rita> lol Jemler!
18:18 < jemler> hi jerusha
18:18 < Shiral> You've got a point there, Jemler
18:18 < the_Bee> hi jerusha
18:18 < Shiral> Hi Jerusha
18:18 < Rita> hi Jerusha!
18:19 <@Evie> Hi Jerusha
18:19 < Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
18:19 < the_Bee> bynw may be gaming.
18:19 < Rita> yeah
18:20 < Jerusha> Or watching the  Vikings - Packers game
18:20 <@Evie> KK gave us a Christmas present, scenes in CM3.  ;-)
18:20 < Jerusha> Oh yea!  What scenes?
18:21 <@Evie> Alaric's squiring
18:21 < Jerusha> If already described, I can read them in the chat logs
18:21 < Rita> for those of you who would like to see Ryan's skating, here's the youtube of the one in Dallas: 
/>18:21 < Rita> Shiral, he's all grown up now and skating again
18:21 < Jerusha> Are they on the way to Bremagne yet?
18:22 < Shiral> Pack up those Vikings until next Christmas
18:22 < jemler> what team does bynw like? it's the 4th qtr, score is GB27, min 34
18:22 < Jerusha> Minnesota Vikings, if I remember correctly
18:23 < KK> They'r just leaving Coroth, after oing the squiring the night before at a private supper for the regents.
18:23 < Shiral> Tempus Fugit, Rita
18:23 < Jerusha> Regents?
18:23 < Shiral> "I'd like to get you on a slow boat to.... Bremagne.."
18:23 < the_Bee> Alaric's
18:23 < Jerusha> Ah, I see
18:24 < Shiral> Both his regents AND his squiring
18:24 < Jerusha> I'd go on a slow boat with Morgan anywhere
18:24 < Rita> hehe
18:24 < Shiral> Me too, Jerusha.  Arilan, not so much. =o)
18:24 < the_Bee> at age 12?
18:24 < KK> He's underage, so he has a council of regents running the duchy, as they've done for many years.
18:24 < Jerusha> I'll wait
18:25 < jemler> remember that underage, jerusha'
18:25 < Shiral> That would be a very slow trip
18:25 < KK> 12 is about the minimum age for a very junior squire.
18:25 < Jerusha> I'll bet our Alaric is sharper than most
18:25 < KK> Oh, yes.
18:26 <@Evie> I'd go on a slow boat ride with Arilan, even though all he'll want to do is play cardounet and talk about books the entire way.  I'd still get to see lots of lovely coastline. :D
18:26 < jemler> and you'd have someone to throw to the sharls! :)
18:26 < Shiral> True. Just hope you're both good sailors. No dramamine in Gwynedd
18:26 < jemler> sharks, sorry
18:26 <@Evie> I don't remember ever getting seasick
18:26 <@Evie> though I haven't been on any major swells
18:27 < Shiral> There's a first time for everything
18:27 -!- derynifanatic64 [Mibbit@4CA975.B3C46D.D81D47.141BA4] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:27 < Jerusha> I don't do seasick, so it should be a pleasant trip
18:27 <@Evie> hi, DF
18:27 < the_Bee> Hi DF
18:27 < Shiral> Hi DF
18:27 < Jerusha> Hi DF
18:27 < jemler> i watched years of Baywatch, and I NEVER got SEE sick! :)
18:27 < jemler> hi df
18:27 < derynifanatic64> hi all--happy new year earlu
18:27 < Rita> Hi DF
18:27 < derynifanatic64> earlt
18:27 < derynifanatic64> early
18:27  * Shiral swats  Jemler with a shark in a bikini
18:27 < Jerusha> You mean She-sick, don't you Jemler? :D
18:27 < jemler> just keep trying letters
18:28 < derynifanatic64> JEMLER!!
18:28 < Shiral> Well, Brion definitely understands Alaric's worth
18:28 < Rita> will the book be ready for Darkover KK?
18:28 < jemler> no,  i never got sick of seeing all those women (How to Suff a Wild Bikini!)
18:29 < jemler> no,  i never got sick of seeing all those women (How to Stuff a Wild Bikini!)
18:30 < KK> Hope so.
18:30 < Rita> that would be totally awesome
18:30 < the_Bee> Do you have a title yet?
18:30 < derynifanatic64> once upon a time and downton abbey both return next week
18:30 < Shiral> Yippeee, more Downton Abbey!
18:30 < jemler> but they cancelled Leverage! <GRRR>
18:31 < the_Bee> I thought Downton Abbey returned tonight?
18:31 < derynifanatic64> next week
18:31 <@Evie> I just discovered the first season of Downton Abbey, but the other seasons aren't on Netflix yet
18:31 < Shiral> They need a miniseries  called "Rhemuth Castle."
18:31 < the_Bee> Yes!
18:31 < derynifanatic64> the camber diaires
18:32 < KK> They're repeating the past 2 episodes before the news season begins, later tonight.
18:32 < Shiral> I'll have to double check the TV listings, but I think we have to wait until next year
18:32 < Jerusha> No title yet, KK?
18:32 < KK> Next Sunday will be next year.
18:32 < KK> Nope.
18:32 < Shiral> I know.  =o)
18:32 < derynifanatic64> all of downton abbey are available on dvd
18:33 < jemler> teusday will be next year!
18:33 < Shiral> At this point, you could call it  "The Third Book" and we'll still buy it
18:33 <@Evie> "More Alaric, Book 3"
18:33 < KK> Or Childe III.
18:33 < Jerusha> You can call it anything, and I'll still buy it
18:33 < derynifanatic64> we'll buy it no matter what the title
18:33 < KK> Good.
18:33 < the_Bee> or "Squire Alaric"
18:33 < Rita> yep
18:34 < Shiral> "Alaric Catches A Seducer and Ends up a Squire"
18:34 <@Evie> LOL
18:34 < jemler> or 'The King's (or Haldane's) Squire'
18:34 < KK> That's only a tiny part of the story.
18:34 < the_Bee> Will he come of age by the end of the book?
18:35 <@Evie> when will he become the King's Champion? 
18:35 < Shiral> Subtitle would be "Oh yeah, Brion Gets Married, Too.
18:35 <@Evie> LOL
18:35 < Jerusha> The Quest for Jehana, or There and She Came Back
18:35 < KK> Not quite, Bee.  At least I don't think so  I'm aiming at thebirth of Kelson.
18:36 < Rita> that'd be awesome
18:36 < jemler> by that token the kings justice could have beewn called 'The Bitch is Back'! :)
18:36 < Shiral> I think Kelson has to turn 14 and end up King before Alaric gets to be King's Champion
18:36  * jemler ducks
18:36 <@Evie> I finally managed to track down a copy of the book with the story about the fight against the Marluk, KK.  I know it's subject to change, but I still enjoyed reading it.
18:37 < Rita> so then we can look forward to Kelson growing up and more of Alaric's training
18:37  * Evie smacks jemler with a mackerel so often, she's created a macro for it. *thwack!*
18:37 < jemler> LOL! missed me!
18:37 < Shiral> I found Swords at my local library--I just remembered not to SQUEAL inside and waited until I'd checked it out.
18:37 < Jerusha> It's a good story
18:38 < Rita> yes it is
18:38 < derynifanatic64> i'd love to read that story
18:38 < jemler> what book was it in, shiral?
18:38 < Shiral> Flashing Swords V. 4....I think
18:38 < Jerusha> Flashing Swords $?
18:38 < Shiral> Hard to track down, but probably worth it on
18:38 < Jerusha> I meant $, really I did
18:38 < Jerusha> 4
18:38 <@Evie> I found a used copy on
18:39 -!- kirienne [] has joined #deryni_destinations
18:39 < Jerusha> My rented fingers have been recalled
18:39 <@Evie> though you might find it on eBay also
18:39 < the_Bee> Hi kirienne
18:39 <@Evie> Hi, kirienne!
18:39 < kirienne> Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!!
18:39 < derynifanatic64> hi kirienn
18:39 < Shiral> Hi Kirienne!
18:39 < Rita> Hey Kirienne!
18:39 < derynifanatic64> kirienne
18:39 < Jerusha> Hi Kirienne
18:39  * Shiral gives Kirienne a BIG hug
18:39 < jemler> hi irienne
18:39 < kirienne> I'm finally home on a Sunday
18:39 < Rita> awesome!
18:39 < kirienne> thanks Shiral
18:39 < jemler> shiral, there are like 2 different books. which one?
18:40 < KK> 4
18:40 < Shiral> Flashing Swords V. 4 is all I can remember
18:40 < the_Bee> Is that the version told from Charissa's POV?
18:41 < Shiral> It's for good luck, Kirienne
18:41 < Jerusha> No, it
18:41 < Shiral> No. It's the Haldane version of the same battle
18:41 < Jerusha> Yes, thank you, Shiral
18:41 < kirienne> Thanks! I'm no longer worried or fightened, and am looking forward to having it over and done with
18:41 < Shiral> Good for you. Hold those thoughts!
18:42 <@Evie> when is the surgery, kirienne?
18:42 < the_Bee> Then I may not have read it.  What's the title of the story as seen by Charissa?
18:42 < kirienne> 1/23, unless they change it again. it was originally set for 1/9
18:42 < the_Bee> surgery?
18:42 < Shiral> Legacy
18:42 <@Evie> OK.  Will  be praying.  :)
18:42 < Jerusha> Me, too
18:43  * the_Bee sends kirienne fast-healing woodgies.
18:43 < kirienne> Yes Bee, I had 2 polyps removed from my uterus and one tested positive for cancer, so I will be having a complete Hysterectomy
18:43 < Jerusha> And Alaric and I will light a candle
18:43 < kirienne> thanks Bee
18:43 < Rita> will be praying for you Kirienne
18:43 < Shiral> That's the time when Healers would be really helpful
18:43 < Sarah> same here
18:43 < kirienne> thanks everyone. I just wish that Alaric and Duncan adn Dhugal were going to be in the OR along with my surgical team
18:44 < derynifanatic64> we'll all be praying for you
18:44 < Rita> they just might never know ;)
18:44 < kirienne> :-) I love you guys...thanks so much
18:44 < KK> Hopefully, that will do the trick, Kirienne.  The surgery itself shouldn't be too bad, even if it's an open procedure.  Been there,done that, though not with cancer.  But prayers will be offered.
18:44 <@Evie> Hm.  Let's see...I could send you a photo of Alaric, Duncan, and Dhugal, but they'll only be 1:6 size.  Will that help? ;-)
18:44 < kirienne> LOL, Evie, yes!
18:44 < jemler>
18:44 <@Evie> I'll see what I can come up with when I'm home with most of my props. ;-)
18:45 < Shiral> Just think of it as getting Spayed, Kirienne. =o)
18:45 < kirienne> LOL
18:45 <@Evie> Just don't go to the vet to have it done!
18:46 < Shiral> No. Stick with the people-doctors
18:46 < Jerusha> Or Healers
18:46 < kirienne> I'm thinking of it as being rather like Bilbo Baggins in the sense that it is an Unexpected Journey/Adventure with some scary moments along the way, only to come out stronger and braver than I thought I could be.
18:47 < Shiral> Keep the Elves to a maximum, and the orcs to a minimum
18:47 < Jerusha> That is the right spirit, Kirienne
18:47 < Shiral> And avoid dragons as much as possible
18:47 < kirienne> No Orcs or Goblins allowed
18:47 < KK> Yeah, I called mine a Medical Adventure, and it helped a lot.
18:47 < kirienne> Elves, yes..lots of them allowed :-)
18:48 < Jerusha> Wait, dragons aren't all bad!
18:48 <@Evie> Not if they're Pernese dragons and not Smaug
18:48 < KK> Could be Temeraire dragons.  THat would be cool.
18:49 < derynifanatic64> and a few fire lizards
18:49 <@Evie> oh yes, I'd forgotten about thoe
18:49 <@Evie> tose
18:49 <@Evie> those
18:49 <@Evie> rented fingers
18:49 < KK> LOL, third time's the charm, Evie.
18:49 < derynifanatic64> i have 4 of the temeraire novels
18:49 < Shiral> Get the deposit back, Evie
18:49 < Jerusha> Want to borrow mine, Evie?:D
18:49 < kirienne> Since I'll have to spend some time just sitting around recovering, and doing notheing, I'll be able to visit the chatroom more often.
18:49 <@Evie> User error, I'm afraid
18:49 < jemler> that's one pet i'd love to have, a fire-lizard
18:49 < KK> And read a lot!
18:50 < kirienne> reading material and movies all lined up
18:50 < Shiral> Start reading all the Deryni books  all over again. =o)
18:50 < Rita> yep
18:50 < kirienne> maybe I'll actually get some writing done too, at least maybe a drabble or two, hopefully
18:50 < Jerusha> Exactly
18:50 < Shiral> I only like house broken fire lizards
18:50 < the_Bee> Let us know how your recovery goes, physically and emotionally.\
18:50 < Jerusha> I hope so, Kirienne!
18:50 < kirienne> I will, Bee
18:51 < Shiral> There's an upside to everything--having to take a vacation from routine is good! =o)
18:51 < kirienne> a vacation from work will be wonderful, LOL
18:51 < kirienne> especially since it will be longer than just a couple of days
18:51 <@Evie> If you write a drabble or two, and it happens to be Deryni related, you can post it to the fanfic board
18:51 < derynifanatic64> at least i get tuesday off
18:52 < Shiral> It's too bad that this diagnosis had to be what it takes, but since youhave to take the time off, enjoy it!
18:52 < kirienne> it will be deryni related, I have some notes already written down
18:52 < Rita> cool!
18:52 < Jerusha> Oh good!
18:52 < Shiral> So who's going to be in bed with a fever THIS time? =o)
18:52 < kirienne> I'll have to figure out how to post it to the board
18:53 < kirienne> LOL, Shiral, nothing along those lines at all
18:53 < Shiral> Oh, I see
18:53 < Jerusha> Can't imagine why not ;)
18:53 < kirienne> It'll be a bit of 'fluff' with little kelric and his papa
18:54 < Jerusha> Excellent!  I'm looking forward to it
18:54 < kirienne> might turn into more than a drabble if I'm lucky
18:54 < the_Bee> and Briony?
18:54 < Shiral> just hide the honey
18:54 < kirienne> no, just Kelric so far, LOL
18:54 < derynifanatic64> with a touch of duncan for evie
18:54 < kirienne> :-)
18:55 < Jerusha> And don't let Briony have that shiral crystal
18:55 <@Evie> did someone mention Duncan?  *perked up ears*
18:55 < kirienne> LOL
18:55 < Rita> that reminds me...Jasta needs to come to chat some time soon!
18:55 < Shiral> Someone might have referred to him in passing. =o)
18:56 <@Evie> That reminds me.  I had Duncan and Helena seated in the living room here on a garden bench watching TV the other day, and when I came back from shopping, someone had Duncan doing a handstand on the bench. I took photos
18:56 < jemler> something about touching.
18:56 < derynifanatic64> who did it
18:56 < Shiral> The cat, obviously
18:56 < the_Bee> with his robe down over his face??
18:56 < Jerusha> Maybe he was trying to impress Helena
18:56 < KK> It sounds liske others in the family have gotten in on the activity.
18:56 <@Evie> And then after I put him back in the proper position, I went away for a bit and came back, and Helena was doing the handstand.  It looked rather compromising.  I took another set of pics. :D
18:56 < kirienne> Oh my! :-D
18:57 <@Evie> LOL! Just to his knees, Bee
18:57 <@Evie> Just the others in the house having fun with my figures when I'm not looking
18:57 <@Evie> I decorated a little 1:6 tabletop tree, but the cat undecorated it for me.
18:57 < derynifanatic64> It's evie's DG (dear ghost)
18:58 <@Evie> I came in and found all the ornaments on the floor
18:58 < kirienne> lol
18:58 < Shiral> My tree is still outside to protect it from Dmitri
18:58 < KK> So, where are these pics?  Inquiring minds want to know.
18:58 <@Evie> The photos of the garden bench shenanigans are still on my digital camera, but I'll try to upload them to Flickr and post them in the Action Figure Project thread
18:59 < Rita> cool!
18:59 < KK> As well ou should!
18:59 < KK> you
18:59 < Shiral> Even Deryni Bishops can still be boys at heart, sometimes.
18:59 < Shiral> And let's not forget whose cousin Duncan is. =o)
18:59 < kirienne> especially THAT one
19:01 <@Evie> Duncan's got quite the smile on his face as he's looking at Helena doing her handstand with her skirts gaping open to show off her knees, I must admit.  ;-)
19:01 < Jerusha> Maybe Alaric put them up to it?
19:01 < kirienne> LOL
19:01 < derynifanatic64> :D
19:01 < Shiral> Medieval version of a Double Dog Dare?
19:01 <@Evie> I was like "Really?  What are you guys doing with my little bishop?"  "He looked like he needed to have a bit of fun."
19:02 <@Evie> no one claims responsibility, of course.
19:02 < derynifanatic64> of course
19:02 < Rita> lol of course not!
19:02 <@Evie> They all just give me the innocent eyes, like "What?  WHAT?"
19:02 < jemler> what are they gonna say 'Bless me Mom, for I have sinned'?
19:02 < Shiral> I'll bet the words "I dare you" from Alaric got Duncan into some trouble in their young days.
19:02 <@Evie> Oh, quite likely. :D
19:03 < the_Bee> done by that invisible family member, Ida Know.
19:03 < kirienne> I'm sure it did
19:03 <@Evie> LOL, Bee
19:03 < derynifanatic64> or "not me"
19:03 < Shiral> And Cousing Knot Me
19:03 < Shiral> COUSIN Knot me
19:03 < Jerusha> I suspect Duncan came up with a dare or two, himself
19:04 < Shiral> I'm sure he did
19:04 <@Evie> Considering that no one else in this house is into doll stuff, it's funny that the littles got more goodies for Christmas than I did from them. ;-)
19:04 < Jerusha> What sort of goodies, Evie?
19:05 <@Evie> For the Deryni littles, there was the fountain, baskets, and jug, plus the stone wall I made for them.  For my moderns, add some mini ornaments, a Harley Davidson motorbike, a chair and garden bench, and a grandfather clock. I'm probably missing some items.
19:05 <@Evie> But those are the highlights.
19:05 <@Evie> Oh, yeah, a Henry Higgins Ken with a lovely vintage suit
19:05 <@Evie> and he's jointed too
19:05 < Jerusha> Cool
19:06 <@Evie> my DD found him at the antiques mall a few days before Christmas
19:06 < kirienne> fun gifties for them
19:06 < Shiral> "Henry Higgins Ken"...words I never really expected to read together in one sentence. =o)
19:06 <@Evie> ah...speaking of friends, they just told me we're about  to head out for dinner before seeing Les Mis, so I need to go.
19:06 <@Evie> jemler, if bynw doesn't return to do it, can you send me the transcript to post later?
19:07 < Rita> have fun!
19:07 < Shiral> What, they expect you to be sociable???
19:07 < Shiral> Happy New Year Littles and Evie
19:07 < the_Bee> bye Evie. Enjoy your friends and have a good week.
19:07 <@Evie> yeah, imagine that, Shiral
19:07 < kirienne> have fun, Evie
19:07 <@Evie> see y''all later!
19:07  * Evie steps on Transfer Portal and disappears in a shower of blue-violet sparklies, blissfully oblivious to the fact that her sparklies are non-canonical
19:07 < derynifanatic64> bye
19:07 -!- Sarah is now known as Sarah_heading-out
19:07 < KK> Bye!
19:07 < Rita> Bye Sarah
19:08 < Shiral> Bye, Srarah
19:08 < the_Bee> bye Sarah
19:08 < kirienne> Bye
19:08 <@Evie> actually, since jemler tiemed out at least once can someone else send me a backup transcript?
19:08 < kirienne> Sarah
19:08 < KK> I need to head out too.  Supper to make, and Downton Abbey at 9.
19:08 < jemler> nite sarah, happy new year!
19:08 < Sarah_heading-out> I'm sorry I'm no longer as social as I could be..
19:08 < Sarah_heading-out> same to you
19:08 < kirienne> Night KK,
19:08 < KK> Happy New Year, all!
19:08 < Rita> take care KK and thanks for stopping by
19:08 < derynifanatic64> happy new year to all
19:08 <@Evie> g'night!
19:08 < Rita> Happy New Year!
19:08 < Shiral> Happy new year, KK
19:08 < Shiral> Write Lots this week!
19:08 < Jerusha> Happy new year!
19:08 -!- Sarah_heading-out [] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:08 < jemler> nite kk. Happy New Year to you, too
19:08 < the_Bee> Nighters, KK. Have a good week and Happy New Year
19:08  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green
19:09 < the_Bee> 1
19:09 < KK> Nighters!
19:09 -!- KK [~kkurtz@4FC299.C97BB0.F1BAC5.EECF55] has quit [Quit: ]


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