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KK Chat -- 19 August 2012
« on: August 19, 2012, 07:52:29 pm »
[18:10] * KK has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:10] <jemler> hi KK
[18:10] <~DesertRose> KK!! Hi!
[18:10] <the_Bee> Hi KK
[18:11] <Annie> hi KK
[18:11] <KK> Hello, folks.
[18:11] <cynicalmedic> Hi KK!
[18:11] <Evie> Hi, KK
[18:11] <KK> Sorry I've missed the last couple of weeks.
[18:11] <Evie> Bee, here she is:
[18:11] <Evie> we missed you, KK. But our aim is improving. Cheesy
[18:11] <~DesertRose> It's okay.  You have stuff to do.
[18:11] * Shiral (Mibbit@504018.A7BCBA.6044E5.E2E484) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:11] <Evie> hi, Shiral
[18:11] <jemler> hi shiral
[18:11] <~DesertRose> Hi Shiral.
[18:11] <Shiral> Hi everyone
[18:12] <cynicalmedic> Hi Shiral
[18:12] <KK> Yep, far too many trips up to Dulles to deliver people for flights.
[18:12] <the_Bee> hi shiral
[18:12] <cynicalmedic> Augh, Dulles
[18:12] <KK> Hi, Shiral.
[18:12] <KK> Yes, urg, Dulles.
[18:12] <Shiral> Hi KK, we've missed you! =o)
[18:12] * Shiral gives KK   a sundae with hot fudge sauce
[18:12] <cynicalmedic> I had to pick up a friend of mine from there - what a circus - one populated with evil clowns
[18:13] <Evie> LOL
[18:13] <the_Bee> worse than other airports?
[18:13] <Shiral> Airports are places I try to spend as little time as possible
[18:13] <cynicalmedic> Immensely
[18:13] <~DesertRose> I've heard Heathrow referred to as an outpost of hell.
[18:13] <~DesertRose> And Hartsfield in Atlanta can be a real pain too.
[18:13] <Shiral> I was once laid over for six hours at the Dallas Texas Airport on my way home from Darkover. That's at least five too many hours to spend in the Dallas Airport
[18:13] <KK> Cell phones have made airports far easier to deal with.  You can rendezvous at the curb, and save parking and going in.  Unless the flight is late, of course.
[18:14] <cynicalmedic> National is nuts, BWI is - strange, but Dulles is like being stuck in Death Valley
[18:14] <Shiral> I flew through Heathrow once--I concur
[18:14] <the_Bee> a big unless
[18:14] <~DesertRose> Which Dallas airport?  DFW or Love Field?
[18:14] <Shiral> Charles de Gaulle in Paris is pretty big and awful too
[18:15] <~anlarye> hiyas KK
[18:15] <Evie> Yay, the board is back up again!  Maybe we'll get some latecomers in. :-)
[18:15] <KK> Puh-pease.  I have to go to Atlanta airport for Dragoncon.  Fortunately, there will be gophers to pick us up at baggage.
[18:15] <Shiral> They don't like people to know they have anything so crass as a rental car return, so they hide it.
[18:15] <~DesertRose> LOL
[18:15] <cynicalmedic> Minions! You will have minions
[18:15] <the_Bee> I once had to sit on the tarmac at O'Hare for several hours bcause it was too cold to unload the all planes
[18:15] <Shiral> HOw many gophers does it take to carry a human size suitcase? =o)
[18:16] <KK> Fortunately, they[re on wheels--the suitcases, not the gophers.
[18:16] * Shiral has silly image of rodent baggage crews
[18:16] <KK> Evie, are you flying or driving?
[18:16] <jemler> i keep picturing the little guy from Caddyshack!
[18:16] <~DesertRose> LOL
[18:17] <Evie> Driving. We're only two and a half to three hours west of Atlanta
[18:17] <Evie> plus there are four of us this year, since DD is old enough to come along too
[18:17] <Evie> and DS has been coming for the past few years
[18:17] <Shiral> DFW, I think DR. All I can really tell you about it was big, crowded and still boring.
[18:17] <KK> That's not too bad, then. We drove, several times ago, but it's an all-day proposition, and we're exhausted when we get there.  So, since the con will fly us....
[18:17] <Evie> so it would cost too much to fly when it's so close, and we can carry more if we drive
[18:18] <Evie> yes, if the con's paying, that's definitely the better deal
[18:18] <KK> Are all your family coming with you?
[18:18] <Shiral> Luke would find Gopher baggage handlers very interesting. =o)
[18:18] <Evie> Yes, it's our annual holiday
[18:18] <jemler> maybe even tasty!
[18:18] <KK> Who feeds Luke & co. while you're gone?
[18:18] <Evie> we do two family cons a year--this one and Chattacon in January
[18:19] <Evie> Usually we get a neighbor to feed them, or we have a friend from across town who enjoys coming over to visit them and give them some attention while we're out of town
[18:19] <Evie> she has cats too
[18:20] <KK> That's good.  Our neighbor next door comes and feeds, and stays in the guest BR.
[18:20] <Shiral> Yes, you have an impressive number of paws to feed, KK
[18:20] <Evie> Yeah, our friend has been known to stay overnight here at times too, if she wants to borrow our washing machine while she's cat sitting
[18:20] <~DesertRose> I'm cat-sitting myself right now, for my family.
[18:21] <KK> Yes.  Boarding the menagerie would be....challenging, not to mention expensive.
[18:21] <Evie> that would eat up any savings you'd have from not having to buy the plane tickets. Cheesy
[18:21] <Shiral> Much better to bring the sitter to the livestock. Er....pets =o)
[18:21] <~anlarye> DesertRose: looks like RC is working for me
[18:21] <the_Bee> Melantha stayed on her own last weekend while I was in Vermont celebrating an early birthday for my brother.
[18:22] <Evie> KK, if you have a smartphone, the DragonCon app is available now.  I've already checked your schedule, though it's apparently still subject to last minute changes. Cheesy
[18:22] <Shiral> It took me three tries to get in today.
[18:22] <~DesertRose> Yeah, it came back up, I think.
[18:22] <jemler> yep it's back
[18:22] <cynicalmedic> My sister watches my horde
[18:22] <Evie> I'm back on Rhemuth Castle as well
[18:22] <Shiral> So what will you read to the Faithful at Dragon Con, KK?
[18:22] <KK> No, my phone is not smart.  I tried one once, but it was too smart for me, so I took it back and got another flip phone.
[18:22] <Evie> LOL
[18:23] <cynicalmedic> LOL - that sounds like my boss
[18:23] <Shiral> My phone is very bright, but it just won't apply itself. Never gives it's best effort....
[18:23] <Evie> I love mine.  I can check Rhemuth Castle from it, and that's important. ;-)
[18:23] * derynifanatic64 (Mibbit@F8E647.70AEDE.F99969.D437C6) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:23] <jemler> hi df
[18:23] <Evie> hi, DF
[18:23] <Shiral> Hi DF
[18:23] <derynifanatic64> hi all
[18:23] <cynicalmedic> Hi DF
[18:23] <the_Bee> I got a new phone and promptly lost the instruction manual
[18:23] <~DesertRose> Hi derynifanatic64.
[18:23] <the_Bee> Hi DF
[18:24] <KK> I figure that I sit in front of my computer most of my waking hours, so a need a phone that's--a phone.  It makes and receives calls.
[18:24] <Evie> mine didn't have an instruction manual.  It's all online these days
[18:24] <derynifanatic64> the manual might be available online at your carrier's website
[18:24] <cynicalmedic> I love mine - the GPS alone makes it worth it
[18:24] <Evie> I had to use mine's GPS today.  My daughter went to a back to school party that was back of behind nowhere.
[18:24] <KK> I can see the handwriting on the wall, though, and I probably will have to get a smart phone of some sort within the year.
[18:24] <the_Bee> maybe.  Right now I can't check voicemail b/c it doesn't recognize my passcode.
[18:24] <Evie> I had NO clue that neighborhood even existed
[18:24] <jemler> i've never needed a gps to tell me i'm lost. somehow i just know.
[18:25] <Shiral> I have a somewhat similar problem with my car radio, KK. So sophisticated, It's hard to figure out how to program the stations!
[18:25] <derynifanatic64> September 30 is the start of the 2nd season of "Once Upon a Time"
[18:25] <the_Bee> I lost my old phone.  I'm wondering if whoever found it is fiddling around with it.
[18:26] <KK> My GPS in my car is banjaxed right now, and will probably cost a mint to fix, so I'm thinking seriously of getting a Garmin.
[18:26] <derynifanatic64> banjaxed?
[18:26] <jemler> or you could go lo-tech.
[18:26] <KK> You did cancel that account, I hoipe, Bee.
[18:26] <~DesertRose> Banjaxed?
[18:26] <Shiral> I choose the low-tech way to get losst
[18:26] <~DesertRose> That's a new one.
[18:26] <cynicalmedic> Ferhoodeled
[18:26] <Annie> LOL! Someone picked up an Irish expression then Smiley
[18:26] <the_Bee> Yes, but when I got my new phone I had the info and the old number transferred over.
[18:26] <KK> Screwed up, broken.
[18:27] <Shiral> Last Summer in France, we had a GPS programmed with a voice that sounded like Crocodile Dundee
[18:27] <jemler> Crikey!
[18:27] <Evie> I love our GPS. When we drove down to TX last October, it saved us nearly an hour going through Houston at rush hour because it knew about the express lane and suggested we use that route rather than the regular one it had originally set a course for
[18:27] <Shiral> It was pretty funny.
[18:27] <~DesertRose> I figured that out from context, but it's a new word on me.  Smiley
[18:27] <KK> We picked up more than one in 21 years, believe me!
[18:27] <derynifanatic64> maybe it was Paul Hogan
[18:27] <Shiral> It prounounced Toulouse as Tuh-Lowze
[18:27] <Annie> I'm sure
[18:28] <Annie> the one that always gets me is "starving" for cold. Starving is hungry to me.
[18:28] <KK> We still talk about motorways.
[18:28] <Evie> Mine speaks in a cultured English accent, but mispronounces some words.  Springville comes out as SpringVEEL
[18:28] <cynicalmedic> The voice on ours pronounces a lot of the local names incorrectly
[18:28] <Evie> TrussVEEL
[18:28] <KK> Starving for cold?  Never heard that one.
[18:29] <Annie> yup, my in-laws use that one
[18:29] <~DesertRose> Etymologically speaking, "to starve" used to mean "to die."
[18:29] <jemler> isn't it feed a fever, starve a cold?
[18:29] <the_Bee> "feeed a cold and strve a fever" is the old saying.
[18:29] <~DesertRose> It just came to mean "to die of hunger" somehow.
[18:29] <KK> Other way around, Jemler.
[18:29] <derynifanatic64> whatever
[18:29] <jemler> no wonder it never worked. Sad
[18:29] <Evie> LOL
[18:30] <the_Bee> I've never been sure if that's what you're supposed to do, or if it's a warning that if you feed a cold, it will turn into a fever.
[18:30] <Evie> It's meant to be advice on how to treat both
[18:30] <derynifanatic64> or how not to treat both
[18:31] <the_Bee> ok thanks, Evie
[18:31] <the_Bee> You're supposed to dring lots of fluids when you're feverish, aren't you?
[18:31] <Evie> I've just realized I've spent so much time preparing dolls for DragonCon, I'm not sure what I'm going to wear myself. Cheesy
[18:31] <KK> Either way.
[18:31] <Evie> Fluids, yes
[18:32] <Shiral> If you dring alot, do you end up drung? =o)
[18:32] <KK> Cold or fever, drink lots of fluids.
[18:32] <Shiral> Just make whatever Richenda's wearing, Evie, but make it bigger.  =o)
[18:32] <the_Bee> BTW, KK. I've been browsing in Codex, and I've just discovered that Jerusha Thuryn is still alive at this point i CM#
[18:32] <KK> I'm just dressing cool.
[18:32] <the_Bee> CM3
[18:32] <jemler> shiral is playing my part. i'm supposed to make bad jokes.
[18:33] <Evie> I don't think I can make that pretty sideless surcoat out of the remaining 1/4 yard of fabric, Shiral. Cheesy
[18:33] <Shiral> Well then get going, Jemler. =o)
[18:33] <~DesertRose> How, Bee?
[18:33] <Shiral> And I guess shrinking yourself is not going to work.
[18:33] <jemler> why. you can get hit with fish for a while! Smiley
[18:33] <Evie> That would be a major crash diet.  I need to lose a few pounds, but not THAT much! Cheesy
[18:34] <the_Bee> Jerusha Thuryn dies in 1001.  So she's still alive when Alaric is 9.
[18:34] <derynifanatic64> JT died in 1001, about a century before CM3
[18:34] <~DesertRose> We're in 1101, Bee.  Cheesy
[18:34] <jemler> but DR takes place in 1120. morgan was on;y 30.
[18:35] <KK> He was born in 1089.
[18:35] <Evie> Yes, more like the late 1000s, not 1001.
[18:35] <Shiral> So....did Brion and Alaric make it to Bremagne, yet?
[18:35] <KK> No.
[18:35] <the_Bee> I'm getting confused about how much time passed between Camber's time an Alaric's time.
[18:36] <Evie> That's a long trip.  Must be rough seas. ;-)
[18:36] <jemler>  yrs
[18:36] <jemler> 200 yrs
[18:36] <Shiral> Their flight to Bremagne must have been cancelled at Dulles
[18:36] <derynifanatic64> that's ok, bee
[18:36] <KK> We've had to take an interlude for them to visit Tralia to see the new Hort of Orsal installed.
[18:36] <jemler> or they got lost in Dallas! Smiley
[18:36] <derynifanatic64> or delayed at security checkpoint
[18:36] * Shiral tries to envision Alaric in a cowboy outfit
[18:36] <Evie> Ah yes. Is the Hort already  married and getting on with the job of spawning all the Mini-Orsals?
[18:37] <KK> Not yet.
[18:37] <Shiral> trying to get Alaric AND his weapons through security would be a problem
[18:37] <~anlarye> Not for a Deryni
[18:37] <Evie> I have an Alaric-sized fedora; does that help, Shiral?
[18:37] * jemler tries to envision giving Rothana a pat-down!
[18:37] * jemler ducks
[18:37] * Evie loads up a catapult with a basket of sardines and lays siege to jemler's head
[18:37] <Shiral> It's a start, Evie
[18:37] <~DesertRose> JEMLER!!!
[18:38] <+Elim> Hmm.
[18:38] <jemler> Richenda?
[18:38] * Evie envisions Alaric cutting jemler's hands off and leaving bloody stumps. Cheesy
[18:38] <derynifanatic64> Cheesy
[18:38] <Shiral> That would discourage a repeat offense. =-o)
[18:38] <~anlarye> the moment the TSA agent goes to pat Alaric down ... it's mind take-over time ... "I don't have any weapons, and I should be free to go."
[18:39] <Evie> LOL
[18:39] <derynifanatic64> may the force be with you
[18:39] <Annie> these aren't the droids you're looking for
[18:39] <jemler> the last great act of defiance: giving him the finger when he does! Smiley
[18:39] <Shiral> "But  the X ray exposed several daggers, sir....
[18:39] <~DesertRose> JEMLER!!!
[18:39] <Evie> He'd get the Toydarian TSA agent.  "Jedi mind tricks don't work on my kind...oh, wait, you're Deryni.  Never mind, my lord, go right on through."
[18:39] <the_Bee> "Those aren't daggers, they're bananas and carrots."
[18:39] <~anlarye> LOL its the same process ... Jedi, Deryni ... a Deryni Jedi .... all Good
[18:40] <+Elim> To interupt for a moment, There was someone in here earlier who wanted to pass along an invitation to KK to a rememberance being held for Anne McCaffrey at DragonCon, Apparently her son and a few other authors will be there.
[18:40] * Jerusha ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:40] <KK> Ah, I assume it's on the schedule?  I'll definitely go.
[18:40] <derynifanatic64> hi jerusha
[18:40] <jemler> hi jerusha
[18:40] <Evie> Hi, Jerusha
[18:40] <the_Bee> hi jerusha
[18:40] <cynicalmedic> Hi Jerusha
[18:41] <Annie> hi jerusha
[18:41] <Jerusha> Hi Everyone!
[18:41] * Shiral is envious--wishes she could go to Dragoncon
[18:41] <Shiral> Hi Jerusha
[18:41] <derynifanatic64> me too
[18:41] <~DesertRose> Hi Jerusha.
[18:41] <jemler> when is Dragoncon?
[18:41] <Jerusha> me too
[18:41] <+Elim> KK, I really don't know. They were a bit skant on the details.
[18:41] <Annie> I will go to DragonCon one day Smiley
[18:41] <Evie> I'll check the schedule to see when that is, since if it's open to all, I'd like to go also if I don't have a conflict.  I got my fanfic start in Pern fandom a couple of decades ago.
[18:41] <+Elim> I can paste their entire message if you would like.
[18:41] <KK> Sure.
[18:41] <jemler> please.
[18:42] <Evie> Dragoncon is Labor Day weekend, jemler
[18:42] <Evie> in Atlanta
[18:42] <+Elim> * Holdergirl ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:42] <+Elim> <Holdergirl> I know that no one here is really listening but I will tender an invitation to the universe anyway
[18:42] <+Elim> <Holdergirl> At Dragon con at the end of the month we will be holding a remembrance for Anne McCaffrey.
[18:42] <+Elim> <Holdergirl> Her son will be there, along with other authors and fans and friends
[18:42] <+Elim> <Holdergirl> I have learned the two lived close together in Ireland
[18:42] <+Elim> <Holdergirl> and was hoping that Katherine would be willing to lend her presence to the event
[18:42] <+Elim> <Holdergirl> I was hoping to contact her in a way where in the 21 days until the event she might actually see the invitation
[18:42] <+Elim> <Holdergirl> wait 12
[18:42] <+Elim> <Holdergirl> Well universe no one can see this well i'll try again
[18:42] <+Elim> * Holdergirl has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:42] <the_Bee> Is Dragoncon bigger than Darkover nowadays?
[18:42] <~DesertRose> DragonCon is bloody huge.
[18:42] <KK> MUCH bigger.
[18:43] <+Elim> I don't know if the name there holds any signifigance, but I have passed along the message.
[18:43] <Evie> It takes 5 hotels to hold the activities, Bee, and there are overflow hotels for guests who aren't in the main five
[18:43] <the_Bee> Darkover has shrunk since MZB dies, hasn't it?
[18:43] <Evie> usually over 10K people at a DragonCon
[18:43] <KK> Yes, and it was already shrinking when she was still alive.  People are aging out and dying off.
[18:44] <Evie> thank you, Elim
[18:44] <jemler> i vsguely remember reading a story about Comyn and some kind of crystal. ringing any bells?
[18:44] <the_Bee> I'd like to try another convention, but 10,000+ sounds overwhelming.
[18:44] <~DesertRose> I don't know.  I've never seen that nickname before.
[18:44] <+Elim> Which just goes to show, even though I don't always talk, I am always watching.
[18:44] <Evie> :-)
[18:45] <derynifanatic64> Wink
[18:45] <jemler> Elim = Big Brother
[18:45] <+Elim> No thought crimes here.
[18:45] <the_Bee> Elim the Lurker.
[18:45] <~DesertRose> Elim the Perma-Lurker. Smiley
[18:45] <Evie> It's a lot of people, Bee, but a lot of the panel discussions are no bigger than in any other con. You just have a lot more choices. It's a lot like a WorldCon.
[18:45] <KK> Bee, where are you again?  I know there's a biggish one in Philadelphia: Philcon.
[18:45] <jemler> minipax. minitrue
[18:45] <Shiral> So have you decided what you'll read at Dragoncon, KK?
[18:45] <cynicalmedic> We went to Balticon this year - it was smaller than usual, because they had to have it in a different place
[18:45] <the_Bee> I'm in Boston, MA.
[18:45] <KK> No, Shiral.
[18:46] <Evie> You could read from CM3 (she says hopefully).... ;-)
[18:46] <KK> Well, then, Boskone.
[18:46] <KK> Oh, I certainly will be reading from CM3.
[18:46] * Evie has happy dancey feet
[18:46] * Shiral sighs enviously and looks around for any Transfer Portals she might have missed.
[18:46] <derynifanatic64> all she wants to do is dance
[18:47] <Shiral> The first six hundred times she looked for them
[18:47] <~anlarye> wish i was going to Dragon*Con this year ...
[18:47] <~DesertRose> I wish I could go too.
[18:47] <the_Bee> I first met KK at a boston conference, but I forget what it was caled.  In  january.
[18:47] <Evie> I'll use the action figures to save places for you all. Cheesy
[18:47] <KK> They have me scheduled for a reading, an autograph session, a panel on something or other, and a loner segment where I can just tqalk to fans about Deryni & Adepts and the like.
[18:47] <Jerusha> I'll go as Grub, if that's OK
[18:47] <jemler> do they record these sessions?
[18:48] <Evie> Oh, I didn't see the loner segment.  Either that, or maybe that was the thing on the schedule I couldn't figure out
[18:48] <~DesertRose> Somebody probably does and posts them on YouTube. Tongue
[18:48] <Evie> LOL, Jerusha
[18:48] <KK>  think the con does, but I have no idea what happens to them next.
[18:48] <KK> Ooo, how'd I do that?
[18:48] <Shiral> After the loner session, KK will ride into the sunset?
[18:48] <cynicalmedic> I wish I could go too, but that is opening weekend for our renaissance festival, and I have been volunteered to do first aid. The damn jousters always manage to get hurt
[18:48] <Evie> I know they record the really big ones, but I don't know if they recall all of the programs.
[18:48] <~DesertRose> Voluntold?  Smiley
[18:49] <cynicalmedic> Essentially
[18:49] <cynicalmedic> Captain's girlfriend is in charge of the safety part, this year
[18:49] * Shiral will be poking about on youtube after Dragoncon then!
[18:49] <jemler> DR, you're a genius! just checked youtube! Bingo!
[18:50] <~DesertRose> LOL
[18:50] <Evie> there is a DragonCon TV, and I think it will be on YouTube this year, or at least some excerpts
[18:50] <KK> I doubt it would be on youtube, but maybe on the Dragoncon website.
[18:50] * Shiral will investigate
[18:50] <KK> Well, what do I know?  I'm a Luddite.
[18:50] <cynicalmedic> Maybe podcasts on I Tunes
[18:51] <KK> And becoming more of daily, as technology overtakes me.
[18:51] <~DesertRose> Technology overtakes us all.  Cheesy
[18:51] * anlarye <3's technology
[18:51] <Jerusha> Or runs over us
[18:51] <derynifanatic64> Cheesy
[18:52] <Evie> Though with the hundred or so events going on each hour, DragonCon TV only records the biggest ones, like the Masquerade, or the various TV show cast reunions/interviews.  There's a lot of good stuff that goes unrecorded unless someone in those rooms just happens to upload some personal video of it.
[18:52] <cynicalmedic> I keep thinking about all the time I spent in the library as a kid - looking stuff up. Now, there's Google
[18:52] <~DesertRose> I hear that, cynicalmedic.
[18:52] <derynifanatic64> the good ole index cards
[18:52] <Evie> and now you can spend hours poring over unreliable research without ever leaving your home. ;-)
[18:53] <~DesertRose> Card catalogues.
[18:53] <Jerusha> I remember those!
[18:53] <KK> I loved card catalogues.
[18:53] <Annie> microfiche machines Smiley
[18:53] <the_Bee> me too
[18:53] <derynifanatic64> microfilm
[18:53] <cynicalmedic> Absolutely - my work website connects me to Gartner IT, and the entire contents of the Johns Hopkins library, plus NIH's Medline
[18:53] <Shiral> Just think of how hindered Camber, Evaine and Richenda would be in their research. Not only no access to libraries they need, but the pesky Custodes keep burning the books.
[18:54] <the_Bee> If a card catalogue crashed, it was on your foot.
[18:54] <~DesertRose> Ouch, Bee.  Cheesy
[18:54] <Evie> LOL
[18:54] <cynicalmedic> I wonder what would happen if you gave Camber a computer....
[18:55] <jemler> snd shiral would say "Shhh.."
[18:55] <the_Bee> In my RPG I'm trying to guide Evaine through the computerverse
[18:55] <Jerusha> Maybe it would only have black and white keys
[18:55] <Evie> If we could go back in time, I'd want to rescue the library at Alexandria and put everything in digital format to preserve it. ;-)
[18:55] <jemler> he'd probably put up a ward.
[18:55] <Shiral> "Now let's see, I think "Gabrilites" and then he hits the "I'm Feeling Lucky" key
[18:55] <~DesertRose> Evaine would probably adapt faster than Camber, but I bet Camber would get it eventually.
[18:55] <jemler> Good one, Shiral!
[18:56] <the_Bee> I'm sort of having her pick up info from the minds of the other players.
[18:56] <cynicalmedic> I have this ridiculous image of Araxie with an Ipod
[18:56] <Evie> Jemler would be saying "Let's see, I think 'Rothana' and then hitting 'I'm Feeling Lucky'."  ;-)
[18:56] <~DesertRose> Jemler would, but Rothana would probably slap him silly and save some fish.  Cheesy
[18:56] <Shiral> "She keeps dancing around, for no reason I can name, and I don't think she always listens to me.."
[18:56] * Evie wonders how hard it would be to make a 1:6 iPodf
[18:57] <jemler> it'd be worth it.
[18:57] <Evie> I've still got my Denis Arilan action figure holding an electric guitar. Cheesy
[18:57] <Shiral> Well, you DO have the "Guitar Jam Bishops" Evie. =o)
[18:57] <derynifanatic64> or slap jemler with a fish
[18:57] <cynicalmedic> I saw those cards - that's phenomenal. I would have gone blind trying to do that
[18:57] <Shiral> Oops, Eek! I have to go back on desk
[18:58] <~DesertRose> Okay, see you, Shiral.
[18:58] <Jerusha> The coins are impressive, too
[18:58] <jemler> nite shiral
[18:58] <cynicalmedic> Bye Shiral
[18:58] <Annie> bye shiral
[18:58] <the_Bee> bye shiral. glad you snuck in.
[18:58] <derynifanatic64> bye
[18:58] <Evie> Oh, I cheated, CM...I downloaded a photo of the cards onto cardstock and just cut them out after
[18:58] <KK> Night, Shiral.
[18:58] <~anlarye> cya sis
[18:58] <Jerusha> Bye Shiral
[18:58] <Evie> bye Shiral!
[18:58] * Shiral steps onto her portal, waves farewell, slaps Jemler with a Kipper Snack,a nd then THEN disappears in a cloud of blue steam
[18:58] <Shiral> Bye!
[18:58] <Evie> though it took forever to cut out all 52 miniature oval cards
[18:58] * Shiral (Mibbit@504018.A7BCBA.6044E5.E2E484) Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[18:58] <Evie> and the coins are worse
[18:58] <KK> I was feeling for you when I read that.
[18:59] <Evie> I wish I had mini hole punches
[18:59] <Evie> the large coins were made with a regular hole punch, but I had to just stamp circles for the others and cut by hand
[18:59] <Annie> do you have a paper punch - like to get paper to go in ring binders?
[18:59] <Evie> DD did some of them
[18:59] <KK> COuldn't you get various sizes at Michael's, or somewhere else that they sell bits and pieces for scrapbooking?
[18:59] <Evie> Yes, that's how I made the large coins
[18:59] <Annie> ok
[18:59] <Evie> I haven't had a chance to check for smaller punches at Michaels yet, but I will
[19:00] <Annie> I have an eyelet punch/setter set that would do it
[19:00] <Annie> or my crop-o-dile
[19:00] <the_Bee> how large is large for your coins?
[19:00] <Evie> I figured having slightly irregular edges would give them more of an authentic hand-minted look, though
[19:00] <~DesertRose> BRB, got to feed and medicate the cat.
[19:00] <Annie> but that doesn't help you much Wink
[19:00] <Jerusha> But what about all the jewels in the royal treasury?
[19:00] <~anlarye> that sounds dangerous DesertRose
[19:00] <Annie> a 1/8" eyelet punch would do it though
[19:00] <Evie> "Large" is the size of a hole in a 3 hole punched sheet of paper, Bee.  the others are sized according to two cake decorating icing tips
[19:01] <~DesertRose> Not too bad, she just meows in a kind of p.o.'d way.  Smiley
[19:01] <Evie> Hm.  I may have an eyelet punch in the basement somewhere.
[19:01] <Evie> I'm using the coinage guide in the RPG as my basis for what the different sizes and colors of the coins are
[19:01] <Evie> so I have 3 sizes of gold coins, 3 sizes of silver, and one middling size for the copper coins
[19:02] <derynifanatic64> money
[19:02] <Evie> It is possible that I might be a little bit of a perfectionist, not to mention detail obsessive. ;-)
[19:02] <Annie> LOL
[19:02] <the_Bee> REally?Huh?
[19:02] <Annie> I'm not :s
[19:02] <Jerusha> Why ever would you think that? Cheesy
[19:02] <Evie> I've got a few rhinestones, Jerusha, but cabochons are proving impossible to find at that scale
[19:02] <cynicalmedic> Just a little! Cheesy
[19:03] <Evie> so I'm going for "roughly faceted" since i can't find cabochons
[19:03] <Jerusha> There are 4mm crystals that might work
[19:03] <KK> I'm sure they're made, because I have costume jewelry with cabs, but I've never seen them loose.
[19:03] <Evie> They used to be easier to find--I
[19:04] <Evie> I've used them in larger sizes for SCA costuming, but nowadays I'm having trouble finding cabs in any size
[19:04] <KK> Do you have a dedicated bead shop in your area, Evie?
[19:04] <Evie> If I have, I haven't discovered it
[19:04] <cynicalmedic> What about one of the bead shops?
[19:04] <KK> Try googling bead shops in the area.
[19:04] <cynicalmedic> Chelsea's or Fire Mountain?
[19:04] * jemler enters Lurk Mode
[19:04] <Jerusha> JoAnnes fabrics has bead
[19:04] <Evie> I may try Fire Mountain again
[19:04] <Jerusha> beads
[19:04] <the_Bee> Would a button shop or sewing supply shop carry beads?
[19:04] <KK> Or better yet, check with some of the vendors at Dragoncon.
[19:04] <Evie> I've checked JoAnns when I've been on that end of town.
[19:05] <Evie> so DragonCon is my next chance to find them
[19:05] <Evie> I finally found some cube shaped black beads, so that's what I'm using for ward cubes
[19:05] <Evie> no matching white ones, so I had to paint four of the black ones with pearlescent white
[19:05] <KK> Yes, if you fill in the holes with glue or sculpy, then paint over them, they should look fine.
[19:06] <cynicalmedic> I will check Cauldron Crafts when I go next week  - they have some unusual things
[19:06] <Evie> until I can find some better beads, anyway.  And I know DCon has mini-dice; I've nearly bought them in previous years
[19:07] <Evie> I did a test painting of some just to see if I could get the paint to even stick.  It worked OK--not great, but passable--but yes, the holes need something besides paint to fill them in.
[19:07] <Evie> and Luke had all sorts of fun trying to sniff the wet painted beads drying on toothpics stuck into corrugated cardboard. Cheesy
[19:07] <cynicalmedic> The smallest diameter of the wooden dowels, perhaps?
[19:07] <Evie> so if the beads have whisker marks, that would be why
[19:07] <the_Bee> did he try to eat them?
[19:08] <Evie> no, he never tries to eat any of the doll stuff, but he sniffs on things and sits on them
[19:08] * DesertRose (~Nora@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) Quit ( Ping timeout: 121 seconds )
[19:08] <Jerusha> Including the dolls???
[19:08] <KK> He's a helper cat.  I have several of those.
[19:08] <Evie> or lays a paw over them
[19:08] <KK> I like the pic of Dhugal riding Luke.
[19:08] <jemler> where'd DR go?
[19:09] <Evie> he's an attention hog, and if he's not the center of attention, he has to intrude himself between what is at the center of attention and me.
[19:09] <Jerusha> Feeding her cat, I think
[19:09] <cynicalmedic> I almost had a tie dyed dog - the Lab was sniffing the bucket I had my niece's saddle blanket in
[19:09] <Evie> LOL!  yes, Luke's had several riders.  He doesn't mind.
[19:09] <jemler> speaking of nieces. my sisters daughter had aboy on thu.
[19:10] <the_Bee> congrats to the new parents
[19:10] * DesertRose (~Nora@DesertRose.Editor.Writer.Creator) has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:10] * derynibot sets mode +qao DesertRose DesertRose DesertRose for #deryni_destinations
[19:10] <Jerusha> Wonderful, Jemler
[19:10] <jemler> wb DR
[19:10] <~DesertRose> ty
[19:10] <Evie> LOL!  I knew someone who finished dyeing some clothing blue-green and for some odd reason decided that their white poodle needed to be dyed as well.  Either that or the pooch volunteered, not sure which. But he was blue-green for weeks
[19:10] <the_Bee> rehi DR
[19:10] <derynifanatic64> wb
[19:10] <Evie> wb, DR
[19:10] <~DesertRose> ty.
[19:11] <cynicalmedic> Biscuit would have been purple - I guess I could have added some black and pretended he was a Ravens mascot
[19:12] <~DesertRose> LOL
[19:12] <Evie> speaking of interfering cats, Luke just had to get deposited on the floor because he was getting pestersome
[19:13] <~DesertRose> LOL
[19:13] <derynifanatic64> bad luke
[19:14] <the_Bee> Melantha nips my leg if I try to ignore her.
[19:15] <Jerusha> Cyndr, the whippet, insists on sharing my chair - whether there is room or not
[19:15] <Evie> Gigi has this occasional habit, if she wants attention, of barely sinking her teeth into your wrist or ankle, so it doesn't hurt at all, but it's just enough to get your attention
[19:15] <Evie> It's her way of saying "I want you to love me, and do it NOW."
[19:16] <the_Bee> Either I have a lower pain threshold than you, Evie, or Melantha bites harder.
[19:16] <Evie> No, this is a no-pressure bite. I doubt it would even dent a marshmallow.  It's just a "pay attention to me" gesture.
[19:17] <Evie> She's extremely gentle
[19:17] <jemler> my yougest sisters dog bites her.
[19:18] <the_Bee> badly?
[19:18] <jemler> just nips, but a lot. she's yelling at himi now.
[19:19] <cynicalmedic> Excuse me a moment - I must contend with a pitiful life form seeking attention
[19:19] <Evie> LOL
[19:19] <the_Bee> Animals forget we don't have fur to protect our skin.
[19:19] <Evie> From that description, that could be anything from a pet, to a child, to a spouse. Cheesy
[19:19] <jemler> tell your husband to do it himself! Cheesy
[19:20] <cynicalmedic> An apple a day keeps a doctor away, if you throw it at ninety miles an hour
[19:20] <Evie> I think that's why Gigi's attention thing amuses me--it's like she's thinking "Humans are very fragile and easily harmed, so I have to be very careful and treat Mommy like she's a soap bubble."
[19:21] <Evie> LOL, CM
[19:21] <Jerusha> Better a soap bubble than a chew toy
[19:21] <the_Bee> I still have marks on my neck from when Melantha played Vampire with me.
[19:22] <Evie> Oh, I quite agree.  Our former cat Genny would ambush ankles from time to time, and she  wasn't gentle.  There's a big difference.
[19:22] <Jerusha> Why did she do that, Bee?
[19:23] <the_Bee> to make me get up and feed her.
[19:23] <the_Bee> "Feed me or I'll eat you!"
[19:24] <Jerusha> At least Cyndr is a little more discrete - she jabs me with her feet
[19:24] <Evie> "If you eat the Alpha Kitteh, Melantha, you won't get anything else once you've finished her off."
[19:24] <~DesertRose> LOL
[19:25] <Jerusha> LOL
[19:25] <derynifanatic64> Wink
[19:25] <cynicalmedic> Cheesy
[19:25] <Annie> bedtime folks, and an attempt to sleep despite how wretchedly hot and sticky it is here
[19:25] <Evie> how hot is it there tonight?
[19:25] <cynicalmedic> Good night, Annie
[19:25] <KK> Gus gets on y lap and licks me--little tiny kitty-licks that drive me crazy, until I have to put him on the floor.  His sister used to do that, too.
[19:25] <~DesertRose> Night, Annie.
[19:25] <derynifanatic64> it's hot and sticky in florida too
[19:25] <Annie> it's been 28 today
[19:26] <Annie> don't know how hot it is now
[19:26] <the_Bee> nighters annie
[19:26] <Annie> but we don't have aircon and such like you guys do
[19:26] <Jerusha> Good night, Annie
[19:26] <KK> It's been 60ish all day here.
[19:26] <derynifanatic64> good night
[19:26] <derynifanatic64> t
[19:26] <cynicalmedic> I don't like cat licks, or when the ferret decides to pinch toes
[19:26] <KK> Annie, do you uave a fan?
[19:26] <Annie> nope
[19:27] <KK> Think it might be a good idea to get one?
[19:27] <the_Bee> How many cats do you have left, KK?  Nicky, Gus, Sasha..any more?
[19:27] <Evie> 28 C sounds like a mild day for August here, but yeah, I imagine it's pretty hot for there
[19:27] <Annie> we have one fan unit thing, but DD takes it as her bedroom gets the sun in the afternoon so her room is sweltering
[19:27] <KK> We also have Cameron's two, Penelope and Algernon.
[19:27] <Annie> it's hardly worth having more than the one, KK, given how few days are hot here!
[19:28] <KK> Depends on how many nights you want to not sleep.
[19:28] <Annie> but it's been the hottest day of the year so far
[19:28] <Annie> it's a wet sock night Wink
[19:28] <KK> Good luck.
[19:28] <Annie> soak ankle socks in cold water - that keeps you as cool as most things do
[19:28] <Evie> We have a window unit fan that's nice for pulling air through the house on days when it's not too hot to use that.  Do you have something similar there?
[19:29] <KK> We have AC, thank God!
[19:29] <Annie> no, it's totally still here. No breeze at all
[19:29] <Evie> We do too, but some days are too mild for A/C but still warmish, and that's what we use the window fan for
[19:29] <Evie> since it costs less to run
[19:29] <Annie> so I'll wear my soggy socks and see if I can get more sleep than I did last night. Or if not I'll come down here to sleep, since it's cooler
[19:29] <KK> There are storm windows on all our windows, so we can't open them.  That was a difficllty when we had our big power-out.
[19:30] <the_Bee> I have a fan near my bed, but it's not near a window.
[19:30] <cynicalmedic> My husband is from Seattle - his first Maryland summer nearly killed him. He keeps the house cold
[19:30] <Annie> anyway, I'll be off, since it's 1.30am
[19:30] <Annie> night all
[19:30] <Evie> wow, I'll bet!  We have to be careful about which windows we open, since Luke has jumped through a screen before, but ours can be cracked open at least.
[19:30] <KK> Night, Annie.  Sleep well.
[19:30] <jemler> nite annie
[19:30] <Evie> goodnight
[19:30] <Jerusha> Sleep well, Annie, if you can
[19:30] * Annie (Mibbit@5E691D.9A57B4.2FA9C2.F12AD1) Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[19:30] * jemler hums a lullaby
[19:31] <Evie> Luke is back and sitting on my chest reading what he's missed
[19:32] <cynicalmedic> Whisper just made her presence known - she pulled my hair
[19:32] <Evie> evidently he likes what he's reading, because he's purring
[19:33] <Evie> He wants to go to DragonCon too, but since he can't, he's settling for getting cat hair on my computer and alll the doll stuff
[19:33] <cynicalmedic> making all the mini Dernyi sneeze
[19:33] <KK> Tell him he wouldn't really enjoy it anyway.  Way too many people not paying attention to him.
[19:34] <Evie> LOL!  You're right, that would drive him barking mad.  He doesn't want to speak in tongues. Cheesy
[19:34] <+Elim> Ick, lemon yogurt.
[19:34] <KK> Ick, lemon yogurt?  THat sounds good, actually.
[19:34] <the_Bee> yes.
[19:35] <+Elim> I prefer pineapple.
[19:35] <Jerusha> Ick, it's yogurt
[19:35] <the_Bee> if it's sweet lemon
[19:35] <KK> I had some lime a few days ago that was quite good; Greek, as I recall, therefore nice and thick.
[19:35] <cynicalmedic> Chobani's blood orange yogurt is good
[19:35] <+Elim> Yes, this is greek.
[19:35] <Evie> Oh, I've not tried that, but I used to love blood oranges when we lived in Italy
[19:35] <KK> Haven't seen that down here, but it sounds yummy!
[19:35] <+Elim> And Chobani in fact.
[19:36] <cynicalmedic> I got it at Harris Teeter - I don't know if you have one of those by you, KK
[19:37] <Evie> I'm pretty sure there isn't one in Alabama, since I've never even heard of a Harris Teeter.  Cheesy
[19:37] <KK> We had lunch with some friends yesterday in DC, and I had a wonderful seared Ahi tuna sandwich with ginger slaw, avocado, tomato, toasted bun--really, really good!
[19:37] <derynifanatic64> grocery store--north carolina has them
[19:37] <KK> Closest Harris Teeter is in Charlottesvilole, I think.  None in Staunton.
[19:38] <Evie> I wonder if Publix would carry that sort of yogurt.  I'll have to check.
[19:38] <cynicalmedic> Well, Baltimore just got this one  - it is near Fort McHenry
[19:38] <KK> But C'ville doesn't even have a Trader Joe's.  None this side of the Blue Ridge, so far as I know.
[19:38] <KK> Food Lion carries Chobani--but I've never seen blood orange.
[19:38] <derynifanatic64> north carolina has trader joe's too
[19:39] <the_Bee> I pretty much stopped buying yogurt what they cut the size from 8 oz to 6.
[19:40] <jemler> C'ville? is that Charlottesville?
[19:40] <cynicalmedic> I love Trader Joe's - hate the one in Towson, so we go to the one in Catonsville instead.
[19:40] <Jerusha> What is Trader Joes?
[19:40] <KK> On htat note, I think I hear a pot of Chobani honey wanting to have some lovely big blueberries thrown in.  And Chobani is bigger than Yoplait and such, Bee.
[19:40] <the_Bee> I'll have to look for it then.
[19:40] <jemler> is it a general store with the barrel and the wooden indian in front?
[19:41] <cynicalmedic> A California based grocery chain, but they have some unusual things - lots of organic foods
[19:41] <KK> I think that's Cracker Barrel--but maybe Trader Joe's has indians.  Since we don't have one, I don't see them often.
[19:41] <the_Bee> not sure if there's a Trader Joe's around here.
[19:42] <Jerusha> There's nothing like that up here
[19:42] <KK> Boston area--gotta have Trader Joe's.  Google to find the nearest one, Bee.
[19:42] <jemler> i like 3 kinds of food. food i recognize, food that's cooked, and food that tastes good
[19:42] <KK> On that note, I really am hungry, so will sign off.  See you next week.
[19:42] <derynifanatic64> good night
[19:42] <~DesertRose> Thanks for dropping in, KK!!
[19:42] <Evie> good night
[19:42] <~DesertRose> Night!
[19:42] <the_Bee> ye KK.  Have a good week.
[19:42] <cynicalmedic> Night KK
[19:42] <jemler> i made her hungry! my bad!
[19:42] <Jerusha> Good night, KK
[19:42] <jemler> nite kk
[19:43] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:43] <the_Bee> thanks for coming
[19:43] <KK> Good night, all.
[19:43] * KK Quit ( Quit: )
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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