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KK Chat - 2 December 2007
« on: December 02, 2007, 08:20:52 pm »
[20:09] * KK has joined #deryni_destinations
[20:09] <&DeryniBot>  Gwynedd's Sheriff, Marnin, nods to KK and checks their weapons at the door.
[20:10] <@Bynw> hiyas KK!
[20:10] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[20:10] <%DesertRose> Yay!! She's here!!!
[20:10] <%DesertRose> Hi KK!!
[20:10] <elf> Hi KK!
[20:10] <@KK> Hello!
[20:10] <%DesertRose> How have you been?
[20:10] <elf> Unfortunately I will be lurking as my game has started... but I will see the history and check from time to time
[20:11] <elf> Ditto that
[20:11] <@KK> Good.  Had a great visit from my mom over the Thanksgiving holiday; but her on the train for home on Friday.
[20:11] <%DesertRose> Cool.
[20:11] <%DesertRose> How was Darkover?
[20:11] <@KK> Darkover was good, with much chatting and speculation about Derynicon.
[20:12] <@Bynw> DeryniCon will be good! should be able to make that one :)
[20:12] <%DesertRose> I'm hoping to have it in the budget to make it to DeryniCon, or next year's Darkover.  I can't do both unless I win the lottery between now and then.  :D
[20:13] <@KK> They <are> close together--and I hope that Derynicon won't hurt Darkovercon's attendance too badly.
[20:13] * TheDeryni has joined #deryni_destinations
[20:13] * ChanServ sets mode: +h TheDeryni
[20:13] <&DeryniBot>  Gwynedd's Sheriff, Marnin, nods to TheDeryni and checks their weapons at the door.
[20:13] <%TheDeryni> Hi KK
[20:13] <%DesertRose> Ah, TD is back!
[20:13] <%TheDeryni> Hello all
[20:13] * %DesertRose pelts TheDeryni with a series of cat toys
[20:13] <elf> WB TD!
[20:14] * %TheDeryni wonders what he did this time
[20:14] <%DesertRose> You left before I could give you a hug good night.  That's what you did.
[20:14] <%TheDeryni> Ah
[20:15] * elf snickers
[20:15] <%DesertRose> So what's been going on in your world, KK?
[20:15] <%DesertRose> Besides Darkover and your mom visiting, I mean.
[20:16] <@KK> Still trying to impost order on chaos--and home to get back to serious writing this week.
[20:16] <%TheDeryni> :)
[20:17] <@KK> impose
[20:17] <%DesertRose> Moving in takes forever sometimes.  We've been in our current place over a year and still have stuff in boxes.
[20:18] <@KK> Well, we'd been in our previous place for more than 20 years--think of the accumulation of....<stuff>!
[20:18] <%TheDeryni> heh
[20:18] <%DesertRose> Yeah, I can just imagine.
[20:20] <%TheDeryni> Do you miss Ireland, KK?
[20:21] <Mistyck> hi KK
[20:22] <@KK> Somewhat.  Scott misses it more than I do.  Misses his club in Dublin.  I, on the other hand, have far more friends on this side of the pond.  Never really connected with more than a handful of friends over there, in any serious way.  Among women, in particular, very little to talk about.
[20:23] <%DesertRose> Why is that, KK?
[20:23] <%TheDeryni> I see. Well, having friend's around is important
[20:23] <%TheDeryni> *friends*
[20:24] <@KK> Few women that we ran into were working outside traditional female roles.  Fortunately, writing is very self-contained. 
[20:24] <elf> Major cultural difference between women from opposite pond sides?
[20:24] <%DesertRose> That makes sense, I suppose.
[20:25] <elf> You were in Dublin?
[20:25] <@KK> Yes.  And spending the majority of my time behind the computer, there wasn't as much opportunity to meet other like-minded women.
[20:25] <%DesertRose> Right.
[20:26] <elf> ahh I see...
[20:26] <@KK> They were amazed and suitable appreciative of what I did, but it was a different world from any that they knew.
[20:27] <%DesertRose> Not much in common, then?
[20:27] <@KK> Only on pretty superficial levels.  And I'm not now and never have beeninto the bar scene.
[20:27] <%TheDeryni> Ah
[20:28] <%DesertRose> Yeah, it got old on me too.
[20:28] <elf> I think it is supposed to fairly quickly
[20:28] <%DesertRose> I went clubbing a lot in my early 20s but now that I'm past 30 it seems a little immature.
[20:29] <%TheDeryni> Do you speak any Irsh, Katherine?
[20:29] <elf> For me it was after 25... it got well lboring
[20:29] <elf> or Gaelic?
[20:29] <%TheDeryni> *Irish* Arg!
[20:29] <@KK> Only a few words.  It's a very difficult language.
[20:29] <%DesertRose> Yeah, the spelling seems even crazier than English spelling.
[20:29] <%TheDeryni> My mother was fluent. Irish = Gaelic
[20:31] <elf> It is a language I would like to learn actually... in homage to my ancestral country
[20:31] <%DesertRose> How's the weather in VA, KK?  Bynw's gotten some nasty weather the last couple of days.
[20:31] <@KK> It's like no other language that you may have studied.
[20:32] <elf> I have an advantage there then.. only English and the mandatory French (I live in Canada)
[20:33] <@Bynw> yeah me and rain and freezing rain and then sleet and more rain and finally some snow
[20:33] <@KK> It's cold, and we had a smattering of rain today, but nothing to speak of--though they were predicting 80%.  It's supposed to be colder tomorrow, with a chance of snow by Wednesday.
[20:33] <%DesertRose> I wish it would snow here, but rots of ruck on that.  I live in Florida.
[20:33] <%DesertRose> It would feel more like the holidays if it would snow.
[20:34] <@KK> My mom is probably getting a full dose of it.  She's on Amtrak between Chidago and San Francisco, probably approaching Denver about now.
[20:34] <%TheDeryni> Snowing now here in CT
[20:34] <%DesertRose> Yeah, she's probably seeing enough snow for all of us.
[20:34] <elf> We have had about 4 inches of snow so far here
[20:34] <%DesertRose> The last time it snowed here was 1989.
[20:34] <elf> Interior Rockies
[20:36] <@KK> What part of Fla?
[20:37] <%DesertRose> Jacksonville, northeast corner.
[20:37] <@KK> I know they sometimes get really heavy frost around Orland.
[20:37] <%DesertRose> A little north of St. Augustine.
[20:37] <%TheDeryni> I have a question Katherine that I've always wanted to ask. (You may have answered it already, but I never saw it.) What actor(s) have you envisioned playing Alaric over the years?
[20:37] <@KK> Yeah, it could snow there.  Never snowed in Miami, of course, where I grew up.
[20:38] <%DesertRose> It snows here every once in a blue moon.  Who knows?  Maybe we'll get some this winter.
[20:38] <@KK> Currently, for the adult Alaric, I'm envisioning (for physical type, not necessarily acting ability), the blond doctor on House.
[20:38] <elf> ah Jesse Spencer
[20:38] <%TheDeryni> With the accent?
[20:38] <elf> I think that is the name
[20:39] <@KK> BTW, anyone seen first photos of the guy who'll be playing the young Spock in the new ST movie?  Scary similarity.
[20:39] <%TheDeryni> I have
[20:39] <elf> no I have not
[20:39] <%TheDeryni> You're right
[20:40] <@KK> Wondering who'll be the young Kirk.
[20:40] <%TheDeryni> Wynona Ryder signed on for it too
[20:40] <@KK> As who?
[20:40] <%TheDeryni> A Vulcan, not sure which one though
[20:40] <elf> Winona Ryder... hmmm
[20:41] <@KK> I can picture her as a Vulcan.
[20:42] <%DesertRose> IMDb is saying Chris Pine for the young Kirk.
[20:42] <@KK> As an aside, my early images of Vivienne were somewhat like T'Pau.
[20:42] <@KK> Can't place the name.  What does he play otherwise?
[20:42] <%TheDeryni> Ah, Spock's Mother
[20:43] <%DesertRose> He was in Princess Diaries 2 as Nicholas Devereaux.
[20:43] <%DesertRose> That's the only movie I recognize on his list on IMDb.
[20:43] <elf> um great grandmother I believe
[20:43] <%TheDeryni> And NOT Vulcan
[20:44] <elf> oh I thought you eant T'Pau
[20:44] <@KK> No, the elderly Vulcan matriarch in the one that takes place on Vulcan, when he battles not to have to marry T'Pring.
[20:44] <%TheDeryni> She's obviously playing Amanda Grayson.
[20:45] <@KK> Now, Nicholas Devereaux--nice.  :-)
[20:45] <%DesertRose> :D
[20:45] <%TheDeryni> Elf: I meant Winona
[20:45] <@KK> Ah.  That works.
[20:46] <@KK> Though I have trouble imagining her as the older woman when we first meet Spock's mother.
[20:46] <%TheDeryni> Yeah.
[20:48] <@KK> I wonder how they'll do that?  Backstory indicates that Kirk had never met Spock's parents.
[20:48] <%DesertRose> They can do almost anything with makeup and costuming though.
[20:50] <%DesertRose> Maybe he doesn't meet them in this movie.
[20:50] <%TheDeryni> It's set at the Academy
[20:51] <@KK> Actually, I don't recall that we've learned how the two met, under what circumstances.  Presumably, it wasn't at Starfleet Academy.
[20:51] <%DesertRose> I had a friend who had a Starfleet Academy sticker in her window that looked like a college sticker.
[20:51] <%DesertRose> (Her car window that is)
[20:51] <@KK> Ah, then maybe they do.
[20:54] <%DesertRose> How is your Meow Mafia, KK?
[20:54] <@KK> They're good.  Gus caught a sparrow yesterday.  Fortunately, his shouts of hunting victory as he brought it into the house alerted me to go rescue the body before he scattered featehrs all over the breakfast room.
[20:55] <%DesertRose> Oh no! LOL
[20:55] <%DesertRose> Don't you have a puppy dog too?
[20:57] <@KK> Yep.  He's getting too fat; have to cut his rations a bit.  he's having trouble getting through the dog flap.  (One wants to keep flaps as small as posisble, to limit the size that would-be burglars can get through.)
[20:58] <%DesertRose> My one cat, Tessa is getting too fat too, because she keeps sneaking the kitten food that's for the other cat, Sweetie Pie.
[21:00] <@KK> Most cats do police themselves, but some are more dog-like, in that they'll eat anything they cna find--or steal.
[21:00] <%DesertRose> Tessa eats anything you put in front of her, and will try to steal anything with cheese on it.
[21:01] <%DesertRose> She will fight you for cheese.
[21:01] <%TheDeryni> My Yorkie will eat a rock if I put it in my mouth first
[21:01] <%DesertRose> Anything you eat is fair game, eh, TD?
[21:01] <%TheDeryni> Yep
[21:02] <@KK> I thnk cats and dogs both are enamored of cheese.  Friskies turkey & cheese is one of my cats' favorite canned food.
[21:03] <%DesertRose> Tessa will follow me around for food with cheese on it and try to steal it off my plate.
[21:06] <%TheDeryni> What made you think of writing St. Patrick's Gargoyle?
[21:07] <@KK> Writing the short story of it.  :-)
[21:07] <%TheDeryni> Yes
[21:07] <%TheDeryni> Oh
[21:08] <%TheDeryni> I meant the premise, actually
[21:09] <@KK> But the short story was sparked by an article in the Irish Times about the desecration of the underground crypts at St. Michan's, and the stories of the underground passages that are alleged to connect several sites.  That's where it all came from.
[21:09] <%TheDeryni> Ah, okay then. Cool.
[21:10] <@KK> And on that note, I think I'd better wind this up for this evening and get back to work.  And I'll be away next weekend, so it will be two weeks before I visit again.
[21:10] <%TheDeryni> That's my favorite besides the Deryni novels.
[21:10] <%TheDeryni> K, have a good one
[21:10] <@KK> I had a lot of fun writing it, that's for sure.
[21:10] <%DesertRose> Okay, have a good two weeks and take care.
[21:11] <%TheDeryni> Thanks for stopping by
[21:11] <elf> Bye for now KK have a great week!
[21:11] <@KK> Yep.  You guys all stay warm and dry--and without sniffles.  (Poor Scott is down with a cold caught at Darkover; so far, I'm ok.)
[21:11] <%DesertRose> Will do, KK.
[21:11] <%TheDeryni> :)
[21:12] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[21:12] <elf> lots of chicken soup
[21:12] * @KK Quit (Quit: )
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