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KK Chat - 20 Nov 2011
« on: November 20, 2011, 07:29:37 pm »

18:06 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:06 < jemler> THe coinnamon rolls worked!
18:06 < KK> Hello, gang.
18:06 < jemler> hi KK
18:06 < Shiral> And a half empty bottle of Tequila
18:06 < Alkari> Welcome KK
18:06 < Evie> He used to have a  little white shirt collar and a black bow tie.  He'd meet us at the door every evening as Luke the Butler
18:06 < Shiral> Hello, Katherine
18:06 < Evie> Hi, KK!
18:07 < jemler> Once upon a time isn
18:07  * Shiral trots out her magic teapot, again
18:07 < jemler> isn'y on tonight, KK
18:07  * Alkari produces fresh chocolate fudge brownies
18:08 < jemler> i alrfeady put out cinnamon rolls
18:08 < Shiral> Earl Grey I surmise, KK?
18:08 < Alkari> Sugar overload :)
18:08 < Evie> Both of our cats will put up with being dressed up, at least to a point.  Luke's good with any sort of attention, and Gigi is fairly tolerant as long as she only has to wear it a few minutes.
18:08 < Evie> Ooh, Tea, Earl Grey, hot and sweet
18:08 < Alkari> I also have some lovely little ginger biscuits
18:08 < Shiral> Francesca will lie ON clothes. God  help you if you try to put clothes on HER
18:09  * Shiral produces some fresh shortbread. (Amazing what can be done with virtual food and drink
18:09 < Evie> Luke used to have a baseball cap
18:09 < Evie> it belonged to one of DD's teddy bears, but it fit Luke pretty well also
18:10 < Alkari> My horse once wore a proper white bib and black bow tie to a formal progressive dinner ride
18:10 < Evie> I'm sure he looked quite handsome
18:10 < Alkari> He did!
18:10 < Shiral> That must have been a big black tie!
18:10 < jemler> it's good he wore a bib. horses are messy eaters! :)
18:11 < Alkari> Not my horse!!
18:11 < KK> LOL, cool.  I used to ride with a baseball cap with wings.  Figured if I was going to come off, wings were not a bad idea.  Of course, that was before helmets became regarded as so necessary--which they are, but that was California in the 70's.
18:11 < Evie> Yes.  Ryan was very well trained.  He even knew which fork to use.  ;-)
18:11 < Evie> LOL @ cap with wings
18:11 < Alkari> Oh, we decorated our helmets.
18:12 < Alkari> And at least if we were drinking and riding, our horsdes knew the way home  :D
18:12 < Shiral> Good heavens, hoofs and forks must make strange combinations!
18:12 < jemler> i always use the on closest to the food! :)
18:12 < KK> Np, no, work from the outside in.
18:12 < Shiral> And how do you eat hay with a dinner fork!
18:12 < Evie> Twirl it like spaghetti
18:12 < jemler> twirl it like spaghetti!
18:12 < KK> Pitchfork, of course.
18:13 < Evie> using a shovel for a spoon
18:13 < Shiral> It's still hard if you have only hooves!
18:13 < Evie> that's what grooms are for
18:13 < KK> Even worse than cats with no thumbs to work the can opener.
18:13 < Alkari> lol
18:13 < jemler> do horses in China eat with chopsticks?
18:13 < Evie> they prefer the automatic openers with the lever to activate it
18:13 < Alkari> No, horses in China are eaten!
18:13 < Shiral> I think I found some of Dmitri's little diagrams lying around the other day....
18:14 -!- the_Bee [] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:14 < jemler> hi bee
18:14 < Shiral> Hi Bee
18:14 < Evie> hi Bee
18:14 < Alkari> Hello Bee
18:14 < the_Bee> hi Jemler and Shiral and Evie and Alkari and all
18:14 < KK> Hi, Bee.
18:14 < the_Bee> Hello KK.  How goes the writing?
18:14 < KK> Pretty well.
18:14 < Shiral> Looking forward to Darkover next week?
18:14 < KK> Yep.
18:14 < Evie> I'm hoping I will find my missing Deryni books in the big basement sort-out.  Of course, I've managed to replace most of them recently, so that will mean having spare copies of any that turn up
18:15 < jemler> so you wont be here next week, KK?
18:15 < Alkari> I need to get the second Camber trilogy
18:15 < KK> I'll be reading at the con.
18:15 < KK> Not next week.
18:15  * Shiral regrets not being at the reading =o(
18:15 < the_Bee> excerpts from the new book?
18:15 < Alkari> Oh great KK - what will you be reading?
18:15 < KK> From the work in progress.
18:16 < Evie> I'm trying to remember if I've been to one of your readings.  Did you have one at the last DragonCon you went to?
18:16  * Shiral REALLY regrets not being at the reading!
18:16 < KK> Don't think so.
18:16 < jemler> somebody record it for me, please!
18:16  * Alkari wishes she could find a Transfer Portyal to the con
18:16 < Evie> I know I met you at one con, and I think it was a DragonCon, but it was a few years back, before I joined the forum and started chatting here.
18:16 < KK> It would be a long jump for you!
18:16 < Shiral> Porty transfers would be handy!
18:17 < Alkari> I'd have to stop off at a few islands on the way!
18:17  * the_Bee would probably find herself in a trap portal :}
18:17 < Evie> I griped about you making me cry when Rhys died
18:17 < KK> I cried too.
18:17 < Alkari> what part are you going to read, KK - just to make us all jealous?
18:17 < jemler> go thru indonesia, up thru china, over the Bering strait, down to va
18:17 < KK> And when Javan died.  THat was bad.
18:17 < Shiral> I cried over Javan, myself
18:17 < Evie> LOL!  Yes, KK, you told me that then also. :D
18:18 < KK> Haven't decided what I'll read.  Not the opening, because I read that last year.
18:18 < Shiral> So how much would Kelson have known about Javan, since he names his firstborn son Javan?
18:18 < KK> He'd know a fair bit, from family history.
18:19 < Evie> That's a good thing, though.  If you don't cry when your characters die, you've not invested enough of yourself in them, and your readers will pick up on that and not care if you don't
18:19 < the_Bee> and who would haave writtten about Javan so Kelson could read about him?
18:19 < Alkari> Yes.  What about doing the Bethane bit, KK - where she fixes Alaric's arm?
18:19  * Shiral pictures a scene of Duncan teaching the young prince Kelson about his courageous ancestor
18:19 < KK> Could do.
18:20 < Evie> where is Darkover?
18:20  * jemler pictures Evie drooling over Shiral's picture of Duncan
18:20 < KK> Timonium, MD.
18:20 < jemler> here come the fish!
18:20 < Shiral> I put up a pic of Duncan on the webpage. It's still dry
18:21 < Alkari> lol
18:21 < Evie> Yes, I like Shiral's picture of Duncan.  I've also put my own version of a Duncan picture in the Gallery.
18:21 < KK> I'll have to go have a look later.
18:21 < the_Bee> me too
18:21 < Evie> I do try to keep drool off artwork, though.
18:21 < jemler> Timonium, north of Baltimore
18:22 < KK> Yes
18:22 < Evie> You never know if it will make the medium run
18:22 < Evie> art medium, that is, not a psychic. :D
18:22 < Shiral> Funny little town, Timmonium. I've only ever been there because of Darkover
18:22 < KK> Shiral, are you currently working in watercolor or acrylic?
18:22 < Shiral> Watercolor
18:22 < KK> Then it will run.
18:23 < Shiral> Well, I Do give it a coat of fixing stuff. And if it's on the computer screen that should protect it from drool!
18:23 < KK> True
18:23 < Shiral> Nose prints are a whole other issue, though
18:23 < Evie> I've bought an awesome looking book about doing lifelike figure modeling using polymer clays.  If I get a chance to play at that over the holidays, once I get decent at sculpting features, I'll try my hand at some Deryni busts
18:24 < the_Bee> Do you need a scanner to post a non-photo image online?
18:24 < KK> That's awesome!
18:24 < Alkari> Duncan 1, 2 and 3 :D
18:24 < Shiral> I stick to two dimensions. Three Dimensions never work out riht
18:24 < Shiral> right
18:24 < KK> My scanner is down right now.
18:24 < Evie> And I'm hopeless with two dimensions, but my few attempts at sculpting have turned out better
18:24 < Shiral> I do Bee. I have Photoshop on my computer, but I'm much more comfortable doing a painting and then scanning it in
18:24 < KK> Chaque a son gout.
18:25 < Evie> Well, I'm not totally hopeless at drawing, but I'm badly out of practice and never happy when it comes to my portraiture.  They often end up looking like perfectly fine faces...of someone else.  :D
18:25 < KK> I am hopeless at drawing live things.
18:25 < Shiral> I know what I want it to look like, but it rarely comes out as I hope
18:26 < Evie> I'm the same way, and I don't want to have to kill Duncan to draw, that is....never mind.  :D
18:26 < the_Bee> You mean not like real people you're trying to portray, or not like you vision of fictional characters?
18:26 < Shiral> I've been trying to paint portraits of my cats, but darn them, they'll never sit still long enough
18:26 < Alkari> Mine would end up looking like Shrek or something
18:26 < Evie> LOL
18:26 < Shiral> Fictional characters, Bee
18:26 < Alkari> which is NOT my mental image of Duncan!
18:27 < Evie> Though Puss in Boots reminds me of a swashbuckling Luke
18:27 < Shiral> We all have to start somewhere, Alkari
18:27 < the_Bee> Have you seen the movie?
18:27 < Evie> DD and I laughed through that whole movie as much due to the Luke resemblance as the movie itself
18:27 < Evie> Now I imagine my cat with Antonio Banderas' voice. :D
18:27 < Alkari> LOL.  I'll settle for doinjg tapestries and cross stitch designs ratehr than portraits
18:28 < the_Bee> I've only seen the previews.  I love the scenes where he actually acts like a cat.
18:28 < Evie> Yes
18:28 < KK> We saw it.  It was cute.
18:28 < Evie> There are several of those scenes, and they really are cute.
18:29 < Evie> The "laser pointer" scene had us giggling because that was exactly how Luke would react
18:29 < Shiral> Havne't seen it myself
18:29 < KK> It's worth seeing.
18:29 < Evie> then  I won't spoil it.  Just go see it when you get a chance.
18:29 < KK> Especially for cat folk.
18:29 < Shiral> Perhaps over T-Day weekend
18:29 < the_Bee> Evie--I thought you meant Luke Skywalker!
18:30 < Shiral> Jedi Knights bat at toys?
18:30 < Evie> LOL!  No, my cat Luke, though he was named for Luke Skywalker because he was such a whiny baby when he first adopted us. He would cry if we left his sight
18:30 < KK> They bat at training gadgets, to learn to use the Force.
18:30 < Dennis> With the force, Shiral.
18:30 < Alkari> And then they can use can openers
18:31 < Shiral> Dmitri is still very vocal and opinionated
18:31 < Evie> the first day Luke lived with us, he sat by my feet and whined every moment I did something besides hold him
18:31 < the_Bee> I was picturing Puss as a feline Luke Skywalker.
18:31 < Evie> LOL!  Well, there IS all that swordplay....
18:31 < Dennis> "Use the Force, Luke" "Why, Obi-Wan, are Imperial Stormtroopers nearby?" "No, I need to open a can of soup for me."
18:32 < Shiral> Dmitri thinks his name is actually "Dmitri Move!" because that's what I'm saying to him the most often. =o)
18:32 < the_Bee> Is Luke the cat who walked in and demanded that your hubby fed him?
18:32 < Evie> Yes, that's the one
18:32 < Evie> He was either lost or abandoned
18:32 < Evie> and had been for a while
18:32 < KK> Awwww
18:32 < Evie> at least judging by how tight his collar was on him
18:32 < Dennis> So, how is Alaric this week?
18:33 < Evie> he had a kitten collar on, and was nearly full  grown, so it was quite snug
18:33 < the_Bee> Have you killed anyone lately?
18:33 < KK> Alaric is fine.
18:33 < Evie> LOL!  Yes, do I need my dirge macro?
18:33 < Dennis> Is it still 1102?
18:34 < KK> His friend Paget has just had a lesson down in the town market, where all squires are taken, at some point, to see animals slaughtered.  And then they're required to kill one themselves.  It's to teach them what it feels like to kill something deliberately.
18:35 < KK> An important lesson for future knights.
18:35 < KK> It's 1101.
18:35 < Shiral> They'll either become knights or vegetarians!
18:35 < Evie> :-D
18:36 < KK> Can't imagine knights giving up meat.  And it isn't as if they haven't seen animals finished off in the hunt field.
18:36 < Shiral> Not in 1101, certainly
18:36 < Alkari> No.
18:36 < the_Bee> They need protein to keep up their strength.
18:36 < Shiral> especially when they have to go around wearing chain mail
18:37 < Dennis> Yes.
18:37 < Shiral> And there are no salad bars in Rhemuth
18:37 < Evie> And hunting would have  kept their war skills well honed as well as providing recreation and meat for the table
18:37 < KK> Yep.  And unless they grew up in a small holding, where they had to help slaughter animals for food, they wouldn't have had that experience before.
18:38 < Shiral> They would also have gone hawking before
18:38 < Alkari> And possbly put down a favourite hound or horse, or at least seen it done
18:39 < KK> Also, it's different killing an animal that isn't already injured/wounded.
18:39 < Alkari> Yes.   
18:39 < the_Bee> or a person--the mercy stroke
18:40 < KK> Yes.
18:40 < jemler> the thing about killing a favorite hoese/hound is they wouldn't see it on the dinner table later.
18:40 < Shiral> Far more merciful than letting a suffering animal die slowly
18:41 < the_Bee> I think it's important not to take killing lightly or casually.
18:41 < Alkari> Yes, so an essential lesson for future knights
18:41 < KK> Yes.  Even Llion has never killed a man--yet.
18:41 < Alkari> uh oh  :(
18:42 < Evie> it's that "yet" that makes me wonder if he's going to soon
18:42 < Shiral> As Alkari says, that has an ominous ring
18:42 < KK> Well, he was a brand new knight when he entered Kenneth's service, and Gwynedd is at peacre.
18:42 < jemler> but then, when you kill a man, you don't field dress him later.
18:42 < KK> peace, too.
18:42 < Shiral> I really hope not, Jemler!
18:43 < the_Bee> leave that to the undertaker!
18:43 < jemler> one cannibal to another: Who are we having for dinner tonight? Second cannibal "Well, since you volunteered"
18:44 < the_Bee> OUCH!
18:44 < Shiral> Moving right along... is Gwynedd about to experience war?
18:44 < Alkari> KK, as Alaric is only thirteen when he goes to war with Brion against the Marluk, has he yet killed anyone?
18:44 < the_Bee> "Am I late for dinner?"  "Yes, everyone's eaten."
18:44 < KK> Nope.
18:45 < Dennis> Why don't cannibals eat clowns? They taste funny!
18:45 < jemler> Good one, Bee!
18:45  * Alkari groans
18:45 < the_Bee> not original
18:45  * jemler thinks "What hath I wrought?"
18:45 < Dennis> I've been thinking about the Regents in Alroy's time recently.
18:46 < the_Bee> Thou hast wrought mischief.
18:46 < Dennis> I actually think in a way, Tammaron might be the worst of them.
18:46 < the_Bee> how so?
18:46 < Shiral> My vote goes to Hubert, but you've piqued my interest
18:46 < KK> Mine, too.
18:48 < Dennis> Well, from Codex and Saint Camber, he's already a major part of the court, so he's the only one who didn't need to conspire against the realm to gain more power. Murdoch needed to suck up to Cinhil, Hubert needed Murdoch and Rhun came along later. Had Tammaron stayed loyal, he might still have ended up Chancellor.
18:48 < jemler> Mine too. Hypocrisy is a wonderful thing. It lets you embrace in yourself what you despise in others.
18:48 < Dennis> The other ones never would have gotten as far as they did without stealing power.
18:48 < KK> Probably true.
18:49 < Dennis> Of course, I said, "In a way." In pretty much all the other ways, Hubert was the worst. :)
18:49 < Shiral> I never stop being mad at Cinhil for his lousy choices of regents for his sons
18:49 < jemler> i like it that Alroy had enough spine to deny the Custodes at the end.
18:49 < the_Bee> Rhun was called Rhun the ruthless for a reason.
18:50 < Shiral> But the Custodes were Hubert's brain children.
18:50 < jemler> which isn't saying much
18:50 < the_Bee> it says plenty--all bad.
18:50 < Shiral> Bet they caused a lot of suffering we don't get to read about
18:50 < KK> Actually, it's saying a lot.  Those Custodes were bad.
18:51 < Dennis> The Custodes? I'm sure. Just the way Javan describes his time in the monastery, and what happened to Father Faelan in KJY tells you pretty much all you need to know.
18:51 < jemler> Bad doesn't cover it. their fringes resembled blood dripping for a reason.
18:51 < Shiral> Just ask Rhys Michael!
18:52 < Alkari> the sheer ruthlessness and brutality of the persecutions were just ... indescribable
18:52 < Shiral> Enough to make a Deryni take up residence in Torenth instead!
18:52 < KK> Some of them, I'm sure.
18:53 < Alkari> If they could get away
18:53 < the_Bee> How would the Custodes compare to the real Inquisitors?
18:53 < Shiral> I'm often angry with Rhysem too, although thank goodness, he redeems himself in the end
18:53 < KK> Well, they had different weapons to use.
18:53 < Dennis> If Mel Brooks is to be believed, fewer song and dance numbers.
18:53 < jemler> Rhysel managing to sneak into the Royal Court. Great move! :)
18:54 < Alkari> Custodes - Inquisitors + Gestapo
18:54 < Dennis> That is probably one of these questions you may not have thought about, but who handled the power rituals for the Kings after Uthyr? I assume Rhysel was still at court in 948, but after that...
18:55 < Shiral> The Custodes of course, had Merasha to use for a weapon
18:55 < Dennis> Yeah, the Inquisition had to settle for things like boiling pitch.
18:55 < jemler> and ping pong
18:56 < KK> And the rack and such.
18:56 < Shiral> And they were both WAY too fond of burnings at the stake
18:56 < Evie> KK, what language(s) is spoken in Tralia (the Orsal) and in places like the Forcinn and Andelon?  (Alkari asked  that last week, but it was just as you were leaving.)
18:57 < jemler> Given that Safiana was Muslim, I would assume Arabic.
18:57 < the_Bee> "Von Horthy" sounds Germanic.
18:57 < Alkari> Was Sofiana Muslim?  Or more Eastern Orthodox?
18:58 < Evie> Possibly but not necessarily, jemler.  Remember, there was a huge Muslim influence in Spain, but they still retained their own language
18:58 < KK> Various languages, some similar to Torenthi, some similar to French, Spanish, etc.
18:58 < Shiral> But IS Sofiana a Muslim? I think she's a more Eastern form of Christian
18:58 < KK> Germanic, yes.
18:58 < KK> Eastern Christian, I think, though there are Muslims as well.
18:58 < Shiral> So would Torenthi be a closer cognate to Hungarian or Russian?
18:59 < KK> Probably yes.
18:59 < Evie> Barrayaran.  No, wait, wrong series.  :D
19:00 < Alkari> So what languages would an "educated" person in Gwynedd know?   I assume that being multi-lingual was the  norm, as it was in our medieval times for educated nobility?
19:00 < Dennis> Heh. We'd need a Gregor of Torenth, then.
19:00 < Dennis> Oh, Evie. Did you hear? Bujold finished a book about Ivan. It should be out late next year.
19:00 -!- derynifanatic64 [Mibbit@F8E647.70AEDE.D54B34.B78BAB] has joined #deryni_Destinations
19:00 < jemler> hi DF64
19:00 < Alkari> Hi DF64
19:00 < Dennis> Hi!
19:00 < the_Bee> HI DF
19:01 < derynifanatic64> hi all
19:01 < Shiral> Hi DF
19:01 < Evie> Oh, cool, Dennis!
19:01 < Evie> Hi, DF
19:01  * Evie says hello and offers you a goblet of Fianna wine
19:01 < derynifanatic64> my niece is in town this week
19:01 < Evie> awwww
19:01 < the_Bee> for Thanksgiving?
19:01 < jemler> Really? Hmmm.
19:01 < Evie> and is she being spoiled rotten by her favorite uncle?
19:01 < derynifanatic64> she staying with my sister/brother in law all this week
19:01 < Alkari> of course!!
19:01 < derynifanatic64> oh yeah
19:02 < derynifanatic64> my current picture on the site was taken yesterday
19:02 < Evie> Oh, I'll have to check out the new pic, then
19:02 < Dennis> Alkari, I'd guess Gwyneddan, Bremangi, Latin, maybe a little Greek, and a smattering or Torenthi.
19:02 < KK> Sounds right.
19:03 < Evie> Maybe Llanneddan, for those living close to that border
19:03 < Shiral> A smattering might be really useful for Alaric, being right on the Torenthi border
19:03 < Dennis> IIRC, Kelson recognized some of the liturgical Greek in the Torenthi masses in KKB.
19:03 < derynifanatic64> i just got back home from seeing her
19:03 < KK> He's learning a bit of Torenthi in conjunction with play9ing Cardounet.
19:04 < the_Bee> Would most people know more Latin than they heard in church?  IIRC either Javan or Rhysem had to have the Latin in a Deryni ritual translated for him.
19:04 < Alkari> I would assume that he eventually became quite fluent in it, given Corwyn's border with Torenth
19:04 < KK> Nobility would know more Latin; not commoners.
19:04 < Shiral> KK, would  Bregmagne be a society reminiscent of Moorish Spain?
19:04 < KK> More French.
19:04 < Shiral> =o)
19:04 < Alkari> Andelon?
19:05 < KK> A bit more Moorish.
19:05 < Evie> For some reason I tend to think of Andelon, with its blend of Christian and Moorish influences, as being more like Moorish Spain
19:05 < Dennis> Northern Plantaganet/Capet or Southern Provencal/Aquitaine france?
19:05 < Alkari> Yes, that was what I had assumed thanks, KK
19:06 < the_Bee> Would the Forcinn be analogous to the Barbary states?
19:06 < Dennis> I'd guess the former, because that'd more likely produce Jehana's hardline orthodoxy.
19:06 < Shiral> My head being full of visions of France, I can live with a more French idea of Bremagne. =o)
19:07 < Evie> OK, now I'm wanting to try some Andelonian cuisine
19:07 < the_Bee> I picture Bremagne as having a climate where citrus trees would flourish.
19:07 < KK> Yes.
19:07 < the_Bee> We know they have coral.
19:08 < Evie> I tend to think of Fianna as somewhat Italian-like
19:08 < Shiral> And probably lots of seafood in the diet
19:08 < Evie> not sure why
19:08 < Alkari> Jass says he'll go there is they have pizza!
19:09 < Alkari> *if they have ..
19:09 < Shiral> He'd make the trip just to find out
19:09 < jemler> is it haggis pizza?
19:09 < derynifanatic64> any place that has pizza is my kind of place
19:09 < Evie> He's just going to move in with DesertRose. She makes pizza a lot, and lives closer. ;-)
19:09 < Alkari> lol
19:09 < the_Bee> He'll have to wait for America to be discovered if he wants tomatoes.
19:09 < derynifanatic64> :D
19:09 < Shiral> Or potatoes
19:09 < Evie> I tell you, the tomatoes were brought in via those swimming chipmunks! :D
19:10 < KK> Yeah, Fianna could be sort of Italian-ish.
19:10 < the_Bee> Mediterranean
19:10 < Evie> Ooh, I'll have to go through my non-tomato-based Mediterranean dishes to see what might work for their cooking, then
19:11 < Dennis> And that's why Colin came to Gwynedd. I can't live here! My name's not nearly Italian-sounding enough. My brothers Giovanni and Albino and my sister Lucrezia are so embarrassed by me. :)
19:11 < the_Bee> Alfredo sauce.
19:11 < jemler> DesertRose was at the Marble Slab Ice Creamery in Jacksonville earlier, at least according to Facebook.
19:11 < Evie> unless the Tomato Fairy was kind enough to visit the Eleven Kingdoms at some point despite its lack of knowledge of any New World? :D
19:11 < Alkari> Lots of olives, garlic, herbs, etc
19:11 < Evie> LOL, Dennis
19:11 < Shiral> And if all the chipmunks drowned en route?
19:12 < Evie> then the tomatoes would be very wet and rotting upon arrival on shore.  Ew. :D
19:12 < derynifanatic64> ALVIN!!
19:13 < Evie> :D
19:13 < Shiral> Well, the CHIPmunks drowned. Didn't say anything about drowned tomatoes!
19:13 < Dennis> Is there a Far East analogue? The maps all just sort of drift off around where the Urals would be.
19:13 < derynifanatic64> because tomatoes are part of the nightshade family
19:13 < Shiral> They could have bobbed ashore!
19:14 < the_Bee> I sometimes imagine a few Caeriessean merchant ships venturing across the Atalantic and bringing back some items from the western shore.
19:14 < KK> There's obviously something far to the East, but really Far East would be....really far.
19:14 < Evie> The Great Tomato Migration of 1136.  You just haven't heard of it yet because it's in the near future
19:14 < Shiral> Sentient swimming tomatoes?
19:14 < Evie> they're like lemmings, Shiral
19:15 < derynifanatic64> they are Killer Tomatoes!!
19:15 < the_Bee> Where would the 11 Kingdoms get their silk?
19:15 < Alkari> LOL.   Along with all those lovely flowering plants that come from China and Japan.   Killer flowerrs.
19:15 < Shiral> We Know they have silk in the XI kingdoms without any analogous China
19:15 < Shiral> First the custodes, now killer tomatoes. It's a wonderanyone survives in Gwynedd!
19:15 < Dennis> I wouldn't expect any contact, except for myths of Prester John.  Although Gwynedd does seem to be a couple hundred years ahead of our Middle Ages. Maybe an intrepid second son will set out East during the peaceful years of Kelson's later reign.  If they are in fact peaceful. :)
19:16 < Shiral> I hope he's a better sailor than his Father, then!
19:16 < Evie> Yes. Which they won't be if Teymuraz has a say in the matter
19:17 < Evie> Teymuraz has sons now to be ambitious for
19:17 < Shiral> Maybe some of the killer tomatoes takes out Teymuraz
19:17 < Alkari> Maybe Teymuraz will alienate someone in Byzantyum and get poisoned.
19:17 < Evie> by eating tomato greens!
19:17 < Shiral> Sounds possible, in Teymuraz's case
19:18 < derynifanatic64> he could eat rhubarb leaves
19:18 < KK> Yike, the DH is wanting dinner, so I'd best check out.  See you guys in two weeks.
19:18 < Evie> I'd be glad to fix Teymuraz a salad.  I'll put in lots of nice mushrooms you think hensbane would taste nice?
19:18 < Alkari> or just a nice sharp dagger
19:18 < Evie> See you, KK...enjoy the con!
19:18 < Shiral> Night, KK. Thanks for stopping by. Have fun at Darkover
19:18 < Alkari> Bye KK
19:18 < Evie> and let us know what you decided to read
19:19 < jemler> nite kk
19:19 < the_Bee> Bye KK.  Good week and good writing.  Thanks for coming.
19:19 < jemler> Happy THanksgiving
19:19 < Alkari> Yes - we need a transcript of it.
19:19 < Shiral> Go feed the  hungry DH
19:19 < KK> Take are, all, and don't eat too much turkey.
19:19 < derynifanatic64> nite KK
19:19 < Evie> I think I've got a log, though I can't check it until I log out
19:19 < Shiral> Happy Thanksgiving!
19:19 < jemler> i have a log
19:19 < the_Bee> happy thanksgiving
19:19 < Evie> Yes, happy Thanksgiving!
19:19 < Dennis> Night, KK. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you!
19:19 < the_Bee> good, Jemler
19:20 < KK> me/steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
19:20 < Alkari> Safe trip and happy Thanksgiving
19:20 < KK> Nighters.
19:20 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]


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