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KK Chat - 13 Nov 2011
« on: November 13, 2011, 07:52:12 pm »

18:10 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:10 < Evie_> He'd be 26 in 1136
18:10 < jemler> KK!
18:10 < derynifanatic64> hi KK
18:10 < Evie_> Hi, KK
18:10 < Alkari> That's Azim and co.  And also Se
18:10 < the_Bee> Will Grecotha become a center of Deryni learning again?
18:11 < Alkari> Hello KK
18:11 < the_Bee> Hi KK
18:11 < KK> Hello, all.
18:11 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello KK.
18:11 <~bynw> hiyas KK
18:11  * Evie_ does happy dance at KK's arrival
18:11 < jemler> The Mummy Speaks! hi bynw!
18:11 < Alkari> We didn't even haveto lure you with ice cream today  :D
18:11 < jemler> or fresh hot cinnamon rolls
18:12 < KK> Nope, I'm here of my own free will.
18:12 < Shiral> Hello KK
18:12 < Evie_> Yay!  How is the book coming along?
18:12 < KK> Cinnamon rolls sound yummy!
18:12  * Shiral sets up a tea table anyway for sociability's sake
18:12 <~bynw> hmmmm cinnamon rolls do sound yummy
18:12  * the_Bee hands KK a glass of mulled mead.
18:12 < KK> With Earl Grey, please.
18:12 < Evie_> I can tell KK just arrived; Luke just showed up and is purring madly.  :D
18:12 < KK> It's coming.
18:13 < Shiral> Magic tea pot, it pours everyone's favorite kind of tea
18:13 < KK> That's the best kind of pot!
18:13 < Alkari> who have you killed off this last week or so?!
18:13 < jemler> they taste better! Sorry, no Earl Grey, you'll have to settle for the Duke of Cambridge! :)
18:13 < Evie_> Mulled mead with Earl Grey? ;-)
18:13 < KK> Yum!
18:13 < Shiral> I got it off Mary Poppins!
18:13 < jemler> did she pour?
18:13 < derynifanatic64> I'll settle for the Duke's sister-in-law
18:13 < Alkari> I'll have English Breakfast please, not Earl Grey
18:14  * Evie_ reaches for the magical tea pot and pours herself a cup of  Lapsang Souchong
18:14 < jemler> Pippa's is single again! GFI
18:14 < BalanceTheEnergies> Earl Grey for me
18:14  * Shiral pours Alkari a cup of English Breakfas, then a cup of Russian Caravan for herself
18:14 < jemler> lip syncing schlong? what is that?
18:14  * the_Bee politely requests Darjeeling.
18:14  * Evie_ smacks jemler with a mackerel so often, she's created a macro for it. *thwack!*
18:14 < KK> It sounds like Pippa has always been the social butterfly.
18:14 < Evie_> Campfire smoke flavored tea, essentially, jemler
18:14  * Shiral passes the pot so everyone can help themselves
18:14 < Alkari> KK, can't we help you kill off a few bishops or other anti-Deryni clerics?
18:15 < KK> Russian Caravan--what's that like?
18:15 < Alkari> It's a nice tea, KK
18:15 < Evie_> A bit smoky, but not so much as Lapsang, if you're tried that
18:15 < jemler> tea made from caviar and sour cream?
18:15 < Shiral> It's smokier than Earl Grey, but less so than Lapsang Souchong.
18:15 < KK> Presumably a black tea, with spices?
18:15 < Alkari> Slightly smoky
18:16 < Shiral> I've developed quite a taste for both RC and Scottish Breakfast
18:16 < KK> Sounds interesting.
18:16 < Shiral> Delish! The Torenthis drink it all the time!
18:16 < jemler> re: Bishops. I can dip a baseball bat in tar and then roll it in broken glass!
18:16 < KK> Yep, I'd think the Torenthis would like it.
18:16 < Evie_> Not sure how RC was developed, but Lapsang originated when the ancient Chinese tried to hasten the drying process of black tea by burning pine straw under the drying racks, only to discover the smoke added flavor to the tea
18:17 < Shiral> So KK, would Darja, mentioned in High Deryni be a cousin of say, Jasmine Tea?
18:17  * jemler ducks
18:17 < KK> Quite possibly.  Definitely a delicate flavor.
18:18 < Alkari> Matyas is my type - he likes his wines  :)
18:18 < Shiral> Thank you (makes mental note.)
18:18 < Alkari> Never mind this tea sipping ...
18:18 < derynifanatic64> ;)
18:18 < KK> I like Matyas; hope to do more iwth him.
18:18 < Alkari> YAY!
18:19 < Shiral>  Excellent
18:19 < Evie_> Any news re: young Alaric and/or Duncan?
18:19 < Alkari> Are you going to ever send Brendan to court in Torenth, as Kelson thought about?
18:19 < jemler> if you think about it, Matyas is the first Torenthi we've even been given a chance to know.
18:20 < KK> The first nice one, anyway; and in more depth than any of the others, I guess.
18:20 < Shiral> We got to know Wencit a bit, but that wasn't to his credit!
18:20 < BalanceTheEnergies> I'd like to see more of him too. Of course, Teymuraz is still out there, and there's centuries of bad blood to get past...
18:20 < jemler> nothing a sword won't fix
18:20 < Alkari> It will be a lsow process, establishing goodwill
18:20 < derynifanatic64> liam is a good torenthi
18:20 < jemler> the Patriarch seemed ok too
18:21 < Alkari> Yes - broadminded and generous
18:21 < KK> Yes, and we got to know him.  But his upbringing in Rhemuth will have tempered his Torenthi tendencies, I think.
18:21 < Shiral> Yes, although he's likely to be facing his own set of problems from his nobility who aren't ready to get too friendly with Gwynedd
18:21 < BalanceTheEnergies> I hope Bradene and Cardiel take cues from Alpheos, in re integrating Deryni into the hierarchy.
18:21 < Alkari> Yes, there are long hatred and long memories on both sides,, Shiral
18:21 < KK> But he does have Matyas, who is certainly undiluted Torenthi and has come to appreciate his neighbors to the west.
18:22 < Shiral> And Kelson  has behaved very honorably for his part
18:22 < jemler> wouldn't matyas be his heir, until his brother comes of age?
18:22 < Alkari> The Matyas - Morgan friendship has potential
18:22 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hopefully the younger generation will be more open, as Morgan noted in Gwynedd.
18:22 < jemler> Matyas on the Council has potential!
18:23 < KK> Matyas might be the regent, but Liam's brother is still the heir.
18:23 < Shiral> And he has Al-Rasoul who has also come to know the Haldanes
18:23 < KK> Alaric's son and Matyas' son might become friends, too.
18:23 < Alkari> That would be good.
18:23 < Shiral> They can coat one another with honey. Or dirt. =o)
18:24 < jemler> Matyas' son and Briony
18:24 < Evie_> Or both, Shiral
18:24 < Alkari> Brendan being sent off to Torenth might raise a few eyebrows, even if he is a friend of Liam's.   
18:24 < KK> Yuck, honey caked with diret!
18:24 < KK> dirt
18:24 < Shiral> Wouldn't want to give THOSE kids a bath!
18:24 < Alkari> Marley treachery will still be remembered  :(
18:24 < jemler> what was that question about the Orsal heir?
18:24 < KK> Brendan in Torenth--maybe not such a good idea.
18:25 < Alkari> LOL SHiral - Kelric says he hasn't yet tried honey + dirt
18:25 < Shiral> Not fostered anyway, but a visit might not be too troublesome
18:25 < Shiral> Oh dear... the power of suggestion!
18:25 < Alkari> Yes KK - I wondered about that, when you had Kelson think of himbeing fostered there.
18:26 < Shiral> I would think Richenda would urge against it for exactly that reason
18:26 < Alkari> Yes.
18:26 < jemler> i don't know. the son of a border earl who betrayed his king, being fostered in the kingdom of the betrayed too? (Did that sound right?)
18:27 < the_Bee> It wasn't the Torenthi king whom Bran betrayed.
18:28 < KK> Well, Brendan has Deryni blood, via his mother, so at least he wouldn't be defenseless--provided he gets some training.  Haven't even considered that.
18:28 < BalanceTheEnergies> I presume Riochenda has been training him as well as Alaric.
18:28 < Shiral> He seems a sensible boy. But he has to be extremely careful about his reputation, being Bran Coris' son
18:28 < Evie_> I'm sure Richenda and Alaric would have definitely seen to his training.
18:28 < Alkari> Yes, I was thinking that KK - though of course once it was known that he is Deryni, it could give rise to even more concerns - sending him to a Deryni kingdom.
18:29 < KK> I suspect they'll concentrate on preparing him to be a good Earl of Marley.
18:29 < KK> And a loyal one.
18:29 < Alkari> He seems to be very well-travelled
18:30 < jemler> Curious. BRan Coris had Deryni powers placed on him by Wencit (HD). Could Brendan's potential be activated too?
18:30 < Alkari>  Is he squired to Morgan, or does he spend time as a ROyal squire, KK?
18:30 < the_Bee> and what has Brendan been told abouot his father?
18:31 < KK> That's a possibility.  And of course, maybe the potential for having power placed on someone is related to that rogue Haldane gene that makes them able to assume powers.
18:31 < Alkari> But does Brendan just need training rather than having "potential' activated, seeing he IS Deryni?
18:32 < KK> He's serving as his stepfather's squire, and I get the impression that he's happy with the arrangement.  But he might also spend some squiring time at court.
18:32 < Alkari> Yes, he seems to get along with Alaric pretty well  :)
18:32 < Shiral> As Morgan's squire, he DOES spend time at court
18:32 < KK> Well, he's <part> Deryni; we don't know how much.
18:32 < BalanceTheEnergies> I'd expect so, given Morgan's position at court.
18:32 < jemler> Haldane potential provides knowledge of powers when you need them,. could he recieve minimal training and get more from the potentail?
18:33 < Shiral> He might have a hero worship of Kelson going on also
18:33 < Evie_> I thought that, all the CC's concerns about "half breeds" aside, you either were Deryni or you weren't?
18:33 < KK> That will have to be explored.
18:33 < the_Bee> as muuch as Alaric, isn't he? orKelson if Bran had the haldane gene
18:33 < Alkari> I thought Bran was full human?
18:33 < jemler> but he made a shiral glow when he was with wencit in HD
18:33 < KK> But he still had power put on him.
18:34 < Shiral> His mother is pretty powerful though. So Brendan has a lot of potential. Especially when he hangs around with so many Deryni adults, wanting to try what they do
18:34 < jemler> just like Cinhil did with Evaine in CC
18:34 < KK> As long as he doesn't pull a Conall.
18:34 < derynifanatic64> either bran has some deryni in him or wencit made the shiral crystal shine to get bran to change sides
18:34 < the_Bee> You said once that "droit du seigneur could explain many things, KK?
18:34 < Alkari> I hope not, KK  :(
18:34 < Shiral> Bran seemed easy to tempt with a mere shiny object
18:35 < Alkari> I would hope Brendan has more character than Conall!
18:35 < BalanceTheEnergies> I wonder about that. The baptism cult was working for between a year and 18 mo. I estimate several thousand  people had their powers turned off. Suppose humans with rudimentary shields like Kenneth and Derry had one or more of those people in their ancestry?
18:35 < KK> Yes, Bee, and if the man with the droit was Deryni.... the lady might not even remember.
18:35  * jemler tempts Shiral with a shiny bead 'Here, Shiral' :)
18:35 < BalanceTheEnergies> In other words, they'r Deryni and don't know it.
18:35 < Shiral> Who do you think I am, Jemler? =o)
18:35 < KK> That's also a possible source, BTE.
18:36 < Shiral> If she doesn't remember though, how would she explain being in the family way?
18:36 < jemler> then again, given Donal and Conall, several Haldanes could have had royal gardens planted all over Gwynedd in 200 years!
18:36 < KK> The droit is only exercised on the wedding night--just ahead of the proper groom.
18:37 < Shiral> Ah
18:37 < Alkari> And that was more myth than reality, according to many history sources.
18:38 < KK> True.  And I have the impression that it tended to be exercised more with beautiful commoner brides rather than noble ones.
18:38 < Shiral> I wonder if Meraude hired pretty castle maids and sent them all to clean Kelson's chambers in the hopes he might gain practical experience?
18:38 < Alkari> ROFL
18:38 < Evie_> Though I can see Deryni with less scrupulous consciences using their powers for essentially acquaintance rape purposes
18:38 < derynifanatic64> Conall certainly did
18:39 < Alkari> Conall and Kelson had slightly different moral compasses!
18:39 < jemler> don't get Evie started going on mattresses!
18:39 < derynifanatic64> definitely
18:39  * Evie_ smacks jemler with a mackerel so often, she's created a macro for it. *thwack!*
18:39 < Shiral> Nigel: It might encourage him to et married...
18:39 < KK> Apparently both Kelson and Dhugal were virgins when they rode out on their knightly quest.
18:39 < the_Bee> I think part of Conall's problem was boredom.
18:39 < KK> And ambition.
18:40 < Shiral> Yes although Dhugal was definitely more of a flirt.
18:40 < Shiral> Although he could afford to be
18:40 < Evie_> Yes, Dhugal the charmer. ;-)
18:40 < KK> I'm sure that Dhugal probably indulged in some heavy-duty petting--just not full intercourse.
18:40 < Shiral> Kelson realized the complications if he should show a lot of favor to one girl
18:41 < KK> Not to mention if he got any of them pregnant.
18:41 < Alkari> KK, are you ever going to get poor Derry married off?
18:41 < jemler> i like that Nigel knows about Amelia now
18:41 < BalanceTheEnergies> He said as much in TBH
18:41 < Evie_> Yes, he wouldn't want more pretenders to the throne than he has already
18:42 < Shiral> No. Although his own Confessor teased him about taking a mistress!
18:42 < KK> But there obviously was a fair bit of heavy making out.  Remember the conversation with Alyce and Zoe and Maire.
18:42 < Evie_> I'm sure Dhugal probably has some other confessor besides dear old Dad, if he's "indulging" at Rhemuth.... :-D
18:42 < Alkari> Yes - not quite the sweet little innocents
18:42 < Shiral> And Derry himself enjoys "wenching"
18:42 < KK> I doubt Derry is any soort of virgin.
18:43 < Shiral> Me too!
18:43 < Alkari> But as an Earl, poor Derry needs to get married and start producing heirs himself
18:43 < KK> True.
18:43 < jemler> Duncan to Dhugal after Confession. 'Say 10 Hail Mary's in the privacy of your own room, and you're grounded for a month'! :)
18:43 < KK> Hopefully his psychic damage has now been taken care of.
18:43 < Alkari> Yes, though perhaps he would not marry a Deryni
18:43 < Evie_> Especially since Derry's heir is an old man, at least according to Codex
18:43 < BalanceTheEnergies> Perhaps once his mind recovers (thanks to Azim, Kelson and Araxie) he'll be able to do that...
18:43 < derynifanatic64> hopefully
18:44 < Shiral> Actually, Evie, I was referring to Kelson being (very lightly) teased by Duncan about following Conall's example and getting himself a mistress.)
18:44 < jemler> Duncan to Kelson: 'I'll loan you my mattress'
18:44 < Evie_> Yes, Shiral, I know.  Actually, I referred to that  scene in one of the fanfic comment threads very recently. It's one of my favorite Duncan flashes of humor.
18:44 < Shiral> It's in the first chapter of TKJ
18:44 < Alkari> but not my mistress!
18:44 < Shiral> Ah
18:45 < Evie_> Not nearly as funny coming from someone else, but Duncan was Kelson's Confessor
18:45 < Shiral> And Alaric certainly didn't DIS approve!
18:45 < Shiral> But I suspect Araxie WOULD
18:45 <~bynw> hey KK, does Mind-Speech or even Rapport need to have a common language, or do they transend language all together?
18:46  * Evie_ perks up, thinking this could make interesting story fodder....
18:46 < KK> I think it depends.  One can convey images or knowledge, or one can send specific wording, which of course would need a common language.
18:46 < Shiral> "Why is someone babbling Bremagni in my mind?"
18:46 < Alkari> lol
18:47 < Evie_> One could convey emotion too, couldn't they?
18:47 < Evie_> So someone might not understand the words, but they'd get the emotions behind them
18:47 < BalanceTheEnergies> KK, speaking of alnguage, are merasha and shiral foreign words? is that why they're in italics?
18:47 < Shiral> So images could be understood, but not necessarily a mental conversation
18:47 < jemler> Don't fight it Shiral. Just do what the voices in your head tell you to do
18:47 < KK> Yes, Evie and BTE.
18:47 < Shiral> The Voices in my head sing Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass!
18:48 < Evie_> That would be helpful, in a cross-cultural arranged marriage
18:48 < Alkari> A whole quartet, Shiral!
18:48 < Shiral> Bach chorales. =o)
18:48 < Alkari> Oh, a good opera one ...
18:49 < jemler> as long as they're not singing 'You light up my life' or 'Wind beneath my wings'. I hate those songs!
18:49 < Shiral> Quartet from Rigoletto =o) Although that's  not the happiest situation
18:49 < Evie_> If a Deryni and a human marry, can the Deryni partner still establish some level of rapport with his/her spouse?  IIRC, Alyce did with Kenneth, or am I misremembering?
18:49 < KK> Reminds me a bit of that scene in, I think it's Henry V, where the French princess is practicing her English, saying parts of the body.  I've always loved that scene.
18:49 < Alkari> I was just thinking that, SHiral!
18:49 < KK> Yes, Evid.
18:49 < KK> Evie.
18:50 < BalanceTheEnergies> Yes, and one English word sounds like a vulgar one in French!
18:50 < jemler> yes to the rapport, or yes to misremembering?
18:50 < Shiral> A language barrier could make for interesting fanfic...
18:50 < Evie_> So had Bran been more Deryni-Friendly, in theory Richenda could have done the same with him, but she chose not to in order to conceal her Deryni gifts?
18:50 < KK> Rapport
18:50 < Evie_> Two words, actually, BTE
18:50 < BalanceTheEnergies> Yeah, you're right Evie.
18:50 < jemler> which words
18:51 < Evie_> that's what I was thinking, Shiral
18:52 < the_Bee> Yes, which words?  Desert Rose isn't here so we can say them. ;)
18:52 < Evie_> Luke has draped himself over my arms and is reading the screen now
18:52 < derynifanatic64> smart cat
18:52 < jemler> i'll delete them from the log :)
18:52 < Shiral> Wonder how much of one another's languages Brion and Jehana could speak? =o)
18:52 < KK> Enough for court use--and courting use.  ;-)
18:53  * Shiral isn't obsessed and don't look at me that way....
18:53 < Evie_> LOL
18:53 < jemler> obviously Jehanna could speak Brions.
18:53 < Alkari> Presumably as in our Middle Ages, educated people spoke several languages, and maybe read others
18:53 < Shiral> "Oh Princess, comment-dits-en I'm crazy in love with you in Bremagni?"
18:54 < KK> Yep.  Alaric is learning a bit of Torenthi from Llion and from the sailors on a ship that takes him and his father back from Coroth to Rhemuth.
18:54 < jemler> i think the average commoner spoke 3 languages. their native dialect, French (for use with the courts), and Latin for church
18:54 < Evie_> True, Alkari, though there's different levels of fluency, and a new bride might know enough of her husband's language to get by without being as fully conversant in it as she hopefully would be after a decade of marriage in that other kingdom
18:55 < the_Bee> maybe not much latin outside of liturgy.  There was a scene where someone had to translate a deryni ritual from latin to the comon tongue for Javan's benefit.
18:55 < jemler> the guy being able to say 'Bend over' in her language to start.
18:55  * jemler ducks
18:55  * Evie_ loads up a catapult with a basket of sardines and lays siege to jemler's head
18:55 < jemler> missed me!
18:55 < KK> Look at modern-day princesses.  I doubt the Tasmanian Mary Donaldson spoke any Danish when she married her prince and became Crown Princess Mary--and I'm sure she's now fluent in Danish.  And he spoke English.
18:55  * Shiral lobs frozen anchovies at Jemler
18:56 < Alkari> Yes, but in Europe, people tend to be far mjore multi-lingual than we are KK
18:56 < derynifanatic64> jemler's being naughty again!
18:56 < Shiral> So Kelson must have learned Bremagni from Jehana?
18:56 < Alkari> They will grow up learning and speaking 3-4 langauages
18:56 < KK> True.  But Deryniland is more like Europe than America.  They speak several languages if they're educated.
18:56 < jemler> it would probably help with negotiating with Ryol
18:57 <~bynw> well in europe you dont have to travel very far to encounter another language
18:57 < Shiral> True. They're all parked on top of each other, practically
18:57 < Evie_> My best friend is Dutch, but he's as fluent in spoken English as any native English speaker, and more fluent in written English, sad to say, than many American high school students. 
18:57 < Alkari> What language(s) is spoken Trallia (the Orsal) and in places like the Forcinn and Andelon?
18:57 < KK> Yike, gotta go.  I'm hooked on Once Upon a TIme, at least for now.  Next week....
18:58 < Shiral> We've inundated KK with the languages!
18:58 < the_Bee> thanks for coming, KK. Good week and good writing.
18:58  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
18:58 < derynifanatic64> once upon a time is good
18:58 < jemler> in Torenth you have at least Arabic and Greek. Since at least some people in Andelon are Islamic, Arabic would be good
18:58 < Shiral> Thanks for stopping by. Good writing in the week to come, Kk
18:58 < KK> Nighters.
18:58 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]


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