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KK Chat - 30 Oct 2011
« on: October 30, 2011, 08:14:04 pm »

18:14 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:15 < the_Bee> Hi KK!
18:15 < Annie> hi KK
18:15 < BalanceTheEnergies> Hello KK
18:15 < Evie> I'm dressed as a normal person, but no one here is fooled.
18:15 < derynifanatic64> Hi KK
18:15 < Shiral> Looks like the deep dark chocolate I was thinking of worked perfectly without my even having to bait the traps!
18:15 < Alkari> Hi KK - we were discussing what food to lure you with :)
18:15 < Evie> Hi, KK
18:15 < Shiral> Hi, KK
18:15 < KK> Hello, all.
18:15  * Shiral gives KK some deep, dark chocolate to make her happy
18:16 < KK> Deep, dark chocolate is a Good Thing.
18:16 < Shiral> I know, a little chocolate bird told me
18:16 < KK> So, who else got snow yesterday?
18:16 < Evie> Lovely dark choccie
18:16 < Annie> reminds me of the scene in The Addams Family, where the girl says "I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else"
18:17 < Evie> Lol
18:17 < the_Bee> Western MA got plenty, I got a dusting.
18:17 < Shiral> I think I'm on the wrong coast for that
18:17 < Annie> none over here :)
18:17 < Alkari> And we're headed for summer  :)
18:17 < Annie> and if Alkari got any, global warming has got worse than I realised
18:18 < Evie> None here in TN, and presumably not in AL either
18:18 < Evie> LOL Annie
18:18 < Alkari> not that it snows in Sydney anyway
18:18 < KK> We got about 2 inches, but it hasn't stuck; nearly all gone.  Very wet and sticky, though, and the trees have taken a beating.
18:19 < Alkari> It's a pleasant 21C here right now
18:19 < KK> It's 43F here.
18:20  * Alkari shivers
18:21 < the_Bee> Why doesn't it snow in Sydney, Alkari?  Is it near the equator?
18:21 < Shiral> Been warm in the day times, but chilly enough for feline company at night. Francesca has decided she likes sleeping in my bed, again
18:22 < Shiral> And Dmitri has rediscovered his dislike for allowing me to read in bed
18:22 < BalanceTheEnergies> Yes, both my boys like sleeping with me. Wimsey's on my lap now.
18:22 < Shiral> A heated, padded food dispenser and cat masseuse, that's me!
18:22 < KK> We now have Penelope sleeping with us--and <on> Scott--which may be why Cameron was complaining about having trouble sleeping.  Algernon also comes onto the foot of the bed.  Everything has changed, cat-wise, with Tilly gone.
18:24 < the_Bee> I saw her pic at rhemuthcastle.  She was a beautiful animal.
18:24 < Alkari> Temperate climate on the coast - latitude 33 South
18:25 < Shiral>  I still miss my Little Nina even almost a  year and a half later
18:26 < KK> She was, indeed, beautiful. Started out as an extremely homely kitten, but grew into beauty.  She had a sweet habit of licking just with the tip of her tongue, which has no sandpaper and is really soft.  I miss that, especially.
18:26 < the_Bee> Melantha's playing a drum solo on her litterbox.
18:26 < Annie> we visited the in-laws in Ireland this week and on the way out the door I had a sudden panic about who would feel the cats while we were away, and our last one died nearly a year ago
18:26 < Annie> I need more kittehs in my life
18:26 < KK> Well, there are plenty out there who need homes....  :-)
18:26 < Shiral> Home just doesn't feel right to me unless I have a cat in it
18:27 < Annie> DH isn't convinced though, KK
18:27 < KK> Here, too.
18:27 < Annie> we had decided we'd not replace them as they are a tie etc. but I miss the little creatures. The house feels awfully empty.
18:27 < the_Bee> We had cats growing up, but I never had my own before Melantha.
18:28 < KK> I've always had cats.
18:28 < BalanceTheEnergies> brb afk
18:28 < Alkari> I always had cats, but the home unit blocks where I have lived have not permitted animals
18:28 < Shiral> Although Dmitri is proving to be a determined escape artist.  He's figured out how to push the bottom of the window screens loose and down the little blighter goes. I  discovered this the hard way at about six a.m. Friday morning. He can get out, but not back in on his own.
18:28 < Alkari> We 'may' be able to change things here and get cats allowed.
18:29 < the_Bee> good luck!
18:29 < KK> Yike, Shiral.  You could, of course, erect a cat-ladder for him--but I suspect you'd rather he didn't go out unsupervised.
18:29 < Alkari> Yes.  Though if I amgoing to travel, I will think twice about getting pets
18:30 < the_Bee> any more medical treatments ahead?
18:30 < KK> You either arrange for a friend to feed, or you factor in the cost of cat boarding with the cost of the travel.
18:30 < Shiral> No kidding!  Since the weather's mild, it's not a big problem to keep the windows closed, but the screens are old and have never fit quite right, and he's a big, strong boy...etc etc
18:30 < KK> I hear ya!
18:30 < Shiral> I don't want him fighting, picking up nasty ailments or getting hit by cars, either
18:31 < KK> None of those.
18:31 < Shiral> He's kind of the star of his own personal version of "Escape From Al-Cat-Raz right now.
18:32 < Annie> lol
18:32 < the_Bee> LOL
18:32 < Shiral> "You think this tin-can joint can hold ME in??"
18:32 < derynifanatic64> :D
18:33 < Alkari> lol
18:33 < the_Bee> any news on the writing front, KK?
18:33 < Shiral> I open my front door slowly, and put my hand in to grab him by the scruff of the neck whenever I come home
18:33 < BalanceTheEnergies> back now neighbour girl from across the hall on her first annual excursion
18:35 < Alkari> was just going to ask that, Bee  :)
18:35 < KK> Writing is going ok; at a slow spot right now, but getting ready to print out rough draft on this chapter.
18:36 < Alkari> where have you left young Alaric this time?
18:36 < Shiral> You have to put him back where you found him, or good lord knows where the little devil will end up...
18:36 < Alkari> LOL
18:37 < Alkari> I like the idea that he spent some time serving old Queen Richeldis, as she would remember Alyce
18:37 < KK> He's now an official part of Brion's household, and has met another new page--Prince Cormac of Howicce and Llannedd, who is Richeldis' nephew, of course.
18:38 < KK> He's slightly darker blond than Alaric, and Richeldis likes the idea of having a matched pair of pages.
18:38 < Alkari> LOL
18:39 -!- Evie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]
18:39 < Shiral>    Hitch 'em up to Her Majesty's carriage!
18:39 < Alkari> Cormac must have got married very young though, if he is to be the father of young Cuan?
18:40 < KK> And fortunately, a blizzard for this Twelfth Night has kept de Nore from attending, for which Alaric is grateful.
18:40 < Shiral> DeNore--such a party-pooper
18:40  * Alkari has uncharitable thoughts towards him
18:41 < Shiral> Don't we all?  :s
18:42 < KK> Cornelius and his father are there, though.
18:42 < derynifanatic64> DeNore and Loris must be secret identical twins separated at birth
18:42 < KK> I suspect so.
18:43 < Alkari> poor Alaric, with Cornelius and co.  :(    Not exactly "Christmas"
18:43 < Shiral> Alaric likes living dangerously, but even so....
18:44 < KK> He has some other friends, though.  Paget Sullivan, Ciaran MacRae...several.
18:44 < Alkari> oh good.
18:44 < Shiral> They certainly have a similar fondness for burning people they disapprove of at the stake
18:45 < KK> Yes, and Corrigan is already about, too.
18:45 < Shiral> And of course, Alaric has Brion in his corner. Which is worth rather a lot
18:45 < KK> Cormac is 21 when Cuan is born.
18:45 < KK> Duke Richard is also a champion.
18:46 < Shiral> There's also Nigel
18:46 < derynifanatic64> having a king in your corner is worth its weight in gold
18:46 < KK> It won't be <too> bad.
18:46 < Alkari> I guess having a few Haldanes on side is a help!
18:46 < BalanceTheEnergies> And Brion isn't fond of the clerics, or so I recall from his reaction to the monks praying round his father's bier.
18:46 < KK> Nigel is also around, though still a squire.
18:46 < Shiral> The archbishops can rumble and grumble, but theywon't dare DO much
18:47 < Shiral> But still a potential Haldane ally for Alaric
18:47 < Alkari> Yes - he's only a few years older, isn't he
18:47 < BalanceTheEnergies> Five, I think
18:47 < KK> Brion is still new to his crown, so the bishops are going to adopt a wait and see attitude, until they figure out how much like his father he is--or not.
18:48 < BalanceTheEnergies> How much did Brion know about the scourging his father got?
18:49 < Shiral> If they were hoping for an ally in Brion, they were rather disappointed I think
18:50 < KK> He would have heard about it, and could probably find out more.
18:51 < Shiral> Did/Does Brion know Krispin MacAthan was his half-brother?
18:51 < Alkari> Not something that would endear the church hierarchy to him.
18:51 < KK> Dunno yet.  Who would tell him, at this point?
18:52 < Shiral> Ah. Good point. Unless he stumbles on some scribbled note his father might have made that would make the relationship clear
18:52 < BalanceTheEnergies> Somebody on the CC? Even if only to speculate.
18:52 < the_Bee> I doubt his dad would have put anything in writing.
18:52 < BalanceTheEnergies> Doesn't seem likely he'd find out.
18:53 < Shiral> Unless Brion suspected something in his father's life time.  Brion was pretty quick off the mark, and he taught Kelson to read subtle signals about body language, also
18:54 < KK> Yike, I've just heard the garage door opening.  Scott has returned, and I need to scoot.
18:54 < the_Bee> Remind me: Had Brion been born when Krispin died?
18:54  * Shiral enjoys speculation in case you hadn't noticed
18:54 < KK> No.
18:54 < Shiral> Brion was a year older than Krispin
18:54 < BalanceTheEnergies> Weren't they close in age?
18:54 < the_Bee> good eatigand good writing, KK.
18:54 < KK> Yes.  Right.  It was Alaric who hadn't been born.
18:55 < KK> ANyway, byeee!
18:55 < Shiral> What Bee said, KK
18:55 < the_Bee> bye kk
18:55 < Shiral> Thanks for stopping by
18:55 < Alkari> And Jessamy would not have told young Brion
18:55 < BalanceTheEnergies> Mind if I inquire about something earlier in the timeline, KK?
18:55  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
18:55 < Alkari> Bye KK - thanks for Chat
18:55 < derynifanatic64> bye
18:55 < the_Bee> thanks for coming, KK
18:55 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]


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