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KK Chat -- 23 Oct 2011
« on: October 23, 2011, 06:41:02 pm »
* KK has joined #deryni_Destinations
<jemler> I'm a vegetarian, until I get to the3 steak!
<jemler> hi KK
<Evie> A month living on carrots, potatoes, corn, beans, peas, and cheeseburgers was quite enough. :D
<DesertRose> Hi KK!
<derynifanatic64> hi KK!
<Alkari> LOL @ vimage that would present to young callers seeking treats
<Alkari> *image
<Alkari> The cops might take some convincing that it was all in good humour :(
<Alkari> LOL @ Evie and DD
<Alkari> See you guys later ....
* Alkari waves
<Alkari> ANd this time next week, I can Chat for however long I like, as I will have retired :D
<rahere> The Belgians call steak tatare Américain Préparé. That's what comes of drinking Sextus
<Evie> Hi, KK!  You came in just as my KK alarm was going off on my phone. :D
<rahere> Salaam
<derynifanatic64> goodluck on your retirement
<jemler> ni alkari
* Alkari has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<DesertRose> Next week, we'll throw Alkari a retirement party! :)
<Shiral> Hi KK
<Evie> I'll bring the Fianna wine for Alkari
<KK> What is Alkari retiring from?
<rahere> Good luck indeed. I'll no longer be the youngest retireee...
<jemler> I'll provide the off-color jokes! :)
<Evie> Or would you rather have Vezairi port?
<rahere> November 5th, fioreworks, light blue touch paper and retire
<DesertRose> I want to think from some governmental agency in Australia.
<Evie> She's in the AU government, doing some sort of law, I think
<KK> My, my.
<Evie> or at least I know she has a legal background
<rahere> Nice girl, Laura Norder
<bynw> hiyas KK
<Evie> and is working in government
* bynw gives channel operator status to KK
<KK> Hi, Bynw and all.
<derynifanatic64> I hope KK had a great birthday
<bynw> did you see my email with deryni questions?
<KK> Be warned, I'm boogying out of here at about 7:40, so that I can make dinner before the start of Once Upon a TIme, which sounds like a fairly good new series.
<Evie> Oh yes, happy Birthday, KK! Be sure to check out your birthday well wishes on the Forum
<jemler> i'm recording it tonight, KK!
<KK> Yes, Bynw. 
* BalanceTheEnergies ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
<jemler> hi BTE
<KK> I don't know how to do that.  Cameron is still in Seattle, and he's the recording meister.
<derynifanatic64> that show does sound interesting--may watch it too
<BalanceTheEnergies> Hello all
<jemler> at lrast until Leverage comes back
<Evie> Hi, BTE
<Shiral> Hi BTE
<KK> Leverage is pretty good.
* the_Bee ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
<jemler> hi bee
<Evie>  KK's birthday thread, so you don't have to search
<the_Bee> hi jemler
<KK> Has anyone watched Person of Interest?  I like it.
<derynifanatic64> hi bee and BTE
<DesertRose> Hi BalanceTheEnergies and Bee.
<Evie> I don't have TV at the moment, aside as a screen to watch DVDs on
<the_Bee> I've seen 2 episodes and recorded the rest.
<the_Bee> Hi DR
<KK> How many weeks has it been on?
<the_Bee> about a month?
<Evie> How is CM3 coming along?
<the_Bee> My favorite new show is Ringer.
<rahere> Supposedly closer to the original Grimm. Still, they can't go the whole hog...
<Evie> Grimm was pretty grim.  :-)
<rahere> German, y'know
<derynifanatic64> My favorite show right now is Vampire Diaries
<rahere> I'df have thought they'd be nocturnals
<KK> It's coming.  Alar5ic is at the Twelfth Night Court where he becomes a Haldane squire, and has just made friends with another new page, Prince Cormac of H&L.
<Evie> Heh.  I've never seen Vampire Diaries, DF, but my picture of Sextus is actually of some actor who is on that show.
<jemler> did you know the original Grimm stories all ended in tragedy? ie at the end of Goldilocks, the bears ate her! One said she was too sweet, one said she was too sour, and one said she was just right! :)
<the_Bee> Hollywood invented the allergy to sunlight part.  In Stoker's book the sun just depowered them.
<Shiral> So Alaric is at the threshold of joining Brion's Household?
<derynifanatic64> last week's show was unreal
<KK> Cornelius is about to try to sabotage that friendship.  Still up to his nasties, though at least his uncle is not prsent; blizzard outside.
<bynw> KK: re email. Cool, no rush just shoot me back a reply when you can. Writing comes first :)
<jemler> did you know the original Grimm stories all ended in tragedy? ie at the end of Goldilocks, the bears ate her! One said she was too sweet, one said she was too sour, and one said she was just right! :)
<KK> Haldane page, pardon me.
<rahere> Sweet and sour, must have been Chinese
<Evie> Cormac would be Colman's eventual father?
<Evie> or a different prince?
<the_Bee> Most of the fairy tales I read as a child were censored.
<KK> Cuan's eventual father.
<Shiral> I always thought the "Brothers Grimm" were pretty appropriately named.
<Evie> Ah, OK
<KK> Shiral, he is already part of Brion's household, though has been borrowed by the queen for court duty.
<Shiral> Ah, okay
* Shiral is just eager to read about how A and Brion came to be such close friends...
<Shiral> Dang, almost typed "close Fiends." Must be Halloween
<bynw> lol
<the_Bee> Who's the current queen?
<KK> Brion does the ceremony privately, with just Jared and a few others present, so that Alaric won't have to go through the public ceremony--since he's already Jared's page, of coure.
<Evie> So A is at Court, but Duncan is presumably still in Cassan?  Or does he get some time at Court before he ends up there as a young priest?
<KK> Duncan is still in Cassan.  And Jared didn't bring his sons to court; bad blizzard conditions, and Vera has a cold.
<Evie> Uh oh.  Hopefully not too bad a cold.
<KK> Nope, she's got many more years to live.
<rahere> Sometimes young priests got up to speed in thge Cathedral alongside the court. makes the political jump easier
<Evie> Since she needs to stay alive a while longer to train those young Deryni. :D
<Shiral> Castles in Cassan can be so draughty!
<the_Bee> Vera has to live long enough to train alaric and duncan some more.
<Shiral> Need lots of Cassani Whiskey to keep warm
<Evie> At Duncan's age in CM3, let's hope he's not staying warm by means of whisky!
<the_Bee> Would Cassani whiskey be closer to Scotch or Irish?
<derynifanatic64> i believe that Vera died from a wasting illness
<jemler> Draughty = Adj, chiefl\y British for drafty
<Shiral> Well no, I meant the adults, Evie. =o)
<Evie> Yeah, she saw Duncan wasting whisky! ;-)
<Shiral> Strongest Duncan would drink should be some sweet Fianna
<jemler> GEt him a mattress, Evie! :)
<Evie> probably watered wine or small ale or small beer as a child
<Shiral> I'd think Scotch, Bee
<rahere> Uisghe Beatha, Water of Life. A Deryni should be able to denature it sufficiently to avoid harm
<Evie> Enough with you and that mattress, jemler! :D
<KK> Was just taking a quick look at the birthday grettings.  Basset being lovered over a cake, with knife and fork in paws, just cracked me up!
* Evie smacks jemler with a mackerel so often, she's created a macro for it. *thwack!*
<derynifanatic64> thwack, thwack, thwack
<rahere> Catapultam habeo. Nisi pecuniam omnem mihi dabis, ad caput tuum pescem immane mittam
<the_Bee> Oh yes!  Hope your birthday was fun, KK.
<Evie> I was in chat with Alkari when she found that pic, KK.  Had the same reaction to it.  :D
<BalanceTheEnergies> Many happy returns!
<DesertRose> We certainly had fun on the forum, wishing you a happy birthday! :)
<the_Bee> Is the pic online? link, anyone?
<Evie> That's the thread, Bee
<KK> That's a definite keeper.
<Evie> It's one of the later entries
<the_Bee> ROFL!
<Shiral> I just emailed my greeting direct. =o)
<rahere> The exact sound of a Bassett growl
<KK> And yes, I had a splendid birthday.  Drove for Meals on Wheels, went to a doctor's appt., then to a lovely birthday dinner with my sweetie at our favorite restaurant--their monthly wine tasting menu.
<derynifanatic64> :D
<Evie> :-)
<KK> Shiral's birthday greeting also made me lough out loud--and tht, too, is a keeper.
<the_Bee> Does Scott know about your sweetie ;D
<Evie> LOL, Bee
<jemler> you can start throwing fish at Bee now, Evie
<Shiral> I would think Scott has INTIMATE knowledge, Bee
<KK> He also enjoyed the dinner.
<Evie> I'd have to recalibrate the mackerel thrower, jemler, and then it wouldn't be aimed at you when I need it to be
<rahere> Hark the herald angel sings
<KK> Two excellent whites; the reds, not so good.
<jemler> *oh no, we can]
<the_Bee> I've never found a consistently reliable red.
<derynifanatic64> :)
<jemler> *oh no, we can't have "that"!*
<rahere> Rudolf the Red?
<rahere> Knows rain, deer
<derynifanatic64> Eric the Red
<Evie> KK, any recent news about the potential Deryni film, or is that off again for the time being?
<rahere> Bloodaxe...was an ancestor
<the_Bee> Red Riding Hood
<jemler> Mother of Robin Hood
<Shiral> Had some good white wine in France... But I'm not that much of a wine drinker.  Still, Vouvray is pretty darned delicious. Slips right down.
<KK> Still working on getting a director on board.
<Shiral> Tee hee, that Basset Hound Stealing Cake.... =o)
<KK> Isn't he great?
<Shiral> Hope the little black tummy hoist doesn't break!
<jemler> Shiral, check this link:
<DesertRose> Then we would have cake splat.
<Shiral> And a sticky Basset Hound
<Shiral> At virtually the same second
<DesertRose> Indeed.
* Rahere1 ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
<KK> The Basset would not mind.
<DesertRose> No, but whoever has to give the basset a bath might.  :)
<the_Bee> Hello rahere1.  Which of you is the evil twin?
* Shiral will have to add my Gargoyle-gram to the greeting page after chat
<Rahere1> A lot of us just got dumped, KK Wait a sec while we log back in
<jemler> They're identical, Bee!
<KK> We have a new dog wash right around the corner.
<jemler> a Spray 'n Spay?
<DesertRose> Yeah, you were telling us last time you were here about the dog spa.  :D
<Shiral> The Bassett would hope to lick off at least SOME frosting before the dreaded bath!
<derynifanatic64> lucky bassett hound
<Rahere1> I actually bought Bassetts sweets when I worked for Cadbury's Treasury
<jemler> reminds me of a dirty joke I read yesterday!
<KK> Interestingly enough, there is a budget spay/neuter clinic right next door.
<derynifanatic64> very convenient
<Rahere1> Clip 'n Snip
<jemler> you stop, yhey drop?
* Evie searches her grimoire to see if there's a spell for turning jemler to a frog
<the_Bee> not too low-budget to be competent, I hope.
<KK> I don't think there's any connection, but the juxtapositioning is good.
* jemler is now known as Frog
* rahere has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<Frog> ribbit
* Frog is now known as jemler
<derynifanatic64> the Packers are still undefeated
<Rahere1> Thought it's mibbit
<jemler> unfortunately, the Steelers won
<the_Bee> anyone have a fave in the World Series?
* Evie munches on some candy corn
* KK ducks and runs. Does anyone care?
* Shiral is the world' biggest Sports ignoramus
<jemler> Evie, is that fresh from the cob?
<jemler> Who are you running from?
<KK> I'm with Shral.
<Evie> <Luke Skywalker voice> I do!  I care! </Luke>
<DesertRose> KK, not a sports fan, huh? :)
<the_Bee> I forgot:  Mistyck was the baseball fan.
<Shiral> I only notice when the SF Giants make it to the series
<KK> Nope.
<jemler> So do they! :)
<Shiral> Then everyone in my vicinity acts totally crazy
<BalanceTheEnergies> I don't even know what teams are playing. Sorry.
<KK> Anyone heard from Mistyck lately?
<derynifanatic64> The Cowboys whipped the Rams
<DesertRose> I haven't heard from Mystick in a long time.
<jemler> not me, KK
<DesertRose> But I only saw herin chat.
<DesertRose> * her in
<the_Bee> She's sometimes on Facebook.  but not here lately.
<Shiral> Aren't the cowboys supposed to be herding cows, not sheep?
<jemler> they like wool :)
<KK> She used to come to Darkaover occasionally.  But she's in the military, and she's got a son who's now a teenager.  Talk about keeping busy....
<Rahere1> We all like sheep
<BalanceTheEnergies> Same skill set, I'd've thought.
<derynifanatic64> they sent the sheep to the slaughterhouse
<jemler> but ont all of us have a tall whear field!
<the_Bee> She's retired from the military now.   Traveling?
<jemler> wheat, sorry
<KK> Ah, retired.
<Rahere1> Like the time the sex shop in Wales got raided. Stole three inflatable sheep and an inflatable pig. The cops are looking for one pervert
<KK> (I really must get on Facebook one of these days--after thebook is done.)
* Evie loads up the Carp Catapult and flings a scaly payload at Rahere
* Shiral is another FB holdout
<DesertRose> Rahere1!
<the_Bee> last year IIRC, or more?
<BalanceTheEnergies> As am I Shiral.
/><Shiral> But these days, you droop to invisibility if you're not on it
* Shiral is eager to read The Book, but no pressure. Well... a little pressure...
<the_Bee> I've tried to friend my niece and my sister, but there are too many people with the same name.
<BalanceTheEnergies> I don't mind being invisible. It didn't hurt Claude Raines' career any.
<KK> THey didn't have Facebook then.
<Evie> If you have an email address, I think you can search that way also, Bee.
<BalanceTheEnergies> True. But then I don't need fame. I'm just a poor cashier.
<KK> I'd think it's difficult to come up with a name that's unique but also findable.
<Evie> Lois Bujold uses social  networking to good effect for promoting her books, KK
<Evie> She has a fairly regular blog...sometimes directly book related, sometimes writing related, and occasionally neither
<KK> A lot of other authors are into that--and I probably ought to be.  It's just....another time vampire.
<jemler> i just finished Steven Donaldsonsa last book
<KK> A blog I definitely don't have time to do.
* Shiral has mental picture of a clock with litle fang marks on it...
<DesertRose> LOL
<the_Bee> Most of my faceboook friends are Ddryni fans.
<KK> Draw one, Shiral!
<derynifanatic64> :D
<Shiral> I think I must be really into Halloween, this year.
<BalanceTheEnergies> Don't forget the blood drops.
<jemler> has anyone seen the trailer for 'In Time'?
<bynw> kristen wants to go see a movie .... so i'm gonna jet :)
<jemler> nite bynw
<DesertRose> Okay, see you later, Bynw.
<Shiral> bye, Bro
<KK> Byeeee!
<Evie> Yes, it can be time consuming, but not necessarily too much so.  And when I say "blog," sometimes they're as short as a brief paragraph, but they keep her readers up on the latest news, and also keep her "visibility" up so that potential readers are more likely to discover her
<Rahere1> Tarra
<the_Bee> bye bynw
<BalanceTheEnergies> Good night.
<derynifanatic64> bye
<Evie> Byeee
<jemler> aka twitter?
<KK> I'd better be checking out, too.  THere are steaks waiting to be broiled.
<Rahere1> Enjoy
<Shiral> Awww... Broil 'em fast and hot!
<Evie> Put one on for me.  I'll take mine medium, please. :D
<DesertRose> Okay, KK, thanks for dropping in to see us.  Enjoy the steaks.  :)
<the_Bee> with onions or mushrooms?
<jemler> sounds good. we had spaghetti
<derynifanatic64> once upon a time
<KK> Hope to see you all next week.
* Shiral sends KK writing woodgies
<derynifanatic64> i had teryaki chicken
<Evie> ((LOL at cake vid, rahere!))
<BalanceTheEnergies> Good night KK.
<DesertRose> Yes, cake vid was very cute.
<the_Bee> we hope so too, KK.  Have a good meal and a good week.
<jemler> Happy Birthday, KK! Make Cameron do the steaks!
<DesertRose> See you, KK.
<Shiral> Have a good week, but especially in terms of writing
<Shiral> Inspect dog beds for little  hoists and pulleys!
<KK> Yes!
<KK> Ta-ta!
<Shiral> Until we meet again..
* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
* KK has quit (Quit: )
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James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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