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KK Chat -- 25 Sept 2011
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:28:57 pm »

18:12 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:12 < jemler> KK!
18:12 < derynifanatic64> hi KK
18:12 < the_Bee> hello KK!
18:12 < KK> Hello, folks.
18:12 < Evie_> Welcome, KK
18:12  * Evie_ says hello and offers you a goblet of Fianna wine
18:12 < KK> Sounds good.
18:12 < jemler> bad day, KK?
18:13 -!- Evie [] has quit [Ping timeout: 121 seconds]
18:13 < Evie_> Fianna wine sounds good even on a good  day, jemler
18:13 < Evie_> Ignore my doppelganger, KK.  my chat server is being a pain
18:13  * Kelric was naughty a couple weeks ago.
18:13 < jemler> Good for you, Kelric! :)
18:14 < Kelric> picked up something I probably shouldn'
18:14 < Kelric> t have
18:14 < KK> What did Kelric do?
18:14 < jemler> Who was she?
18:14 < derynifanatic64> it's a secret
18:14 -!- jemler is now known as jemler_mind_in_the_gutter
18:15 < jemler_mind_in_the_gutter> :)
18:15 < Kelric> I went and bought a 7 inch galaxy tab for $259 at the local hhgregg on sale.
18:15 < jemler_mind_in_the_gutter> it doesn't work?
18:15 < Kelric> works just fine.
18:15 <~bynw> Hiyas KK
18:15 < Kelric> I just shouldn't have bought it.  was sash I shouldn't have burned
18:15 -!- jemler_mind_in_the_gutter is now known as jemler
18:16 < KK> Ah, budget regrets.  Happens to all of us.
18:16 < jemler> i blew $900 on an ipad
18:16 < Evie_> If you regret buying it, kelric, you can always pass it on to me
18:16 < Kelric> ;P
18:16 < derynifanatic64> my new computer came from my brother free of charge
18:17 < jemler> Happy birthday DF64
18:17 < KK> Excellent.  I need to replace mine when I finish this book.  It's nearly 6 years old.
18:17 < derynifanatic64> my birthday is not until january
18:17 < Evie_> yes, sounds like it's time
18:17 < derynifanatic64> he had an extra computer which he didn't need
18:18 < KK> It still works ok, and we replaced the power supply and a couple of other things, but it's time for an upgrade.
18:18 < Kelric> nifty'
18:18 < Evie_> You ready for a question or two, KK?
18:18 < jemler> My Aunt Maggie thanked me. Her grandkids (all 4) now want iPads!
18:18 < KK> It's starting to do quirky little things.  Just a matter of time before it fries itself, I fear.
18:18 < KK> Question away.
18:18 < derynifanatic64> as long as it waits until after the book is done
18:18 < Evie_> don't want it to fry itself unless you have thorough backups
18:19 < KK> Even then, I don't want it to fry itself.
18:19  * bynw blames quirky little things on windows
18:19 < Evie_> OK, question to this one might be in QFSC, but unfortunately I only have it on audio....
18:19 < Evie_> "Sagart" was the name of the guy most recently buried in the tombs
18:19 < Evie_> at St. Kyriell's, but the word "sagart" also happens to be Gaelic
18:19 < Evie_> for "priest."  Is this a coincidence, or was Sagart actually a
18:19 < Evie_> priest or religious leader of some sort among the Servants?
18:20 < KK> Thre's something wrong with my Firefox, I think.  Sometimes, when I google something and get all the links, then click on a link, it just bounces me back to my homepage.  Very frustrating.
18:20 < Evie_> Wow, wasn't expecting automatic line breaks, but I guess that's better than having the question end too early because not everything pasted
18:20 < Evie_> weird
18:20 < Kelric> ugh
18:20 < derynifanatic64> :s
18:21 < jemler> according to QfSC, they had coisrigte - Conscrated brethren but "nae priests"
18:21 < KK> Sagarat does, indeed, mean priest.  And the man named Sagart may or may not have been a priest in fact.
18:22 < the_Bee> */p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[-*/p0[edededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededede
18:22 < the_Bee> dedededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededededsuyhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj45454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545
18:22 < the_Bee> 454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545454545i9
18:22 < Evie_> I stumbled on that quite by accident when I was looking up the Gaelic word for "priest" this week for a fanfic, and found out it was "sagart."  "Hm," sez I, that sounds familiar...." :D
18:22 < jemler> MNelantha!
18:22 < Evie_> LOL, Bee!
18:22 < KK> In that case, it may have been the office being referred to, rather like Merlin may have been a name or an office, or both.
18:22 < derynifanatic64> whoa!!
18:22 < the_Bee> She very opinionated tonight.
18:22 < Kelric> furball?
18:23 < the_Bee> yup
18:23 < KK> Definite furball.
18:23 < Evie_> I think the definition also extended to "holy man", which would fit in with him being part of the "consecrated brethren"
18:23 < jemler> Bee, maybe she was looking up the recipe for Kitty Litter Cake! :)
18:23 < KK> There is suchc a thing, you know; and it's edible.
18:23 < the_Bee> Right now she's lapping up the remainder of my cheese.
18:23 < jemler> we know, we were talking about it earlier
18:24 < Evie_> What is the adjective meaning "Of or from Joux"?  Jouxian? Jouxiose?
18:24 < Evie_>  Jouxish?
18:24 < KK> The Celts were not as rigid about conventions of office as the Roman church.
18:24 < jemler> Jouvian?
18:24 < the_Bee> de joux?
18:25 < the_Bee> [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[cvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcvcv23232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323232323333333333
18:25 < derynifanatic64> what is all of this?
18:25 < KK> And you can always pretty much tell where she's putting her paws.
18:25 < Evie_> Melantha's in a chatty mood, DF
18:25 < jemler> Melantha's taking typing lessons!
18:25 < KK> du Joux, I suppose.
18:26 < Evie_> OK, but what if you're trying to use it in a sentence such as "Is that a Joux___ name?"
18:26 < Evie_> what would the suffix be?
18:26 < Evie_> Sure, in Joux it would probably be "de Joux," but would they not have some sort of adjective used in Gwynedd?
18:26 < KK> Joux isn't so much a place as it's part of a surname.  Probably there was a manor house named Joux or something like.
18:27 < Evie_> OK, so it's not really a seperate entity like in the Codex map?
18:28 < the_Bee> maybe a familial place name?
18:28 < Evie_> Because it looks like a small coastal kingdom there
18:28 < KK> How about Jouvian?  THat sounds as good as any other, and better than most.  It might have been a coastal holding at one time.
18:28 < Evie_> OK.  Also, is the "x" silent?
18:29 < KK> Yes.
18:29 < KK> Which is why Jouvian works.
18:30 < derynifanatic64> the codex says that Joux is a small duchy in the forcinn buffer states
18:30 < Evie_> OK.  So basically a mini-state.
18:30 < KK> Nope, he got it wrong and I didn't catch it.  I never intended it to be that big.
18:31 < the_Bee> What did you intend?
18:31 < Evie_> Oh?  Hm...OK.  (/me goes to manuscript in progress and contemplates extensive rewrite of certain paragraphs. :-D)
18:32 < jemler> In KKB, Viviennes' son, Tibal, is Count de Jordanet
18:32 < jemler> and V just died.
18:33 < KK> Hmmm, just went back and re-read that part of Codex.  I suppose it can stand the way it is.  
18:33 < Evie_> Two months of typing are certainly relieved to hear that, KK.  ;-)
18:34 < Evie_> j/k
18:34 < jemler> where's DR been lately?
18:34 < Evie_> (fanfic character is widow of a baron from Joux)
18:35 < Evie_> Alkari has a question. I was waiting to see if she'd show up here to ask it herself
18:36 < KK> ok
18:36 < Evie_> but we both have a related question, so I'll ask that instead.  In Alaric and Duncan's Naming Ceremony, when Donal shows up, he says something that indicates he already knows that Vera is Alyce's sister.  How/when did he find that out?
18:37 < Evie_> or was it just an inspired guess on his part that happened to hit tthe mark?
18:38 < KK> I suspect he intuited it by the fact that she was there, and also Duncan.  But clearly, be never told anyone else.
18:38 < KK> Actually, he would have guessed that she was Deryni, not necessarily that she was Alyce's sister.
18:39 < KK> (I have  Gus on my lap.)
18:39 < derynifanatic64> lucky gus
18:39 < the_Bee>  Hi Gus!
18:39 < KK> sxddxc
18:39 < Evie_> The reason the question came up was that I think there's actually a line where he refers to Vera as "your sister"
18:40 < Evie_> or maybe it was a reference to Alyce when speaking to Vera
18:40 < Evie_> but it was during that scene
18:40 < KK> Could have been sister Deryni.
18:41 < Evie_> Ah.  I can imagine that would give Alyce quite a start, if he'd meant it in that way and she were to wonder if he knew more than he did. :D
18:41 < the_Bee> When did Duncan and Alaric find out?  I imagine Vera and Alyce would have waited until the boys were old enought to be discreet.
18:41 < KK> Fortunately for all, Donal didn't have that long to think about it.
18:42 < KK> I suspect they knew from an early age--and certainly controls would have been put into place, to ensure that they didn't blab.
18:42 < Evie_> I suspect the boys might have figured something was up at their Naming Ceremony, unless they just thought all little boys and their Mums did that sort of thing. :D
18:42 < the_Bee> ah.
18:43 < the_Bee> must be nice to be able to control your toddlers like that.
18:44 < derynifanatic64> ;)
18:44 < Evie_> OK, I guess I'll go ahead and ask Alkari's question, since she might not be able to make it here today.  (She was on her way to work.)  How did Donal know exactly when the Naming Ceremony was going to happen, so he could show up just in time for it?
18:44 < KK> I think such control would only be for the really important things.  Children need to learn about boundaries.
18:44 < Evie_> I had my own pet theory on that, but figured I'd wait to see what you had to say about it. ;-)
18:45 -!- Alkari [Mibbit@8EC4D7.96B13C.D40395.C77672] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:45 < jemler> rehi alkari
18:45 < Alkari> Re-hi all
18:45 < Evie_> Alkari!  I just asked your question, so you're just in time.  It hasn't been answered yet. :D
18:45 < the_Bee> Remind me: was the naming ceremony public or private?  Could Donal have been invited?
18:45 < Alkari> Good morning KK
18:45 < KK> Aha, here's Alkari!  
18:45 < Evie_> It was private, and his arrival was a surprise, Bee.
18:45 < Alkari> On the train, headingto work
18:45 < KK> Definitely private.  And Donal would have known what the windows of opportunity were.
18:46 < KK> Also, he has Haldane powers.  We don't know how extensive those are.
18:46 < Alkari> I was wondering how he knew to turn up that night, when there was no indication of 'when' Alyce would name Alaric
18:46 < Evie_> I figured he had used his powers to scry (or in some other fashion) and see what Alyce was up to
18:46 < derynifanatic64> wb alkari
18:47 < the_Bee> rehi Alkari
18:47 < Alkari> so he was a, really creepy snoop of a man  :(
18:48 < Evie_> I figure a man who would try to secretly get a woman pregnant just to ensure he had a secret half-brother to his heir probably wouldn't have too many scruples against spying
18:48 < Alkari> I can understand him wanting to protect the throne and the Haldanes, but he was prepared to do a "lot" to achieve that.  
18:48 < KK> There may have been astrologial why Alyce chose that particular day, or other logistic reasons, re who would be where and at what time.
18:48 < the_Bee> He's lucky Kenneth and Alyce were so forgiving.
18:49 < derynifanatic64> and that Alyce had already conceived
18:49 < Evie_> Well, he'd already had to blast one courtier from Kingdom Come for figuring out about the fathering of Attempt Number One, I'm sure he'd have hated to have to do the same to Kenneth
18:50 < KK> They were incredibly gracious, under the circumstances, and obviously intensely loyal to the crown.
18:50 < Evie_> "You're a git, but you're *our* Royal Git, so we forgive you.  We'll watch you like a hawk from now on, but we'll be loyal."
18:50 < jemler> Donal theory was "If at first you don't concieve, try, try, again!"
18:51 < Evie_> Don't make me sardine you, dear
18:51 < KK> He didn't blast Sief because he'd figured it out, he blasted Sief because Sief tried to kill him.
18:51 < jemler> Sief figured it out
18:52 < Evie_> Well, true.  It was self-defense, though it wouldn't have been necessary if he'd not been a Royal Git.  :D
18:52 < derynifanatic64> Sief was very, very angry with Donal
18:53 < jemler> you just found out your best friend slept with your wife. You don't invite him ti dinner!
18:53 < Evie_> I imagine all those years of marriage to Dulchesse without an heir to show must have made Donal pretty desperate to protect his line once he remarried and finally had some living children
18:53 < derynifanatic64> and finding out your newborn son isn't yours after all
18:53 -!- Alkari [Mibbit@8EC4D7.96B13C.D40395.C77672] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
18:53 < Evie_> Poor Alkari...tunneled again
18:54 < KK> Tunnel.
18:54 -!- AlkaritheVanishing [Mibbit@8EC4D7.96B13C.2FC4E6.A2BEA9] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:54 < Evie_> LOL
18:54 < Evie_> wb, AtV
18:54 < the_Bee> that was quick
18:54 < derynifanatic64> short tunnell
18:54 < AlkaritheVanishing> Or Alkari in the TP :D
18:54 < derynifanatic64> tunnel
18:54 < Evie_> looks like you had a crash like mine earlier
18:55 < AlkaritheVanishing> No, connection dropped out - tunnels not quite yetr
18:55 < AlkaritheVanishing> I just have this portable transfer portal  :D
18:55 < derynifanatic64> tunnels are not computer friendly
18:56 < jemler> just don't forget it!
18:56 < Evie_> Does the portable transfer portal come with its own box of earth to ground it, and do  you have to stake it into the ground to use it?
18:56 < Evie_> Maybe you should consider disguising it  as a police box. ;-)
18:57 < AlkaritheVanishing> Nah - too obvious out here!!
18:57 < derynifanatic64> it's one of those movable portals that Camber made after becoming Alister Cullen
18:57 < AlkaritheVanishing> We never had those anyway
18:57 < AlkaritheVanishing> a public toilet, with blue lighting to discourage drug users!!
18:58 < jemler> it was a good thing only Camber could use that one. if Joram used it after Camber, and didn't tell him, Camber would have to search for the portal.
18:59 < the_Bee> I'm sure he had a way of finding it.
18:59  * Evie_ tests the sound of the word "Jouvian"
19:00 < KK> It sounds fine.
19:01 < Evie_> LOL!  Yes it does.  I meant, just testing saying it aloud.  :D
19:01 < Evie_> I'd expect *you* to like it, seeing that you just coined it. :D
19:01 < the_Bee> I thought Jemler did it first.
19:02 < AlkaritheVanishing> Yes.  That whole project of 'm restoring' the lost knowledge is fascinating
19:02 < Evie_> Did he?  Maybe I wasn't reading the scrolling lines fast enough
19:02 < derynifanatic64> who knows
19:03 < KK> Jemler said it first.  I just checked back.
19:03 -!- AlkaritheVanishing [Mibbit@8EC4D7.96B13C.2FC4E6.A2BEA9] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
19:03 < jemler> alkari is having a bad day
19:03 < Evie_> That dratted portable TP again
19:04 < KK> brb
19:04 < derynifanatic64> those evil tunnels
19:05 < Evie_> Bad tunnels. No oatcake.
19:05 < Evie_> Ooh, just thought of another comment/question, but it needs a visual reference. Let me see if I can find it quickly
19:05 < the_Bee> I thought it was a bit too convenient how Camber and family would be trying to do somethin that hadn't been done for years, and they'd just "happen" to find a scroll that dealt with that very topic.
19:06 < derynifanatic64> who knew that Australia is home to evil tunnels
19:07 < jemler> i read something the other day about the aborigines. they left Africa 70,000 years ago!
19:07 < Evie_> Here you go, KK.  Someone new to the Forum was posting about the significance of the Cosmati pavement in Westminster Abbey, so I went and looked up a photo....
19:07 < Evie_>
19:07 < KK> Theyd been doing a lot of research for a very long time.
19:08 < Evie_> And seeing how the geometric layout looks perfect for some sort of Deryni ritual chamber, I wondered if there might have been Deryni "cosmati pavements" in some of the older buildings
19:09 < Evie_> Did they use the tunnels to get to Oz from Africa, jemler?  
19:09 < derynifanatic64> maybe to Narnia
19:09 < jemler> they didn't say :)
19:09 < KK> It looks Roman to me.  And it was the seal that was incorporated into Brion's ritual, not an overall pattern.  Though there certainly could be ritual pavements.
19:09 < Evie_> KK, now that I've seen that gorgeous flooring, I want to build Pocket Duncan a room box with that sort of pavement.  :D
19:10 < KK> YOu should be able to find a picture of a suitable one, then scan it and print it to size.
19:10 < Evie_> On an 8 x 10 sheet of paper, it prints up the perfect size to fit a LEGO Duncan, a LEGO Alaric, a LEGO Kelson, and a LEGO Richenda. ;-)
19:10 < derynifanatic64> lucky pocket Duncan
19:10 < KK> Wow, you're building for a full ritual, aren't you?
19:11 < Evie_> Well, I dream big anyway.  Or small, maybe, considering we're discussing LEGO mini-figs. ;-)
19:11 < jemler> you'ld think she'd run out of pockets! :)
19:11 < derynifanatic64> maybe a LEGO map of the 11 Kingdoms
19:11 < Evie_> cargo pants
19:11 < KK> The cosmati one looks like a sampler of mosaic patterning.
19:12 < Evie_> No, if I were doing an 11 Kingdoms map, I'd want one of those 3D models
19:12 < Evie_> There's a really interesting article on the Westminster Abbey website about it, KK
19:12 < KK> The 4 quarters are different, though.  Suitable for adapting to the 4 quarter guardians.
19:13 < Evie_>
19:13 < Evie_> Based on where William and Kate were standing in front of the altar in one of their wedding pics, I'd say that red circle at the top of the pic is facing East
19:14 < Evie_> assuming Westminster Abbey has the standard layout with the altar at the East
19:14 < KK> It does.
19:14 < the_Bee> I wonder if Odoricus got his name because he smelled bad. :D
19:14 < Evie_>
19:14 < Evie_> there's a wedding photo that shows the floor clearly
19:15 <~bynw> KK, did you get my email about updating convention appearances :)
19:15 < Evie_> LOL @ Odoricus
19:17 < Evie_> The story about the priesting of Denis Arilan mentions that Tre-Arilan has a ritual chamber.  I wonder if they have a fancy floor?  (Though probably not quite this fancy, given it's presumably a manor house, not a cathedral.)
19:18 < Evie_> Not that i'd be obsessed with Arilans or anything, she says, whistling innocently
19:18 < the_Bee> some sort of pattern, I'd imagine.
19:19 < KK> Yes, Bynw.  Darkovercon Thanksgiving weekend, and SheVaCon in Roanoke, VA Mar 2-4, 2012.  That's all at this point.
19:19 <~bynw> K thanks!
19:19 < KK> A ritual room might have a decorative or symbolic floor.  Most probably just had the black and white checkered floor, a la Masonic temples.
19:20  * Evie_ does Jedi hand wave.  'You also want to attend DragonCon next Labor Day weekend.  *sits back to see if Jedi mind tricks work on Deryni*
19:20 < derynifanatic64> I hear and obey
19:20 < KK> Hope to do it, Evie.
19:20 < jemler> only if the Jedi is also Deryni! :)_
19:20 < Evie_> LOL, DF!  Yes, I want to see you there also. :D
19:21  * bynw hasnt been to Dragon*Con in over 10 years
19:21 < KK> Gotta boogie, guys.  I've sorted Kenneth's funeral and aftermath this week, and he's going to court at Twelfth Night or thereabouts.
19:21 < KK> Also, look for a romantic interest for Llion.
19:21 < the_Bee> who, Keneth??
19:21  * Evie_ plays a funeral dirge for KK's 'Victim of the Week'
19:22 < KK> Alaric
19:22 < Evie_> He meaning Alaric?
19:22 < Evie_> OK, I wondered about Kenneth going to Court after death. Unless it's a state funeral. :D
19:22 < KK> Sorry about that.
19:22 < KK> No, he's had a nice family funeral at Morganhall.
19:22 < Evie_> Or a ghost story.
19:22 < the_Bee> I thought maybe Kenneth was going to rise from the grave a la Cound Dracula.
19:23 < KK> Nope.  He's dead, Jim.
19:23 < KK> And he got to die in his bed, unlike most of my characters.
19:23 < Evie_> "He's dead, Jim. You take his wallet; I'll take his tricorder."
19:24 < KK> Anyway, gotta dash.  Hubby is making hungry noises.
19:24 < derynifanatic64> goodnight
19:24 < Evie_> Yes, dying in bed is a rarity in your books
19:24 < jemler> nite kk
19:24 < KK> And my stomach is also growling.
19:24 < Evie_> Goodnight!
19:24 < the_Bee> good week and good writing, KK
19:24 < KK> THanks.  Nighters.
19:25  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
19:25 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]

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