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KK chat 4 November 2007
« on: November 04, 2007, 09:09:25 pm »
[19:13:47] * KK has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:13:47] <&DeryniBot>  Sedina gives a highland welcome to KK as they join the chat
[19:13:51] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[19:13:52] <jemler> KK!
[19:13:53] <%TheDeryni> yeah
[19:13:54] <JastaElf> Oh golly, by that point there needs to be a hotel chosen, and a lot of other stuff.
[19:13:56] <the_Bee> Helloo KK!
[19:14:01] <%TheDeryni> Hi KK
[19:14:03] <JastaElf> Oh look, the ice cream traps worked!  :)
[19:14:04] <+Shiral> THe mozartkugeln worked!! =o)
[19:14:06] <+Shiral> Hi KK
[19:14:07] <JastaElf> Hi KK!
[19:14:17] <jemler> maybe it was the hot fudge
[19:14:19] <@KK> Hi, guys.  Sorry I'm late.  i was just talking to Frank & Julianne.
[19:14:31] <@KK> Time got away.
[19:14:40] <the_Bee> we were just talking about Julianne!
[19:14:40] <@KK> Jasta, how're you doing?
[19:14:43] <the_Bee> any news?
[19:14:48] <+Shiral> I think they said they'd found the hotel, anyhow. Harrisburg West
[19:14:56] <the_Bee> yes.
[19:15:35] <JastaElf> I'm mostly OK; tired, and stressed over work, but basically OK.
[19:16:11] <@KK> Still no cluse as to what happened, eh?
[19:16:23] <JastaElf> The docs say everything is fine and I have the heart and veins of a 30 year old--no tumors in brain either--and they think I blacked out because of a potassium drop and blood-flow cutoff.
[19:16:31] <JastaElf> That's the pet theory at the moment.
[19:17:41] <@KK> I'm of the impression that potassium issues can cause a lot of weird symptoms.  When mine was low, right after we moved to Ireland, I was having chest pains and arm pains--but heart was & is fine.  It was low potassium, and as soon as I started taking a supplement, the icky symptoms went away.
[19:17:59] <JastaElf> oh wow!
[19:18:09] <+Shiral> It's a telling argument for Potassium, that's for sure
[19:18:56] <@KK> Conversely, When I switched potassium supplements here, I was getting too much, and started getting serious ankle cramps during the night.  Totally different from calf cramps tht can be caused by too little potassium.  I stopped taking the US potassium, and the ankle cramps went away within a couple of days.
[19:19:32] <@KK> So, have they got you taking potassium?
[19:20:06] <JastaElf> yup!  but I think I got the too much thing, cuz last night I had awful leg cramps.
[19:20:17] <JastaElf> I probably need to find the balance.  :)
[19:21:13] <the_Bee> calf cramps or ankle cramps?
[19:21:23] <JastaElf> legs
[19:21:24] <@KK> Yeah, and the leg cramps only come during the night, when all is at rest; must be something to do with blood not moving as fast when you're asleep, 'cause as soon as I get up and walk around for a minute or two, the cramping goes away and I can go back to sleep.
[19:21:45] <JastaElf> ouch, yeah...
[19:22:10] <@KK> Asa you say, though, it's a matter of getting the right balance.
[19:22:25] <JastaElf> yup!
[19:22:27] <@KK> What's the verdict on your poor car?
[19:22:32] <+Shiral> No cramps and no blackouts!
[19:22:39] <@Bynw> KK, i've got a Deryni question for ya. I wonder if this has been brought up yet with Ann for the Deryni game but ... what is the maximum distance for a Portal jump .. or is there a maximum distance?
[19:24:07] <the_Bee> well, someone had to get to the destination to <build> the portal
[19:25:15] <@KK> There must be a limit, and we know that jumping farther takes more energy; but I haven't set any definite levels.  We do know that multiple jumps take a bit energy drain.  Rule of thumb is that anything under about a day's ride is probably doable, though one would not want to do that too many times in a row unless there were serious need.
[19:25:49] <@KK> big energy drain.  rented fingers.
[19:26:03] <+Shiral> Never build portals with rented fingers
[19:26:14] <@KK> Definitely not!
[19:26:28] <%TheDeryni> Rent-a-Portal
[19:26:29] <+Shiral> Lord knows WHERE you'd end up!
[19:27:01] <the_Bee> how far did they jump in KKB when they returned to Gwynedd from Orsal? or was it Torenth?
[19:27:06] <@Bynw> i was looking at the 11 kingdoms map the other day ... looks like the distance between belour and rhemuth is about 450 miles and we've seen jumps like that but not very often
[19:27:13] <@KK> That was the big gamble that Camber & co. took when they ferreted out the location of what later became headquarters for the Camberian Council.
[19:27:14] <+Shiral> The kind they have at big tournaments, TD? =o)
[19:27:43] <%TheDeryni> lol
[19:28:25] <jemler> well, how far was it from Rhemuth to Barrett DeLaney's home in Alver? He took Jehana there.
[19:29:13] <@KK> From Torenth/Beldour (or was it?) to Rhemuth.
[19:30:12] <@KK> Or, actually, it was Torenth/Beldour to the Hort of Orsal's place, and thence by ship to Coroth, wasn't it?  Details elude me at this remove.
[19:30:36] <+Shiral> It was Beldour to the Isle, and then from the Ile to Rhemuth in KKB
[19:30:46] <@Bynw> frm hort of orsals to rhemuth it is like 350 miles using the map ann made
[19:31:21] <@KK> Barrett is <very> accomplished, remember, as are all the members of the CC.  (Well, Thorne Hagen had his deficiencies, didn't he?)
[19:32:05] <@KK> BRB.  Gotta check the dryer, which just beeped at me.
[19:32:05] <the_Bee> didn't they all?
[19:32:09] <jemler> He had something going for him. according to codex, he was 80 when his daughter was born!
[19:32:23] <the_Bee> WOW!
[19:32:30] <+Shiral> Saved it all for one big boom late in life, I guess
[19:32:39] <+Shiral> Wonder if he felt thor later on?
[19:32:49] <JastaElf> LOL!
[19:32:51] <%TheDeryni> rofl
[19:32:56] <+Shiral> Sorry, I'm bad
[19:33:13] <+Shiral> But at least both Barrett and Jehana  have a little fun
[19:33:41] <%TheDeryni> Or Viagra L'Deryni
[19:33:46] <jemler> Jehana needed to loosen up a bit didn't she?
[19:33:56] <+Shiral> WOULD a Deryni need Viagra?
[19:33:58] <+Shiral> =o)
[19:34:08] <+Shiral> Jemler, YES
[19:34:10] <%TheDeryni> I don't
[19:34:16] <%TheDeryni> heh
[19:34:50] <jemler> you're not gonna believe this, but a commercial just started on my tv with Thor and his Hammer!
[19:34:59] <+Shiral> LOL
[19:35:05] <JastaElf> lolol!!
[19:35:05] <+Shiral> Serendipity!
[19:35:11] <JastaElf> yup!
[19:36:24] <the_Bee> my codex says he was born in 1070, marries in 1105, daughter in 1106
[19:36:55] <the_Bee> hagen, not thor.  what's it selling?
[19:38:02] <JastaElf> what's the commercial, jemler?
[19:38:31] <@Bynw> btw folks dont forget to check out the chat stats page at every monday evening to see who is the biggest chatter
[19:38:33] <jemler> something about a car. i was typing, not watching.
[19:38:48] <+Shiral> Very manly car, I guess
[19:38:53] <JastaElf> I'll have to watch for that
[19:39:10] <jemler> it was playing the Heart song Barracuda
[19:40:03] <%TheDeryni> Dodge/chrysler then
[19:40:30] <JastaElf> ooohhh...  :)
[19:40:47] <+Shiral> The Thor Mobile
[19:41:03] <JastaElf> lol!
[19:41:03] <the_Bee> kk, did Julianne and Frank have any news about Derynicon?
[19:41:08] <@KK> Marries in 1105?  Barrett?  nah.  Had to be more like 1122 or so, I should think.
[19:41:29] <the_Bee> not Barrrett. thorne Hagen
[19:41:37] <@KK> No, we were talking about the BEtween the World conference that we're all attending next weekend in Wilmington, DE.
[19:41:49] <@KK> Ah, Thorne.  OK.
[19:41:51] <jemler> try 1128 or later. Jehana met Barrett in KKB.
[19:42:09] <@KK> That sounds even better.
[19:42:14] <+Shiral> I don't think Brion would have wanted competition from Barrett
[19:43:05] <@KK> Noooo.  But she wouldn't even have talked to Barrett while Brion was alive, at least if she knew he was Deryni.  It was bade enough that Brion had Deryni powers.
[19:43:18] <@KK> bad, too.
[19:43:33] <+Shiral> He was also rather closer to her age
[19:46:09] <%TheDeryni> Um, did I miss a book somewhere?
[19:46:14] * +Shiral wonders if everyone fell asleep
[19:46:28] * JastaElf drops pin
[19:46:33] <jemler> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[19:46:36] <+Shiral> CLANG!
[19:46:40] <jemler> huh, what?
[19:46:43] <the_Bee> shall I sting people awake?
[19:46:56] <jemler> i'm awake!
[19:47:02] <JastaElf> lol!
[19:47:05] <+Shiral> Jehana made her sleep charm too strong, again
[19:47:29] <jemler> she should go back to Hogwarts!
[19:47:33] <the_Bee> TD, why do you think you missed a book?
[19:48:03] <%TheDeryni> I don't remember Brion and Jehana courting.
[19:48:15] <+Shiral> They haven't, yet
[19:48:33] <the_Bee> oh. I assume that will be in the 3rd Childe Morgan book
[19:48:52] <%TheDeryni> Okay then. (A tidbit :) )
[19:48:59] <+Shiral> All we know is, they got married.
[19:49:35] * +Shiral wonders if KK has been absconded witih
[19:49:38] <+Shiral> with,too
[19:49:42] <@KK> It will interesting courtship.
[19:50:12] <%TheDeryni> heh
[19:50:23] <JastaElf> I'm looking forward to that...
[19:50:44] <jemler> i've always been interested in the D'Courcy's. How was Jorian related to Michon? Michons' son was called the Titular Earl D'Courcy, but so was Jorian's father.
[19:51:02] <the_Bee> IIRC, she didn't learn about his powers till after the wedding
[19:51:03] <+Shiral> Me too!
[19:51:28] <jemler> you didn't know about your powers til after you were married?
[19:51:48] <the_Bee> I'm still waiting to discover them
[19:52:09] <+Shiral> No, I'm looking forward to reading about Brion and Jehanaa
[19:52:16] <@KK> Jorian is from a cadet branch of Michon's family.
[19:52:17] <+Shiral> Jehana, whoever
[19:53:04] <+Shiral> Which doesn't mean I'm NOT waiting to discover my heretofore unsuspected powers. =o)
[19:53:06] * %TheDeryni thinks Shiral's funny
[19:53:22] <+Shiral> It would be so cool to just whistle up a handfire whenever I needed one!
[19:54:05] <+Shiral> Imagine what it would save in electricity!
[19:54:25] <@Bynw> such a simple thing .... now the question is would you be ethical and not ... say take over someomes mind ... you long enough to trace a cross on a mans brow is all the time you need to do it .. thats a few scant seconds
[19:54:36] <@Bynw> and=or
[19:55:15] <+Shiral> Hmmmmmmmmmmm...... It would be SO tempting to influence certain people!
[19:55:26] <+Shiral> But I wouldn't ever want Camber to disapprove of me!
[19:55:32] <@Bynw> for the betterment and the good of all right
[19:55:52] <@KK> Of cousre, not all Deryni are powerful enough or well trained enough to take over a person's mind so subtly.
[19:56:17] <+Shiral> That would explain why I haven't had any luck yet, KK =o)
[19:56:39] <%TheDeryni> I have enough trouble with my own, let alone someone elses.
[19:56:47] <@KK> And who holds the moral high ground, and is sufficiently ethical to act only in the interests of the greater good?  It's an age-old question.
[19:57:25] <jemler> i know the answer to that question: NOT ME!
[19:59:38] <+Shiral> Best not to meddle at all
[19:59:43] <@KK> I suspect that Jamyl and Denis Arilan may have some interesting discussions along such lines.
[19:59:58] <@Bynw> I'm sure
[20:00:02] <the_Bee> imho, it's often a debate between those who ask,  What should be the decision and thosewho ask, Who should be the decider?
[20:00:14] <@Bynw> Just like Camber and Joram
[20:01:06] <jemler> i haven't had a chance to get Childe Morgan yet, id Jamyl anywhere in there? I've always been curious about him.
[20:01:39] <+Shiral> He is.
[20:02:06] <jemler> the only stuff i know about him comes from The Priesting of Arilan
[20:02:35] <@KK> He's only young, but already we're getting a taste of the kind of man he's becoming.  His eventual death in Brion's service will be another of those tear-jerkers.
[20:03:01] <the_Bee> :o(
[20:03:09] <JastaElf> wah....
[20:03:32] <+Shiral> But first, he gets to grow up =o)
[20:03:51] <the_Bee> will we also see the death of Derry's father?
[20:04:31] <jemler> btw, what is la grippe? I think Duke Ewan dies of that.
[20:04:49] <@Bynw> lol that reminds me ..
[20:04:59] <the_Bee> remind me: who's the Arilan on the CC in ITKS? or isn't there one?
[20:05:12] <jemler> Siesyll Arilan
[20:05:13] <@KK> Don't know.  Already this is shaping to be maybe a 4-book sequence, as I don't think I can get all the characters all the way up to the beginning of DR.
[20:05:16] <@Bynw> i would like a translation of all the illnesses mentioned in the codex to their modern names :-)
[20:05:34] <the_Bee> when I was a child, flu or a flulike illness was called the grippe.
[20:05:51] <@KK> For some of them, you may have to ask Rob--though I should imagine that googling them would probably get reasonable definitions.
[20:05:55] <+Shiral> Awww, gee you have to write ANOTHER novel, KK? =o) Darn!
[20:05:59] <the_Bee> thanks, jemler
[20:06:20] <jemler> i was hoping Grippe wasn't a Lorena Bobbit type thing!
[20:06:29] <+Shiral> LOL
[20:06:59] <+Shiral> "You're NEVER home! YOu're ALWAYS off in Rhemuth, and I've had to run the WHOLE Duchy!!"
[20:07:33] <@Bynw> ah ... i shall use my googlefu skills then
[20:07:34] <jemler> i guess that explains the pink lace curtains in the garderobe!
[20:08:15] <the_Bee> "the flux" sounds like diarrhea
[20:08:18] <+Shiral> Come to think of it, we never DO meet Ewan's wife
[20:08:38] <@KK> Yep.
[20:09:10] <%TheDeryni> I HAVE to finish my rerad.
[20:09:16] <@KK> And la grippe is a hacking, coughing thing, I think.  Maybe typhoid or something of that ilk--though I could be wrong.
[20:09:17] <%TheDeryni> reread
[20:09:21] <+Shiral> Not to mention all the pink curtains in the Great Hall
[20:09:31] <%TheDeryni> Croup?
[20:09:43] <the_Bee> iirc, my mom used gripppe fairly loosely
[20:09:44] <@KK> In that family.
[20:10:58] <+Shiral> Well, we know he has at least one son and a couple of grandkids
[20:11:26] <%TheDeryni> Shoot, gotta go. The wife just came back from China Town. And she has presents!
[20:11:40] <the_Bee> seeya later, TD
[20:11:48] <+Shiral> Bye, TD, Enjoy the presents
[20:11:50] <+Shiral> =o)
[20:11:52] <@Bynw> cya td
[20:12:13] <%TheDeryni> Nite all. Thanks for the chat all.
[20:12:26] * %TheDeryni waves goodbye to all as he steps on the portal and disappears in a shower of obsidian and silver sparks....
[20:12:38] <+Shiral> I like your portal, TD
[20:12:43] <%TheDeryni> ty
[20:12:45] <jemler> bye td.
[20:12:49] <@KK> I thnk I'd better scoot as well.  Suddenly realized that dinner has not yet happened at Edge Hill.
[20:12:53] <%TheDeryni> bye
[20:12:55] * %TheDeryni has quit IRC (Quit: Once you believe you understand a woman, she'll inform you that you are mistaken.)
[20:13:01] <+Shiral> Bye, KK, thanks for stopping by
[20:13:07] <@KK> And also, a Jessicat has just come grumbling at me.
[20:13:15] <jemler> see you next time, kk. take care
[20:13:19] <+Shiral> Good Writing in the Coming Week!
[20:13:24] <@KK> Won't be here next week, as I'll be on my way back from Delaware.
[20:13:31] <+Shiral> Even if that's Wishful Thinking on my part. =o)
[20:13:36] <@KK> Take care, all.
[20:13:39] <the_Bee> ah.
[20:13:55] <+Shiral> Have a good Con
[20:13:57] <the_Bee> good night, KK. enjoy the convention
[20:13:57] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:14:06] * @KK has quit IRC (Quit: )


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