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KK Chat -- 18 Sept 2011
« on: September 18, 2011, 08:10:16 pm »

18:08 -!- KK [] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:09 < the_Bee> HI KK!
18:09 < Evie> You really would have found mine unconfortable.  They were pretty large hermit crabs
18:09 < Shiral> Crabitat for humaity--home building for uder served hermit crabs?
18:09 < Shiral> Hi KK
18:09 < KK> Hi, gius.
18:09 < Evie> Hi, KK!
18:09 < hygilac> oh, my nephew had hermit crabs at one time
18:09 < KK> guys
18:09 < hygilac> what do they eat?
18:09 < hygilac> Hi KK
18:09 < Evie> If anyone tells you that hermies are cheap pets, they lie.  By the time you set up the proper environment to keep them alive and thriving, they cost a small mint. :D
18:10 < derynifanatic64> hi KK
18:10 < KK> My half sister had hermit crags, because she was allergic to things with fur.
18:10 < Evie> there's hermit crab food, but they also eat fruit, veggies, and meat. 
18:10 < Evie> and they need calcium, so cuttlefish bone is a good supplement
18:10 < Shiral> Czar Dmitri has claimed his throne, KK  =o) Or maybe he's the Paw-dishah
18:10 < Evie> and iodized salt is poisonous to them, so you have to avoid salted foods
18:11 < Evie> LOL @ Paw-dishah
18:11 < KK> crabs, not crags.  (I have Gus curled up on my lap, interfering with typing.)
18:11 < hygilac> dear me, and Ithought my cats were picky
18:11 < the_Bee> They live near the ocean, but salt is poison for them?
18:11 < KK> LOL, Shiral.
18:11 < the_Bee> Hi Gus
18:11 < Evie> Sea salt is fine; in fact, some species can't live without sea salt
18:11 < jemler> hi kk
18:11 < Shiral> I have this wire document caddy-thingie with shelves on my desk. Dmitri has decided the top level belongs to HIM
18:12 < Evie> it's iodized salt that's a problem.  Iodine exists in the sea, but not in the  same concentration
18:12 < Shiral> He's there now, even thought he's a little too big for it
18:12 < KK> Of course.  Cats love spaces that are one size too small.
18:12 <~bynw> hiyas kk
18:12 < hygilac> CAts always adopt things too small to hold them
18:13 < hygilac> my favorite picture of Sally was of her in a basket she hung out of at both ends
18:13 < Shiral> Now I find it very handy. He can supervise me while I write without being in the way of my hands
18:13 < the_Bee> like drawers
18:13 < KK> Boxes are just too cool for cats.
18:13 < derynifanatic64> :D
18:13 < Shiral> Pan  used to love a little breadbasket I'd keep on the top shelf in my kitchen. of course, it became the Pan basket from then on
18:13 < KK> Can;t resist them.
18:14 < Evie> This is practically the first chance I've had to sit all weekend.  We went birthday shopping for my DD's upcoming party yesterday, and when I got home, I found my dog injured in our driveway, so it was off to the vet for us
18:14 < derynifanatic64> poor pooch
18:14 < Evie> and we got him there just before they were about to close up
18:14 < the_Bee> The other night Mickey pulled all my stuff from my underwear drawer.
18:14 < Shiral> Oh no, I hope he's not bady hurt?
18:14 < KK> What happened to him.  Is he OK?
18:14 < derynifanatic64> how is he
18:14 < Shiral> badly, jeez bad fingers!
18:15 < hygilac> Bee, Kiera does that any time she can get a drawer open
18:15 < Evie> he got out of the yard and went missing for a couple of days.  From the look of him, he got into a fight with a dog or coyote. He's got some puncture wounds and a fairly big laceration on his right foreleg, and a lot of bruising
18:15 < the_Bee> Once he pulled stuff through a crack barely wide enough for his paw.
18:15 < derynifanatic64> :(
18:15 < Shiral> Poor baby
18:15 < KK> Poor baby!  At least he got home to you.
18:15 < Evie> and he's been sutured and put on lots of antibiotic meds that he hates, so trying to get them into him instead of onto the pavement has been a real trick
18:15 < hygilac> I would love to have seen her pulling out a whole stack of jeans though
18:16 < Shiral> Any cupboard around here MUST be feline-inspected It's a law
18:16 < KK> Dogs are easier than cats.  You just bury the meds in a lump of food.
18:16 < Evie> He's usually hyper, so it's been odd to see him act lethargic.  But it made the trip to the vet easier than it would have been otherwise.
18:16 < KK> What kind of dog?
18:17 < Evie> he's a mutt.  Looks like part shepherd, maybe part husky, possibly part doberman or something else black and tan
18:17 < the_Bee> I've been brushing Melantha's teeth to get the tartar off.  She's become quite proficient at clamping her mouth shut.
18:17 < Evie> he's got the conformation of a husky but the coloring of a doberman
18:17 < Shiral> If I tried to pill Dmitri, I suspect I'D need the vet
18:17 < hygilac> Some dogs are smarter than others about meds; my sugar used to take the food and spit out the pill like a watermelon seed
18:18 < the_Bee> There's a breeed like that, but I can't think of the name.
18:18 < KK> Cat tooth brushing works best, I think, if you start while they're still kittens.
18:18 < the_Bee> a bit late for that.
18:18 < Shiral> I'm glad he managed to find his way home to you, Evie
18:18 < Evie> We tried putting his pills in his food last night, but he ate around them.  But I tricked him into eating one today by hiding it inside a chunk of hot dog.
18:18 < KK> Yes!
18:18 < derynifanatic64> sneaky
18:19 < Evie> I just hope that trick works tonight when he has to have three pills, one  of which is a capsule filled with white powder that I suspect is probably pretty bitter
18:19 < KK> Do the other two first.
18:19 < jemler> my brother had a german shepherd that was eating table food, but not dog food. he started putting Mrs. Brown's gravy on dog food, and the dog vacuumed it up!
18:19 < Evie> :D
18:19 < KK> And hot dog chunks sound like a very good idea.
18:20 < Shiral> How has your week been, KK?
18:20 < Evie> It must have been well concealed, since DD couldn't tell which chunk I put the pill in.  I cut up the entire hot dog, so he wouldn't suspect one was "tainted"
18:20 < hygilac> You can buy a pill shooter at your vet's office that worked wonders when I had to give mine valium for moving day and a 12 hour ride
18:20 < KK> They hardly chew food anyway, so if you can get the food in the mouth, that's the major part of the battle won.
18:21 < KK> Mt week has been not so good.  We had to send TIllie to the Rainbow Bridge late Friday night.
18:21 < jemler> getting the food in is easy, getting your fingers out in time isn't! :)
18:21 < the_Bee> OHH, how come? :(
18:21 < Evie> It definitely has to be hidden, though. Just putting it in the food bowl, even covered by food, didn't work. He ate around it and left a few chunks of food in the bowl along with the melting pills. :D
18:22 < hygilac> depends on the dog--or the cat!
18:22 < Evie> Oh, so sorry, KK!
18:22 < Shiral> Oh no! What was wrong with her?
18:22 < hygilac> Oh, dear--I'm sorry to hear that KK
18:22 < KK> She developed a fast growing, probably malignant mass around her urethra, that was gradually closing off the opening between urethra and bladder.  In short, she oculdn't pee, and they couldn't even catheterize her.
18:23 < Evie> :-(
18:23 < derynifanatic64> :(nasty
18:23 < KK> Very sad.  She was only 9.
18:23 < Shiral> Poor thing.  But it definitely sounds like the only merciful thing to do for her. =o(
18:23 < the_Bee> I'm glad she's not in pain now.
18:23 < derynifanatic64> so sorry
18:23 < Shiral> It's never a good week when you must say farewell to a beloved animal, though
18:24 < hygilac> It's never easy to lose one
18:24 < KK> Yeah, our regular vet drained the bladder by asperating through a needle through the abdomen, then let me take her home overnight for a last few hours of quality time.
18:25 < Evie> I'm glad you were able to have that
18:25 < Shiral> kidney and urinary tract problems are always nasty I've lost two cats to that
18:26 < Evie> Yes, our Genny had to be put to sleep due to kidney failure
18:26 < KK> Unfortunately, she raced right to the water bowl and guzzled water before I could stop her, so we didn't make it through the night.  I had to take her to the emergency vet, and they stuck her twice before they could get the needle in.  That part was awful.  Not at all like previous experiences of this.s
18:26 < the_Bee> :(
18:26 < Shiral> I'm sorry KK. That DOES sound like a rough time for all
18:26 < derynifanatic64> poor kitty
18:27 < KK> Apparently, if female cats get urinary problems, it's almost always really serious.  Vets hate to see such cases come in, because the prognosis is usually very poor.
18:27 < Shiral> Yeah
18:27 < hygilac> true
18:28 < KK> The up side is that I had to transport a Basset yesterday--one of our long-term fosters going to her Forever Home. So I guess it's part of the circle of life.  Tillie's role in it still sucks.
18:28 < Shiral> One can't let the cat suffer, though. One way or another it has to be taken care off
18:28 < Shiral> I hope the Bassett will be very happy with her new humans, and vice versa
18:29 < KK> Yes.  Uremic poisoning or a burst bladder are not pleasant ways to go.
18:29 < hygilac> I love bassets
18:29 < KK> THey're great dogs.
18:29 < jemler> cocker spaniels
18:29 < hygilac> they're naturual comedians
18:29 < KK> I was never attracted to cockers.
18:30 < Shiral> My sister has two--they're nice dogs. Just not all that exciting
18:30 < Shiral> Hers are rescue animals
18:30 < jemler> the first dog i remember having was a cocker spaniel named Blackie
18:30 < Evie> While waiting for Pixie to be sutured last night, DD and I saw an adorable 3 month  old orange tabby looking for a home (one of the shelter cats being offered for adoption), but I'm afraid 3 pets is my limit. 
18:30 < hygilac> I mostly prefer short haired breeds, though Irish setters are my favs to watch
18:30 < Shiral> I don't dare go to cat adoptionn fairs. =o)
18:30 < KK> Aw, go for 4.  We have 3 dogs and now 5 cats.
18:30 < hygilac> lord, no
18:31 < Shiral> I find 2 is a very doable household.  It's just my heart that wants 12
18:31 < hygilac> my nephew's wife keeps trying to give me cats as it is
18:31 < jemler> we used to have a dog that looked like a bottle brush. he would sleep under the snow rather than in the dogbox
18:31 < Shiral> Well yes, KK, but I don't live at Edge Hill  =o)
18:31 < derynifanatic64> :D
18:31 < KK> Sounds like at least part Huskie.
18:31 < jemler> only dog i ever saw wiuth an afro
18:31 -!- Alkari [Mibbit@B83485.B30A8A.910A34.6DBF93] has joined #deryni_Destinations
18:31 < KK> True.  And we didn't plan on so many pets.
18:31 < Evie> The vet bill I got last night was enough to kill that temptation to add to the household.  Yesterday, between the birthday party shopping and then the vet visit, was like "What's left in your paycheck? Hand it over."
18:31 < jemler> rehi alkari
18:32 < the_Bee> Hi Alkari
18:32 < Shiral> Hi again, Alkari
18:32 < Shiral> I'm happy to keep it at a menage a trois
18:32 < KK> Tell me about vet bills.  I still haven't settled with the regular vet for what was done last week.  I must go back on Monday.
18:32 < jemler> Evie, tell DD "Happy Birthday" from me. 1 year closer to driving! :)
18:33 < hygilac> no one ever plans on that many pets
18:33 < Evie> Fortunately they were able to open up a credit line for me, because otherwise it would have come up to about $10 more than I had in my account, and DH was out of town, so he wasn't there to pay.
18:33 < derynifanatic64> wb alkari
18:33 < Alkari> re-hi all.    Hi KK
18:33 < Alkari> Ah yes, vet bills .... :D
18:33 < Evie> Don't remind me, jemler. :D
18:33 < Shiral> When I had Pan, Francesca AND Nina all at once, I kept thinking "Holy Cow, I have THREE cats!"
18:33 < KK> We now have only one girl animal in the house: Penelope, who is Cameron's cat.  We girls are outnumbered by the 8 guys.
18:34 < Evie> "Penelope" is my nickname when I'm doing steampunk stuff.  ;D
18:34 < jemler> 1 girl, 8 guys. and the girl wants the guys neutered! :)
18:34 < Shiral> Francesca and I let Dmitri think he's the Alpha
18:34 < KK> Cameron's cats have great names.  The other one is Algernon.
18:34 < hygilac> I spent three memorable months with 5 cats in my house--and had to keep doors shut between them
18:35 < KK> Yes, there can be altercations.
18:35 < the_Bee> I stay with my sister when I visit, because my brother's 3 cats are hostile to outsiders.
18:36 < Shiral> They all have to jostle each other for their rightful place in the household
18:36 < KK> Yep, there are definite pecking-orders.
18:36 < hygilac> people who visit me hardly ever see both cats
18:36 < Alkari> As long as the humans are at the top of the pack!
18:36 < hygilac> Kiera is a totally invisible cat
18:36 < Shiral> Dmitri believes that might makes right--he's about half again larger than Cesca
18:37 < jemler> Alkari, if cats coiuld read, they'd be laughing at you!:)
18:37 < Evie> Luke tries strength to establish dominance, but Gigi has ways of reminding  him that there's a reason female cats are called "queens"
18:37 < Shiral> I swear sometimes he's trying to figure out The Doorknob Principle
18:37 < hygilac> what do you mena, if?
18:37 < Alkari> Oh I know - but I have managed on that principle with 4 cats
18:38 < derynifanatic64> :D
18:38 < Alkari> Simple rule for me with pets:  The person who pays the feed - andvet! - bills makes the rules
18:38 < hygilac> the ruses are there to be broken in the case of cats
18:38 < jemler> and the cats make sure you believe that!
18:38 < Evie> I told Pixie that once his lacerations heal, he needs to get a job so he can repay me for the vet bill. ;-)
18:39 < Alkari> They just get shoved outside wheb necessary
18:39  * Shiral offers KK some chcocolate chip ice cream in consolation for Tillie's loss
18:39 < KK> Except that cats are inclined to make their own rules anyway.
18:39 < Alkari> I can be remarkably deaf when it comes to piteous calling to let them in again
18:39 < KK> Bynw, how are your spotty girls?
18:39 < Alkari> oh, sorry if one of your cats died, KK
18:40 < hygilac> I have two insider only cats
18:40 < the_Bee> Melantha's insider.  I let her on my second-floor balcony, but that's all.
18:41 < Evie> Yes, mine are inside only cats also.  Partly since Gigi shows no interest in the outdoors, but also because Luke gets a personality change when he's outside and goes feral and terrified.
18:41 < Shiral> Mine are insiders. But Dmitri is constantly on the alert for chances for a prison break. If you want to know why I have a laundry squirt bottle by my backdoor, that's it
18:41 <~bynw> they are doing well
18:42 < KK> We call that a God Gun, Shiral, because they don't know where the water is coming from, at least in the beginning, so it must be God.
18:42 < Evie> we have too many large dogs roaming the neighborhood for me to want either of them outside, so it's good that Gigi isn't the least bit tempted.  Luke occasionally gets the wild urge to make a break for it, but then he gets his wish and regrets it immediately.
18:42 < hygilac> Chloe used to be an outside cat all the time, but we moved to a totally new place, so she's inside too
18:42 < Shiral> I like that, KK Dmitri behaves as if I'd spritzed him witih sulphuric acid--he really hates water!
18:43 < Alkari> My last cat loved water  :D
18:43 < KK> Oh, it's a harsh god who would spray a wayward ct with acid!
18:43 < hygilac> Children's book for all cat lovers:  Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
18:43 < Shiral> Oh it's just water. But he jumps and runs away wiggling--that's how a cat says "EEEWWWW!!!"
18:43 < hygilac> you will roll in the floor laughing
18:44 < derynifanatic64> LOL
18:44 < Shiral> I'll have to look for that, Hygilac
18:44 < hygilac> There are several Bad Kitty books by Nick Breul
18:45 < Shiral> Alkari, Nina used to like water too. She'd wade right into the bathroom basin, sometimes
18:45 < hygilac> the first is a terrific alphabet book
18:45 < Evie> I have a Deryni related question for you, KK, if  I can get my questions file to open up
18:46 < Evie> Ah, found it!  Are you braced for a somewhat longwinded question? ;-)
18:46 < KK> Ask away.
18:46 < derynifanatic64> open sesame
18:46 < Evie> In HD, Alaric is able to use his Saint Camber medallion as a link that allows Lord Derry to communicate with him across a fair distance.
18:46 < Evie> Also, in QFSC, Alaric and Duncan attempt to establish long-distance contact with the missing King and Dhugal, though in both cases, there seems to be an implication that there are definite limits to the range in which this sort of telepathic communication is likely to be effective.
18:47 < Evie> However, in the CC chamber, Arilan is able to use the silvery crystal hanging from the ceiling to issue a Call which is received by the various CC members throughout the Eleven Kingdoms.
18:47 < Evie> What makes the difference in range?  Is it the size of the crystal focused upon?  A special quality inherent to that particular crystal?  The skill and training of the Deryni using it?  Or is it some combination of these factors?
18:47 < derynifanatic64> whew
18:47 < Shiral> He's using an  iShiral?
18:47 < Evie> I don't think so. The CC crystal is described as silvery
18:48 < Evie> so I don't think it's shiral, is it?
18:48  * Shiral was making silly joke
18:48 < Evie> LOL!  yes, just looked back and saw the "i" there
18:48 < jemler> it could just be a passive link between the members of the Council, kind of like when Queron read about Rhys' death and Evaine knew he had found out.
18:48 -!- Alkari [Mibbit@B83485.B30A8A.910A34.6DBF93] has quit [Quit: ajax IRC Client]
18:48 < hygilac> Crystal is supposed to be a great amplifier/communications booster
18:49 < hygilac> ever read the Killishandra series?
18:49 < KK> Size of crystal can be a factor.  Also, whether the party being called is anticipating the call.  Also, some people have better affinities for such communication than others.
18:49 < Evie> but a passive link that goes from Llannedd to Andelon to wherever else the CC members live?
18:50 < the_Bee> Arilan was better trained than Alaric or Duncan, or Kelson or Dhugal
18:50 < Evie> In the particular scene I'm thinking of, they weren't anticipating the call.  I think it was the one where Arilan summons them to ask which one of them agreed for the CC to be there for Wencit and Kelson's duel
18:50 < Evie> and at least one guy shows up in his bathrobe. :D
18:50 < Shiral> And he's reaching out to contact several other high-powered, well trained Deryni
18:50 < Evie> So i took it from that that it wasn't exactly a planned meeting.
18:50 < hygilac> and the CCmembers share  a deep link
18:51 < Evie> OK, so basically there are several factors in play?
18:51 < Shiral> I always wonder how Stefan Coram managed to cover his absence From Wencit in HD
18:51 < Evie> "Um...I have a sudden case of indigestion. Might be in the garderobe a  while...."
18:51 < hygilac> Maybe he let Wencit believe he had a mistress
18:52 < derynifanatic64> i'm sure Stefan had some downtime after being with Wencit
18:52 < hygilac> It's the sort of thing Rhydon would have done
18:52 < Shiral> But.... they were right in the middle of the Llyndruth Meadows campaign...
18:52 < Shiral> Not easy to get away unexpectedly. =o)
18:52 < KK> He was Wencit's agent by then, and was expected to be in the field, doing what evil agents do.
18:52 < Evie> "gone to visit the camp back in a few."
18:52 < derynifanatic64> :D
18:53 < jemler> maybe he borrowed a mattress from Duncan! :)
18:54 < Evie> Why not?  Duncan sure isn't getting much use out of his, with all the duties he's had! ;-)
18:54 < the_Bee>
/>18:55 < the_Bee> thisone's better:
/>18:55 < Evie> Speaking of Duncan...I found a clear plastic sphere with a base that's meant to be used to create your own water globe.  However, it occured to me that if I put an LED light in the base and dye the globe amber, it could be a shiral crystal display case for my Pocket Duncan. :D
18:55 < the_Bee> clever!
18:56 < Shiral> Evie... does your husband know about well.... "Pocket Duncan"? =o)
18:56 < Evie> Yeah, he does.  He accepts my weirdness. Heck, it's why he married me. :D
18:56 < derynifanatic64> ;)
18:56 < Shiral> Tee hee, just making sure
18:57 < Evie> argh...trying to watch video around Luke, who has settled across my arms and is purring up a storm
18:57 < KK> Sounds like a good idea.
18:58 < Shiral> So aside from cat tragedy, how was the week literarily speaking?
18:58 < jemler> d/l that video from youtube, bee. funny
18:58 < Evie> the cat in that second video reminds me of my Gigi, Bee.
18:59 < hygilac> funny video
18:59 < Evie> I think it's funny that Luke came running to hear the song and stayed to watch the video. ;-)
18:59 < hygilac> I've lost hte link, but check you tube for a hilarious video about a kitten scared of 3 apples
19:00 < KK> Good writing week.  I've found a romantic interest for Llion.
19:01 < Evie> Lucky Llion then. :)
19:01 < Shiral> Oh, good!
19:01 < Evie> I'm sure your fictional menfolk prefer getting kissed over gettiing killed any day.  :D
19:01 < KK> It will give him something else to do once Alaric is at court.  (Llion is there too, but on Duke Richard's staff as well as being Alaric's knight.)
19:01 < derynifanatic64> :)
19:02 < hygilac> everyone likes a romantic interest!
19:02 < Shiral> So he needs a lady friend, too.  =o) We know he'll make a good father
19:02 < the_Bee> Can you fill the globe with colored water, or would that ruin the LED light?
19:02 < Evie> when does Duke Richard get a romantic interest?  I know one's upcoming, or Araxie might have some trouble being born.  :D
19:02 < Shiral> And Richelle, too
19:02 < KK> Yes.  So we're doing Kenneth's funeral now, at Morganhall--this is about in mid to late October--and Alaric makes the transition to court at Twelfth Night.
19:03 < derynifanatic64> and no queen for Kelson
19:03 < Evie> Probably would ruin the light, Bee, and I want to display  Duncan, not drown him.  But I think dunking it in a bowl of water and yellow food coloring will do the trick
19:03 < Shiral> And no little Haldane heirs
19:04 < KK> THere are clear colored paints used for fake stained glass, that would probably do the trick better than food coloring in water.
19:04  * Shiral is eager for Alaric to get to court to hook up with Brion =o)
19:04 < Evie> I might try that if the food coloring doesn't work, but when I've worked with those paints before, they've tended to streak.
19:04 < the_Bee> A craft store might have those paints.
19:04 < KK> He's already getting to know Brion, who has brought his father's body back from Meara.
19:04  * Shiral is happy.
19:04 < KK> Or Michael's.
19:05 < Shiral> But still impatient. =o)
19:05 < KK> Couldn't be more impatient than I am, Shiral.
19:05  * Shiral won't contest this statement
19:05 < hygilac> Iknow that feeling well, KK
19:05 < Evie> When does Duncan end up at Court, KK?
19:06 < hygilac> still trying to get that chase to work
19:06 < jemler> hygilac, is this the link?
/>19:06 < hygilac> yes, jemler
19:07 < Shiral> Well, first Duncan has to go through seminary, doesn't he?  =o)
19:07 < KK> Not sure Duncan is ever at court, other than his father's court, which is where he is now.
19:07 < Evie> OK
19:07 < Evie> wasn't sure if, as a Duke's son, he'd be given some exposure to royal court, but then again, he's a second son
19:08 < Shiral> He visits Rhemuth as a small child, which is not exactly being a courtier in his own right
19:08 < hygilac> and intended for the Church
19:09 < Evie> Was Duncan's vocation for the Church influenced by his parents' desire that he should go into it, or were they the ones influenced to allow it because he felt an early calling in that direction?
19:09 < Shiral>
/>19:10 < the_Bee> IIRC his mother wanted it.
19:10 < Shiral>  Don't know if any one's seen that video, but it's hilarious
19:10 < hygilac> Didn't his mother favor him going into the chruch?
19:10 < Shiral> I would think Vera would have some anxiety about that--at least in terms of Duncan's safety
19:11 < Evie> He certainly seems to have a true vocation by the time of the novels, but was he always that sure?  It seemed to me like he might have experienced a few doubts early on, if Maryse managed to sidetrack him for a year or two.
19:11 < derynifanatic64> then also Duncan will meet Maryse
19:12 < Evie> In the story about his marriage to Maryse, it appears Vera was quite set on him being a priest, but then again, since that wasn't written by KK, I wasn't sure how canonical to consider that
19:12 < KK> There's a bit of all this going on.
19:12 < the_Bee> Who wrote that if you didn't, KK?
19:13 < Shiral> So how does Alaric  feel about Duncan's calling after he gets back from Jorian's execution?
19:13 < KK> The only thing I've written about that is Duncan's own account, before the bishops.
19:13 < KK> I think Sharon Henderson wrote a more expanded story about it.
19:13 < hygilac> There's an expanded story, Bee, not the one Duncan relates to the bishops
19:13 < Shiral> Yes. That was Sharon's contribution to the Tales
19:15 < the_Bee> ok, thanks for the info.
19:17 < Evie> I tend to think of the novels as primary sources, the short stories (aside from those by KK) as secondary sources that are at least quasi-canonical, and the RPG and stuff as "very handy but discardable if they conflict with canon"
19:17 < hygilac> KK, i have a question about the Camber books and the Histories
19:18 < Evie> not that I can recall finding much so far that conflicts with canon in the RPG, though there are a  few things in Codex that make me scratch my head and say "Huh?" :D
19:18 < the_Bee> Speaking of stories, I believe Julianne is working on a new DA'Zine.
19:18 < KK> Rob got carried away in spots in Codex.
19:19 < jemler> like naming that one family after vegetables?
19:19 < the_Bee> which family was that?
19:19 < Shiral> Richelle isn't saying much to me about life in Meara, these days
19:20 < jemler> Brock Leigh, Parse Leigh, Kale, Lettice, etc.
19:20 < Evie> Hopefully that doesn't mean she's in a sulk about it, Shiral. :D
19:21 < derynifanatic64> :D
19:21 < Shiral> Don't know. Maybe she's being stoic about the autumn rains
19:21 < Shiral> And a neglected old manor house with leaky roofs
19:23 < Evie> I imagine it won't stay neglected for long
19:23 < Shiral> SHe's un-neglecting it right now. =o) But it's not nearly large enough for their household, and they can't do any expanding of it until the next spring...
19:24 < hygilac> Remodeling is not fun
19:24 < Shiral> No
19:25 < Evie> "Welcome to home ownership...aka having a Money Pit."  :D
19:25 < Shiral> Especially not when you're  used to a palace, and now you're living in an overgrown cottage  =o)
19:26 < hygilac> yes indeed
19:26 < Shiral> In the middle of a damn wilderness...
19:26 < Evie> Let's hope life with the new hubby makes up for at least some of that letdown. :)
19:27 < Shiral> Yes, but he has to go about getting acquainted with his new tenants, or hunting or....
19:27 < Shiral> Anyway.
19:28 < KK> Well, they do have income from their new property.
19:28 < Shiral> It's true! Brecon must enjoy being his own man with his own property.
19:28 < the_Bee> And Brecon is Mearan, so at least he knows something about local customs, doesn't he?
19:29 < Shiral> (And maybe not living with his mother)
19:29 < Evie> and with a wife who doesn't throw crockery when she's upset
19:29 < Shiral> Not yet, anyway
19:29 < Shiral> =o)
19:30 < Evie> All I can say for poor Oksana's husband is that he should consider going back to bread trenchers and keep a lot of earthenware or treen tumblers stocked away for when the current set gets broken.
19:30 < derynifanatic64> ;)
19:31 < Shiral> Maybe being a Duchess  has improved her temper
19:31 < the_Bee> treen?
19:32 < Evie> Let's hope.  Otherwise I can see the poor guy wistfully eyeing bread loaves wondering if they can be carved into trenchers
19:32 < Evie> Treen is woodenware, Bee
19:32 < the_Bee> ah, thanks
19:32 < Shiral> They wouldn't hurt too much if they got lobbed at him in a fight. =o)
19:32 < Evie> like wooden cups, bowls, utensils, etc
19:33 < the_Bee> and salad bowls
19:33 < Shiral> At least not the bread
19:33 < the_Bee> Some local restaurants serve clam chowder in bowls made of bread.
19:34 < Evie> yes, I love stews in bread bowls
19:34 < KK> I expect they did something like that in the middle ages.
19:34 < Shiral> Of course, soup MIGHT hurt if it got thrown at him, =o)
19:34 < KK> Especially if really hot.
19:34 < the_Bee> if it's hot
19:34 < Shiral> Exactly
19:34 < Shiral> But Jolyon must be pretty good at ducking
19:34 < KK> On the other hand, it's hard to get hot meals to the table when the kitchens are so far away.  That was true at Holybrooke.
19:34 < derynifanatic64> hopefully
19:35 < Evie> I've had a feast served on actual bread trenchers, but only once.  Most SCA feastcrats don't bother to go that full out with it
19:35 < Evie> and this was more of a mini-feast
19:35 < Shiral> A small plates feast?
19:36 < Evie> LOL!  no, more of a "feast for a few", not for the whole 100 or so people at the event
19:36 < Shiral> Oh So regular sized food
19:36 < the_Bee> Did Holybrooke really have a holy brook nearby, KK?
19:36 < Evie> no..wait...this was at one of the massive camping events where there wasn't a general feast for all.  Now i remember, that was why.
19:37 < Evie> I go to a church called Clearbranch.  Sounds like it ought to be next to a Holybrooke.  :D
19:37 < KK> It did.  In the very early days, there was said to be a monastery across the lake, and folks say that monks can sometimes be seen walking in a single-file line around the lake.  We never saw them.
19:38 < the_Bee> or a tree with transparent branches.
19:38 < jemler> Holy Ghosts at Holybrooke?
19:38 < KK> Of couyrse.
19:38 < KK> course
19:38 < jemler> Holy
19:38 -!- Audrey [Mibbit@0DCE8C.14DC86.7AF8EB.D4701E] has joined #deryni_Destinations
19:38 < Evie> it's named for a clear stream that runs through the property, Bee, but otherwise I could see that interpretation. Or not see it, if they were truly transparent. :D
19:38 < jemler> wont add the rest
19:38 < the_Bee> Hi Audrey
19:39 < jemler> hi Audrey
19:39 < Audrey> Hi
19:39 < Shiral> Hi Audrey
19:39 < Evie> Hi, Audrey
19:39 < Audrey> Hi everybody
19:39  * Evie brandishes the mackerel launcher at jemler and smiles
19:39 < jemler> i stopped!
19:39 < derynifanatic64> hi audrey
19:39  * Evie says hello and offers you a goblet of Fianna wine
19:40 < derynifanatic64> more fish for jemler
19:40 < Evie> put jemler in a suit and he'll think he's a penguin
19:41 < jemler> you'll never get me, Batman! quack!
19:41 < Evie> I don't look a thing like Batman
19:41 < Shiral> She doesn't have the wings for it
19:41 < Evie> For that matter, I don't look a thing like Catwoman either, but feel free to imagine that. :D
19:42 < Shiral> LOL
19:42 < jemler> here kitty, kitty, kitty
19:42  * Evie turns pointedly away and sniffs the mackerel launcher
19:42 < derynifanatic64> but this kitty can fight back
19:43 < Shiral> So could Cat Woman
19:44 < Evie> How much further do you think you'll take this book, KK?  Do you think you'll end up needing to go to a CM4, or will you manage to make things all fit in one book?
19:45 < KK> I think it will end with the birth of Kelson.  That leaves things open for a CM4 if I want ot go there.
19:46 < Evie> We wouldn't protest you going there. ;-)
19:46 < the_Bee> So it will include Brion's duel with the Marluk.
19:46 < Shiral> Gracious no. =o)
19:47 < Evie> though feel free to take us on a tour of the other Kingdoms if you'd rather. :D
19:47  * Shiral is content to go to Bremagne
19:47 < Shiral> =o)
19:48 < Evie> I'm sure Shiral would like to see Bremagne, and as I've recently created a Llanneddan fanfic character, I'm finding myself curious about that kingdom.
19:48  * Shiral wouldn't mind a nice visit to the Forcinn States either. With wine tastings in Fianna, naturally
19:49 < KK> Hmmm, I've just had a brainstorm.  What if the events that would be covered in CM4 were told not from Alaric's POV, but from that of a Torenthi.  Must mull this.
19:49 <~bynw> oooh
19:49 < Evie> That sounds intriguing.
19:49 <~bynw> that sounds intriguing
19:49 < Shiral> OOOOOOOOO...... Now that's a brainstorm!
19:49 < derynifanatic64> maybe from Wencit's view
19:49 < Audrey> sounds interesting
19:49 < the_Bee> verry interrresting!
19:49 <~bynw> hmmmm GMTA Evie
19:49 < Evie> :D
19:49 < jemler> kind of like the story of Marluk's death was from Wencits POV
19:49 <~bynw> yeah much like that one
19:49 < Evie> Great minds think alike, bynw. And then there's ours.
19:49 < hygilac> Wencit is a twisted soul
19:50 <~bynw> LOL
19:50 < derynifanatic64> was a twisted soul
19:50 < the_Bee> Wencit's POW or Charaissa's?
19:50 < hygilac> literary characters are always referred to in the present tense
19:50 < derynifanatic64> both maybe
19:50 < Evie> Wencit was a twisted soul, twisted soul, twisted soul / Wencit was a twisted soul, his heart was black as coal.  *ahem!* Um, sorry, mind wandered a bit.
19:51 < derynifanatic64> :O
19:51 <~bynw> wencit was just twisted
19:51 < Shiral> Clear to Beldour by the sound of it!
19:51 < hygilac> rofl
19:51 < KK> I don't know if I could sustain an entire book from Wencit's POV.  But it would be interesting to look at htat section of Alaric's life from someone else's POV, to maybe get better insights into how he ends up the way he is at the beginning of DR.
19:51 < jemler> is your mind old enough to wander around alone?
19:51 < derynifanatic64> and Charissa was too
19:52 < the_Bee> Have different chapters from different POVs
19:52 < Audrey> Aren't there Camberian Council members in Torenth at that time?
19:52 < Evie> You could write a book about Alaric from Duncan's pov.  ;-)
19:52 < Shiral> I was wondering about Cardosa, KK. Since it's changed hands so many times between Gwynedd and Torenth, being right on the border, would it have a fair sized Torenthi population?
19:52 < derynifanatic64> I think Bram Stoker's Dracula was done from different POV's
19:52 < hygilac> yes!  great book by Sylvia Engdahl  called Enchantress from he Stars--three different POVs
19:52 < jemler> it was. Harkers, minas, VAn Helsings.
19:53 < Shiral> Evie would LOVE that.  =o)
19:53 < the_Bee> Yes, and KK used them some in Camber of Culdi.
19:53 < Evie> A book about Cardose could be quite interesting
19:54 < jemler> i'd like to know more about that hidden order the michon was involved in.
19:54 < Evie> And I'm rather fond of Arilans.
19:54 < Shiral> Really, Evie??? =o)
19:54 < Evie> yes, even that curmudgeonly one in Dhassa. ;-)
19:55 < hygilac> KK, any chance of getting the older books into eBook format?
19:55 < jemler> i already had some in epub format
19:55 < Evie> or on audiobook, for that matter
19:55 < Shiral> I think there's a Kindle edition of Childe Morgan
19:56 < Evie> though I'd love to have them in ebook format compatible with one of the readers on my phone
19:56 < hygilac> There is, yes and the Chronicles, too
19:56 < Evie> I have ITKS on Kindle
19:56 < jemler> what kind of phone?
19:56 < Evie> Droid 2
19:56 < Shiral> The only problem with those is getting them autographed by the Author  =o)
19:56 < hygilac> and King Kelson's Bride as well
19:56 < KK> I thnk they're working on it.  When I get the current book done, I want to sort out all the e-book stuff.  And there WILL be a new edition of Lammas Night,one way or another!
19:56 < derynifanatic64> that would be hard to autograph
19:57 < Evie> I don't mind getting my phone's case autographed by KK. ;-)
19:57 < jemler> C3PO is fluent in over 6,000,000 forms of communication. Ask him!
19:57 < hygilac> Yay for Lammas Night!
19:57 < Shiral> Good
19:57 < derynifanatic64> get the autograph and stick it to the phone
19:57 < jemler> he's a droid
19:57 < Shiral> My phone isn't stupid, it just won't apply itself. I get it little tutors, but it won't really try...
19:57 < hygilac> Hey, I have my autographed copies AND my Kindl copies!
19:58 < derynifanatic64> bad phone
19:58 < Evie> I used to carry tons of books to DragonCon for autographs, but i got tired of toting around a small library every time
19:58 < Evie> LOL, Shiral!
19:58 < hygilac> I just like a font size I can see as my old eyes go weaker
19:58 < Shiral> I've got most of my library autographed. It's just the most recent books I don't have signed
19:58 < Evie> yes, I have the print versions too, but I prefer to keep those at home, and I do a lot of my reading and writing when out and about
19:58 < KK> Well, it's getting late, guys, so gotta go.  We had film crew here this afternoon filming a piece for Scott's pilot on the Governors' Mansions, starting with Richmond.  This was the funeral of Gen. Stonewall Jackson.  We had a real coffin in the drawing room for the afternoon, with a Jackson re-enactor in it, looking dead.
19:59 < derynifanatic64> cool
19:59 < Evie> you don't know how often I've wished I had a  Pocket Codex
19:59 < Shiral> Thanks for coming by, KK
19:59 < derynifanatic64> good nite KK
19:59 < KK> Codex will be going to e-book, later this year or early next.
19:59 < Shiral> I hope all your other cats are and will remain in good health for many years to come. And of course the dogs, too
19:59 < jemler> nite kk
19:59 < Evie> Looking forward to e-Codex
19:59 < Evie> Goodnight, KK!
19:59 < derynifanatic64> me too
19:59 < Shiral> Night KK. Good writing, this week!
19:59 < the_Bee> Glad you came, KK.  Have a good week, and let us know more about Scott's project.
19:59  * Evie waves goodbye
19:59 < Audrey> good night
20:00 < KK> THanks.  I've had Gus in my lap the entire time I've been chatting with you.
20:00  * Shiral waves farewell to Kk
20:00 < Evie> :D
20:00 < hygilac> Good night and good words this week
20:00 < derynifanatic64> lucky gus
20:00  * Shiral reaches through the screen and gives Gus an ear scritch
20:00 < KK> Nighters, all.
20:00 < Shiral> Night, KK
20:00 <~bynw> night kk
20:00  * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
20:01 -!- KK [] has quit [Quit: ]


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