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KK Chat -- 11 Sept 2011
« on: September 11, 2011, 07:17:31 pm »
* KK has joined #deryni_Destinations
<Evie> oh noes...Alkari's getting tunnelled again
<jemler>  hi KK
<Shiral> Hi KK
<DesertRose> Hi KK!.
<Evie> welcome, KK
<KK> Hello, folks!
<DesertRose> I keep doubling up on my punctuation.
* Evie is glad the ice cream bait worked
<Shiral> What do  you know, Evie, the ice cream and caramel author trap worked!
<KK> Was it chocolate chip?
<jemler> or was it my cinnamon rolls?
<Evie> at the north quarter, yes.
<KK> That oculd also work.
* Shiral adds a few Patisserie
<KK> Sorry I missed the last couple of weeks, but we had engegements, and I was also on a roll.
<Evie> I added to my "shiral" collection yesterday.  I spotted a pretty amber ring that didn't cost an arm and a leg.
<DesertRose> A cinnamon roll?  :P
<Shiral> Being on a roll is good. Progress above all!
<bynw> hiyas KK
<jemler> we were wondering about the quake
<KK> Hi, Bynw.
<Evie> yay, story progress!
<KK> Quake was not good.  Damaged one of our front porch pillars.
<Shiral> Yowch. But is everyone okay?
<jemler> i felt it here in Ohio
<KK> Good Lord!
<jemler> was it a Pillar of Might or Mercy?
* the_Bee ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
<KK> No injuries.  And nothing structural.  The house isn't going to fall down or anything.
<jemler> hi be
<jemler> e
<DesertRose> Hiya Bee
<Evie> howdy, Bee
<jemler> new kbd, sorry
<KK> Hi, Bee.
<Shiral> Well, I'm glad it wasn't worse. Hi Bee
<the_Bee> Hi Jemler, Evie, DR and Shiral.
<DesertRose> What about Hurricane Irene, KK?  Did y'all catch any of that?
<KK> Me too.  Still don't know what it's going to cost to fix it.  Insurance doesn't cover it, though.
<the_Bee> KK, what happened to your house--a hurricane?
<KK> Just a little rain from Irene.  Quake damage, Bee.
<the_Bee> Oh, yes. 
<DesertRose> Okay, cool.  That's about what we got here in FL, a little breezy rain.
* Alkari has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
<jemler> er-bye alkari
<Evie> Alkari just got tunneled
<KK> Yeah, not even that breezy here, but lots of rain.  The gorund needed it, and we're on a good hill.
<KK> Tunneled?
<Shiral> She's got Hobbits!
<Evie> she warned us just before you arrived that her train was approaching tunnels
<DesertRose> She popped into chat on her commute to work, but she loses signal in the tunnels.
<Evie> when she reaches them, her chat connection gets killed
<KK> Ah.  What train?
<jemler> she drove thru a tunnel, i think she saw Elvis at the other end!
<Evie> whichever one in Sydney takes her from home to work, I think
<KK> Ah.
<Shiral> Kitties get freaked out by the Earthquake?
<KK> Not particularly.  The big aftershock 36 hours later was scary for Penelope, though. Scott said she sprad all four legs as far as she could, and her tail stuck straight out the back like a skillet handle, ears laced back.
<the_Bee> Oh, yes.  bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
<KK> It was apparently pretty funny-looking.
<Shiral> That's how a cat says  "Make this stop!"
<KK> Yep.
<jemler> Melantha? is that you?
<the_Bee> yep
<Evie> LOL
<DesertRose> Seriously.  Hi Melantha.
<Evie> Melantha wanted to say hello to KK
<Shiral> I have a little three tier paper and junk caddy on my desk. Dmitri laid claim to the top level, today. He didn't want my camera and my iPod Dock  up there
<Evie> I'm amazed Luke isn't in here
<KK> Thunder is the biggie we're battling now.  (Lately, not literally now.)  Oswald hates it, and trembles like he's going to stroke out.  So we got him a THunderShirt.
<jemler> is he still curled up with DD?
<Shiral> I told him he's not a kitten anymore and the space is too small, but he very ostentatiously worked to make himself comfortable in it.
<DesertRose> It hasn't been very stormy here, which is weird for us.
<Evie> no, he left, jemler, but now Gigi just appeared at the door, meowed loudly, and jumped up to check what I'm up to
<the_Bee>  My screen just went black for a moment.  I thought it was dying, but it was just a Melantha trying to install internet TV. 
<Evie> she looked on the screen, jumped back down, and is off again
<jemler> ok everybody, concentrate and send your storms DRs way! she misses the weather! :)
<DesertRose> KK, are you up for a barrage of questions?
<Evie> I have a question.  :-)
<KK> Haven't gotten to try it out with thunder yet, but when I tried to fit it on Oswald, this provoked a giant 3-dog kerfuffle that drew blood on Warner.  THey looked like Katzenjammer dogs, going round and round and snarling and barking.
<DesertRose> I have a list of them that Evie, Alkari, Festil, and I have come u p with.
<DesertRose> *up
<KK> Question away, Evie.
<Evie> When did Jared McLain find out his wife and younger son were Deryni, or did he ever know?
<Shiral> Thundershirt?
<KK> Don't know.  He hasn't found out yet.
<jemler> he couldn't have had too many hangups about Deryni, if he was going to have one for a DIL
<KK> Thundershirt fastens close around the body, hugs them, and it's supposed to soothe them in thunder or other stressful situations. THey've gotten good reviews, and they offer a money-back guaranteed, if they dont work.  Figured it was worth a try.
<Evie> OK, that's my question du jour.  :D
<Shiral> Ah, Okay
<Shiral> A light barrage today, Evie? =o)
<DesertRose> What about Hassan of Nur Hallaj, and his alliance with Charissa and Hogan Gwernach?
<Evie> Thundershirt sounds interesting. I wonder if they work on dogs?  My cats are unfazed by storms, but our dog's scared of them
<the_Bee> You once told me in a letter Vera never told him; "safer not to know."
<jemler> so Evie, your cats are ThunderCats?
<KK> Haven't gotten to that timeframe yet, DR.
<DesertRose> Okay.
<DesertRose> That was one of Alkari's questions.
<KK> THundershirts are for dogs, not cats.
<Evie> ah.  Might look out for one for our Pixie then
<Shiral> Have Brion and Alaric left for Bremagne, yet?
<DesertRose> Was Ian Howell Deryni?  It's the same surname as Coel and Elinor and Melissa from the Camberian era.
<DesertRose> Although I'll grant it's not an unusual sort of name.
<KK> brb
<DesertRose> Okay.
<Evie> If they haven't left yet, Shiral, maybe they can take you with them. ;-)
<Evie> You can give them the tour and send back pics.  :D
<jemler> if you remember correctly, in Hog, Ansel said hte DRummonds and the Howells were not a particurly strong Deryni family. Able to shield, but that was about it.
<Shiral> Royal Hitchhiking!
<Evie> btw, Pocket Duncan picked up a purple stole on the final day of DragonCon.  :-D
<DesertRose> Was it painted on, or glued on?
<Evie> a guy in the dealers' room was a LEGO merchant, and he had a purple paint Sharpie and a gold marker
<Evie> so he painted it on
<the_Bee> I was going to ask if he "stole" it.
<jemler> you should remind PD that 5-finger Dicsounts are illegal! :)
<Evie> it's removable with alcohol if I decide to change it
<DesertRose> Cool.
<Shiral> Was the Stole a steal?
<jemler> just make sure of 2 things: !) that it's NOT Sacremental Wine, and 2) NO merasha!
<Evie> Quite a steal. it was free. :D
<Shiral> Can't beat that
<Evie> the ends are a little short, though. I think it shrank in the wash
<DesertRose> LOL
<the_Bee> I nearly made a 5-finger discount today.
<DesertRose> That's why you don't wash silk.
<DesertRose> :D
<Shiral> Careless castle laundresses!
<DesertRose> How so, Bee?
<jemler> Bee, you have the right to remain silent!
<the_Bee> I made a purchase and forgot I'd put another item in my bag.  I found it when I got home, called the shop, and had them put it on my credit card.
<DesertRose> Oops.
<Shiral> That was very honest of you
<the_Bee> The guy thanked me for being honest; I could probably have gotten away with it.
<jemler> we'll have to start calling you abee!
<the_Bee> Well, I wasn't about to walk another 6 miles round trip to return it!
<jemler> Honest Abee!
* DesertRose beats jemler with her fishing pole.
<jemler> well, at least it wasn't ahot wheels race track, or a lilac switch!
<Evie> My mom nearly did something similar once. She had her hands full at the store and slipped something in her pocket.  Didn't really notice the guy following her around  the store after that until she got to the cash register, the cashier rang up her other items, and she found the thing in her pocket when she was reaching for her wallet
<DesertRose> Oops.
<Evie> turned out the guy following her was a store employee making sure she wasn't planning on walking out with it
* derynifanatic64 (Mibbit@F8E647.70AEDE.E1F3C0.E26513) has joined #deryni_Destinations
<jemler> wb df
<Evie> re-hi, DF
<the_Bee> HI DF
<DesertRose> Rehi derynifanatic64.  Storm passed?
<Shiral> Hi DF
<derynifanatic64> there's still some rumbling
<Evie> ours is gone now
<Evie> so yours might end soon
<derynifanatic64> there's a chance for more--hopefully away from me
<DesertRose> KK is AFK right now, but I'm sure she'll be back in a few.
<Evie> LOL!  Peeked through the door and Gigi is lying guard outside my door keeping silent vigil over her pompom
<DesertRose> Silly Gigi.
<derynifanatic64> :D
<Evie> it's the pompom she thinks is either her kitten or her prey, not sure which, but she occasionally roams through the house with it in her mouth, mewing loudly
<derynifanatic64> it's both kitten and prey
<the_Bee> How loudly can she mew with a pompom in her mouth?
<Shiral> Our old cat Luna could never pass  up a sock without being a mother to it
<Evie> You'd be surprised.  It's the loudest she ever gets, that particular meow
<Shiral> Once She "adopted" a pair of my mom's wool tights
<Evie> it's a very plaintive sound
<jemler> was your mom wearing them at the time?
<Shiral> No, luckily
<Evie> we caught Gigi dragging a pair of DD's trousers down the hallway once
<Evie> they were 3 or 4 times her length
* jemler shuts up!
<derynifanatic64> put the fish away
<the_Bee> She must have been pretty proud of herself for capturing such big prey.
<DesertRose> jemler is finally smartening up.
<Evie> yes, she was pretty determined to get them down the hall. :D
<the_Bee> What size was DD at the time?
<Shiral> Never underestimate a cat.  =o)
<Evie> about a 10 girls
<KK> OK, I'm back.  My apartment manager called with news about one f our pesky tenants--whohas now moved out.  Hurrah!
<DesertRose> YAY!
<Evie> yay
<derynifanatic64> great news
<Shiral> YESS!!
<the_Bee> good riddance but lost income? or just good riddance?
<KK> She's tied up in a seminar tomorrow, so I need to get the locksmith out to change the locks on that apt.
<jemler> watch out for that KK. I sued to work for a coiple that rented apts, when they evicted one, they emptied the waterbed in the bedroom!
<KK> We'll find another tenant quickly, I'm sure.
<DesertRose> KK, I've still got questions on the list, if you're still willing to be barraged.  :D
<jemler> sorry, new kbd, that was supposed to be I used to work for a couple.
<KK> Asak away
<the_Bee> Why'd you sue them, Jemler?
<jemler> re above
<DesertRose> Does Brendan stay in squire’s training once he turns 14, or does he hie off to Marley to take over personal rule of the earldom?
<the_Bee> AW shucks, you beat me to it.
<jemler> kant tipe four carp
<KK> He stays in squire's training until he's knighted, but he's allowed to sit on his earldom's council meetings and made judgments.
<KK> make
<DesertRose> Okay.
<Evie> but he'd come into his full responsibilities after he's knighted, or at what age?
<Shiral> Why make him take on the whole ball of wax when he's still only a boy?
<KK> Meanwhile, RIchenda and Alaric are his regents in absentia.
<DesertRose> Did Denis Arilan have to commute back and forth between Torenth and Dhassa, after Liam’s killijalay, and if so, for how long?
<Evie> asking that one since codex 2 lists him as an ambassador or some such to Liam's Court
<KK> He'd take over after knighting, at 18, but still would travel back and forth.
<KK> Arilan will do a bit of commuting for a while.
<the_Bee> remind me: killijayay?
<DesertRose> His magical investiture as king.
<jemler> liam coronation from KKB
<Evie> Liam's coronation ceremony
<the_Bee> oh yes. I knew it was something from KKB.
<the_Bee> thanks all
<jemler> yw
<the_Bee> Did you coin that word, KK or find it somewhere?
<DesertRose> Okay, last two are Festil's questions.
<DesertRose> Why didn’t the Healers in Torenth maintain the old Healer’s training scholae after 917-918?
<KK> That's a Robism.
<the_Bee> ah.
<KK> There are Healers in Torenth, but for some reason they've sort of gone underground.
<DesertRose> Okay.
<Shiral>  Have Brion and Alaric left for Bremagne, yet?
<Evie> I had put that to the various other healing scholae ending badly over the years
<DesertRose> And did Torenth ever have anything like the Gabrilites or Michaelines?  Religious orders for Deryni purposes, basically?
<KK> No, I've spent the last 2 weeks sorting Kenneth's death and afternath, which also includes Morian's death and aftermath, and questions of Coups de Grace.
<KK> aftermath
* camber (Mibbit@1AB00B.9A315F.63AA47.7E79CD) has joined #deryni_Destinations
<DesertRose> And with that, I'm done with the barrage of questions.
<the_Bee> HI camber
<DesertRose> Hi camber.
<jemler> hi9 camber
<Shiral> Hi Camber
<KK> Hi, Camber.  (This is just weird.)
* Evie plays a funeral dirge for KK's 'Victim of the Week'
* Evie says hello and offers you a goblet of Fianna wine
<camber> Hello all, I changed my name -it was Valentius
<KK> Hey, no more victims for a while.  And Kenneth got to die in his bed.
<Shiral> I won't worry until Alister Cullen shows up, too!
<Evie> well, that's good, at least
<derynifanatic64> hi camber
* Shiral was hoping to hitch a ride to Bremagne with the Royal baggage train...
<Evie> hi, Valentius/Camber
<DesertRose> Oh, that was another thing, but it's not  story related per se.  Somebody sent me a Deryni named pet.  Should I just start another page for that or what?  Neither bynw nor I quite knew what to do with that.
<camber> Hello derynifanatic64 & Evie
<KK> The good news is that we'll skip over a couple of years once Alaric moves to court, and pick him back up when he goes on the mission to Bremagne.
<KK> We could have a page for Deryni-named pets.
<DesertRose> Okay.
<Evie> I need to clean my contacts.  I read that as "...goes off with missionaries to Bremagne."
<the_Bee> They could probably use some.
<Shiral> Why go with them, if he could go with Brion instead?  =o)
<camber> I thought there was a page for furry children aka pets couldn't you just add it to that page?
<DesertRose> There's a gallery for pictures of people's pets.
<KK> Furry children would be good.
<KK> Not all of them have Deryni names, though.
<Evie> KK, I wore the Servant of Saint Camber outfit (except without the wimple or cincture) to Meridian Coronation yesterday.  In the afternoon, my DH and I, my DD and some friends went shopping and to the local Huddle House, all in garb. You should have seen the stares.  :D
<Shiral> Tee hee!
<KK> Heh, heh.
<derynifanatic64> :D
<DesertRose> I think I might just tell that person to add a picture of said corgi to the fur kids gallery.
<the_Bee> not your DS?
<Evie> no, he was at home.  Didn't feel well yesterday
<KK> Ooooh, a Deryni Corgi!  Cool!
<Shiral> So who is the corgi named after?  =o)
<KK> (And I probably need to add Warner.  He isn't already there, is he?  Can't remember.)
<camber> Camber, who's been a fan for several decades is awe struck to be talking with his favoritest author.
<DesertRose> Yup, a Deryni cori named Kelson Camber Haldane, Defender of Humankind.
* the_Bee sends feel-better woodgies to Evie's DS.
<DesertRose> Warner is there.  You sent me a bunch of pics of the fur kids, and he was in there.
<KK> Kelson Camber Haldane, wow.
<DesertRose> *corgi
<KK> OK re Warner.
<Shiral> That's quite a name to live up to
<Evie> yeah. :D
<Shiral> In a fanfic, I gave Araxie a greyhound
<Evie> Duncan has a few Basilica mousers hanging around in mine
<camber> Just the Kelson Haldane part is a lot to live up to, not to mention Camber
<the_Bee> Wrengl would be delighted.
<Shiral> Indeed
<derynifanatic64> with deryni powers too
<camber> Can I borrow your or Duncan's mousers Evie?  We've had several mice this summer and it looks like we'll need to invest in a feline
<Evie> I think one might have kittens on the way, so sure, help yourself
<Evie> one less thing for him to add to the to-do list
<the_Bee> Get one whose mother has taught it to hunt.
<Shiral> Basilica has a bit of a mouse problem, eh?
<Evie> not anymore, Shiral. :D
<derynifanatic64> :)
<camber> Just a bit.  One of the hazards having it in the middle of cornfields
<Shiral> And I'm sure Duncan enjoys the company
<Evie> it's more of a tenderhearted-Servants-sneaking-scraps-under-the-refectory-table problem, I suspect
<KK> btw, I recently found out that Araxie is actually pronounced A-rash-ee.  (It's like the x in Ximene.)  Not that I'm going to change the way I say it.
<derynifanatic64> and Duncan himself at times
<the_Bee> I can't imagine a 12th-century servant being tender-hearted toward mice.
<Evie> how do you pronounce it?
<Shiral> Sounds like a painful skin ailment, that way
<Evie> Servants of Saint Camber, Bee, not the chambermaids
<KK> Just the way it looks: A-rax-ee.
<derynifanatic64> i've wondered if Alaric is said A-lar-ic or Al-a-ric
<KK> Al-a-ric.
<the_Bee> I've always said AL-a-ric
<Shiral> I imagine Dhugal probably sneaks a scrap or two to the cats, himself. =o)
<camber> I'd go for A-RACKS-ee.  The other makes me itchy
<KK> lol, yes.
<Evie> LOL
<camber> I've always said it like The_Bee
<Evie> is Maryse "Ma-REESE"?
<derynifanatic64> the teacher in Vampire Diaries is adamant with A-lar-ic
<KK> Mar-ee-sa.
<the_Bee> or Ma-REEZE?
<Evie> OK
<jemler> Evie, that was not me talking about her racks! :)
<Shiral> I used to pronounce it A-LAIR-ic
<Shiral> I'd only seen it written, never heard it pronounced
<Evie> OK, so the guy in the audiobook had it wrong then.
<KK> How does he say it?
<camber> I wasn't talking about her racks either, just her name. Don't get me in trouble with the King!
<the_Bee> How does he say it?
<Evie> Ma-REESE
<camber> I thought is way MAR-is
<camber> way=was
<DesertRose> I did that too, camber.
<Shiral> You wouldn't want Kelson thinking you'd spoken of his queen in salacious terms? =o)
<derynifanatic64> that would be bad
<KK> Well, it's actually sort of Mar-ee-se, with the se just sibillant.
<camber> Definitely not! No matter how hot she may be!!!
<the_Bee> The voice on this chatroom says Der-in-AYE as in aye aye sir.
<Shiral> LOL. If you're in a hole, don't keep digging
<jemler> but i want to go to china!
<KK> Der-IN-ee.
<Evie> I used to know someone who insisted it was der-EYE-nee
<Shiral> I used to stress DEER in ee
<the_Bee> I know.  I turn the sound off so I won't be annoyed by the mispronunciation.
<camber> I've always said DARE-in-ee
<Evie> and swore up and down she'd heard that from KK.  So I was glad to see the pronunciation guide on the Rhemuth Castle website has it as Der-in-ee
<Shiral> SO the first time I heard you say it KK, I thought "Whoa, I've been saying it wrong all this time???"
<jemler> how many ways is there to say 'it'?
<the_Bee> If you read the songs Gwidion reported to Alaric in DC, accent on the middle syllale fits the meter better.
* DesertRose smacks jemler with a trout.
<derynifanatic64> get the fish back out
* Evie smacks jemler with a mackerel so often, she's created a macro for it. *thwack!*
<camber> It's funny how we think things should be pronounced.  I always thought Sighere was Sigh-ear.
<the_Bee> syllable too
<jemler> that's my family. in my family, if someone says 'How do you spell that'? someone will say T-H-A-T!
<DesertRose> Are you trying to say you come by it all honestly, jemler?
<Evie> Queen Rosian is "Ro-sheen", isn't it?
<Shiral> I'd always pronounced Caitrine as CATE-rin, but on the recording, the reader says Ca-TREEN. Which is right?
<KK> Ro-SHEEN.  CAIT-rin.
<camber> Shouldn't it be a Makererl Makeroo?
<derynifanatic64> if a Deryni movie is ever made, we'll find out then
<the_Bee> For me, the correct pronunciation of a name is the one the owner prefers.
<Shiral> Ha-HA!!! I'm glad to be right on something.  =o)
<KK> True.
<the_Bee> me or shiral?
<DesertRose> I'm pretty good at pronouncing things but Celtic spellings throw me off.
<derynifanatic64> both
<KK> And one should be called by the name one prefers.  So I am NOT Kathy.
<camber> I like Ro-sheen.  Would be neat if their were a female name Nualah which I know is pronounced NOO-lah
<Shiral> I pity any foolish person who tried to call you that, KK
<KK> I finally shed that between HD and college, though I'd started trying while in HS, and even a bit in jr high.
<jemler> my bosses wife used to call me Jonathan. she said was a beautiful name. i told her i thought it sucked.
<Evie> I changed nicknames between high school and college, so I can tell who knew me before college and who met me afterwards
<DesertRose> I like the name Jonathan, but I tend to like Hebrew boys' names.
<camber> My daughter has the same problem, her name is Jessie - Not Jessica- and she is called Jessica all the time.
<the_Bee> Did you know Jesus's name in Hebrew would have been Yeshua?
<Shiral> For some reason, people persist in thinking my name is Michelle. It's a nice name, it just doesn't happen to be mine. But it keeps happening
<DesertRose> Yup.
<camber> I like Jonathan too, or perhaps Yonatan, which is Hebrew.
<Evie> Yes....hua.  (me thwacks self with mackerel)
<KK> Michelle?
<Shiral> Yes
<jemler> i'll stick to John, it's Hebrew too, even though I'm not.
<DesertRose> Right.
<KK> How about Jon?
<Shiral> Don't know why, but something about me just says "Michelle" to people who don't know me very well
<DesertRose> No one messes up my name.
<camber> Hope you don't do it too much Evie or you'll have to modify the Makerel Makeroo
<derynifanatic64> Mark is too easy to remember
<KK> Yike, I gotta dash.  THere are steaks awaiting, and I need to start some rice.  Thank goodness for rice cookers!
<the_Bee> Speaking of Hebrew, I attended a 9-11 anniversary interfaith service with both a Jewish and a Muslim speaker.
<camber> No one Messes us my name either, just my gender...My Given name is Val.
<derynifanatic64> though I sound like my dad on the phone
<DesertRose> It must fit  fairly well.  I did have somebody ask me how to pronounce my surname, one time recently, and that puzzle me.
<bynw> KK, you've never struck me as a "Kathy" only KK or Katherine or Right Reverend or Abbess. But never Kathy
<KK> It got better.
<Shiral> Keep up the good momentum KK! Have a good week
<DesertRose> Okay, KK, see you later.  Thanks  for answering the barrage of questions.
<KK> I certainly hope to.
<the_Bee> good week and good writing and good mealm KK
<bynw> cya KK have a good night, and yes rice cookers are great!
<DesertRose> *puzzled
<Shiral> Abbess....Kathy. Nope, doesn't work!
<camber> Goodnight KK!
<Evie> goodnight
* Evie waves goodbye
<derynifanatic64> good bye KK
<jemler> nite KK
* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight,a nd disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
<Shiral> Thanks for popping in!
<the_Bee> good meal and good week, KK
* KK has quit (Quit: )
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James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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Re: Ghosts of the Past by Laurna
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