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KK Chat -- 7 August 2011
« on: August 07, 2011, 07:40:41 pm »
[06:04:16 PM] Join   KK has joined this channel (~kkurtz@32F4F9.51CD80.22A38F.0F8818).
[06:04:23 PM]     * Evie says hello and offers you a goblet of Fianna wine
[06:04:33 PM] <jemler>   hi KK
[06:04:35 PM] <derynifanatic64>   hi KK
[06:04:38 PM] <Audrey>   hi
[06:04:41 PM] <KK>   Hello, all.
[06:04:46 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   HEllo KK
[06:04:47 PM] <Dennis>   Hi, KK!
[06:05:17 PM] <KK>   So, has everyone melted?
[06:05:26 PM] <derynifanatic64>   not yet
[06:05:27 PM] <Dennis>   No, but Boston washed away.
[06:05:35 PM] <Evie>   It's awful outside, or at least it was earlier this week
[06:05:35 PM] Join   the_Bee has joined this channel (
[06:05:40 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Not yet, but power bills are making me shudder.
[06:05:44 PM] <KK>   Yike, I take it you've had rain, lots of rain.
[06:05:44 PM] <jemler>   i have to be dowsed with water first!
[06:05:45 PM] <Audrey>   rainy?
[06:05:46 PM] <jemler>   hi bee
[06:05:53 PM] <Evie>   hello, Bee
[06:06:00 PM] <KK>   Hi, Bee.
[06:06:05 PM] <Dennis>   Just today. It's been pouring all day.
[06:06:08 PM] <the_Bee>   hi Evie and Hi KK
[06:06:08 PM] <derynifanatic64>   hi bee
[06:06:14 PM] <the_Bee>   and hi DF
[06:06:15 PM] <Dennis>   Hi, Bee!
[06:06:23 PM] <the_Bee>   and Dennis and all
[06:06:44 PM] <KK>   We had a bit of rain earlier today, but none of the thunderstorms they were predicting.  Which is fine by me, 'cause Oswald hates thunder!
[06:07:04 PM] <jemler>   he's a scardy cat?
[06:07:19 PM] <the_Bee>   Does he try to climb in your lap or hide under the bed?
[06:07:22 PM] <KK>   It's actually a rather pleasant 83 right now.
[06:07:43 PM] <Evie>   How is CM3 coming along?  Hopefully your cats aren't helping you write in the same way that Luke "helped" me last night....
[06:07:44 PM] <KK>   He tries to merge with mu leg, while hiding in the kneehole of my desk.
[06:08:16 PM] <derynifanatic64>   great picture
[06:08:20 PM] <Dennis>   Will we see Ned Loris in CM3?
[06:08:20 PM] <jemler>   is that Luke?
[06:08:26 PM] <Evie>   That's Luke
[06:08:48 PM]     * Evie snickers again at the thought of anyone calling Loris "Ned"
[06:08:48 PM] <jemler>   keep some of the smakerel for him!
[06:09:07 PM] <KK>   Luke is a v ery handsome orange marmalade!
[06:09:25 PM] <Evie>   Thank you.  I'll tell him that, but he already knows he's quite handsome.  :D
[06:09:33 PM] <jemler>   sounds like Garfield or Heathcliff!
[06:09:36 PM] <KK>   Haven't seen Loris yet, but you never know.  Later, perhaps.
[06:09:54 PM] <Dennis>   Would be weirder if he was an orange marmaduke. :)
[06:10:24 PM] <Evie>   LOL!  He'd better not curl up on my notebook computer if he's a Marmaduke!  :D
[06:10:26 PM] <KK>   That's true.  But I'm quite partial to orange cats.  We have 3 in the house.
[06:10:55 PM] <jemler>   got your daily dose of Vitamin C(at) :)
[06:11:03 PM] <KK>   Yep.
[06:11:19 PM] <Evie>   I think I've got it bad.  I went to the LEGO store recently to visit a friend, and ended up making a Duncan mini-fig and buying it so I could bring him home.  *blush*
[06:11:25 PM] <Dennis>   I guess DeNore fulfills the psychotic anti-Deryni bastard role admirably.
[06:11:33 PM] <Evie>   So now I've got my little Pocket Duncan on my writing desk
[06:11:33 PM] <derynifanatic64>   ;)
[06:11:44 PM] <KK>   Oh, yes.  Just wait until you see.
[06:12:06 PM] <KK>   There are Lego stores where you can customize figures?
[06:12:07 PM]     * Evie looks forward to hating more de Nores
[06:12:24 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   I've been expecting it, since I read about him brooding over Ser's grave.
[06:12:42 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Sep's. Am typing over his lordship
[06:12:50 PM] <Evie>   In the LEGO store here, you can assemble the figures from bins of parts they've got set up...heads, hair, torsos, pants, and one accessory
[06:12:53 PM] <Dennis>   Is Kenneth still with us as yet?
[06:13:12 PM] <KK>   Nope, Kenneth passed a few days ago.
[06:13:24 PM] <KK>   Now is body is on its way home, and Alaric doesn't know yet.
[06:13:33 PM] <Evie>   they're not fully customizable--that is, I wouldn't be able to get one with Alaric's gryphon on it--but you can get in the ballpark, buy it, and then (if you want to bother) do a paint job to customize it later
[06:13:36 PM] <derynifanatic64>   :(
[06:13:40 PM] <Evie>   Noooooo!  
[06:13:41 PM] <Dennis>   Poor Kenneth. He was cool.
[06:13:41 PM]     * Evie plays a funeral dirge for KK's 'Victim of the Week'
[06:14:05 PM] <bynw>   LOL ... she doesn't kill them off that quickly
[06:14:26 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   There's a good reason the first trope on the Tv Tropes Deryni page is "Anyone Can Die".
[06:14:39 PM] <KK>   Just about.
[06:14:42 PM] <Evie>   Pocket Duncan...that's a Jedi or Sith tunic, but with a bit of primer and paint, I'm hoping to change it to a stole and cincture. :D
[06:14:50 PM] <Dennis>   Depends on the book.  CtH was basically a 500-page obituary.
[06:14:56 PM] <bynw>   yeah it's one victim every week and a half
[06:15:02 PM] <Evie>   LOL, BTE
[06:15:19 PM] <Evie>   LOL, Bynw.  I'll update my macro, then. ;-)
[06:15:38 PM] <Dennis>   KKB on the other hand was positively festive. I think only three people total died. Or 5. The two assassins.
[06:16:05 PM] <Evie>   and it had lots of cool Torenthi local color stuff that made me drool. :D
[06:16:09 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Well, these people play for keeps.
[06:16:17 PM] <Evie>   i still want a tour guide to the Eleven Kingdoms
[06:16:30 PM] <KK>   A good figure, Evie, and easy to customize further.
[06:16:33 PM] <the_Bee>   Is that a chalice or a beer stein in legoduncan's hand?
[06:16:48 PM] <Evie>   Depends on the situation, I guess, Bee. :D
[06:17:02 PM] <Evie>   Right now I've got an amber bead in it, so it's a shiral crystal stand. ;-)
[06:17:14 PM] <KK>   Good idea.
[06:17:16 PM] <derynifanatic64>   :D
[06:17:32 PM] <jemler>   it's a goblet of Fianna red!
[06:17:55 PM] <Evie>   yes.  that's what I had in mind originally.  Or a Communion cup
[06:18:10 PM] <derynifanatic64>   or Romulan ale
[06:18:20 PM] <Evie>   I could stick tiny rhinestones on it and make it fancy
[06:18:23 PM] <KK>   No, no, no, wrong universe!
[06:18:27 PM] <jemler>   that much sacramental wine is sacreligious!
[06:18:50 PM] <KK>   I've seen some walloping big chalices, but only in museums.
[06:19:09 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Depneds on how big the congregation is.
[06:19:10 PM] <Evie>   I don't think LEGO scale is very precise
[06:19:22 PM] <KK>   YOu could certainly see one, though, alllllll the way at the back of the cathedral.
[06:19:49 PM] <Evie>   they had a great medieval queen torso in crimson and red, but there wasn't a matching skirt in the bin, so I couldn't make an Araxie
[06:19:55 PM] <Evie>   crimson and gold, I mean
[06:20:37 PM] <jemler>   crimson and clover, leather and lace
[06:20:48 PM] <KK>   It's nearly the size of his head.  Think about it.  WOuld you really want to finish off a chalice that big?  And still be able to finish the Mass?
[06:20:58 PM] <Evie>   So Duncan came home with a LEGO cheerleader and a ninja.  I don't even want to imagine THAT fanfic idea!  ;-)
[06:21:08 PM] <KK>   LOL
[06:21:11 PM] <the_Bee>   Was the priest expected to drain it?
[06:21:32 PM] <KK>   That's the usual plan.  SOmetimes several priests drain it.
[06:21:36 PM] <Evie>   yes, Bee.  Either that or pour the rest down a special drain consecrated for the  purpose
[06:21:53 PM] <jemler>   hence the celebration of mass! :)
[06:21:58 PM] <the_Bee>   What if the priest is an alcoholic?
[06:22:13 PM] <KK>   They didn't usually pour wind down it; more like water used to rinse out the chalice--AFTER someone drank all the wine.
[06:22:24 PM] <KK>   I
[06:22:42 PM] <the_Bee>   You?
[06:22:42 PM] <Evie>   We went to an Episcopal wedding where the wine served in the wedding Mass was unusually good for Communion wine.  I said something about that to the priest later, and he said if he had to drink the remaining wine, he wanted it to be tasty wine.  :D
[06:22:55 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   That's a problem. The principal of my Catholic junior high was one....Not pretty,
[06:23:01 PM] <KK>   I'm not sure what they do about that, these days.  There are non-alcoholic wines, but I'm not sure those are kosher for Mass.
[06:23:06 PM] <derynifanatic64>   you wouldn't want to drink sour wine
[06:23:45 PM] <the_Bee>   kosher for mass... thaat's an ecumenical thought.
[06:23:47 PM] <KK>   Like vinegar?  I don't think so.
[06:23:54 PM] <jemler>   what does it matter? i thought the wine was supposed to begome Blood anyway. (Not Catholic)
[06:23:59 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   AS I recall, it has to be actual wine. They could pour more water, or put the priest under supervision of somr kind.
[06:24:11 PM] <Evie>   not unless you're using the wine vinegar to make sekanjabin, in which case it's surprisingly good
[06:24:26 PM] <the_Bee>   sekanjabin?
[06:24:30 PM] <KK>   Or he could just take a tiny sip, and then let the deacon or another priest finish off the wine.
[06:24:44 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   I had a comparative religion class that castigated some Prot groups that use grape juice, so I'm pretty sure it has to be wine.
[06:24:57 PM] <Evie>   medieval Persian drink, Bee.  Very refreshing, and good in hot weather. Sort of like medieval Gatorade
[06:25:10 PM] <the_Bee>   Or maybe the church wouldn't assign an alcoholic priest to a parish.
[06:25:26 PM] <KK>   Grape juice would fulfill the requirements, since wine is just grape juice that's been fermented.
[06:25:50 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Not according to Fr. Mike.
[06:26:22 PM] <KK>   I think God would understand. Of course, Rome would probably disagree.
[06:26:42 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   I'm pretty sure Rome was the problem.
[06:26:46 PM] <Dennis>   Yes, the Curia does tend toward dogamtism.
[06:26:53 PM] <Dennis>   er, dogmatism.
[06:27:02 PM] <Evie>   Our church in Italy (Protestant) couldn't get grape juice for a short period of time, can't recall why now (this was decades ago), so they used blood orange juice.  That looks really creepy in the cup, because it's literally blood red!
[06:27:11 PM] <KK>   Actually, I was kind of liking dogamtism.  :-)
[06:27:22 PM] <jemler>   Take water. turn it into wine. bless it as blood. drink.
[06:27:23 PM] <derynifanatic64>   :)
[06:27:41 PM] <Dennis>   Hmm... what would Dogamtism be? Something fun, I hope. Maybe involving frisbees.
[06:28:03 PM] <Evie>   I thought it had to do with dog astigmatism, but your way sounds more fun
[06:28:07 PM] <KK>   Don't know if my Bassets would go for frisbees or not, but they do love squeaky toys.
[06:28:34 PM]     * Evie pours herself some mead, grabs a good book, smiles at Duncan and curls up in his comfy chair to read, stroking the loudly purring Basilica cat that has leaped into her lap to "help"
[06:28:47 PM] <KK>   Of course, if it's a stuffed squeaky toy, the stuffing soon gets pulled out.
[06:29:06 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Natrually, they have to get that sqeaky thing.
[06:29:07 PM] <the_Bee>   I was havaing luch on Boston Common once, and a strange dog walked up to me and asked me to play frisbee with her.
[06:29:29 PM] <KK>   We do have a few "unstuffed" toys that they like.  Someone had a great idea, in that.
[06:29:34 PM] <jemler>   she must have figured you were well-trained, Bee! :)
[06:29:38 PM] <derynifanatic64>   and the dog just happen to have a frisbee with it?
[06:29:44 PM] <the_Bee>   yep!
[06:29:45 PM] <Evie>   Luke used to drop things at our feet and want to play fetch, but now that he's got a playmate, he hasn't done that in ages
[06:30:00 PM] <jemler>   she must be fun! :)
[06:30:03 PM]     * jemler ducks
[06:30:12 PM]     * Evie summons up blue-violet handfire and gives you a warning look
[06:30:35 PM] <Evie>   that's to light my aim, jemler
[06:31:01 PM] <jemler>   are you gonna light up my life? (I really HATE that song!)
[06:31:12 PM] <Dennis>   So I've probably asked this before, but how much do you know about what happens after 1128. For example, do you know who succeeds Bradene as Primate, or is that something you won't think about until and unless you write a sequel to KKB?
[06:31:18 PM] <KK>   There are wrose.
[06:31:38 PM] <KK>   worse
[06:31:56 PM] <Evie>   KK, I was wondering, is the Earldom of Derry one of those that is in direct fealty to the King, or is Derry in fealty to Kelson through a ducal overlord (presumably, if that's the case, through Morgan/Corwyn)?
[06:32:08 PM] <KK>   I've been playing around 1100 for a while, so I'm not worried about 1128.
[06:32:35 PM] <KK>   Haven't had to decide that.  Probably direct fealty to the king.
[06:33:02 PM] <Dennis>   Cos I'm rooting for Arilan to end up Primate. :)
[06:33:13 PM] <Evie>   hunting up my questions list to see if I  added any for this week's chat. :D
[06:33:16 PM] <jemler>   since Morgan didn't sponsor Derry at his knighting. I would say "no"
[06:33:23 PM] <the_Bee>   Sean didn't seem to be Morgan's vassal when they met.
[06:33:48 PM] <jemler>   he didn't even know who Morgan was
[06:33:57 PM] <jemler>   his uncle had to tell him
[06:34:19 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   I hope they take a page from the clergy in Torenth and makes sure there's rules about equal numbers of human and Deryni bishops. Would help prevent problems going forward.
[06:34:25 PM] <KK>   YOu guys do pay attention!  ;-)
[06:34:35 PM] <jemler>   but of course!
[06:34:55 PM] <Evie>   we try
[06:35:13 PM] <the_Bee>   It may take them a while to ordain enough Deryni to meet that quota.
[06:35:19 PM] Quit   derynifanatic64 has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[06:35:31 PM] Join   derynifanatic64 has joined this channel (Mibbit@F8E647.70AEDE.7CC163.21D203).
[06:35:35 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Even if the editors miss  few things
[06:35:39 PM] <the_Bee>   rehi DF
[06:35:46 PM] <derynifanatic64>   i froze up
[06:35:48 PM] <jemler>   they only have 3 that we know of (Arilan said there were more)
[06:35:50 PM] <Dennis>   Well, I expect Nivard will be a bishop soon enough.
[06:36:11 PM] <the_Bee>   How many bishops total are there?
[06:36:13 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   True, Bee but once that happens in a decade or so...
[06:36:18 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   22
[06:36:51 PM] <Evie>   Oh, in regards to the knotted cinctures the Servants of Saint Camber wear, I was thinking  about the Franciscan knot suggestion.  Given the poverty/obedience/celibacy vows signified by the real life Fran. knots, I'm guessing the meaning might be altered slightly for the Servants?  Perhaps chastity rather than celibacy?  Or else a totally different take on the tradition?
[06:37:05 PM] <Dennis>   Ten sees, two auxiliaries and ten itinerant, right? Or is eight sees and twelve itinerant?
[06:37:19 PM] <Evie>   Nivard is pretty young, though, even in 1128
[06:37:55 PM] <Evie>   he's still in his early 20s according to Codex, IIRC
[06:38:02 PM] <KK>   It's always been poverty, chastity, obedience, so far as I know.
[06:38:38 PM] <Evie>   OK, in that case married Servants could still use it.  Good to know.  I was thinking it was celibacy instead for some reason.
[06:39:21 PM] <the_Bee>   I have trouble remembering which is which.
[06:39:29 PM] <Dennis>   The first edition doesn't give him a birthdate. I'm guessing he's around 25 in KKB, and Duncan and Hugh were 31 when they became bishops, so that's probably a good timeline for Nivard, so somewhere in the middle of the 1130s... unless of course, KK gets a better idea. :)
[06:39:34 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   If Nivard and the few others are in their early 20s, then in 15 years or so they'd be close to old enough, at least for an itinerant position.
[06:39:37 PM] <Evie>   I'm about halfway done on my undergown for my robes, although it's a little slow  since I'm hand sewing the outfit
[06:40:04 PM] <KK>   Wow, dediction or lack of sewing machine?
[06:40:20 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Not as much turnover to be expected either, with Loris and his faction gone.
[06:40:48 PM] <Evie>   Loathing of sewing machines (I have one, but it's a piece of expletive deleted).  I actually prefer hand sewing, if I have to sew at all.
[06:41:15 PM] <derynifanatic64>   sewing machine phobia
[06:41:26 PM] <Evie>   so I figured, if I'm going to hand sew anyway, I might as well use period appropriate fabrics and research the appropriate stitching.  :D
[06:41:39 PM] <Evie>   so consider it living history research.  ;-)
[06:41:52 PM] <the_Bee>   Sewing machines can be especially hard to control precisely if you're left-handed.
[06:41:52 PM] <derynifanatic64>   :D
[06:42:11 PM] <Audrey>   why?
[06:42:27 PM] <Evie>   DragonCon is coming up quickly, though, so if I run out of time, I might finish on a machine.
[06:42:27 PM] <derynifanatic64>   sewing machines are evil
[06:42:28 PM] <Kelric>   well, my car just got its second free car wash of the day
[06:42:43 PM] <Evie>   two in one day, Kelric?
[06:42:48 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   They're built for right-handed people. My mother had trouble with hers for that reason.
[06:42:48 PM] <KK>   You could at least do the long, straight seams on the machine.
[06:42:49 PM] <derynifanatic64>   lucky car
[06:42:54 PM] <the_Bee>   brcause they're designed so the right hand does the precision work and the left hold the bulk of the fabric.
[06:43:22 PM] <Kelric>   first one,  driving up I65 from indy on the way home from gencon. Just past Lafayette I'm seeing the sky turn dark and the cars coming the other way with their lights on.
[06:43:36 PM] <KK>   You poor lefties have it difficult on so many levels that right-handed folk just take for granted....
[06:43:36 PM] <Evie>   I might.  I only have the side seams and hem left
[06:43:38 PM] <Kelric>   that makes me think.  Oh **** this doesn't look good.
[06:44:10 PM] <jemler>   i pick on my sister and call her a left-handed blonde! :)
[06:44:10 PM] <Evie>   LOL!  Oh, "car wash" by Mother Nature, then?
[06:44:12 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Yeah, I'm ambidextrous, but I tend to be forced to do things right-handed by desing.
[06:44:13 PM] <KK>   I need to oil my machine.  THe last time I tried to use it, the tension was all messed up.
[06:44:22 PM] <Kelric>   I was right,  about a mile later the temp had dropped a good 25 degrees and it was darker and WINDY. then the rain started and the visibility went to about 20 feet.
[06:44:30 PM] <Kelric>   was like that for a good 5 miles.
[06:44:46 PM] <jemler>   i'm ambidextrous too! i can clap with either hand! :)
[06:45:06 PM] <Evie>   can you clap one-handed with either?
[06:45:11 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   I used to be able to write with either hand, not so much any more.
[06:45:12 PM] <KK>   Ain't weather great?
[06:45:26 PM] <Kelric>   well.  i'm out probablyabout 10 bucks because of a massive brain fart this morning at the hotel.
[06:45:37 PM] <jemler>   yes, but only if i'm trying to be quiet!
[06:45:38 PM] <the_Bee>   ??
[06:45:41 PM] <KK>   What did you do.
[06:45:48 PM] <KK>   ?
[06:46:05 PM] <Kelric>   forgot my GW mega paint set case in the hotel room
[06:46:19 PM] <Evie>   ack
[06:46:19 PM] <Kelric>   realized it when I was about 5 minutes away from home (3.5 hours away from Indy)
[06:46:29 PM] <Kelric>   called the hotel.  They'll fedex it in the morning
[06:46:37 PM] <Kelric>   told em to send it the CHEAPEST way possible.
[06:47:01 PM] <Kelric>   I probably am NOT painting anything this week anyway so it doesn't overly amtter.
[06:47:05 PM] <KK>   Er, didn't you forget something last year, too?
[06:47:44 PM] <Kelric>   nope
[06:47:52 PM] Join   DF64 has joined this channel (Mibbit@F8E647.70AEDE.7CC163.21D203).
[06:47:56 PM]     * Evie needs to look up what sort of primer and hobby paint will stick to LEGO plastic
[06:48:04 PM] <KK>   Somebody in this group did....
[06:48:05 PM] <the_Bee>   HI DF64
[06:48:11 PM] <Kelric>   heh
[06:48:16 PM] <Evie>   Re-hi, DF
[06:48:38 PM] <DF64>   this is the 2nd time--i'm getting annoyed with my computer
[06:49:01 PM] <the_Bee>   What happened to the other 63 DeryniFanatics?
[06:49:11 PM] <Evie>   DeNore
[06:49:15 PM] <Evie>   :D
[06:49:16 PM] <DF64>   64 is my year of birth
[06:50:09 PM] <the_Bee>   Ah.
[06:50:12 PM]     * Evie takes a Transfer Portal to the Royal Library Annex in Rhemuth in hopes of finding the information she needs
[06:50:15 PM] <Dennis>   @Evie :D
[06:50:23 PM] Quit   derynifanatic64 has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[06:50:25 PM] <jemler>   that means you're 1,947 yo!
[06:50:45 PM] <jemler>   Evie, I set your Portal to Trap!
[06:50:49 PM] <the_Bee>   there he goes again!
[06:50:51 PM] <DF64>   the long version of my ID just left
[06:51:09 PM] <Evie>   How could you set MY Portal to trap?  Is that possible?  :D
[06:51:14 PM] <DF64>   but i'm still here
[06:51:59 PM] <Evie>   as I suspected, the Royal Library (aka Google) has exactly what I'm looking for.  :D
[06:52:02 PM] <jemler>   after Alkari asked you to turn me into a frog
[06:52:08 PM]     * Evie searches her grimoire to see if there's a spell for turning jemler to a frog
[06:52:49 PM] <the_Bee>   Turn him into a stenrect, Evie.
[06:52:50 PM] <DF64>   maybe Orin had a spell for turning jemler into a frog
[06:52:51 PM] <jemler>   like i said: Frogs breed at an incredible rate. how many of me do you want?
[06:53:30 PM] <Evie>   that's a great deterrent, jemler. Thank you for calling my attention to it
[06:53:38 PM]     * jemler clones himself
[06:53:57 PM] <DF64>   but a stenrect can sting back
[06:54:24 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Morgan can dispatch any stenrect.
[06:54:30 PM] <jemler>   of course frogs don't live very long before they croak! :)
[06:54:36 PM] <Evie>   V,_Dyes,_&_More.pdf    I see a customized Pocket Duncan in my near future. :D
[06:55:03 PM] <DF64>   if only you could meet the real Duncan
[06:55:21 PM] <the_Bee>   Your link is unclickable, Evie.  Try it without the V.
[06:55:34 PM] <Evie>,_Dyes,_&_More.pdf
[06:56:02 PM] <Evie>   Not sure how the V ended up there. Maybe my finger slipped when I used Ctrl + V to paste the link into the typing window
[06:56:55 PM] <the_Bee>   that sounds plausible.
[06:57:44 PM] <Evie>   Hm...what stole color to use?  Don't want to change it every liturgical season.  :D
[06:57:47 PM] <KK>   The wisdom of the universe, on the internet.
[06:57:55 PM] <KK>   Use white.
[06:59:14 PM] <Evie>   And I don't want to have to bother with figuring out how to do a mini mitre, cope, or chasuble, so don't hold your breath waiting on a pic of Bishop Mini-Duncan in Full Ceremonial Dress.  :D
[06:59:51 PM] <Evie>   white would be easy...we might even have some white acrylic paint in the basement
[06:59:51 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Beretta?
[07:00:17 PM] Join   Alkari has joined this channel (Mibbit@8EC4D7.96B13C.325949.331339).
[07:00:18 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   and a dot of purplr on one hand for the stone of the ring?
[07:00:22 PM] <KK>   Just do him in cassock and stole.  COuld do a purple stole, and then he's ready to hear your confession.
[07:00:32 PM] <DF64>   hi alkari
[07:00:37 PM] <the_Bee>   Hi Alkari
[07:00:45 PM] <Alkari>   Hello all.   Hi KK  nice to see you.
[07:00:57 PM] <Evie>   White...that's Easter, right?  I come from a non-liturgical background, but writing fanfic in your world is like taking a crash course in liturgical practices at times.  I've had to research the oddest things. :D
[07:01:12 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Weddingd too, I think.
[07:01:48 PM] <Evie>   LOL!  "Mini-Confessor Duncan Action Figure."  :D
[07:01:51 PM] <Alkari>   They didn't wear white to weddings until Queen Victoria set the fashion
[07:02:13 PM] <Alkari>   Ah - painting your Lego figure?!
[07:02:17 PM] <Evie>   talking about stole colors, Alkari
[07:02:35 PM] <jemler>   before that they just wore fig leaves!
[07:02:42 PM] <Alkari>   Oh, give Duncan a nice blue one to matc his eyes  :p
[07:02:44 PM] <Evie>   yes.  Found something in the Royal Library (aka Google) re: customizing LEGOs
[07:03:12 PM] <Evie>   except I don't think blue is a liturgical color, is it?
[07:03:22 PM] <the_Bee>   White wedding dress meant "My daddy is rich enough to buy be a very expensive dress that I'll only wear once."
[07:03:33 PM] <the_Bee>   buy me
[07:04:07 PM] <Alkari>   Maybe the Gwynedd CHurch can have a few different fashions :)
[07:04:08 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Not blue. green in ordinary time, red for martyr feasts, white for easter and christmas violet for advent and lent
[07:04:38 PM] <KK>   White is for any feast day, of which there are many, green for ordinary time, red for Pentecost and feasts of martyrs, black for funerals, purple for Lent, Advent (Anvent could be Sarum blue).
[07:04:42 PM] <Alkari>   And Blue for when Evie wants it to match DUncan's eyes :D
[07:04:58 PM] Join   QuasiSparklz has joined this channel (
[07:05:09 PM] Join   Shiral has joined this channel (Mibbit@504018.A7BCBA.B14B10.7ECE3F).
[07:05:11 PM] <the_Bee>   Sidan got married in blue, Araxie in gold.
[07:05:15 PM] <KK>   Sarum blue is liturgical.  It's a darkish blue.
[07:05:20 PM] <Shiral>   Howdy
[07:05:21 PM] <the_Bee>   Hi Shiral!
[07:05:25 PM] <Evie>   But speaking of colors bringing out someone's eyes, there's a spiffy tunic on this webpage suitable for Royal Court that Alkari rightly pointed out to me would look lovely on Denis Arilan:
[07:05:49 PM] <jemler>   hi shiral, QS
[07:05:57 PM] <QuasiSparklz>   hello :)
[07:06:05 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello
[07:06:06 PM] <jemler>   page not found error
[07:06:11 PM]     * Evie says hello and offers you a goblet of Fianna wine
[07:06:33 PM] <Shiral>   Mmmm! Fianna, I'll sip it on the terrace of my Chateau
[07:06:45 PM] <KK>   Hi, Shiral.
[07:06:56 PM] <Evie>   the close up shots of that gold gown are gorgeous also. In the thumbnail it just looks like an ugly yellow dress, but close up it's cloth of gold with a lot of rich detail
[07:06:58 PM] <KK>   Evie is customizing a Duncan Lego man.
[07:06:58 PM] <Shiral>   Hi KK Nice to see you
[07:07:00 PM] <the_Bee>   A chateau for chats?
[07:07:04 PM] <DF64>   hi shiral and QS
[07:07:09 PM] <Alkari>   We were looking at pics of medieval robes, KK and found a lovely rich one from the eastern church - Evie said it would look great on Duncan.
[07:07:12 PM] Quit   Alkari has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[07:07:12 PM] <Shiral>   Lego my Duncan!
[07:07:13 PM] <Evie>   Shiral,, any pictures for us yet?
[07:07:24 PM] <Shiral>   Ahah, one sec....
[07:07:29 PM] <QuasiSparklz>   hi DF
[07:07:57 PM] <KK>   My machine is saying that link is broken.
[07:08:02 PM] <the_Bee>   Hi QS, I didn't see you come in.
[07:08:05 PM] <Shiral>
[07:08:09 PM] <Shiral>   Try that link
[07:08:10 PM] <QuasiSparklz>   hiya bee. I'm sneaky like that ;)
[07:08:13 PM] <Evie>   squee!
[07:08:17 PM] <bynw>   hi sis
[07:08:19 PM] <Shiral>   I've also been a painting fool since I got home
[07:08:19 PM]     * Evie pounces on link
[07:08:22 PM] <Shiral>   Hiyas bro
[07:08:54 PM] <Kelric>   ahoy shiral
[07:09:02 PM] <Shiral>   Those are just the pictures from the first week. But I think I got some nice ones. The Carcassonne pics are most evocative of KK's world
[07:09:13 PM] <Shiral>   Ahoy, Kelric, are you offshore? =o)
[07:09:19 PM] <DF64>   great pictures:D
[07:09:34 PM] <Shiral>   Still working on the pics from week 2
[07:10:00 PM] <QuasiSparklz>   Beautiful pictures.
[07:10:02 PM] <the_Bee>   Just where is Albi Cathedral?
[07:10:12 PM]     * Evie turns mildly green with envy
[07:10:18 PM] <KK>   YOur link is fine.  It's the costume link that's broken.
[07:10:24 PM] <Shiral> That's the link to part I of my trip blog
[07:10:35 PM] <Shiral>   It has a link to Part II
[07:11:11 PM] <Shiral>   Albi Cathedral is in Languedoc, about..... 30 miles North of Toulouse. It's the south western corner of France
[07:11:21 PM] Join   Alkari has joined this channel (Mibbit@8EC4D7.96B13C.888BCE.6E913F).
[07:11:29 PM] <Shiral>   Albi is on the Tarn River
[07:11:38 PM] <Alkari>   back for a bit :)
[07:11:44 PM] <Evie>   LOL!  My DH just walked by, saw your pictures, and says he hates you because you didn't bring him with you, Shiral.  :D
[07:11:45 PM] <Shiral>   HI Alkari
[07:11:59 PM] <Alkari>   Hi Shiral
[07:12:06 PM] <Shiral>   Tell him I'm sorry, i just think Adultery is bad Karma. =o)
[07:12:21 PM] <Alkari>   my wireless connection keeps droppin out
[07:12:40 PM] <Evie>   LOL!  Oh, he's not throwing himself at you, just offering to carry your luggage next trip. :D
[07:12:46 PM] <Shiral>   Lots of new things in France to point my two cameras at.
[07:13:13 PM] <Shiral>   Oh..... well.  Alas, I was the one slinging the suitcase. I was also the designated bottle opener.
[07:13:18 PM] <Evie>   of course he'll have to stand in line behind me, and I am DEFINITELY not offering to sleep with you.  :D
[07:13:48 PM] <Alkari>   jemler would volunteer I am sure ...
[07:13:53 PM] <Shiral>   Too bad for him, I only need one luggage carrier
[07:13:56 PM] <Alkari>   given his earlier comments  ;)
[07:14:08 PM] <Evie>   I'm surprised he hasn't already. I have the sardine catapult loaded
[07:14:16 PM] <Alkari>   Oh, you can never have too many luggage carriers - think of asll the shopping!!
[07:14:18 PM] <jemler>   fresh fish!
[07:14:35 PM] <Shiral>   Heh, France is very affordable if you don't eat, drink or buy anything!
[07:14:36 PM] <Evie>   since the mackerels weren't stopping him
[07:14:44 PM] <Evie>   LOL
[07:15:00 PM] <Evie>   "How much to breathe the air, m'sieur?"
[07:15:09 PM] <KK>   What are those things sitting on little plinths?  They look like Meerkats, but can't be.  Apes?
[07:15:14 PM] <Shiral>   Darn me, I had food and wine daily  and I bought stuff, too. Just not anything very lavish
[07:15:18 PM] <jemler>   maybe you should have Duncan belss them, then they'd be Holy Mackerels! :)
[07:15:36 PM] <Shiral>   Those are  Gargoyles, if you're looking at the Augustins pictures
[07:15:51 PM]     * Evie loads up a catapult with a basket of sardines and lays siege to jemler's head
[07:15:55 PM] <Shiral>   Up close, they looked like singing puppy dogs
[07:16:03 PM] <jemler>   Just don't give him enough to throw 5000!
[07:16:18 PM] <Shiral>   They used to be water spouts off a church roof. But I'm sure they could have interesting talks with Paddy
[07:16:20 PM] <QuasiSparklz>   That's what I thought they were. I was surprised when the caption read "Gargoyles"
[07:16:47 PM] <DF64>   :D
[07:16:52 PM] <jemler>   Gargirls and Garguys
[07:17:02 PM] <DF64>   Garpersons
[07:17:04 PM] <Evie>   is that a slate roof on Carcassonne Castle?
[07:17:04 PM] <Alkari>   told you that you needed one of our crocodiles
[07:17:12 PM] <Shiral>   They were really very cute, and each one was different
[07:17:21 PM] <Shiral>   I think so, Evie
[07:17:21 PM] <KK>   You are quite a photographer, Shiral.  Good eye.  Of course, I would expect that, with you also being an artist.
[07:17:28 PM] <the_Bee>   Didn't gargoyles originally double as rainspouts?
[07:17:44 PM] <Shiral>   HEe he, I took TWO cameras and my rough estimate between them is about 850 photos.
[07:18:05 PM] <Shiral>   These are the good ones. I'm weeding otu the duds. BUt thank you. =o)
[07:18:06 PM] <KK>   Proper gargoyles <are> water spouts.  THey have to be functional to be gargoyles.  Otherwise, they're Grotesques.
[07:18:43 PM] <Shiral>   Well then! Perhaps Paddy should pop by Augustins. =o)
[07:18:57 PM] <jemler>   DF64, are you saying i'm not Politically Correct? I am PC. I'm a Democrat! :)
[07:19:14 PM] <Shiral>   I really LOVED Carcassonne
[07:19:36 PM] <Alkari>   yes, it's definitely on my 'must visit' list
[07:19:38 PM] <Shiral>   Kept expecting Alaric to show up. But he never did.... sigh
[07:19:42 PM] <DF64>   to each his own:)
[07:19:45 PM] <Alkari>   rofl
[07:19:59 PM] <Evie>   LOL
[07:20:11 PM] <Alkari>   maybe he was in Rhemuth, Shiral
[07:20:12 PM] <Evie>   KK, any idea when your Camber era books might end up on audiobook?
[07:20:17 PM] <Shiral>   But there are the "Montagnes d'Alaric" in Languedoc, so I felt right at home, even I never saw any
[07:20:22 PM] <KK>   They really are adorable.  And I sort of like the idea of singing Meerkats.
[07:20:29 PM] <Evie>   or, for that matter, are they available as ebooks?
[07:20:45 PM] <Shiral>   I'm hatching Ideas for this year's Christmas card using them.... =o)
[07:20:53 PM] <KK>   Haven't a clue, Evie.  But I can pass the question on to the folks who did the first 3 books.
[07:21:31 PM] <KK>   I think most of them are available as e-books, though I'm not sure how officially.  I need to check on that--when I finish this book!
[07:21:50 PM] <Evie>   Oh, good!  Because i have all the Kelson books on audio, and love them (even though I find the  Alaric voice for the second trilogy annoying)
[07:22:09 PM] <KK>   I take it that you were on a tour?
[07:22:18 PM] <Shiral>   I think Alaric should sound more Mellifluous too
[07:22:38 PM] <Evie>   I mainly "read" in the car nowadays, though if I have something in a format I can read on Kindle or Nook, I can store it on my smartphone and read when I have a few minutes to spare
[07:22:52 PM] <Shiral>   No, it was me, my mom, her good friend Alison and another friend of hers, Anne Rutherdale. Anne swapped her California house with a French family for July
[07:23:22 PM] <Shiral>   Then during the second week, Mom and Alison and I worked our way North through the Dordogne and the Loire Valley back to Paris
[07:23:52 PM] <Evie>   I thought Alaric sounded fine in the first three books, Shiral, but then with the switch of narrators with the second trilogy, he sounded like he'd started gargling with gravel every morning
[07:24:00 PM] <Shiral>   I had the attitude of a puppy invited for a walk through the whole trip
[07:24:16 PM] <Evie>   LOL!  I would too.
[07:24:27 PM] <Shiral>   Yeah, I feel the same way, Evie.  He's a baritone I think, but not a gravel basket basso
[07:24:31 PM] <the_Bee>   Did they have to pull your leash often?
[07:24:47 PM] <Shiral>   Well, yeah I was on the leash, a lot
[07:25:12 PM] Quit   Alkari has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[07:25:27 PM] <Shiral>   I did get a few hours to wander on my own through Sarlat.  If you travel with my Mom, you better have a lot of energy.  She's a "Just one more chateau" kind of person
[07:25:44 PM] <Shiral>   Granted, it's not hard to get into that mindset whenyou're just there for 2 weeks
[07:25:52 PM] <Evie>   Ooh, the Basilica pulpit shot is just lovely, Shiral!
[07:25:58 PM] <Shiral>   Thanks
[07:26:30 PM] <jemler>   Bee, how are you doing?
[07:26:32 PM] <Shiral>   And of course, in Moissac, I kept expecting to run into the Michaelines, but THEY never showed up either!
[07:27:19 PM] <Evie>   I'll have to keep this bookmarked for inspiration while I'm working on my Schola story.  Pretty Basilica pictures and Hildegard von Bingen chants playing softly in the background. :D
[07:27:49 PM] <Evie>   you should have wished for Anvillers.  They tend to turn up when you need them.  Sir Se does, anyway. ;-)
[07:27:53 PM] <Shiral>   Duncan would have felt right at home in Moissac, I think
[07:28:12 PM] <Shiral>   Too far North for the Anvillers!
[07:28:23 PM] <KK>   Yes, there's some great atmosphere here.  Love the cloister shots.  Reminds me of the cloister-type walks around the garden at Rhemuth castle.
[07:28:38 PM] <KK>   One side, anyway.
[07:28:52 PM] <Shiral>   While I was there, KK, I had the same feeling. No I'm not obsessed and don't give me that look.....
[07:29:11 PM] <KK>   None of us are obsessed....
[07:29:13 PM] <the_Bee>   I'm doing ok, Shiral.  I dreamed about MOm last night, but all I can rememberis is that I was writing her a letter of instruction for something.
[07:29:17 PM] <Evie>   can I put a more detailed map of Rhemuth Castle on my  wish list? ;-)
[07:29:18 PM] <Shiral>   Not us!
[07:29:26 PM] <KK>   Anvilers--Here I come to save the daaaaay....
[07:29:32 PM] <Shiral>   You'd like Carcassonne Castle, KK
[07:29:55 PM] <Shiral>   Well, I suppose Se would seem pretty at home, there
[07:30:02 PM] <KK>   I know I would.
[07:30:11 PM] <Evie>   Wish list:  Maps.  Maps of every single freakin' thing.  Maps with a decent distance scale.  :D
[07:30:18 PM] <Shiral>   The views from the castle walls are FANTASTIC
[07:30:31 PM] <KK>   I just wish that, while we were living in Ireland, we'd had time and money at the same time, so we could have explored some of these areas.
[07:30:40 PM] <Shiral>   Face it, Evie, you want a scale model of Gwynedd!
[07:31:04 PM] <Evie>   Yes, actually, that would be nice, Shiral.  I'd even clean out my basement for that. :D
[07:31:22 PM] <Evie>   Make it in sections that would fit on a large gaming table, and I'm so there
[07:31:25 PM] <Audrey>   with extras of all the major cities and religious installations and castles of course
[07:31:38 PM] <the_Bee>   It could answer questioons like, how many miles is a 3-day ride?
[07:31:55 PM] <Evie>   I'd settle for Rhemuth Castle in 1:12 scale miniature though
[07:32:16 PM] <Shiral>   One thing I really liked was that at Moissac and at Carcassonne they DID have scale models displayed on big tables so you could walk all around them. The French clearly share my interest in miniature buildings!
[07:32:17 PM] <Evie>   including St. Hilary's Within The Walls
[07:32:29 PM] <DF64>   :D
[07:32:36 PM]     * Evie moans
[07:32:49 PM] <KK>   Yike, I see that it's 8:30, which means that I need to boogie.  Gotta get back to the book.
[07:32:50 PM] <Evie>   OK, I'm adding those to the "Someday I'll get to travel" list
[07:33:00 PM] <Shiral>   I'd have taken more pictures of them, but I wasn't sure if it was allowed
[07:33:13 PM] <Evie>   how much further do you have to go in CM3, KK?
[07:33:14 PM] <the_Bee>   thanks for coming, KK. Have a good week.
[07:33:15 PM] <Shiral>   Good writing this week, KK. Wishing you good progress!
[07:33:22 PM] <bynw>   thanks for coming KK ... see you next week!!
[07:33:27 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Thanks aqnd g'night KK.
[07:33:28 PM] <Shiral>   Nice to talk to you!
[07:33:32 PM] <Evie>   now that Kenneth has had Taps played over his grave,so to speak?
[07:33:32 PM] <KK>   Quite a way.  It's getting pretty long.
[07:33:47 PM]     * Shiral LIKES long books!
[07:33:50 PM] <Shiral>   =o)
[07:34:00 PM] <KK>   He isn't buried yet; body is on its way back to Culdi, and he'll be buried at Morganhall with his Morgan ancestors.
[07:34:02 PM] <Evie>   we can live with that, as long as it hits print in our lifetimes.... ;-)
[07:34:14 PM] <Shiral>   And yikes, I have to go help close the library
[07:34:24 PM] <KK>   See you all next week, I hope.
[07:34:31 PM] <Audrey>   good night
[07:34:34 PM]     * Evie waves goodbye
[07:34:36 PM] <QuasiSparklz>   Goodnight!
[07:34:38 PM]     * Shiral waves farewell, steps onto my portal and disappears in a cloud of blue steam
[07:34:41 PM] <Shiral>   Bye!
[07:34:44 PM] <the_Bee>   bye KK and seey, shiral
[07:34:45 PM] <jemler>   nite shiral
[07:34:47 PM] Quit   Shiral has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[07:34:56 PM]     * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:35:01 PM] <the_Bee>   buzzing off too.
[07:35:04 PM] <KK>   Nighters, all.
[07:35:07 PM] Quit   KK has left this server (Quit: ).


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