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KK Chat -21 October 2007
« on: October 21, 2007, 07:49:40 pm »
[19:20] * KK has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:20] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there KK! Welcome to the chat.
[19:21] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[19:21] <~RainbowDragon> Greetings KK!
[19:21] <the_Bee> hello KK!
[19:21] <%DesertRose> Hi KK!
[19:21] <@KK> Hi, we had house guests last Sunday.  Sorry I missed chat.
[19:21] <the_Bee> how was your week, kk?
[19:21] <Mistyck> hiyas Katherine
[19:21] <+Shiral> Hello KK
[19:22] <Mistyck> understandable KK
[19:22] <@KK> Well, house guests were in and out, several overnights away with Scott, painters were here, finally got the satellite/cable problem sorted.  It was ok.
[19:23] <%DesertRose> Glad to hear the satellite/cable problem is sorted out.
[19:23] <~RainbowDragon> how did they solve the satellite/cable struggle for supremacy?
[19:23] <the_Bee> so now you can watch tv and surf the web at the same time?
[19:23] <Mistyck> did you do anything special for your Birthday?
[19:24] <@KK> Can't surf & TV--well, actually, I can, because I have a separate TV in my office that's only on cable.
[19:24] <the_Bee> yes, Happy belated Birthday, Katherine
[19:24] * %DesertRose sings "Happy Birthday" to KK.
[19:24] <the_Bee> but 2 can surf at once
[19:24] <Mistyck> yep Belated Happy Birthday from me and Ryan
[19:25] <@KK> Thanks.  It sort of was swallowed up by the guests.  We celebrated a day lat, because they all went to Williamsburg overnight.  But one of the guests cooked up a very nice put of chili two nights ago, and I'm having a bowl right now.
[19:25] <Mistyck> cool! 
[19:25] <the_Bee> extra hot?
[19:25] * +Shiral hands a sundae with a candle in it to KK
[19:25] <~RainbowDragon> I hope not
[19:26] <@KK> Actually, two can't surf at once, because the wireless airport doesn't really like two computers on at once.  We still have to sort that out.
[19:26] <~RainbowDragon> I prefer my chili to be only mildly spicy
[19:26] <the_Bee> ouch!
[19:26] <Mistyck> we had chili last night
[19:27] <+Shiral> Soo... any guess on when literary work will resume, KK?
[19:27] <the_Bee> I'm with you, RD
[19:27] <@KK> This is spicy, but gentled down by plopping a big dollop of osur cream on top.  And I put it over Orzo, which is a tiny pasta that looks like longer grains of rice.
[19:27] <the_Bee> sounds delish
[19:27] <+Shiral> Orzo makes  nice change
[19:27] <Mistyck> ooh..that sounds yummy
[19:27] <%DesertRose> Sounds yummy.
[19:28] <~RainbowDragon> we like chili over rice
[19:28] <@KK> Literary work has resumed--barely.  I just did up the corrections of the page proofs for the paperback of Childe Morgan, due out in December.  That was a good refresher for leaping back into the next book.
[19:28] <~RainbowDragon> with some shredded cheese on top
[19:28] <the_Bee> Some people say extr-hot chili makes you feel good because it stimulates your endorphins
[19:29] <Mistyck> same here RD :)
[19:29] <Mistyck> sharp cheddar :)
[19:29] <@KK> That's good too.
[19:29] <the_Bee> extra sharp
[19:30] <@KK> Usually just eat it, without rice--but the chef wanted it over rice, which I didn't have on hand, so we tried Orzo.  I <really> like that.  Had it just with butter and salt & pepper for lunch yesterday.
[19:30] <Mistyck> cool
[19:30] <%DesertRose> Sounds good.
[19:31] <the_Bee> Mexican food often goes well with sour cream and/or the avocado stuff
[19:31] <%DesertRose> Guacamole.
[19:31] <@KK> Ah, es.  Must have, with Mexican food.
[19:31] <the_Bee> ah. thanks
[19:32] <Mistyck> I have sour cream with Indian style fried rice
[19:32] <%DesertRose> That sounds good.
[19:32] <the_Bee> how about gazpacho?
[19:32] <Mistyck> it is yummy
[19:33] <+Shiral> So will we get to see more of Brion in Book Three? *Hopeful smile*
[19:33] <@KK> Duh, yes.... ;-)
[19:33] <Mistyck> KK, I'm going to bring country ham to Darkover this year--have plenty so will cook it, cut it into biscuit and gravy sized chunks and bring it with me
[19:33] <+Shiral> Just checking.
[19:33] <@KK> LOTS more of Brion. 
[19:33] <+Shiral> Excellent. *Rubs hands with glee
[19:33] <Mistyck> any Duncan appearances?
[19:34] <the_Bee> and Nigel, I hope
[19:34] <+Shiral> You and Jasta both, Bee. =o)
[19:35] <@KK> Rereading most of Childe today, I was chuckling over the metamorphosis of Brion while on progress with his uncle Richard, turning from gangly boy to long-legged and more muscular young man, with with voice cracked.  I remember when it happened to Cameron.  Seems to happen almost overnight.
[19:35] <Mistyck> :)
[19:35] <%DesertRose> :)
[19:35] <the_Bee> too bad Nigel didbn't sent Connall off to Carthmoor to learn about land management under the tutelage of Nigel's seneschal
[19:36] <Mistyck> Ryan never really went thru the cracked voice phase for some reason
[19:36] <%DesertRose> Some boys don't.
[19:36] <@KK> Of course, lots of exercise and lots of good food helps.
[19:36] <the_Bee> has Ryan discovered girls yet?
[19:36] <Mistyck> sort of steady g/f though
[19:37] <the_Bee> give him time
[19:37] <@KK> Scott took the son of our new cleaning lady with him today to autocross--the lad is 12--and apparently he inhaled 2 (two!) foot-long sub sandwiches at lunch time while Scott ate a 6-inch one.
[19:37] <%DesertRose> How old is Ryan?
[19:37] <+Shiral> Yup, Brion coming home in mismatched clothes because he'd outgrown his own
[19:37] <@KK> Yup, it certainly happens.
[19:37] <%DesertRose> Teenage boys are bottomless pits for food.
[19:37] * bynw-away is now known as Bynw
[19:37] <@KK> Hi, Bynw.
[19:38] <the_Bee> wb bynw
[19:38] <%DesertRose> WB, Bynw.
[19:38] <Mistyck> wb Bynw
[19:38] <+Shiral> Hiyas Bro
[19:38] <Mistyck> Ryan is 16 now
[19:38] <%DesertRose> Eating you out of house and home?
[19:38] * +Shiral puts away her can of Bynw-Away
[19:38] <Mistyck> most definitely DR
[19:39] <+Shiral> Don't worry about it until he gets started on the furniture
[19:39] <@Bynw> hiyas all
[19:39] <Mistyck> hehe..yep Shiral
[19:39] <the_Bee> is he qualified to share driving duties on long trips?
[19:39] <Mistyck> not yet Bee, but he will be next year
[19:39] <Mistyck> He's still learning right now
[19:39] <the_Bee> :)
[19:39] <Mistyck> and won't have his DL until after Darkover
[19:40] <%DesertRose> My daughter is 15 and impatient to get her learner's permit.
[19:40] <Mistyck> I have great places to take him to learn so it's all fun
[19:40] <the_Bee> does his school offer driver's ed?
[19:41] <Mistyck> Bee, he's being homeschooled
[19:41] <Mistyck> will take his GED this year
[19:41] <@KK> Oh, any driving is fun for them at that age.  Plan a trip?  Nop, it's back and forth in an endless succession of short trips rather than one grand circuit to do all the errands, because it's the driving, after all.
[19:41] <the_Bee> so are my grandniece and -nephew
[19:42] <@KK> You're home schooling Rynan?  When do you find the time, for goodness sake?!
[19:42] <+Shiral> The longest drive I've taken lately was down to our Morgan Hill Branch Library for the Adult Services Meeting last Wednesday
[19:42] <Mistyck>'s not that hard since he loves to learn
[19:42] <Mistyck> plus the high schools here are full of gang members...felt best to pull him out
[19:43] <%DesertRose> Yikes!  I'd home school too, if that were the case with my daughter.
[19:43] <%DesertRose> But she's in a magnet program for film and television production with a rigorous academic program, so it's off to regular high school for her.
[19:43] <@Bynw> if i had school aged kids i would homeschool since public schools suck
[19:43] <@KK> Yeah, and I suppose with him being small of stature, he'd be a target for bullying.  Better to nip <that> possibility in the bud!
[19:44] <Mistyck> yep KK, that's why I thought it best to homeschool him
[19:44] <@Bynw> you and ryan are both little :)
[19:45] <Mistyck> I did fine with a GED and 15 semester hours of college, figure it can't be all that bad for him too
[19:45] <Mistyck> plus he has this knack for computers--hardware and software
[19:45] <the_Bee> as long as his sicial life is ok
[19:45] <@KK> With homeschooling, how does one evaluate whether the material is being learned?  Are there standardized tests, or do they do essays, or a combo of both, of what?
[19:45] <%DesertRose> Yeah, he'll be fine.  Homeschooled kids usually do well in college.
[19:45] <Mistyck> he can be a little hacker if he
[19:46] <Mistyck> I'm having him take the standarzied TX TEKS test and he will have to take his GED
[19:47] <@KK> Is he still skating at all, or has he given that up?
[19:47] <Mistyck> no he gave that up mainly because the rink was closed for a year and a half and then he just lost interest
[19:48] <%DesertRose> What kind of skating did he do?
[19:48] <Mistyck> figure skating DR
[19:48] <%DesertRose> Oh cool.
[19:48] <Mistyck> competive
[19:48] <Mistyck> *competative
[19:48] <@KK> Rink was closed?  Bummer!  And no matter how good you are, I imagine it's really hard then to go back and try to pick it up again, at least when you're skating competitively.
[19:48] <Mistyck> yeah...and the next closest rink was more than 45 miles one way :(
[19:49] <%DesertRose> Bummer indeed.
[19:49] <@KK> I assume you guys saw Blades of Glory and roared....
[19:49] <the_Bee> is he still playing the guitar several hours a day?
[19:49] <Mistyck> yes Bee...he's been doing fantastic at guitar
[19:49] <Mistyck> he's learned classical and rock and can now read music too
[19:49] <the_Bee> :)
[19:49] <%DesertRose> I wish I could play guitar.  I own one, I just don't know how to play it.
[19:50] <%DesertRose> And I keep forgetting to trim my nails so they don't catch the strings.
[19:50] <Mistyck> I'm buying him a *real* electric one for his belated b'day present
[19:50] <@KK> Incidentally, we saw the new Elizabeth movie last night.  Beautifully photographed, like the first one, but awfully heavy-handed with the history.
[19:50] <%DesertRose> I saw it last weekend.
[19:51] <Mistyck> ahh...
[19:51] <the_Bee> do you think the DR movie will eventually get made?
[19:51] <@Bynw> we are thinking about seeing that movie
[19:51] <@KK> Of course, the costumes were....not exactly period.
[19:51] <%DesertRose> The costumes never are.  They're always sexier than the real thing would have been.
[19:52] <Mistyck> that's kinda sucky if it's not would think they'd have taken the time to research it right
[19:52] <+Shiral> Haven't seen it  yet
[19:52] <+Shiral> Would like too
[19:52] <@KK> Don't know.  It's been less than a year since I signed the option deal.
[19:52] <+Shiral> Would like to
[19:52] <%DesertRose> I don't think it's a matter of not researching, Mistyck.  I think it's a matter of what the stars will actually wear.
[19:53] <+Shiral> We've been busily casting it, even if only in wishful thinking format =o)
[19:53] <Mistyck> ah ok DR
[19:54] <Mistyck> that's still sucky though
[19:54] <the_Bee> I'd like a young unknown as Kelson
[19:54] <+Shiral> So KK, who would YOU like to see play Alaric Morgan?
[19:54] <@Bynw> KK, did that email i sent you about Thunderbird help at all?
[19:54] <@KK> No, it's up to the art director.  Mind you, the two films have dont a stunning job of recreating some of the famous costumes in the best portraits of Elizabeth.  And We have to remember that the artists also took license, and painted clothing that wasn't necessarily wearable in some cases.  Still, they looked great.
[19:54] <+Shiral> PRobably didn't FEEL all that great though.
[19:55] <%DesertRose> Yeah, Elizabethan clothing isn't designed for comfort.
[19:55] <@KK> Bynw, I printed out the info at that site you sent me to, but it didn't seem to match up with what I was seeing on my screen, when I went to try & tweak it.  I haven't given up, but it's been on hold this week while I waded through the page proofs and balanced everything else that was going on.
[19:56] <%DesertRose> I've dressed as a 16th C. peasant.
[19:57] <+Shiral> Compared to Elizabethan fashion, Medieval fashion looks comparatively comfortable. At least there were fewer corsets involved
[19:57] <the_Bee> are we still going for hall costumes at Derycon?
[19:57] <%DesertRose> Yup.  I love my 14th C. stuff.  The 16th C. can go hang, though.
[19:57] <Mistyck> Who all is going to be at Darkover this year?
[19:58] <Mistyck> Bynw:  Can you and Tika and Ambush make it this year?
[19:59] <@KK> Nancy & Martine and their respective husbands.  Kathi Spivey, Jasta, my mom....
[19:59] <%DesertRose> I wish I could go but I don't have the dosh.
[19:59] <@KK> Not sure whether Ann Dupuis is coming.
[19:59] <Mistyck> Harvey had emailed me and asked so that's why I'm asking
[20:00] <@Bynw> Unfortunately not since I just started my new job a year ago. I dont have the time off available. Especially after taking off all of July to be with my mom when she was in the hospital.
[20:00] <Mistyck> :( Bynw But I can understand the time off situation
[20:01] <@Bynw> I wish I could be it would require me taking Thursday, Friday and Saturday off ...
[20:01] <@KK> Oh, I'm to be the GOH at Chattacon in January 2009.
[20:01] <Mistyck> :(
[20:01] <Mistyck> cool KK
[20:01] <the_Bee> cool, KK!
[20:01] <@Bynw> tech support doesnt ever rest ... its open 24/7/365
[20:01] <%DesertRose> Good deal, KK.
[20:01] <@KK> That's Chattanooga, for thouse who don't know.
[20:02] <Mistyck> brb...time to start the grill--we're having cajun burgers
[20:02] <@KK> those
[20:02] <%DesertRose> I might be able to make that.  Chattanooga isn't too bad of a drive from Jacksonville.
[20:02] <@Bynw> you should post that info on the forums KK at
[20:02] <the_Bee> home of the chattanooga choochoo?
[20:02] <+Shiral> Any Cons in a more Westerly direction, KK?
[20:02] <@KK> Anybody getting fall color yet? Our leaves are just starting to turn.  Very pretty.
[20:02] <Mistyck> I should be able to make that also since it's only a one day ride for me
[20:02] <@KK> Not yet, Shiral.
[20:03] <Mistyck> although, to me even Timonium is a one day ride ;)
[20:03] <+Shiral> Ah well, at least I'll make DeryniCon
[20:03] <the_Bee> the tree acrosss the street is lovely, but mine has only turned a few leaves
[20:03] <%DesertRose> Sort of, but it's only just starting here.  Florida stays hot for too long.
[20:03] <@KK> Exactly, Bee.  It's at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo hotel, made up of former railroad cars.  Supposed to be really neat.  We're going to try to go this year.
[20:03] <@Bynw> ours are falling off and stuff
[20:03] <@KK> And stuff.
[20:03] <+Shiral> A couple of liquid amber trees are turning around here. BUt it's been too mild for much color
[20:04] <@KK> Well, the maples are starting to go crazy, and our forsythias are turning red.
[20:04] <the_Bee> my sweetgum is supposed to turn red in the fall, but it's turning yellow instead
[20:04] <%DesertRose> I think the tree in my yard is a maple but most of its leaves are still green.
[20:05] <the_Bee> someone blamed the poor fall foliage on global warning
[20:05] <+Shiral> I have a little brown NOrfolk Pine, but that's because it's dead
[20:05] <@KK> Drought can do that.  We've just started having a few spitzs--but I'm happy enough for it to hold off for another week or two, so the painters can finish outside before the heavy weather sets in.
[20:05] <+Shiral> Er no, I just neglected it. I'm a terrible gardener
[20:05] <the_Bee> we had a very dry summer too
[20:06] <@KK> Some people blame <everything> on global warming.  Science does not suspport this.
[20:06] <+Shiral> Plants would do much better around me if they could complain!
[20:06] <%DesertRose> It's been a rainy fall around here.
[20:06] <%DesertRose> Yeah, at least cats meow to be fed.
[20:06] <@KK> I'm learning a lot about new kinds of plants here in Virginia.
[20:06] <the_Bee> my first apartment, it  took me 2 weeks to realize the plants weren't pastic!
[20:07] <the_Bee> or plastic
[20:07] <%DesertRose> LOL Bee
[20:07] <@KK> And then it was too late?
[20:07] <the_Bee> no, they survived
[20:08] <the_Bee> but my fischia plant haas dried up, thought it bloomed most of the summer
[20:08] <the_Bee> fuschia too
[20:08] <%DesertRose> Rented fingers?
[20:08] <@KK> I love those.
[20:08] <the_Bee> yup
[20:08] <@KK> We had several in Ireland.
[20:09] <the_Bee> how is fall foliage in ireland?
[20:09] <@KK> It was wonderful. one of my favorite times of year.  But it's going to be spectacular here, too.
[20:10] <the_Bee> Sharyn McCrumb has described appalachian foliage in some of her novels
[20:10] <%DesertRose> Virginia is pretty.  I've got family in the Norfolk area, and I used to have in-laws in western VA.
[20:11] <the_Bee> i haven't seen Vermont foliage for years :(
[20:12] <+Shiral> Me neither. But there could be a reason for this. =o)
[20:13] <%DesertRose> My parents and I used to take Columbus Day weekend and drive from Charleston, SC up to Asheville, NC to look at the foliage.
[20:13] <@KK> Don't think I've ever been to Vermont, at any time of year.
[20:13] <the_Bee> because I haven't been up to visit family in Vermont in the fall. 
[20:13] <@KK> Ah, Asheville!  Scott took our houseguests there to see the Biltmore Estate last week.  It's amazing.
[20:13] <+Shiral> I've only been once in early summer. STEAM BATH! Very green and pretty but so hot and humid, who cared?
[20:13] <the_Bee> The sugar maples a splendid.  when I go at xmas, it's all snow
[20:13] <+Shiral> Vermont, that is
[20:14] <the_Bee> are splendid
[20:14] <%DesertRose> Biltmore is cool.  We went through there one year and did the winery tour.
[20:14] <%DesertRose> I wasn't allowed to taste any wine though, because I was only 14 at the time. :D
[20:15] <the_Bee> we used togo to Vermon evert summer.  not that humid IIRC
[20:15] <@KK> Didn't do the winery, but we did the house, the roof tour and the below stairs tour; fascinating.
[20:15] <%DesertRose> According to my parents, the wine is good stuff.  I haven't been since I got to be old enough to taste wine.
[20:15] <%DesertRose> (legally, that is)
[20:16] <@KK> We're discovering that Virginia actually makes some pretty good wines.
[20:16] <@KK> I've decided I like this state.  :-)
[20:16] <%DesertRose> I have gone on the San Sebastian winery tour in St. Augustine though.
[20:16] <%DesertRose> That's a good thing, KK.
[20:16] <the_Bee> Rita Mae Brown wrote about Virginia winemaking in one of her novels
[20:16] <@KK> I remember St. Augustine, and touring the fort there.  Must have been 10 or so.
[20:17] <%DesertRose> I was around 8 the first time I went to St. Aug.  It's an easy day trip from here (Jacksonville, FL).
[20:18] <%DesertRose> There's a funny picture of me and my mom in the stocks at the Old Jail in St. Aug.
[20:19] <Mistyck> oh? you were in jail at 10 DR? :-)
[20:19] <%DesertRose> I was just barely tall enough to get into the silly things.
[20:19] <%DesertRose> No, eight! :D
[20:19] <@KK> I remember those stocks, now that you mention them....
[20:19] <Mistyck> lol
[20:20] <%DesertRose> The ghost tours are fun too.
[20:20] <the_Bee> 400 years ago, you'd have rotten fruits and veggiesthrown at you--or stones
[20:20] <%DesertRose> Yup.
[20:21] <%DesertRose> Or seashells, it being a seacoast city.
[20:21] <+Shiral> Good place to NOT get arrested
[20:21] <%DesertRose> Yup.
[20:22] <the_Bee> I read once that in Bostonm the first person sentenced to the stocks was the man who built them.. He was convicted of overcharging the town for building the stocks.
[20:22] <+Shiral> Of course 400 years ago EVERYWHRE was a good place not to get arrested
[20:22] <%DesertRose> Yup.
[20:23] <Mistyck> very true
[20:23] <@KK> Throwing seashells. Hmm, what a good idea....for a story, not to happen to one.
[20:23] <%DesertRose> Seashells can be sharp and owie!
[20:23] <+Shiral> And hard
[20:24] <the_Bee> seashells aren't as heavy as rocks, but the have sharper edges
[20:24] <+Shiral> Depends on if they still have a hermit crab living in one!
[20:24] <%DesertRose> LOL, true.
[20:24] <the_Bee> LOL
[20:24] <+Shiral> I don't think the experience would be a lot of fun for the crab, either!
[20:25] <%DesertRose> Probably not.
[20:27] <%DesertRose> Hey, y'all, we didn't offer KK any of the food we set out as bait for her!
[20:28] <+Shiral> I DID give her a sundae with a birthday candle in it
[20:28] <@KK> Somehow, I don't think that people who throw rocks or seashells at other people would worry much about whether the crab liked it.
[20:28] <%DesertRose> Shiral set ice cream traps, Mistyck put out trays of lamb and rice, I made a tray of deviled eggs, and the_Bee put out scones with honey and butter and strawberry preserves.
[20:28] <+Shiral> Probably not
[20:29] <the_Bee> and cider, ale and lager
[20:29] <%DesertRose> And iced tea with lemon.
[20:31] <Mistyck> yep...Lamb Biryani for you from me Katherine :)
[20:31] <+Shiral> Stick it all in a blender and see how it tastes!
[20:31] <%DesertRose> LOL
[20:31] <the_Bee> Melantha wasn't content with virtual lamb and rice.  She demanded real food
[20:32] <Mistyck> lol
[20:32] <%DesertRose> Tessa and Sweetie Pie have been fed for the day.  They'll just have to wait until morning for more food.
[20:32] <~RainbowDragon> Melantha is a pretty name
[20:32] <the_Bee> she does her starving-kitty act whenever I go to the kitchen
[20:33] <the_Bee> It means "dark blossom" in Greek.  she's black
[20:33] <%DesertRose> Tessa tries that with me but she's getting a tummy; I don't buy the starving-kitty act.
[20:33] <@KK> I thnk most cats do the starving kitty routine in the kitchen.  Bynw, are your girls demanding?
[20:33] <Mistyck> lol DR
[20:33] <the_Bee> Melanths's getting so fat my housekeeper thought she was pregnant--and she's spayed. the cat, not the housekeeper
[20:34] <@KK> At our house, ut's more the starving puppy routine--which we also don't buy.
[20:34] <Mistyck> lol BEe
[20:34] <%DesertRose> LOL
[20:35] <@KK> Alas, kitties often do tend to put on little pot bellies as they get older, just like a lot of people.  Ours, for the most part, are just--prosperous looking.
[20:35] <+Shiral> Nina is very rotund
[20:35] <+Shiral> I was surprised that she only weighed 8 pounds at her last vet visit
[20:35] <the_Bee> Melsntha's not THAT fat--in my opinion
[20:35] <@KK> Is she?  She's only--what, 4-5?
[20:35] <@Bynw> Yes they are very demanding
[20:35] <+Shiral> 3
[20:35] <%DesertRose> Tessa is prosperous looking in the extreme.
[20:35] <+Shiral> She's just round and cuddly
[20:36] <%DesertRose> I'm going to get fussed at by the vet when I take her for her shots.
[20:36] <the_Bee> looks can be deceptive, can't they, Shiral?
[20:36] <@KK> Eight pounds isn't much.  But she's so cute and cuddly.  You've heard the phrase, "I's not fat, I's fluffy?"
[20:36] <+Shiral> Her mother is more svelte and graceful. I think Nina takes after her papa, as she has HUGE paws
[20:36] <+Shiral> I thought she'd be at least 10 pounds
[20:37] <+Shiral> Oh, she definitely views herself as "fluffy"
[20:37] <+Shiral> I do try to make her play actively every day
[20:38] <+Shiral> And she chases her poor mom all over the apartment on a daily basis
[20:38] <%DesertRose> Tessa won't play with the kitty toys when I try to play with the cats, but she and Sweetie Pie chase each other all around the house and fight with each other so she does get exercise.
[20:38] <the_Bee> visits from the neighbor cat help with the exercise
[20:40] <@KK> My guys go our enough that they stey pretty trim.  Of course, that may well change, once the weather gets cruddy.  But they went out in the rain in Ireland, so maybe here as well.
[20:40] <%DesertRose> Tessa looks at the kitty toys like, "What the heck is this?"
[20:40] <@KK> <hmmm, rented fingers tonight, I see.>
[20:41] <+Shiral> My girls will always go for the red spot greebling (Laser pointer) and the Tassel Monster (Fishing pole toy)
[20:41] <the_Bee> one of Melantha's favorite toys is  piece of twine
[20:41] <%DesertRose> Tessa likes the golf ball we have for the cats to play with.
[20:41] <@KK> Anyway, one of the little monsters has just come in and begun making a nuisance of herself, so I guess I'd better think about signing off.  I hope to have to good reporting of writing progress next week.
[20:41] <+Shiral> Lease some new fingers to start the next Childe Morgan, KK =o)
[20:41] <%DesertRose> Sweetie Pie, on the other hand will play with anything at all.
[20:42] <~RainbowDragon> Thank you for stopping by, KK
[20:42] <+Shiral> Yes, indeed, KK
[20:42] <%DesertRose> Thanks, KK!  We like hearing from you!
[20:42] <the_Bee> have a good week, Katherine
[20:42] <@KK> Thankee much, guys.  See you soon.
[20:42] <+Shiral> Have a good, productive week
[20:42] <@KK> ?me steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:43] <@KK> (Gotta start hitting that forward slash instead of the shift key.  Don't know how that happens.  Again, rented fingers, I suppose.)
[20:43] * @KK Quit (Quit: )
"If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty, and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

James Herriot (James Alfred "Alfie" Wight), when a human client asked him if animals have souls.  (I don't remember in which book the story originally appeared.)


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