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KK Chat -- July 10 2011
« on: July 10, 2011, 07:23:34 pm »

[06:14:51 PM] Join   KK has joined this channel (
[06:14:56 PM] <the_Bee>   for me it's a toss between Hood Green Monster Mint and Hood Peanut Butter Nation.
[06:14:59 PM] <the_Bee>   Hi KK
[06:15:01 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello KK.
[06:15:01 PM] <Annie>   ack
[06:15:07 PM] <jemler>   hi kk
[06:15:07 PM] <Evie>   LOL!  We were just invoking you with  ice cream, KK
[06:15:09 PM] <KK>   Here at last.
[06:15:11 PM] <Annie>   typical, KK shows when I'm off to bed
[06:15:33 PM] <Annie>   will go before I get sucked into conversation
[06:15:43 PM] <Evie>   We were working on which flavors to present to each archangel during the ritual invocation
[06:15:45 PM] <jemler>   need someone to tuck you in Annie?
[06:15:46 PM] <the_Bee>   nighters, Annie
[06:15:52 PM] <Annie>   night
[06:15:53 PM] <QuasiSparklz>   nite Annie
[06:15:54 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Good night Annie.
[06:15:56 PM] <jemler>   night annie
[06:15:56 PM] <Evie>   good night, Annie
[06:16:03 PM] Quit   Annie has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[06:16:06 PM] <KK>   Nighters, Annie.
[06:17:01 PM] <KK>   Sorry I wasn't here last week.  Had to go into DC for dinner with our clan chief, who was in town. It saved me from having to go for the entire weekend this week, to Grandfather Mountain.
[06:17:14 PM] <Evie>   I found the old issue of Dragon Magazine that has the articles in it about role playing Deryni in an AD&D campaign, KK.  It's on a PDF file online
[06:17:33 PM] <KK>   Ah, yes, I remember that stuff.
[06:18:08 PM] <Evie>   I was just grousing about there being no character stats for Evaine or Richenda, although that was in the days of "Gamer girls? Do they exist?"  :-)
[06:18:29 PM] <KK>   Things have come a long way, haven't they?
[06:18:36 PM] <Evie>   yeah
[06:18:43 PM] <the_Bee>   Question, KK:  Do you know the name of the flat part of a castle's roof where guards walk?
[06:19:23 PM] <Evie>   the wall walk, Bee? Inside the parapet?
[06:19:27 PM] <jemler>   parapet?
[06:19:45 PM] <KK>   The parapet?  Roof walk?  The leads (as in, the lead of the roof)?  Depends on what part of the roof it is.
[06:20:06 PM] <Evie>   I had to look this up for a story a while back.  there's a more technical term, but it's rather obscure, and i think I just went with the alternate "wall walk"
[06:20:18 PM] <the_Bee>   I thought the parapet surronded the flat part. The barbican?
[06:20:39 PM] <the_Bee>   If Ann were here she'd know.
[06:20:50 PM] <Evie>   the Allure was the other name
[06:21:09 PM] <the_Bee>   Is it really alluring?
[06:21:14 PM] <KK>   Yeah, and not a term that most people would readily identify with part of a castle.
[06:21:30 PM] <jemler>
[06:21:32 PM] <Evie>   which is why I went with "wall walk" instead
[06:21:37 PM] <jemler>   check out this site
[06:21:51 PM] <the_Bee>   I was thinking of the broad, flat area where you could go for a stroll.
[06:21:52 PM] <bynw>   Evie: I know exactly which issue of Dragon you are talking about. As I have 3 mint condition copies of the orginal issue plus the copy on PDF ... Issue 78
[06:22:15 PM] <Evie>   yes, that's it, Bynw
[06:22:29 PM] <Evie>
[06:22:29 PM] <KK>   Wall walk is probably best term to also be clear.
[06:22:54 PM] <jemler>   Allure or Wall-walk: passage behind the parapet of a castle wall
[06:23:17 PM] <bynw>   and no the author did not make stats for any other character than those listed in the appendix of the Deryni Makes 3 article
[06:23:33 PM] <Evie>   Yes.  You'd have the parapet on one side of the walk, and if there's no building right along that side of the wall, you'd look down the other side into the bailey
[06:24:29 PM] <Evie>   that's fine, bynw, since I tend to use the gaming supplements mainly for inspiration and tend to tweak and personalize quite a bit
[06:24:41 PM] <the_Bee>   What are the battlements?
[06:25:10 PM] <Evie>   I'd give Duncan greater skill as a fighter than "Nil" for instance.  He was a Duke's son, after all, and hardly a stranger to a sword, even if that's not his primary skill anymore
[06:25:39 PM] <the_Bee>   He did very well against Gorony(?)
[06:25:54 PM] <the_Bee>   when he rescued Alaric
[06:25:56 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   also true. He had to use a sword in Rising, Checkmate, TKJ...
[06:26:05 PM] <Evie>   Battlements were the outer wall along the walkway to protect the soldiers
[06:26:17 PM] <jemler>   Evie's favorite part. when Duncan started stripping down so Alaric could show Warin his healing ability.
[06:26:22 PM] <bynw>   Evie: you have a PM
[06:26:43 PM] Mode   bynw sets mode: +o KK
[06:26:56 PM] <Evie>   LOL @ jemler
[06:27:04 PM] <Evie>   how is the book coming along, KK?
[06:28:48 PM] Mode   bynw sets mode: +vvv BalanceTheEnergies Evie jemler
[06:28:50 PM] Mode   bynw sets mode: +vvv Kelric QuasiSparklz the_Bee
[06:29:01 PM] <KK>   It's coming fine.  I keep finding details that I have to weave in earlier than where I'd stopped to go back and weave, so I still haven't gotten back to Kenneth's death scene.  So he's gotten a reprieve for a few weeks.'
[06:29:01 PM] <Evie>   and btw, jemler, I love Duncan for his mind.  No, really!  OK, and his spirit, and his humor, and I might have noticed he has very lovely eyes.  ;-)
[06:29:33 PM] <Evie>   yay for Kenneth
[06:29:47 PM] <KK>   Duncan is getting pages' training right now, and he does squire as well.
[06:29:47 PM] <bynw>   KK, can we have a character just die from old age for once :)
[06:29:47 PM] <jemler>   eyes that stare lovingly into your own, on a warm summers nught...
[06:30:01 PM] <KK>   Duke Andrew just did.
[06:30:24 PM] <bynw>   oh good ... hate all those early deaths like Javan and Rhys especially
[06:30:38 PM] <KK>   I'll admit that it is somewhat unusual in Deryniland.
[06:31:01 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Well, when you're a member of a persecuted race, it's to be expected.
[06:31:13 PM] <KK>   And the father of a new minor character just died in King Brion's throne room, after seeing his second sosn knighted.
[06:31:18 PM] <KK>   son
[06:31:27 PM] <Evie>   ack
[06:31:31 PM] <Evie>   right after?
[06:31:44 PM] <jemler>   kind a puts a damper on the festivities doesn't it?
[06:31:50 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Eustress can do that.
[06:32:07 PM] <the_Bee>   natural causes?
[06:32:13 PM] <bynw>   18 year old son gets knighted ... dad is proud and dad then keels over
[06:32:13 PM] Join   derynifanatic64 has joined this channel (Mibbit@F8E647.70AEDE.7CC163.95B530).
[06:32:21 PM] <Evie>   hi, DF
[06:32:24 PM] Mode   bynw sets mode: +v derynifanatic64
[06:32:28 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hello Df
[06:32:30 PM] <derynifanatic64>   7made it
[06:32:32 PM] <jemler>   hi df
[06:32:37 PM] <the_Bee>   hi DF
[06:33:08 PM] <derynifanatic64>   7had a big storm just outside home, but dissipated without hitting us--hi all!!
[06:34:02 PM] <Evie>   Oh, KK, here's my craft project for this week.  "Shiral" necklace with St. Michael medallion.  (For some odd reason I couldn't find a St. Camber medallion anywhere. :D )
[06:34:04 PM] <Evie>
[06:35:24 PM] <Evie>   now trying to work out if I can find or create a hollow base for an amber scrying crystal that has an LED hidden in it, so I can make the crystal "glow" when it's switched on.  :D
[06:35:32 PM] <the_Bee>   It's lovely.  Whtas the image on the pendant?
[06:35:46 PM] <KK>   Now, that's a great idea.
[06:35:50 PM] <Evie>   One side has an image of St Michael.  The other is a guardian angel and a child
[06:35:55 PM] <KK>   Image is St. Michael slaying the dragon, Bee.
[06:36:19 PM] <Evie>   hang on, I have close up shots of the pendant
[06:36:28 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12if only it had an image of Bishop Duncan on it:D
[06:36:34 PM] <KK>   Oooo, big storm.  We've been having those, too.
[06:36:40 PM] <Evie>
[06:36:56 PM] <Evie>
[06:37:21 PM] <KK>   Last week, when we were in DC, a BIG storm came through while we were in the restaurant, and blew out one of the windows of the restaurant.  Bam!
[06:37:48 PM] <KK>   And it was positively lashing rain outside, in sheets.
[06:38:04 PM] <QuasiSparklz>   yikes
[06:38:11 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12a storm the day before Father's day put me out of home phone service for 2 weeks
[06:38:13 PM] <Evie>   I used to have an incredibly clear, teardrop shaped piece of Domenican amber that had few if any inclusions, that was worn as a pendant on a chain, but the finding in it snapped off and I have to get it fixed before I can wear it again.  It was about the size of a walnut
[06:38:28 PM] <Evie>   Eek @ window!
[06:39:59 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Hopefully nobody was hurt...?
[06:40:13 PM] <Evie>   Oh, I remember what I meant to ask you, KK!  I read the description of the Servants of St. Camber robes, but I want to make some for DragonCon this year, and I don't think you ever mention the shade of gray
[06:40:14 PM] <KK>   It was dramatic.  Sounded like someone had dropped a large glass pitcher--and then we saw the glass raining down.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.
[06:40:24 PM] <Evie>   Do you envision a lighter gray or a darker shade?
[06:40:35 PM] <KK>   I picture a light grey.
[06:40:58 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12we had a lighting strike right outside our house--sounded like a bomb going off
[06:41:28 PM] <Evie>   Oh good.  I found a source of linen that might have the right shade (I figure I'd die of heatstroke if I make it in wool for DragonCon), and the lighter gray was the prettier of the two choides
[06:41:58 PM] <Evie>   at least if the fabric swatches end up being true to the colors on my notebook monitor, and not how they look on my office monitor
[06:42:12 PM] <KK>   Linen would be good.
[06:42:43 PM] <Evie>   where instead of pale silvery-gray and a medium bluish-charcoal, they showed up as an ugly yellow-greenish tinged gray and a flat pencil lead color
[06:42:51 PM] <the_Bee>   Does your notebook usually show truer colors< Evie?
[06:42:58 PM] <KK>   And it should be a hooded robe, or plain robe with capelet and hood over it.
[06:43:10 PM] <Evie>   I'm not sure, Bee, which is why I've sent off for sample swatches
[06:43:20 PM] <Evie>   OK
[06:44:48 PM] <Evie>   would something like this work?  (This movie is what gave me the idea):
[06:45:05 PM] <Evie>   by the way, if you haven't seen "Vision" about Hildegard von Bingen, it's a must see
[06:45:11 PM] Join   Alkari has joined this channel (Mibbit@B83485.B30A8A.9EE28A.A3A06B).
[06:45:20 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12hi alkari
[06:45:25 PM] <Alkari>   Re hi all.
[06:45:30 PM]     * Evie says hello and offers you a goblet of Fianna wine
[06:45:34 PM] <the_Bee>   hi alkari
[06:45:38 PM] <Alkari>   Hello KK.
[06:46:15 PM] <Alkari>   Finally got this thing connected in the train  :)
[06:46:23 PM] <Evie>   The robe in that picture is actually closer to the darker linen, KK.  The lighter one is a pale silver-gray
[06:46:32 PM] <Evie>   glad you were able to get back, Alkari
[06:47:07 PM] <the_Bee>   The robe looks brownish on my monitor.
[06:47:27 PM] <KK>   That's a good grey.  She's a nun, of course.  Servants would wear capelet with cowl hood.
[06:47:47 PM] <KK>   I don't think VIsion is here yet, but I'd heard good things about it.
[06:48:00 PM] <the_Bee>   Vision?
[06:48:06 PM] <Evie>   OK, so if the robe is hooded or has a hooded capelet, then a Servant wouldn't wear a wimple and veil?  (Codex has married women Servants wearing wimples and veils)
[06:48:21 PM] <Evie>   it came out last year, but the DVD was just released in April of this year
[06:48:25 PM] <KK>   The greys fade over time, of course, so there would be all sorts of shades.  No color-fast dyes.
[06:48:25 PM] <Evie>   I got mine from Amazon
[06:49:23 PM] <the_Bee>   I thought salt acted as a sort of fixative for dyes.
[06:49:36 PM] <Evie>   I'm thinking a hooded capelet might look better and keep congoers from thinking I'm a gray-clad Jedi. :D
[06:49:37 PM] <KK>   Actually, women probably would wear winple & veil--or just pull the hair back, and with the hood sort of pooled on shoulders.  Partly a matter of taste.
[06:50:42 PM] <Evie>   OK, so they'd wear basically the same style of robe as the men, but a woman in her middle years would more likely wear it with a wimple and veil?
[06:50:45 PM] <KK>   Salt does act as a fixative, but it still fades.  Just not as much with salt.  But almost all vegetable dyes do fade, over time, especially if a garment is washed much.  Of course, they didn't wash much, but that's another story.
[06:50:47 PM] Mode   bynw sets mode: +v Alkari
[06:51:01 PM] <KK>   Yes, Evie.
[06:51:19 PM] <Evie>   OK, good
[06:51:27 PM] <Alkari>   LOL.   Well, the people may wash more, but dryinh heavy clothes, especially in winters, may be a problem :D
[06:51:55 PM] <jemler>   bynw, what does +v do?
[06:51:59 PM] <Evie>   I've just bought the white linen for the undergown and the veil & wimple.  I'm waiting on the gray fabric samples to come back before I choose the robe fabric
[06:52:10 PM] <Alkari>   KK, do the women always wear veils of some sort?  Jehana is described at one stage as having her hair
[06:52:13 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   And sunlight would fade the dye.
[06:52:34 PM] <bynw>   Evie: more PM for you :)
[06:52:37 PM] <Alkari>   in a longbraid - in KKB - would she also have some sort of small veil over her head?
[06:52:53 PM] <KK>   Married ladies and ladies of a certain age would wear a veil.  Unmarried young ladies could wear their hair uncovered.
[06:53:25 PM] <KK>   In private, en famille, married ladies could wear their hair uncovered.
[06:54:58 PM] <the_Bee>   I've read a bride wore her hair down to proclaim she was a virgin.
[06:55:58 PM] <Evie>   she wouldn't go out in public without it covered in some way after she's married.  If nothing else, she'd wear a barbette and fillet, but even that style was often worn with the hair covered further by a coif or caught up in a net
[06:56:08 PM] <Evie>   though there are pictures of the hair flowing loosely behind
[06:56:45 PM] Nick   DR_supper is now known as DesertRose.
[06:56:54 PM] <the_Bee>   WB DR
[06:56:57 PM] <Evie>   not sure if the women wearing it in that style are married or not.  I have a widowed character wearing it that way, but she might have been flouting convention. ;-)
[06:57:02 PM] <DesertRose>   Thanks.  :)
[06:57:08 PM] <Evie>   rehi, DR
[06:57:09 PM] <jemler>   wb dr'
[06:57:13 PM] <DesertRose>   Rehi.
[06:57:20 PM] <KK>   It was also a matter of what was in fashion at the time.
[06:57:45 PM] <KK>   A widow would have worn wimple and veil, unless perhaps a royal.  And even then....
[06:57:56 PM] <Alkari>   Meraude and Richenda seem to vary with head coverings - presumably Kelson, Nigel and Alaric are all considered "family"
[06:58:02 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   I've read references to the bride wearing her hair down in Tudor times (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, etc.) with some mention of this as a traditional status indicator. How traditional, i cannot say?
[06:58:51 PM] <Evie>   yes, brides wearing their hair down was traditional
[06:59:00 PM] <Evie>   but not down in public after that
[06:59:28 PM] <Alkari>   Yes, the pictures from the time seem to vary with hair coverings
[06:59:41 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Right, it's sort of a last day of maidenhood thing, or so I gathered.
[07:00:07 PM] <Alkari>   OK - I am likely to disappear into a tunnel in a few minutes, so if I suddenly vanish ...:D
[07:00:24 PM] <the_Bee>   we'll wave goodbye
[07:00:25 PM] <Evie>   Naughty Kelson, fondling Rothana's hair in that garden!
[07:00:26 PM] <Evie>   :D
[07:00:58 PM] <Alkari>   LOL.   He's a young and randy male  ;)
[07:01:31 PM] <Evie>   "I'm called to a vocation...I'm called to a vocation...I'm...oh hello, what's this?  Wow, that feels good!"
[07:01:51 PM] <Evie>   "I'm uncertain about my vocation..oh what to do? what to do?"
[07:01:52 PM] <Evie>   :D
[07:02:47 PM] <Evie>   Conall was just as bad.  "Let's see if I can work out how to feel up the novice while I propose marriage...."
[07:02:59 PM] <DesertRose>   Conall was worse.
[07:03:10 PM] <KK>   Yes, Kelson with Rothana's hair was very naughty.  And Conall was, indeed, far worse.
[07:03:12 PM] <Alkari>   Conall was rather a sleaze
[07:03:32 PM] <Evie>   yes.  Conall's a git
[07:03:52 PM] <the_Bee>   During the Bishop's Heir I was hoping Conall would be the one to win Rothana's love.  I got tired of Kelson always coming out ahead.
[07:04:08 PM] <KK>   Conall had ambition, and was jealous, and his brains often shifted to below his belt.
[07:04:15 PM] <Alkari>   Oh I didn't - Conall's behavioiur turned me off
[07:05:07 PM] <KK>   If Conall had been sincere, and if Kelson really had been dead--but Conall was a bit too cavalier about ladies, even for the time.
[07:05:10 PM] <Evie>   I got the impression poor Vanissa might have actually preferred Conall's squire
[07:05:45 PM] <DesertRose>   Conall was a jerk.
[07:05:46 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Iddn't Meraude suggest Conall used unfair means to get his way with her?
[07:05:50 PM] <the_Bee>   Yes, but from Conall's POV it must have seemed hypocrital of Kelson to talk about earning things when all Kelson had to do to earn the throne was be born and stay alive .
[07:05:51 PM] <KK>   Poor Vanissa wasn't in a position to really rebuff the amorous attentions of a royal prince, alas.
[07:06:11 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12Conall was very bad
[07:06:17 PM] <KK>   Staying alive, now there's the challenge....
[07:06:35 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   No kidding.
[07:06:38 PM] <KK>   Conall was an opportunist, and ambitious.
[07:06:48 PM] <Evie>   not to mention he had an awful lot of responsibility handed to him along with those rights when Brion died
[07:07:09 PM] <KK>   Yep, Kelson earned his crown, in a sense.
[07:07:23 PM] <the_Bee>   I would have liked it better if you'd made Conall the good guy and Dhugal the bad guy.
[07:07:26 PM] <Evie>   so yes, Kelson had to earn them by ruling well.  It wasn't like he got to be King and have all the perks but no accountability
[07:07:42 PM] <KK>   Dhugal the bad guy?!
[07:07:47 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Well he brings up a recurring problem with primogeniture. Just as Festil was to his father: a discontented younger  son who won't get the top job, but has the training for it. They don't all settle for celibacy and a mitre.
[07:07:48 PM] <the_Bee>   But Conall couldn't see that.
[07:08:00 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12and Tiercel paid the price for Conall's ambitions
[07:08:05 PM] <Evie>   Kelson needed someone to be a friend and confidant who isn't in the Royal circle, though
[07:08:10 PM] <Evie>   and Dhugal filled that place
[07:08:13 PM] <DesertRose>   And Nigel too, DF.
[07:08:28 PM] <Evie>   Kelson the boy needed Dhugal. Everyone else needed Kelson the King
[07:08:33 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12But Nigel survived
[07:08:35 PM] <Evie>   but Dhugal valued Kelson the friend
[07:08:48 PM] <DesertRose>   By the skin of his teeth, yeah.
[07:08:57 PM] <bynw>   i liked Tiercel ... but he did underestimate his student
[07:09:06 PM] <KK>   Sure did.
[07:09:10 PM] <DesertRose>   Tiercel was an arrogant little ...
[07:09:25 PM] <DesertRose>   He and Conall had a lot in common, IMO.
[07:09:26 PM] <the_Bee>   Yes.  Dhural seemed like tooo much of a Gary Stu to me.  Too improbably talented and virtuous.  Even his stupidity, when he had nightmares about breaking his word and escaping, was portrayed as an act of virtue.
[07:09:29 PM] <Alkari>   Sadly, I don't think anything Nigel could have done would have caused COnall to be any different
[07:09:43 PM] <DesertRose>   No, I don't think so either, Alkari.
[07:09:48 PM] <DesertRose>   Conall was just a bad 'un.
[07:09:55 PM] <KK>   Gary Stu?
[07:10:27 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Nigel himself did suggest a possible solution in KKB: sharing the power. Though i too think Conall's other bad traits sealed the deal for him.
[07:10:32 PM] <Evie>   I still hold to my theiory that Conall was a sociopath.  Just more the ordinary sort than the serial killer sort that people tend to think of when they hear that term
[07:10:39 PM] <the_Bee>   A male fan-fiction character who's unbelievably perfect. The female version is a Mary Sue.
[07:10:56 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12as Nigel said--He is my son and I love him, but I do not like him
[07:10:57 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Sometimes also called a Marty Stu.
[07:10:59 PM] <DesertRose>   Conall definitely had sociopathic tendencies.  All for me, and to hell with everybody else.
[07:11:13 PM] <KK>   Ah, hadn't heard that term before.
[07:11:38 PM] <Evie>   Even when he nearly killed Nigel, there's a hint of remorse, but it's mainly fear of getting caught, not as much true grief
[07:11:47 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Full definitions at
[07:11:51 PM] <the_Bee>   It must be hard growing up always overshadowed by a boy who had the advantages both of age and rank.
[07:11:54 PM] <DesertRose>   Yeah, he didn't really give a flying damn about anybody but himself.
[07:12:17 PM] <KK>   One of the problems of privilege and feelings of entitlement.
[07:12:25 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Reminds me of Festil I.
[07:13:27 PM] <the_Bee>   I still think Nigel should have sent him away from court and to Carthmoor where he could get to know his own inheritance; then he might not have been so jealous of Kelson.
[07:13:43 PM] <Evie>   I'm quite fond of Dhugal.  If you won't give him a bride, I will.  (Actually, I have.  Twice, in fact. :D)
[07:13:57 PM] <bynw>   lol Evie
[07:14:07 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   He needs to breed anyway, so there are more healers.
[07:14:13 PM] <Evie>   exactly!
[07:14:18 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12:D
[07:14:23 PM] <DesertRose>   Well, in Evie's fanfic world, he does that, right enough. :D
[07:14:34 PM] Quit   Alkari has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[07:14:35 PM] <Evie>   yes, he says he'll get right on that.  Again. :D
[07:14:40 PM] <DesertRose>   What is he up to, six kids now?
[07:14:54 PM] <Evie>   you're going to make me count again? :D
[07:14:57 PM] <DesertRose>   LOL
[07:14:57 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12plenty of heirs and a spare
[07:15:00 PM]     * the_Bee waves goodbye as Alkari's train enters the tunnel.
[07:15:11 PM] <DesertRose>   Yup.
[07:15:26 PM] <Evie>   it's the Middle Ages.  Dhugal has no television in the bedroom. What's  a poor man to do for entertainment on cold nights in Cassan?
[07:15:37 PM] <DesertRose>   Yeah, there's that.  :)
[07:16:16 PM] <Evie>   He's not the priest in the family; that's his dad. :D
[07:16:41 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   "Be fruitful and multiply."
[07:16:41 PM] <jemler>   i feel sorry for the sheep! :)
[07:16:50 PM] <Evie>   Though you know Duncan's got to be the only Bishop in Rhemuth with miniature framed portraits of his grandchildren on proud display. ;-)
[07:16:55 PM] <DesertRose>   :)
[07:17:15 PM] <jemler>   there are 6 billion people on this planet! we've been fruity enough! :)
[07:17:30 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12;)
[07:17:41 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Now, perhaps, back than, not so mcuh.
[07:17:58 PM] <jemler>   Dhugals' children in Confession: "Bless me Grandfather, for I have sinned"
[07:18:46 PM] <Evie>   BTW, if addressing a bishop directly, but you're in a friendly relationship (i.e. strict formality not required), how would one address him?  I imagine "my lord bishop" is a bit formal.  Would "Father Duncan" still apply?
[07:18:57 PM] <DesertRose>   I believe so.
[07:19:11 PM] <KK>   Father ____ is always appropriate for a priest.
[07:19:45 PM] <bynw>   except for a lot of priest that i know ...
[07:19:51 PM] <bynw>   priests*
[07:19:53 PM] <KK>   Yike, I've got to go rattle some pots, feed my guys.  Fortunately, I only have to heat it up int he microwave; made it last night.
[07:20:00 PM] <Evie>   (Which reminds me, in traditions which allow women in the priesthood, what is the proper form of address, or does that depend on the faith tradition?_
[07:20:08 PM] <DesertRose>   Okay, thanks for dropping in, KK.
[07:20:12 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   I finally recalled what i wanted to ask KK: do ward cubes store a sort of charge in them, like batteries? I seem to recall them  being spoken of (by Morgan?) as needing  recharging after extended use.
[07:20:25 PM] <KK>   Depends.  Some use Mother, some Reverend.
[07:20:34 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12good night KK
[07:20:40 PM] <KK>   They do store energy, to a certain extent.
[07:20:47 PM] <DesertRose>   Call out for pizza! :D
[07:20:54 PM] <jemler>   even batteries run out
[07:20:55 PM] <derynifanatic64>   12PIZZA!!
[07:20:55 PM] <bynw>   have a good night KK
[07:21:02 PM] <bynw>   Evie: you have more PMs
[07:21:04 PM] <BalanceTheEnergies>   Thanks and good night KK.
[07:21:06 PM] <jemler>   is hert cats name Garfield?
[07:21:10 PM] <KK>   Won't be here next week; away.
[07:21:13 PM] <DesertRose>   Seriously, though, nighters, KK.
[07:21:15 PM] <jemler>   nite kk
[07:21:19 PM] <Evie>   good night, KK
[07:21:33 PM]     * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight,a nd disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[07:21:45 PM] <KK>   Nighters!
[07:21:48 PM]     * bynw likes green sparkles
[07:21:48 PM] Quit   KK has left this server (Quit: ).


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