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KK Chat -- 22 May 2011
« on: May 22, 2011, 07:11:07 pm »
[19:12] * KK ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
[19:12] <Evie> I knew  it!
[19:12] <derynifanatic64> there she is!
[19:12] <Evie> The Luke Radar worked again!
[19:12] <KK> Hi, gang.
[19:12] <Alkari> Hi KK.
[19:12] <Evie> Hi
[19:12] <the_Bee> Hi KK!
[19:12] <derynifanatic64> Luke deserves a treat
[19:12] * Evie says hello and offers you a goblet of Fianna wine
[19:12] <@TheDeryni> Wow, Shiral, you're good. Hi KK
[19:12] <Shiral> Hello KK
[19:12] <jemler> hi KK
[19:13] <Shiral> You got here before the ice cream in the Author Traps melted. =o)
[19:13] <Annie> hi KK
[19:13] <Alkari> Annie has a great cat cartoon for you  ;)
[19:13] <KK> Excellent.
[19:13] <Shiral> It's all in the timing, TD
[19:13] <Annie>
[19:13] <@TheDeryni> :)
[19:13] * BalanceTheEnergies ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
[19:13] <the_Bee> hi BTE
[19:13] <@TheDeryni> Hi BtE.
[19:13] <jemler> hi bte
[19:14] <Annie> hi BTE
[19:14] <BalanceTheEnergies> Hello all
[19:14] <Evie> hi
[19:14] <Shiral> Hi BTE
[19:14] <BalanceTheEnergies> Have i missed much?
[19:14] <Evie> KK just got here
[19:14] <@TheDeryni> Nope.
[19:14] <the_Bee> KK just got here.
[19:14] <Evie> so all you missed was lots of prior silliness
[19:14] <Shiral> You did miss the Sea Lion on the unicycle, but not KK
[19:14] <Evie> not to mention friar silliness, monk silliness, and nun silliness
[19:15] <Shiral> It was nunsensical
[19:15] <derynifanatic64> all kinds of silliness
[19:15] <Evie> there may have even been a silly abbot or two
[19:15] <KK> Cute cartoon.  Mime are defintely planning.
[19:15] <Alkari> No.   Just a discussion about failed Rapture.
[19:15] <BalanceTheEnergies> Pity about that, but i needed a nap. went to a Left Behind party last night, and got home late.
[19:15] ->> TD now known as SillyWabbit
[19:15] <jemler> Did you know the original meaning of the word silly was 'Holy or sacred'
[19:15] <Evie> yes, I somehow managed to miss the Rapture and now I'm stuck doing house cleaning after all, dagnabbit!
[19:15] ->> TD now known as TheDeryni
[19:16] <derynifanatic64> OK
[19:16] <jemler> Evie! You got your Hooked on Phonics Yosemite Sam tape! :)
[19:16] <KK> Holy or sacred?  I'd never heard that.
[19:16] * TheDeryni sets mode +o KK for #deryni_Destinations
[19:16] <Evie> I suspect that's jemler's idea of being jemler, KK. ;-)
[19:17] <jemler> No, the original word was selig.
[19:17] <@KK> OK
[19:17] <Alkari> You also missed the talk of his split personalities  :)
[19:17] <Alkari> I am not sure which one this is ...
[19:17] <jemler> neither am I
[19:18] <@TheDeryni> Don't worry, Alkari, neither is he.
[19:18] <@TheDeryni> See!
[19:18] <derynifanatic64> we'll never know which one
[19:18] <BalanceTheEnergies> yes, but we won't know together.
[19:19] <jemler>
[19:19] <the_Bee> any writing news, KK?
[19:19] <jemler> go to this site.
[19:19] <@KK> No, it's just progressing well.
[19:20] <Evie> Oh, I love Langmaker
[19:20] <Alkari> How is the writing going, KK?
[19:22] * Evie goes silent for a short bit because Dad is on the phone
[19:22] * Shiral snaps fingers and produces a laden tea table
[19:23] <Alkari> KK, I was glad to see yfrom last week that you are giving Alaric a pony - I am searching for a pic of my old horse, who was a model for Cockleburr I am sure!
[19:23] <@KK> It's going well.,  I had to unravel some stuff this week, but inserted a chapter and then split it into
two.  About to go back to the part where Kenneth will soon be dying.
[19:23] <@TheDeryni> Evie? Silent? Wow, maybe the world did end.
[19:23] <Shiral> Alaric definitely needs to arrive in Rhemuth in style.
[19:24] <Evie> :-P  @ TD
[19:24] * Alkari gets out larege box of tissues for poor Kenneth, and for Alaric  :(
[19:24] <@TheDeryni> hee hee
[19:24] <derynifanatic64> and for evie
[19:25] <@KK> We're still sorting the pony.  He hay have to share with Llion for a while, so the other lads won't be so jealous.
[19:25] <@KK> may, not hay
[19:26] <Shiral> Ponies do need sorting after you put them through the wash and dry cycle
[19:26] <BalanceTheEnergies> Well, he is a duke, or will be, so he is wealthier than the others.
[19:26] <Alkari> Oh, the other kids willbe jealous anyway I suspect, regardless - he's a Duke and the son of one of Brion's favourites
[19:26] <Alkari> So what if he has a good pony?!
[19:26] <BalanceTheEnergies> destined to be a favourite himself.
[19:26] <Alkari> Exactly.
[19:27] <@KK> He's meeing some nice fellow pages, though, in addition to the nasty ones like Cornelius.
[19:27] <Alkari> The nicer kids will accept him anyway, and his enemies will be nasty regardless I suspect
[19:27] <jemler> With a name like Cornelius I wouldn't be a nice guy either!
[19:28] <@KK> True.  But little boys can be brutes, as wel know.
[19:28] <Alkari> rofl
[19:28] <Alkari> Oh yes.
[19:28] <derynifanatic64> ;)
[19:28] <BalanceTheEnergies> Quite.
[19:28] <Alkari> He's not going to find growing up to be easy, poor kid
[19:29] <Alkari> Tough enough for 'normal' kids let alone a Deryni duke   :(
[19:29] <the_Bee> Are there any of Alaric's contemporaries from DR who'll be going through page-hood along with him?
[19:29] <Shiral> I suspect Alaric knows a thing or two about verbal and physical self-defense, though. Or that he'll catch on fast
[19:30] <@KK> Yes, Bee.
[19:30] <Shiral> Since we know he attains adulthood in one piece
[19:30] <Shiral> Kevin McLain, maybe?
[19:30] <Evie> unless he's Alaric version 2
[19:30] <@KK> Yes, we know he doe survive.  And I had a brainstorm early this morning that I want to try to work in.
[19:31] <Alkari> KK, where are you taking the book through to .... after the battle with the Marluk?
[19:31] <@KK> Through the birth of Kelson, I think.
[19:31] <Alkari> Great!
[19:31] <@KK> Which is after the battle with the Marluk.
[19:31] <jemler> and Jehana
[19:31] <@TheDeryni> Cool
[19:31] <Shiral> The battle with Jehana? =)
[19:31] <Alkari> Yes, Jehana went into seclusion and then was, er "brought back"by Brion  ;)(
[19:32] <derynifanatic64> can't wait to see the battle with the Marluk
[19:32] <the_Bee> Wasn't Alaric with Brion when he got the news of his son's birth?  DC flasback, IIRC.
[19:32] <Alkari> Yes - they were hunting somewhere in Corwyn  / Lendour.
[19:32] <Alkari> Duke Ewanbrought the news
[19:32] <Shiral> THey were at St. Neot's
[19:32] <BalanceTheEnergies> Yes, upstairs
[19:33] <Alkari> Yes.
[19:33] <Shiral> Which can't have pleased Jehana
[19:33] <@KK> Yep.
[19:34] <Alkari> Of course, determining likely birth dates was not "exact"in those days!!
[19:34] <the_Bee>  I remember Brion's horse was very stupid.
[19:34] <Alkari> So Brion probably intended to be back
[19:35] <@KK> Yes, he did.
[19:35] <BalanceTheEnergies> Stood on the reins.
[19:35] <Shiral> Or maybe Jehana miscalculated
[19:35] <Alkari> Yes.   Put his big foot on the reins and thought he was tied up!
[19:35] <Shiral> Brion wore reins? Oh, the horse
[19:35] <@KK> Horses can be <very> stupid, for all that they are supposed to be intelligent creatures.
[19:35] <the_Bee> Jehana would have stepped on Brion's reins if she could.
[19:35] * TheDeryni snickers
[19:36] <Shiral> Brion wore reigns
[19:36] <Alkari> LOL.  I havebeen blessed with 4 Thoroughbreds, three of whom were very sensible
[19:36] <Shiral> No, I think she'd have given the bit a good yank!
[19:36] <Alkari> And Jehana miscalculated about a lot of tings
[19:36] <BalanceTheEnergies> Wasn't she doing that, after a fashion, when she went to the convent?
[19:36] <Alkari> *things
[19:37] <Evie> they have Yanks in Gwynedd?  ;-)
[19:37] <Alkari> Yes @ BTE, only Brion yanked back a lot harder  :)
[19:37] <Shiral> It's not surprising there are some stupid horses, their brain cases are petty small considering how large they are
[19:37] <jemler> We're everywhere!
[19:38] ->> TD now known as TD-brb
[19:38] <derynifanatic64> :)
[19:39] <jemler> Teddy Barb? :)
[19:39] <Shiral> That's a bad-a** teddy bear
[19:39] <Alkari> Ponies are smart.  My last TB had more brains than was good for him, and he had a Shetland ponyfriend.  We used to laugh and say that when those two stood around together, watch out ... there was more brianpower therer than in all the other 20 horses combined
[19:40] <the_Bee> any alaricpower?
[19:40] <Alkari> No.
[19:40] <Shiral> Alaric certainly values brains in a horse
[19:40] <Alkari> Sensible man!!!
[19:41] <jemler> that's rare!
[19:41] <Alkari> He even  values brains in a wife ;)
[19:41] <jemler> well someone has to do the thinking in the family!
[19:42] <Shiral> Alaric needs to swash his buckles
[19:42] <Alkari> wash or swash??
[19:42] <Shiral> Swash, of course. He has laundresses to do the washing
[19:43] <jemler> You think a Duke could afford a washing machine!
[19:43] <Alkari> and pages and squires to do polishing of buckles
[19:43] <Alkari> Yes - washing machine = servants  :)
[19:44] <jemler> they still get paid in quarters!
[19:44] * Alkari groans at pun
[19:44] <jemler> heh heh heh
[19:44] <Shiral> I meant swash his buckles in the sense of his being like the hero of those old Errol Flynn movies.
[19:45] ->> TD now known as TheDeryni
[19:45] <jemler> wb td
[19:45] <@KK> He'll do some swashing of his buckles eventually.  And he may even sow some wild oats.
[19:45] <the_Bee> His swash never buckled.
[19:45] <Alkari> oooh @ sowing wild oats!
[19:45] <derynifanatic64> :D
[19:46] <Shiral> I'd imagine Alaric has a pretty good crop of those, KK =o) He can't have been a virgin by the time he met Richenda.
[19:46] <Alkari> No, I don't think so  ;)
[19:46] <jemler> that's what he gets for not swashing his buckles. wild oats!
[19:46] <Shiral> Wild oat meal every morning?
[19:46] * Alkari whaps jemler
[19:46] <BalanceTheEnergies> I wondered who had the newspaper.
[19:46] <jemler> whap shiral, not me!
[19:47] <Alkari> he would be very exhausted if it was every morning, Shiral ;)
[19:47] <@TheDeryni> Thanx, Jemler.
[19:47] <Shiral> Not to mention the possible inconvenience of having too many  kids on the wrong side of the blankets
[19:47] <Alkari> He would have to be VERY careful about that!!
[19:48] <Shiral> And Duncan would have scolded him up one side and down the other
[19:48] <@KK> I thnk that Se taught him how to avoid that.
[19:49] <Alkari> Yes.  And Alaric would be very conscious about how difficult it is to BE Deryni anyway
[19:49] <jemler> yeah, wouldn't want too many Duke-lings running around!  :)
[19:49] <Shiral> Of course, as a known Deryni probably not that many nobles in Gwynedd were saying  "Marry my daughter."
[19:49] * jemler ducks
[19:49] <Alkari> No.    Though the lure of power and wealthmight have beenenough to overcome some scruples about that!
[19:50] <Alkari> I mean, look at Oksana
[19:50] <Alkari> There would have been a few nobles willing to overlook the Deryni aspect if it meant their daughter would be a duchess, and of such a wealthy duchy
[19:51] <BalanceTheEnergies> True.
[19:51] <Shiral> And now for something completely different... Alaric at some point will also have to attend Jorian de Courcy's execution,  yes?
[19:51] <@KK> Yes.
[19:51] <BalanceTheEnergies> Yes, he recalls doing so in TQfSC.
[19:52] <Alkari> poor kid
[19:52] <derynifanatic64> not fun
[19:52] <@KK> Definitely not fun.
[19:53] <Alkari> I bet he hadnightmares after that
[19:53] <Shiral> I've always wondered if Alaric ditched his priestly escort and came home on his own, after that. Arx Fidei can't have been a very friendly place for him
[19:54] <the_Bee> Dis Alaric attend Arx Fidei?  I'd forgotten that.
[19:54] <Alkari> Evennormal people would have found it horrible - for Denis and Alaric, it must have been immensely more so
[19:54] <BalanceTheEnergies> Was it entirely priestly, or did Brion send some people along as well?
[19:54] <@KK> I think he would have been mightily minding his p's and q's, so that he could get out alive.
[19:54] <Alkari> Was he the one who shoued out about being a priest forever?
[19:54] <@KK> Brion would have sent along some of his men, to make certain that nothing got out of hand.
[19:54] <Shiral> Definitely. But it must have been terrifying to watch that, and know he was among people who would love to do the same thing to him
[19:55] <BalanceTheEnergies> I thought he covered for the one who other words, Duncan had a really shitty birthday.
[19:55] <@KK> Don't think so.  I did sort of, when I wrote the story.  But on further reflection, I don't think he could have dared, though he'd probably say that he agreed..
[19:56] <jemler> So there was another Deryni or a sympathizer in the crowd
[19:56] <Alkari> Even with an esclort fromBrion ?
[19:56] <the_Bee> I like the thought of its being some brave unknown who shouted the words.
[19:56] <Shiral> Aww.... I'd hoped it was Alaric!
[19:56] <Alkari> Me too Shiral - the sort of mad daring thing he 'would';  have done
[19:57] <Alkari> eek - look at time.  Must go - chemo calls, alas.  :(
[19:57] <@KK> If it was, I'm sure he would have gotten knocked around by his priestly escort, even with Brion's men to protect him.  Could have been a really nasty incident.
[19:57] <jemler> NITE ALKARI, GOOD LUCK
[19:57] <Shiral> Good luck, Alkari
[19:57] <the_Bee> ood luck with chemo, Alkari
[19:57] <@KK> Nighters, Alkari.
[19:57] <BalanceTheEnergies> Well, no matter who said it, it is part of the promise that a younger generation will reject all the hatred of Deryni...just as Morgan noticed when he got those ashes at the service.
[19:57] <jemler> Sorry for shouting
[19:57] <Alkari> Bye all - see you next week I hope!
[19:57] <Evie> bye A
[19:57] <Shiral> True, KK
[19:57] <@TheDeryni> Nite, Alkari
[19:57] <derynifanatic64> bye
[19:57] * Evie is still on phone. :-(
[19:58] * Alkari pulls face and hgeads for TP.  
[19:58] <BalanceTheEnergies> good night
[19:58] <jemler> nite bte
[19:58] <Alkari> Bye KK - thanks for coming.
[19:58] <Shiral> Hope it's not too bad, Alkari
[19:58] * Alkari (Mibbit@B83485.77CD22.E6104A.10CD73) Quit ( Quit: ajax IRC Client )
[19:58] <Shiral> Maybe one of Alaric's escorting knights said it....
[19:58] <@KK> I'd better go, too.  Spaghetti calls.  Not the spaghetti monster, or Ps Bea's hat.
[19:59] <Evie> lol
[19:59] <the_Bee> LOL at hat
[19:59] <jemler> nite KK
[19:59] <Shiral> Talkative spaghetti. mine never says a thing!
[19:59] <BalanceTheEnergies> good night KK.
[19:59] <Evie> goodnight
[19:59] <@TheDeryni> Bye, KK. Have a good night!
[19:59] <the_Bee> nighters, KK.  good week and good writing
[19:59] <Shiral> Night KK, Good progress in the week ahead
[19:59] <Evie> and NOW my dad winds up the conversation
[19:59] <@KK> It's up to over L80, the last time I looked.  I think the auction ends tonight.
[19:59] <Shiral> Make Alaric sew some wild oats and swash his buckles!
[20:00] <@KK> Not quite yet.  He's just turned 8.
[20:00] <Shiral> So he's precocious! =o)
[20:00] <@KK> It'll happen around the time he goes with Brion to court
[20:00] <derynifanatic64> goodnight
[20:01] <Shiral> Night KK
[20:01] <@KK> to court Jehana in Breagne.  Those fast Bremagni girls, you know.
[20:01] <@TheDeryni> heh
[20:01] <@KK> Rented fingers have pooped out.  Good night, all.
[20:01] <Shiral> Alaric better learn the language fast
[20:01] * TheDeryni waves...
[20:01] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night,a nd disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:01] <jemler> nite kk
[20:01] <@KK> Ta.
[20:02] * KK ( Quit ( Quit: )
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