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KK Chat - Oct. 7, 2007
« on: October 14, 2007, 09:23:49 am »
[17:57] * KK has joined #deryni_destinations
[17:57] <DeryniBot> Samuel welcomes KK to the chat with a bottle of mead.
[17:58] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[17:58] <jemler> hi KK
[17:58] <KK> Hello, all.
[17:58] <RainbowDragon> Greetings KK
[17:58] <DesertRose> Hey she's here.
[17:58] <the_Bee> hi KK!
[17:58] <RainbowDragon> Thank you so much for arriving earlier *hug*
[17:58] <Bynw> hiyas KK
[17:58] <KK> Did my best.  ;-)
[17:59] <KK> Duck is even here.
[17:59] <duck> hi kk
[17:59] <Bynw> yep its good to have duck around again ...
[17:59] <RainbowDragon> Yes he is!
[18:00] <DesertRose> So how was your week, KK?
[18:00] <RainbowDragon> KK, Kelsa is a brand new chatter here but a long time fan.
[18:00] <KK> So, when do you head off to rescue endangered species and indigenous artifacts?
[18:00] <KK> Hello, Kelsa.
[18:01] <duck> next week i take my new supervisor up north so she can see the magnitude of the job
[18:02] <KK> Week was ok.  Painters are still painting outside, wallpaper in master BR is done and gorgeous, new fountain/pond in back garden is essentially finished (even with fish that are surviving!), and I got a clean bill of health from my new GP.
[18:02] <Kelsa> Hi KK
[18:03] <the_Bee> where's your worksite, duck?
[18:03] <duck> did the gp tell you to keep exercising those typing fingers kk?
[18:03] <KK> Also, Scott went autocrossing today, in the Morgan, and bested his times by two seconds in each of 4 runs, for a total of 6 seconds improvement.  He is a happy camper.
[18:03] <KK> She's a fan, so that would be a Yes.  :-)
[18:04] <jemler> I found a great way to exercise my typing fingers.
[18:05] <DesertRose> What's autocrossing?
[18:05] <duck> playing the piano jemler?
[18:05] <jemler> No. I finally learned to count! Watch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....
[18:06] <KK> It involves racing around a wiggly course with traffic cones, to see who can do it the fastest.  Fortunately, because of the wiggliness, they don't get going <too> fast.  It's pretty safe.  (I suspect it's mostly a guy thing, though a few ladies do race.  Me--I went up to Harrisonburg to hit a fw shopping errands.
[18:07] <KK> But I did stop by and give him an ice cold root beer on my way north, since I had to go right past his autocross site.  He was mightily pleased and grateful.
[18:07] <DesertRose> LOL
[18:07] <Kelsa> Sounds great!
[18:08] <KK> Yep, we're settling into life in Staunton, and it's good.  Weather has broken, and fall is being glorious, with good color in progress.
[18:09] <jemler> Kelsa, that's where all the fall weather went!
[18:10] <KK> We also have probably discovered the source of some damp in one corner of the dining room--not roof, but a split downpipe on the outside of the house--being fixed in the next week or two, definitely before the winter rains start.  Then it can dry out over the winter, and we can repaint that corner in the spring.
[18:10] <DesertRose> Sounds good.
[18:10] <the_Bee> good you found it
[18:11] <duck> internal waterfalls are all the rage though
[18:11] <Kelsa> did the leak do damage?
[18:12] <KK> We had one of those at Holybrooke, our first winter there.  Fortunately, the damp at Edge Hill is just ... damp, bleeding through the plaster.  Made the paint bubble up--but that was partially why we painted in there first: so we could see how bad the damp is.  Far better than risking ruining expensive wallpaper.
[18:13] <KK> Hmmm, Tillie cat just came in and jumped on my lap--wet.  So that means the grey I saw in the north earlier this afternoon was, indeed, rain headed our way.  Good for the grass.
[18:13] <duck> groan time to go to work now - have a good rest of the weekend all - good luck with the drain pipe
[18:14] * duck Quit (Quit: duck)
[18:14] <the_Bee> hi Tillie
[18:14] <jemler> bye duck.
[18:14] <KK> Good work, Duck!
[18:14] * ambush has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:14] <DeryniBot> Hi there ambush! Welcome to the chat.
[18:14] * ambush tackle-pounces KK
[18:14] <jemler> hi ambush
[18:14] <ambush> :)
[18:14] <KK> Hi, Ambush.
[18:14] <ambush> hey katherine
[18:14] <DesertRose> Hi Ambush.
[18:14] <Kelsa> Hi Ambush
[18:14] * ambush tackle-pounces jemler
[18:15] * ambush tackle-pounces DesertRose
[18:15] <ambush> 0/
[18:15] * jemler dodges ambush
[18:15] <DesertRose> Yay! I got tackle-pounced!
[18:15] <jemler> i think that makes your membership official!
[18:15] <ambush> lol
[18:15] <DesertRose> Yup, LOL
[18:15] * the_Bee hovers out of ambush's reach, honey and stinger both ready
[18:16] * ambush runs around the room and pounces bee
[18:16] <ambush> :P
[18:17] * Kelsa hands ambush some baking soda paste for his bee sting
[18:17] <Bynw> Kagi was just helping me make up the bed
[18:17] * the_Bee dive-bombs ambush
[18:17] <ambush> does kagi feel about that?
[18:17] <KK> Cats are very helpful that way.
[18:17] <Bynw> yes they are
[18:17] * ambush waves cookies in front of bee
[18:18] <Bynw> i'm gonna have to download some pics from my camera and then upload them to my kitty gallery
[18:18] <Kelsa> my cat is anything but helpful when it comes to making beds
[18:18] <DesertRose> You should put a pic or two up in the Fur Kids Gallery at rhemuthcastle.
[18:18] <Kelsa> especially when I lift the mattress and he gets under it
[18:19] <ambush> lol
[18:19] <jemler> you ever think of writing about your cats?  (You know, kitty lit)
[18:19] <DesertRose> LOL, Kelsa.  My cats aren't allowed in my room because my boyfriend is allergic to cats, so I don't have to worry about them helping me make the bed.
[18:19] <ambush> i usually dont them in my room, cause my blinds have seen better days because of them
[18:19] <ambush> and they cracked my monitor display!
[18:19] <ambush> grrr
[18:20] <Kelsa> wow - that's bad
[18:20] <KK> That story I wrote about Rhys discovering his Healing talent was based on my two cats of the time, Cimber and Gilly.  And the cat in the gargoyle book was another of our cats, Phoebe.
[18:20] <jemler> how did you train your cats to stay out of your room? cats are supposed to be impossible to train.
[18:20] <Kelsa> my cat is fairly new - less than 1 year old - we got him after Duncan and Morgan died (2 weeks apart - sad story).  He likes to curl between my arms when I am at the computer
[18:20] <TypoRexAway> keep door closed
[18:21] <DesertRose> I keep the door closed unless I'm actively walking in or out of my room.
[18:21] <TypoRexAway> works for me ;)
[18:21] <KK> Cats have a talent for getting into places where they want to be.
[18:21] <Kelsa> If I close the door, my cat SCREAMS - until the door is opened again
[18:21] <jemler> like under your shin, on your nerves, etc..
[18:21] <DesertRose> I occasionally have to chase one or both of them out because they sneak in.
[18:22] <jemler> that should be skin, not shin. counting exercises my fingers, but i should learn to type.
[18:22] <KK> Gus is fond of leg-climbing, if you don't watch him, especially when we're out in the garden.
[18:23] <the_Bee> I've been getting a lot less sleep with Melantha meowing in my ear and licking my face
[18:23] <DesertRose> Sweetie Pie is fond of playing with hair.
[18:23] <the_Bee> right now Melantha and I are having fun with a long piece of twine
[18:24] <Kelsa> Cheddar (orange tabby - my son named him) sleeps at my head - between my husband and me - it's cute
[18:24] <Kelsa> he will give us 1 hour after we go to bed to "be alone" and then he will appear with a resounding pounce
[18:24] <DesertRose> LOL
[18:24] <Kelsa> and curl up on my arm
[18:24] <KK> Cheddar--great name for an orange cat!
[18:24] <KK> Orange cats are great.  We have two.
[18:25] <Kelsa> We thought so
[18:25] <the_Bee> orange cheddae--midwest?
[18:25] <jemler> why don't one of you name a striped tabby Tigger?
[18:25] <Kelsa> Well - I'm from New England, but it works...
[18:25] <KK> Proper cheddar/aka mousetrap, is always a good, positive orange!
[18:25] <Bynw> i've got silver kitties :-)
[18:26] <the_Bee> I like both kinds, as long asit's extra sharp
[18:26] <KK> I had a yellow Honda named Tiggr,because it was yellow and black and bouncy the first time I pulled out of the dealer's parking lot.
[18:26] <Bynw> lol
[18:26] <DesertRose> LOL
[18:26] <jemler> i asked for it!
[18:27] <the_Bee> have you and Scott named your morgan?
[18:28] <KK> My current car, the first non-Honda in more than 20 years, is a black Subaru Out Back named Samantha.  Had to be a girl, because the onboard computer voice is female; and because she wears a bra on the front end.
[18:28] <DesertRose> LOL
[18:28] <KK> Possibly the best car I've ever owned.
[18:28] <jemler> and while a guy never asks for directions, a woman always knows where to go?
[18:29] <RainbowDragon> your car... wears a bra?
[18:30] <Kelsa> My first 2 cats were brothers.  The only 2 that lived from my sisters' cats litter.  The orange tabby was named Duncan and his brother was a long haired silver tabby and I named him Morgan.  They were never far apart and Morgan was always looking after Duncan - taking care of him.  When Duncan passed, Morgan was miserable.  He passed 2 weeks to the day on the exact same spot.
[18:30] <Bynw> havent you ever seen a bra on a car?
[18:30] <KK> Yeah, it has one of those vinyl covers across the nose, to prevent stone chips.  I first saw them on Porsches, many years ago, and they care actually called Porsche bras.
[18:30] <jemler> the police always made the car wear a blouse.
[18:31] <KK> What happened to Morgan and Duncan?
[18:33] <DesertRose> BRB
[18:33] * TD-bbl is now known as TheDeryni
[18:33] <jemler> wb td
[18:34] <the_Bee> rehi, TD
[18:34] <TheDeryni> Hi all
[18:34] <KK> Whoa, talk about a conversation-stopper....
[18:34] <TheDeryni> Hi KK
[18:35] <Kelsa> Duncan had cancer - died of it.  Morgan died from missing him
[18:35] <the_Bee> :(
[18:35] <Kelsa> But - they were 16
[18:35] <Kelsa> lived a long happy life
[18:35] <KK> How sad.  Were they old cats?
[18:35] <jemler> Kelsa, look up
[18:35] <KK> Ah.  That's good, anyway. 
[18:36] <KK> Wow, that's <very> good!
[18:36] <Kelsa> Yes - they were happy and wonderful
[18:36] <Kelsa> loved life
[18:36] <KK> Cats do.
[18:36] <KK> We just lost our Edgar in January, just short of his 18th birthday.  Talk about loving and loved....
[18:36] <Bynw> old kitty there
[18:37] <Kelsa> That's a great long life
[18:37] <KK> They leave holes in your heart when they do, but at least the holes are always full of memories...  "Pawprints on the heart" is how I've alwo heard it described.
[18:37] <Kelsa> My mothers cat was 21 when they had to put her to sleep (too old to walk or eat)
[18:38] <Kelsa> Yes - large paw prints
[18:38] <KK> Yeah, we had to do the deed for Edgar, too.  Kidneys were shutting down; it was only a matter of time.  He wasn't going to get better, and kidney failure it not a nice way to go.
[18:38] <Bynw> both neko (mom's cat -- was mine) and peaches (her dog) were put to sleep when my mom passed away ... their ashes were buried with her
[18:39] <the_Bee> that's sad and sweet
[18:39] <the_Bee> how old were they?
[18:40] <Bynw> peaches was in her late teens
[18:40] <Kelsa> On a happier note - Cheddar was rescued from a barn after his mother was killed by a car - he was less than 2 months old when we took him in
[18:40] <Bynw> neko was still young but he was a biter and no one in the family would adopt him and since he was a biter we really wouldnt be able to let anyone outside the family take him
[18:40] <Kelsa> He's really happy cat - runs around like crazy every morning - yelling at every door that's closed until it's opened
[18:40] <Bynw> i would if i didnt live in an apartment
[18:41] <Bynw> but 2 cats are enough in an apt ...
[18:41] <KK> Awwww.  Lucky Cheddar!
[18:41] <jemler> just be glad they let you live there!
[18:41] * JastaElf has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:41] <DeryniBot>  Samuel welcomes JastaElf to the chat with a bottle of mead.
[18:41] <jemler> Jasta!
[18:41] <the_Bee> hi jasta!
[18:41] <Kelsa> Hi Jasta
[18:41] <TheDeryni> Jasta!
[18:41] <JastaElf> Hi folks
[18:41] <Bynw> hiyas Jasta! :-)
[18:41] <JastaElf> Hi
[18:41] <RainbowDragon> Jasta!
[18:41] <DesertRose> Hi Jasta.
[18:42] * JastaElf waves
[18:42] <KK> Sad for Neko, but cool that the ashes got buried with your mom.  That almost smacks of Viking burials and the like.  She was a cool lady!
[18:42] <KK> Hi, Jasta!
[18:42] <JastaElf> Hi KK, how're you?
[18:42] <Bynw> yeah she was ... she had a daily email ministry ... i took over sending out the emails until someone else decides they want to do it
[18:42] <jemler> Kelsa, JastaElf is one of the writers in Deryni Tales I told you about
[18:43] <JastaElf> ?me blushes
[18:43] <JastaElf> can't type either...  *g*
[18:43] <Kelsa> I'm well, thanks, and yourself?
[18:43] <jemler> forget the slash Jasta
[18:43] <JastaElf> *nods*
[18:43] <the_Bee> Jasta's having an identity crisis ;)
[18:43] <KK> Jasta is a <very> cool writer!  I'm delighted that I was able to pubish her.  :-)
[18:44] * JastaElf blushes more
[18:44] <KK> er, publish.  proofreading not included.
[18:44] <DesertRose> LOL
[18:44] <jemler> nc
[18:44] <JastaElf> LOL!  rental fingers...
[18:45] <JastaElf> So how is everyone tonight?
[18:45] <jemler> any news on Shiral or Mistyck?
[18:45] <jemler> i'm good....maybe
[18:45] * jemler crosses fingers
[18:45] <JastaElf> I had a note from Shiral for my birthday; she's doing OK
[18:45] <the_Bee> I'm lacking opportunitiers to be bad
[18:46] <the_Bee> !seen mistyck
[18:46] <DeryniBot> the_Bee: I last saw mistyck quiting 6days 23hrs 8mins 40secs ago with the message Quit:
[18:46] <JastaElf> LOL!  Bee, you must go looking for naughty ops then!
[18:46] <KK> Gak, that's right, you had a birthday!  I should have remembered, with us both being Libras.  Mea culpa!
[18:46] <the_Bee> naw, too lazy
[18:47] <jemler> Happy Birthday KK, Jasta!
[18:47] <jemler> belated, but sincere
[18:47] <the_Bee> Happy Birthday both of you!
[18:47] <Kelsa> Yes!  Happy Birthday!
[18:47] <JastaElf> Thanks.  :)
[18:48] <KK> I'm not until the 18th--and <next> year, we'll be celebrating it at Derynicon!
[18:48] <JastaElf> It's OK, Katherine; the day was pretty awful itself for me, I fear, so it's kinda nice to extend it and still be getting wishes.
[18:48] <TheDeryni> Yeah!
[18:48] <JastaElf> Yes, indeed we will be!
[18:48] <Kelsa> where is Derynicon next year?
[18:48] <jemler> Let's see now, that makes Jasta what... 25, 26?
[18:48] <the_Bee> speaking of derynicon, any news to report?
[18:48] <JastaElf> Umm... yes.  25.
[18:48] <JastaElf> Times 2 plus 1.
[18:49] <jemler> so, 27?
[18:49] <the_Bee> 5=1 =6.  so you're 6
[18:49] <JastaElf> Oh I like that math.  *grins broadly*
[18:50] * Bynw invented that a while back
[18:50] <the_Bee> it's bynw-math
[18:50] <Bynw> my mom liked it too
[18:50] <KK> LOL
[18:50] <jemler> but it's almost your bedtime, and you've got school tomorrow!
[18:50] <JastaElf> Shhh!  Don't tell Mommy!  :)
[18:50] <Kelsa> so - can I be a complete novice and ask how you (KK) came to publish Jasta's work?
[18:50] * jemler whispers "Ok"
[18:50] <the_Bee> tomorrow's Columbus Day.
[18:51] <TheDeryni> Schools closed here tomorrow
[18:51] <JastaElf> Likewise here :)  I like holidays
[18:51] <Kelsa> I still have to work though
[18:51] <jemler> forgot that. my bad.
[18:52] <JastaElf> {hugs}  Not a big deal.  Columbus Day is kind of a silly holiday.  :)
[18:52] <Kelsa> work from home though because my son has no school/no daycare
[18:52] <KK> We did an anthology of the best stories from Deryni Archives a few years back, and Jasta's was one of them, as was Shiral's.
[18:52] <the_Bee> Kelsa, KK had a collection of Deryni fan-fiction from Deryni Archives the Magazine published
[18:53] <Kelsa> oh - ok - that explains it
[18:53] <JastaElf> It was a cool experience!  :)
[18:53] <Kelsa> I have the Archives - didn't know they originated in the fan-fiction mag
[18:53] <KK> Re columbus Day, I don't know if we'll have our painters or not.  I do know that Scott has a dentist appointment, so not everything is closed.
[18:53] <Kelsa> That's about the only Deryni "thing" I don't have at this point
[18:54] <the_Bee> My favorite was "Lover to Shadows." about Charissa's lover
[18:54] <JastaElf> I adore that story.  :)
[18:54] <KK> It was actually called Deryni Tales, 'cause I'd already done Deryni Archives myself.
[18:54] <jemler> Jasta, wasn't that YOUR story? I'll have to check.
[18:54] <KK> It's author has sort of dropped out of sight.  He's a lawyer, so that probably explains a bit of it; very busy.
[18:55] <Kelsa> Yes - have that too
[18:55] <Kelsa> I keep trying to interest my son in the series, but as yet he has a total lack of interest in reading
[18:56] <Kelsa> which is a horror to me since I have a library of over 1000 books and am an avid reader
[18:56] <jemler> how old is he?
[18:56] <Kelsa> 12
[18:56] <jemler> girls over books
[18:56] <Kelsa> pretty much
[18:56] <Kelsa> he's much more interested in girls
[18:57] <KK> Sometimes it's hard to hook them on words.  Has he read the Harry Potter books?
[18:58] <Kelsa> I read them to him as they came out, but he lost interest by the 5th book - we only got half-way through that
[18:58] <Kelsa> I did get him to read (and he admits to enjoying) the first in the Hardy Boys series
[18:58] <Bynw> if he likes mystery types ... get the Adept books
[18:58] <Kelsa> but he has no interest in picking up the next book (he read the first for a school report)
[18:59] <Kelsa> I have those
[18:59] <Kelsa> no interest
[18:59] <jemler> have you ever tried the Xanth series by Piers Anthony?
[18:59] <JastaElf> How about the Susan Cooper Dark is Rising Series?
[18:59] <JastaElf> BEFORE they ruin them with bad movies?
[18:59] <Kelsa> I'm hoping it will change.  I remember hating to read until 7th grade too
[18:59] <KK> What, besides girls, <is> he interested in?
[18:59] <TheDeryni> I had to read the Hobbit before freshman high school year. It was required. I've been hooked ever since on Fantasy.
[19:00] <Kelsa> I have all the xanth - I tried to interest him in them yesterday by showing him some of the "ladies" on the cover - he liked the pictures, but wasn't interested in the books
[19:00] <Bynw> narnia books are good ... i've liked them for ... well ever
[19:00] <jemler> same here. Watership Down was a good story too.
[19:00] <TheDeryni> Especially Katherine's
[19:00] <Kelsa> We just saw the Seeker movie - he didn't like it...
[19:00] <Bynw> Watership Down is excellent ...
[19:00] <jemler> I'll have to find it and read it again.
[19:01] <JastaElf> The animated version they did of Watership D a few years back was positively gorgeous.
[19:01] <Kelsa> I have Watership down and all of LOTR (huge fan) interest...sigh
[19:01] <JastaElf> Lots of superb actors doing wonderful voicing... and the animation was very lovely.
[19:01] <Bynw> JastaElf, i have that too
[19:01] <Kelsa> The only other thing (other than girls) that he likes is Baseball and Wrestling (which has some scantily clad women)
[19:01] <jemler> Keep him away from the History of MIddle-eaerth. way to detailed for 12 yo.
[19:01] <JastaElf> I keep looking for it on DVD
[19:01] <Kelsa> detect a trend?
[19:01] <KK> We'll just have to hope that the Reading Fairy whomps him alonside the head.
[19:02] <Bynw> did it ever come out on DVD? i have the VHS of it
[19:02] <JastaElf> Kelsa, try the Dark is Rising books.  Those might get him!
[19:02] <JastaElf> I don't have a VHS player.  *g*
[19:02] <jemler> i aws going to say something, but "No Comment" will have to do
[19:02] <Kelsa> Isn't the "Seeker, the Dark is Rising" movie from that series?  He hated the movie - no chance he'll pick up the book now (sigh)
[19:03] <JastaElf> Actually... that movie bears NO resemblance to the book.  Cooper has pretty much repudiated it.
[19:03] <the_Bee> have you tried him on graphic novels?
[19:03] <Kelsa> That's good - cause the movie was just plain weird
[19:03] <Kelsa> What's a graphic novel?
[19:03] <the_Bee> a giant comic book
[19:03] <JastaElf> Like a comic book, only a longer story
[19:04] <TheDeryni> We need the Deryni Rising movie
[19:04] <Kelsa> no - I have some comics - he has no interest...
[19:04] <the_Bee> Someone publishing classic novels in comic-book form
[19:04] <Kelsa> He's a visual learner - learns by watching - always had.  I used to tell him "don't watch your cousins, I don't want to you learn from them"!
[19:05] <jemler> lol
[19:05] <Kelsa> I have "CLASSIC COMICS" from when I was a kid.  They are great.  I used to love to read them. 
[19:05] <jemler> Watership Down on DVD is on Ebay and
[19:05] <Kelsa> I'm hoping to find SOMETHING one of these days that he will like to read
[19:06] <KK> Yike!  What you have on your hands is an incipient teenager, Kelsa!  My sympathies!  (Mind you, some teenagers have it together, but others--they don't even know what the pieces are, much less how to put them together.)
[19:06] <jemler> n
[19:06] <Kelsa> lol
[19:06] <jemler> watch your cousins
[19:07] <TheDeryni> Oh, that's what those peices are from.....too late now for me.
[19:07] <Kelsa> now I wish he would!  His oldest cousin (whom he worships) LOVES to read...
[19:07] <TheDeryni> pieces arg!
[19:08] <Kelsa> I hated to read until I was in 7th grade and was given an assignment to read a book and hit on a book that I loved.  Ever since that one book, I have been an avid book reader
[19:08] <Kelsa> I'm hoping he'll find that "one book" soon
[19:08] <DesertRose> I always loved to read.  My mom read to me when I was little and then I took over for myself.
[19:09] <jemler> i've always loved to read. i read Edgar Rice Burroughs when I was a kid. Pellucidar, Tarzan
[19:09] <Kelsa> I loved to read too - until 3rd grade, when my teacher said I inserted words when I read, so she had me point at every word when I read.  I learned to hate to read that year.  Went from the top to the bottom reading class and didn't care.
[19:10] <Kelsa> Didn't read a book again until 7th grade
[19:10] <the_Bee> some teacher--NOT!
[19:10] <JastaElf> That was a dumb teacher.
[19:11] <KK> And the problem with inserting extra words is....?
[19:11] <Kelsa> Yes.  But she did teach me what to watch out for and never let happen to my son.  I will NEVER let a teacher steal his dreams or his artistic nature.
[19:11] <jemler> I read one mystery called "The Diamond Cave Mystery" by a guy named Nesbitt (Last name) good story, easy to read)
[19:11] <jemler> published in the 40s or 50 i think
[19:12] <Kelsa> Not sure, KK - I wasn't following the rules, I guess. 
[19:12] * the_Bee likes mysteries with cats
[19:12] <Kelsa> Ever read Judy Bolton mysteries?
[19:12] <Kelsa> They were before Nancy Drew
[19:12] <the_Bee> no
[19:12] <Kelsa> she had a black cat
[19:12] <DesertRose> Do you read the Lillian Jackson Braun stories, Bee?
[19:12] <Kelsa> always in the mysteries
[19:13] <the_Bee> all of them! and Rita Mae Brown's and Marions Babson's
[19:13] <DesertRose> Never heard of Marion Babson.
[19:14] <the_Bee> Rita Mae Brown doesn't live all that far from you, KK.
[19:14] <KK> I've heard of her.
[19:14] <the_Bee> Marion Babson lives in England. cats in some of her stories, not all
[19:15] <jemler> did you ever hear a ghost story called "The boy who drew cats"?
[19:15] <the_Bee> no, sounds spooky
[19:15] <KK> Sounds interesting....
[19:16] <Kelsa> Is that anything like Harold and the Purple crayon?
[19:16] <jemler> it was in a collection of stories called "Red Skelton's Favorite Ghost Stories"
[19:17] <jemler> Some were funny like the poem "The Superstitious Ghost", and "To Starch a Spook" and some were Scary like "The Ugly Bird"
[19:17] <JastaElf> My favourite ghost story is called "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall."  It's in some collection; I no longer have the book.
[19:18] * the_Bee is taking notes
[19:18] <jemler> I'll get my book tomorrow and check. that story sounds familiar, something about a drowned woman.
[19:18] <Kelsa> What age group book are we discussing?  I have favorites for various age groups
[19:19] <Kelsa> One for young kids that I loved was "The Ghost of Dibble Hollow"
[19:19] <jemler> Like I said, some are funny. You just have to choose which (witch) one.
[19:20] <Kelsa> I'm much more of a "fantasy" reader than mystery though
[19:20] <JastaElf> me too, though I do like a good mystery once in a while.
[19:20] <jemler> Riddle-Master of Hed
[19:20] <Kelsa> There's an oldy but goody
[19:21] <jemler> just remembered something... brb
[19:21] <Kelsa> I have a number of "favorite" authors (present company at the top of the list, of course)
[19:21] <jemler> new riddle arrived, trying to solve it...
[19:22] <Kelsa> ooooooo - I love riddles
[19:22] <jemler> Try this Without a hole it's worthless, When having two it's junk. Above a hole it dangles, Useful when it's sunk.
[19:23] * DesertRose Quit (Quit: DesertRose)
[19:23] <jemler> bye nora
[19:24] <JastaElf> jemler, a well?
[19:24] * DesertRose has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:24] <DeryniBot> Samuel welcomes DesertRose to the chat with a bottle of mead.
[19:24] <TheDeryni> wb
[19:24] <the_Bee> a bucket?
[19:24] <the_Bee> wb, DR
[19:25] <DesertRose> Thanks.  I accidentally closed the wrong window.
[19:25] <the_Bee> My mom just called.  Her sister's husband just died.
[19:25] <DesertRose> Oh how sad.
[19:25] <JastaElf> {{{huggles}}} I'm so sorry, Bee...  :(
[19:25] <jemler> bee, i think you got it, bucket. let me see...You got it bee. nice job
[19:25] <TheDeryni> Sorry
[19:26] <the_Bee> the met when she was 3 and he was 6.  they were married 67 years
[19:26] <KK> Sorry to hear that, Bee.
[19:26] <jemler> i typed before i read. sorry bee. hope your aunt is ok.
[19:26] <KK> Good heavens!  That's amazing and wonderful.
[19:26] <DesertRose> Wow.
[19:26] <JastaElf> What a wonderful relationship!
[19:28] <Kelsa> I'm so sorry, Bee
[19:28] <DesertRose> BRB
[19:28] <Kelsa> 67 years is a long time to be married - how old were they when they got married?
[19:29] <the_Bee> 23 and 26, I think.  1940
[19:29] <Kelsa> that's quite a lifetime together!  Hope your Aunt is ok
[19:30] <the_Bee> I hope so too.  Betwen the two of them, they were interested in just about everything
[19:30] <Kelsa> That's the best way to share a lifetime - sharing your interests
[19:31] <the_Bee> he was very much into the sciences; her thing was handcrafts and cooking
[19:31] <KK> 90 years on the planet, and almost all of them with the same loving partner.  That's got to be some kind of a record.
[19:31] <Bynw> yeah and a good one .... something to shoot for
[19:32] <jemler> I think it is.
[19:32] <the_Bee> I was hoping they'd make 70 years
[19:32] <KK> Was this expected?
[19:32] <jemler> does the length of time compare with the quality?
[19:33] <the_Bee> it was sudden, but mom said he's been going downhill.  their youngest son got re-married just last summer.
[19:34] <KK> Well, maybe that's the best way, then.  Decline, and then a quick exit.  But the quality of time must have been pretty good, or there wouldn't have been the quantity, I should think.
[19:34] <Kelsa> If the quality of life is good, one day... one's all wonderful
[19:34] <the_Bee> Uncle Albert loved to sing and play the piano
[19:35] <KK> I expect it's going to be really hard for your aunt.  How is her health?
[19:35] <the_Bee> Their fathers were college roommates and best friends.
[19:35] <the_Bee> Aunt Edith had heart surgery several years ago. and she's been suffering from back pain.
[19:36] <Kelsa> Does she live near anyone (you, your mother, someone else) or have close friends?
[19:36] <KK> Will she be able to cope with him gone?
[19:36] <the_Bee> I hope so. One of her sons lives near her
[19:37] <Kelsa> She's going to need company, comfort, understanding and distractions
[19:37] <Kelsa> not necessarily in that order
[19:39] <Kelsa> My husband's grandmother took him and his mother to DisneyWorld shortly after her husband passed - good distraction in good company
[19:39] <KK> That's cool.
[19:39] <Kelsa> It was good for all of them
[19:40] <Kelsa> and definitely helped her cope
[19:40] <KK> Whoops, Gus has joined me on lap, Tillie having vacated a little while ago.  I think the message is that it's time to feed the cat.
[19:40] <Kelsa> It was not a place he wanted to go - so that helped
[19:40] <the_Bee> Hi Gus!
[19:41] <the_Bee> Melantha says she's hungry whenever I go into the kitchen
[19:41] <Kelsa> Typical
[19:41] <KK> One thing before I boogie, though--my mom will be coming to Darkover this year.  Some of you will remember her from a few previous Darkovers, though not for several years.  But she's coming out on Amtrack, will be with us for a week before and a week after.
[19:42] <DesertRose> Sweetie Pie was mewing at me for food a while ago but she has food in her dish, if she'd just eat it.
[19:42] <Kelsa> Cheddar just joined me too
[19:42] <the_Bee> cool!
[19:42] <JastaElf> Oh YAY!!  Margaret's coming to D-Con!!!!!!!!
[19:42] <JastaElf> YAY!  :)
[19:42] * JastaElf loves Margaret. She rocks.
[19:42] <DesertRose> Cool.
[19:42] <the_Bee> she used to chat here as LBM--little bitty mom
[19:42] <Kelsa> that's cool
[19:43] <the_Bee> is she really little, KK?
[19:43] <KK> Yep.  I think we'll go to the hotel on Thursday, and go to the steak place for prime rib for Thanksgiving dinner with anyone else who wants to join us.  :-)
[19:43] <KK> I think it's the Steak and Ale.
[19:43] <JastaElf> Little but full of much heart and power.  :)
[19:43] <KK> Much better than Charred Rib.
[19:43] <JastaElf> I might join you, KK, since I'm now persona non grata to Jim's family...
[19:44] <the_Bee> ?:(
[19:44] <Kelsa> Where is d-con?
[19:44] * Bynw cant make darkover this year ... due to time off issues
[19:44] <DesertRose> Maryland.
[19:44] <KK> Yep, that's still a good description.  Her energy level is not what it was, but she's still the sharp Margaret.  And Jasta, we'd <love> to have you join us!
[19:44] <KK> :-( Bynw....
[19:44] * Bynw remembers helping LBM get on the chat a couple of times
[19:44] <JastaElf> Wah, no Bynw and Tike!
[19:45] <JastaElf> Tika, I meant... *rolls eyes*
[19:45] <the_Bee> Kelsa: D-con=darkover con. started in honor of Marion zimmer bradley
[19:45] <KK> Yep.  She's got a Mac now, but we're still working thorugh issues with windows crawling out of sight.  And she uses a track pad, so simple sliding of buttons is far more fiddly than with a regular mouse.  I'm sorking on it....
[19:45] <Kelsa> I know of it, but have never been
[19:46] <the_Bee> I went once
[19:46] <Bynw> i've just been at my new job a year on tuesday ... and that first year you dont get much time off ... spent a lot of it in NYC for Tika's bday back in January
[19:46] <JastaElf> It's hard if you have family; I used to take a lot of crap from the in-laws for coming to Thanksgiving then leaving
[19:46] <KK> Well, now you have all kinds of choices.... :-)
[19:46] <TheDeryni> Hmmm, Marylands not toooo far for me
[19:47] <JastaElf> LOL!  Yeah... mixed blessing, but yeah.
[19:47] <KK> Mixed blessins are better than mixed curses....
[19:47] <TheDeryni> heh
[19:47] <JastaElf> :)  You have a point there!
[19:47] <KK> blessings, too
[19:47] <Kelsa> true
[19:48] <the_Bee> We used to get together at our house for thanksgiving and my aunt's hose for christmas.  both near boston MA
[19:48] <jemler> well, folks. I'm gonna take off. I'll see you all later.
[19:48] <Bynw> it was worth every minute since we saw Spamalot on broadway ... saw Sam, got to visit Wrengl just before she passed away too ... it was all in all a good trip out to NYC
[19:48] <the_Bee> house, not hose
[19:48] <TheDeryni> bye Jem
[19:48] <the_Bee> seeya jemler
[19:48] <Bynw> cya jemler
[19:48] <KK> Nighters, Jemler.
[19:48] <DesertRose> Bye jemler.
[19:48] <JastaElf> Night Jemler!
[19:48] <jemler> Bee, sorry about your uncle, hope everything is ok. Kelsa nice to meet ya.
[19:48] <Kelsa> Bye Jemler - thanks for all the help
[19:48] <Kelsa> Nice to meet you too!!
[19:48] <jemler> anytime.
[19:48] <KK> And I shall take myself away, too, to feed cats and feed me and feed Scott....
[19:48] <jemler> bye all
[19:49] * jemler Quit (Quit: )
[19:49] * jemler has left IRC
[19:49] <DesertRose> Okay, g'night KK.
[19:49] <RainbowDragon> Thank you for stopping by, KK
[19:49] <Bynw> Tika and ambush stepped out to get food for us
[19:49] <KK> ?me steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles
[19:49] <JastaElf> Night KK--give my love to Scott!
[19:49] <the_Bee> have a good meal and a good week, KK
[19:49] <Kelsa> Bye KK - thanks so much for the chat - it was very nice meetin gyou
[19:49] <TheDeryni> G'nite KK
[19:49] <Bynw> night KK, talk to you tomorrow maybe about your puter
[19:49] <KK> You, too, Kelsa.  And I'll put on my thinking cap re books that might get through to a testosterone-charged adolescent.  :-)
[19:50] <Kelsa> Thanks!!
[19:50] <KK> Sounds good, Bynw!
[19:50] <KK> Night, all!
[19:50] * KK Quit (Quit: )
[19:50] * KK has left IRC


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