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KK Chat -- 12 Dec 2010
« on: December 12, 2010, 07:39:56 pm »
[19:16] --> KK has joined this channel (
[19:16] <DesertRose> Oh, she's rotten.  She gets a bit of meat whenever we eat supper and whenever my stepdad eats his lunch.
[19:16] <DesertRose> Hi KK.
[19:16] <Evie> Luke's been at my roses.  I found rose leaf kitty upchuck. *sigh*
[19:16] <Evie> Hi, KK!
[19:16] <DesertRose> Ew.
[19:17] <the_Bee> hello KK
[19:17] <Shiral> I've been doing a lot of computer work and Dmitri has discovered that when the desk lamp is on it equals Kitty Spa.
[19:17] <Shiral> Hi KK
[19:17] <jemler> hi kk
[19:17] <Evie> yes, we have a kitty basket under our desk lamp because mine think that's the kitty spa too
[19:17] <Sarah> aw and lol
[19:17] <Shiral> There's keen competition for the triangle of desk right behind my open laptop, even though the cats have to lie  on my printer =o)
[19:17] <bynw> Hi KK
[19:18] <Shiral> Which can't be very comfortable
[19:18] <Evie> yes, I knew KK would show up, because Luke has taken up his customary perch across my arm in honor of the occasion
[19:18] <KK> Hi, all.
[19:18] <DesertRose> Cats are connoisseurs of warm spots.
[19:18] <jemler> use the Force, Luke
[19:18] <Evie> Hi, KK!
[19:18] <KK> This Happen, this time of year--which is why I've missed the past few weeks.
[19:18] <Shiral> Little heat seekers with fur
[19:19] <DesertRose> That's become a joke around my house.  I had an armful of laundry and asked my daughter to open the door to the laundry area and she told me to use the Force.
[19:19] <jemler> LOL
[19:19] <KK> Things Happen....
[19:19] <DesertRose> So a little later, she had a big dish of something in her hand and wanted me to open the fridge for her, and I told *her* to use the Force.
[19:19] <jemler> just what kind of Force did you use?
[19:19] <Evie> Happy Thanksgiving/Christmas/Twelfth Night, KK, just to get it all in for the month(s)
[19:19] <the_Bee> like what, KK?
[19:20] <KK> Other things happening on Sunday nights.
[19:20] <DesertRose> I was about to apply blunt force to her rear if she didn't open that darn door out to the laundry area.
[19:20] <jemler> LIke Leverage!
[19:20] <KK> How is everybody?
[19:20] <DesertRose> Doing pretty well.  A bit chilly by Floridian standards, but pretty good here.
[19:20] <jemler> doing good (believe it or not)
[19:20] * bynw is doing great
[19:20] <KK> We may get snow flurries tonight.
[19:20] <Evie> Been busy, but I'm about to take a 2 week vacation
[19:20] <Shiral> Very behind on Christmas preparations
[19:20] <Evie> we've had snow flurries all day, but it doesn't stick
[19:20] * bynw is also half-frozen in the iowa tundra
[19:20] <jemler> already got snow here
[19:21] <DesertRose> I got my holiday cards done yesterday; they're going out in tomorrow's mail.
[19:21] <KK> My mom is here, so we've been keeping busy.
[19:21] <DesertRose> Oh, I bet.  How's your mom doing?
[19:21] <KK> She's praying for more snow.
[19:21] <jemler> hi mom!
[19:21] <Kelric> wow.  you got here
[19:21] <Kelric> heh.  I think we're still expecting more snow for tonight
[19:22] <Evie> My folks were supposed to come up from TX, but the cold bothers my mother's joint pain, so they're waiting for summer now
[19:22] <Shiral> Not all that much snow here, best of luck to LBM while she's visiting Virginia.
[19:22] <DesertRose> LBM?
[19:22] * bynw waves to LBM whom he has met a couple of times
[19:22] <Shiral> Little Bitty Mother
[19:22] <DesertRose> LOL
[19:22] <Evie> LOL!
[19:22] <DesertRose> I take it she's petite, then. :D
[19:22] <Evie> I'll need to remember that, since mine is a Little Bitty Mother too.
[19:23] <Evie> And she'd probably like that better than "Squatty Body"  ;-)
[19:23] <DesertRose> My mom is only a little shorter than I am.
[19:23] <Shiral> How was Darkover, KK?
[19:23] <Evie> Or "Chihuahua Mama"
[19:23] <DesertRose> I'm 5'9", she's 5'7".
[19:23] <jemler> my grandmother was like that, but she still would take no guff from you!
[19:23] <KK> It was good.
[19:23] <DesertRose> My stepdad's grandmother was like yours, jemler.  Teensy but feisty.
[19:24] <Kelric> maybe next year for darkover for me.
[19:24] <Shiral> My mom's always been taller than me, so it would have to be LBD in my case
[19:24] <Evie> Mine is 4'10".   Both my kids are taller now
[19:24] <DesertRose> She's also the only person in whose presence my stepdad ever watched his mouth.  Anywhere else, it was cuss words left and right, but in his grandmother's presence, he behaved.  I swear she'd have turned him over her knee and tanned his jacket for him, regardless of his age.
[19:24] <jemler> my dad told a story about when he was younger. he and a brother were fighting, and when they wouldn't stop, my grandmother took a broom handle to 'em!
[19:25] <the_Bee> WHACK!
[19:25] <DesertRose> I was taller than Miss Ione (my stepdad's grandmother) when he and my mom got married.  I was just shy of my 9th birthday.
[19:25] <Sarah> ouch
[19:25] <DesertRose> So, yeah, I was a tall kid, but that's still really little for a grown woman.
[19:26] <Shiral> When everyone is physically larger, it pays to have a big personality and take no guff.=o)
[19:26] <Evie> any news about the movie, KK?  And how is CM3, or any updates on that recently?
[19:26] <DesertRose> Yup, and that's how Miss Ione was.
[19:26] <the_Bee> Most of my growth lately has been horizontal.
[19:26] * Sarah reminds everyone that I'm only 5'2"...
[19:26] * Shiral pats Sarah on the head
[19:26] <DesertRose> My maternal grandmother was only 5'2".
[19:26] <Shiral> :D
[19:26] <jemler> who said that!
[19:27] <the_Bee> so's my sister, roughly
[19:27] <DesertRose> All but one of her grandchildren were taller than she was when she died.  The grandchild who wasn't taller was 2 years old.
[19:27] <DesertRose> And now that cousin of mine is nearly as tall as I am at 15.
[19:27] <Sarah> lol
[19:28] <DesertRose> KK, have you been too busy to write lately?
[19:28] <KK> I've actually gotten back to it, making a bit of progress despite the time of year.
[19:29] <DesertRose> Oh, yay!
[19:29] <Evie> Yay!
[19:29] <Shiral> Alaric the squirrel charmer's been falling out of the tree for ages!
[19:29] <Evie> LOL
[19:29] <DesertRose> Do you have any idea when CM3 is going to have an actual title?
[19:30] <KK> Probably about the time I finish it.
[19:30] <DesertRose> LOL, okay. :)
[19:30] <jemler> :)
[19:31] <DesertRose> I'm horrible with titles.  The fanfic I'm co-writing with Festil is currently just called "the 1366 story."
[19:31] <Evie> Right now it's a toss up between "Raiders of the Lost Deryni" and "Return of the Deryni"  ;-)
[19:31] <DesertRose> I may let him title it because almost anybody has got to be better with making up titles than I am.
[19:31] <DesertRose> LOL
[19:31] <KK> On other fronts, I heard from Rob Reginald the other week, and we're going to do a Codex III next year, updated and released electronically.
[19:31] <DesertRose> YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!!
[19:31] <Shiral> Oh my
[19:32] <Evie> Ohh!
[19:32] <jemler> that's great!
[19:32] <DesertRose> Oh, that will make life so much easier for fanfic writers. :)
[19:32] <Kelric> wootwootwoot
[19:32] <Evie> With atlas?  ;-)
[19:32] <the_Bee> does that mean it will be available on-line?
[19:32] <DesertRose> Festil lost his copy of 1st Ed. Codex, so he's forever calling or pinging me online to look up this or that or the other in my 2nd ed. Codex.
[19:32] <jemler> HE LOST IT!!!?
[19:33] <Evie> ACK!
[19:33] <DesertRose> Yup.  Long story, but he had a 1st Ed. Codex and it's gone now.
[19:33] <Kelric> INCONCIEVABLE
[19:33] <DesertRose> Oh, he was hacked off when he found out it was gone.
[19:34] <jemler> Where's Tieg? Festil should have his powers blocked for 1 year as punishment!
[19:34] <Shiral> Mine is guarded by spider explosives
[19:34] <DesertRose> It wasn't his fault.
[19:34] <Shiral> And very well warded
[19:34] <DesertRose> I bet.
[19:34] <Shiral>  Although it's the Codexii I'm more likely to use
[19:34] <DesertRose> Mine is only 2nd Ed., but it lives by my computer so I can use it to write and have it handy for when Festil asks me about R'Kassi this or Bremagni that.
[19:35] <Evie> So the 3rd Ed. will have the info in it about CM-era characters?
[19:35] <Kelric> heh.  I've got a codex 1 and codex 2 sitting right next to each other
[19:35] <jemler> if you need any help proofreading, i'm here!
[19:36] <DesertRose> I'll keep that in mind, jemler, but it won't have any naughty bits because it's going to go up on RC once we're finished or mostly finished with it.
[19:36] <KK> I believe Rob is going to be putting out a call for fan input re boo-boos in the first 2 versions.
[19:36] <DesertRose> We're trying to keep it true to KK's fondness for political intrigue and so forth. :)
[19:36] <Evie> Maybe if I would actually OPEN the Codex 2 I have sitting right here, I wouldn't write two whole scenes with characters who wouldn't be anywhere near where I've got them in my fanfic because they'd be too busy getting ready for this little thing called Wencit's invasion. :-D
[19:36] <jemler> 1. Saint Camber Allin MacLeaN
[19:37] <DesertRose> Oh, that would be cool.
[19:37] <Shiral> Alaric and Richenda's newest daughter has two different names
[19:37] <Evie> Yes; can we please keep Grania and ditch Sophronisba? :-D
[19:38] <Evie> Because that's just cruel and unusual punishment
[19:38] <DesertRose> Oh, she could go by Sophie, which isn't so bad. :)
[19:38] <Evie> Richenda's first daughter who died is Rhiannon Ysabeau in one entry and Ysabeau Rhiannon in another, IIRC
[19:39] <DesertRose> KK, if Rob makes the call, let me know and I'll put it up on :)
[19:39] <jemler> Marie de Corwyn died twice, a year apart
[19:39] <Evie> She'd have to go by Sophie, DR.  The alternative is a sad story of Sophronisba pulling a Lizzie Borden for being stuck with that name and not allowed to use a nickname. ;-)
[19:39] <DesertRose> LOL
[19:40] <KK> Yeah, I know.  There are several things like that that snuck in. I've got a few myself, in my well-marked copy.
[19:40] * Sarah quietly posts on FB...
[19:41] <Evie> There's some place that ends up in two different places on the map.  It might be Carthane, but I'd have to double check.
[19:41] <Shiral> Are directors still checking the DR script, KK?
[19:41] <DesertRose> Nothing makes it to press without a few goofs.
[19:42] <Evie> Will Codex 3 still just go to 1130?
[19:43] <DesertRose> Well, if it's going to be released electronically, it would be easier to update.
[19:43] <KK> Yes, Evie.
[19:43] <jemler> yes, it's carthane. one near nyford, the other near grecotha
[19:43] <the_Bee> Speaking of goofs, one of my college history bosks said the government of Mexico was "reorganized" by the USA.
[19:44] <DesertRose> Oops.
[19:44] <Evie> I would still sell my firstborn for a map with a mileage scale.  Especially since said firstborn is being a grump at the moment.  ;-)
[19:44] <jemler> DD or DS?
[19:44] <Evie> DS
[19:44] <Evie> He's got a nearly terminal case of being 15
[19:45] <jemler> Nearly terminal? :)
[19:45] <Shiral> That is he'll be lucky to make it to 16 at this point?
[19:45] <Evie> Yes. It's about to kill him. :-D
[19:46] <DesertRose> It's about to kill him or YOU'RE about to kill him? :D
[19:46] <Evie> Me.
[19:46] <jemler> same diff
[19:46] <DesertRose> I've been known to threaten DD with "I brought you into this world, I'll take you back out."
[19:46] <Shiral> So how will a 15 year old help other fans make sense of the map of Gwynedd?  =o)
[19:47] <Evie> I trade him to a mapmaker in exchange for yard work....
[19:47] <Evie> :-D
[19:47] <Evie> "He'll cut your grass if you make atlases of the Eleven Kingdoms"
[19:47] <the_Bee> I've tried to calculate mileage by reading how long it takes to ride a horse from point A to point B.
[19:48] <Shiral> Gwynedd has rubber roads, I think
[19:48] <Evie> Yes. :-D
[19:48] <Shiral> That expand or contract according to the needs of the story and how long it takes to get across it
[19:48] <the_Bee> Besides, how far can your average horse go in a day?
[19:48] <jemler> i'd like to know how far it is from Dhassa to Rhemuth. for the portal limits
[19:49] <Evie> depends on the pace, Bee.  I had to look that up at one point, but I've forgotten what the average is now
[19:49] <KK> Sorry I can't help.  In the beginning, I thought in terms of travel time, and then I thought in terms of superimposing the map over a map of the UK and Ireland and such, and it doesn't always line up.  Of course weather difficulties can explain a lot.  ;-)
[19:49] <Shiral> Yup. Soggy Lendour mountains
[19:49] <Evie>, bad roads, if it's a leisurely pace or a forced march, etc.
[19:49] <Shiral> Bad roads
[19:50] <Shiral> Don't cross the Grelder pass in the rain
[19:50] <Shiral> If you don't want to end up in the drink
[19:50] <Evie> Sponge storms turning the roads into sponge to delay travel
[19:50] <the_Bee> Jasta siad once her re-enactment group got from CT to VA at abouot 50 miles a day.  But I was thinking of a brisk pace, but not trying to founder your horse.
[19:51] <the_Bee> it also depends on whether you trade horses along the way.
[19:52] <Evie> OK...January 1300, 50 y.o King Edward I and his entourage traveled at about 19 miles a day
[19:52] <jemler> isn't he the guy that invaded Gwynedd?
[19:52] <Evie> in Sept. 1336, Edward III, much younger and not riding with his household, covered 55 mi. a day going to York
[19:52] <Shiral> Or if you go by sea, which is evidently more efficient a way to get to Coroth in winter as opposed to the more direct overland route through the Lendour mountains.
[19:52] <Evie> This from "The TIme Traveler's Guide to Medieval England"
[19:53] <KK> If you don't mind killing horses....
[19:53] <jemler> That's why that guy said "My Kingdom for a horse"
[19:53] <Evie> I'm wondering if he switched out horses at stops along the way
[19:53] <Shiral> I'm thinking he must have
[19:54] <Shiral> Couriers certainly do
[19:54] <Evie> that would be on a main highway; back roads might be less passable
[19:55] <Evie> also if there are rivers in the way, you'd have to look for a bridge, ford, or ferry across
[19:55] <Evie> so that could add some distance to a route
[19:56] <jemler> but if you were following a road, the bridge/ford/ferry would be there
[19:56] <Evie> True
[19:57] <Evie> unless your road goes parallel to the river, and you're wanting to go straight across
[19:57] * Shiral sighs, realizing I must return to work on desk, then steps onto her portal, waves farewell and disappears in a cloud of flying cat fur
[19:57] <jemler> unless there's a road on the other side, why bother?
[19:58] <the_Bee> bye Shiral
[19:58] <jemler> nite shiral. merry christmas
[19:58] <DesertRose> see you shiral.  :)
[19:58] <KK> Nite, Shiral.
[19:58] <Shiral> I must traverse the rocky road back  to gainfully employed activities
[19:58] <Evie> Bye, Shiral!
[19:58] <Shiral> Night  Jemler, although I think you're a little early.  I have to do some MAJOR Christmas shopping this week
[19:59] <Shiral> Night all
[19:59] <jemler> in case you don't come back before christmas
[19:59] <Evie> And as to why, jemler, the place you're trying to get to might happen to be more or less directly across, but if that's not a good place to cross the river, you might have to go miles around to get to a safe place to cross, and then double back
[19:59] * Shiral disappears again in a cloud of blue steam  (I didnt' think transfer portals were supposed to do THAT!)
[19:59] <-- Shiral has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[20:00] <jemler> A Steam-powered Transfer Portal?
[20:00] <Evie> One of those built by steampunk Deryni. ;-)
[20:00] <Evie> In 19th Century Gwynedd
[20:02] <Evie> Built by that Deryni mage H.G. Wells
[20:02] <Evie> Any more Jamyl or Denis Arilan in CM3, KK? 
[20:03] <jemler> No, he's the one who invented the Transper Portal that shifted you thru time. Fulton made the steam portal
[20:03] <Evie> Oh, that's right, jemler; I get those two confused. ;-)
[20:03] <jemler> :)
[20:04] <Evie> Jamyl needs to marry.  It's a shame to not pass the Elizabeth Taylor eyes to a new generation.  :-D
[20:05] <the_Bee> KK--any movie news?
[20:07] <KK> Yrs, Evie.  And no, Bee.
[20:08] <Evie> Fortunately, if Codex 2 is to be believed, Jamyl believes in passing those genes on.  4 kids in 5 years...mercy!  :-D
[20:08] <jemler> making up for lost time?
[20:09] <the_Bee> over-working his wife.
[20:09] <Evie> Those mortal injuries mentioned in his entry were probably inflicted by his wife after that fourth birth! :-D
[20:09] <Evie> I think he was just making up for Denis becoming a priest
[20:10] <Evie> "Brother, bless you for taking vows of celibacy so I won't have to!"
[20:10] <jemler> Denis should talk to Duncan
[20:11] <Evie> Wondering if the Calders of Sheele are descended from Rhys and Evaine and, if so, if Dhugal is descended from them on his mom's side as well as possibly Duncan's
[20:11] <Evie> since the Codex lists his mom as coming from that family
[20:12] <Evie> well, technically his grandmother
[20:12] <Evie> Not Maryse; Maryse's mom
[20:12] <the_Bee> Isn't maryse descended from her mom's ancestors?
[20:13] <Evie> well, yes
[20:13] <jemler> Dhugal does wonder if his mother knew anything about Cambers tomb after the vision he and kelson shared
[20:13] <Evie> I meant that it was Adriana (sp?) who was a Calder of Sheele before marrying Cauley
[20:14] <jemler> and rhys lost sheele to a human after the presecutions began
[20:14] <Evie> but would his descendants have remained in that area of the kingdom?
[20:15] * Sarah hugs everyone on my way out the door.
[20:15] <Sarah> toodles!
[20:15] <jemler> nite sarah
[20:15] <Evie> Bye, Sarah!
[20:16] <DesertRose> Nighters, Sarah.
[20:16] <the_Bee> bye sarah
[20:16] <-- Sarah has left this server (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
[20:19] <Evie> *pokeI*
[20:28] <Evie> OK, DH is back home, so we're heading out to do some late night Christmas shopping without the kids
[20:28] <Evie> Bye, y'all!
[20:28] <jemler> nite evie
[20:28] <DesertRose> See you Evie.
[20:28] * Evie waves to KK
[20:28] <the_Bee> seeya Evie
[20:28] <-- Evie has left this server (Quit: Evie disappears in a poof of purple sparkles).
[20:29] <KK> I think I'd better head off too.  Mother is waiting to do something.
[20:29] <KK> I'll try to stop by again next week.
[20:29] <jemler> say hi to her
[20:29] <KK> Bye to all.
[20:29] <DesertRose> Okay, thanks for stopping in, KK.  See you when you come back! :)
[20:29] <jemler> merry christmas, just in case
[20:29] <the_Bee> Good night, KK. Say hi to LBM for us.
[20:29] * KK steps onto her Portal and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:30] <-- KK has left this server (Quit: ).
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