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KK Chat 31 Oct 2010 (happy halloween)
« on: October 31, 2010, 07:43:47 pm »

[18:16] * KK ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
[18:16] <jemler> KK
[18:16] <Evie> Hello!
[18:16] <the_Bee> I just got back from the theatre.  I saw Shear Madness."
[18:16] <the_Bee> hello KK!
[18:16] <KK> Hello, guys.
[18:17] <Annie> hi KK
[18:18] <Bynw> hiyas KK
[18:18] * Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:19] <Bynw> happy halloween
[18:19] <DR_studying> Hiya KK.
[18:19] <Evie> Happy Candy Overload Day
[18:20] <DR_studying> Blessed Samhain. :)
[18:20] <KK> Fortunately, they don't come to our house.
[18:20] <the_Bee> why "fortunately"?
[18:20] <Bynw> too far off the main road?
[18:20] <DR_studying> Well, duh, so she can concentrate and write. :D
[18:21] <Evie> :-D
[18:21] <Evie> I'll go put roadblocks up on her street, in that case. ;-)
[18:21] <KK> Our street isn't particularly residential, and there are no young kids in the area.  Most are older folks, retirees and the line.  Also, I haven't gotten in any candy for them if they did come.
[18:21] <jemler> it won't be a legal roadblock if the gun isn't loaded.
[18:22] <DR_studying> Our neighborhood is just too small to get trick or treaters.
[18:22] <Evie> If I show up in my Jedi costume, do I get a peek at the CM 3 manuscript? ;-)
[18:22] <jemler> my aunt had 13 people last night.
[18:22] <DR_studying> I kind of like handing out candy, though.  It's fun to see the little kids all dressed up and thoroughly aggravating to see the teenagers not dressed up at all, just out to get junk food.
[18:22] <Bynw> lol Evie
[18:23] <jemler> Use the Force, Evie! Let go, Evie! Trust your feelings!
[18:24] <Bynw> I dont have the boots anymore for my Jedi costume ... :(
[18:24] <Evie> My lightsaber comes in 3 colors depending on my mood (It's built around a 3 color LED flashlight)
[18:24] <DR_studying> I had a lightsaber fight with a friend of mine with glow sticks at RHPS.
[18:25] * Evie sits in meditation pose and tries to visualize the first page of CM 3....
[18:25] <the_Bee> i saw a family--momy, daddy and baby--all dresssed up as bumbllllebees.
[18:25] <Evie> Let's see..."Chapter One...some Bible verse....drat, that's all I see.... 
[18:25] <Bynw> ewwwwwww
[18:26] <Bynw> to the bumblebees
[18:26] <Evie> I used to call them "bimblebugs"
[18:26] <Bynw> i call them demons from hell
[18:26] <jemler> wasn't that a skit from oSNL with John Belushi?
[18:26] <KK> I was away for the weekend, but they always do a Halloween thing at the Farmer's Market, where all the little kids come in costume.  Adorable.  The shops in main street also participate. And the retirement complex across the street from us has daytime t-o-t for the little ones, because the folks love to see the kids in their costumes.  Safety for the kids, too. 
[18:27] <Evie> I could dress as a Deryni.  I've surely got some 12th C. garb somewhere....  *g*
[18:27] <DR_studying> I bet that's cute.
[18:27] <Evie> It's the aura I might have trouble managing. LEDs hidden in my hair?
[18:27] <KK> Love the bumblebee theme.  And I've also seen patterns for families to be penguins.
[18:27] <jemler> get me a tea leaf and i'll go as Adam!
[18:27] <DR_studying> Glowsticks in your hair.
[18:28] <the_Bee> I made a necklace of autumn leaves for Melantha.  She kept it on just long enough to take pictures.
[18:28] <DR_studying> Or one of those glow necklaces done as a coronet around your head.
[18:28] <the_Bee> I also saw a dog in a bumblebee costume.
[18:28] <jemler> must have been a beegle! :)
[18:28] <Evie> Jemler, not everyone could get away with that costume.  You might be paid handsomely NOT to wear it, though, unless you're in much better shape than the average person. :-D
[18:28] <DR_studying> I altered a dog Superman costume for my old neighbors.
[18:28] <audrey> The leds would probably be more real looking
[18:29] <DR_studying> Probably, but the glow necklace would be easier. :)
[18:29] <Evie> DH went to a Halloween party last weekend dressed up nicely but wearing a string of LED lights.  It was a parody of the sparkling vampires from Twilight
[18:30] <DR_studying> LOL
[18:30] <DR_studying> My DD can't abide Twilight.  She made one attempt to read the books and about threw them against the wall.  She says the writing is horrible, so I took her word for it and didn't even attempt.
[18:31] <DR_studying> I should make DD read the Deryni books though.  She's more than old enough.
[18:31] * Bynw notes that vampires dont sparkle in the sunlight ... they turn to ash
[18:31] <Evie> I keep waving them hopefully at DS hoping he'll read them, and then want to play the Deryni RPG with me. ;-)
[18:32] <DR_studying> How old is your son again, Evie?
[18:32] <Evie> 15
[18:32] <DR_studying> Ah.  Yeah, he's at a good age to read them.
[18:32] * Bynw will run a DAG game if there are enough players available
[18:32] <DR_studying> My DD is 18 and off at a Halloween party.
[18:32] <DR_studying> Oh, seriously?  YAY!
[18:32] <DR_studying> I'll play, if it's not on Monday night.
[18:32] <Evie> DD is 13, but I don't know if she'd be interested
[18:32] <jemler> 18? Dressed as Eve?
[18:33] <jemler> how many DD's do you have?
[18:33] <DR_studying> No, dressed as a soldier in my stepdad's old uniforms.
[18:33] <DR_studying> Just the one.
[18:33] <audrey> Ask her.  I read the books earlier than that
[18:33] <jemler> then how can she be 13 AND 18?
[18:33] <DR_studying> Evie's is 13.
[18:33] <DR_studying> Mine is 18.
[18:33] <jemler> too many people using DD's
[18:34] <Evie> DD would have to read it in the summer.  She has an LD with reading, so she reads with full comprehension but VERY slowly, and she has assigned books to read during the school year that she can barely keep up with as it is.
[18:34] <Evie> But she might like the audiobooks
[18:34] <DR_studying> She might well.
[18:34] <DR_studying> I'm pretty sure my stepdad has an undiagnosed case of dyslexia of some sort but he loves audiobooks.
[18:35] <Evie> She did her summer reading book assignment by reading the book (Larklight) along with the audio version, so she got through that one faster than usual
[18:35] <DR_studying> Yeah, then the Deryni audiobooks might be a good alternative for her.
[18:35] <DR_studying> I wish they had the Camber books on audiobook.
[18:35] <Evie> hers isn't quite dyslexia, we don't think, but it's some sort of processing disorder that affects reading and writing
[18:35] <Evie> and to some degree, math
[18:36] <DR_studying> That's tough.  Processing disorders are hard to work around.
[18:37] <DR_studying> The kitten got her flea stuff tonight.  The Advantage stuff that you put on the back of the cat's neck.
[18:37] <Evie> but we weren't able to get it even tested until she got to 5th grade, because she's also gifted, so her coping strategies kept her from failing badly enough to be tested by the school. We had to scrape together the money for private testing to prove she had a documented problem so she could get the IEP she needed to succeed without near-heroic levels of struggle during and after
[18:37] <Evie> school
[18:37] <Evie> homework used to take all night, all the way until 4th grade!
[18:38] <DR_studying> Wow, poor kid.
[18:38] <Elim> No luck.
[18:38] <Evie> KK, any word on the movie? Or how is the book coming along?
[18:40] * DR_studying is now known as DesertRose
[18:41] <DesertRose> I may as well not lie and claim to be studying when I'm chatting.
[18:41] <Evie> Can you disassemble a human and put him back together now, DR? ;-)
[18:41] <DesertRose> Fraid not.
[18:41] <Evie> I guess you're not a Healer, then. :-D
[18:41] <DesertRose> I could probably tell you what most of the parts are and what they do, though. :)
[18:41] <DesertRose> Nope.  Wish I were.  Would have come in handy early this summer when I sewed into my finger.
[18:41] <Evie> OK. Apprentice Healer
[18:41] <jemler> she can break 'em, she just can't fix 'em!
[18:42] <KK> A number of directors are reading the script.  Not much progress on the book in the past week, as I was gone until Monday night, and spent the week catching up from being gone for 5 days.  And I was away this weekend.  And Scott has day surgery tomorrow for hernia repair, so nothing much will happen tomorrow.
[18:42] <jemler> good luck with Scott
[18:42] <DesertRose> Owie.  Poor Scott.
[18:42] <Evie> :-(   Hope that goes uneventfully
[18:42] <Evie> ie, well
[18:42] * the_Bee sends fast-healing woodgies to Scott.
[18:43] <KK> It's laparoscopy, so should be simple enough, except for being sore for a week or so.
[18:43] <Evie> I saw a picture of another "Logan" named actor who looked quite a bit like the guy you like for Kelson.  My first thought was "Oh look, another Haldane!"  ;-)
[18:43] <DesertRose> Yeah, but he's going to know that his abdominal wall was cut into.
[18:44] <DesertRose> He's going to need to sit up GENTLY when he wakes up in the mornings for a week or so.
[18:44] <KK> Only tiny cuts.  Probably easier than my gall bladder last year.
[18:44] <Evie> But not as bad as if it were a larger incision
[18:44] <the_Bee> not for him.
[18:44] <DesertRose> Probably.  I'm remembering from gall bladder surgery how hard it was to sit up in the mornings.
[18:45] <KK> That was a minor issue for me for about 2-3 days.
[18:45] <jemler> one of my doctors suggested that for my kidney
[18:45] <the_Bee> did you follow his advice, jemler?
[18:46] <jemler> the nephrologist wants to hold off for a while
[18:47] <DesertRose> My cousin had hernia repair surgery this past summer and he bounced back pretty quickly.
[18:47] <KK> My dad has had it three times; fairly easy for him--and they finally got it right!
[18:48] <Evie> third time's the charm?
[18:48] <DesertRose> That's good that they finally got the thing repaired. :)
[18:48] <the_Bee> I was born with an umbilical hernia, or so I've been told.
[18:48] <DesertRose> Do you have an outie belly button?
[18:49] <the_Bee> not any more.  I used to tug at it, but after I stopped it turned innie.
[18:49] <KK> That's interesting.  I've never heard of that.
[18:49] <DesertRose> I only had an outie when I was pregnant with DD; she turned my belly button inside out.
[18:50] <KK> <That> I've heard of.
[18:50] <Evie> Mine too. That's pretty common
[18:50] <the_Bee> Mom says I used to call my protruding belly button my "penis.
[18:50] <Evie> LOL
[18:50] <the_Bee> very freudian.
[18:50] <jemler> no comment
[18:50] <Evie> A little confused on the concept
[18:50] <Bynw> How was your bday KK??
[18:50] <DesertRose> Oh, that's right, KK just had a birthday a couple of weeks ago.
[18:51] <DesertRose> Did you see the birthday wishes on RhemuthCastle?
[18:51] <KK> It was good.  We went to the reincarnation/temporary location of our favorite restaurant down in Lexington that was hit by lightning in July; they're rebuilding.
[18:51] <jemler> she's listed in Wikipedia
[18:53] <DesertRose>
[18:53] <KK> Haven't been to Rhemuth Castle lately.  My days already evaporate.
[18:54] <DesertRose> I know that feeling.  Right now mine are being eaten up by anatomy and physiology, which I really should be studying instead of chatting. :)
[18:54] <Evie> One thread probably won't knock you off the wagon. ;-)
[18:55] <jemler> DR, you do know that the anatomy of men is different than the anatomy of women, right?
[18:55] <DesertRose> Oh, really?  No, jemler, never figured that one out. :D
[18:56] <jemler> with most men suffer from foot-in-mouth disease!
[18:56] <DesertRose> LOL
[18:57] <jemler> or hole-in-the-head syndrome
[18:57] <Evie> I found my DD in tears in the bathtub shortly after she discovered the difference between her and DS.  She was poking her little toddler finger down the drain, saying her "peanut" had fallen off
[18:57] <the_Bee> LOL
[18:58] <jemler> maybe she scrubbed too hard! :)
[18:58] <Evie> Also caught her standing in front of the toilet moments before making a huge mess, because she wanted to do everything Big Bruvver did
[18:58] <jemler> it's a good thing you didn't use a dog to potty train her!
[18:59] <Evie> Use a dog?  I didn't use one to train my son either.  Don't want him hiking his leg on trees! ;-)
[18:59] <jemler> guys do that enough anyway
[19:00] <DesertRose> Especially when they've been drinking. :){
[19:00] <DesertRose> :)
[19:00] <Evie> It was bad enough when he was in kindergarten and one of the neighborhood moms paid me a call to complain he'd whizzed on their Chihuahua!  I confronted him about it later; he said "I didn't mean to, but he got in the way when I was aiming for the tree!"  *eyeroll*
[19:00] <the_Bee> Do you know the story of why men and women are different?  God told Adam and Eve to stitch up their own skins.  Adam used big stitches, so he had thread left over.  Evie used tiny stitches, so she ran out of thread.  Sheasked Adam to give her his extra piece of thread, but all he'd do was lend iit to her sometimes.
[19:01] <KK> LOL, Evie.
[19:02] <Evie>'s not just a job, it's an adventure. ;-)
[19:02] <Bynw> that's the truth
[19:02] <DesertRose> Seriously.
[19:03] <DesertRose> And Bynw hasn't ever had to deal with ones little enough to have to toilet train.
[19:03] <Bynw> thank the Lord for that
[19:03] <Evie> especially when they get a driving learner's permit. *wide-eyed stare*
[19:03] <Bynw> that part will be fun
[19:03] <DesertRose> Oh, that's an adventure.
[19:03] <Bynw> with the 14 year old that hasn't asked for that yet
[19:03] <Evie> Be glad you're not in Mississippi. I got my learner's permit there at 14
[19:04] <DesertRose> What's the law in Iowa about learner's permits?
[19:04] <Bynw> but i helped teach my baby sister how to drive so i've got experience in doing that
[19:04] <jemler> Being a parent is not supposed to be easy, that's why you're supposed to be a responsible adult! Which explains why I have no kids. I'm neither adult, nor responsible!
[19:04] <Bynw> 14 is the age for a learners permit in iowa
[19:04] <DesertRose> In Florida, you can get one at 15 but the kid has to keep it for a year free of traffic tickets and stuff before s/he can get a full license.
[19:04] <Evie> DS didn't get his right away, but he's in Driver's Ed this year in school, so he had to get one
[19:05] <DesertRose> DD didn't get hers until she was 17 because she started having seizures right after she turned 15.
[19:05] <Bynw> one of his friends has a school permit already so he can drive to and from school ONLY and do so unsupervised
[19:05] <Evie> you have to be seizure free for a specified amount of time first, don't you?
[19:05] <DesertRose> So no driving for her until we got her seizure medication sorted out.
[19:05] <DesertRose> Six months.
[19:05] <the_Bee> any connection between the seizures and her LD?
[19:06] <DesertRose> But now she has her full license and can drive whenever she likes.
[19:06] <DesertRose> As a matter of fact, she's driven herself to a Halloween party tonight.
[19:06] <DesertRose> That's Evie's DD who has the LD and mine who has the seizures.
[19:06] <the_Bee> ah, sorry confused.
[19:06] <DesertRose> I may just give up and start using my daughter's name. :D
[19:07] <Bynw> too many of those DD and DS and they get jumbled together
[19:07] <Evie> I can call mine "Roo". 
[19:07] <jemler> I thought her name was DeeDee
[19:07] <DesertRose> Nope, it's Stephani.
[19:07] <Evie> when I used to blog on MySpace, I called mine "Redbug" and "Roo"
[19:08] <DesertRose> I used to call Steph Mini-me because we look a lot alike in the face.  She has my ex's coloring, but my facial features.
[19:09] <Evie> Roo is my "mini-me"
[19:09] <Bynw> KK, is Scott working on the 3rd book of the Knights of the Blood? :)
[19:11] <Evie> I've got to get updated pics of my two uploaded sometime.  DS is just the right age to remind me of Young Dhugal now (right hair color anyway).  *g*
[19:11] <DesertRose> LOL
[19:11] <KK> A school-only license sounds like a very good idea--and probably is especially useful in Iowa, with lots of wide open spaces.
[19:11] <Bynw> yeah in more rural areas its used more and more by farm kids
[19:12] <DesertRose> Florida's learner licensing system is kind of complicated.
[19:12] <Bynw> but so far my son doesn't seem interested in getting his permit
[19:12] <the_Bee> My dad started driving at age ten. Tht was in 1915.
[19:12] <DesertRose> It makes sense but it's complicated.
[19:12] <Evie> Wow, Bee!
[19:13] <Bynw> they didnt have complicated government rules then to get in the way of actually doing something
[19:13] <Evie> then again, cars weren't traveling at 70 mph in 1915
[19:13] <DesertRose> My stepdad started driving farm equipment around that age, and cars around 13 or so but he lived way out in the country when he was a kid.
[19:13] <jemler> did you ever see Leverage?
[19:13] <the_Bee> In those days I'm not sure they had drivers; licenses.
[19:13] <DesertRose> Did trains even go 70 mph in 1915?
[19:14] <KK> Scott is not working on KOB III; is working on several TV projects.
[19:14] <jemler> i have an old newspaper whrer people were reporting cars speeding up the road in excess of 15 miles an hour! And gas prices hitting 0.19 a gallow due to price war!
[19:14] <Evie> It's just occurred to me...neither of my cats has been on my lap investigating chat yet.  I need to do a fever check. ;-)
[19:15] <Evie> Oh wait...DH was just in the shower.  That explains it.  They were waiting for the yummy water drops.
[19:15] <DesertRose> My mom used to be able to fill up her gas tank and drive for a week on what we pay for a single gallon now.
[19:15] <DesertRose> Back when she was first driving, anyway.
[19:15] <KK> Gas was about $.35 per gallon when I got my first car.
[19:16] <jemler> a friend retired just after i started a new job once. they said that when she started, she was paid 0.52/hr
[19:16] <DesertRose> We cracked up when the Harry Potter movie with the blue Anglia showed up, because my mom's first car was a blue Anglia, although not the same year as the one in the movie.
[19:16] <KK> I made $1.00 per hour on work/study during university.
[19:17] <Evie> I have a workstudy position open, KK, if you want to work with me. I'll give you time to write.  ;-)
[19:18] <KK> LOL.  No thanks--though writing probably doesn't pay much more than that, when you break it down to an hourly rate.
[19:18] <Evie> Mine doesn't pay at all, currently.  ;-)
[19:18] <Evie> I really need to work on my own universe again. :-D
[19:18] <jemler> DR, does your mom's car fly?
[19:19] <DesertRose> Fraid not.
[19:19] <Evie> Only if she hits a very big bump
[19:19] <DesertRose> Well, nowadays she drives a silver Mazda.
[19:20] <DesertRose> Which Mini-me has off at her party, and which she knows she'd better bring back all in one piece and with no new dents or she's in deep trouble.
[19:20] <Evie> I had a car accident when I was 20 or so.  When the car flew off the road and went briefly airborne, the first thought through my head was "I'm coming in too low!"  It hit the other side of the ditch, rolled over, and I had this mental image of Darth Vader spinning out of control in his TIE fighter, then the car ended up on its roof rack back on the road.
[19:21] <the_Bee> Yikes!  Were you hurt badly?
[19:21] <DesertRose> Holy cow!  I'm amazed you had time to think of Darth Vader.
[19:21] <Evie> Fortunately this was just a few yards away from my best friend's house, so I was able to walk there, call home, and tell my Dad his wheels weren't working so hot anymore
[19:22] <DesertRose> I guess not.
[19:22] <Evie> No, just achy and had a bruise on my forehead that looked like longhorns
[19:22] <KK> If an entire lifetime can flash before your eyes, I'm sure one has time to think about Darth Vader.
[19:22] <Evie> Probably from the rear view mirror, which came off at some point
[19:22] <Evie> but I was buckled in until landing
[19:22] <Evie> so that probably saved me from far worse
[19:22] <jemler> i want my lifetime to flash by in slow motion!
[19:22] <DesertRose> Likely so.
[19:22] <the_Bee> did your dad let you drive his car again?
[19:22] <KK> You were very lucky--and thank God for the seat belt.  I hope that all of you always buckle up.
[19:23] <DesertRose> My ex is a paramedic, and he told me a lot of horror stories about people not being belted in.
[19:23] <Evie> I must have had a boring lifetime if all I could see was Darth Vader!
[19:23] <DesertRose> That, or a very nerdy lifetime. :)
[19:23] <Evie> That too! :-D
[19:23] * Alkari (Mibbit@B83485.B30A8A.CC069F.B207EE) has joined #deryni_Destinations
[19:23] <Evie> And yes, once the car was fixed, I still got to drive it
[19:23] <jemler> hi alkari
[19:23] <DesertRose> Alkari's back.
[19:23] <Alkari> Hi there!
[19:23] <the_Bee> hi alkari
[19:23] <Evie> OMG, Alkari and KK are in the room at the same time! Is that even possible? ;-)
[19:23] <Alkari> Hey - laptop WORKS!
[19:24] <Alkari> LOL
[19:24] <Evie> You have no idea how often she's tried to be here when you are, and it never happens
[19:24] <jemler> the stars must be aligned
[19:24] <Alkari> Work computer having morning tea hysteria so taking a break and logging in on mine
[19:24] <Alkari> Hi there KK :)
[19:24] <Evie> or Sydney's on a better time right now? (or is it worse since the time change?)
[19:24] <jemler> or is there a blue moon on halloween?
[19:25] <Alkari> It is MOnday 11.30am
[19:25] <Evie> ah. lunch break then. :-D
[19:25] <Alkari> Yep!
[19:25] <jemler> halloween candy for dessert?
[19:25] <Alkari> Halloween?  Candy?
[19:26] <KK> Yike, I hate to be a party pooper just when Alkari's arrived, but Scott has just arrived with 5 Guys hamburders, so I gotta go and eat it while it's hot.
[19:26] <KK> See you guys next week--I hope!
[19:26] <Alkari> LOL.  Hamburgers are reason to go.
[19:26] <DesertRose> We'll be here.
[19:26] <Evie> Bye!
[19:26] <DesertRose> Five Guys are really good, too.
[19:26] <Alkari> I'll try to be.
[19:26] <jemler> night kk. good luck with scott
[19:26] <DesertRose> See you, KK.
[19:26] <the_Bee> good eating and good writing, KK.  Thanks for stopping by.
[19:26] <Alkari> BYE
[19:27] * KK steps onto her Portal, breathing in hamburgers, amd disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:27] <DesertRose> LOL
[19:27] <jemler> Five Guys sounds kinda kinky to me!
[19:27] <DesertRose> It's a burger chain.
[19:27] <Evie> That's because you're you, jemler
[19:27] <jemler> yeah, right
[19:27] <KK> Good burgers--almost as good as Fudrucker's.
[19:28] <KK> Ta-ta.
[19:28] <DesertRose> I miss Fuddruckers.
[19:28] <Evie> which is yummy,and I wish we still had one
[19:28] <DesertRose> See you, KK.
[19:28] * KK has quit (Quit: )


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