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KK Chat - August 12, 2007
« on: August 12, 2007, 09:46:56 pm »
[19:33:08] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:33:09] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there KK! Welcome to the chat.
[19:33:11] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[19:33:15] <Kelric> perfect timing :P
[19:33:23] <@KK> Hello, people.
[19:33:26] <+Shiral> Hi Kelric
[19:33:30] <+Shiral> Hi KK
[19:33:37] <Kelric> my opinion on the Simpsons movie.  Good but there was one problem...  
[19:33:39] <+Shiral> I was just about to give up for togday
[19:33:54] <Kelric> There was too much plot in the movie to really make it feel like it being the Simpsons :P
[19:33:56] <the_Bee> hi KK!
[19:34:04] <@KK> I see that Bynw is here in his doppelganger mode tonight.  :-)
[19:34:17] <Bynw> Hi KK
[19:34:19] <Bynw> yes I am
[19:34:22] <Temprus> Hi KK
[19:35:05] <the_Bee> any news on the burglary front?
[19:35:23] <@KK> I see that the date for Derynicon has been posted, thanks to the kick-starting of Mykos, Julianne, and Sam.  We chatted for nearly an hour, brainstorming.
[19:35:46] <@KK> No progress on the burglary other than to discover several more things missing.  But our investigator is working on it.
[19:35:50] * ambush tackle-pounces KK
[19:36:08] <@KK> Hello, ambush.
[19:36:14] <Kelric> ouch
[19:36:24] <+Shiral> Damn, they were thorough
[19:36:42] <the_Bee> :(
[19:37:01] <@KK> Yeah, they got a silver teapot and several more smaller jewelry items that I'd not missed the first time around.
[19:37:05] * harmonious has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:37:06] <&DeryniBot>  Samuel welcomes harmonious to the chat with a bottle of mead.
[19:37:15] <the_Bee> hi harmonious
[19:37:19] <ambush> :( KK
[19:37:35] <+Shiral> I think head first down a well after a good flogging would be suitable punishment for them
[19:37:42] <@KK> Hi, harmonious.  Don't recognize your sig.
[19:37:45] <+Shiral> Hi Harmonius
[19:38:14] <@KK> I was actually think of various afflictions to their various appendages.
[19:38:17] <harmonious> heya
[19:38:20] <the_Bee> are you new here, harmonious?
[19:38:33] <ambush> too lenient,Shiral
[19:39:15] <+Shiral> Too bad the items they were after couldn't turn red hot and burn their hands
[19:39:21] <harmonious> yeah
[19:39:39] <@KK> That also would have been good.
[19:39:46] <the_Bee> welccome
[19:39:54] <+Shiral> A very effective anti-theft device, anyway
[19:40:01] <Kelric> heh
[19:40:28] <+Shiral> Although I suppose one must live in Potterverse for it to work
[19:40:36] <Kelric> heh
[19:42:43] <+Shiral> The Deryni says hello, Katherine
[19:42:58] <the_Bee> so does Mistyck
[19:43:05] <Kelric> maybe some ward cubes would come in handy
[19:43:30] <Kelric> well.  I know I won't be around much for the next coming week.  I'll be driving out to indy on wednsday and driving back sunday
[19:43:37] <harmonious> i havent even read the deryni series yet, im still investigating what its about before i dive into it :)
[19:44:37] <the_Bee> It's about political intrigue and people with magic powers, in an alternate reality medieval setting
[19:44:43] <@KK> Why indy, Kelric?
[19:44:58] <the_Bee> Start with Deryni Rising.
[19:45:01] <harmonious> yes i know that
[19:45:04] <harmonious> :P
[19:45:10] <ambush> well put, bee
[19:45:12] <the_Bee> ok
[19:45:19] <harmonious> i walk carefully when i get into new series
[19:46:00] <harmonious> mainly because theres certain content i like to avoid :)
[19:46:04] <the_Bee> DR is part of a series, but it also works as a stand-alone novel
[19:46:10] <Temprus> GenCon, Kel?
[19:46:13] * Bynw notes that Kelric must be going to Gen Con
[19:46:20] <the_Bee> what kind of content?
[19:46:32] <Kelric> yep.  gen con
[19:46:40] <harmonious> crude content in general
[19:46:46] <ambush> :P kel
[19:47:11] <Kelric> not really much of that in the Deryni series
[19:47:54] <+Shiral> Especially not in the first trilogy
[19:48:59] <the_Bee> Did you hear about the Deryni through Otherworlds?
[19:49:20] <the_Bee> Otherworlders
[19:49:46] <harmonious> and whats it like after the first trilogy? :)
[19:50:14] <+Shiral> Well... more violent death and battles than naughty bits
[19:50:25] <+Shiral>  But Imre and Ariella don't play very nice
[19:50:56] <the_Bee> KK doesn't go in for crudeness. there are some tragedies and some triumphs
[19:50:57] <Kelric> as I remember there's practically no "on screen" naughty bits. but there is definitely a bunch of aftermath.
[19:51:01] <harmonious> dont mind violent deaths :)
[19:51:18] <@KK> I'm not sure what you'd classify as crude.  If you mean cursing...only in justified context, and then it's pretty much period.  If you mean sexuality, I'd like to think that I've handled that tastefully.
[19:51:33] <Kelric> thou has.
[19:51:34] <+Shiral> I think you have, KK
[19:51:44] <ambush> yep
[19:51:55] <harmonious> theres certain type of violence i like to avoid, such as rape
[19:52:24] <@KK> And I think that where I've handled moral issues, I've made it pretty clear what's beyond thebounds--and perpetrators usually get what's coming to them.
[19:52:45] <the_Bee> One of the later books shows the aftermath of a rape.  vry sympatheric to the victim
[19:53:03] <@KK> There is one rape, off camera, but the perp gts his just desserts, and his victim overcomes her experience rather triumphant.y.
[19:53:19] <harmonious> erm
[19:53:27] <@KK> Actually, there's another rape, also off camera, and ther perps definitely get a just fate.
[19:54:09] <ambush> yep
[19:54:24] <@KK> Alas, rape was an unfortunatee part of life in the middle ages.  My good guys don't condone it, and do their best to see that ameds are made.
[19:54:35] <@KK> amends
[19:54:42] <ambush> i remember that one as well
[19:55:06] <@KK> I think the moral lines are pretty well defined.
[19:55:23] <harmonious> its just something i like to avoid, despite that it happens
[19:56:23] <@KK> Well, like I said, the really icky stuff is all definitely off camera, so it's avoidable.  
[19:56:29] <+Shiral> In the Deryni world, though, you don't read about the event in real time
[19:57:31] <+Shiral> What she said. =o)
[19:57:35] <harmonious> also is the first book out of print?
[19:57:53] <the_Bee> It was recently re-published
[19:58:01] <ambush> >:)
[19:58:09] <Kelric> as was the second
[19:58:22] <the_Bee> and the 3rd will be
[19:58:26] <@KK> The first book was reissued a couple of years ago in hardcover, and is probably back in paperback again.  I call the reissues the "author's cuts".  :-)
[19:59:03] <harmonious> erm i just cant seem to track it down
[19:59:07] <ambush> brb
[19:59:17] <Kelric> where are you located harmonious?
[19:59:29] <the_Bee> Try
[19:59:32] <harmonious> America
[19:59:51] <+Shiral> Should be able to find it somewhere in the lower 48 states.
[19:59:58] <harmonious>
[20:00:18] <the_Bee> or Barnes&
[20:00:20] * ambush has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:00:26] <harmonious>
[20:00:30] <harmonious> all out of stock
[20:00:33] <+Shiral> Oh, KK....
[20:00:43] <the_Bee> BAD PEER BAD!!!
[20:00:51] * ambush has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[20:00:51] <&DeryniBot>  ambush enters the chat as RainbowDragon passes around a plate of cheese.
[20:01:11] <the_Bee> wb ambush
[20:01:17] <ambush> ty
[20:01:24] <ambush> actually on the desktop for once
[20:01:25] <ambush> :0
[20:01:27] <+Shiral> WB Ambush
[20:01:28] <ambush> *:)
[20:01:50] <the_Bee> has links to several online bookseller, new and used
[20:02:26] <ambush> and hopefully,soon, i'll have a notebook laptop to play with so i can wander around where i want and type
[20:02:31] -> [KK] VERSION
[20:02:44] <+Shiral> When can we hope to get a new issue of Deryni Archives put together? It's been a loong time. <smiles sweetly and ingratiatingly>
[20:03:04] <ambush> lol
[20:03:07] <the_Bee> Julianne's had a lot on her plate
[20:03:38] <Kelric> heck,  if you don't mind, I'm pretty sure I have a spare copy of the original version floating around somewhere as well.
[20:03:41] <+Shiral> I mean, Kelric the Terror Tot even makes his papa lose his ducal cool!
[20:04:12] <ambush> ??
[20:04:25] <+Shiral> IN my latest fanfic, Ambush
[20:04:31] <the_Bee> in Shiral's fanfiction
[20:04:42] <+Shiral> Submitted for the next issue of DA
[20:04:43] <harmonious> it seems i can really only get it used
[20:05:03] <ambush> this i have to see, shiral....where be this seemingly hilarious fanfic?
[20:05:04] <the_Bee> I submitted more poetry
[20:05:16] <Kelric> lol
[20:05:22] <+Shiral> Well, hopefully it will be funny, Ambush
[20:05:24] * Kelric looks innocent
[20:05:36] <Kelric> but I never MEAN to get into trouble
[20:06:05] <ambush> cause i'm hoping to finish my fanfic....but i cant finish if i can never get beyong 3/4's done
[20:06:17] <ambush> *beyond
[20:06:19] <+Shiral> I know there's been a lot on everybody's plate in recent years--Julianne with her mother's illness and KK with her moves.
[20:06:35] <+Shiral> But I just want to give the proverbial ball a wee little nudgie
[20:07:08] <+Shiral> Kelric, I know. But look at the mess you made with the honey, the last time the King came to visit!
[20:07:26] <the_Bee> I hope we'll have some DAZines available at Derynicon--and earlier too
[20:07:55] * +Shiral turns into a cat, and wraps around KK's ankles, purring up at her in adoring appeal...
[20:08:13] <Kelric> nyau
[20:08:54] <+Shiral> It's been a while since the last issue, after all.
[20:10:57] <+Shiral> It's true, Ambush. You have to apply Butt to Chair
[20:11:13] <+Shiral> In order to finish works in progress
[20:11:24] <ambush> lol
[20:11:44] <ambush> my butt doesnt like to stay in my chair
[20:11:47] <Temprus> fingers to keys (or pen/pencil to paper)
[20:12:00] <+Shiral> Well, that's why your story is incomplete. =o)
[20:13:00] * +Shiral keeps purring and headbutting KK in blatant flattery
[20:13:52] -> [kk] PING
[20:14:03] <Bynw> well she hasnt peered ...
[20:14:21] <the_Bee> or been peered
[20:14:32] * +Shiral grows uneasy, fearing that some ignoble being has come back to steal our author
[20:15:00] <ambush> named scott?
[20:15:04] <ambush> lol
[20:15:15] <+Shiral> Well, no. Some OTHER ignoble being
[20:15:30] <Bynw> lol
[20:15:34] <+Shiral> Who already ripped off said author's beloved possessions
[20:16:21] <the_Bee> ah.  wouldn't she have said goodbye and signed off in that case?
[20:17:18] <+Shiral> Could be a phone call, I suppose
[20:18:17] <Temprus> Maybe she went to see if she still has the copy of DR :D
[20:18:39] <+Shiral> I have a feeling she might have one bopping around her house, Temrpus.
[20:18:44] <+Shiral> Temprus, too
[20:18:55] <the_Bee> Kaaatherinne! Where arre youuuu?
[20:19:13] * +Shiral adds fresh ice cream to the melty sundae bar
[20:19:35] <harmonious> is there any general fantasy novel channel on otherworlders?
[20:19:48] <Bynw> nope but you are free to start one if you like
[20:19:48] * the_Bee prepare a flagon om Bulmer's Cider for KK's return
[20:20:06] <harmonious> starting one doesnt help me :)
[20:22:31] <+Shiral> Oh dear, we've misplaced our author
[20:22:44] <+Shiral> Although perhaps she had to run and take something off the stove
[20:23:02] <Temprus> For 20+ minutes :D
[20:23:08] <the_Bee> and now she's sitting down to eat it?
[20:23:41] <+Shiral> Maybe we're not very memorable or entertaining?
[20:24:58] * the_Bee tosses Shiral-cat a catnip mouse
[20:25:18] * +Shiral bats it around, doing her best to look cute and funny
[20:25:49] <+Shiral> Maybe she minimized the window, and can't get it back, now
[20:26:21] * Bynw doesnt have her state side phone number to help out with
[20:26:49] * +Shiral hopes she didn't send KK screaming out of the room at the mention of DA
[20:27:07] <Bynw> lol
[20:27:33] <Temprus> 99.7 Probability Against!
[20:27:40] <Kelric> hmm. I think I should make myself a cup of tea
[20:27:56] <Temprus> Which does mean there is still a .3% probability of :D
[20:27:59] * Kelric looks to use the ininite improbability drive to bring KK back.
[20:28:02] <+Shiral> Wonder if it's the Petrificus Totalus curse, then
[20:29:51] * +Shiral gets a brain storm, and lays down a trail of parmesan cheese goldfish crackers to lure KK back into chat
[20:30:52] <Kelric> ACCIO KK!
[20:31:20] <+Shiral> bless you! --Oh wait. Now I know what you're doing. =o)
[20:31:51] <the_Bee> sneezing in latin?
[20:32:06] <+Shiral> Doing a Potterverse summoning charm
[20:33:40] * Temprus is now known as TemprusAway
[20:36:34] * Kelric opens a fortune cookie and makes KK appear in a blinding swirl of golden motes of light
[20:36:51] <Kelric> 10 points to whoever gets that movie reference
[20:37:28] <@KK> Sorry, gang.  I got a phpne call from our son, and he took precedence.
[20:37:38] <TemprusAway> What are the points good for LoneStarr?
[20:37:46] <+Shiral> Well, at least the thieves didn't come back to steal YOU. =o)
[20:37:50] <the_Bee> welcome back, kk
[20:38:35] <Bynw> yeah that is true KK ... mom's and son's need to keep it touch ....
[20:38:44] * +Shiral keeps winding around KK's ankles purring and inquiring after the next issue of DA
[20:38:48] <@KK> Sorry, gang.  i got a phpne call from our son, and he took precedence.
[20:39:55] <@KK> Is this coming through?
[20:39:58] <Bynw> yes
[20:40:01] <Kelric> as her should
[20:40:06] <Kelric> he*
[20:40:09] <+Shiral> Yes, although we're wondering if you've been recorded
[20:40:11] <the_Bee> Yes it. Are we reaching you?
[20:40:43] <the_Bee> shiral turned herself into a cat while you were gone, KK
[20:40:50] <@KK> Ah.  I'd scrolled up, so what I was typing didn't show up on my screen.  Duh.
[20:42:00] * +Shiral keeps up the hopeful headbutting for information re DA the mag
[20:43:04] * TemprusAway is now known as Temprus
[20:45:14] <@KK> Re DA--yeah, I know, I have to get back on soon as I find my office floor.  I did get the curtain up today....
[20:45:33] * +Shiral purrs even MORE enthusiastically
[20:45:48] <+Shiral> I know you have a lot on your plate after an over seas move.
[20:45:57] <+Shiral> Just can't help a little tiny nudge
[20:46:32] <@KK> The burglary didn't help.  But Scott is on the Left Coast for the next week, so I hope to settle down and get lots done!
[20:46:55] <+Shiral> No, Burglaries NEVER help
[20:47:09] <Bynw> yeah ... that happened to me once ... back when i lived in atlanta
[20:47:11] * the_Bee sends KK a big supply of getting-stuff-done woodgies
[20:47:29] * +Shiral sends KK a houseelf and an auror
[20:47:57] <Bynw> KK, did you see that email I sent you about laser shield
[20:48:52] <@KK> Laser shields....  Yeah, I do seem to remember something about that.
[20:51:21] <Bynw> a home security system ... monitored that you can install yourself, i watched the presentation video on it. very simple
[20:51:25] <@KK> We know hos house elves are emancipated.  Do we know how they get bound to a family or a person in the first place?
[20:51:48] <@KK> We're getting our security system beefed up.
[20:51:52] <+Shiral> I'm not sure. But I'm sure a houseelf would be honored to serve you and Scott!
[20:52:41] <+Shiral> I think it maybe extended families of houseelves serve extended wizard families.
[20:53:29] <+Shiral> I'd recommend a security system that reduces intruders to the their composite atoms
[20:53:58] <Bynw> hmmm something tells me that is a bit expensive ... take many permits
[20:54:19] <Temprus> Sounds good in theory, sucks if you accidently set it off
[20:54:24] <+Shiral> Oh, you're so tiresomelly practical!
[20:54:52] <+Shiral> You'd have to make sure pets couldn't set it off, certainly
[20:55:26] <@KK> It's a curious balancing act: a secure house, but you also need to be able to live with the system.
[20:56:13] <@KK> Yeah, there's something called pet-friendly sensors, or something like that.  Mere motion detectors have to be used judiciously, in rooms where the pets don't go.
[20:56:40] <+Shiral> Definitely need to feel like YOU can come and go around the hosue
[20:56:43] <@KK> And a cell phone in a lock box, in case the regular phone wires are cut, as happened in our case.
[20:56:56] <+Shiral> The tiresomeness of modern life!
[20:57:05] <Bynw> they cut the phone lines?
[20:57:08] <@KK> Fortunately, you can set up zones, and only turn on the ones you need when you're at home.
[20:57:33] <Bynw> that was a pro job ... need to have a system that detects the phone lines down
[20:57:50] <@KK> Yep.  <Inside> the garage, so we weren't aware of that part until we tried to log on that night and couldn't get on line--and there was no dial tone on the voice line.
[20:58:13] <Bynw> of course that wouldnt mean anything if they cut my phone lines since i have vonage ... my phone goes through my cable
[20:58:19] <@KK> That's what the cell phone backup does.  If the regular phone goes down, the cell phone rings the alarm company.
[20:58:20] <+Shiral> Massively inconvenient
[20:58:34] <@KK> They could cut your cable.
[20:59:05] <Bynw> yeah but they probably wouldnt think about it ... i'm hoping
[20:59:15] <@KK> Massively.  The nTelos guy said they'd taken about a 2-foot segment out of the line, so a whole section had to be replaced.
[20:59:47] <Bynw> not just a simple cut that could have been tied back together ...
[20:59:57] <+Shiral> What jerks! I'm sorry they were so efficient at the job
[21:00:13] <@KK> Nope.  Not that a simple splice would be good for a DSL connection.
[21:00:49] <@KK> At least they were tidy.  They didn't trash the place, or molest or slaughter the pets, or pee on the carpets.
[21:01:01] <@KK> Could have been a whole lot worse.
[21:01:09] <+Shiral> Big of them.
[21:02:29] <+Shiral> Although true, it could have been worse, but bad enough, for all that
[21:05:39] <@KK> Ah, well.  There you are.  It's called life.  And at least we have insurance, which will cover at least some of the material loss--though nothing can make up for the aggro.
[21:06:31] <@KK> Anyway, I think I'd better sign off now.  I have this Jessie cat in my lap, telling me that it's time to Feed the Cat.  For that matter, I probably ought to feed the Katherine.  Hadn't realized it was so late, and no dinner yet.
[21:06:38] <+Shiral> Yeah. You're glad to have it, but hate to need it
[21:06:50] <+Shiral> Thanks for coming by, KK
[21:06:55] <@KK> Yep.  
[21:06:56] <Kelric> eat well
[21:07:01] <+Shiral> Feed the cat
[21:07:06] <@KK> Mmmmm, cereal!
[21:07:13] <the_Bee> hope you find your office floor soon, kk :)
[21:07:14] <+Shiral> Feed the Scott and the Katherine!
[21:07:21] <+Shiral> We don't want you starving on us!
[21:07:33] <Bynw> have a good night KK
[21:07:44] <the_Bee> nighters kk
[21:07:48] <+Shiral> don't forget to set the Wards tonight!
[21:07:52] <+Shiral> The kind with alarms
[21:08:52] <@KK> I'll see everybody next week--and hope to be able to report much progress.  Oh, and we got new MacPro laptops--which may be fine, if our new computer guru can show us how to make the page big on the screen.  Can't work on them the way they are now.  Tiny page on only half the wide screen.  I want top half of page on ALL the screen, with BIG letters!
[21:09:24] <@KK> Scott is in Glendale, and can feed himself.  I think he's at a birthday party for an old friend.
[21:09:55] <+Shiral> Oh Heck, yeah. But you take care of yourself. Lots of stress, lately
[21:10:54] <@KK> Yep.  Ta for now.
[21:11:11] <@KK> ?me steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[21:11:29] * @KK does it in purple, too!
[21:11:32] <+Shiral> Night KK
[21:11:48] <+Shiral> Even green sparkles are none the worse fora  change!
[21:11:59] * @KK has quit IRC (Quit: )

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Re: KK Chat - August 12, 2007
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2007, 03:40:51 pm »
If there was a KK chat yesterday, could somebody please post the log?  ;)


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