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KK Chat 05-02-2010
« on: May 02, 2010, 08:42:31 pm »
[18:46]* KK ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
[18:46]<@jemler> KK!
[18:46]<@the_Bee> Hello KK!
[18:46]<@jojo> Hi KK!
[18:46]<@Shiral> Hi Katherine
[18:46]<KK> Well, there's a crowd tonight!
[18:46]<@Shiral> Both, Jemler
[18:46]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:46]<Bynw> Hiyas KK
[18:46]<@the_Bee> We have a new chatter today.  Say hello to Audrey.
[18:47]<KK> Hello, Audrey.
[18:47]<@audrey> Hi
[18:47]<KK> And where are you physically located?
[18:47]<@audrey> Flagstaff Arizona
[18:47]<@audrey> It's snowing
[18:48]<KK> Snowing!?
[18:48]<@the_Bee> high altitude?
[18:48]<@audrey> Yes to both
[18:48]<@jemler> She said a discouraging word! :)
[18:48]<@audrey> ?
[18:48]<KK> You've had some bodacious storm activity lately, haven't you?
[18:48]<@jemler> snow
[18:48]<@audrey> yeah, it's been pretty strange.  couple of warm days, couple of cold, snow off and on
[18:49]<@jemler> i had enough snow here in ohio, you can keep yours! :)
[18:50]<KK> Yike, we've alrready had some record-breaking heat here in the Sheandoah Valley.  It was nearly 90 here yesterday, and about 94 in DC--which is why I did NOT go to the Kirkin of the Tartan at the National Cathedral, even though I wanted to.  Just toooooo hot!
[18:50]<@the_Bee> We recently went from 90s to 50s in <24 hours.
[18:50]<@audrey> We figure that it's flagstaff's send-off for the college students, so we remember there's snow up here.
[18:50]<KK> It's the volcanoes.
[18:50]<@the_Bee> which college?
[18:50]<@audrey> Northern Arizona University
[18:52]<@the_Bee> KK, I've been reading Two Crowns for America this past week.  I've just finished the seance chapter.
[18:52]<KK> One of my nieces went to the one in Tempe--is that Univ. of Arizona?
[18:52]<@Shiral> So are you still on a writing roll, Katherine
[18:53]<@audrey> I think it's Arizona State
[18:53]<KK> Two Crowns.  That was fun.  How do you like it?
[18:53]<KK> Yep, that's why I'm late, Shiral.
[18:53]<@Shiral> I'm all in favor of a good writing roll. They're not to be wasted!
[18:54]<KK> Absolutely.
[18:54]* Bynw really liked Two Crowns but he also like historical fiction and just history in general.
[18:54]<KK> I still get shivers over the scene where Washington is dedicated to his destiny, and wraps himself in the new flag like a mantle.
[18:54]<@the_Bee> I'm a bit disturbed at the thought of our Commander In Chief being manipulated, even for benevolent reason, but I'm enjoying the story.  What was Ben Frankling doing in Boston/Cambridge in 1775.  I though the was in Philly by then.
[18:55]<@the_Bee> No Spoilers!  or did that happen right after Arabella designed the flag?  Has  seh replaced Betsy Ross?
[18:56]<KK> He's only manipulated insofar as he's dedicated to his destiny.
[18:56]<KK> I won't spoil.  But you're gonna love that chapter.
[18:56]<@the_Bee> with his willing consent?
[18:56]<KK> Absolutely.
[18:57]<KK> Oh--Franklin traveled.  A lot.
[18:57]<@jemler> i'm gonna have to find that book.
[18:57]<@Shiral> He went around the block a few times
[18:58]<KK> It all ties in with his Masonic background, and Masonic symbolism.
[18:58]<@the_Bee> and around a few French ladies, so rumor says.
[18:58]<KK> Oh, yes.
[18:58]<@Shiral> What, you think he was a Michaeline? ;o)
[18:58]<@Dennis> French ladies, American ladies, English Ladies... ol' Ben was very liberal with his affections.
[18:59]<@jemler> why do you think he started that "Early to bed" thing?
[18:59]<KK> LOL
[18:59]<@Shiral> Yup, he's gotta have enough time to work AND play
[18:59]<KK> He was a complicated character--which is one reason I kept him at arm's length in my story.
[19:00]<@jemler> hence daylight savings time
[19:00]<@the_Bee> I've seen that rumor challenged.  DST began in 1895 or so.
[19:00]<@jojo> How are Morgan and Duncan doing this week?\
[19:01]<@Dennis> And Brion!
[19:02]<KK> They're fine.  The both were officially taken on as Jared's pages, and Alaric pulled a surprise out of the hat at the ceremony.  Smart little guy.
[19:02]<@Shiral> Oh??? =o)
[19:02]<@the_Bee> Don't tell us!
[19:02]* jemler covers his eyes so he won't see
[19:03]<KK> No spoiler hre.
[19:03]* Shiral thinks "darn!"
[19:03]* the_Bee sighs in relief.
[19:04]<@Shiral> So how's my fictional knightly husband? =o)
[19:04]* Sarah is now known as Sarah_Invisible
[19:05]<@Dennis> Do you know how far forward the book will go?
[19:05]<@the_Bee> HeY!  Where'd Sarah go??!!
[19:05]<KK> They're now on their way to Culdi for the summer and Kenneth is detouring to Morganhall to retrieve Bronwyn and take her to Vera, also in Culdi.  From there, Kenneth and Jared and the king go on a mission to Meara.
[19:06]<@Shiral> The Haldanes do seem to end up spending their summers in Meara
[19:06]<KK> Shiral, your fictional knightly husband has been tasked to help keep Kenneth's sisters safe at Morganhall while Kenneth is away.
[19:06]<@Dennis> Well, I understand the weather's cooler, even if the blood is hotter.
[19:06]<@audrey> which may not be a good exchange
[19:06]<@Shiral> Well he won't have to go camping in Meara, that way =o)
[19:07]<KK> Well, Aude of Meara, Caitrin's mother, has died at last--she was responsible for Caitrin not being allowed to marry.  And now Caitrin is rumored to be about to do exactly that.
[19:07]<@Shiral> Did Aude do that in an effort to keep the Mearan peace?
[19:08]<@the_Bee> Was Aude Annalind's daughter?
[19:09]<KK> Yes.  She had finally accepted that the Mearan cause was lost, and had been grooming her last nephew, Judhael--later, Bishop Judhael--for the priesthood..
[19:10]<@Shiral> So Caitrin had to cool her heels and make nice while biding her time. =o)
[19:10]<KK> Daughter-in-law, wife of Prince Judhael.
[19:10]<@the_Bee> Will the book have a Mearan genealogy in the appendix?
[19:10]<@Shiral> You can't keep a Quinnell down for long...
[19:10]<KK> There are always genealogies.
[19:11]<@Dennis> It's funny, since we know how it all turns out, but I'm sure I'll still find myself rooting for Aude to keep Caitrin from marrying.
[19:11]<@Shiral> Aude and Caitrin must have had an....interesting relationship
[19:11]<@Dennis> Just like I root for Frodo to drop the Ring every time I read or watch the end of Return of the King. :)
[19:11]<KK> Ah, yes.
[19:12]<@the_Bee> and for Javan to survive the treachery.
[19:12]* CarnivoreGames ( has joined #deryni_Destinations
[19:12]<@Shiral> And for Rhys Michael to listen to his brother insted of being a little twerp. =o)
[19:12]<@the_Bee> Hi carny
[19:13]<@jemler> hi there
[19:13]<KK> Yeah, I hated what happened to Javan.  He so very nearly pulled it off....
[19:13]* Bynw gives channel operator status to CarnivoreGames
[19:13]<Bynw> hi brad
[19:13]<@jemler> but rhys michael DID pull it off
[19:13]<@CarnivoreGames> Hi
[19:14]<@audrey> he sort of pulled it off
[19:14]<KK> Yes, but at what cost.
[19:14]<@Shiral> Yes, although at immense cost
[19:14]* Bynw just feels like oping everyone today
[19:14]<Shiral> You're feeling Opful, Bynw
[19:14]<@Dennis> That's why I only really like rereading King Javan's Year up to his coronation.  Once Murdoch gets it, everything pretty much goes downhill.
[19:15]<@audrey> I usually can't stop reading it, but there's no living with me until it's over
[19:15]<@Shiral> But it IS nice to see Murdoch get what's coming. =o0
[19:15]<@Shiral> =o)
[19:15]<@jemler> but at least the Regernts for Owain were decent people
[19:15]<@the_Bee> My personal regret is that Connall wasn't stopped before he lilled Tiercel. Up till that moment he could have been redeemed.
[19:16]<KK> It isn't easy being Haldane.
[19:16]<@Shiral> I dunno, I don't miss Conall much. =o)
[19:16]<KK> Yes.  And it really was an accidental lining up of circumstances.
[19:17]<@Shiral> Not easy, but there are opportunities for advancement
[19:17]<@jemler> But, according to Mel Brooks in History of the World, "It's good to be the King"
[19:17]<@the_Bee> I know.  I'm in the minoority.  I have a weakness for supporting characters.
[19:17]<@the_Bee> replying to Shiral
[19:17]<@jemler> Sarah_Invisible? I see you!
[19:18]<@Shiral> I was too mad at Conall for screwing up Kelson's romance with Rothana.  But maybe Kelson and Rothana would have ended up like Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine if they HAD married
[19:18]<@the_Bee> We'll never know.
[19:18]<@Dennis> That wouldn't have been so good for Kelson and Rothana, but it would have made for cool history. :)
[19:19]<@Sarah_Invisible> Ack! ive been spotted! *says with a British accent*
[19:19]<@the_Bee> Does that mean you'e a leopard now?
[19:20]<@jemler> You've been spotted? Can I play connect the dots?! Please!
[19:20]<@Shiral> Or maybe she's just a dalmation. =o)
[19:20]<@Sarah_Invisible> lol might as well try, i have the freckles for it
[19:20]<@Sarah_Invisible> LOL
[19:20]<@Sarah_Invisible> brown freckles, not blakc.
[19:20]<@Sarah_Invisible> black*
[19:21]<@Sarah_Invisible> Alas, my dinner is done. brb
[19:22]<@the_Bee> Actually, "blank" and "black" come from the same root.
[19:22]<@audrey> really?
[19:22]<@the_Bee> blanche, bleak, blanc in French.
[19:23]<@the_Bee> maybe bleach too
[19:23]<@Shiral> The King I wish had lasted was Brion
[19:23]<@jemler> that might also work with bleach, blech, bland, and blah
[19:24]<@the_Bee> but then we wouldn't have had Deryni Rising.
[19:24]<@Shiral> Details.  =o)
[19:24]<@jemler> which ultimately leads to Loris hanging!
[19:24]<KK> Well, you're getting Brion now, and he's cool.
[19:24]<@Shiral> And we want MORE, more more!
[19:25]* Shiral is in a demanding mood
[19:25]<@jemler> shiral needs a nap! :)
[19:25]<@Shiral> Waaah! Do not!
[19:25]<@jojo> More details on Brion & Morgan's friendship developing!
[19:26]<@Shiral> More Brion and Nigel, More Brion and Alaric, please. =o)
[19:26]<@the_Bee> I assume Jehanna won't enter the picture for a few more years.
[19:27]<KK> Well, yes, but he's still just 8 right now, and Brion is 18, so they don't yet have an enormous amount in common--though Alaric recently has shown himself to be a prodigy when it comes to military tactics, reading military accounts of the Battle of Killingford in the original Torenthi.
[19:27]* Shiral surreptitiously hits the "Deryni Fast Forward" button
[19:27]* CarnivoreGames has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:28]<@the_Bee> You said you might need a fourth book to reach the time of DR.
[19:28]<KK> He's very precocious and very persistent--and very relieved when Brion reveals that he has a translation of the manuscript, so that Alaric doesn't have to continue puzzling out the Torenthi.
[19:28]* Dennis wonders if we're ever going to see Killingford onscreen?  Onpage?
[19:28]<KK> Yep.  This one may stop right after the birth of Kelson.
[19:28]<KK> Might.
[19:29]<@Shiral> Weell.. Alaric and Brion MIGHT meet late one night in the library as Alaric studies military tomes... Not that I would EVER hint... =o)
[19:30]<@the_Bee> Melantha keeps appearing on my screen.
[19:30]<KK> They have more contact than that, once Alaric is studying under Duke Richard ata Rhemuth.
[19:30]* Sarah_Invisible is now known as Sarah_dindin
[19:31]<@Shiral> Sarah eating invisible dindin!
[19:31]<@jemler> not very filling
[19:31]<@Dennis> A dindin sounds like a spirit or something from the Arabian Nights.
[19:31]<@Shiral> Ah yes, but then there would always be other people around...
[19:31]<@Dennis> Yay, more Richard!
[19:31]<@Shiral> A genii in the restaurant business
[19:32]<@jemler> Ala Dindins?
[19:32]<@Shiral> Or the Dindin Djinn
[19:33]<@Dennis> Djinndin?
[19:33]<@jemler> ok now we're going WAY out there!
[19:33]<@the_Bee> Bottled Spirits? or unbottled?
[19:33]<@Shiral> since Alaric and Brion get to be such good friends, there must be a meeting of minds, considering the difference in their ages
[19:34]<@jemler> Well, as for a meeting of minds, they ARE Deryni!
[19:34]<@the_Bee> Alaric was bred to be Brion's helper.
[19:34]<@jemler> the Dark Protector
[19:34]<KK> Once Alaric is at court--and he'll be 9 by then--they'll soon start interacting privately.
[19:34]<@Shiral> =o)
[19:35]* Shiral is happy
[19:35]<@the_Bee> And Kenneth will be dead. :(
[19:35]<@Shiral> Well yes.  That will be sad.
[19:35]<@jemler> Do we ever find out where Kenneth got shields?
[19:36]<@the_Bee> I forgot he had them!
[19:36]<KK> Yes, but Alaric's powers are starting to emerge, and he's learning caution.  He's also developing some friends, to balance out the nasty Cornelius Seton.
[19:36]<KK> He developed them from working with Alyce.
[19:36]<@Dennis> Cornelius Seton is De Nore's nephew, right?
[19:36]<KK> Yep.
[19:36]<@jemler> DE Nore and De Nasty
[19:36]<@Dennis> Will we see Loris in these books at all?
[19:37]<@Dennis> Speaking of nasty folks.
[19:37]<@the_Bee> alyce or Vera?
[19:37]<KK> Should do, once we get a little farther along in the timeline.
[19:37]<@jojo> And meantime we will get to know Vera a bit?
[19:37]<@jemler> Alyde died in the last book.
[19:37]<KK> Alyce.
[19:37]<KK> Yes, we'll get to know Vera a bit.
[19:37]<@Shiral> And more Jared, too.  Always liked him
[19:38]<@the_Bee> Alyce must have started Alaric very young.
[19:38]<@jemler> Did Alyce and Vera have a sister/friend named Flo?
[19:38]<KK> Remember the Naming?
[19:38]<@the_Bee> remind me.
[19:38]<KK> And Alaric gets a visit from Se, early on in this book.
[19:38]<@Dennis> How is that pronounced?  Shay?
[19:39]<KK> Yes.
[19:39]<@Dennis> Thanks!
[19:39]<KK> No, Jemler.
[19:39]<@jemler> Then I guess the never met Mel.
[19:39]* Shiral wants to see Alaric and Se's meeting
[19:40]<@the_Bee> Is Alyce Al-iss or Ah-LEECE?
[19:40]<KK> Ah-leece.
[19:40]<@the_Bee> i LIKE THAT.
[19:40]<@Shiral> Oh dear, I've been mentally mispronouncing it all this time, then!
[19:41]<@jemler> that's ok shiral, we weren't listening! :)
[19:41]<@Shiral> Just spent too many years reading Alice in Wonderland, I guess
[19:42]<@Dennis> Alyce in Corwinland?
[19:42]<@jemler> Does anyone remember the phrase "Kiss my grits!"?
[19:42]<@Shiral> Corwyn bunnies go around worrying about whether they're late all the time. =o)
[19:42]<KK> have you guys seen the new Alice in Wonderland?  Awesome!
[19:42]<@Sarah_dindin> i do, jemler
[19:42]<@Sarah_dindin> Ye sit is, KK
[19:42]<@jojo> me too
[19:42]<@Sarah_dindin> yes*
[19:43]<@the_Bee> I'm waiting for the DVD.
[19:43]<@Shiral> I haven't seen it
[19:43]<@jemler> from the tv show "ALice" with Alice, Vera, and Flo at Mels' Diner!
[19:43]<KK> Run, do not walk....
[19:43]<@the_Bee> which way?
[19:44]<@the_Bee> ;)
[19:44]* Dennis hasn't seen it either.
[19:44]<@jojo> btw... progress on script?
[19:44]<@jemler> i just got Avatar on blu-ray. i'm waiting for Clash of the Titans #D
[19:45]<@jemler> sorry that wazs 3d
[19:45]<@the_Bee> The lasttheater movie I saw was The Duchess, when we went after Derynifest/Renfair.
[19:46]<KK> Haven't seen Avatar. Trailers didn't look that hot, and Scott and Cameron went and were not impressed.
[19:47]<@Shiral> Saw it once in 2d.  Excellent effects in service of a very predictable story
[19:47]<KK> Script still in rewrite, nailing down the latest extension of the option.  These things move slowly.
[19:48]<@the_Bee> but you're still optimistic?
[19:49]<@jemler> well folks, i'm gotta scoot. need my beauty sleep.
[19:50]<@Dennis> Have a good night, jemler!
[19:50]<@the_Bee> nighters, jemler. Take care. any docters this eek?
[19:50]<@jemler> i'm gonna sleep thru most of it!
[19:50]<@Shiral> Bye, Jemler
[19:50]<KK> Yep, still optimistic.  Sony killed another would-be project to keep DR in the running--and we're on the 4th draft, getting closer and closer to what they want.
[19:50]<KK> Nighters, Jemler.
[19:50]<@jemler> only 1 in new brighton. haven't seen him in a few months.
[19:50]* Shiral lights sticks of incense in the Deryni Movie cause
[19:51]<@jojo> Godspeed for the week, jemler.
[19:51]<@jemler> nite all
[19:51]* jemler has quit (Quit: )
[19:51]<@Dennis> Well, good luck and I hope it gets the greenlight.  I've always thought Deryni Rising would make an excellent movie.
[19:52]<@the_Bee> and maybe more if it's a hit?
[19:52]<@Shiral> I want it to be successful both for its own sake and so that we'll get MORE Deryni movies. =o)
[19:53]<KK> From your mouth to God's ear.
[19:53]<@audrey> That would be awesome.
[19:53]<@Shiral> Yooo-hoooo, God?
[19:53]<@Dennis> Yes.  A series of successful Deryni movies would be awesome.
[19:54]<@Dennis> And I'd like to see more movies of other fantasy novels I've loved.   Or just stuff that would make me laugh to hear that someone made a movie of it.
[19:54]<@Shiral> I know. I haven't seen many movies, as either the trailers or what I see of them in the paper put me right off. Walked out of a movie with my Mom last week
[19:55]<@Dennis> What movie?
[19:55]<@Shiral> The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
[19:55]<@Shiral> Lots of unpleasant people in a Frozen Swedish landscape
[19:55]<@Dennis> Ah.  Don't know anything about it.
[19:55]<@Shiral> You're not missing much
[19:56]<@Dennis> I took my niece of see How To Train Your Dragon.  That was fun even though it was a lot of unpleasant people in a frozen Swedish landscape.  But they were funny people.  And there were dragons! :)
[19:57]<@Shiral> But if I'm going to pay 9.50 for a movie, It better be good
[19:57]<@audrey> Is swedish landscape "in" right now or something?
[19:57]<@the_Bee> or just a generic wintry landscape?
[19:57]<@Dennis> Not sure, but I would think the combination of Vikings and dragons would ALWAYS be in.
[19:57]<@Shiral> I don't know. This movie definitely wasn't a comedy, though. Nobody in it was likeable. I don't mind a tense plot if at least I can root for somebody
[19:58]<@Shiral> But, I'm sure I'll enjoy Deryni Rising on the big screen, to revert to a happier topic. =o)
[19:59]<@Dennis> Yes.
[20:00]<@jojo> brb
[20:01]<KK> Well, on that note, I'd better bow out for tonight.  Lots to do, and it's getting late.
[20:02]<KK> Take care, all.  I may or may not be here next week; we have a house guest coing in from Austria on Saturday, and may be doing a dinner Sunday night for her.
[20:02]<@the_Bee> Have a good week all around.  Good night, KK
[20:02]<@Dennis> Have a good week, Katherine!  Hope the writing contiues to go well!
[20:02]<@Shiral> Bye, KK!
[20:02]<KK> Me too!
[20:02]<@Shiral> Write, woman, Write! =o)
[20:02]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:03]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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