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KK Chat 04-25-2010
« on: April 25, 2010, 08:20:10 pm »

[18:30]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:30]<@Shiral> Good to have Rhemuth castle back
[18:30]<@jemler> hi kk
[18:30]<@the_Bee> Hello KK!
[18:30]<@Shiral> And to have KK, too!
[18:30]<KK> Hi, guys.
[18:31]<Bynw> hiyas KK
[18:31]<Bynw> the_Bee, what's your username on the forum?
[18:31]<@the_Bee> The_ Bee or the Bee.  not sure exactly.
[18:32]<@jojo> Hi KK!
[18:32]<@the_Bee> I tried both ways.
[18:33]<@jemler> did you try the_bee
[18:33]<@Shiral> How is life treating you, KK?
[18:33]<Bynw> the_Bee, i found it ... it's "the Bee" ... i've reset your password to "password" make sure you login goto your profile and change it
[18:33]<@the_Bee> Maybe I misremembered my password.  I think so, jemler. but I'll try it again.
[18:33]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:35]<the_Bee> thanks bynw.
[18:38]<Bynw> welcome Bee
[18:38]<Bynw> wow a small crowd today
[18:39]<@jemler> and quiet
[18:39]<@Shiral> Small quiet crowd
[18:39]<@jemler> Shiral! Get out of my head! :)
[18:39]<@Shiral> You think I want to be in here? it's pretty cramped!
[18:40]<@jemler> Small minds?
[18:40]<@Shiral> Well, a skull is kind of a small space.  =o)
[18:40]<@jojo> Hopefully larger numbers of fine minds will be joining - as they find the website back up!
[18:41]<@Shiral> Wonder if KK got called away for a phone call or a cat drama
[18:41]<@jemler> You might want to get out fast, the numbness might be contagious! :)
[18:42]* Shiral dives out of  Jemler's ear canal
[18:42]* jemler 's ears pop
[18:42]<@Shiral> Darn, hope I didn't damage your cerebral cortex, too much
[18:42]<@jemler> got to have it to hurt it!
[18:43]<KK> Nope, I'm here.  Just distracted by wanting to get back to the current chapter.  Duncan and Alaric are in the middle of getting made official pages to Jared's household, before they head out for Culdi.
[18:43]<Bynw> cools
[18:43]<@Shiral> Having the urge to write is good. ;)
[18:43]<@the_Bee> How old is Alaric now? 8 or 9?
[18:44]<@jemler> Wouldn't Duncan have been fostered at another court?
[18:44]<KK> He just turned 8 a few months earlier.  It's February of 1100.
[18:44]<@Shiral> How much of a small domestic terrorist are he and Duncan?  =o)
[18:44]<@jojo> pageantry!
[18:45]<KK> Duncan is staying at his father's court for now, since his father is a brand new duke.
[18:45]<KK> They've been pretty good at court in conjunction with Rhemuth Twelfth Night.
[18:45]<@jemler> Ahh. OK.
[18:45]<@Shiral> Still has that "new duke" smell...
[18:46]<@jemler> well, the old one probably doesn't smell too good right about now! :)
[18:46]* jemler dusck
[18:46]* jemler ducks again
[18:46]<@Shiral> Stop sucking on the ducks, Jemler.
[18:47]<KK> And the king and a select party are preparing to make an unofficial visitation into Meara, since they've just received word that Aude of Meara has died, and are about to learn (or maybe they know already) that Caitrin has announced her intention to marry Derek Delaney Earl of Somerdale.
[18:47]<@the_Bee> is the book going to include the scene with Bethane, when Alaric roke his arm and she nearly poisoned him?
[18:47]* jemler demonstrates a new ability. He shuts up!
[18:47]<Bynw> you know he hasn't been in the chat in a while ... need to tell him to come back next time i see him on AIM
[18:48]<@jojo> And thus the plot thinckens for Kelson...
[18:48]<@Shiral> Aude is Caitrin's father?
[18:48]<KK> Yes, Bee, but from Alaric's POV rather than Bethane's.
[18:49]<KK> Aude is her mother, who was forbidding her to marry after the events of "Venture in Vain."
[18:49]<@Shiral> Ahhhhhh, well, I was half right--at least it was a parental unit!
[18:50]<@the_Bee> I'm confuzzled.  Who hasn't been in the chat for a while?
[18:51]<KK> Duck, I'd guess, from context?
[18:52]<Bynw> yes Duck
[18:52]<@the_Bee> ah, ok Now I get it. :)
[18:52]<Bynw> since jemler was "ducking"
[18:52]<@jemler> i ducked after that comment about the old duke not smelling too good.
[18:52]<@the_Bee> depends how long he's been dead.
[18:52]<Bynw> and i was just talking to duck the other day .. he thought of me driving through a small town on the way to Perth ... the small town was named "Binnu"
[18:53]<@the_Bee> Cool!
[18:53]<@jemler> isn't that how your nick is pronounced?
[18:54]<@jojo> any word on the movie front?
[18:54]<Bynw> jemler, yes
[18:55]<KK> Nothing in the past week.  He's working on the latest draft, and we're keeping our fingers crossed.
[18:55]<@the_Bee> draft #5?
[18:55]<KK> Draft 4.
[18:56]<@the_Bee> ah.  What's his name again?
[18:56]* Bynw would love to be an extra in it, see a special screening, have the dvd before the general public, see it in the theater more times than i saw star wars
[18:56]<KK> Alex Sabeti.
[18:57]<@the_Bee> thanks.  Your fan.
[18:57]<Shiral> You want to maybe play the sixth grimy peasant on the right, Bynw?  =o)
[18:57]<Bynw> i wouldnt care
[18:57]<@Shiral> Or the role of the expendable soldier?
[18:57]<Bynw> put me down in a red shirt i don't care
[18:58]<@Shiral> ALL the Haldane's guys have red shirts, so maybe there's safety in numbers.
[18:58]<@the_Bee> That didn't help the enterprise crew.
[18:59]* Shiral bows to the collected company and steps regretfully back onto her transfer portal and disappears in a great cloud of cat fur
[18:59]<@the_Bee> nighters, Shiral
[18:59]<@jojo> have a great week, Shiral!
[18:59]<Bynw> i figured your library login wouldnt last long sis ... the log will be posted though
[18:59]<@Shiral> Alas, I must return to work, but I really must get the transfer portal repair man out here; Transfer portals should not SHED!
[18:59]<@Shiral> BYE!
[18:59]* Shiral has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:00]<@jemler> that was quick!
[19:00]<@the_Bee> I still think "mibbit' sounds like something a frog would say.
[19:01]<Bynw> it is
[19:02]<@the_Bee> The frogs in our summer lake said Goonk!  Goonk!
[19:04]<@jemler> we had a mass funeral for all the frogs around here. they all croaked!
[19:04]<@the_Bee> PBS did an episode about the dying frogs.  Nature or Nova.
[19:05]<@jemler> i was joking bee!
[19:05]<@the_Bee> i realized a moment too late.  But it's true about the program.
[19:05]<@jojo> I had a rare treat last night... a whipoorwill in a tree in my yard!
[19:06]<@the_Bee> I've seen a robin.
[19:06]<KK> We've got robins back, and cardinals.
[19:07]<@jojo> Hope the robins had a good time this winter in Houston...
[19:08]<@jemler> i got dived bombed by a hawk one day about 20 years ago.
[19:08]<@jojo> What are some of the birds in Gwynned?
[19:08]<@the_Bee> Did you look like prey, or were you too close to his nest?
[19:09]<KK> They'd have pretty much the same birds that we do.
[19:09]<@the_Bee> or same as the British isles.
[19:09]<@jemler> i was walking down the railroad tracks close to town, and he just came at me. maybe he saw a rabbit or somethiong.
[19:10]<KK> That's what I meant.
[19:10]<@jojo> ok...
[19:16]<@jojo> KK, seems like you are on a roll with the new book!
[19:17]<KK> Yep.  And the broken arm chapter is already written, so I just have to integrate it and edit to reflect the things that have happened before that.
[19:18]<KK> There's also still a piece of the birthday tourney that I really like, and had cut, but would like to reintegrate--if it doesn't involve totally rewriting.  I foresee some serious hand-editing, wtih pen and paper.
[19:19]<@the_Bee> You mean put it back in the tourney, or use it elsewhere?
[19:20]<@jojo> maybe would fit in a future tourney!
[19:20]<KK> Put it back in the tourney.  Wouldn't work anywhere else.  Involves Se.
[19:21]<@jojo> ahhh cool!
[19:22]<@the_Bee> any idea when the book will be out?
[19:22]<KK> Nope.  Have to finish writing it first.
[19:22]<KK> Sometime late this year or early next year.
[19:23]<@jemler> i can wait, and then i'll read it 3 times in a row!
[19:23]<@jojo> I'll read it, then read the three, then prob the whole group..
[19:24]* the_Bee wonders if it will be in time for her birthday.
[19:25]<KK> When is that?
[19:25]<@the_Bee> March.
[19:26]<KK> Possibly.
[19:26]<@the_Bee> :)
[19:27]<Bynw> march is a good bday month
[19:27]<@the_Bee> It's populare in my family.
[19:28]<KK> Yes, it is a good month.  Scott's is the 9th, as is Bynw's.
[19:28]<Bynw> my aunt's birthday is also the 9th
[19:28]<@jemler> 25th for me, 28th for my mother
[19:28]<@the_Bee> Pisces.  I'm Aries.
[19:29]<Bynw> my brother's birthday is in march, and i have a few friends who also have march birthdays
[19:29]<@the_Bee> My grandnephew, mu sister, my late sister-in-law.
[19:30]<@jojo> None of my folks.. guess they're on a run, not a march.  Or a saunter?
[19:31]<@the_Bee> A soldier's least favorite date: March fourth!
[19:31]* fudgebob (~fudgebob@A6D346.387974.4670C5.3D1938) has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:31]<@the_Bee> hi fudgebob!
[19:32]<@jemler> hi fudgebob
[19:33]<@the_Bee> My screensaver keeps coming on.
[19:36]<fudgebob> good morning all :)
[19:36]<KK> Well, I really need to go, guys.  That niggling chapter keeps calling to me.  It may be a late night tonight.
[19:37]<Bynw> have a good night KK ... we dont want to keep you from writing :o)
[19:37]<@jojo> Hope the writing continues to flow forth the great story!
[19:37]<@jemler> night kk. good luck with the writing!
[19:37]<KK> From your mouths to God's ears!
[19:37]<@the_Bee> Have a good week, KK.
[19:37]<KK> See you next week, folks.
[19:37]* fudgebob has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by fudgebob1!~fudgebob@A6D346.387974.4670C5.DFECCE)))
[19:37]<@the_Bee> we'll look forward to it.
[19:37]* fudgebob1 (~fudgebob@A6D346.387974.4670C5.DFECCE) has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:38]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:38]* fudgebob1 is now known as fudgebob
[19:38]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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