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KK Chat 04-18-2010
« on: April 18, 2010, 08:46:07 pm »

[18:19]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:19]<jemler> KK!
[18:20]<KK> Hi, guys.
[18:20]<jemler> just saw part of your interview on GhostChat
[18:20]<jojo> Hello, KK!  Jemler just shared the Youtube part of your interview!
[18:20]<the_Bee> hello KK!  We were just listening to part of your interview on you-tube.
[18:21]<KK> Aha!  Hole tyou enjoyed it.
[18:21]<KK> Hope you
[18:21]<jojo> It was great!
[18:21]<jemler> the one on youtube is only about 10 min long. i will try to d/l the ones from GhoastChat later.
[18:22]<KK> He was a good interviewer.  We had a good chemistry.
[18:22]<jemler> Never herard your voice before now.
[18:23]<KK> Well, now you have.  Surprised?
[18:23]<jemler> she talks and types! :)
[18:24]<jemler> i joimed GhostChat
[18:24]<the_Bee> what is ghostchat?
[18:24]<jemler> they did the interview.
[18:28]<jojo> Very upbeat.. and I enjoyed the graphic introduction.
[18:28]<KK> BRB
[18:29]<jojo> If I drop, it is because a spring thunderstorm is rumbling in the background..
[18:30]<the_Bee> ghostchat has a little flame that follows my mouse pointer.
[18:30]<jemler> i saw that. lighting the way!
[18:31]<the_Bee> Now the window has vanished.  The MIrc window has been doing a vanishing act too tonight.
[18:34]<KK> I'm back.  Bit of cat drama here, which Scott saw but I didn't.  Apparently Gus took a live rabbit from Tillie and then took off for parts unknown.  That's when I was called to come and rescue the rabbit--except that then we couldn't find Gud.  Must've taken the rabbit outside.
[18:34]<the_Bee> Think it's been eaten by now?
[18:35]<KK> On in the process thereof.
[18:35]<KK> Or
[18:35]<the_Bee> I had a pet rabbbit once that got kidnapped and eaten by dogs.
[18:35]<KK> He does eat rabbits, as does Tillie.
[18:36]<the_Bee> They pulled him out of his hutch.
[18:36]<KK> Booker would eat it,if he found it--and might take it away from Gus, if he sees it.
[18:36]<KK> Poor pet bunny.
[18:37]<the_Bee> Yes :(
[18:37]<jojo> :s
[18:37]<KK> Ah, well, we'll probably never know.
[18:37]<the_Bee> I've also eaten rabbit.
[18:37]<KK> So have I, but don't care for the texture.
[18:38]<the_Bee> but noy someone's pet.
[18:38]<the_Bee> not
[18:38]<jemler> i've eaten squirrel, rabbit, pheasant, and deer
[18:38]<jojo> pass the venison any day
[18:39]<the_Bee> I had squirrel once.  My brother shot one.  not much meat, not much flavor.
[18:39]<the_Bee> venison good
[18:39]<jojo> My favorite, but seldom get venison.
[18:39]<jemler> you got to get at least two!
[18:39]<KK> Love venison.  Hard to come by, though, unless one hunts or has friends who hunt and will share.
[18:40]<jojo> I have been hinting for a few years with some colleagues that hunt, but no luck.
[18:40]<KK> Don't think I've ever eaten squirrel, but yes to pheasant. 
[18:40]<jojo> Elk is also tasty.
[18:40]<the_Bee> I had some at a restaurant once.
[18:41]<the_Bee> This one squirrel was shared by a family of six.
[18:41]<KK> I think we've found a deer connection at last.  Lots of people hunt in this are, and they do large culls from time to time.  We're going to follow up on that.  (They can come and cull some of the ones who eat our flowers, and our neighbor's garden.
[18:41]<jojo> There is a brand of sausage we can get that is half venison.
[18:42]<the_Bee> I want to try venison stroganoff
[18:42]<jojo> Chappell Hill.. but I think it is just local. 
[18:42]<jemler> we've made deer steaks, deer ribs, deer burger, and deer jerky
[18:42]<jojo> ooo... that is good. I did that one time when living in a more rural area.
[18:44]<jojo> we had a priest who was from Central Texas, and he would marinate the meat in jalapeno pickling juice for a couple of days
[18:44]<the_Bee> Red meat cooked in red wine is yummy.
[18:45]<jojo> KK, how is the writing going?
[18:48]<jojo> please forgive the rough transition...
[18:49]<KK> Sorry, had to go deal with phase two of the rabbit controversy.  Sasha was beating up on Tillie--who is probably ticked that Gus stole her rabbit.  Or maybe it was Sasha's rabbit to begin with.  Cat dynamics are complicated.
[18:50]<the_Bee> Posssession is 10/10 of the catlaw.
[18:50]<KK> Writing is going well.  Polished up two new chapters this week.  We're still winding up events of Twelfth Night, but getting ready to head off to Meara tomorrow, and Alaric to jared's household.
[18:51]<jojo> Off into the snowy new life?
[18:51]<KK> Alaric is starting to learn to block pain, and got a telling off from Richard.  Apparently there's a don't ask-don't tell policy in the court at Rhemuth.
[18:52]<KK> He's now told Duncan about it, and they'll consult with Vera when they get a chance.
[18:53]<the_Bee> So their training will begin soon?
[18:53]<KK> It's an-going, gradual thing.  Can't teach them some things until the apilities begin to manifest.
[18:54]<KK> on-going
[18:55]<jojo> so any training has to be on the teachable moment?
[18:55]<jojo> in the moment..
[18:55]<KK> But Alaric has wowed the grownups with his understanding of a classic battle tactic that was used in the Battle of Killingford by a Torenthi commander.  A's Aunt Claara taught him the Torenthi alphabet, and he managed to puzzle out most of the original treatise, which was written in Torenthi.  Fortunately, some of the military terminology is the same, once one transliterates the words.
[18:56]* Kelric ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:56]<KK> Besides, there's a lot of conventional learning that must be mastered, just as a future knight and duke.  Claara was also drilling him on mathematics, because a duke has to understand accounting so that he'll know when/if his factors are cheating him.
[18:56]<jojo> That early precocious mind should help him mask some insights he gets by more arcane methods.
[18:56]<the_Bee> hi kelric
[18:56]<Kelric> evening all
[18:57]<KK> Yep.  Hi, Kelric.
[18:57]* Kelric is tired.
[18:57]<jemler> hi kelric
[18:57]<KK> The king did tell Alaric, after the fact, that they have a translation in the library, which he now is studying.
[18:57]<jojo> hello, Kelric
[18:58]<KK> The translation, not the library.
[18:58]<the_Bee> Maybe he should study the library too.  who knows what he might find.
[18:59]<the_Bee> But  I imagine duncan would be more of a scholar thatn Alaric.
[19:00]<KK> Well, we know that he can't find what he hasn't found by Deryni Rising, so I'm somewhat constrained in what I can have him do.
[19:00]<the_Bee> True that.
[19:00]<the_Bee> But there could be things that simply weren't mention in DR.
[19:00]<KK> Duncan would be more of a scholar in philosophic subjects, but Alaric is the future tactician and strategist.  After all, we know that, by DR, he's a general, or has been.
[19:00]<jemler> He must have heard about healing. in DR he had a vague memory of that.
[19:01]<KK> Yes, but that knowledge will probably come via his limited exposure to Se and the Anvilers.  Don't know yet how much I can have him learn.
[19:02]<jemler> Well, we know he learns Wards Major, but not how to convince Derry they are not dice! :)
[19:03]<the_Bee> In the first trilogy the CCs talk about reclaiming the lost art of Healing.  They don't seem to know about the hereditary element.
[19:04]<jemler> finding someone with the talent is one thing, but how do you know WHAT to look for?
[19:04]<KK> These are some things I'm going to have to work out.  This is one reason this book is taking so long, because I have to reconcile things as we head toward a meeting of tw parts of the Deryni saga, spread across nearly 40 years.
[19:05]<the_Bee> We know from tigh that a Healer can be detected in the womb by those who do know what to look for.
[19:06]<jemler> yes, but the ones who know what to look for are all Healers!
[19:07]<the_Bee> The ability could have been dormant in Rhys's line for several generations.
[19:07]<KK> Yes, that does complicate things.
[19:07]<jemler> it the talent doesn't normally show until puberty, then scanning young will not work, unless they have access to formal training. and then you still don't know what to look for! like the blocking talent. until Rhys discovered it, it had been forgotten!
[19:08]<the_Bee> Tigh shoed it early, but he was precocious.
[19:09]<jemler> Jerushe showed it before she was even born!
[19:09]<the_Bee> showed it too
[19:09]<jojo> and was around it often.
[19:10]<the_Bee> Rhys held a dedication ceremony for Tigh as a Healer Born when he was just an infant.
[19:10]<jemler> i wrote a short story for Julianne about the first healer. called "What am I" I still have to flesh it out a bit.
[19:11]<the_Bee> speaking of Julianne, anyone heard how she and Frank are managing post-flood?
[19:11]<jemler> they got flooded?
[19:12]<the_Bee> yes.  A lot of their stuff was in the basement.  We had heavy rain in New england.
[19:12]<KK> OK, last time I heard.  They got an extra sump pump between the two big storms, and that seemed to be holding the water at bay.
[19:13]<the_Bee> Warwich RI got their worst flooding in 200 years.
[19:15]<the_Bee> People in the flooded areas of Mass. have been given til May 11 to file their income taxes.
[19:15]<jojo> We're still getting rumbles this evening, but no flood.  Think I'll sign off.
[19:15]<jemler> as if being flooded out isn't taxing enough!
[19:15]<the_Bee> Take care, jojo.  Enjoy your week.
[19:15]<jemler> ok jojo. g'night
[19:15]<jemler> keep warm!
[19:16]<KK> Night, jojo.
[19:16]* jojo walks away hoping no boat is needed tonight!
[19:16]<jemler> have a holly, jolly christmas!
[19:16]* jojo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:17]<KK> I'd better boogie, too.  I started the rice cooker before I came on line tonight, and it should be about done.
[19:17]<jemler> nite kk.
[19:18]<the_Bee> Nighters, KK and have a good wek.
[19:18]<KK> Hope everyone has a good week.
[19:19]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles. (which is not how Portals really work, but hey, it's a good visual effect for the chat room.
[19:20]<jemler> LOL
[19:20]<Kelric> nihght'
[19:20]<KK> Nighters.
[19:20]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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