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KK Chat 04-11-2010
« on: April 11, 2010, 07:53:18 pm »
[18:09]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:09]<jemler> i keep my own logs.
[18:09]<jemler> KK!
[18:09]<Bynw> hiyas KK
[18:09]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:09]<KK> Hi-ho!
[18:09]* Bynw gives channel operator status to Elim jemler
[18:10]<@jemler> how was your week?
[18:10]<KK> So, what's up with everybody?
[18:10]* Bynw just got home like 6 minutes ago ... and he left this morning around 9:30
[18:10]<KK> My week was fine.  The writing continues well.
[18:10]<KK> It's a beautiful day here in Virginia.
[18:11]<@jemler> it's 68 here in ohio, buyt a chilly breeze.
[18:11]<Bynw> it was and still is a beautiful day here in iowa
[18:11]<KK> 73 here.
[18:11]<Bynw> 72 here right now
[18:12]<Bynw> Katherine ... the websites are back up :)
[18:13]<KK> Oh, good!  Thank you!
[18:14]<Bynw> welcome. sorry it took a while but technology is a pain sometimes
[18:15]* the_Bee ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:15]<@jemler> hi bee
[18:15]* Bynw gives channel operator status to the_Bee
[18:15]<@the_Bee> hi jemler!  Have I missed much?
[18:16]<@jemler> kk is here
[18:16]<KK> Not much.  Bynw was telling us the websites are back up.  Hurrah!
[18:16]<jemler> bynw, the website looks exactly the same.
[18:16]<@the_Bee> I noticed.  Hurrah for the website!
[18:16]<Bynw> they are the same
[18:17]<@the_Bee> That's all we really need.
[18:17]<@jemler> i think i should update my pic.
[18:17]<@the_Bee> Are you that much older?
[18:18]<@jemler> no, but it is about two years old. set around christmas
[18:18]<Bynw> the gallery isnt working quite yet i dont think ....
[18:20]<@jemler> well, no rush
[18:20]<Bynw> i think i've got all the logs posted of the chats too
[18:20]<@the_Bee> Sooo...any writing, movie or furfolk news?
[18:21]<Bynw> my picture is out of date now since november when i cut my hair shorter
[18:21]<KK> Writing continues well.  Furfolk are fine.  I think I told you last week that Booker ate a grass snake.
[18:22]<@the_Bee> yes
[18:23]<KK> Mt main convention appearance this year, besides Dragoncon (Atlanta--not sure of the dates) is MileHiCon in Denver, Oct. 22-24.  Should be fun.
[18:23]<KK> My
[18:23]<@the_Bee> I just spent a few days in Vermont with my mother and sisters.  chilly after the warm spell.
[18:23]<KK> It was chilly here for a couple of days, too.  There was a frost warning for last night, though I don't think it really got that cold.
[18:24]<@the_Bee> Thursday we got 90 in boston.
[18:24]<KK> Yike!
[18:24]<KK> Too hot!
[18:24]<@jemler> MileHiCon? Do you have to be a member of the Mile High Club?
[18:24]<KK> Boston also got a boarload more rain last week, too.
[18:24]<KK> I don't think so, Jemler.
[18:24]<KK> boatload
[18:24]<@jemler> hmmm.
[18:25]<@the_Bee> floods upon floods.  not my neighborhood, but elsewhere Rhode Island worst.
[18:26]<@jemler> people here are making plans for an all-class reunion. i already told them i wasn't going.
[18:27]<@the_Bee> too hard to get there?
[18:27]<KK> My friends in Woburn got a second sump pump between the first bout of flooding and the second, so their basement stayed dry this time.
[18:27]<@the_Bee> good for them
[18:28]<@jemler> it starts at 6pm, and the place is only half a mile away, but up a 100 yard stretch of road with no sidewalks. and i don't have a van to taker me.
[18:28]<KK> I've never had any particular desire to go to a class reunion, either for HS or college.
[18:28]<@the_Bee> me neither
[18:28]<@jemler> it's been 30 yerars since i saw/heard from most of the people i graduated with.
[18:29]<KK> I'm only still in touch with a handful of people from collage, and none from HS.
[18:29]<KK> college, too
[18:30]<@the_Bee> a collage of college days?
[18:30]<@jemler> i see one person from hs on a fairly regular basis, but only because she's a nurse at a hospital i have to visit every 3 months.
[18:31]<KK> Well, she made something of her life, then.  Nurses are cool!
[18:32]<@jemler> she's head surgical nurse at the hospital.
[18:33]<KK> That is definitely cool!
[18:39]<@jemler> her oldest daughter just got married
[18:40]* Shiral ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:40]<Shiral> Ahah
[18:40]<Bynw> hi sis
[18:40]* Bynw gives channel operator status to Shiral
[18:40]<@Shiral> Hi thanks for the info
[18:40]<@the_Bee> hi Shiral!
[18:41]<@jemler> hi shiral
[18:41]<@Shiral> Hi all
[18:41]<KK> Why, it's Shiral!  Long time no see.
[18:41]<@Shiral> Yeah
[18:41]<@Shiral> I had thought the chatroom  was unavailable
[18:41]<@Shiral> But what the heck, I'm back
[18:42]<@the_Bee> do you enter via the website, shiral?
[18:42]<Bynw> the chat has always been available just the website had issues
[18:42]<@Shiral> No, I finally downloaded mIRC
[18:43]<@the_Bee> nice, ain't it?
[18:43]<@Shiral> It's nice to have Rhemuth Castle back online
[18:43]<Bynw> mIRC is nice for those that use windows
[18:43]<@Shiral> So have I missed any big news?
[18:45]<KK> I don't think so.  Movie is now in its 4th draft, new book is finally going well, Booker ate a grass snake--the usual news.
[18:45]<@the_Bee> let KK tell you.
[18:46]<@Shiral> Mmmm, nice juicy grass snakes!
[18:46]<@Shiral> Glad to hear the book is going well
[18:47]<@the_Bee> I got a laser toy for Melantha.  she and Mickey stare, but the weather's too hot to chase it.
[18:47]<KK> Yep, Cameron took the canines out to a lake, and Booker grabbed the snake, gave it a shake, and glumped it down in about 3 swallows.  Yuck!  True hound, though.
[18:47]<@jemler> how big was the snake?
[18:48]<@Shiral> I guess they taste best when fresh
[18:48]<@jemler> slurped u p like spaghetti!
[18:48]<@Shiral> Without so much as a dab of Marinara
[18:48]<KK> About a foot.  Yep, exactly like spaghetti.
[18:49]<@jemler> Hunger is the best spice.
[18:49]<@Shiral> Any signs that it disagreed with him?
[18:49]<@jemler> not from th esnake! :)
[18:49]<KK> Yeah, he takes them out before they've had their dinner, so that he can let the off the lead and they won't go far because they're hungry.  I don't think it wiggled long in his tummy.  No side effects that we could see.
[18:50]<@Shiral> I think I'll stick to cats, all the same =o)
[18:50]<@jemler> how do they taste?
[18:50]<@Shiral> Like furry chicken
[18:51]<@jemler> lol
[18:52]<@Shiral> So.... movie being in the fourth draft is good??
[18:54]* Shiral drops pin
[18:54]<@Shiral> CLANG
[18:54]<KK> Yep, because it means they're still interested in the project.  And I'm told they've axed another potential project to make room to keep Deryni percolating.  Also, they've kept our original scriptwriter.  These are all good signs.
[18:55]* the_Bee waits for the echo to fade away.
[18:55]<@Shiral> Excellent news, then  =o)
[18:55]<@Shiral> I'll go to the midnight showing on opening night.
[18:55]<KK> Yep.  We have to give them a free extension on the option, so we'll know by October.  Keep your fingers crossed.
[18:56]<@the_Bee> yhink they'll premier it at Darkover?
[18:56]<KK> I doubt it--depends on timing--but we might get it for a special screening.
[18:57]<Bynw> as long as it stays true to the book (i know there will be some changes due to the change in medium) and as long as the acting is serious with good actors (even new ones) and any FX is done seriously too ... this should be gripping and moving like LoTR
[18:58]<KK> BTW, I e-mailed Martine, since I hadn't heard from her since very shortly afther they moved into their new house.  She's fine, they're in the throes of decorating, and she hasn't done anything further on the Rakovian project.  Just so you know, Shiral.
[18:58]<@Shiral> It would be nice to see some talented newcomers in these roles
[18:58]<KK> It will have to be at least a talented newcomer for Kelson.
[18:58]<@Shiral> Haven't heard from Martine in yonks, but then, she hasn't heard from me, either.
[18:58]<@Shiral> Haven't heard a peep from Sharon/Jasta, either.
[18:59]<@Shiral> Casting a young actor of the right age will be demanding--he'll really have to step up to the plate
[18:59]<KK> She did me some awesome floor plans for Rhemuth Castle and such.  A few ended up on the poaster map, but we probably ought to put some more in DA.
[18:59]<@Shiral> Sharon, or Martine?
[18:59]<KK> poster map
[19:00]<KK> Martine.
[19:00]<@Shiral> Oh, right.
[19:00]<@Shiral> Brain fade.  I think I'm starting to have senior moments
[19:00]<@the_Bee> speaking of DAzine, any rumors of a new issue?
[19:01]<KK> I think Julianne has been swamped with school--but has finally got her professional teacher tenure, so that's a load off her mind.  They also had Flood.  A lot of stuff in the basement got drowned.
[19:01]<@Shiral> Oh no!
[19:01]<@the_Bee> :(
[19:01]<@Shiral> Poor Julianne
[19:01]<@Shiral> And poor Frank
[19:02]<KK> Yeah, they're drying stuff out.  Some of his law books were down there.
[19:02]<@Shiral> Yikes
[19:02]<@the_Bee> not good.
[19:02]<@Shiral> Has anyone heard from Sharon?
[19:02]<KK> Only briefly, in conjunction with the OSM.  I think she's being thankful that she still has a job.
[19:03]<@Shiral> A lot of that going around
[19:03]<KK> Yep.  You OK at the library?
[19:03]<@Shiral> Having 20 years seniority is a good thing
[19:03]<KK> Yes, indeed.
[19:04]<@Shiral>  For right now... we're okay at the county, but it's ugly out here. San Jose branch libraries will be lucky to be open 3 days a week
[19:04]<KK> Whoa!  That's bad!  But then, we knew California was in trouble.
[19:05]<@the_Bee> There's talk of closing some boston branch libraries.
[19:05]<@Shiral> I work at our busiest largest branch b ut everyone is jumpy
[19:05]<@jemler> we only have one library in this town.
[19:06]<KK> Our library is talking about cutting hours some, and other cuts are coming in the area.
[19:06]<@Shiral> San Jose is very sprawly. Their main branch downtown will be open more hours, but the small outlying branches are going to take a big hit
[19:06]<@Shiral> But it's too depressing
[19:06]<@the_Bee> Is it very difficult for people to get to the main branch?
[19:07]<@Shiral> Not if they live near downtown
[19:07]<KK> My sister works for Sacramento Rapid Transit, and is holding her breath.  Fortunately, she has a lot of seniority--and she's the one who does the payroll, so if they plan to keep paying the employees that they do keep, she should be ok.
[19:07]<@the_Bee> Does BART serve the entire area?
[19:07]<KK> It doesn't go as far east as Sacramento.
[19:08]<@Shiral> But San Jose is not very centralized it covers a LOT of territory, so for some, it will be a long drive. Some of the people who live in northern San Jose will be turning to us, probably
[19:08]<@the_Bee> I was asking Shiral :)
[19:08]<KK> They've got lots of buses, though, and are cutting hours and routes.
[19:08]* Kelric ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:08]<@Shiral> Not even close, Bee
[19:08]<KK> Hi, Kelric.
[19:08]<@the_Bee> hi kelric
[19:08]<@jemler> hi kelric
[19:08]<Kelric> hi all
[19:09]<@Shiral> And CalTrain, which serves a lot of commuters on the north/south route is in deep financial trouble too. Thing is, we need MORE public transportation, not less.
[19:09]<@the_Bee> how goes it?
[19:09]<@Shiral> Hi Kelric
[19:09]<Kelric> well,  if you remember the angst I was under last time I was in,  my case was recovered by another convention staffer so I was able to get the stuff back
[19:09]<KK> Oh, good!
[19:09]<@the_Bee> YAY!
[19:10]<@jemler> ALL RIGHT!
[19:10]* Bynw gives channel operator status to Kelric
[19:11]<@Kelric> now if my job hunt would go as well...
[19:11]* kirienne (Mibbit@8E7DA3.600DB1.0685EB.A34B52) has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:11]* the_Bee sends job-hunting/keeping woodgies to all who need them.
[19:12]<@the_Bee> hi kirienne
[19:12]<KK> Hi, Kirienne.
[19:12]<kirienne> Yay!!!! Hi Everyone
[19:12]<@jemler> hi kirienne
[19:12]* Bynw gives channel operator status to kirienne
[19:12]<kirienne> Thanks Bynw :-)
[19:12]<Bynw> welcome kirienne
[19:13]<@kirienne> How is everyone?
[19:13]<@the_Bee> survivinng pretty well
[19:14]<@kirienne> we have a storm moving in here, it's been raining and pretty windy
[19:15]<@the_Bee> Today's been sunnier than I expected.  Heat wave's over.
[19:15]<@Kelric> weather's been nice out here in Chicagoland for the last couple days,  though not too warm.
[19:16]<@kirienne> it was cold when I was getting ready for church this morning, so I had to dig the winter sweaters out of their storage bin
[19:16]* guest ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:17]<guest> I'm baaa-aack
[19:17]<@jemler> the girl from Poltergeist?!
[19:17]<@the_Bee> Are you the evil twin?
[19:17]<guest> It's Shiral, but somehow I got out of the chanel
[19:17]<guest>  Yes. It's Shiral's Evil Twin Marth
[19:17]<guest> Martha
[19:17]<@jemler> chanel number 5?
[19:17]<@kirienne> Hi Shiral
[19:18]<@the_Bee> ?? Your name is still up.
[19:18]<guest> Hi Kirienne
[19:18]<guest> I know, that
[19:18]<guest> 's why I couldn't get back in
[19:18]<KK> BRB
[19:18]<@jemler> she signed in as guest so she could talk to herself without us knowing!
[19:19]<guest> It's my multiple personality disorder
[19:19]<@kirienne> LOL
[19:19]<guest>  Bynw, could you kick out one of my identities
[19:19]<@jemler> you too? i only talk to myself when i want to have an intelligent conversation!
[19:20]<guest> but somehow, I'm in here twice
[19:22]<guest> And I can't chat as Shiral
[19:23]* Shiral has quit (Killed (Bynw (:user requested)))
[19:23]<@the_Bee> We're all@-ed. Does that mean any of us can kick shiral out so Guest can reclaim her identity?
[19:23]<KK> I'm back.
[19:23]<Bynw> yes but kicking wont remove the ghost
[19:23]<@the_Bee> WB KK
[19:23]<@kirienne> Hi KK
[19:24]<KK> Can the ghost change its name, now that Shiral has gone?
[19:24]<guest> No
[19:24]<guest> BRB
[19:24]* guest has quit (Quit: )
[19:24]* guest ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:24]* guest has quit (Quit: )
[19:24]<Bynw> type /nick Shiral
[19:24]<@kirienne> KK, I've been forgetting to pass on a message from 12th night, Duke Jason of Griffiths asked me to tell you hello
[19:25]* guest ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:25]<KK> Cool!  Was he up in the Bay area for 12th night?
[19:25]<guest> Okay, I'm confused!
[19:26]<@kirienne> yes,
[19:26]<@the_Bee> shiral, type /nick Shiral
[19:26]<guest> Even though Shiral is out, mIRC still insistes my name is active
[19:26]<guest> Didn't work
[19:26]<guest> Arrrrgg
[19:26]<@kirienne> poor Shiral, not being able to claim your own name
[19:27]<@the_Bee> do you have 2 chat window icon showing?  that happened to me once.
[19:27]<guest> No, just one
[19:27]<Bynw> because it is, just not in the channel
[19:27]<Bynw> try now
[19:28]* guest is now known as Shiral
[19:28]<Shiral> Ahah
[19:28]<@kirienne> yippeee
[19:28]<Shiral> Now I feel more myself
[19:28]<@the_Bee> well, just make yourself comfy and stay awhile.  Ah You did it!
[19:28]<@jemler> and shirals true identity wins the day!
[19:30]<Shiral> Glad I didn't steal my own identity
[19:30]<@kirienne> LOL
[19:30]<Shiral> With the way I spend money, if I got a hold of my own credit cards... hooo boy
[19:30]<Bynw> if mirc says its in use, it really is in use
[19:31]<@kirienne> :-)
[19:31]<Shiral> Okay, so I guess I believe it
[19:33]<KK> I guess there are still a few bugs in the system.
[19:34]<Shiral> Well, that, or I've lost the knack of chatting via IRc
[19:34]<@kirienne> I'm glad the web site is up again, and that I could finally come here
[19:35]<Shiral> Yes, it's nice that Rhemuth Castle is no longer under siege
[19:35]<@kirienne> I was convinced that Loris somehow had something to do with it
[19:35]<@kirienne> being down
[19:36]<KK> We had speculated, a couple of weeks ago, that the site being down was keeping folk from chat.
[19:36]<@kirienne> I couldn't get to chat because it was down
[19:36]<Shiral> Well yes.  Maybe I just have a short attention span
[19:37]<@the_Bee> For a while I had trouble getting MICr working on my new computer.  Okay now.
[19:37]<Bynw> its a knack that you are dealing with Shiral :)
[19:37]* Bynw gives channel operator status to Shiral
[19:38]<@Shiral> Geee.. I just saw these little mIRC icons off to the lower right section of my screen. that might have something to do with my earlier booboo!
[19:38]<@the_Bee> Yup.  That's what I was asking you about.
[19:38]<Bynw> mirc might have been loaded several times
[19:38]<@Shiral> Not until the site came back up and I saw the logged chats did I realize what I'd been missing'
[19:39]<@Shiral> I think I just loaded it once.  But when the icon disappeared from the main task bar, I panicked
[19:39]<@kirienne> I had just figured that there were no chats happening, then I saw the site up and could read past chats
[19:39]<@Shiral> Now I just have ONE mIRC icon open
[19:39]<@the_Bee> I did that once.
[19:41]<@Shiral> But I'm glad there's been progress in Deryni Land, all the way around
[19:41]* the_Bee sets out crumpets, and hot and cold cider.
[19:41]<@kirienne> me too
[19:41]* jemler sets out hot cocoa with extra marshmallows
[19:42]* Shiral sets out honey and a grass snake
[19:42]<@kirienne> LOL
[19:42]<@the_Bee> KK, when the gallery is back, do you have any furpet--or human--pics to put up?
[19:42]* jemler says "Here Booker!"
[19:42]<KK> Yep.  And speaking of progress, I need to get back to the chapter I'm on.  I had to go back and layer in something, so I must regain my forward momentum.
[19:43]<@Shiral> So.. which chapter is the current one?
[19:43]<@the_Bee> Oh yes.  Momentum matters.
[19:43]<@Shiral> No pressure, of course =o)
[19:43]<@jemler> Deryni Forever!
[19:43]<KK> Yes, I'll send pictures.  I have a wonderful shot of Booker inSanta's lap.  He's biger now, of course.  Must take some current ones.  He weighs 51 lbs. as of about 2 weeks ago.  Probably won't get a whole lot bigger.
[19:43]<KK> 8
[19:44]* Shiral rubs paws with glee
[19:44]<KK> Or maybe 9; I think I'll be breaking it into two.
[19:44]<@Shiral> Is Alaric at court, yet?
[19:44]<@kirienne> :-)
[19:45]<KK> He's at court but not yet of the court.  This is the Twelfth Night before Kenneth dies.
[19:45]<KK> And his powers are starting to emerge.
[19:45]<@Shiral> Oh boy, the opportunities....
[19:45]<@kirienne> I'm looking forward to reading about his emerging powers (and everything else of course)
[19:46]<KK> He's made a couple of friends, though--and has discovered military tactics.
[19:46]<@Shiral> Ahah =o)
[19:46]<@Shiral> Something I suspect he'll be good at
[19:46]<KK> His Aunt Claara taught him the Torenthi alphabet, so he's been puzzling out a military treatise in Torenthi; many of the military terms are the same, once one deciphers the letters.
[19:47]<@kirienne> cool
[19:47]<@Shiral> So the Torenthis use something akin to the Cyrillic alphabet?
[19:48]<@the_Bee> Will Duchess Vera begun training Alaric and Duncan soon?
[19:48]<KK> Oh, and Melissa married a minor cousin of the Howard family, courtesy of Vera's machinations, and has stayed on at Morganhall; has been taking care of Bronwyn and the granddaughter of Delphine.
[19:48]<@Shiral> Darn, you'd think that if I'd got married, I would have known!
[19:48]<KK> Yes, Shiral.  And yes, Bee.
[19:48]<@the_Bee> Melissa? Iddidn't know Shiral was in the book! ;)
[19:48]<KK> Yes, well I gave you a very nice knight.
[19:49]<@kirienne> LOL
[19:49]<@Shiral> Thank you! I accept him with pleasure. =o)
[19:49]<KK> Melissa has been in charge of the Morgan children from the very beginning.
[19:49]<@jemler> But did the Knoght give her a nice night?! :P
[19:49]<@Shiral> Alaric NEVER picked up his toys....
[19:49]<KK> Oh, I'm sure he must have.
[19:49]<KK> And he dribbled honey all over the tablecloth.
[19:49]<@Shiral> Frankly, the whole thing is kind of a blur...
[19:50]<@Shiral> The Knight night, that is
[19:50]<@kirienne> heee heee heee
[19:50]<KK> I'll see if I can refresh your memory later.
[19:50]<@Shiral> Not the honey
[19:50]<@jemler> smile and think of England!
[19:50]<KK> Here's your chance to write another story, Shiral.  Talk about a challenge....
[19:51]<KK> Ah, gotta run.  The oven timer just dinged.
[19:51]<@Shiral> No kidding. Night, KK
[19:51]<KK> See you next week, I hope.
[19:51]<KK> Ta-ta for now.
[19:51]<@Shiral> Alas, I have to work next weekend. =o(
[19:51]<@jemler> (K)night shiral
[19:51]<Bynw> cya KK
[19:51]<@Shiral> Bye, KK
[19:51]<@the_Bee> enjoy your meal, KK good night and good writing.
[19:51]<@kirienne> ok, night night adn thanks for coming KK
[19:51]<@Shiral> I need to put my dinner in the oven too
[19:51]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:52]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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