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KK Chat 12-13-2009
« on: December 13, 2009, 07:14:39 pm »

[18:06]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:06]<jemler> KK!
[18:06]<Kelric> is KK!
[18:06]<KK> Hi, guys.
[18:06]<Bynw> hiyas kk
[18:06]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:06]<Jojo> Howdy, KK
[18:06]<Maele> Hullo
[18:06]<Samuel> hello KK
[18:06]<Samuel> hello KK
[18:07]<KK> Can't stay long, but wanted to shcek in and say hello.
[18:07]<jemler> echo.....
[18:07]<KK> Samuel, how are you doing?
[18:07]<Samuel> I'm doing ok.  I'm hoping the weather is OK tomorrow.
[18:07]<Samuel> I'm supposed to go pick up my "new" '08 Prius.
[18:07]<KK> Do you have your truck back yet, or can it be salvaged?
[18:07]<Kelric> heh
[18:07]<Kelric> heh
[18:08]<Kelric> how \\\
[18:08]<KK> Ah, new Prius.
[18:08]<Kelric> it's actually been above freezing today
[18:08]<Samuel> The back left tire might be salvagable.
[18:08]<KK> Sigh.
[18:08]<Kelric> what happened to your truck sam? 
[18:08]<KK> Sounds like you did a number on it.
[18:08]<jemler> as in number 86!
[18:08]<Samuel> The truck decided it wanted to meet a telephone pole.
[18:09]<Samuel> they didn't get along too well.  neither won.
[18:09]<KK> And you're all right?
[18:09]<Samuel> Yea, I'm ok.....  thanks to the airbag and seatbelts.
[18:09]<KK> Deo gratias!
[18:09]<jemler> you're welcome
[18:10]<KK> BRB
[18:10]<Samuel> I'm still thanking God that there was nobody coming the other way.
[18:11]<KK> That, too!
[18:12]<Jojo> How are you doing, KK?
[18:12]* jemler puts out the fixings for hot spiced apple cider, hot cocoa with extra marshmallows, tea with peppermint sticks, and French Vanilla and Mocha cappuccino.
[18:12]<KK> Well, I've just read what may be the final draft of the script for the Deryni movie.  Shaping up nicely, given that we've had to make a few changes to satisfy the producers.  But it will still be recognizably Deryni.
[18:12]* Kelric 's mouth waters
[18:12]<Kelric> NICE
[18:13]<jemler> what kind of changes?
[18:13]<Samuel> cool!
[18:13]<Samuel> Don't forget that nobody really knows what the final draft will be until after ALL the filming is done.
[18:14]<Samuel> changes will occur up until the editor is finnished cutting and splicing it.
[18:14]<Maele> Scriptwriters are...?
[18:15]<KK> Changes to make more action, spread it over a lionger period, to show more of the countryside--stuff like that.
[18:16]<KK> Is that our Maele from Darkover?
[18:16]<Maele> Many moons ago.  :)
[18:16]<KK> One scriptwriter, named Alex Sabeti.  He's good, and understands and loves the Deryni universe.
[18:17]<Maele> Good to have a sympathetic hand on the pages.
[18:17]<jemler> he's got my vote!
[18:18]<Jojo> In my mind, it's quite a countryside to see!  Hope the director does too?
[18:19]* the_Bee (the_Bee@8E7DA3.F11F90.92B183.7B6B4D) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:19]<jemler> hi bee
[18:19]<the_Bee> hi jemler!
[18:20]<the_Bee> Have I missed anything?
[18:20]<jemler> saying hi to KK
[18:20]<the_Bee> Hi KK
[18:22]<Kelric> well.  in a week and a half I'll be in Florida for a few days :P
[18:22]<KK> Where in Florida?
[18:22]<Samuel> danged weather.  Wet weather always hurts my internet connection
[18:22]<the_Bee> I'll be in Vermont.
[18:23]<jemler> I'll be in Ohio.
[18:24]<Kelric> Tarpon Springs
[18:25]<Kelric> my parents bought a vacation condo there around a year ago
[18:26]<Maele> Is that where the sponge diving museum is?
[18:26]<KK> That's up by Ocala, isn't it?
[18:26]<Kelric> not 100% sure.  I haven't been there myself yet.
[18:26]<Kelric> my parents fly out next sunday.  my brother and I fly on Christmas day.
[18:27]<Maele> No snow for Christmas
[18:27]<the_Bee> for yo or for Kelric, Maele?
[18:28]<Kelric> nope.
[18:28]<Kelric> I've already seen my first nasty snow so far this year.
[18:28]<Maele> For Kelric.  We have a foot or so already.
[18:28]<Kelric> it was in the single digits early last weeek
[18:29]<the_Bee> I just hope the 23rd is sunny.  That's the day my brother is coming to fetch Melantha and me.
[18:29]<KK> We had 8 inches last weekend, on Saturday--beautiful!
[18:30]<jemler> hardly any snow here this year at all.
[18:30]<the_Bee> We've had some, but it didn't last.  raining now.
[18:30]<Kelric> my car got a lot of snow on it.  whjen we finally mioved it to the garage,  it took almost a full day for the stuff still on it to melt off.
[18:31]<Maele> We just moved into a 158-year-old house.  Every time the weather changes, we're running to the attic and the basement - just to see if there's anything odd going on.  :)
[18:31]<the_Bee> Is there?
[18:32]<Maele> No, thank goodness!
[18:32]<jemler> i'll ask Henry to check out the place if you want.
[18:32]<Maele> I guess you don't get to be 158 without mending any holes.
[18:33]* jemler starts some bacon frying, hoping the smell will wake up Icarus
[18:35]<Maele> Hmmm, maybe he's vegan?
[18:35]<jemler> his loss :)
[18:36]<Kelric> mmmm.  bacon
[18:36]<Kelric> still can't eat it though
[18:36]<Samuel> I can't find any info about Alex Sabeti on
[18:36]* fudgebob ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:36]<the_Bee> Melantha was helping me wrap Christmas presents this afternoon.
[18:36]<the_Bee> Hi fudgebob
[18:36]<Kelric> I won't be able to try any more fatty foods until just after the new year.
[18:36]<Maele> Flat Tire, Samuel?
[18:36]<Jojo> bummer
[18:37]<fudgebob> hi the_Bee . hi all! :)
[18:37]<jemler> Try this:
[18:37]<Maele> Hi fudgebob
[18:37]<jemler> hey fudgebob
[18:37]<KK> He did the script for a film called The Art of Love.  I found him on hte internet.  he's real.
[18:37]<fudgebob> ^_^
[18:38]<Maele> The Art of Cool
[18:39]<the_Bee> 2007.  Is that the latest?
[18:40]<Maele> Not a "ghost" writer.  :)
[18:40]<KK> No, he's real.
[18:41]<Maele> Scriptwriting is odd, you can have a dozen people work on various versions of a script, but only a few receive "credit."
[18:42]<KK> He'll also get an Associate Producer credit on this one.
[18:42]<Maele> Are you enjoying watching the script come together?
[18:43]<the_Bee> Maele, are you in the movie/entertainment business?
[18:43]<Kelric> I'm being utterly dingbatty but I assume the movie is based on DR correct?
[18:43]<Maele> I've worked on a few productions - one step away from gofer :) - but entertainment writing is my bread and butter writing.
[18:43]<the_Bee> ah.
[18:44]<KK> Yes, I'm enjoying it.
[18:44]<KK> There's also talk of a graphic novel of the script.
[18:44]<the_Bee> Cool!
[18:44]<Kelric> that would be a great way to hook in the younger crowd
[18:44]* Maele picturing a "graphic" Camber   Very intriguing
[18:45]* the_Bee is a comic book/graphic novel fan.
[18:45]<Samuel> I just hope the graphic novel isn't too graphic!    :)
[18:45]<Kelric> I could definitely see directors having fun with the major battles of HD and TKJ
[18:46]<the_Bee> I wonder how they'll handle the magic stuff?
[18:47]<jemler> They'll hire Industrial Light and MAGIC of course! :)
[18:47]<Bynw> graphic novel of the scrip would be cools
[18:47]<KK> Lots of CGI.
[18:47]<Samuel> I'm looking forward to seeing the final battle between Clarisa and Kelson  (did I get the right villen)
[18:47]<KK> Yep.
[18:47]<jemler> except her name is Charissa
[18:47]* Kelric throws a barrage of pies at Jemler
[18:48]* jemler ducks!
[18:48]<the_Bee> Were villeins regarded as villains back then?
[18:48]<jemler> Ven vill ve villify villains?
[18:49]<Samuel> Villain or villein is just a warping of villager....
[18:49]<the_Bee> very warped ;)
[18:49]<Kelric> lol
[18:50]<Jojo> How wide a time spread?
[18:50]<KK> LOL.  I gotta go, guys.  My mom is getting hungry, and I'm thawing steaks--or snakes, as we refer to them in this household.
[18:50]<the_Bee> 10th-12th centuries?
[18:51]<Jojo> Thanks for stopping by!
[18:51]<jemler> Tell your mom I said Merry Christmas!
[18:51]<Maele> Night, good writing
[18:51]<the_Bee> enjoy your meal, KK.  Thanks for dropping by.
[18:51]<KK> May or may not see you next week, what with the holidays approaching.  But I'll try.
[18:51]<jemler> Tell your mom I said Merry Christmas!
[18:51]<the_Bee> good enough.
[18:51]<Bynw> ok, see ya nextime :)
[18:52]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[18:52]<the_Bee> If we're not both here next week, Merry Christmas to you and yours, KK.
[18:52]<KK> Merry Christmas to all!
[18:52]<jemler> and to all a good night
[18:52]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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