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KK Chat 09-27-2009
« on: September 28, 2009, 06:37:06 pm »

[18:14]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:14]<jemler> KK!
[18:14]<~RainbowDragon> Hi KK
[18:14]<jojo> Welcome KK!
[18:14]* deryni_guest6627 ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:14]<Icarus> Good evening, Katherine.  Glad to see you as always.
[18:15]<kelric> kk!
[18:15]<KK> Hello, all.
[18:15]<Bynw> Hiyas Katherine!
[18:15]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:15]* deryni_guest6627 is now known as kirienne
[18:15]<jemler> hi kirienne
[18:15]<kirienne> Hi Everyone
[18:16]<Rhyselle> Hi Kirienne!
[18:16]<Rhyselle> Hello Katherine. :)
[18:16]<kirienne> Hi KK
[18:16]<kirienne> wow, lots of people here today :-)
[18:16]<jemler> waiting for bee
[18:17]<Bynw> hey a full house today
[18:17]<KK> Better than lately, but we've had many more.
[18:17]* the_Bee ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:17]<KK> However, this is a good turnout.
[18:17]<jemler> hi bee
[18:17]<Rhyselle> I only just got here myself... spent the afternoon going through my garage for my hardback books.  Found THE BASTARD PRINCE and KING KELSON'S BRIDE.
[18:17]<KK> Here's Bee.
[18:17]<jemler> done waiting
[18:17]<kirienne> Hi Bee
[18:17]<Rhyselle> They've been in storage for a few years.
[18:17]<Rhyselle> Hello Bee
[18:17]<KK> Ah, garage trolling.
[18:17]<Icarus> Hi there, Bee.
[18:17]<the_Bee> hello all.  have I missed much?
[18:18]<kirienne> I just got here myself Bee
[18:18]<jemler> KK just arrived
[18:18]<KK> I've got to go into the attic tomorrow and look for some calendars and files.
[18:18]<Rhyselle> KK, I've started to re-scan LAMMAS NIGHT for you. I'd started and then the laptop hard drive disintegrated and it was in the shop for around a month.
[18:18]<jemler> you need a house elf!
[18:19]<kelric> heh
[18:19]<Rhyselle> I only just got the software I needed loaded, so I can start over again.
[18:19]<KK> Excellent, Rhyselle!
[18:19]<kelric> da bears :)
[18:19]<the_Bee> How's the buchelbass/ KK?
[18:19]<kirienne> I've got to seriously clean out my sewing/storage room but will wait until weather is much cooler, we are still in high 90's and over 100 here
[18:19]<Rhyselle> Ugh!  too hot!
[18:19]<jemler> the steelers lost to the bengals. cincinnatti must have sent in their cheerleaders toplay!
[18:19]<kelric> that is too hot.  I'd be going nuts.  at least I'm home now instead of last week.
[18:20]<KK> Buchelbas...not a bad name for it, actually.  He's learning about not peeing and pooping in the house.  Hard for a puppy.
[18:20]<kirienne> yep, and it's supposed to be Fall
[18:20]<the_Bee> we're having some much-needed rain.
[18:20]<kelric> I shudder to think what one of my warhammer friends is feeling like right now.  he's a die hard steelers nut
[18:20]<jemler> kelric, i was going to call tyhe hospital, but i didn't know your real name!
[18:20]<KK> We had rain on Friday and Saturday--serious rain!  Thanks goodness they'd finished with the important part of the roof repair above the kitchen and pantry!
[18:20]<kelric> heh. 
[18:21]<KK> Kelric, are you home?
[18:21]<kirienne> I wish we'd get some rain :-(
[18:21]<KK> Ah, I see that you are.  Feeling better?
[18:21]<Rhyselle> Sorry to hear you were in hospital, Kelric.  I hope you are feeling better.
[18:22]<kelric> I'm recovering.  I still don't have a lot of energy
[18:22]<jemler> he doesn't like being a couch potatoe (a la Dan Quayle)!   :)
[18:22]<kelric> I am home.  I was discharged on wednsday afternoon
[18:22]<kirienne> I'm sure that will take a bit of time Kelric
[18:22]<KK> But you always seem to be cheerful, even when you're hooked up to an IV drip.  Good to have you back, though.
[18:23]<jemler> Kelric, just out of curiosity, What exactly was in that IV drip? ;)
[18:23]<kelric> it was just a saline drip.
[18:24]<KK> Anyway, Mr. Puppy is growing like mad, and developing quite a sweet personality.  He weighed 21 lbs. on Monday, when he got his second puppy shots at the vet's, but I know he's grown since then.
[18:24]<kelric> I expect to probably still be down for another week regathering my energy.  my first major foray outside is going to be attempted on wednsday
[18:24]<jemler> btw folks, I'd like to clarify a few things: I am paralyzed from the waist down due to an aortic aneurysm. I am 46, and I do have a taste for naughty jokes!
[18:25]<jemler> :)
[18:25]<Rhyselle> :)
[18:25]* Icarus chuckles lightheartedly.
[18:25]<the_Bee> :)
[18:25]<KK> He also has a chirpy sense of humor!
[18:25]<Ghostgames> A sense of humor is a great thing for a dog to have. :-)
[18:25]<jemler> Chirpy?
[18:26]<Rhyselle> Interesting adjective
[18:26]<KK> Jemler, the Steelers lost to the bengals?  I didn't know that Bynw's girls played football....
[18:26]<jemler> i read the posted log files on the castle. thanks everyone!
[18:26]<Icarus>  ... he has a smurfy sense of humour!
[18:26]<jojo> he's a tru punmaser
[18:26]<jojo> punmaster
[18:26]<Bynw> lol
[18:26]<KK> I was actually referring to Jemler.
[18:27]<KK> But Puppy is developing a personality.  Seems smart--except that he still hasn't quite made the connection about going outside when he needs to.
[18:27]<Ghostgames> Ah! Well, a chirpy sense of humor is good for just about anyone. ;-)
[18:28]<KK> Puppy has definitely bonded to I now have a little shadow.
[18:28]<jemler> i've never been called chirpy before!
[18:28]<kirienne> I hope Mr. puppy learns makes that connection soon KK,
[18:28]<KK> As you may have gathered, he still doesn't have a definite name.  We're been referring to him as His Puppiness.
[18:28]<kirienne> LOL
[18:28]<the_Bee> LOL
[18:28]<kelric> rotfl
[18:29]<KK> Loves to chew on Oswald's big bones--and occasionally gets growled at, because of that.  But he gets his own bones, too.
[18:29]<kirienne> LOL
[18:29]<kirienne> poor Oswald's not used to sharing
[18:30]<KK> They're starting to think about playing together, though, which is part of the purpose of the exercise.  Hope to start taking him for walks on Mian Street soon, with Oswald.
[18:30]<the_Bee> will he be biger or smaller than Oswald when he's full grown?
[18:30]<KK> First we have to be sure he won't poop out on us halfway along.  Scott seems to think he'll get tired too quickly, but he sure seems to have a lot of energy around here.
[18:31]<KK> Smaller than Oswald.
[18:31]<KK> Probably 40-50 lbs.
[18:31]<KK> Oswald weighs about 85.
[18:31]<KK> But he could stand to lose 5 lbs or so.
[18:32]<KK> We got a neat thing for them this week: a step platform that plugs into the trailer hitch on the back of my car, so that hopefully we won't have to wheelbarrow Oswald into the car anymore.
[18:32]<KK> We were thinking about a ramp, but then Scott spotted these.
[18:32]<Rhyselle> Sounds like a useful gadget
[18:33]<the_Bee> wheelbarrows do nothing for a dog's dignity.
[18:33]<Rhyselle> How old is Oswald now?
[18:35]<KK> He's 11, but acts much younger.  Hopefully the puppy will keep him young longer.
[18:36]* Ghostgames is now known as Ghostgames_afk
[18:37]<kirienne> :-) hope they start playing together soon
[18:37]* Icarus continues working on an illustration for a magazine, but keeps up on reading the chat log.
[18:38]<Rhyselle> We have a houseful of 4 month old kittens... Beren, Luthien, Maches, Elladan and Sophie.  Elrohir got to go to a new home.
[18:39]<Rhyselle> Luthien has had 3 families express an interest in her but they changed their mind right before she was old enough to go there, which kind of leaves us in the lurch.
[18:39]<kirienne> ah, they sound cute. I love their names :-)
[18:39]<jemler> someone's a Tolkien fan!
[18:39]<Rhyselle> Unfortunately our town has an ordinance that you can't have more than four cats at a time unless you own a farm.
[18:40]<kirienne> Yikes, I hope they get homes soon then
[18:40]<the_Bee> Let's hope His Puppiness doesn't start tyranizing Oswald the way Shiral's Nina does Francesca.
[18:40]<KK> Goodness, we'd be in trouble.
[18:40]<Icarus> Rhyselle ... my roommates and I just gave a mama and six newborn (five weeks old) to an adoption center.  We still have two bigger kittens, and two adults (one of which is like 14).
[18:40]<Rhyselle> So if I can't find homes for at least one of them, one will need to go to the cat sanctuary in Columbus.
[18:40]<jemler> It's those ole Blue Laws! They don't want yo running a cat house! :)
[18:40]* Ghostgames_afk is now known as Ghostgames
[18:41]<Rhyselle> Fortunately, Cat Welfare is a no kill shelter and they actively work on getting the cats spayed/neutered and adopted.
[18:41]<kirienne> LOL Jemler
[18:41]<KK> Well, we were down to 4 cats until Cameron moved home and brought his two.
[18:41]<Rhyselle> ROFL! Jemler!
[18:41]<KK> That's good, Rhyselle.
[18:41]<Rhyselle> How is Cameron doing?
[18:41]<jemler> LOL
[18:41]<KK> Hanging out, looking for work, working on his vehicles....
[18:41]<Rhyselle> I still have my 20 year old at home because she can't get a job yet that pays enough to even share an apartment with her best friend.
[18:42]<Rhyselle> She's been working on hardscaping all summer, but at only $7.00 an hour, she's just making her expenses and taxes.
[18:42]<KK> It was not the best of times to give up a good-paying job, but he was misrable in L.A.
[18:42]<KK> What is hardscaping?
[18:43]<Rhyselle> The patio, brick sidewalk, retaining wall portion of landscaping.
[18:43]* kirienne sends Cameron good job getting woodgies
[18:43]<KK> Ah.  That makes sense.
[18:43]<Rhyselle> The general contractor does the math and figures out how many pavers or bricks are needed, and she cuts them to shape when necessary and lays them after digging out the walkway foundations.
[18:44]<KK> Sounds like hard work, but I should imagine one has a great sense of accomplishment when the job is done.  And it will last.
[18:44]<Rhyselle> Her first day on the job last summer she shoveled 2 tons of gravel, and she thinks that she's shoveled about 30 tons of gravel since July 2008, and lost count of the number of bricks she's handled.
[18:44]<kirienne> that job will keep her in good shape, it does sound like hard work though
[18:45]<Rhyselle> *nod* and when she has her own home, she'll know exactly what to do to landscape it herself, or to make sure a contractor is doing it right.
[18:45]<KK> Wow, hard on the nails, not to mention just downright hard on hands--and back muscles!
[18:45]<the_Bee> Is she interested in landscaping as a career?
[18:45]<Rhyselle> Lots of hard work, yes, but you're right about the sense of accomplishment.
[18:45]<Rhyselle> Her boss told me that she works harder and is more accurate at making cuts than the guys who have worked for him for five years.
[18:46]<kirienne> If I had a house, I'd hire her to landscape it
[18:46]<Rhyselle> She's looking into taking landscape architecture classes at the local community college.
[18:46]<KK> That's got to be good to hear.  And some course work certainly can't hurt.
[18:47]<Rhyselle> She got a one shot job this May to plant 300 impatiens plants in a 2 acre wooded lot.  I couldn't have done it... my back would have given out! *wry grin*
[18:47]<KK> We had a landscape architecture student work for us the first summer we were here.  Dug out for our new fishbond and assembled it.  Looks great!
[18:48]<KK> Aren't impatiens annuals?
[18:48]<Rhyselle> She said that the physical labor part of the job lets her imagine plotline and characterization stuff on the story she and her best friend are co-writing. 
[18:48]<the_Bee> what genre?
[18:49]<Rhyselle> Yes.  She told me that the homeowner wanted them in for one year while the perennials someone else planted made it through their first year so there would be colour in the lot.
[18:49]<kirienne> that's a lot of plants, 300. My back would have goven out too, long before they were all planted
[18:49]<Rhyselle> Fantasy... an original story that is about angels and demons in the time before mortals were created. 
[18:50]<the_Bee> good luck to them
[18:50]<Rhyselle> I'll pass  that on.
[18:50]<jojo> KK, how are you doing this week?
[18:50]<Rhyselle> Er, sorry to burble away like this... I've been talking only to kids most of this last week, as the adults I normally talk to at work were out of town this week.
[18:51]<jojo> np
[18:51]<the_Bee> everyone needs a good burble once in a while.
[18:52]<KK> Still working on the Camberian Council scene.  His Puppiness takes a lot of time and energy, and we had the roof project going on, and the cocttage had some repairs to be made....  It was not the greatest of weeks.
[18:52]<kirienne> ((((((((((((KK)))))))))))))))
[18:53]<KK> It all went ok, though--and His Puppiness hopefully will get less needy as he gets bigger.  And once he's old enough to introduce him to the electric fence, so that I can safely leave him outside for part of the day.
[18:54]<kelric> I still need to find where I put my copy of Childe Morgan and read it
[18:54]<KK> It's hiding!
[18:55]<Rhyselle> I've found all of the Heirs of Camber books now, but I'm still missing High Deryni.  I might go ahead and order a new copy from Amazon.
[18:55]<Rhyselle> Bet ya when I get it, my original copy will show up
[18:55]<KK> Probably.
[18:55]<jemler> i ahve to get a new copy of KKB
[18:55]<kelric> that;'s how it always is :P
[18:55]<kelric> I think I have 3 copies of KKB
[18:56]<Rhyselle> Well, at least I know where the royalty money from the purchase will go to. *grin*
[18:56]<kelric> 1 ratty hardback,  a paperback copy and a preproduction review copy I found at a used book store
[18:57]<KK> I'm reading a really good medieval procedural right now, called Mistress of the Art of Death.  Main character is a female doctor sent to England at the time of Henry II to investigate several gruesome child murders in Cambridge.  Really riveting.  I heartily recommend it.
[18:57]<kelric> hmm
[18:57]<KK> She's essentially a medical examiner.
[18:58]<Ghostgames> I love medieval mysteries. :-)
[18:58]<Rhyselle> Author please?
[18:58]<KK> Seems like there are a fair number of authors working with the standard murder mystery genre but setting the stories in the middle ages.  Can't remember the author's name; the book is upstairs.
[18:58]<jojo> a medieval Dr. G;)
[18:58]<KK> Or Dr. Lallard.
[18:59]<KK> Mallard.
[18:59]<Rhyselle> I've got a shelf of Ellis Peters' Cadfael novels right next to me.
[18:59]<jemler> Arianna Franklin is the suthor Rhyselle
[18:59]<KK> They were excellent for their time.  I think the genre is building on that now.
[18:59]<KK> Thanks, Jemler.
[18:59]<Rhyselle> Thank you, Jemler. :)
[19:00]<the_Bee> I love the Brother Cadfael novels!  Have you read Peter Tremayne's Sister Fidelma mysteries?
[19:00]<Rhyselle> What I like about the Cadfael novels is that I spent several weekends in Shrewsbury when I was in England in the late 1980s and again on a couple of visits in the 1990s and in 2005.  So I can visualize the settings really well.
[19:01]<Rhyselle> Not yet.  *adds Arianna Franklin and Peter Tremayne to notebook to check out*
[19:01]<KK> And she was meticulous about her settings, so that you can go to Shrewsbury and follow the Cadfael trail.  There are maps in the car parks.
[19:02]<KK> Haven't read any Sister Fidelma yet, either.
[19:02]<Rhyselle> *nod*  If you ever get there, enjoy the herb garden planted in front of the Abbey, and look for the Brother Cadfael window dedicated to Ms. Peters.  Really nicely done.
[19:06]<the_Bee> I like to read series characters in order of publication. The first Sister Fidelma novel is Absolution by Murder, but there were some short stories before that.
[19:07]<Rhyselle> KK, have you been in communication with Jennifer Brinn anytime recently?  I've lost contact with her after I moved and wasn't helping playtest the Deryni Fudge game, and I found something in my files I wanted to send her.
[19:07]<Rhyselle> Er, WAS helping playtest...
[19:07]<Ghostgames> I love the Sir Robert Carey mysteries (by PF Chisholm)...
[19:08]<KK> No contact with her lately.  Ann, do you have a contact?
[19:08]* Bynw notes that he like the murder mysteries by JD Robb (Nora Roberts)
[19:10]<Ghostgames> Lost track of Jennifer quite a while ago, I'm afraid.
[19:10]* kelric reads a lot of David Weber and Eric Flint science fiction.
[19:10]<Ghostgames> Saw her once at the Museum of Science of all places.... :-) she was visiting Boston and we happened to go to the same exhibit at the same time.
[19:11]<Ghostgames> If it's something to do with the Deryni Adventure Game, I'd love to see it. :-)
[19:12]<Rhyselle> Hmmm.  Well, I found some of the short stories that I wrote with her and Eric Sedlecak back in 1998 from our original campaign when Jennifer figured out how to make FUDGE and the Deryni universe work together.
[19:12]<Rhyselle> I don't have the entire saga, but I have a significant portion of it and wanted to share them with her.
[19:13]<Ghostgames> I'll put a call out, see if I can find her. :-)
[19:13]<Rhyselle> Thank you.  I'll do some more searching through Google etc. too.
[19:13]<jemler> there are about 15 Jennifer Brinn's if you go thru the
[19:14]<jemler> if you know here middle name, it will narrow it down.
[19:14]* Cait ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:14]<the_Bee> Are any of you familiar with the  BookSleuth feature at  ?
[19:14]<Bynw> hiyas Cait!
[19:14]<Rhyselle> Oh boy.... Last I'd heard from her was when she lived in Arlingon VA
[19:14]<the_Bee> hello Cait
[19:14]<Rhyselle> It's weird looking at words I wrote a decade ago...
[19:14]* Bynw pokes KK ... look who i just sent the chat link too
[19:14]<Cait> Hi...just stopped in to say hello
[19:15]<jojo> Hellow
[19:15]<jemler> jennifer a. brinn, edgewater, fl, daytona beach, fl
[19:15]<KK> Our Cait, In PA?
[19:15]<Bynw> yes our cait
[19:15]<Cait> yeah!
[19:15]<Cait> hi
[19:15]<Cait> thanks to Chris
[19:15]<KK> Welcome!
[19:16]<Cait> thanks
[19:16]<KK> We've been talking medieval sleuths lately.
[19:16]<Rhyselle> Thanks Jemler!
[19:17]<Cait> Well this is good timing as I'm now "getting into" your books
[19:17]<KK> Yike, I wonder what Jennifer is doing in Daytona.
[19:17]<Rhyselle> Hopefully not being whomped by bad weather!
[19:17]<the_Bee> Are we sure it's the same Jennifer Brinn?
[19:17]<Rhyselle> My friends in Atlanta are still slogging through ankle deep water.
[19:18]<KK> No, but one can always ask.
[19:18]<Bynw> Cait, you are now getting into Katherine's books? They are good books.
[19:18]<KK> Ah, a hungry-looking husband just peered into the room.
[19:18]* Bynw waves to Scott
[19:18]<KK> It appears that I must away and make spaghetti.
[19:18]<the_Bee> with meatballs I hope1
[19:18]* Bynw yells something about 3rd vampire book
[19:19]* Bynw hopes that scott hears it
[19:19]<kirienne> Thanks for popping in KK
[19:19]<Cait> Yes,
[19:19]<the_Bee> or do you lke spaghetti carbonara?
[19:19]<kirienne> LOL Bynw
[19:19]<Cait> nice to see ya here KK
[19:19]<the_Bee> enjoy your meal and your week, KK
[19:19]<KK> And just when His Puppiness has settled down in my office. He's been hanging out in the space to the left of my easy chair, where he feels safe.  Were talking about moving his crate into the pa=ntry in a few days, rather than in Cameron's bathroom.
[19:19]<kirienne> have a good week KK, huggles & nighters to you
[19:20]<TemprusAway> bye kk
[19:20]<Ghostgames> Good night, kk!
[19:20]<Rhyselle> Have a good week, KK! :) Bless!
[19:20]<KK> Huggles and nighers to all, and have a good week.
[19:20]<the_Bee> nighters KK
[19:20]<Bynw> have a good night Kathrine {{{{ }}}}
[19:20]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:20]<jojo> Have a restful as can be week
[19:21]<jemler> goodnight, kk
[19:21]<KK> Heal!
[19:21]<jemler> me or His Puppiness?!
[19:21]<kirienne> LOL
[19:21]<KK> You, Jemler!
[19:22]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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