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KK Chat 09-20-2009
« on: September 20, 2009, 07:07:59 pm »

[18:07]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:07]<jemler> kk
[18:07]<Kelric_In_Hospital> KK!!!!
[18:07]<Bynw> hiyas kk
[18:07]<Kelric_In_Hospital> LTNS
[18:07]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:07]<KK> Kelric, what are you doing in hospital?!
[18:07]<Icarus> Good evening, Katherine.
[18:08]<KK> Hi, Icarus & Jemler & all.
[18:08]<KK> And a Templar, it appears.
[18:08]<Kelric_In_Hospital> long story KK
[18:08]<jemler> Fast thinking there KK
[18:09]<jemler> she had to step out, but said she'd be back
[18:09]<Icarus> nice.  Katherine is definately on her toes tonight.
[18:09]<Kelric_In_Hospital> but the gist is that right now I have pancreatitis that was triggered by gall stones just over a week ago.  I've been in the hospital since the wednsday just past
[18:09]<jemler> i had to look it up!
[18:09]* Temprus ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:09]<KK> Gall stones must be going around.  Mine are back, and I go in October 12 to have the gall bladder out.
[18:10]<jemler> hi temprus
[18:10]<Icarus> Hey there, Temprus.
[18:10]<Kelric_In_Hospital> so I've been here on an IV saline drip to handle the dehydration from 4 days of constant vomiting.
[18:10]<Temprus> HOwdy
[18:10]* jojo ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:10]<jemler> hi jojo
[18:10]<Kelric_In_Hospital> I just yesterday was finally allowed to start eating a clear liquid diet.
[18:10]<KK> Yuck, no fun!  Are you feeling better?
[18:10]<Icarus> And the crowd continues to swell.  Hey there, jojo.
[18:10]<jojo> Howdy all
[18:10]<jemler> Frostbite from the inside out!
[18:10]<Kelric_In_Hospital> if the fever finally calms down I'll be out of here by tuesday or wednsday
[18:11]<jemler> good luck
[18:11]<Kelric_In_Hospital> and then I'll have a cat scan 2 weeks after discharge to make sure everything is going well,  then once everything is alright I go in for an outpatient procedure to get the gall bladder out.
[18:11]<KK> I know where you're at.  I had three gall bladded attacks in 10 days, 2 of them on the same day, so we decided it's time to get rid of it.
[18:11]* Shiral (Mibbit@504018.A7BCBA.B14B10.7ECE3F) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:11]<Bynw> hiyas sis
[18:11]<KK> Hey, Shiral.
[18:12]<Shiral> Hello, All
[18:12]<jemler> hi shiral
[18:12]<Shiral> Hi Bro, hi KK, Hi Jemler
[18:12]<jojo> Hello Shiral
[18:12]<Icarus> Welcome Shiral ... nice to see you again.
[18:12]<Shiral> Hi Jojo and Icarus
[18:12]<Shiral> So.. what have I missed?
[18:12]<Icarus> Not a whole lot .. just getting underway, really.
[18:12]<Shiral> Excellent
[18:13]<Kelric_In_Hospital> now hopefully I'll be getting a call at home in the next 3-4 days telling me I will finally have a bloody job...
[18:13]* Shiral sets up sundae bar, it being very warm, here
[18:13]<KK> That Kelric is in the hospital with pancreatitis, and I'm having my gall bladder out on October 12.  (He gets his out presumably sometime after that.)
[18:13]<jojo> sending Godspeed to Kelric in hospital
[18:13]<Shiral> Owies all around!
[18:13]<jemler> God uses speed?
[18:13]<jojo> only in His own time!
[18:13]<jojo> or Her...
[18:13]<Kelric_In_Hospital> heh.  I had the 3 gall bladder attacks in 2 weeks as well. 
[18:13]<Shiral> Wouldn't think He'd need it...
[18:14]* Icarus shakes his Crozier of Excommunicatino at Jemler.
[18:14]<Shiral> Ouch, Kelric
[18:14]<KK> It must be going around.
[18:14]<Shiral> So... it's farewell Gallbladder, KK?
[18:14]<KK> Gall bladder attacks.  Yep, Shiral.
[18:14]<Icarus> (*sp) excommunication, as well.   It seems mistypes are going around too.
[18:14]<Kelric_In_Hospital> the first 2 only lasted a day or so each.  then I had the friend's homemade chili (Baked Cornbread top,  ground beef,  red beans,  onions, corn) on friday night and it probably wasn't completely cooked through.
[18:14]* Shiral thinks kind thoughts of her own gallbladder
[18:15]<jemler> Icarus, I'd have to be Comminucated to be Ex- Comminucated!
[18:15]<Temprus> Don't read any Deryni books, it has been found to cause Gallbladder issues ;D
[18:15]<Shiral> Just keep on functioning, little buddy...
[18:15]* Icarus chuckles in a warm friendly way.
[18:15]<Kelric_In_Hospital> lol
[18:15]<KK> It was supposed to come out about 12 years ago, bt the surgeon then thought it was too inflamed to remove, so he just cleaned it out and shot it full of antibiotics--much to the dismay of any other doctor since then who has heard about it.  It was and will be laparoscopic, though.
[18:15]<Shiral> Now I sound like the Skipper on Gilligan's Island. "Little Buddy" honestly!
[18:15]<Icarus> you're communicaating now, though!
[18:16]<Shiral> Sounds unpleasant all around, KK
[18:16]<KK> It's the fat that triggers attacks.  Bland diet = calm tummy!
[18:16]<Shiral> But at least this time you're off-loading it for good
[18:17]<KK> Yep, and good riddance!
[18:17]<Shiral> The most strongly flravored thing I eat is generally garlic, and that's usually cooked garlic which calms it down, a little
[18:17]<Shiral> flavored,  I mean
[18:18]<jemler> i like using candy canes, the peppermint is good.
[18:18]<Kelric_In_Hospital> for me things only started geting calmed down when I was being given flaxseed tea before I finally got to the ER
[18:18]<Shiral> Maybe Oliver De Nore had gall bladder problems which lead to his being so crabby
[18:18]<jojo> No TexMex for KK or Kelric...
[18:18]<Shiral> Because he was in pain and didn't know why
[18:18]<KK> Our big non-gastric news is that we finally gor a puppy for Oswald.
[18:18]<Shiral> Ooo! What kind?
[18:19]<jemler> a beagle called Snoopy
[18:19]<KK> He's half Basset (Daddy, named Chester) and half Swiss Entlebucher Mountain Dog--very pretty!
[18:19]<KK> He'll be 3 months old on Wednesday, and he doesn't yet have a name, though we're leaning toward Watson or Percy.
[18:19]<Shiral> I've never heard of Entlebucher
[18:19]<Shiral> Entlebuchers, sorry
[18:20]<Shiral> How big a dog, is he?
[18:20]<Icarus> Katherine ... speaking of fur-lings,  I got that photo of Hobbes put up, so that you can see him since you couldn't get the link to work last week.
[18:20]* TD-bbi20 is now known as TheDeryni
[18:20]<KK> Apparently theyre rare on this side of the Atlantic, but quite popular in Europe, though we lived there for 21 years, and we'd never heard of them either.
[18:20]<Icarus> WB, theDeryni.
[18:20]<Shiral> I feel better now, then Hi TD
[18:20]<@TheDeryni> :)
[18:20]<@TheDeryni> 'ello all.
[18:21]<Shiral> I had a funny cat photo op last week, and fortunately, I think I got a good snap. Nina and Cesca were lying on the rug nose to tail, both of them in the same position. Kind of like furry doublemint twins
[18:21]<KK> He'll be medium sized, probably the size of an American Basset. (European Bassets are bigger, like Oswald.)  Probably won't be as big as Oswald, though.
[18:22]<Shiral> Brown? Black? White? Purple???
[18:22]<jemler> a purple pooch!?!?
[18:23]<Icarus> well, his tongue, perhaps.
[18:23]<Shiral> He and Oswald should look very handsome, together
[18:23]<jojo> Got to go y'all... just finished setting up this training room for tomorrow morning... May you all have a good week, and my Bynw post the chat!
[18:23]<Shiral> Bye, Jojo
[18:23]<jemler> bye jojo
[18:24]* TheDeryni waves to jojo
[18:24]* jojo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:24]<KK> He's black with white tummy and some tan parkings between the black and white.  Definitely look at the link above.
[18:25]<@TheDeryni> So, how's the novel going KK? (Or did someone already ask that?)
[18:25]<Shiral> Just did. Nice looking dogs! I'm kind of relieved, I had something resembling a St. Bernard, in mind
[18:25]<Bauceant> Back
[18:25]<@TheDeryni> Yay!
[18:25]<Shiral> Hi Bauceant
[18:26]<Bauceant> Hi
[18:26]<KK> It's going slowly, but it's going.  I've been working on a previously side-lined champter with the Camberian Council this week--along with researching hounds.
[18:26]<Shiral> The Camberian Hound?
[18:26]* the_Bee ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:26]<jemler> hi bee
[18:26]<@TheDeryni> Hi Bee.
[18:26]<KK> Hi, Bee.
[18:26]<Shiral> Hi Bee
[18:26]<the_Bee> Hi Jemler, TD and KK!
[18:27]<the_Bee> and Hi shiral
[18:27]<Bynw> hi bee
[18:27]<Bauceant> Hi Bee
[18:27]<the_Bee> hello Beauceant.  Have we met?
[18:27]<the_Bee> and Hi bynw and anyone else
[18:28]<the_Bee> so what have I missed?
[18:28]<Shiral> Internal organs and new puppies
[18:28]<Bauceant> Bee:  Since I only know who one person is, it's hard to say if I do...
[18:28]<@TheDeryni> Bauceant, Katherine knew your Nick was Templar right away. :)
[18:29]<the_Bee> In real life I'm Beverly Allen.
[18:29]<jemler> John Emler, here
[18:29]<the_Bee> whose new puppies? and whose organs?
[18:29]<Bauceant> Except in the month of October...then I change it to Bob
[18:30]<the_Bee> ?
[18:30]<Bauceant> And avoid invitations to BBQ's...:)
[18:30]<@TheDeryni> Anything on the movie, Katherine?
[18:30]<KK> My puppy, Kelric's organs, and also my organs.
[18:31]<jemler> Bee, Kelric is having problems with his gall bladder, and KK got a new puppy
[18:31]<KK> No news is good news, so far as I know.
[18:31]<Bauceant> Gallbladder surgery...ugh.  Been there done that...
[18:31]<@TheDeryni> k
[18:31]<the_Bee> Oswald has a companion now?
[18:31]<Shiral> Well, being KK's dog, Watson or Percy WILL be a Camberian Hound
[18:31]<KK> Been there, too, but they didn't take it the first time.  So it's back for a replay of the exercise.
[18:31]<KK> And yes, Oswald now has a puppy.
[18:32]<jemler> But you know, kk, you'll be the one walking him! :)
[18:32]<Bauceant> My sympathies...I miss mine
[18:32]<KK> He's currently flaked out on the other side of my desk, after having chewed on his Wubba.
[18:32]<the_Bee> what are you naming him?
[18:32]<KK> Yep, but we walk Oswald anyway, so two won't be that different.
[18:33]<@TheDeryni> These Honow Harrington books are awsome, btw.
[18:33]<KK> Glad you're enjoying them.
[18:33]<@TheDeryni> I'm only on the 2nd one, but I love them.
[18:33]<jemler> Harrington? The Stainless Steel Rat?
[18:34]<Shiral> Of course, you    can make Scott do Walkies duty while you're recuperating from gall bladder surgery
[18:34]<KK> No, that's Harrison.  Harrington is the character in the David Weber novels.
[18:34]<jemler> ah, ok. my bad.
[18:34]<KK> It's an out patient procedure, very little recovery time
[18:34]<the_Bee> but still not pleasant
[18:34]<jemler> when are you going in?
[18:34]<KK> In fact, walking is probably one of the better things to after.
[18:34]<KK> October 12.
[18:35]<the_Bee> getting it over with before your birthday.
[18:35]<KK> And Kelric will probably be going his shortly thereafter.
[18:35]<Bauceant> True...but do give yourself plenty of time to stabilize...  It's outpatient, but your stomach muscles will be sore. 
[18:35]<KK> Last time, I was back at Tai Chi a week later.
[18:36]<Shiral> Wouldn't want a tussle with a rambunctious puppy too soon
[18:36]<Bauceant> But they didn't take it out then... so you didn't have incisions?
[18:36]<Kelric_In_Hospital> I'm being told a cat scan 2 weeks after discharge (which hopefully will be on the 22nd/23rd) then a couple more weeks after that for the actual surgery
[18:36]<KK> He's been properly intimidated by the cats, so they now look down their noses at him.
[18:37]<the_Bee> "Cats rule and dogs drool"?
[18:37]<Shiral> When you've got six cats, a puppy would hardly know where to look first. =o)
[18:37]<KK> You have 4 tiny punctures, one of them about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long--that's all.  It's almost always a closed procedure these days.
[18:38]<KK> I recently read that they can now even do heart valve replacements with laparoscopy.
[18:38]<KK> The cats think he's....interesting, and Sasha wants to play.
[18:38]<jemler> I'll tell my mother about that one, she already had a vavle replaced
[18:38]<the_Bee> so did mine
[18:38]<jemler> valve, sorry
[18:39]<KK> This will be head and shoulders above the last one--enormous improvements in technology in 12 years.
[18:40]<Bauceant> I would agree.  They have you in (and out) before you know it.
[18:40]<Kelric_In_Hospital> nyau
[18:40]<KK> Oswald is already teaching the puppy whos top dog.
[18:40]<@TheDeryni> Katherine, I always wondered, did you get to choose the cover art on all your novels?
[18:41]<the_Bee> as long as the doctor is calling the shots and not the HMO
[18:41]<Kelric_In_Hospital> I should know.  the guys I normally hang out with on fridays have 6 furballs as well
[18:41]<Shiral> I would have thought the pecking order would be well established from the new kid's first day
[18:41]<Kelric_In_Hospital> bloody insurance companies
[18:41]<Kelric_In_Hospital> there's the other half of the situation
[18:41]<KK> Where are you in hospital, Kelric?
[18:42]<Kelric_In_Hospital> back last september I was 315.  I started watching the diet and exercising and by the end of the year I was 285 as confirmed by a doctor.
[18:42]<Bauceant> Good Night everyone.  My volunteers are having a heyday upstairs, if I don't check on them I'm going to have upside down lecture materials, and backward handouts.
[18:42]<Shiral> Night, Bauceant
[18:42]<jemler> night bauceant. come back again
[18:42]<KK> Nighters, Bauceant.
[18:42]<the_Bee> good night, Beauceant
[18:42]<Kelric_In_Hospital> I'm at the Central Dupage Hospital in Winfield IL as except for my younger bro the family relocated to illinois starting back in 06
[18:43]<KK> Is it a good hospital?
[18:43]<Kelric_In_Hospital> yes. 
[18:43]<@TheDeryni> Night Bauceant
[18:43]<Bauceant> Thank you, I'll try.  Won't be for a couple of weeks or so.  I'm teaching next weekend, and I'll be in Sioux City, IA the week after.
[18:43]<KK> I won't ask about the food, since you haven't been able to eat it.
[18:43]<Bauceant> KK: Stephen Dafoe says "hi."
[18:44]<jemler> Ists hospital food. Nobody can eat it! :)
[18:44]<KK> Ah, hi back at him.  What's your connection with him?
[18:44]<Kelric_In_Hospital> so I was down to 255 when the first of the 3 major GBAs started so we decided to try to get me some health insurance through Aetna.  They called for my paperwork history so they got that paperwork from 8 months ago that still had me at 285 instead of the 255 I was then and I got turned down flat out YET AGAIN for health insurance
[18:44]<Bauceant> KK:  I work for him.
[18:45]<KK> Yike.  Well, you should be even thinner than 255 after not eating for a week.
[18:45]<KK> Cool, Bauceant!
[18:45]<Bauceant> I'm the senior Moderator for the Templar History site (hence the name, and terrible Templar jokes)
[18:45]<jemler> I didn't make any jokes!
[18:45]<Kelric_In_Hospital> I was down to 240 when admitted to the hospital.  I put back on 8-9 pounds from just the saline drip from wednsday through friday
[18:46]<KK> Aha!  Haven't been there lately, but I recall it as a very good site.
[18:46]<Bynw> Bauceant, do you guys need a live chat for your site? :)
[18:46]<Temprus> that is a heck of a drip :p
[18:46]<the_Bee> "don't get angry: you might lose your Templar"
[18:46]<KK> Sounds like some of the initial weight loss was from dehydration.
[18:47]<KK> Initial, as in 255 to 240.
[18:48]<Bauceant> A live chat?  Probably not.  Most of our members are Templar scholars and or Masonic historians.  They take 100 words when 10 will do.
[18:48]<Bauceant> But we love them anyway....:)
[18:48]<KK>  Oh, yeah.  Templar scholars!
[18:49]<Bauceant> Stephen and Gordon Napier (and Christian Tourenne) have forgotten more about Templars than I've ever learned.
[18:49]<Kelric_In_Hospital> it was KK
[18:50]<Bauceant> But I'm off...if anyone is interested, please free to look me up on the Chivalry Program website:
[18:50]<Bauceant> or on Templar would be welcome at either.
[18:51]<@TheDeryni> :)
[18:51]<Bauceant>  (My Best to you all)....
[18:51]<KK> Well, keep up the bland, low-cal diet between getting out and having your surgery, and you should  able to lose a lot more.
[18:51]* Bauceant has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:51]<Kelric_In_Hospital> yeah.  my goal with my body type is to hit 220 and my gut should finally disappear
[18:52]<KK> OK, I know Bauceant from of old; just checked her site.
[18:52]<jemler> I was checking it out too.
[18:52]<the_Bee> "her"?
[18:52]<jemler> earlier she mentioned her husband
[18:53]<the_Bee> ah ok
[18:53]<KK> And Kelric, you stick with it.  Being sick is a heck of a way to lose weight, but hopefully it will also help you change eating habits to keep the weight off.
[18:53]<the_Bee> The only way I can lose weight is to keep ice cream, cheese and crackers out of my home.
[18:53]<@TheDeryni> Yeah, I lost 84 lb in the last 18 months.
[18:54]<KK> Well, I've gotta go.  Cameron has been down with the flu (yuck), so I need to make some dinner.  Hopefully, Scott and I can avoid it.
[18:54]<Shiral> See ya later, KK
[18:54]<KK> TheDeryni, well done on you, too!
[18:54]<jemler> night KK.
[18:55]* Shiral passes KK a gauze mask
[18:55]<@TheDeryni> Nighters, Katherine. Thanks for stopping in!
[18:55]<@TheDeryni> Thanks.
[18:55]* the_Bee sends good health and successsful surgery woodgies katherine-ward.
[18:55]<Shiral> Good writing and good puppying in the week to come
[18:55]<KK> I'll try to get pet pictures posted on the website this week.
[18:55]<Bynw> cools
[18:55]<the_Bee> :)
[18:55]<@TheDeryni> :)
[18:56]<Temprus> bye kk, be well
[18:56]<KK> And hopefully, I'll get back to writing this week.  Having a new puppy in the house is like looking after an infant, while they're first settling in.  They whine if you step out of the room for 30 seconds.  But he's a good puppy, and he's settling in well.
[18:56]<the_Bee> what breed?
[18:56]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and a disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[18:57]<KK> Basset/Swiss Entlebucher Mountain Do.  Looks like a Basset.
[18:57]<KK> Dog
[18:57]<the_Bee> ah :)
[18:58]<KK> Nighters, all.
[18:58]<Shiral> Bye, KK
[18:58]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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