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KK Chat 09-13-2009
« on: September 20, 2009, 07:06:46 pm »

[18:44]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:44]<the_Bee> or a squire.
[18:44]<Shiral> I'd gladly turn our printers over to Nigel for "page" training. =o)
[18:44]<the_Bee> Hello KK
[18:45]* Icarus gasps in shock at the sudden notable entrance.
[18:45]<KK> Hi, guys, sorry I'm late.
[18:45]<Shiral> Hi KK
[18:45]<jemler> hi KK
[18:45]<jojo> Howdy KK
[18:45]* Icarus nudges elbows and whispers, "Is that ... ??"
[18:45]<Shiral> It is
[18:45]<KK> We took the dog for a walk and decided to get a pizza slice while we were out.
[18:46]<the_Bee> Yes it is.
[18:46]<KK> Hello, Icarus.  :-)
[18:46]* Shiral summons the cooks and tells them to keep the pizzas coming
[18:46]<Icarus> Ms. Kurtz, it is a pleasure to meet you. Truly an honor.
[18:46]<KK> Please, Katherine
[18:47]<Bynw> hiyas KK
[18:47]<KK> Is Btnw really here?
[18:47]<jojo> How was the convention?
[18:47]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:47]<KK> It was good; we're invited back for next year.
[18:47]<Bynw> yes i am really here :o)
[18:47]<kirienne> Hi KK
[18:48]* Sarah (Mibbit@800A08.ACB816.0D9E2B.5F4F7F) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:48]<the_Bee> Hi Sarah
[18:48]<KK> I'm still getting a nagging note from the list admin, saying that I need to register--but I sent an e-mail weeks ago, asking for my code--and got no response.  Can you sort?
[18:48]<kirienne> Hi Sarah
[18:48]* ChanServ has quit (
[18:48]* jemler has quit (
[18:48]* Shiral has quit (
[18:48]* Icarus has quit (
[18:48]<Sarah> hi
[18:48]<Bynw> we are having some network issues though today :(
[18:49]<Sarah> ulk
[18:49]<jojo> Hi Sarah.
[18:49]<KK> I was giong to ask of evil Peer was acting up again--or maybe it's a different villain, these days.
[18:49]<the_Bee> KK, this is the second time a group of chatters have all vanished from sight.
[18:49]<Bynw> yes KK I'll send you my registration info
[18:49]<KK> Thanks, Bynw.
[18:49]<Bynw> its a different villain, a cousin to peer
[18:49]<jojo> Same group that dropped earlier.
[18:50]<KK> Ah. Well, rude behavior runes in families, I guess.
[18:50]<KK> runs
[18:50]<KK> Runes would be a different villain.
[18:50]<the_Bee> Read the runes and run.
[18:50]<KK> Yep.
[18:51]<KK> So, what's everybody been up to?
[18:52]<the_Bee> I just bought a $500 alto flute on ebay.
[18:52]<the_Bee> I'm trying to set some of my poetry to music.
[18:52]<Bynw> I've got a great girlfriend :o) been very happy as of late
[18:52]<the_Bee> is she a KK fan?
[18:52]<jojo> That's wonderful news, Bynw
[18:52]<KK> Alto flute=good.
[18:52]<Bynw> ah that would make your poetry magically turn into lyrics :o) Bee
[18:53]<KK> So, where'd you meet her, Bynw?
[18:53]<Bynw> not as of yet she isnt a fan but that will only take time she has a lot of reading to catch up on :o)
[18:53]<kirienne> yikes, I go get a glass of water adn the missing chatters are missing again
[18:53]<Sarah> ooooo, i hear gossips, i is interested. ^^
[18:53]<Bynw> a mutual friend introduced us
[18:53]<KK> Excellent.
[18:54]<the_Bee> I'd love to submit lyrics with music to the Zine, but I don't know if Julianne's system can do musical notation.
[18:54]<kirienne> Bynw, I'm very happy for you :-0
[18:54]<kirienne> :-) even
[18:54]<KK> She can certainly photocopy it, if you send her hard copy.
[18:54]<the_Bee> later.  She may still be recovering from the latest issue.
[18:55]<Bynw> thanks :o)
[18:55]<KK> Well, it looks good, even if the copy place did drop a page.
[18:55]<kirienne> the stories in the zine are amazing, 
[18:56]* Icarus_AFK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:56]* ChanServ ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:56]* jemler ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:56]* Shiral ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:56]* gives channel operator status to ChanServ
[18:56]<jemler> here they are!
[18:56]<Shiral> Ahah
[18:56]<the_Bee> welcome back!
[18:56]<kirienne> WB missing chatters
[18:56]<Shiral> WB, thyselves
[18:56]* Temprus ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:56]<the_Bee> hi temprus
[18:56]<Bynw> ok it seems that our avalon server getting DDOS'ed
[18:56]<jemler> hi temprus, watch us all disappear
[18:56]<Temprus> HOwdy
[18:56]<Shiral> Hi Temprus
[18:56]<jojo> Hi T.
[18:57]<Sarah> omgs! Look! They're back!
[18:57]<Temprus> I was watching the splits and almost forgot it was Sunday
[18:57]<jemler> hi sarah
[18:57]<kirienne> Hi Temprus
[18:57]* Sarah hugs the returning chatters.
[18:57]<Shiral> Hi Sarah
[18:57]<Shiral> Icarus! Come back
[18:57]<the_Bee> At least he's left voluntarily
[18:57]<KK> That's weird that it kicked out several of you at once.  Whad did you do to offend it?
[18:57]<Shiral> It's like a malfunctioning transfer portal
[18:58]<jojo> Welcome Back Icarus
[18:58]<Shiral> At our end, it looked like all of YOU disappeared
[18:58]<kirienne> the first time it happened, we were worried that some of you fell into a trap transfer portal
[18:58]<KK> Whoa!  Weird.
[18:58]<jojo> The link between portals got scrambled in the cloud.
[18:58]<KK> I guess.
[18:58]* Shiral lays an ice cream sundae at the feet of the Chat Server gods in appeasement
[18:58]<jemler> all of you are learning to shield really well! :)
[18:58]<kirienne> :-0
[18:59]<Shiral> Dang, I wish Rhys would quit fooling around with my trigger point!
[18:59]* kirienne gives chat serv some cookies
[18:59]* Icarus_AFK is now known as Icarus
[18:59]<Bynw> consider this chat room to be a conference call some are using AT&T, others are using Sprint, and others are using MCI but we are all together
[18:59]<Icarus> OhLOOK!! Everyone made it back!
[18:59]<jemler> sarah, icarus is here
[18:59]<Sarah> so i see
[18:59]<jemler> i'm using comcast
[18:59]<Bynw> and someone cuts the lines that connect AT&T to MCI
[18:59]<Shiral> Me too
[19:00]* Icarus scrolls upto remember why he was supposed to be introduced to her.
[19:00]<Shiral> That is, I'm using Comcast
[19:00]<jojo> Me too.
[19:00]<jemler> she wanted you to come back
[19:00]<Bynw> those using AT&T see MCI leave while those using MCI see the AT&T people leave
[19:01]<Bynw> what we have here are different servers connected together ...
[19:01]<KK> I'm with Comcast.
[19:01]<Sarah> yuppers
[19:01]<Shiral> So in case I get flung out of the lifeboat again, how was Dragoncon?
[19:01]<the_Bee> My ISP is Comcast, but I saw Jemler and Shiral go.
[19:01]<KK> It was good; we're invited back for next year.
[19:02]<jojo> So we need to all get on the same server, or send the servers to Nigel for discipling.
[19:02]<Icarus> Hmmm ... I am on Camcast as well.
[19:02]<Sarah> camcast? lol
[19:02]<the_Bee> Cambercast
[19:02]<Shiral> Like comcast, but run by Camels
[19:02]<Sarah> lol
[19:02]<Bynw> i'm on byss, as is KK, jojo, kirienne and the_Bee
[19:02]<Shiral> Wouldn't Camber be better at this?
[19:02]* Icarus chuckles at his own typo.
[19:03]<Icarus> Katherine, I started to say a few minutes ago ... As I have mentioned to others here in the chat, I've read bits and pieces f them over the years, but I've sat down and started from the beginning now.
[19:03]<Shiral> Maybe I'm bad juju, as all the computers at work  have been difficult lately, too
[19:03]<Bynw> its not you Shiral
[19:03]<Shiral> Imagine my relief
[19:03]<KK> What is byss?  I thought I was on Comcast.
[19:03]* the_Bee never heard of byss.
[19:03]<Bynw> byss is the server here on the chat network
[19:04]<KK> Then, aren't we all on that?
[19:04]<Sarah> O.o
[19:04]<Icarus> I use the Kisanth server to get on Otherworlders.
[19:04]* kirienne shakes her head in confusion at all the technical stuff
[19:04]<Bynw> when you use to connect here you can actually randomly connect to 1 of 4 servers
[19:04]<Shiral> I keep seeing Kisanth, too whenever you all reappear
[19:05]<jojo> And we see ChanServ.
[19:05]<the_Bee> chanserv or mibbit
[19:05]<Shiral> I see Chan Serv over on the right hand bar now
[19:06]<jojo> If we all come in through the Rhemuth Castle are we all on the same chat server?
[19:06]<the_Bee> me too
[19:06]<Bynw> multiple servers to make sure everything keeps running incase one is down ... or as the case right now ... one of them is under an attack
[19:06]<Shiral> Those Torenthi servers, no doubt!
[19:06]<Sarah> *gasps* Oh noes!
[19:06]<kirienne> must be
[19:06]<KK> Which one is under attack, and by whom?
[19:06]<Shiral> Or maybe it's the Festils
[19:06]* kirienne keeps her sword handy
[19:06]<Bynw> no the webchat at rhemuthcastle is also set to connect to any one of the 4 possible servers
[19:07]<Icarus> So, Katherine ... may I ask you a couple of questions about Deryni Rising?
[19:07]<the_Bee> Can you tell which one, Bynw?
[19:07]<KK> Sure, Icarus.
[19:07]<Shiral> I finally downloaded High Deryni from Audible, KK
[19:07]<Shiral> I like the reading a lot, so far
[19:07]<Bynw> the datacenter that houses avalon is an attack ... avalon itself isnt just where it lives
[19:07]<KK> Very good.  I've signed the contract to do the other 4 Kelson books, same company and reader.
[19:08]<Shiral> Wheeeeeee!
[19:08]<Icarus> I know that I am only on the second book, and lots may be revealed later ... but, obviously the church is based on Catholicism, were you concerned about how it would be recieved when you wrote it?
[19:08]<kirienne> very cool
[19:08]* Shiral sits back down and thinks calm thoughts
[19:08]<jemler> given the time frame, the Catholic church was the only Christian church available.
[19:08]<Bynw> kirienne, you have a PM
[19:09]<kirienne> what's that?
[19:09]<KK> I went warily at first, because no one at that time had used real-world Christianity for a while.  Removed a lot of the gloom and doom, that sort of thing.  it's been well received.
[19:09]<Bynw> kirienne, a private message look for my name on a tab
[19:09]<Icarus> Jemler ... undoubtedly.  I mean as opposed to inventing a church.
[19:09]<the_Bee> Isn't it as much Celtic as Roman?
[19:09]<Shiral> Well, you still have DeNore and Loris. =o)
[19:10]<KK> And it's pretty Anglian, too.
[19:10]<kirienne> where do I find it Bynw?
[19:10]<KK> Anglican.
[19:10]* Samuel (~Samuel_@31356A.668DD2.EBD772.C33D74) has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:10]<KK> Hi, Samuel!
[19:10]<Samuel> hello all
[19:10]<the_Bee> hello Sam!
[19:10]<Bynw> kirienne, look at the top of your chat window
[19:10]<Bynw> hiyas sam
[19:10]<Shiral> Hi Samuel
[19:10]<jemler> wb sam
[19:10]<Icarus> Katherine ... as a Catholic myself, I am rather fond of Saints, and camber resonates well with me.  It's bringing to mind some of the thoughts I have had about the Church, and I find that the introspection is good.
[19:10]<Shiral> Well, even priests may like to go angling for fish in the Eirian River. =o)
[19:10]<KK> I modeled Camber on St. Thomas More--good stuff!
[19:11]<Icarus> Ooh!! St. Thomas Moore!  One of the founders of Scholasticism, I believe.  A fitting choice.
[19:11]<Bynw> hey sam welcome to netsplit day
[19:11]<kirienne> Hi sam
[19:12]<jojo> I have always liked the thread of substance versus superficial ... of the goodness of love vs violence.
[19:12]<KK> And Evaine was partly modeled on More's daughter Margaret Roper.
[19:12]<Icarus> Katherine ... St. Camber is rather enigmatic and mysterious in the first book, were you trying to convey the supernatural sense of saints when you brought him about?
[19:14]<KK> Somewhat.  In his case, the Deryni powers certainly helped.  When you read the three Camber books, you'll understand him a great deal more.
[19:14]* Shiral keeps hands over mouth to stop from giving away secrets
[19:14]<Icarus> Somehow, I think that I can't wait until I get to them. 
[19:15]<the_Bee> Read fast. ;)
[19:15]<Shiral> You've got a lot of fun reading ahead of you, Icarus!
[19:15]<kirienne> you sure do :-)
[19:15]<Icarus> i am planning on reading them in the order in which they were published, rather than their internal chronological order.  i've plwed through most of two books this week.
[19:15]* Shiral hums loudly to avoid any teasers
[19:15]<Icarus> *(sp) Plowed, even.
[19:15]<KK> You're reading them in precisely the order I usually recommend.
[19:16]<Icarus> That's actually rather good to know.
[19:16]<jojo> Did George Lucas get his idea for beginning in the middle from you?
[19:16]<Bynw> lol
[19:16]* Icarus chuckles lightheartedly at jojo.
[19:16]<kirienne> :-)
[19:17]* Disconnected ().
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[19:17]* Now talking on #deryni_destinations
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[19:17]* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Bynw
[19:18]<KK> I have no idea.  I started out to write just the first 3 books--and them Camber wanted his story told.  And it went on from there.
[19:19]<KK> It will be more psychic/psi as you progress in the series.  Remember that I was inventing a new genre as I went along.
[19:19]<Shiral> Thank goodness Camber did!
[19:19]<Icarus> Hmm ... I hadn't accounted for that.  Do the powers resemble those in the Adept/Lodge of the Lynx novels?
[19:20]<KK> Some of them do, somewhat--though the powers in LoL are closer to what really exists in our own world.
[19:21]<Icarus> Katherine ... On a completely radom, non-sequitur note ... are you familiar with Phenomenon of Man by Teilhard deChardin?
[19:22]<KK> I've read some of his work, long ago, but don't remember specific titles.
[19:23]<Icarus> Hmm.  Well, it's a somewhat scientific treatise that discusses the evolution of man becoming a phsychic one.  It leads me to think of your work.
[19:24]<Icarus> I think that it might have to do with why I have found your novels so enjoyable.  They mix my love of history with my interest in the power of the mind.
[19:25]<KK> I've always liked SF and fantasy that deals with psi-type abilities.  I think it probably is the next step in evolution for us as humans.
[19:26]<jemler> i wrote a short story for the zine, where a young girl is the first Healer. it's called "What am I?"
[19:26]<Icarus> i wondered if that might be something that you believe IRL.  I was interested to know whether it was just what you write, or if it's a real concept that you have. 
[19:27]* Icarus smiles at Jemler, glad he's not monopolizing the chat and someone else is talking.
[19:27]<Elim> I feel that if it is something that does manifest in humans it will come through technology, and not biology.
[19:27]<the_Bee> Quite a characters in the X-Men comics have spi powers.
[19:28]<the_Bee> psi too
[19:28]<jemler> spi powers?
[19:28]<Icarus> oh no!! Not the dreaded spi powers!!
[19:28]<jemler> i spi with my little i
[19:28]<the_Bee> psi to spi on people
[19:28]<Shiral> I'd love to hear a conversation between Camber and Mr. Spock, to completely cross-fertilize imaginary worlds
[19:28]<KK> I think that healing by the power of the mind is probably one of the most desirable of the so-called psi powers.  Of course, gods and saints have long been able to do that.  So maybe what we're talking about is becoming more god-like....
[19:29]<Shiral> I once wrote a short spoof in which Kelson and Dhugal, extremely accidentally,"beam up" to the Enterprise
[19:29]<the_Bee> Isn't there a site where characters from different realities get together for a drink?
[19:29]<jemler> ala hubert maccinnis
[19:29]<Icarus> Hmm ... bringing us closer to the divine, by expanding our consciousness.  I like that.
[19:29]<kirienne> I'd like to read that Shiral, is it in one of the zines?
[19:29]<Shiral> No, it's incomplete, Kirienne
[19:30]<Icarus> I'd love to see St. Camber sit down with St. Anselm.
[19:30]<Shiral> I wrote myself into a corner
[19:30]<kirienne> :-(
[19:30]<the_Bee> Has part of it appeared on Airsid?
[19:30]<kirienne> I've done that before
[19:30]<Shiral> And then couldn't figure out how to get out of it
[19:30]<Shiral> Nope
[19:30]<KK> But by now, surely you've learned to write yourself back out of corners....  :-)
[19:30]<Shiral> But Spock  uses his handy neck pinch on Kelson at one point
[19:31]<kirienne> I hope to write a little something for the next zine
[19:31]<Shiral> Well yes, KK. I just had other stories that mattered to me more, so I let that one lie fallow
[19:31]<Icarus> Katherine ... not that I would expect a precise answer to this, but I was wondering if you've "catalogued" the known Deryni powers.
[19:31]<the_Bee> Who wrote the "Harry Potter Meets Kelson Haldane" story?
[19:31]<kirienne> poor Kelson, pinched by Spock
[19:31]<Shiral> Kelson and Dhugal were having a VERY hard time relating to life on the Enterprise where you cant get a talking wall to give you a venison pasty
[19:32]<kirienne> LOL
[19:32]<the_Bee> Why not?  Can't the food synthesizers produce anything made of molecules?
[19:32]<KK> I sort of began cataloguing them in the Deryni Magic book....
[19:32]<jemler> good book there icarus. get it!
[19:33]<Icarus> Ooh!  I guess that's one more that I will have to read, then!
[19:33]<Shiral> Well, coming from a medieval standpoint, dealing with a wall that talks when  you need to eat something is quite a leap of logic, right there
[19:33]<kirienne> yep, you do need to read that
[19:33]<the_Bee> But read it in its proper place in the order of publication.
[19:33]<jemler> not to mention doors that open by themselves!
[19:34]<KK> It would be quite an adventure in culture-shock, that's for sure!
[19:34]<Shiral> And Vulcan first officers with pointy ears.  At first, they mistake him for a Torenthi
[19:34]<Icarus> I've got the Deryni series, Camber series, Heirs series, elson series, and the Archives ... I'll have to find Deryni Magic.  Is it a refereence, like the Archives?
[19:34]<kirienne> LOL
[19:34]<Shiral> Part of what stopped progress on it was that EVERYTHING was an adventure in culture shock for them
[19:35]<Icarus> *(sp) Kelson series, that is.
[19:35]<Shiral> They were so busy dealing with unfamiliarity at every turn that the story kind of got lost
[19:36]<KK> It was a reference-type compendium--and I fear it's op right now.  We were going to re-release it as part of the Deryni role playing game, but I think that's sort of fallen off the radar.
[19:36]<Shiral> For all that though, it worked surprisingly well in the early  pages
[19:36]<jemler> but still worth the read
[19:36]<Icarus> When did the DAG release?
[19:36]<Shiral> Of course, the Enterprise party that beamed down to the planet surface didn't have as much fun
[19:37]<kirienne> I wouldn't think they would, especially if they ran itno Loris and his minions
[19:37]<jemler> i can imagine loris trying to burn them at the stake
[19:37]<Shiral> Re Deryni Magic, yes it did
[19:37]* Sarah sits quitely nomming her dindin.
[19:37]<KK> DAG?
[19:37]<Shiral> Deryni Adventure Game
[19:37]<jemler> Deryni Adventure Game
[19:37]<Icarus> Deryni Adventure Game ... sorry it's a gamer habit.
[19:38]* Icarus laughs out loud.
[19:38]<Shiral> Three minds, but a single thought...
[19:38]<jemler> Grate mides think a like :)
[19:38]<jemler> typos intentional
[19:38]<KK> A couple or three years ago?
[19:38]<jojo> Maybe it will get a new life after the movie comes out..
[19:38]<Shiral> Jemler and Kirienne, it was more getting used to itchy clothes and no baths and living at the medieval tech level
[19:38]<Shiral> I think it was the end of 2005
[19:39]<Shiral> When the book came out
[19:39]<kirienne> eeewww, that would be hard to get used to
[19:39]<Icarus> OH!!  I had no idea that it was that recent!!  I was talking to Samuel a bit ago, and he was telling me he was certain it was still available!! now i understand why!!
[19:39]<Shiral> Especially if you're used to the Enterprise!
[19:39]<kirienne> yep, big change from the Enterprise
[19:40]<KK> The game is recent; the original Deryni Magic book is quite old.
[19:40]<Shiral> And of course, Morgan iand Duncan are FRANTIC about where Kelson and Dhugal went and why they can't contact them
[19:40]<the_Bee> Icarus, is a good place to find out who has a used copy for sale.
[19:41]<Icarus> "Codex Derynianus"?  Is that an RPG book, or another reference collection?
[19:41]<kirienne> I bet they would be very frantic!!!
[19:42]<jemler> Its like an encyclopedia
[19:42]<KK> Another BIG reference collection, indispensible for the Deryni truefan.
[19:42]<Shiral> Of course, so are Araxie and Nigel
[19:42]<jemler> just watch out for Robisms
[19:43]<kirienne> if you ever finish it Shiral, I'll look forward to reading it
[19:43]<Icarus> I'm not sure ... but I think taht I should read all the novels (or at least the majority of them) before I dive into a reference collection.  I think there might be stuff that would be spoilers for me.
[19:43]<Shiral> It kind of fell by the wayside, Kirienne. I'm working on some other projects
[19:44]<kirienne> ok
[19:44]<KK> There are definitely spoilers.
[19:44]<Shiral> Sounds like you'd better put your life on hold and get reading, Icarus!
[19:44]<Icarus> Ooh!! Deryni Magic for $5.99!!
[19:44]<kirienne> LOL
[19:44]<the_Bee> like who Kelson's children will be.
[19:44]<Shiral> And who his eventual wife will be
[19:45]* Icarus covers his ears and closes his eyes!
[19:45]<KK> Don't necessarily believe that, re Kelson's children.  That's a Robism.
[19:45]<jemler> If you can sort out their names.
[19:45]<Icarus> la la la la I can't hear you la la la la la
[19:45]<kirienne> LOL
[19:45]* jemler chuckels
[19:45]<Shiral> Oo, look, it's the troubadour Gwydion!
[19:46]<Icarus> What, exactly, is a Robism?
[19:46]<the_Bee> Katherine's co-author of Codex is very fond of groaner puns.
[19:46]<the_Bee> His name is Rob Reginald.
[19:47]<Icarus> OH!!
[19:47]<Icarus> Well, if he's a pun-dit, he can't be too bad of a fellow.
[19:47]<the_Bee> like the agui-ducks of Lake Pericomo.
[19:47]<Shiral> He also got the bit in his teeth about certain respects of the Deryni Universe
[19:48]<the_Bee> aqui-ducks
[19:48]<jemler> Lake Pericomo
[19:48]<Icarus> Ooh ... nice!! A paperback copy of the Codex for $14.95!
[19:48]<Icarus> Lake Perry Coumo!! 
[19:48]* Icarus giggle suncontrollably.
[19:48]<Shiral> One noble family of Gwynedd is all comprised of vegetables. Lord Rathold's family is full of fashion designers, etc etc
[19:49]<Shiral> One daughter marries "William Lord of Blass" for example
[19:49]<KK> Well, he had to fill in a lot of names....
[19:49]<jemler> Like Lord Parsleigh
[19:49]<Shiral> It's true!
[19:49]<KK> Seriously, he's a good guy, and he did a great job of pulling together most of my notes and extrapolating from them.
[19:50]<Icarus> Parsleigh!!  That's just hilarious ... and so wrong at the same time.  But hilarious!
[19:50]<jemler> except for the tri-ports
[19:51]<Icarus> You know ... I have to say, the one that I am looking forward to least is "Camber the Heretic".  The title just fills me with dread, and I hate to think of what happens to him.
[19:51]<Icarus> I like Camber!
[19:51]<Shiral> Just keep reading, Icarus. =o) But do keep the kleenex handy
[19:51]<jemler> SPOLIER ALERT
[19:51]* Icarus sniffles a bit, just at the thought.
[19:52]* Icarus closes his eyes.
[19:53]<Samuel> .
[19:54]<Samuel> am I still here?  it went quiet all of a sudden
[19:54]<Shiral> YOu are
[19:54]<Bynw> yes you are still here Samuel
[19:55]<Shiral> I'm wondering about Jemler's Spoiler alert
[19:55]<the_Bee> You're still here for now.  We've been having problems with one group of chatters vanishing before the other group's eyes.
[19:55]<Shiral> Shh... it hasn't happened for a while....
[19:55]<jemler> you told Icarus to keep kleenex handy
[19:55]<Shiral> Oh
[19:55]<Shiral> Well, that's a pretty general warning...
[19:56]<kirienne> LOL
[19:56]<Samuel> I thought you were fortelling his alergies kicking in about the same time he reads that book.
[19:56]<Shiral> Especially knowing Katherine "Four funerals and a wedding" Kurtz as we do.
[19:56]<Sarah> O.o
[19:57]<Shiral> Oh yes, keep the Claritin handy, too
[19:59]<kirienne> :-)
[19:59]<Shiral> The tenth century was pretty dusty!
[19:59]<jojo> It's great to have someone - Icarus - in the chat who is experiencing our fav fiction for the first time!
[20:00]<Temprus> I still remember the teasing I got when I reading them :)
[20:00]* Sarah ish idle.
[20:01]* jemler revs up Sarah
[20:01]<kirienne> I didn't get teased, because most of my friends had already read them
[20:01]<Sarah> lol gee thanks jojo
[20:01]<Sarah> oops stupid tab button
[20:01]<Sarah> jemler*
[20:02]<Temprus> that is why one should not tab
[20:02]<Shiral> Any new movie news, KK? Or situation normal?
[20:02]<KK> He's still working on the 3rd draft, so far as I know; hasn't sent me any problems lately.
[20:03]<jemler> well folks, I gotta go. appointment tomorrow.
[20:03]<Shiral> Bye, Jemler
[20:03]<Sarah> okies love ya bye jemler
[20:03]<kirienne> night jemler
[20:03]<Sarah> ill send you up an email laters on
[20:03]<KK> Icarus, are you aware that a movie is in the works on Deryni Rising?
[20:03]<Shiral> Sounds like no news is good news on that front then
[20:03]<KK> Night, Jemler.
[20:03]<the_Bee> goodnight, Jemler
[20:04]<jojo> sleep tight, Jemler
[20:04]<jemler> nite folks. until next week
[20:04]<the_Bee> Hope your doctor has good news for you.
[20:04]<jemler> nite
[20:04]<KK> Jemler, are you seeing a doctor?!
[20:05]<jemler> yea. i go every other week
[20:05]<KK> You OK?
[20:06]<jemler> everything is getting better according to them
[20:06]<KK> Excellent!
[20:06]<jemler> that's just 1 doctor, i see 4
[20:07]<Sarah> sheesh
[20:07]<KK> Good heavens.  Well, I hope that ALL of them can soon tell you you're better!
[20:08]<kirienne> me too
[20:08]<the_Bee> all for problems related to being in a wheelchair?
[20:08]<Sarah> im with KK on that one
[20:08]<Shiral> What she said.  That's a heck of a lotta doctors
[20:08]* the_Bee sends better-health woodgies to Jemler.
[20:08]* kirienne does also
[20:09]<jemler> let's see, thats 1 nephrologist, 1 urologist, i surgeon, and 1 for the sore
[20:09]<Icarus> Katherine ... I read that on RemuthCastle just a few days ago!  I was shocked and thrilled!
[20:10]<KK> Yike, that sounds seriously like kidney issues.  Well, prayers for whatever ails you!
[20:10]<kirienne> I'll add you to my prayer list as well
[20:10]* jojo sends positive thoughts & prayers for the healing of Jemler.
[20:10]<jemler> 1 surgeon is getting me ready for dialysis IF i ever need it
[20:10]<Sarah> ah ok
[20:10]<KK> Well, at least it hasn't reached that stage yet.
[20:11]<jemler> not yet, but i only have 1 kidney, so...
[20:11]<the_Bee> take care.
[20:11]<KK> Well, blesings on the one you've got!
[20:11]<KK> blessings, too.
[20:11]<Shiral> May it function well for a long time to come
[20:12]<jemler> always try to. nite folks, and thanks
[20:12]<KK> Amen.
[20:12]* jemler has quit (Quit: )
[20:12]<KK> Nighters, Jemler.
[20:12]<KK> Yike, I had no idea.
[20:12]<kirienne> neither did  I
[20:13]<Icarus> Katherine ...I don't recall reading which company has the movie in the works.  Has it already bee sold for production, or is it still being written?
[20:13]<Shiral> I knew he was wheelchair bound, but not that he had so many medical troubles
[20:13]<the_Bee> Jemler has been wheelchair bound since a brain aneurism 10-11 years ago.  You may have been mid-moving when he told the rest of us.
[20:14]<KK> Yep, I'd never heard that.  Bummer!
[20:14]<the_Bee> IIRC, he said some of his problems come from the paralysis
[20:14]<Sarah> yeah
[20:14]<KK> Film deal is with Sony for Columbia pictures, and it's in set-up, which comes before pre-production.  Keep your fingers crossed, because things could still go pear-shaped, but they've got a big budget slated for it, if it flies.
[20:15]<KK> So, how paralyzed is he?
[20:15]<Shiral> All possible digits crossed
[20:15]<the_Bee> I don't know, but he has an electric wheelchair.
[20:16]<kirienne> digits crossed here too
[20:16]<KK> That would be fairly standard, these days, if one is confined to a chair.  Where does he live?
[20:17]<the_Bee> Ohio, near the PA and VA borders.
[20:18]<KK> Well, he's obviously a trooper.  I had no idea.
[20:20]<Sarah> jem is paralyzed form the neck down as far as i know
[20:20]<KK> A trouper, too.
[20:20]<Shiral> Somewhat appropos, KK do you know where Torenthi Healers go for their medical training? I've always wondered.
[20:20]<the_Bee> Sarah, do you know how he types for the chat?
[20:20]<KK> But he types--or does he use voice-recognition, I wonder.
[20:20]<Sarah> the thing where you speak into the mic and it types
[20:21]<Sarah> that thing
[20:21]<the_Bee> ah, okay.  I didn't know that.
[20:21]<KK> Ah.  Good software he's got.
[20:21]<Sarah> i know he has a little movement in a few fingers cuz he doesn type some but i kno  not the extent
[20:21]<Sarah> yup he does
[20:21]<the_Bee> He also has a fondness for semi-naughty jokes. :)
[20:21]<Sarah> LOL that he does
[20:22]<KK> What a medical catastrophe.  Do you know how old a man he is?
[20:22]<Sarah> uhm... like maybe 50s i think
[20:22]<the_Bee> mid-forties, I believe.
[20:22]<Sarah> i with Bee
[20:22]<Sarah> im*
[20:22]<jojo> His sense of humor is timeless.
[20:22]<Icarus> Oh, my!!  I had the obvioulsy mistaken impression that Jemler was fairly young.
[20:22]<Sarah> i think he might be a little younger than my mom...shes 47
[20:22]<Shiral> Young atheart, despite all
[20:23]<Sarah> me too Icarus
[20:23]<KK> Very sad.  But he certainly has a positive outlook on life, despite the bad hand fate has dealt him.  A great guy!
[20:23]<kirienne> yes, a great outlook indeed
[20:23]<Sarah> hes a sweetie and makes you feel at home and all that gushy stuff, very much a likeable guy
[20:23]<Shiral> Very courageous
[20:24]<the_Bee> Have you met him in person, Sarah?
[20:24]<Icarus> He was actually one of the first people I met in here last Sunday.
[20:24]<the_Bee> yes, he's a Sunday regular.
[20:24]<KK> Yep.  A mainstay of Sunday night chat.
[20:25]<Icarus> I found on the website that there was a chat here, and since I hang out in the Greyhawk chat room on Otherworlders, i came right in ...
[20:25]<kirienne> we're glad you joined ue
[20:25]<the_Bee> Good for you!
[20:25]<Icarus> ... and when I was told that Katherine comes in to chat, I was absolutely floored.
[20:25]<kirienne> us ...bad rented fingers today I think
[20:26]<Sarah> no Bee, I havent met him in real life
[20:26]<KK> You guys keep me on my toes!  :-)
[20:26]<Sarah> but i wish i could sometimes
[20:26]* Icarus smiles warmly to Katherine.
[20:26]* Shiral hands KK some ballet slippers  =o)
[20:26]<Sarah> lol
[20:26]<jojo> glad you did
[20:26]<the_Bee> LOL
[20:27]<Icarus> Tee hee!!  Toes!! I get it!
[20:27]<Icarus> Although, it took me a second.
[20:27]* Icarus looks embarassed!
[20:27]<Shiral> That's okay. I often confuse people
[20:27]<KK> Ahem, well I did have aspirations as a ballet dancer, long ago in a galaxy far away.  It got better.
[20:27]<jojo> everyone that hangs here has lots of heart.
[20:28]<KK> And everybody is quick, loves words.
[20:28]<Shiral> I took a beginner ballet class in college.  Facing yourself in a leotard and tights first thing in the morning is GRIM
[20:28]<Shiral> Cured me. =o)
[20:28]<Icarus> I love being around people that make word-plays.  Almost no one I know IRL does stuff like that. 
[20:28]<kirienne> LOL
[20:29]<Shiral> Then there was the morning that the visiting dance troupe showed up for their morning sesssion AT my ballet class
[20:29]<Shiral> I felt like Dumbo the elephant!
[20:29]<Temprus> I only wear a leotard if I am dressed as one of the Merry Men. :D
[20:29]<KK> My ballet adventure was when I was about 10.  LIke I said, it got better.
[20:29]<jojo> ROTFL!!!
[20:29]<kirienne> :-)
[20:30]<Shiral> I was marginally better at ice skating
[20:30]<jojo> I was laughing at Temprus.
[20:30]<Icarus> I only wear a leotard if ... well, back when I was in college and doing musical theatre, they didn't have anyone that could do lifts for the ladies ... and okay nevermind.  too much information.
[20:30]<Shiral> But one of the male dancers had eleven inch hips, I swear
[20:30]<jojo> I took ballet from age 3 to 9... it was "done" if you were a little girl growing up in Houston.
[20:31]<the_Bee> Did any of it stick?
[20:31]<Icarus> Jojo ... I think I just learned something new.
[20:31]<KK> I love Scottish country dancing, which has some of the same grace as ballet.  That's how Scott and I met.
[20:31]<jojo> Only my need to tap my toe at any music.
[20:32]<jojo> We were required to take folk dance in jr. hi.
[20:32]<the_Bee> Aww, that's swett, Katherine.
[20:32]<Shiral> Gotta love a man who can dance and look good in a kilt =o)
[20:32]<the_Bee> and sweet
[20:32]<KK> It was very romantic.  He was wearing a kilt, and when we got in the same set, he passed me a note as we took hands across the set.
[20:32]<jojo> I know how much fun the Schottische (sp?) can be... kin to the Cotton Eye Joe.
[20:33]<kirienne> I took classes in Scottish cuntry dancing years ago, it was fun, but I didn't enjoy the slow ones,and always tried to duck out, but the teacher always caught me an dasked me to be his partner, so I had no choice but to dance them
[20:33]<Icarus> Well, I'll consider myself to be one out of the two.  And it's not the kilt.
[20:33]<kirienne> ah KK that is very romantic :-)
[20:33]<Shiral> Well! A man who can make the most of an opportunity!
[20:33]<KK> I actually prefer the slow ones, the strathspeys.
[20:33]* jojo plays fiddle
[20:34]<kirienne> that's the work, I knew it in my head, but couldn't think how to spell it
[20:34]<kirienne> word even
[20:34]<KK> That's cool!  I took a stab at playing violin in 6th grade; not my thing.
[20:34]<kirienne> bad rental fingers
[20:34]<the_Bee> I play flute.
[20:34]<jojo> My high school drill team was the Scottish Brigade, and they did the sword dance to bagpipes.
[20:34]<KK> My sister is the musician in the family.
[20:34]<jojo> Was really nice.
[20:34]<KK> My sister also plays flute.
[20:35]* jojo palys fiddle on the synthesizer.
[20:35]<jojo> plays
[20:36]<jojo> Icarus, have you seen the St. Thomas bagpipers?
[20:36]<jojo> from St. T H.S.
[20:37]<jojo> KK, there is an Episcopal High School in Houston with a bagpipe corps.  They win prizes every year.
[20:37]<kirienne> cool
[20:38]<KK> Neat.
[20:38]* kirienne loves listening to pipebands
[20:38]<the_Bee> I once attended the Highland Games in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  The bagpipers were my favorite part.
[20:39]<kirienne> the massed bands at Highland games gives me goosebumps
[20:39]<jojo> I do love them... even though in HS i had PE the same period that the Scottish Brigade bagpipe newbies practiced.... in a tiled dressing room!
[20:40]<kirienne> LOL
[20:40]<the_Bee> Your poor Ears!!!!
[20:40]<jojo> I would love to hear that Kirienne.
[20:40]<Shiral> Either you'll really love bagpipes or really hate them after that!
[20:40]<KK> Love the pipes.  At Dragoncon, Janny Wurtz, the artist and author, was playing her pipes; she's very good!
[20:41]<kirienne> how fun
[20:41]<Sarah> sowwy but pipes give me a headache unless im in a VERY good mood
[20:41]<kirienne> :-)
[20:42]<jojo> something in their tone is magical for me..
[20:42]<kirienne> yep, it sure is
[20:42]<the_Bee> played well, they sound lovely.  played badly....
[20:43]<jojo> true... luckily my classmates got better and were pretty good by Christmas each yr.
[20:43]<Shiral> Many years ago, I remember thinking I was  having aural hallucinations one summer as I'd drive down the street leading to my mom's house. I kept hearing bagpipes, but never saw the piper
[20:43]<jojo> oooOOooo
[20:43]<the_Bee> Robert MacNeil once called bagpies th Celtic equivalent of tears.
[20:44]<Shiral> Until finally, one day I saw the guy practicing by the Stanford Student housing, in an empty field
[20:44]<Shiral> Probably didn't dare practice INside due to the thin walls! =o)
[20:44]<Icarus> Sorry about that ... I was with the cutest little kitten in the world, doling out some much needed attention.
[20:44]<Icarus> Jojo ... nope ... I haven't seen them.
[20:45]<Shiral> We can always make time for cute kittens around here. =o)
[20:45]<the_Bee> Icarus:  have you named him yet?
[20:45]<kirienne> years ago, when part of a historical guild reenacting at a Highland games, I got up very early to go 'dress the set' of our encampmnet, there was a single piper out piping in the sunrise, it was so magical it brought tears to my eyes
[20:45]<Icarus> Well ... my roommates call the kitten "Hobbes", but I am rather conviced that he's not a boy.
[20:45]<KK> For a time, one of our neighbors would practice his pipes in his back yard, which abuts ours.  He had been in the West Point pipe band, had just gotten back from Afghanistan.  He was quite good, as you might imagine, but has now moved to DC to work at the Pentagon.  Sniff!
[20:46]<jojo> what a treat K and KK
[20:46]<kirienne> wow, that must have been wonderful KK
[20:47]<KK> Pipes, played well, can do that.
[20:47]<Icarus> We haven't come up with another name, because they don't think it's a girl ... but they're barely a few weeks old, so, I am told it gets easier to tell.
[20:47]<KK> Icarus, what kind of kitten?  Orange stripey guy?
[20:47]<Shiral> I like bagpipes; not sure how I'd like to live next door to a piper the guitar jamming teenager who used to live next door was bad enough!
[20:47]<Icarus> Let me see if I can find a photo of the cute ilttle thing.
[20:48]<KK> Orange kitties are usually boys, but not always.
[20:48]<the_Bee> There are names that work for either gender.
[20:48]<Sarah> all my yellow/orange grandbabies are boys.
[20:49]<KK> The three in our household are all boys.
[20:49]<Icarus> s/he's actually white with big, orange, stripedy spots.
[20:49]<KK> Torties are almost always girls.
[20:49]<Sarah> aw!
[20:49]<Sarah> KK: very true
[20:50]<Sarah> both my torts are girls
[20:50]<KK> Is there any gray or black with the white & orangey bits?
[20:50]<Sarah> even if they are mom and daughter
[20:50]<Shiral> I have two brown tabby females
[20:50]<Icarus> ... and with an almost completely whit tummy.
[20:50]<the_Bee> mine is black and female.
[20:50]<KK> Sounds like my Gus, who has white tummy (a few small spots), but is basically orange and white.
[20:51]<KK> Icarus, how old is your kitten?
[20:51]<Icarus> About 3 1/2, maybe four weeks old.
[20:51]<the_Bee> I knew of a male cat who went through life named "Queenie."
[20:52]<KK> Awwww.  Just a wee one.  Are you pottle-feeding, or is the Mom still there?
[20:52]<KK> bottle-feeding
[20:52]<Shiral> Oh wow... waves of cute-wattage!
[20:53]<KK> That age has kitten-tails, that are almost triangular.
[20:53]<Icarus> Okay ... this is is Hobbes after playing in my lap this morning ... I rubbed his tummy until  he went to sleep right where he was.
[20:53]<Icarus> Katherine .. nope ... he's already eating solids.
[20:54]<KK> Hmm, that url didn't work for me.  Could there be a glitch in the address?
[20:54]<Shiral> That almost excedes my RDA of cute ness!
[20:54]<Icarus> Let me check.
[20:55]<Icarus> Erg, um well ... it's working on my end.
[20:55]<jojo> awwwwww!
[20:55]<the_Bee> It worked for me.
[20:55]<KK> Mine said this address does not match any documents.
[20:55]<jojo> great photo
[20:56]<Icarus> :-)
[20:56]<Shiral> Try right clicking on the photo
[20:56]<KK> There is no photo.  I'm getting the above message.
[20:56]<Shiral> Oh... sorry
[20:56]<Icarus> Nope ... comes out as the same link from my dropbox .. that's odd.
[20:57]<the_Bee> Your cats must have intercepted the image out of jealousy, KK
[20:57]<KK> Very odd.  I am not fated to see kitten cuteness tonight, it seems.
[20:57]<Icarus> Ninja-Spy cats are watching your interwebs!!
[20:58]<Sarah> AW!!! Such a cute baby..
[20:58]<Shiral> Whiskers quivering!
[20:58]<Shiral> Nina has decided the footstool of my Comfy chair belongs to HER
[20:58]<the_Bee> Maybe the link will work in the chat transcript tomorrow, Katherine.
[20:58]<Icarus> Aw.   I sure would love for you to get to see Hobbes, Katherine.
[20:58]<Shiral> You could post the photo to RhemuthCastle, Icarus
[20:59]<KK> Waaah!  It hates me.  The site, not the kitten, I hope.
[20:59]<Shiral> There's a photogallery of fan's pets
[20:59]<KK> Is that on the Rhemuth Castle site?
[20:59]<Shiral> Yes
[20:59]<Icarus> Really?  I could put my kitten there!  Ooh!! Ooh!! 
[20:59]<kirienne> yes
[20:59]<Shiral> Click on the tab that says Gallery then go down to Fur Kids
[21:00]* Icarus navigates following the directions!
[21:00]<KK> Are mine there?  Can't remember if we've posted them or not.
[21:00]<Shiral> I haven't seen them there, KK
[21:00]<Shiral> But a lot of people have, so far
[21:00]<KK> I'll have to do something about that.
[21:01]<Shiral> You've got quite a fur family to document. =o)
[21:01]<Shiral> I've got Nina and Francesca on there
[21:01]<KK> Well, yes.  Six now, with Cameron's two added to the household.
[21:01]<Shiral> A clowder!
[21:01]<KK> And then there's Mr. Oswald.
[21:02]<kirienne> yes, he needs his pic in there too :-)
[21:02]<kirienne> along with all the kitties
[21:02]<Shiral> Most certainly
[21:02]<the_Bee> if you can get them all to sit still at once for the camera.
[21:02]<KK> Much to ponder.  And I see that it's now after ten, so I'd better think about signing off for tonight.  But I'll see about putting the fur children on the site this week.
[21:02]<Sarah> mmm.. all this talking about furry kids makes me feel old.. i have furry well as just kids
[21:03]<KK> Shiral has a grandkitty.
[21:03]<Icarus> Katherine ... you gotta wait just a sec so that you can see Hobbes!  It's almost uploaded1
[21:03]<Sarah> oh really?
[21:04]<Shiral> I adopted a sweet little female cat about five years ago, not realizing I'd adopted the kitty with the Surprise inside
[21:04]<Shiral> She had to have a cesarean a month later. Nina was the only surviving kitten in a litter of three
[21:04]<Sarah> lol thats what i did, only i knew about the surprise when i brought her home. five precious kitkats
[21:04]<Sarah> aw thats sad
[21:04]<Shiral> And she was so darn cute, there was no chance I could give her away.  =o)
[21:04]<Icarus> Harrumph ... now it says it may not appear until it's approved.
[21:04]<Sarah> lol
[21:05]<Sarah> ive had that problem
[21:05]<Shiral> My mom was disappointed. But she loves to travel so much, that she keeps postponing getting a cat
[21:05]<Icarus> Ah, well ...
[21:05]<Shiral> Icarus, Prod Bynw until he approves it. =o)
[21:05]<kirienne> I'm sure someone , maybe Bynw, will see that it's approved soon
[21:05]<the_Bee> I think it always does that.  You just have to wait.
[21:06]<Icarus> Tee hee.
[21:07]* Icarus paws Bynw softly on the nose.
[21:07]<Shiral> Walk on his face. =o)
[21:08]<KK> Well, at least I was able to get to the gallery.  I will add my guys this week--and see Icarus' baby.
[21:08]* Icarus grins beamingly.
[21:08]<Shiral> Oh good.
[21:08]<KK> And on that note....
[21:08]<Icarus> sorry to have kept you and not be able to have you see Hobbes.
[21:08]<Shiral> Thanks for stopping by, KK. And have a good writing week
[21:08]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[21:09]<the_Bee> K, you seem to chat longer when you eat first.
[21:09]<Icarus> Katherine ... it was a true pleasure to have gotten to meet you.  Thank you so much for answering some of my questions.
[21:09]<Shiral> i need to go start dinner and call my mom back
[21:09]<kirienne> Thanks for coming KK, hope it's a good week for you all around
[21:09]<kirienne> huggles
[21:09]<the_Bee> nighters, KK
[21:09]<KK> I hope it will be good.
[21:09]<Icarus> Goodnight, Katherine.
[21:09]<KK> Nighters, all.
[21:09]* Shiral sends writing woodgies
[21:09]* kirienne does also
[21:09]<Shiral> Night, KK
[21:09]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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