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Deryni Archives the Zine issue 20 READY!!

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For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath, it's finally done!

Deryni Archives the Zine Issue 20 magazine cost = $9.50
Mailing costs (envelope and Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope)  (which looks like the cheapest way to go for the majority of mailings) = $4.95
 * Total for Issue 20 = $14.45*
 (I would recommend going with Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope unless you live in MA or NH. If you do, let me know and we'll talk).
 Please email me at Julianne (at) kautzlaw (dot) com for info.

Dedication [Dedicated to Kim (Sedina) Bergman-Warriner, Pat (Wrengl) Nolan, and Susan Werner, fans whom we love and miss]

   This issue features artwork by Pyracantha (Hannah M.G. Shapero), Melissa Houle, and Kathi Spivey, as well as the usual: Katherine's Update, Deryni Ink (commentary about previous issues), Editorial, Our Contributors.

Soultide by Beverly Allen -- an epic poem of Cariesse
Journey of a Thousand... by Julianne Toomey-Kautz -- What befalls when a young woman from the 21st Century is pulled into Camber's Gwynedd?
Bequest by Melissa Houle -- a teenaged Alaric Morgan is learning that being an openly-known Deryni is not an easy thing.
Forgotten Words by Sharon Henderson -- Duncan and Jared share a quiet moment to grieve Kevin's and Bronwyn's deaths.
Vision of a King by Linda Epstein (aka Jessie)-- On Kelson's wedding day, as Jehana visits Brion's tomb, someone puts in a ghostly appearance.
Demon Child by Mary Alice Kropp -- what if a Deryni child doesn't develop shields?
A Midsummer Fancy by Martine Lynch -- Saint John's Day, Midsummer Day, sees Dhugal enjoying the company of a lady fair. Will it come to anything?
Precious Gift by Cherie Cornmesser -- Kelson gifts Araxie with a ferret. The pet finds and makes more trouble than imaginable!
I Shared a Dream by Cynthia Shipley -- a poem of gratitude to Katherine for reminding us that intolerance exists not only in the Deryni world, but also in our own
Quarter Calls -- by a number of people from the now defunct newsgroup at alt.books.deryni-- laughing out loud funny!
Word Find and Jumble by Kiri

Hey Deryni Fans !!

Get your orders in, now! It's been a long time, but Deryni Archives Issue 20 has got some great stories in it! It'll give you a Deryni fix while Herself is hard at work on the third Childe Morgan book. Julianne has worked very hard, and this issue is a credit to her.  If you need a new Deryni fix, get your copy before all the other fans do!   

I'll second what Melissa said!  It's great.  Julianne put in a lot of work and it shows.  Get your Deryni fix with some really great stories, give your brain a little exercise with a couple puzzles, and just spend some quality time in our favorite fantasy world.  Worth every penny!


I put my order in already for it. Not only for my required Deryni Fix but also because Issue 20 is dedicated to 3 very special ladies.

Ok, so I was thinking recently that my Deryni story well has been pretty dry lately.  Then, I sat down and reread DAtZ 20 a second time. Now I've got lines of dialogue running through my head!!  Problem is, they are 2 completely different stories!  See what the 'zine will start? ;)


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