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KK Chat 08-02-2009
« on: August 02, 2009, 08:09:00 pm »

[18:17]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:18]<KK> Hi, guys.
[18:18]<jojo> Hi KK!
[18:18]<BalanceTheEnergies> Hello KK!
[18:18]<KK> Hello, Balance.  Don't remember seeing you here before.
[18:19]<KK> Of course, I mostly only come on Sunday evenings.
[18:19]<jemler> hi kk!
[18:19]<BalanceTheEnergies> As I told the others before you arrived, I'm usually playing D&D now. DM called off the game.
[18:19]<KK> Hi, Jemler.
[18:19]<KK> Is Bynw awake, or doing other things?
[18:20]<Bynw> Hi KK
[18:20]<Bynw> i'm awake :)
[18:20]<KK> Ah, there you are.
[18:21]<jojo> Quite an exchange on the forum today regarding how most of us are "cat folk"
[18:21]<KK> Quick business bit.  I sent an e-mail to the administrators a couple of weeks ago, because I bought the one-time membership several years ago.  But I had to reinstall Windows a few weeks ago, so now it doesn't remember that I was ehre before.  And I can't find the note I made of my registration number.  Can you sort this, please?
[18:22]<KK> Definitely cat folk, though we do have a dog as well.  Critter folk.
[18:22]<KK> But cats rule.
[18:22]* the_Bee ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:22]<jemler> hi bee
[18:22]<KK> Bee is a cat person.
[18:22]<the_Bee> Hi jemler, Hi KK
[18:23]<BalanceTheEnergies> Mine thinks he does. Had to step away from keyboard to treat scratched sustained in dispute over said keyboard.
[18:23]<Bynw> KK you should be able to fill out this webform ... and get it back ... there is a spot for your old email address when you registered originally for mIRC
[18:23]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:23]<BalanceTheEnergies> Wimsey is now trying to apologize with his hangdog posture.
[18:24]<jemler> don't you mean hangcat? :)
[18:24]<the_Bee> what's this about cat people?
[18:25]<BalanceTheEnergies> Perhaps jemler, but he does behave like a puppy sometimes. Greets me at the door, follows me about the flat.
[18:26]<KK> Thanks, Bynw.  I filled it out--which I think I did several weeks ago.  We'll see if it works this time.
[18:26]<the_Bee> Do you have a pictur of him you can show us, or put on the rhemuth castle website?
[18:26]<jemler> A cat with an identity crisis?
[18:27]<KK> I have cats who act like dogs, too, in following me around the house.  Of course, this is in aid of me possibly feeding, if they stick to my heels when I'm headed toward the kitchen.
[18:27]<the_Bee> oh yes. 
[18:28]<the_Bee> I have 1+1/2 cats, sort of.  Michey's human gave me his bag of littr because Mickey would rather use Melantha's box than his own.
[18:28]<the_Bee> Mickey's
[18:29]<BalanceTheEnergies> I have pics online of both my kittyboys. I think Wimsey has separation anxiety. Another tenant (now former tenant) had him and left him alone without food for a couple of weeks. Friends of mine were the building managers then, and found him while checking the smoke detector batteries.
[18:29]<KK> Today we witnessed the usual saga of Gus being in the basket above my desk, and his sister Tillie coming in and wanting to be there.  She finally got on top of him and hunkered down, which he put up with for about 10 min.  Then he grumped and she got out, only to come back about 10 min. later for another try.  This time, it was Gus who vacated.  They are very strange creatures.
[18:29]<KK> Poor Wimsey!
[18:30]<KK> Was his then-owner still living there, or did he just move out and abandon Wimsey?  Who could do that?
[18:31]<BalanceTheEnergies> I renamed him (yes, for Sayers' detective) on advice of vet, and I leave out dirty laundry--which he naps on while I'm at work.
[18:31]<KK> Bee, where does Mickey actually live?
[18:31]<the_Bee> across the hall
[18:31]<BalanceTheEnergies> Owner was on vacation, but building owners evicted her, and let me split deposit into installments so I could take him.
[18:32]<the_Bee> he's a black and white neutered male.  there's a photo of him and Melantha on the Rhemuthcastle website.
[18:32]<jemler> if she comes back, are you going to return the cat?
[18:32]<KK> Awww, that was sweet. 
[18:32]<KK> Heck, no!  She doesn't deserve a cat, if she'd go off on vacation and leave the poor thing to starve!
[18:33]<BalanceTheEnergies> Morshi was a temporary guest who became permanent. And I will not relinquish Wimsey--not that I expect her after three years.
[18:33]<jemler> that long!
[18:33]<KK> Good for you! 
[18:33]<KK> What kinds of cats are Wimsey & Morshi?
[18:33]<BalanceTheEnergies> Fortunately for him, he learned how to open the cupboard and tear open a bag of kibble.
[18:34]<KK> I.e., what color?
[18:34]<BalanceTheEnergies> That's how David found him when he entered the flat.
[18:34]<KK> What was she thinking?  Did she make any provision for him?
[18:34]<the_Bee> Can you link us to the online photos?
[18:35]<Bynw> yeah do you have them uploaded to the gallery for fur kids?
[18:35]<BalanceTheEnergies> Wimsey is a yellow tabby and Morshi is grey (faintly tabby). Let me get another tab...
[18:36]<KK> I'm going to have to put mine in the gallery.
[18:36]<KK> I love yellow/gold/orange tabbys.  We have 3 in the house.
[18:40]<KK> I miss not having any black and white tuxedo cats anymore.  We've had as many as 3 at a time, but the last pne died shortly before we moved back to the States in 2007, at the ripe old age of nearly 18.  He was Edgar, probably the smartest cat we've ever had.
[18:41]<the_Bee> a good lifespan for a cat
[18:41]<jemler> it worked out to 2 year per life :)
[18:41]<jojo> Did Morgan have a fondness for cats? 
[18:41]<KK> Anyway, quick progress report on the past week's work.  I got quite a lot done.  Se made a surprise appearance--which he'd been trying to do for several weeks, but I just had him trying to show up at a different part in the story.  NOW it all works.
[18:41]<KK> Yes, Morgan likes cats.
[18:42]<jemler> I was wondering about Sit Se.
[18:42]<KK> Rhys was particularly fond of cats.
[18:42]<the_Bee> Have any cats been mentioned in connection with Morgan or Kelson?
[18:42]<KK> Stable kittens, I believe.
[18:42]<jemler> the only cat i remember was woth Al-Rasoul, the cheetah.
[18:42]<jojo> nything new on the script this week?
[18:43]<KK> And Alaric got a hound puppy a few years back, but I don't think that's going to go much of anywhere.  he leads to peripatetic an existence to have much in the way of pets.  At least the hound puppy could hunt.
[18:43]<the_Bee> ? I thought Al Rasoul was the man who came with the cheetah.
[18:44]* Bynw cant wait to read about a special lady in that book that makes him smile
[18:44]<KK> The script meeting with Sony was postponed.
[18:44]<jemler> ooooh, not good.
[18:44]<KK> too peripatetic
[18:44]<the_Bee> you or Sony?
[18:45]<jemler> the cat was Kisah
[18:45]<KK> No, it's ok.  This happens all the time.  The big thing is that they've asked for a third revision of the script, but didn't change writers, which means that it's almost where they want it.  This is good.
[18:45]<the_Bee> :)
[18:45]<Bynw> but is it where YOU want it :)
[18:46]<KK> Doesn't matter.  It's out of my hands now.  But what it sounds like they want is going back to an earlier version, which is closer to the book--so that's good.
[18:46]<Bynw> ok thats good
[18:46]<Bynw> too many times has a book been ruined by hollywood ... dont want that to happen with yours
[18:46]<KK> Oh, and Audible Books has asked about doing the next 3 books--which is excellent news.  Apparently the 1st 3 are doing well.
[18:47]<jojo> GREAT!!
[18:47]<KK> Yeah, but whatever they do to it, it doesn't change the books.  That's what one has to keep in mind.
[18:48]<the_Bee> the Camber triligy? or the next trilogy with Kelson?
[18:48]<KK> Incidentally, I recently read Angels & Demons--<much> better than Da Vinci Code, and very close to the movie, which I thought was excellent.
[18:48]<KK> I'm suggesting the next Kelson books.
[18:48]<the_Bee> I've read the book, not seen the movie.
[18:48]<KK> Movie is excellent, head and shoulders above Da Vinci Code.
[18:49]<BalanceTheEnergies> It would make sense to go on with the Histories of King Kelson; people would have some investment with the characters.
[18:49]<KK> I'm now, finally, reading the last Harry Potter.  Good, but I'm finding it hard to imagine how they're going to split it into 2 films.
[18:50]<the_Bee> very carefully.
[18:50]<KK> I agree.  I've suggested that they also do King Kelson's Bride, so it will be a 4-book set.
[18:50]<KK> Then they can go back and do the 6 Camber books, three and three.
[18:50]<jemler> i lost my copy of KKB, i'll have to order it again.
[18:51]<BalanceTheEnergies> I think KKB would be a good conclusion, especially in the chapel dedication, with the archbishops at Duncan's elbows and Arilan in the bakcground.
[18:52]<the_Bee> I got the Author's Cut of DR, DC and HD for 2 Christmases
[18:52]<BalanceTheEnergies> They did want a "tentpole" franchise, didn't they?
[18:52]<BalanceTheEnergies> Warner Brothers has HP...
[18:53]<KK> I know they're shooting both films at the same time, rather like was done with the LOTR Trilogy, which was all shot at once and then edited to 3 films.  It's a good thing, because the actors are aging out.
[18:53]<BalanceTheEnergies> I have to replace nearly all of mine, having loaned them out and never getting them back. Only have ITKS.
[18:54]<BalanceTheEnergies> Might be easier for the actors to maintain character, too. Cast?
[18:54]<KK> Incidentally, I passed on the feedback that you guys liked the narrator, and the way he did the voices.  They love good feedback.
[18:54]<jojo> Thanks...
[18:54]<the_Bee> speaking of aging actors, the boy who plays Merlin in the tv show would make a good Kelson--if only they could start filming now.
[18:55]<BalanceTheEnergies> Am curious, since I held forth at length on the subject of casting.
[18:55]<jojo> I've thought that also
[18:55]<KK> I'm not that impressed with him.
[18:56]<the_Bee> I tend to go by the face.
[18:56]<jojo> I don't care for the eye effects when he is using magic..
[18:56]<KK> There's going to have to be a casting hunt for the right young actor to play the part.  I think they're starting to think about attachments for the film, though, especially director.
[18:56]<jemler> has anyone seen The Mentalist? Simon Baker as Alaric perhaps?
[18:57]<jojo> The director and the casting director are key, certainly
[18:57]<the_Bee> not a bad choice, jemler
[18:57]<KK> Might do, though I picture him in his 3-piece suits.  Don't know how he'd play in historical costume.  He's got presence, though.
[18:57]<jemler> he was nominated for an Emmy, so somebody likes him.
[18:58]<BalanceTheEnergies> Haven't seen that show. Is it on Hulu? Have no cable, and lousy over-the-air reception.
[18:58]<jojo> I think he'd wear those black tunics emblazoned
[18:58]<KK> Oh, he's good, all right.  I like him as an actor--and I like the character.
[18:58]<the_Bee> or the man who plays Dexter as Alaric--what's his name?
[18:58]<KK> That's on one of the networks, I believe.
[18:58]<KK> I want to say CBS, but I could be wrong.
[18:59]<KK> I've never watched Dexter.
[18:59]<the_Bee> I'm hoping CBS will rerun Dexter season 2.
[18:59]<jojo> Mentalist is on CBS, and I think it's on HULU..
[19:00]<BalanceTheEnergies> I shall have to take a look, but am still keen on Roxburgh and Hart for Alaric and Duncan.
[19:00]<jemler> Michael C. Hall plays Dexter Morgan, so he's got the last name right! :)
[19:00]<KK> I watched Kings all the way through.  I like the concept, but some of it was hokey.  Still, it make it through a full season, and it looks like it will be back.
[19:00]<jemler> mentalist is on hulu, i just checked
[19:01]<the_Bee> at least the royals in Merlin wear crowns. :)
[19:01]<BalanceTheEnergies> Thanks. Must add it to my queue.
[19:01]<jemler> i only watched a few of Kings. Then I got caught up in Harpers Island.
[19:03]<BalanceTheEnergies> Pardon me whilst Wimsey and I negotiate a sharing of the keyboard stand.
[19:03]<jojo> Merlin is OK but I liked BBC Robin Hood better.
[19:04]<jojo> Bee, sounds like there's another keyboard-hugging feline!
[19:04]<the_Bee> With Mersin I had to get past the fact that they've made him a boy and Guinevere a lady's maid.
[19:04]<BalanceTheEnergies> Haven't seen the BBC Robin Hood yet. Why do you like it, jojo?
[19:04]<jojo> I think it's not coming on any more, but the action was quick and the dialog clever.
[19:05]<jemler> don't you mean Dueling?
[19:05]<KK> Not too impressed with the Merlin series.
[19:05]<jojo> And characters likable
[19:06]<BalanceTheEnergies> Well, they did quite a lot to tidy up the Arthurian characters and plots. Had to, really. Uther and Merlin deceiving  (and effectively raping) a married woman isn't quite family fare.
[19:06]<the_Bee> "Merlin" is aimed at a younger audience than us, KK.
[19:07]<KK> I just object that they've played fast and loose with the canon.  And Uthyr is downright nasty.
[19:08]<the_Bee> of course, the canonical Arthur was never at court until after Uther died.
[19:08]<BalanceTheEnergies> Actually, having Uther's tyranny expressed in his overreaction to mages of all sorts isn't a bad way to tidy up. The again, I've never thought highly of Uther, even in Malory.
[19:09]<jemler> didn't he practically rape Igraine? that doesn't earn him a nomination to the Good Guys Hall of Fame!
[19:11]<BalanceTheEnergies> Quite so. Uther is excessive and ruthless in nearly all the versions. Only in Boorman's Excalibur do i recall any sort of self-examination (if only for a moment).
[19:11]<KK> True enough.  I sort of played with that theme in what Donal tries to do with Alyce, though with my own twist on it.  Fortunately, Donal had a conscience.  And even though he often did things that were beyond the pale, it was all in service of his kingdom and his crown.
[19:12]<KK> (I just reread that section today, and was pleased with the way it illuminated his character.)
[19:13]<jemler> Are we going to learn more of how Kenneth Morgan had shields?
[19:14]<BalanceTheEnergies> Was Donal the first/only Haldane to solve the transmission problem in that way?
[19:14]<KK> Don't know.  It will have come of working closely with Alyce--and we don't know yet what she might have awakened in him.
[19:15]<KK> In that he was trying to provide a blood-Deryni to protect his heir?
[19:15]<jemler> or maybe by activating it in young Alaric before he died?
[19:16]<BalanceTheEnergies> Yes. Rhys Michael brought in the brooch, and and either Alaric or Duncan points out the the ritual's particulars change every time for security.
[19:16]<KK> Part of the same paradigm, I think.  And we know that certain information was set in place in the young Alaric, both by Donal and his mother.
[19:17]<the_Bee> Yet the lion brooch's clasp piercing the hand seems to have become fairly standard.
[19:18]<jemler> that was a symbol of the kingship, like the Eye of Rom, and the Ring of Fire.
[19:19]<KK> We know that it heppened several times.  But we don't yet know what was done for Brion, other than what I said in Swords Against the Marluk, which my first short story inthe Deryni universe, and may not turn out to be entirely canonical.
[19:19]<jemler> i have never read that story. any idea where i can find it?
[19:19]<BalanceTheEnergies> Sometimes a onetime event becomes memorialized, like the fallen garter that spawned and illustrious order. Rhys Michael had to work on his own, away from the prying eyes of the Regents.
[19:20]<BalanceTheEnergies> ...and Duncan categorized the use of the brooch pin as a test, a need for bravery.
[19:21]<BalanceTheEnergies> Thus a personal token came to have ritual significance.
[19:21]<the_Bee> Alaric and Duncan didn't seem to know it had been done before; they had to figure it out.
[19:21]<KK> Yes, there would always be that element.
[19:22]<KK> Alaric and Duncan didn't know a lot of things.  I'm having to be careful not to let the young Alaric learn too much, because we know that later, he had woeful holes in his training.
[19:22]* TemprusAway ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:22]<jemler> hi temprus
[19:22]<TemprusAway> HI all
[19:22]<the_Bee> Vera was his main teacher?
[19:23]<the_Bee> hi temprus
[19:23]* TemprusAway is now known as Temprus
[19:23]<BalanceTheEnergies> Hello temprus
[19:24]<BalanceTheEnergies> The Codex says so.
[19:25]<KK> Vera was his early teacher.  And Se gives him some training as well.  But if you think about it, Alaric's main talents seem to be in the Truth-Reading, putting people to sleep, reading minds area.  He doesn't seem to have access to the High Magic spells that come with the Haldane bloodline.
[19:25]<jojo> Except setting the wards?
[19:26]<the_Bee> There must have been holes in Vera's training, raised as she was by humans who didn't know she was Deryni
[19:26]<BalanceTheEnergies> Right, and Arilan is the one who sets up the Portal at the meadows encampment.
[19:26]<KK> Yes, Alaric knows about Wards.  But I don't think he'd know how to set up a Portal.
[19:27]<the_Bee> Is that why he hasn't tried to create one at Coroth?
[19:27]<BalanceTheEnergies> Vera's own training  must have been limited, partly as a woman and partly in order to keep her secret.
[19:27]<jemler> VerAa knew she was Deryni. she recieved some training in cording lore for the old weaver from Kheldish Riging. she mentioned it to alyce when alyce was visiting her at culdi.
[19:27]<KK> And yes, there would have been holes in Vera's traning.  Father Paschal did some training, but I'd think it was mostly int he basics--which, when you think about it, are the mind-reading, Truth-Reading, mind-c9ntrol areas.
[19:28]<KK> Probably, Bee. 
[19:29]<KK> Yes, but re cording lore--we haven't really found out yet what it was useful for.
[19:29]<BalanceTheEnergies> Exactly, she could only pass on hat she knew, and Alyce says Fr Paschal was aging, so he might not have been able to help much. He was attached to Keryell's household, not the Howards'.
[19:29]<the_Bee> I'm surprised Arilan hasn't pressed Morgan to let him do it.
[19:29]<jojo> I thought it was a link to the tombs Kelson found in Quest..
[19:29]<jemler> there's probably a Portal already at Coroth. I seriously doubt whether ALL of the Dukes of Corwyn, who were Deryni, would have failed to put a portal there. I just don't think Alaric has found it yet.
[19:30]<BalanceTheEnergies> Would Morgan trust him, member of the Council as he is?
[19:30]<the_Bee> I agree.
[19:30]<the_Bee> with Jemler and BTE
[19:30]<KK> I agaree.  But if it's there, Alaric stll hasn't found it by the end of KKB.
[19:31]<KK> They used a version of the cording lore to protect the tombs--but I tink it was useful for more than that.
[19:31]<BalanceTheEnergies> It may be that is hasn't been used and is too faint. The Grimoire refers to Portals' strength being tied to their use.
[19:31]<KK> Easy to see how knowledge of location of Portal at Coroth could have been lost, with the title in abeyance for several generations.
[19:31]<jemler> It's probably in The Green Tower. The Duke had that Tower sealed after Lewys ap Norfal disappeared.
[19:31]<the_Bee> Cording was regarded chiefly as women's magic, wasn't it?
[19:31]<jemler> according to Evaine.
[19:32]<KK> That's what Evaine was told--but it might not be true.  Alyce used it in her embroidery, and hinted that she thought it was useful for other things as well--but she obviously doesn't know what.
[19:33]<jemler> Even Richenda was using ot.
[19:33]<KK> Or, even if Alyce suspected other uses, she didn't live long enough to carry through on her thinking--and so it's back to square one.
[19:33]<jemler> -----------------------------------------
[19:33]<jemler> sorry
[19:34]<BalanceTheEnergies> I can't help thinking of the Portal at Sheele--the one Evaine set for blood relatives only. If it were discovered, and only certain people could use it, and say Morgan got involved due to his committee work...well, I'd like to see the Camberian Council realize that the half-breds they've dissing are Camber's descendants. :P
[19:34]<jojo> Perhaps some of the lore was useful for seagoing folk.
[19:35]<the_Bee> yes. nets and rigging
[19:36]<jemler> but it was also used in funerals, like Orin.
[19:37]<BalanceTheEnergies> Hmm, concealing messages in a messenger's clothing, perhaps?
[19:39]<jojo> Good one...
[19:39]<KK> There's real world parallel to the cording lore, in central America--the quipu's.  Not much published about it, the last time I looked, but it must have been akin to the notched-stick writing of Ogham.  Neither would have been useful for very intricate messages.
[19:40]<the_Bee> Intricate knots are found in Celtic jewelry.
[19:40]<BalanceTheEnergies> ...or even a Haldane ritual, generations back--or anything that is less ephemeral than a shopping list or troop plaements for a single battle.
[19:41]<jemler> makes you wonder about the carpet Brion got from Torenth for his birthday.
[19:41]<BalanceTheEnergies> Doesn't it just?
[19:41]<KK> Interesting, Jemler....
[19:42]<KK> Here's what I got on a quick google for quipu.     The Incas had a system of accounting that relied on the quipu. Cords of various colours were attached to a main cord with knots. The number and position of knots as well as the colour of each cord represented information about commercial goods and resources. Quipu means knot in Quechua, the native language of the Andes.
[19:42]<KK>     The quipu was also useful for census-taking and provided a mass of statistical information for the government. Messengers could carry a quipu from Quito to Cuzco in 3 days, less time than it sometimes takes by car.
[19:42]<KK>     Archeologists are now suggesting that authors used the quipu to compose and preserve their epic poems and legends. Because there were relatively few words in Quechua, they could be used as pronunciation keys on the cords. Then each knot on a cord designated a syllable of the word represented at the head of the cord. For example, the name of Pachacamac, god of earth and time, was divided into four syllables. So if two knots were t
[19:42]<KK>     We still don't know exactly how to use the quipu. The significance of the knots and colours remains a mystery. Maybe you can figure it out.
[19:43]<KK> And here's the Wiki entry:
[19:43]<KK> Quipu or khipu (sometimes called talking knots) were recording devices used in the Inca Empire and its predecessor societies in the Andean region. A quipu usually consisted of colored spun and plied thread or strings from llama or alpaca hair. It also consisted of cotton cords with numeric and other values encoded by knots in a base ten positional system. Quipus may have just a few or up to 2,000 cords.
[19:43]<KK> Quipu is the Spanish spelling and the most common spelling in English. Khipu (pronounced ['k?ipu]) is the word for "knot" in Cusco Quechua (the native Inca language); the kh is an aspirated k. In most Quechua varieties, the term is kipu.
[19:43]<KK> Thre are some photos, too.
[19:44]<jemler> a picture is worth a thousand Quipus.
[19:44]<jemler> :)
[19:45]<KK> True!  I knew about quipus when I came up with the idea of the cording-lore.  And Jemler's observation about celtic knots is also a good insight.  Of course, this was in the says before the  internet.
[19:45]<KK> days
[19:45]<jojo> messages could be just as easily expressed through the type of knot
[19:45]<jojo> Look at how intricate the knotting is in the craft of tatting.
[19:45]<Temprus> in bytes, most 1000 word collections are much smaller than a picture, even the humble Desktop Icon ;D
[19:45]<jemler> KK, did you ever read the Earth's Children series by Jean Auel?
[19:46]<BalanceTheEnergies> It needn't be letter for letter; vowels could be dropped. Not all languages are expressed alphabetically, either.
[19:46]<KK> True.  And I believe there's some system for recording the patterns for, say, tatting patterns--or knitting, or crochet, though I'd think these would be more limited than the cording-lore.
[19:47]<KK> No, hete her work.  Actually, have a bad taste in my mouth for her, because of a prima donna performance she played at a book signing; put me off anything to do with her.  Besides, prehistoric stuff doesn't really interest me.
[19:47]<the_Bee> chinese ideograms are an example of non-alphabetic writing.
[19:47]<jemler> ok.
[19:48]<jojo> I was wondering what if, instead of wooden bobbins, the tatting was done with a shiral at the end of each cord
[19:49]<BalanceTheEnergies> Like the net shrouds Kelson and Dhugal found?
[19:50]<KK> Hmmm, possibilities.  We know that the cording on the tombs had shiral crystals--which echo Egyptian nets similar to these, with the blue faience beads instead of shiral crystals.  (You see how authors get their ideas?) ;-)
[19:50]<jojo> Yes, or incorporating power like is done with the ward cubes.  Tatting is done with several cords with a bobbin on each end.
[19:50]<BalanceTheEnergies> Perhaps shirals can do more than simply light up when a Deryni or a Haldane holds them?
[19:51]<jojo> So how they were configured could be analogous to the cube configs.
[19:51]<Bynw> gamers get ideas the same way :)
[19:51]<jojo> yes, BTE
[19:52]<KK> True.  This is why reading if any sort is grist for the mill.  You never know when some neat factoid is going to leap out and bite you!
[19:52]<KK> Yike, I've just looked at the time.  I'd hoped to get some more writing done tonight.
[19:52]<jojo> My grandmother was a tter and I have a bit of her work; very intriccate.
[19:52]<BalanceTheEnergies> Or they might light in response to a certain stimulus, such as a verbal formula/prayer/spell.
[19:53]<KK> Gotta dash, folks.  This has been great, and given me much to think about.
[19:53]<the_Bee> Aren't spells mainly a way to focus the mind?
[19:53]<jemler> have a good week KK.
[19:53]<Temprus> Great, now I see someone holding a rapidly flashing/color changing stone with the person watching it receiving data like a Mentat from the Dune Movie
[19:53]<the_Bee> nighters KK have a good week
[19:53]<jojo> Thanks for all!
[19:53]<BalanceTheEnergies> Thanks KK.
[19:53]<Temprus> Have a good week, KK, thanks for coming
[19:53]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:54]<KK> Yes, Bee!
[19:55]<the_Bee> :)
[19:55]<Bynw> night kk
[19:55]<jojo> I know there is a tradition among religous of praying for the recipiant of a piece of art.
[19:55]<jemler> well folks, i gotta go too. bi-weekly bill-padding with my doctor tomorrow. see you all next week.
[19:55]<the_Bee> recipiant or giver?
[19:55]<jemler> BalanceTheEnergies, come back again.
[19:56]<jemler> he's giving me the bill.
[19:56]<jojo> recipient.. the giver prays as the art is created.
[19:56]<the_Bee> ah
[19:56]* jemler has quit (Quit: )
[19:56]<BalanceTheEnergies> If I'm not at game, I will.
[19:57]<jojo> Looking forward, BTE!
[19:58]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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