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KK Chat 06-28-2009
« on: June 29, 2009, 06:47:52 pm »

[18:17]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:17]<Bynw> hiyas Katherine! :)
[18:17]<the_Bee> Hi KK!
[18:17]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:18]<KK> Hi, guys.
[18:18]<the_Bee> Jemler:
[18:18]<Mak> Hi, KK
[18:18]<jemler> hi kk
[18:18]<jlcsusara> hi kk
[18:18]<Temprus> hi kk
[18:19]<KK> Hi.  Been fighting the battle of printer gone bad, and reinstalled Windows hoping that would fix it.  But it appears that this series of HP printers has serioius issues.
[18:20]<+Shiral> Hi KK
[18:20]<the_Bee> :(
[18:20]<KK> So in the next few days, Cameron and I have to research what's the best going, currently.  I want my old HP4L back!  Absolute workhorse.
[18:20]<KK> It was about 12, and still going strong when I gave it to Anne McC when we moved.
[18:20]<the_Bee> What happened to it?
[18:20]<+Shiral> New printer drivers don't work?
[18:21]<Bynw> wow that was a good printer
[18:21]<Temprus> I miss the old LaserJet 3s, they were great workhorses too
[18:21]<KK> It's some internal board that apparently has a big track record of failing shortly after warranty runs out.  Problem apparently started when HP started sourcing parts from China instead of Japan.
[18:22]<jemler> i still miss my old star nx1000 dot-matrix printer! that thing was great!
[18:22]<KK> Fortunately, I have my Dell color printer still working, which is ok for a page or two here and there.
[18:22]<+Shiral> Other than printer problems, how has your week been, KK?
[18:23]<KK> Windows problems, trying to bring all my old files back over.  I'm in Outlook now, rather than Outlook Express, and I hate it!  Have to see whether Cameron can put me back into OE.
[18:24]<KK> I did get a wee bit written, but spent a lot of time trying to tame the new installation of Windows XP.
[18:24]<jemler> You LIKE Lookout Express! Wow!
[18:24]<Temprus> Sadly, you are not the first I heard say that about O/OE
[18:24]<jemler> I use Pegasus for my e-mail.
[18:24]<KK> It's so much simpler than Outlook.  And I like to download my e-mails to my machine, rather than storing them on line.  Can't seem to permanently delete messages that I don't want, in Outlook.
[18:25]<KK> AND, the keyboard on my newish Acer Netbook has gone.  We need to see about getting that fixed.
[18:25]<Temprus> ack
[18:26]<Bynw> given the choice i would rather use outlook express over outlook
[18:26]<KK> It's only about 6 mo. old.
[18:26]<KK> Yep, me too.
[18:26]<Bynw> but since i use a mac and linux i just use thunderbird instead
[18:27]<KK> I'll have to ask Cameron about Thunderbird.  I love Firefox.
[18:27]<Temprus> I second Thunderbird
[18:28]<KK> Anyway, that was my week, full of computer woes.
[18:29]<+Shiral> Aggravating
[18:29]<KK> We did max out the internal memory on this current Dell, which should make it run better.  And had upped the memory in the HP, too, though that didn't seem to make any difference.
[18:29]<Bynw> so did that prevent writing? with all the puter woes
[18:30]<KK> Ya think?!  Of course it did.  How could I write when I couldn't find anything? Ratcher-fratcher printer!
[18:31]<Bynw> lol
[18:31]<+Shiral> Imre is haunting your computer, Katherine. Or maybe Ariella
[18:31]<jemler> sounds like you do a good imitation of the tasmanian devil there, kk! :)
[18:31]<KK> Anyway, the computer's sorting is all tidied now, and I'd gotten a bit of writing yesterday and today.
[18:31]<+Shiral> She always seemed like the more competent one
[18:31]<jemler> that's because Imre was the more childish ine.
[18:32]<jemler> one, sorry
[18:32]<KK> Yep, Ariella was the brains of that brother/sister team.
[18:32]<jemler> and the body
[18:32]<KK> That, too.
[18:32]* Bynw can't wait to read about Susana-Helene and have a smile when he does
[18:32]<KK> Poor Cathan didn't have a chance.
[18:33]<+Shiral> Poor Cathan needed to find nicer friends. Or stick with his family
[18:33]<jemler> sure he did, imre beat him to her! ;)
[18:33]<jemler> he had a chance to get away
[18:33]<+Shiral> Cathan was too aware of sticky politics to hop in bed with Ariella
[18:33]<KK> Yep, but Imre was putty in her hands.
[18:34]<+Shiral> Imre was putty to Coel. And he didn't even have the  bod for it
[18:34]<KK> Nefarious Festillic politics.
[18:34]<jemler> but ariella was jealous of melissa howell.
[18:36]<the_Bee> It makes one wonder what kept Cathan loyal to Imre.
[18:36]<jemler> his oath and his honor
[18:36]<+Shiral> She needn't have worried--I wouldn't have had Imre on a silver platter--oops, did I say that aloud?
[18:37]<KK> Yep.  After all, Imre was his king.  And he hadn't yet reached the point that Camber later reached, of realizing that his king was not worthy of his loyalty.
[18:37]<the_Bee> I had the impression he really loved the jerk
[18:37]<KK> Sort of uncomfortable, silver platters, eh?
[18:37]<jemler> he never got a chance, thanks to Coel Howell
[18:37]<+Shiral> Not much room, no
[18:38]* jojo (Mibbit@C06FE3.84EB87.C08168.B52D0B) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:38]<jojo> hi all..sorry I'm late
[18:38]<the_Bee> hi jojo
[18:38]<jemler> hi jojo
[18:38]<+Shiral> They were closer together in age, and enjoyed the same things, Cathan and Imre
[18:39]<+Shiral> Hi Jojo
[18:41]* Bynw goes to sneak in another chatter hehehehehe "one chat to rule them all"
[18:41]<Bynw> hi jojo
[18:41]<jojo> hi
[18:41]* regine ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:41]<the_Bee> hi regine
[18:41]<jemler> hi regine
[18:41]* Bynw waves to regine
[18:41]<+Shiral> Hi Regine
[18:41]<regine> Hey there everyone!
[18:42]<jojo> Hi Regine
[18:43]<Bynw> KK has gone quiet ....
[18:43]<the_Bee> plotting something?
[18:43]<KK> I'm here.
[18:43]<regine> is multitasking -- listening to Blog Talk Radio about the Morgan (not Alaric) Conspiracy
[18:43]<+Shiral> Which doesn't necessarily mean you're NOT plotting something, KK. =o)
[18:44]<Bynw> lol very true
[18:44]<KK> The Morgan conspiracy?
[18:44]<+Shiral> There are other Morgans?
[18:44]<regine> Yep -- American Freemasonic History
[18:44]<KK> There are Morgan cars, for sure.  A lot are coming here next weekend.
[18:44]<Bynw> yes Shiral there are probably other morgans
[18:45]* Shiral is disillusioned
[18:45]<the_Bee> Morgan caes, morgan horses, morgan very rich man
[18:45]<regine> and Morgan horses
[18:45]<KK> Ah, yes, Masonic Morgans.
[18:45]* jemler2 ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:45]<jemler2> re hi folks
[18:45]<Bynw> your old self is still here jemler
[18:45]<the_Bee> Beware!  Jemler's Evil Twin is here!
[18:45]* jemler has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
[18:45]<Temprus> oooo, twice the jelmer goodness
[18:45]<+Shiral> Hi Jemler
[18:46]<jemler2> i noticed. my system just suddenly rebooted on me.
[18:46]* jemler2 is now known as jemler
[18:46]<Bynw> that's windows for ya *grins*
[18:46]<jemler> i was downloading a file from youtube, now i have to start over
[18:47]<+Shiral> So.... KK, does Alaric still have living relatives in Lendour?
[18:47]<KK> At this point, he does.
[18:48]<jemler> the system said it couldn't read my hard drive and rebooted.
[18:48]<the_Bee> Remind me--does Kenneth Morgan have any siblings?
[18:49]<KK> Yes, two sisters.
[18:49]<jemler> remember, Alyce was like a sister to her step-daughter
[18:51]<+Shiral> Well..... I was wondering more about circa 1128, but you did answer the question I asked. =o)
[18:51]<KK> Delphine & Claara.
[18:51]<jemler> KK, is Sir Se going to amke a come-back?
[18:51]<KK> Oh, yes.
[18:52]<jemler> sounds juicy
[18:52]* Shiral hopes he'll return to rescue Alaric from something dangerous
[18:52]<the_Bee> I thought that was Llion's job
[18:53]<jemler> to bad Se was never a mamber of the Council
[18:53]<KK> Haven't decided jusst how that will work, or how long he'll stay alive.  Remember that he can't teach Alaric too much, because Alaric doesn't know much at the time of DR.  And a lot of these folk will have passed on, by then.
[18:53]<+Shiral> Llion is very nice, but always available.  I think Alaric could have a sort of Hero-worship going for Se,  his mysterious Godfather who shows up when he's needed, but keeps a low profile, otherwise
[18:54]<KK> That's definitely Se.
[18:55]<jojo> Se's verysharp, and a quick study esp. in the esoteric arts?
[18:55]<+Shiral> It's not  unlike the persona Alaric adopts in his young adulthood.
[18:56]<KK> Se has learned a lot since he joined the Knights of the Anvil.
[18:57]* jojo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:57]* jojo (Mibbit@C06FE3.84EB87.C08168.B52D0B) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:57]<jemler> I wonder if Se knows Azim. they are both Knights, and both VERY skilled.
[18:57]<the_Bee> rehi jojo
[18:58]<+Shiral> I wonder the same thing, Jemler
[18:58]<KK> They do.
[18:59]<+Shiral> =o)
[18:59]<jojo> KofA have more of the old knowledge, it seems, than other groups of their race.
[18:59]<+Shiral> And they're much cooler
[18:59]<jemler> probably because, coming from another country, they were never subjected to the persecutions like those in Gwynedd.
[19:00]<jemler> plus they were in origin Michaelines.
[19:00]<KK> They do.  And then, there are the secret masters at Rhaname.
[19:01]<the_Bee> ?
[19:01]<jemler> i'd like to learn more about them!
[19:01]<jemler> Bee, Childe Morgan, Michon de Courcy goes to Rhaname
[19:01]<+Shiral> Oooooo, I knew KK was plotting
[19:01]<KK> We probably will--though Michon was the CC's main interface with them--and he's dead at the beginning of the current book.
[19:02]<the_Bee> I can't find Se in codex.
[19:03]<KK> He's come on the scene since the Codex was done.
[19:03]<jemler> he's after codex
[19:03]<the_Bee> ah, ok
[19:04]<jemler> he was going to marry marie de Corwyn when she was poisoned.
[19:05]<KK> And like many a young man, he went off and joined....sort of the equivalent of the Foreign Legion.
[19:06]<+Shiral> Military service in a really hot country
[19:06]<jemler> i didn't know the Foreigh Legion were celibate! :)
[19:06]<+Shiral> Shh, neither do they!
[19:06]<jemler> ooops
[19:07]* jlcsusara has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:07]<jemler> no time to say "Hello, Good-bye"
[19:07]* Shiral is curious about R'Kassi
[19:09]<Mak> I'm going to sign off. Sorry, foks, just not really into chat tonite
[19:09]<the_Bee> have a good week
[19:09]<jemler> nite mak
[19:09]<+Shiral> Bye, Mak
[19:09]<jojo> nite
[19:09]<Bynw> night Mak
[19:09]<KK> Night, Mak.
[19:09]* Mak has quit (Quit: )
[19:11]<jemler> well folks, i'm gonna sign off too. appointment tomorrow.
[19:11]<+Shiral> Night, Jemler
[19:11]<the_Bee> nighters jemler
[19:11]<KK> Night, Jemler.
[19:12]<Bynw> cya jemler
[19:12]<jemler> nite all
[19:12]* jemler has quit (Quit: )
[19:12]* Bynw bars the exit door
[19:12]* Temprus exits the bar door
[19:13]<Bynw> har har har :)
[19:14]<+Shiral> Barring the door just tempts people
[19:15]* regine has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:16]<jojo> I always thought r'khassi was analogous to the steppes or to Arabia?
[19:17]<KK> It is.
[19:18]<+Shiral> But there must be some of that intriguing Deryni culture there... at least in Rhaname...
[19:19]<KK> An Arabian cognate would have all sorts of stuff going on.
[19:20]<jojo> knowleddge from lots of traditions...
[19:20]<jojo> knowledge
[19:21]<+Shiral> Well we know they  know horses....
[19:22]<KK> Think of Moorish culture, in all its finest senses: medicine, mathematics, poetry....
[19:22]<Bynw> cools
[19:23]* Shiral wants to book her summer vacation, there
[19:23]<+Shiral> But my library doesn't have Fodor's R'Kassi 2009...
[19:23]* jojo sends a whisp of saffron to all
[19:24]<Bynw> you should make sure your library orders that book Shiral
[19:25]<+Shiral> I know. That, and Fodor's Torenth and Bremagne, as well
[19:26]<KK> Bremagne will be very interesting, when Brion goes there to court a bride.
[19:26]<+Shiral> My wee ears prick up! =o)
[19:26]<KK> And remember that Brion has two younger sisters still alive.
[19:27]<KK> And Alaric Morgan--talk about forbidden fruit....
[19:27]* Shiral has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:27]<KK> Ooooh, Shiral will be ticked that she got booted just when things got interesting.  :-)
[19:27]* Shiral ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[19:28]<KK> You didn't miss anything, Shiral.
[19:28]<Shiral> Curses... clicked the wrong window, closed
[19:28]<the_Bee> Wb Shiral
[19:28]<Temprus> I'd say, Quick, spill some secrets before she gets back but people log this! ;D
[19:28]<Bynw> hate clicking the wrong window
[19:28]<Shiral> So... Alaric conceives a passion for princesses?
[19:29]<KK> LOL.  I've gotta go anyway.  I've promised my guys a yummy ham and cheese and green onion omlette for supper tonight, and it's getting late.
[19:29]<Shiral> Thanks for popping by, Katherine
[19:29]<KK> More like, the princesses conceive a passion for him.
[19:29]<Shiral> OOOOOOOOO!!!
[19:29]<Bynw> oooooh
[19:29]<KK> Hee-hee!  Gotcha!
[19:29]<the_Bee> Have a good week and I hope your computer/printer woes will be fixed.
[19:29]<jojo> hot times in the old times !!
[19:29]<Shiral> Oh all right, feed the guys. =o)
[19:29]<Shiral> I need to go sit somewhere cooler, anyway
[19:30]<KK> Computer is mostly fine now.  I just have to suss out a new printer.
[19:30]<Shiral> It's Flat Cat Syndrome weather out west
[19:30]<KK> Yike.  Fine here, though it's supposed to be nudging 90 by the weekend.  Morgans will be hot.
[19:30]<Shiral> And I've finished my latest glass of iced tea
[19:31]<jojo> And its borken 100 for a week here
[19:31]<KK> Ice water with a squeeze of lemon for me.
[19:31]<Shiral> Little puss pancakes lying around on my apartment floor
[19:31]<KK> Awwwww.
[19:31]<jojo> broken
[19:31]<Shiral> Francesca's napping in the cross breeze from my bedroom fans.
[19:31]<KK> Anyway, gotta go cook.  May not make it next week, what with the Morgan meet here. 
[19:32]<Shiral> But all three of us are pretty wilted
[19:32]<Temprus> Be well
[19:32]<the_Bee> Mickey and Melantha are busy stalking each other.
[19:32]<Shiral> Bye, KK
[19:32]<Shiral> Have a good fourth of July
[19:32]<jojo> Have a great week!
[19:32]<Bynw> ok have a good 4th of july Katherine *hugs*
[19:32]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:32]<Shiral> Stay safe, especially if Morgan drives a Morgan
[19:32]<KK> I don't let him drive.  ;-)
[19:32]<Shiral> =o)
[19:32]<KK> Nighters.
[19:33]<Shiral> The insurance would be horrific, yeah
[19:33]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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