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KK Chat 06-14-2009
« on: June 15, 2009, 05:51:49 pm »

[18:03]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:03]<Shiral> Hi Temprus
[18:03]<KK> Hi, guys.
[18:03]<jemler> hi kk
[18:03]<Bynw> Hi jojo and hiyas KK
[18:03]<Shiral> Tis Herself =o)
[18:04]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:04]<Shiral> Hi KK
[18:04]<KK> It is, indeed.
[18:04]<Shiral> How was the ConCarolina?
[18:04]<Shiral> Or.. whatever it was called
[18:04]<Temprus> Hi kk
[18:04]* the_Bee (the_Bee@C06FE3.D1828B.7C5192.C43B73) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:04]<Temprus> hi thebee
[18:04]<jemler> hi bee
[18:04]<Shiral> Hi Bee
[18:05]<KK> Sorry I missed you last week, but the highland games in Greenville, SC were great.  Not too hot, either.  ConCarolinas was the week before, and it was good, too.
[18:05]<the_Bee> Hi Jemler!  HI Shiral!  Are you home or work today?
[18:05]<Shiral> At home
[18:05]<KK> Lots of good panels, very much slanted toward writing.  Lots of aspirants down there.
[18:05]<the_Bee> and hello KK!
[18:05]<KK> Hi, Bee.
[18:05]<jojo> Hello KK
[18:06]<jemler> Bee, did you ever get a hard drive for that laptop?
[18:06]<Shiral> Oh.... AS-pirants. I read that as "Aspirins" at first
[18:06]<KK> Lots of folk who have self-published, and who need a really good copy-editor.
[18:07]* Temprus is now known as TemprusAway
[18:07]<KK> The talent is mostly there, but not the discipline of having truly mastered the language.
[18:07]<the_Bee> No.  I thought maye a floppy would do.  There's something that might be hard drive.  It looks like it;s supposed to come out, but it won.t  little flat box-shape with robbon handle.
[18:07]<the_Bee> ribbon
[18:07]<Shiral> Gotta mind their P's Q's and Semicolons
[18:08]<KK> And homonyms.
[18:08]<Shiral> Them, too
[18:08]<jemler> i have mastered the language, its speling ware eye hav mi problemz
[18:08]<jojo> and misplaced modifiers
[18:08]<jemler> :)
[18:08]<KK> Especially them, too--and its vs. it's.  No one seems to know that anymore.
[18:08]<Shiral> Or the aspirants can make you long FOR aspirins
[18:09]<jojo> People like to think spell and grammar check will pick up everything..not so
[18:09]<Shiral> Nope, you have to do your time in the English trenches
[18:09]<the_Bee> and inappropriate apostrophes before s
[18:09]<KK> Yep.  All a spell checker can do is tell you that words are spelled right, not if it's the right word spelled right.
[18:09]<Shiral> I'm usually a good speller, but there are certain words I have to look up everytime. Like Renaissance
[18:10]<KK> I've got a feww bugaboos, too.
[18:10]<KK> few
[18:10]<jemler> not a word that comes up a lot in conversation
[18:10]<KK> True.
[18:10]<TemprusAway> "Eye have a spelling chequer, It came with my Pea Sea. It plane lee marks four my revue Miss Steaks I can knot sea."
[18:10]<KK> Yep.  And after a while, the eye just doesn't see mistakes.
[18:11]<Bynw> lol TemprusAway
[18:11]* Mak (~mak@32F4F9.B1A175.C939DB.8BE668) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:11]<Shiral> More than one pair of eyes is a huge help with editing
[18:11]<Bynw> hiyas Mak
[18:11]<KK> That's why professionals have copy editors and proofreaders.
[18:11]<jemler> hi mak
[18:11]<Shiral> Hi Mak
[18:11]<the_Bee> hi Mak
[18:11]<KK> Hi, Mak.
[18:11]<Mak> Hello, everyone
[18:11]<TemprusAway> Bynw:
[18:11]<TemprusAway> Welcome, Mak
[18:11]<Bynw> spell checking is for people who lack imaginations *grins*
[18:11]<Shiral> Dare we ask how the book progresses, KK?
[18:12]<jojo> I have noticed that the online newspapers seem to skip the proofreaders.
[18:12]<KK> BTW, I've got to boogie out of here around 7:30.  Scott and I are going to see Angels and Demons tonight.
[18:12]<Bynw> next week we expect a movie review of it then Katherine :)
[18:12]<the_Bee> Enjoy!  I've read the book; have you?
[18:12]<KK> Book is progressing.  And this week, I had to do two passes of the second draft of the film script.  He's really pulling it together.  One helluva writer!
[18:12]<jemler> KK, have you read the book?
[18:12]* Shiral sets up a tea table and a sundae bar
[18:12]<Shiral> Ooooo....... =o)
[18:13]<Shiral> About the script, that is
[18:13]<KK> No, but I've got it in the pile.  Read Da Vinci Code, of course.  This one is earlier.
[18:13]<TemprusAway> Well, I guess I no longer need to ask how the film is coming along :D
[18:13]* the_Bee sets out honey, peanot butter and bananas for the sundaes.
[18:13]<Mak> I liked Angels and Demoms better than DaVinci Code
[18:13]<KK> Alex sent me a copy of his script writing program, so I was able to go in and make my corrections & notes in red.
[18:14]<Bynw> neat
[18:14]<KK> He said it helped a lot.
[18:14]<Shiral> I always edit my ms's in sparkly red ink
[18:14]<jojo> Sounds like a great team player
[18:14]<KK> He is--and a fan.
[18:14]<Shiral> Both helpful!
[18:14]<KK> The program, which apparently is industry standard now, is called Final Draft.
[18:14]<jojo> How about the audio books.
[18:15]* Bynw notes that Susie would have liked to hear this movie update info ...
[18:15]<KK> They're available for download right now.  The physical cds will be ready in a few weeks.
[18:15]<jojo> Great!
[18:15]<Shiral> Double ooo!
[18:15]<the_Bee> Maybe she's already watching the finished movie.
[18:15]<KK> I'm sure she's hearing it now--and maybe already knows how everything is going to turn out.
[18:15]<jemler> nearly $200 for that program. you can get it a, which is on the web, but I don't know where! :)
[18:15]* TheDeryni (~TD@Husband.Storyteller.Wiseass) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:15]* ChanServ gives channel operator status to TheDeryni
[18:15]<jemler> hi TD
[18:16]<Shiral> Hi TD
[18:16]<the_Bee> hello TD
[18:16]<Bynw> cools about the audio books ... think i will get them all
[18:16]<jojo> howdy TD
[18:16]<Mak> Hello, TD
[18:16]<KK> I've put her into the new book, as threatened.  She's Susana-Helene, the mother of Stefan Coram.  :-)
[18:16]<@TheDeryni> 'ello all! Hi, Katherine.
[18:16]<Bynw> that is WONDERFUL Katherine
[18:16]<Bynw> thank you very much :)
[18:16]<jojo> That's soo cool!!
[18:16]<Mak> Awesome!
[18:16]<KK> Yep, not a cheap program, but well worth it, I'm sure, if one is a scriptwriter.
[18:17]<Shiral> Gotta have the right tools for the right jobs
[18:17]<jojo> Not a bad price for a professional publishing program.
[18:17]<KK> True.
[18:18]<KK> I do have a Word template that a friend of a friend wrote, that sets up the script format quite nicely--but Final Draft is even better.  Of course, the Word template was free.  :-)
[18:18]<Shiral> Especially if you want the original authors comments on your script done efficiently at both ends!
[18:18]<Shiral> Remind me.. .which company is doing the audio books?
[18:18]<Shiral> I'll be on the lookout for them
[18:19]<KK> Now I just have to get my printer sorted out.  We're putting more memory in, and more memory in the computer--and then Cameron is going to reinstall Windows.  It's acquired a few hiccups in the 3-4 years I've had this machine.
[18:19]<jemler> don't you mean "on the hearout for them!: :)
[18:19]<KK> Company is Audible.  Can get the recordings via Amazon, I believe.
[18:19]<Shiral> Thanks
[18:20]<Shiral> Yes, Jemler but I'm going to want the CD's so I can listen in my car. =o)
[18:20]<@TheDeryni> Katherine, have you read any of the novels by Naomi Novik?
[18:20]<Shiral> My iPod is almost full
[18:20]<Bynw> well i see Final Draft is available for both Windows and Mac
[18:20]<KK> Not yet.  But I have the Majesty's Dragon books--in the puile waiting to be read!
[18:21]<KK> pile
[18:21]<the_Bee> I'm working on elizabeth Bears Promethean novels
[18:21]<@TheDeryni> Ah. A very good read. I'm on the 3rd right now. Quite good historical fic.
[18:21]<Shiral> Just how high is this pile of books? =o)
[18:22]<KK> I'm still reading Weber.  And there are several piles.
[18:22]<KK> In several rooms.
[18:22]<@TheDeryni> lol
[18:22]<the_Bee> David Weber?
[18:22]<Shiral> Ah. kind of like the moons of Jupiter?
[18:22]<KK> Honor Harrington.
[18:22]<KK> Military SF.
[18:23]<the_Bee> I've heard of her.
[18:23]<Mak> No matter how much I manage to read, I never seem to be able to get to less than a shelf and a half of to-be-reads!
[18:23]<KK> A really gutsy heroine.
[18:23]<KK> And I just read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  What a hoot!
[18:24]* TheDeryni blinks
[18:24]<jojo> At the same time?  Quite a pairing.
[18:24]<@TheDeryni> Okay, that's an interesting title.
[18:24]<the_Bee> Umm, is that one novel or two?
[18:24]<Shiral> To be followed up by Sense and Sensibility and Vampires
[18:24]<jemler> is that one book or three?
[18:25]<@TheDeryni> heh heh
[18:25]<KK> Yep.  Whole passages are lifted wholesale from the original novel--and then there are zombies roaming the countryside.  Elizabeth is a fierce warrior.  It's great.
[18:25]<KK> Two  One with zombies and one with vampires.
[18:25]<Shiral> Tee hee
[18:25]<the_Bee> who wrote them?
[18:25]<@TheDeryni> Clever
[18:26]<jemler> i liked Job: A comedy of justice
[18:26]<KK> Don't have the book in front of me, so can't remember the author.  But yes, it <is> clever.
[18:26]<KK> No one I ever heard of before.
[18:26]<Mak> I see another slot on the shelf getting filled up...  :)
[18:27]<KK> Writes like Austen, though.
[18:27]<jemler> from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance - Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! (Paperback)
[18:27]<jemler> by Jane Austen (Author), Seth Grahame-Smith
[18:27]<jemler> Seth Grahame-Smith (Author)
[18:27]<jemler> Visit Amazon's Seth Grahame-Smith Page
[18:27]<jemler> Find all the books, read about the author, and more.
[18:27]<jemler> See search results for this author
[18:27]<jemler> Are you an author? Learn about Author Central
[18:27]<jemler> (Author)
[18:28]<jemler> so Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
[18:28]<KK> Yep.  I think he may be an Austen scholar.  Or he is now, if he wasn't before.
[18:28]<Shiral> One would hope so
[18:29]<KK> Well, I've gotta go.  Angels and Demons are calling.  See you all next week, same bat-time, same bat-channel.
[18:29]<Shiral> Have a good Bat-week
[18:30]<jemler> nite kk
[18:30]<the_Bee> enjoy your movie, your writing and your week.
[18:30]<jojo> have a great week!
[18:30]<Mak> Bye, KK, enjoy the movie!
[18:30]* KK steps onto her portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[18:30]<@TheDeryni> Nighters, Katherine!
[18:30]* Shiral wonders if Alaric now sleeps upside down.
[18:30]<Shiral> Bye, KK
[18:30]<KK> No!
[18:30]<Shiral> Just checking
[18:30]<Bynw> cya KK
[18:30]* KK has quit (Quit: )