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KK Chat 05-24-2009 (Memorial to Susan Werner RIP)
« on: May 24, 2009, 08:12:27 pm »

[17:45]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[17:45]<+jemler> hi kk
[17:45]<@TheDeryni> Hi Katherine.
[17:45]<+Shiral> And now with inside information as to Secret Circles
[17:45]<+Shiral> Hello, Katherine
[17:45]<KK> Hello, all. 
[17:46]<Bynw> hi KK
[17:46]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[17:46]<+Brom> Hi  KK
[17:46]<+Lbarms> Hey there KK, long time no chat
[17:46]<KK> Well, not the sort of ending to the week that any of us were expecting, eh?
[17:46]<+Lbarms> Very sad
[17:46]<+Shiral> Susan least of all
[17:46]<+Samuel> Hello KK
[17:46]<+Samuel> I would respectfully suggest leaving a note in the online GuestBook. Here's the URL:
[17:46]<+Samuel> at about 8pm there will be a special prayer held for Susan at a church in NYC.  as when the prayer starts, one of the congregation will let me know and I'll let everyone here know.
[17:46]<+Samuel> I invite everyone to stay for the prayer.
[17:47]<Bynw> not at all how i wanted my 3 day weekend to go .. which is now going to be 5 days
[17:47]<+Samuel> I wish I could go to the service.
[17:47]<+jemler> lousy reason to get extra time off.
[17:48]<+jemler> at any time, for any oner
[17:48]<+jemler> one, sorry\
[17:48]<+Brom> Prayer to Susan and to ZB who had hiw worst nightmare come true but still the presence to pass the unfortunate news
[17:48]<@TheDeryni> That is a beautiful passage, Katherine.
[17:49]<Bynw> thanks Brom
[17:49]<KK> Unfortunately, I've had reason to collect a number of such writings, over the years.  And they get used far too frequently for my taste.
[17:49]<+Shiral> I keep thinking of Kim and Pat, too
[17:49]<Bynw> that was a beautiful passage Katherine ... i've got tears in my eyes right now ... good thing i know how to type :)
[17:50]<+Shiral> And now Susan, and they all left us much too soon
[17:50]<KK> Julianne is dedicating the latest issue of DA to the three of them.
[17:50]<Bynw> wonderful ... you did get a hold of her then :)
[17:50]<KK> And there will be a memorial for Susan at Darkover.
[17:50]<+Lbarms> They would like that
[17:51]<KK> One has to wonder what gems of her writing are lurking in her computer, which now will probably never see the light of day or publication.
[17:51]<+jemler> Ever hear of Christopher Tolkien? He has pyblished his father's papers over the years.
[17:51]<+Shiral> It was way too soon and too sudden
[17:51]<KK> I just wish we had one of her stories for the latest issue.
[17:52]<+Samuel> May I suggest re-printing her first?
[17:52]<KK> I don't think the cousins that are left will recognize what's there, so it probably will all be wiped.
[17:53]<KK> That's a good idea, Sam.  I'll mention it to Julianne--or you can.
[17:53]<Lbarms> Maybe Bynw could talk to them at the memorial and maybe get to her computer if she hasnt password protected it
[17:53]<KK> If Shiral could get hold of her laptop, now....
[17:54]<KK> That's a good idea, Bynw.  You've talked to at least one of the cousins, and you'll be there.  Worth a try....
[17:54]<+Samuel> I hope the computer is not school property
[17:54]<KK> I don't think so. 
[17:54]<Bynw> it isnt. its her private imac
[17:54]<TheDeryni> Thank you for posting her picture, Bynw. It's nice to have a face to identify with.
[17:54]<+Shiral> Ah.... Well.... I have a PC.  But still....
[17:55]<+jemler> i was going to make a suggestion re windows, but if she used a mac, never mind!
[17:55]* RainbowDragon ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[17:55]* ChanServ sets mode +q #deryni_destinations RainbowDragon
[17:55]* ChanServ sets mode +a #deryni_destinations RainbowDragon
[17:55]* ChanServ gives channel operator status to RainbowDragon
[17:55]* Bynw has  mac
[17:55]<+jemler> hi rd
[17:55]<+Shiral> Hi RD
[17:55]<~RainbowDragon> hi
[17:55]<Bynw> please make sure you all leave a message for Susan here (register if you arent already registered on the forums)
[17:55]<@TheDeryni> Hello, RD.
[17:55]<+Sarah_dindin> hi RainbowDragon
[17:55]<~RainbowDragon> hi TD
[17:55]* Sarah_dindin is now known as Sarah
[17:55]<Bynw> wb RD
[17:55]<~RainbowDragon> thanks
[17:56]* Bynw huggles the skittles dragon
[17:56]* jemler offers to burp Sarah
[17:56]* TheDeryni hugs RD
[17:56]<+Lbarms> Hey there RD
[17:56]<+Sarah> no thanks, im good jemler
[17:56]<KK> Shiral, has someone notified Rob Reginald?  He'd want to know.
[17:56]<+Shiral> I will let him know, KK
[17:56]<Bynw> i havent ... dont have any contact info on Rob
[17:57]<+Shiral> I had to get his current email from Carolyn
[17:57]<+Sarah> although my dindin was nummifuls, jemler, it was ribs and fresh greenbeans
[17:57]<+Shiral> I definitely agree he and Mary must know about this
[17:57]<+Shiral>  I haven't contacted him in some time.
[17:57]<KK> Yeah, I think my last contact info for him is way stale.
[17:57]<+Sarah> hello KK
[17:58]<KK> Hey, Sarah.
[17:58]<+Shiral> We fell out of touch about 6 or 7 years ago
[17:59]* jlcsusara (~jonas@A6D346.387974.A57442.9A80B3) has joined #deryni_destinations
[17:59]* Bynw gives voice to jlcsusara
[17:59]<+Shiral>  But Carolyn just sent me the current address, so I'll fire off a missive to him after chat
[17:59]<+Sarah> hi Shiral
[17:59]* Sarah hugs Shiral
[17:59]* Shiral hugs Sarah back
[18:01]<+Lbarms> PM to fygar
[18:01]<KK> Bynw, where did you post her picture?
[18:01]<+jemler> its under fans of kk
[18:01]<Bynw> in the gallery on rhemuthcastle
[18:01]<Bynw> under the fans of kk
[18:01]* AceofSwrds ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:01]* Bynw gives voice to AceofSwrds
[18:02]* Kiri ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:02]* Bynw gives voice to Kiri
[18:02]<+jemler> hi kiri, long time
[18:02]<Bynw> hi kiri, ltns
[18:02]<+Shiral> Hello Kiri
[18:02]<Bynw> please make sure you all leave a message for Susan here (register if you arent already registered on the forums)
[18:02]<Kiri> Thank you Bynw.  Hi everyone.
[18:02]* TheDeryni waves to Kiri and AceofSwrds
[18:02]<+Samuel> I would respectfully suggest leaving a note in the online GuestBook. Here's the URL:
[18:02]<+Samuel> at about 8pm there will be a special prayer held for Susan at a church in NYC.  as when the prayer starts, one of the congregation will let me know and I'll let everyone here know.
[18:02]<+Samuel> I invite everyone to stay for the prayer.
[18:02]<+AceofSwrds> In the immortal words of Christopher Walken, "Hey!"
[18:02]<+jemler> hi aceofswrds
[18:02]<+Kiri> Sam - that's abotu an hour from now?
[18:02]<+Shiral> Hi Ace
[18:03]<+Samuel> yes... 
[18:03]<+Samuel> I guess I should have put Eastern Time in the notice.
[18:03]<+Kiri> no problem. =)  I'm just awful with time change translation. =) 
[18:04]<+jemler> Ace, Forget Walken, go with Fat Albert "Hey, hwy, hey"
[18:04]<+Samuel> believe it or not....  it took World of Warcraft to get me comfortable with east coast vs. west coast times.
[18:04]<+AceofSwrds> Jem, no one can forget Walken. :-D
[18:04]<+Shiral> Just read your tribute to Susan, KK. Only a Zipper brother and sister left, now...
[18:04]<+Samuel> all times in WoW are "server time" which is Pacific time
[18:05]<+jemler> Remember the gold plate he had put in his head after Biloxi Blues?
[18:05]<KK> Lovely picture, Bynw.  Do we have any of her in costume?
[18:05]<+Temprus> Walken is that dancer from that video, right?
[18:05]<+Temprus> ;D
[18:05]<+Kiri> speaking of which.. has anyone told Duck?
[18:05]<+Shiral> I hope Susan and Stefan Coram are having a great dinner date
[18:05]<Shiral> Yes, both Bynw and I got hold of him
[18:05]<+jemler> Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the Worm!
[18:05]<+Kiri> with dancing and all the trimmings.
[18:05]<+Shiral> And LOTS of complications. =o)
[18:05]<KK> Ah, yes.  My devious mind is already working on how to get her into the current book with him.  :-)
[18:06]<+Kiri> I let Eileen and her kids know.
[18:06]<Bynw> kk, no i dont ... i have some other mundane pics of Susie though
[18:06]<@TheDeryni> Lbarms, your account is activated
[18:06]<+Kiri> oh good!
[18:06]<Bynw> that would be great Katherine
[18:06]<+Shiral> After all, Susan was always mistress of that
[18:06]* the_Bee ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:06]<+jemler> hi bee
[18:06]* Bynw gives voice to the_Bee
[18:06]<KK> Hi, Bee.
[18:06]<+AceofSwrds> KK is devious? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah. :-)
[18:06]<@TheDeryni> jlcsusara, your account is activated.
[18:06]<+the_Bee> Hi KK!  How was your con?
[18:06]<@TheDeryni> Hiyas, Bee
[18:06]<+jlcsusara> k. thanks
[18:06]<+Shiral> KK, just for a guess, will she be initiating him into a secret circle?
[18:07]<+Sarah> hi the_Bee
[18:07]<+Shiral> Hi Bee
[18:07]<+Kiri> hi bee!
[18:07]<Bynw> oooh that would be neat
[18:07]<+the_Bee> Hi TD, Sarah, Shiral, Kiri and jemler
[18:07]<+Shiral> Or maybe she could help Stefan take on Rhydon's identity...
[18:07]<KK> Haven't decided.  Maybe work her in as a love interest.  Or she could be a Deryni adept of some sort.
[18:08]<Brom> Bynw, I have some photos of Susan, just not on this laptop.
[18:08]<Bynw> cools
[18:08]<+Kiri> I think we have some out here.. from 99
[18:09]<+Lbarms> Hi Kiri
[18:09]<+Kiri> I'll let you know
[18:09]<+Samuel> one of the extreamly few female Anvilers.  One that has a message for him and "stays a while"
[18:09]<+Shiral> She could be both a love interest AND a Deryni adept...
[18:09]<+Kiri> Hi Laura! *waves*
[18:09]<KK> Goodness, I guess it really has been that long.  Ten years.
[18:09]<+the_Bee> Hi Laura! long time no see
[18:09]<+Shiral> Yes
[18:09]<+the_Bee> Who is this "she"?
[18:09]<+Kiri> yes.  and a bit of pining on Stephan's part seems.. fitting.
[18:09]<+Shiral> Susan Werner
[18:09]<+jemler> no one told bee?
[18:10]<+the_Bee> no.
[18:10]<@TheDeryni> Rut row.
[18:10]<Bynw> i didnt have any contact info
[18:10]<+Lbarms> Wow, you are right.  I think I entered the newsgroup summer of 99.  How time flies
[18:10]<Bynw> the_Bee, Susan passed away on Friday
[18:10]<Bynw> please make sure you all leave a message for Susan here (register if you arent already registered on the forums)
[18:10]<+the_Bee> Oh no!  what happened?
[18:10]<Bynw> complications with her asthma
[18:11]<+the_Bee> and she was just getting over her parentrs loss :(
[18:11]<@TheDeryni> Bee:
[18:11]<Bynw> thats unfortunately all i know right now about what happened
[18:11]<+Shiral> Just sent off the email to Rob and Mary, KK
[18:12]<KK> Very good.  Thank you!
[18:12]<+Kiri> oh good.  I didin't know if anyone had reached them yet.
[18:12]<@TheDeryni> I sent one off to Rita, too.
[18:12]<+Kiri> I sent one to Julie Lim.
[18:12]<Bynw> rita already knows i gave her a call
[18:13]<+Shiral> I meant to send it yesterday, but the email address got bounced back to me
[18:13]<@TheDeryni> Oh, never mind then.
[18:13]<+the_Bee> Has anyone notified MAK or Debbie?
[18:13]<Bynw> yes to both
[18:13]<+Kiri> Mak knows.
[18:14]<+Shiral> I emailed MAK... I think
[18:14]<+Shiral> But she knows from one informant or another
[18:14]<+Brom> MAK posted
[18:14]<Bynw> i talked to mak via IM and talked to debbie over the phone
[18:14]<@TheDeryni> They have both posted, I believe.
[18:14]<+Shiral> I just went through my email address book and emailed everyone I still had an address for
[18:14]<+Lbarms> Was Rebecca on that list
[18:15]<+Brom> rebecca davis?
[18:15]<+Lbarms> yes
[18:15]<Bynw> rita is on her way to the chat
[18:16]<+jemler> anybody tell DesertRose?
[18:16]<Bynw> yes
[18:17]<+Brom> was it in 97 or 98 that we first began to gather at Darkover?
[18:17]<+Shiral> I  don't have Rebecca Davis' email, anymore. I don't think
[18:17]<+Shiral> I think the first year I was there was '99
[18:17]<+Kiri> I"ll let kristy know.  *just remembered*
[18:18]<+Lbarms> I dont think I have the rebldavis address either
[18:18]<+Kiri> Shiral - her email works I think.  btu I haven't heard anything from her in a long while.
[18:18]* Mistyck (Mistyck@31356A.806B65.BC4605.4338F2) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:19]<Mistyck> hiyas all :)
[18:19]<+Brom> IIRC Susan was the one who first suggested that as a gathering point for KK fans.
[18:19]<KK> Hey, Rita!
[18:19]* Bynw gives voice to Mistyck
[18:19]* TheDeryni tackle-huggles Mistyck
[18:19]<+the_Bee> HI Mistyck. it's good to see you again.
[18:19]<+Mistyck> how are you all?  Sorry to meet on such a sad occasion :(
[18:19]<Bynw> please make sure you all leave a message for Susan here (register if you arent already registered on the forums)
[18:19]<+Shiral> I think you're right Brom
[18:19]<+Brom> hi mistyck
[18:19]<+jemler> hi mistyck
[18:20]<+Samuel>  I would respectfully suggest leaving a note in the online GuestBook. Here's the URL:
[18:20]<+Samuel> at about 8pm Eastern Time there will be a special prayer held for Susan at a church in NYC.  as when the prayer starts, one of the congregation will let me know and I'll let everyone here know.
[18:20]<+Samuel> I invite everyone to stay for the prayer.
[18:20]<+jemler> fyi it is now 7:20 EDT
[18:20]<Bynw> hi Mistyck glad to see you back in chat
[18:21]<+Samuel> I hope I'm not spamming that too often.
[18:21]<+the_Bee> I have an email for Rebecca, but I have no idea if it'sstill current. "Rebecca Davis" <>
[18:21]<Bynw> you are fine sam :)
[18:21]<+Brom> Shiral, you missed one or two years.  KK did her reading of the KKB 1st chapter in the consuite as no other room was available.
[18:21]<+Mistyck> it's good to be here but wish it was a happier occassion
[18:21]<KK> Amen!
[18:21]<+AceofSwrds> Samuel, you don't hit that level until the Vikings start singing...
[18:21]<Bynw> i'll 2nd that Amen
[18:22]<+Shiral> I know, Brom. I remember hearing about the fun everyone had in '98 and decided to come the next year
[18:22]<@TheDeryni> I've missed you, Rita.
[18:22]<+Mistyck> I've missed you too TD-- and everyone but have been busy in my retirement
[18:22]<+Samuel> Why would a football team start singing?
[18:23]<+Brom> She was one of the few who made it every year, despite any reallife tests.
[18:23]<@TheDeryni> That's an oximoron there Mistyck
[18:23]<+AceofSwrds> Samuel, not the football team. The actual Vikings.
[18:23]<+AceofSwrds> Geez, make a Monty Python reference in this group... :-)
[18:23]<@TheDeryni> lol
[18:24]<+jemler> take off their helmets, and the horns are still attached to their heads (History of the World, Part 1)
[18:24]<+Brom> with or without antonio banderas?
[18:24]<+jemler> who needs him?
[18:24]<+Brom> the vikings ...
[18:25]<+Mistyck> it's funny how one can stay really busy when they don't have to work lol
[18:25]<+AceofSwrds> Casting Banderas as a Muslim is like casting a Belgian to play a Scotsman in a movie where the costar is a Scotsman playing a Spaniard who claims to be Egyptian.
[18:25]<+the_Bee> You mean you weren't kept busy when you were working?
[18:26]<+Mistyck> it seemed like not as busy Bee :)
[18:26]<+Brom> well, that's when the real "honey, do" list comes out.
[18:26]<+AceofSwrds> Fortunately, no one's made a movie with THAT kind of illogical casting... :-D
[18:26]<+jemler> too busy making her boss think she was working, perhaps :0
[18:27]<+Mistyck> heehee
[18:27]<+Mistyck> I'll be honest--I'm STILL in shock and I know it will be hard not to expect to see Susan around the corner at Darkover this year
[18:28]<+Mistyck> we'll have to do a DnD game in her honor also
[18:28]<+Samuel> church will be delayed a bit.  the priest was delayed in getting there.
[18:29]<+Shiral> Darn traffic
[18:29]<+jemler> maybe she figured out what Camber did, and you WILL  see her!
[18:29]<+Mistyck> that's very true Jemler :)
[18:29]<+Samuel> ferry was slowed for rough weather
[18:29]<+Kiri> is it windy in NYC or do they have bad weather there today?
[18:30]<@TheDeryni> Yeah, pretty stormy in the NY area.
[18:30]<+Mistyck> thunderstorms I believe
[18:30]<@TheDeryni> Yep, T-boomers.
[18:30]<+jemler> they passed south of me earlier
[18:30]<+the_Bee> KK. before I got here, were you talking about writing susan into your book?
[18:30]<KK> Yes.
[18:30]<+Brom> She was a real Alaric Morgan fan and was very eager to see the final book in that trilogy.
[18:30]<+the_Bee> Sweet.
[18:30]<+Mistyck> aww that would be soo awesome KK
[18:31]<KK> I'm thinking to involve her with Stefan Coram in some way.
[18:31]<+Mistyck> I think she'd really like that
[18:31]<+jemler> i saw jeopardy the other day and they had a kid named Alaric on the show.
[18:31]* Debbie-VB ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:31]<+jemler> hi deb
[18:31]<+Mistyck> hi Debbie
[18:31]<~RainbowDragon> Hi Debbie
[18:31]<+Kiri> hi deb
[18:31]<@TheDeryni> Hi Debbie-VB
[18:31]<KK> Hi, Debbie.
[18:31]<+the_Bee> Hi Debbie
[18:31]<Debbie-VB> Hi to all.
[18:32]<Bynw> Hi debbie
[18:32]<+Brom> That would fit - Mistress of Complications and the mysterious Stefan Coram.
[18:32]* Bynw gives voice to Debbie-VB
[18:32]<+Shiral> Hi Debbie
[18:32]<+Samuel> I would respectfully suggest leaving a note in the online GuestBook. Here's the URL:
[18:32]<+Samuel> at about 8:15pm Eastern Time there will be a special prayer held for Susan at a church in NYC.  as when the prayer starts, one of the congregation will let me know and I'll let everyone here know.
[18:32]<+Samuel> I invite everyone to stay for the prayer.
[18:32]<KK> Well, she had a fascination with him.  Seems only fair.
[18:32]<+Mistyck> yep :)
[18:32]<+Shiral> And Stefan might mourn the complications of his love life.... =o)
[18:32]<Bynw> i think she approves of it
[18:33]<+Lbarms> As long as she doesnt get Morgan in the end ;-)
[18:33]<+Shiral> Clear off, Morgan's MINE, honey
[18:33]<+Mistyck> has anyone been able to contact Donald?
[18:33]<+Shiral>  I picked up his toys and bathed him when he got muddy!
[18:33]<Shiral> Yes, both Bynw and I have told Donald
[18:33]<+Lbarms> that means he's too young for you
[18:33]<+Samuel> I thought Morgan was Sedina's
[18:33]<+Brom> I left him an email
[18:33]<+Mistyck> good
[18:34]<+the_Bee> I thought Dhugal was Sedina's
[18:34]<~RainbowDragon> No, Sedina was crazy for Duncan
[18:34]<Shiral> Bynw, I KNOW Susan would approve of a romantic link between her and Stefan
[18:34]<+Mistyck> Dhugal was Sedina's
[18:34]<+Kiri> *agrees*
[18:34]<+Debbie-VB> I'm glad that Chris was able to tell me
[18:34]<+Shiral> No, it's Jasta who's crazy for Duncan
[18:34]<+Mistyck> yep
[18:34]<Bynw> yes she would Shiral
[18:34]<+Kiri> I can't recall who is avid for Alister..
[18:34]<+Shiral> Let's keep our crushes straight here, people...
[18:34]<KK> Jasta is hot for Nigel.
[18:34]<+Shiral> AND Duncan...
[18:34]<+Mistyck> yep Nigel and Duncan
[18:35]<+jemler> i put in for an email, i didn't know until i logged in.
[18:35]<+Brom> KK you could make her Stefan's mother ...
[18:35]<Bynw> Jasta is such a naughty priest
[18:35]<+Mistyck> I am the one who wanted Jesse lol
[18:35]<Bynw> Brom, that is an excellent idea
[18:35]<+Kiri> Susan as Stphan's mom?    oh no! 
[18:35]<+Mistyck> nooo too young
[18:35]<+Lbarms> wow, I hope they dont find out about one another
[18:35]* Shiral swats Laura with a trout --I'm NOT too old for Morgan!
[18:36]<+Lbarms> hehehehe
[18:36]<+Kiri> lol
[18:36]<+Mistyck> poor Kelson--no love for him lol
[18:36]* jemler passes Shiral some diapers for Morgan
[18:36]<+Shiral> Martine's the one who's hot for HIM
[18:36]* Shiral tosses Jemler back the diapers.
[18:36]* jlcsusara has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:36]<+Shiral> Sorry, I don't think you'll have to share!
[18:36]<+AceofSwrds> Shiral, I wasn't aware it was time for the Fish Slapping Dance...
[18:36]* Sarah sits quietly and laughs.
[18:37]<+Brom> Brom sticks the trout on a stick and looks for the nearest fire
[18:37]<+Debbie-VB> leaves me clear for Araxie
[18:37]<+jemler> What was the name of that pretty one from the south, the one they thought would be good for Kelson, Ekatrina?
[18:37]* TheDeryni gets out some marshmellows
[18:37]<+Shiral> Nobody expects either the Spanish Inquisition OR the fish slapping dance!
[18:37]<+AceofSwrds> Shiral, exactly!
[18:37]<+jemler> But no more Spam, I hate Spam!
[18:37]<+AceofSwrds> Now, if you have the Spanish Inquisition DOING the Fish Slapping Dance...
[18:37]<+Shiral> Especially not Cardinal Biggles armed with trout and a comfy chair
[18:37]<+Kiri> notes that the slapped fish don't go well with the confy chair
[18:37]<+Brom> Careful, Ekaterine in now with miles ... oops, wrong univers
[18:38]<+Shiral> Actually, I think Dhugal rather liked Ekaterina
[18:38]* Kiri testing emote
[18:38]* TheDeryni screen goes blank.
[18:38]<@TheDeryni> Hey!
[18:39]<+jemler> ok, if everybody in the Eleven Kingdoms is spoken for, I'll take Hermione
[18:39]<+Mistyck> lol
[18:39]<+Sarah> O.o
[18:39]<+Brom> er, Dhugal still likes anything in skirts ..
[18:39]<+the_Bee> I see you, TD.
[18:39]<+Kiri> not everyone in the Eleven Kingdom's is spoken for.
[18:39]<+AceofSwrds> If everyone in the Eleven Kingdoms is spoken for, I'll just become an Adept. :-D
[18:39]* TheDeryni winks at Evaine.
[18:39]<+jemler> he's a borderer, everybody's in skirts!
[18:39]<+the_Bee> Whi is destined to marry Payne?
[18:39]<+Debbie-VB> Jemler, you can have Charrisa...
[18:39]* Debbie-VB winks
[18:39]<+AceofSwrds> The Bee, someone with the last name of Suffering.
[18:40]<KK> Don't know if we'll ever get that far in time.
[18:40]<+jemler> pass.
[18:40]<+Brom> Payne? let him grow up first, please
[18:40]<+AceofSwrds> That way, there will be the Payne and Suffering wedding...
[18:40]* Kiri winces
[18:40]<@TheDeryni> Ack
[18:40]<+AceofSwrds> Thank you. I'll be here all week. Try the trout...
[18:40]<+Kiri> next he'll be wedded ff to Suffragette of .. somewhere
[18:40]<+jemler> Payne won't be Suffering until he reads the divorce settlement!
[18:40]* Shiral swats Ace with a trout
[18:40]<@TheDeryni> lol
[18:40]<+Brom> launches three frogs at AoS ..
[18:41]* Debbie-VB pelts AceofSwords with a plateful of petrified purple peeps
[18:41]<+Samuel> KK ???
[18:41]* AceofSwrds makes dodge rolls
[18:41]<+Shiral> I think Liam's little sister has been mentioned as a bride for Payne
[18:41]<+jemler> she's still here, she's just letting us vent our spleens!
[18:41]<+Debbie-VB> She was in codex II
[18:41]<+Kiri> I think Shiral is right.. but things can change in the royal wedding market..
[18:41]<KK> Yep, I'm here.
[18:41]<+Brom> or spleen our vents ..
[18:42]<+Samuel> KK did you see my PM?
[18:42]* Pyracantha ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:42]* Lbarms has missed the food fights. 
[18:42]<KK> I answered it.
[18:42]* Bynw gives voice to Pyracantha
[18:42]<+jemler> and liam is marrrying Rory's sister
[18:42]<+fygar> nice as it was to read all your comments ( and I have tears running down my face from laughing) I have to leave and search my bed. I hvave to get up in 4 more hours
[18:42]<Bynw> Hi Pyracantha :)
[18:42]* Sarah thinks... omg im SO glad im not in this...
[18:42]<+Pyracantha> Hi Chris
[18:42]* Kiri read that as Liam is marrying Rry.. (at first)
[18:42]<+Samuel> yes, you did....
[18:42]<+fygar> so bye
[18:42]<+Samuel> didn't see it.
[18:42]<+Brom> farewell fygar
[18:42]<+Mistyck> take care Fygar
[18:42]* fygar has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:42]<KK> Is that really our Pyra?
[18:42]<+Lbarms> Good to see you again fygar
[18:42]<Bynw> cya fygar
[18:42]<+Kiri> sleep well fya
[18:42]* TheDeryni waves to fygar
[18:42]<Bynw> yes that is really our Pyra :)
[18:42]<+Shiral> Bye, Fygar
[18:42]<+Pyracantha> yep KK I'm here Just got back from Balticon
[18:42]<+jemler> bye fygar
[18:43]<+Lbarms> have a good rest of the night
[18:43]<+the_Bee> Codex says Payne was betrothed to Lionel's daughter Stanisha.
[18:43]<KK> Cool!  Good to see you.
[18:43]<+Shiral> Hi Pyracantha
[18:43]<+Pyracantha> Chris invited me.
[18:43]<+Pyracantha> What should I say
[18:43]<+Kiri> hello =)
[18:43]<+Mistyck> hi Pyracantha--nice to meet you
[18:43]<+Shiral> That's her name, couldn't remember
[18:43]<+Pyracantha> Hi folks
[18:43]<+Pyracantha> I am an OLD Deryni fan
[18:43]<+Shiral> Stanisha, not Pyracantha
[18:43]<+Mistyck> lol Shiral
[18:43]<+jemler> thanks for clearing that up
[18:43]* Samuel whistles at the "old" remark.......
[18:44]<+Lbarms> Ah, a self admitted "Old" Deryni
[18:44]<Bynw> lol
[18:44]<+Brom> er, we are all "Old" Deryni fans ...
[18:44]<+Pyracantha> Samuel are you....
[18:44]* TheDeryni nods to jemler
[18:44]<+Pyracantha> Saml Bassett?
[18:44]<KK> No, he's our Samwise.
[18:44]<+Sarah> ok guys, i think im going to leave and let you all ahve fun without me before i get lost. Toodles!
[18:44]<+Samuel> no....  Samuel Wise(ass)
[18:44]<+Pyracantha> heh
[18:44]<Bynw> cya Sarah
[18:44]<@TheDeryni> Nighters, Sarah
[18:44]<+jemler> by sarah
[18:44]<+the_Bee> bye Sarah
[18:44]<+Brom> fw sarah
[18:44]<+Lbarms> bye Sara
[18:44]<+Pyracantha> I am shocked about Susan W
[18:44]<KK> Night, Sarah.
[18:45]<+Mistyck> take care Sarah--nice to meet you
[18:45]<Bynw> please make sure you all leave a message for Susan here (register if you arent already registered on the forums)
[18:45]<+Shiral> Night, Sarah
[18:45]<Bynw> me too :(
[18:45]<+Pyracantha> I only knew her thru DarkoverCon
[18:45]* Sarah (~Sarah_Parti@D82662.974088.4DFADC.03FF2E) has left #deryni_destinations
[18:45]<+Pyracantha> I have a picture or two of her
[18:45]<+Shiral> Everyone is. It was so sudden and unexpected =o(
[18:45]<+Pyracantha> Now that the high pressure of Balticon is over I can work on the Michaeline photo gallery
[18:45]<+Mistyck> yep--still in shock :(
[18:45]<+the_Bee> I barely knew her at all.
[18:46]<+jemler> same here bee
[18:46]<+Debbie-VB> I'm glad I got to meet her that one time at darkover
[18:46]<+Samuel> I would respectfully suggest leaving a note in the online GuestBook. Here's the URL:
[18:46]<+Samuel> at about 8:15pm Eastern Time there will be a special prayer held for Susan at a church in NYC.  as when the prayer starts, one of the congregation will let me know and I'll let everyone here know.
[18:46]<+Samuel> I invite everyone to stay for the prayer.
[18:46]<@TheDeryni> Me also, Bee.
[18:46]<+Pyracantha> I have never been in this chat before. Does it meet every Sunday night?
[18:46]<+Mistyck> every day actually
[18:46]<+the_Bee> We try.  KK comes if she can.
[18:46]<+Lbarms> really? what time
[18:47]<+Pyracantha> I have often wondered what DeryniChat was like
[18:47]<Mistyck> someone is usually here--normally TD and Bynw
[18:47]<Bynw> KK is here on Sundays but someone is usually here everyday
[18:47]<+Pyracantha> ok
[18:47]<+Samuel> there's a lot more people here on Sunday evening, but the channel runs 24/7
[18:47]<+the_Bee> around 7 Eastern time lately
[18:47]<KK> She was quite a dynamo, and a very talented writer.  Mistress of Complications says most of it.
[18:47]<+Pyracantha> I have been transcribing my older Deryni art
[18:47]<@TheDeryni> You might have to poke me, but I'm usually here.
[18:47]<+Pyracantha> Digital images from slides
[18:47]<+Brom> she blessed us with her friendship for 11 years ..
[18:47]<+Pyracantha> "TheDeryni" who are you
[18:47]<KK> She was more active before her parents got sick, in 2007, and was just starting to bounce back from that annus horriblis.
[18:47]<+Mistyck> I will start coming in more regularly too
[18:47]<+Mistyck> yes she did Brom
[18:48]<+Shiral> Indeed
[18:48]* duck ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:48]<+Mistyck> Duck!!!!
[18:48]<Bynw> I've known her since 2000 and Dragon*Con of that year
[18:48]<KK> Yay, Duck!
[18:48]<+jemler> i didn't know her as well as I knew Wrengl
[18:48]<Bynw> hi duck
[18:48]<+Samuel> Hello Duck!
[18:48]<+Shiral> Hello Donald
[18:48]* Bynw gives voice to duck
[18:48]<+jemler> hi duck
[18:48]<+Pyracantha> Duck?
[18:48]* AceofSwrds ducks
[18:48]<Bynw> please make sure you all leave a message for Susan here (register if you arent already registered on the forums)
[18:48]<+duck> hi everyone
[18:48]<+Brom> G'day, Donald
[18:48]<+jemler> Donald Duck
[18:48]<+Debbie-VB> I've been kind of irregular in this chat lately, but I used to be quite regular.
[18:48]<+Shiral> I first met Susan at Westercon in San Diego in 1998
[18:49]<+Lbarms> I was just in Chicago in April and thought of looking her up.  Wish I had done so.  Now it is too late
[18:49]<+the_Bee> Whenever Susan called herself "Mistress of Complications" I was tempted to call myself "Seeker of Simplifications."
[18:49]* TheDeryni looks in the mirror. "Yep, that's me."  I am new compared to Mistyck, Shiral, etc. But been here about 4 - 5 years. (I think)
[18:49]<+Shiral> I met Susan, Katherine and Rob and Mary for the first time all in a 24 hour period
[18:49]<+Mistyck> everyone, my son is here also and said to say hello to all
[18:49]<+Lbarms> I hear prunes are good for that Debbie
[18:49]<+Pyracantha> Goodness this chat has been going on that long?
[18:49]<+the_Bee> Hello Ryan.
[18:49]<KK> Ah, I was going to ask how he's doing.
[18:49]<+jemler> hi mistycks som
[18:49]<+Shiral> hi Ryan
[18:49]<@TheDeryni> Been reading KK's novels since 1982, though.
[18:49]<Bynw> Hey Ryan
[18:49]<KK> What year is he just finishing now?
[18:50]<+Mistyck> he's 17 and a half now--just got through school
[18:50]<+Brom> Duck, how was your extra week in Hawaii?
[18:50]<+Debbie-VB> hnot t6hat kind of irregular Lbarns.  I've just been a very busy girl, and I've often got tther things happeniung on a Sunday afternoon
[18:50]<+Mistyck> college or military, he hasn't made up his mind yet
[18:50]<KK> Yike.  That's impossible.  Isn't he still in junior high?!
[18:50]<+Shiral> Chat came after the alt.books.deryni newsgroup
[18:50]<+Shiral> I think I started reading just before the Camber trilogy came out
[18:50]<+jemler> at 17!
[18:51]<+the_Bee> Hi duck! I didn't see you come in.
[18:51]<+jemler> Why did it take you so long to learn, Shiral?
[18:51]<+Mistyck> well, he'll be 18 this August
[18:51]<@TheDeryni> Hiyas, Duck.
[18:51]<+Debbie-VB> Got you beet there TD, I started reading KK in '75, as a foetus
[18:51]<+the_Bee> I started when Dr was the only one.
[18:51]<~RainbowDragon> does ryan still ice skate?
[18:51]<+the_Bee> DR
[18:51]<Bynw> chat's been going on for probably 9 years though
[18:51]<+Mistyck> no...not anymore
[18:51]<+Pyracantha> amazing
[18:51]<@TheDeryni> Actually, Deb, we've met before.
[18:51]<+Debbie-VB> G'quack duck
[18:51]<@TheDeryni> Ack
[18:52]<+Lbarms> Hey there Duck, you just missed fygar
[18:52]<+Mistyck> I know I heard about chat back in 2001 or maybe late 2000
[18:52]<+Mistyck> first darkover and meeting everyone was 2002
[18:52]<+Kiri> hi Duck
[18:52]<+Pyracantha> Is anyone else I know on this chat (besides KK, Sam, Chris)?
[18:52]<+duck> hi laura barms - i spoke with fygar earlier
[18:52]<+Shiral> I'm melissa
[18:53]<Bynw> Jasta every now and again
[18:53]<+Mistyck> don't think we've met Pyracantha
[18:53]<+Pyracantha> Houle?
[18:53]<+Shiral> Yes
[18:53]<+jemler> We've never met. John Emler
[18:53]<+Mistyck> Rita here
[18:53]<+Pyracantha> Hi hi hi
[18:53]<+Pyracantha> Some of your fan writing I have illustrated
[18:53]<+the_Bee> I'm Beverly; I don't think we've met.
[18:53]<Bynw> nancy too from time to time
[18:53]<+Debbie-VB> Surprisingly, My name is Debbie
[18:53]<+Shiral> Mine? I'm flattered
[18:53]<+jemler> well fancy that!
[18:53]<+Pyracantha> Nancy ??
[18:53]<@TheDeryni> I meant it feels like I just started reading. How I got "nice to meet you" out of "got you beat there" I don't know.
[18:53]<+Mistyck> Berman
[18:53]<+Pyracantha> Ah
[18:53]<+Lbarms> I dont recognize your screen name, but I have been with the chat since its inception I think
[18:53]<+Brom> I'm Brom.  Made nearly every darkover except the last two.
[18:54]<KK> Sometimes he brings his son.
[18:54]<+Mistyck> how's your son doing Brom?
[18:54]<@TheDeryni> Kevin, here.
[18:54]<+Pyracantha> Hi Kevin
[18:54]<+Debbie-VB> I've only managed to make one Darkover, about 6 years ago.  I'm still hoping to get to another one
[18:54]<+Brom> Alaric goes by Rick now.  17, a junior, plays viola
[18:54]<+Pyracantha> I drag my carcass to Darkover every year and have since 1981
[18:54]<Bynw> fyi there is a darkover 2009 thread on
[18:55]<+Lbarms> Brom, my son that you used to tape Basket Ball game for is now engaged and wants to join the Air Force
[18:55]<+Pyracantha> Are they asking the obvious question?
[18:55]<KK> Wow, viola!  Cool!
[18:55]<+jemler> i just loooked me up. i've been here about 4 years
[18:55]<+the_Bee> I'm thinking of trying Darkover again.  I was there when Debbie was.
[18:55]<+Mistyck> we have had to have run into each other then Pyra--during the readings or something
[18:55]<+Pyracantha> ok
[18:55]<@TheDeryni> I'm thinking of attending my first "con" at Darkover this year.
[18:55]<Bynw> i remember that Bee i was there too that year
[18:55]<+Pyracantha> but I usually hang out with other folks at DK
[18:55]<+Mistyck> cool TD!!!
[18:55]<+Debbie-VB> then I probably met you too Pyra.
[18:55]<Mistyck> Bynw and I were already planning to be there
[18:55]<+Brom> AF?  Isn't there a rule that he has to pick a different service?
[18:56]<@TheDeryni> You're going? Wow.
[18:56]<Bynw> of course i was planning on seeing Susan there too :(
[18:56]<+Lbarms> yeah, but he has never played by the rules
[18:56]* jemler muses "What are the "ros off attending a Con?"
[18:56]<Mistyck> yeah I know Bynw :(
[18:56]<+duck> laura - was this the son of yours who disappeared off to his room when connie and i visited?
[18:56]<+Lbarms> yep
[18:56]<+Mistyck> AF is the best
[18:56]<+Mistyck> you retired yet Laura?
[18:56]<+Pyracantha> ros off attending?
[18:56]<+duck> wow
[18:56]<+Lbarms> I wish...still have another 7 years
[18:57]<+jemler> sorry Pros of attending a Con?
[18:57]<+Brom> yup.  Viola.  Turns him from shy and quiet to a performer ...
[18:57]<+Mistyck> ahh--it'll go by fast :)
[18:57]<+the_Bee> "I never promised you a ros gardan."
[18:57]<+Pyracantha> I sell stuff and make money at cons.
[18:57]<+Mistyck> I probably bought some of your stuff Pyra lol
[18:57]<+the_Bee> what kind of stuff?
[18:57]<+jemler> that's your pros!
[18:57]<+Pyracantha> art.
[18:57]<@TheDeryni> I had a drink the other day with a Full-bird, Mistyck
[18:57]<+Shiral> Pros are hearing KK read, and meeting everyone face to face
[18:57]<+Mistyck> ahh cool TD
[18:58]<+Mistyck> yep and hanging out in the Pub
[18:58]<~RainbowDragon> a general? wow!
[18:58]<+Mistyck> colonel
[18:58]<+Shiral> Or the pool
[18:58]<+Mistyck> full bird
[18:58]<+Mistyck> yep
[18:58]<+Brom> small con, not a madhouse like Balticon or Dragoncon
[18:58]<+Shiral> You were more likely to find Susan in the pool.
[18:58]<+Mistyck> yep
[18:58]<KK> Pyra is a fantastic artist.
[18:58]<+Pyracantha> Thanks.
[18:58]* Debbie-VB thingks that having a dfrink with a full bird is probably cheaper then an empty bird
[18:58]<+Lbarms> or in garb
[18:58]<+Pyracantha> I am considering doing more Deryni art.
[18:58]<+Shiral> I think she might have had webbed toes, she liked swimming so much
[18:58]<+Mistyck> I still love her tiara
[18:58]<+duck> and is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush in this instance?
[18:58]<+the_Bee> my cons were having to choose between attending events and hanging out with you guys.
[18:58]<+Pyracantha> I have a photo of her with the tiara on.
[18:58]<+jemler> is the full bird Wild Turkey?
[18:58]<+Brom> no, the hot tub ...
[18:58]<+Shiral> Please do, Pyracantha
[18:59]<KK> Yes, having a jaccuzi (or jacuzzi) was one of the requirements of a con hotel, so far as Susan was concerned.
[18:59]<+Shiral> Well yes Brom
[18:59]<+Shiral> She loved hot tubs/jacuzzis
[18:59]<Bynw> yes she did think that
[18:59]<Bynw> i totally agree too
[18:59]<+Mistyck> we're having a pub room again this year--was planning on it at least
[18:59]<+Pyracantha> I will have to review the books and see what would be the best things to illustrate.
[18:59]<+Shiral> Anything with warm bubbling water!
[18:59]<+Pyracantha> I am gonna ask the big question about DarkoverCon.
[18:59]<+Kiri> except something with hungry cannibals
[18:59]<+duck> i think one of her con reviews was based around how the hot tub was buggered
[18:59]<+the_Bee> The hotel has a jacuzzi??!! If I'd known I might have brought a swimsuit.
[18:59]<+Brom> no, the champagne had to be cool ..
[18:59]<+jemler> Double, Double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble!
[19:00]<+Pyracantha> There is no pool at the DarkoverCon hotel any more.
[19:00]<+Lbarms> I think you are right Duck :-)
[19:00]<+Debbie-VB> That was probaqbly the year i was there Duck
[19:00]<+Mistyck> aww :
[19:00]<+Mistyck> :(
[19:00]<KK> The outdoor one is still there, but closed by Thanksgiving.
[19:00]<+Pyracantha> They remodeled the place. It looks like an airplane hangar now.
[19:00]<Bynw> yeah i've heard that and Susan and I had a number of conversations about that
[19:00]<+Brom> yeah, we all froze that year ..
[19:00]<+Mistyck> ugh
[19:00]<+Pyracantha> You could fit a zeppelin in there.
[19:00]<+the_Bee> so no polar bear dipping?
[19:00]<+Pyracantha> no.
[19:00]<+jemler> what was Rush Limbaugh doing there!
[19:01]<@TheDeryni> lol
[19:01]<+Pyracantha> the pool has been closed and they were filling it up with dirt.
[19:01]<+Mistyck> ugh
[19:01]<+Brom> no more aleluia chorus around the pool?
[19:01]<+Mistyck> well then we have to have the pub
[19:01]<KK> Maybe they'll enclose the one outside.
[19:01]<+duck> well perhaps at this years darkover we just need to bring some excavation equipment
[19:01]<+Shiral> I'm sure  Susan didn't like that
[19:01]<+Pyracantha> You will have to alleluia in the Great Empty Space.
[19:01]<+Mistyck> not the same
[19:01]<+Shiral> Yup, the sound is lovely
[19:01]<+Debbie-VB> that may make it ku[ind of hard to Do the Halleluia chorus around the pool this year
[19:01]<+Pyracantha> But WHAT HAPPENS WHEN JUDY G CAN'T RUN IT
[19:01]<KK> Ah, they had a blue plastic sheet that they spread out on the floor around which we gathered.  It sort of worked.
[19:01]<+Pyracantha> any more.
[19:02]<+Brom> or talk janealle to find a new hotel ...
[19:02]<+Mistyck> yeah we need a new hotel
[19:02]<+Mistyck> one with a jacuzzi
[19:02]<+Pyracantha> Judy G was in such horrible shape that I am not sure she will be able to run it again.
[19:02]<+Pyracantha> Unless she somehow improves.
[19:02]<+Lbarms> Does anyone hear from Sianna anymore?
[19:02]<KK> She won't move hotels.  And when she goes, I don't know whether the con will survive for long.  Probably not.
[19:02]<+Shiral> I emailed Sianny, but haven't heard anything
[19:03]<+Shiral> But the email didn't bounc
[19:03]<+Shiral> bounce
[19:03]<+Shiral> I haven't made it for a few  years...
[19:03]* Debbie-VB thinks she should suggest moving Darkover to Vancouver
[19:03]<+Brom> does she still live in Sterling?
[19:03]<+Pyracantha> Good God
[19:03]<+Pyracantha> Vancouver....
[19:03]<+Pyracantha> i.e. Canada?
[19:03]<+Lbarms> I just found some old pics of her and Rebecca I took on my way to Germany. 
[19:03]<KK> Who, Jaelle?
[19:03]<+jemler> island or city?
[19:03]<+the_Bee> Or Boston :)
[19:04]<+Debbie-VB> City
[19:04]<+Pyracantha> Boston November Ugh
[19:04]<KK> She lives in Finland.
[19:04]<+Shiral> Finland? Who lives in Finland?
[19:04]<+Pyracantha> Judy Gerjuoy.
[19:04]<KK> Jaelle.
[19:04]<+the_Bee> the Finns
[19:04]<+Brom> Sianny
[19:04]<+Pyracantha> She is married to a Finnish guy named Tero
[19:04]<+Lbarms> Finland Finland Finland
[19:04]<+Pyracantha> Tero Hakkinen
[19:05]<+duck> sianny is in ashwood i think? va
[19:05]<KK> A lovely gentleman of few words, as most Finns are.
[19:05]<+Shiral> That would make running Darkover a bit of a project
[19:05]<+Mistyck> have we thought about revisiting the idea of a derynicon?
[19:05]<+jemler> we could meet in Gwynedd, Pa
[19:05]<+Mistyck> now that would be cool
[19:05]<KK> She has an excellent team in place, after all these years, but I don't know if they'll pick up when she can't run it anymore.
[19:06]<+Shiral> Derynicon was tried last year, but didn't get off the grond
[19:06]<+the_Bee> If so, we need to get started if we want it for DR's 40th anniversary.
[19:06]<+Lbarms> I also found a pic of Shiral at her house.  Was that whipped cream you were eating Shiral? ;-)
[19:06]<+Pyracantha> Maybe there should be a
[19:06]<+Pyracantha> "Mini Deryni"
[19:06]<+Shiral> just be quiet, Laura!
[19:06]<+Mistyck> yeah I know shiral but was hoping we could all try again
[19:06]<+AceofSwrds> Pyra, LOL
[19:06]* Kiri thinks Gwynedd, PA sounds ideal.. as long as it has a jacuzzi
[19:06]* Shiral swats Laura
[19:06]<+Pyracantha> Is Julianne Toomey among you?
[19:06]* TheDeryni snickers at Shiral
[19:06]* AceofSwrds puts pinkie up to lips and laughs evilly while petting a white kitty
[19:06]<+jemler> i'll bring a straw and blow into the pool, ok?
[19:06]<+Kiri> she isn't here this afternoon
[19:06]<+duck> shome mishtake shirally
[19:06]* Lbarms ducks and Shiral swings wide
[19:06]<+Shiral> I know Julianne won't try a gain
[19:07]<+the_Bee> not in the char.  she can't figutre put how to get in.
[19:07]<+Pyracantha> Small scale.
[19:07]<+the_Bee> chat
[19:07]<+Pyracantha> Just a bunchafans.
[19:07]<+Brom> we wont mention who used to have the nickname Queenie ..
[19:07]<+Pyracantha> And one artist.
[19:07]<+Mistyck> yep
[19:07]<+Samuel> I would respectfully suggest leaving a note in the online GuestBook. Here's the URL:
[19:07]<+Samuel> at about 8:15pm Eastern Time there will be a special prayer held for Susan at a church in NYC.  as when the prayer starts, one of the congregation will let me know and I'll let everyone here know.
[19:07]<+Samuel> I invite everyone to stay for the prayer.
[19:07]<+Mistyck> and of course Katherine
[19:07]<@TheDeryni> Gwynedd, PA would be cool.
[19:07]<+Shiral> Jeez, all my old sins get revisited!
[19:08]<+Mistyck> lol poor Shiral
[19:08]<+the_Bee> I've written some songs for a Deryni event, but my voice and my flute are out of tune.
[19:08]<+Samuel> time is getting close.  That's the last time I'll post that publicly
[19:08]<+Shiral> But I was the one who dubbed Susan as the Mistress of Complications
[19:08]<+Kiri> but they're so fun!     Just don't ask her to bring a chicken..
[19:08]<+Mistyck> and a zipper sister
[19:08]<+jemler> isn't Jasta a priest or something. you can DeryniConfess to her! :)
[19:08]* Kiri runs
[19:08]<+Pyracantha> Jasta would be Sharon Henderson
[19:08]<+Shiral> Only one zipper sister and brother left, now. =o(
[19:08]<+the_Bee> and KK is a bishop.
[19:08]<+Mistyck> yes Pyra
[19:08]<+Debbie-VB> For that matter, you could confess to Katherine too...
[19:08]<+Brom> only one ZB?
[19:09]<Shiral> Bynw
[19:09]<+Pyracantha> what's a "zipper sister"
[19:09]<+Pyracantha> sounds kinky
[19:09]<+Shiral> Well....
[19:09]<+jemler> oooohhh
[19:09]* Kiri giggles
[19:09]<+duck> they were those who would tell!!
[19:09]<+Pyracantha> vinyl zipper?
[19:09]<+duck> would tell nothing
[19:09]<+Shiral> Susan and I first met at Westercon, where KK told us a lot of inside info about KKB
[19:09]<+Pyracantha> oh
[19:09]* TheDeryni hands Shiral a can of whipped cream.
[19:09]<Bynw> lol duck
[19:09]<+Debbie-VB> A group that hadf a lot of confiodential info that they couldn't release to us peons.  theior lips were zipped
[19:09]<+Pyracantha> well folks
[19:09]<+Pyracantha> I have to go I am REALLY tired
[19:09]<+Shiral> But told us we couldn't reveal anything beyond what she revealed in the prologue and first chapter
[19:10]<+the_Bee> They were KK's conficants one time ..They were sworn to secrecy--zipped lips.
[19:10]<+jemler> 5 minutes till the prayer, folks
[19:10]<+Pyracantha> so much work at Balticon
[19:10]<+Pyracantha> must work day job tomorrow
[19:10]<+Shiral> We promised to keep our lips zipped, hence "Zipper Sisters."
[19:10]<+Mistyck> take care Pyra and nice to meet you
[19:10]<+Pyracantha> so goodnight all
[19:10]<+Shiral> SOmehow, the name stuck
[19:10]<@TheDeryni> Nice meeting you, Pyracantha. Stop in again....any time.
[19:10]<+jemler> tell that cop, HI DUDE!
[19:10]<+the_Bee> nighters pyra
[19:10]<+Shiral> Night Pyracantah
[19:10]<Bynw> cya Pyra
[19:10]<+Pyracantha> Thanks folks for your hospitality.
[19:10]<+Shiral>  Pyracantha
[19:10]* Pyracantha has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:10]<+jemler> y'all come back now!
[19:11]<+Debbie-VB> I too am afraid I've got to be going.  Work come waaay to early for me
[19:11]<+Shiral> It seems a very long time ago, now
[19:11]<+Shiral> Night, Debbie
[19:11]<+the_Bee> seeya Debbie
[19:11]<+Mistyck> take care Debbie--nice to see you again
[19:11]<+jemler> night deb. come on back
[19:11]<+Lbarms> What is Carolyn doing these days
[19:11]<Bynw> night Debbie
[19:11]<+Debbie-VB> I am already praying for susan
[19:11]<@TheDeryni> G'night, Debbie.
[19:11]<Bynw> Journey Laura
[19:11]<+Shiral> Haven't heard much from her in a while
[19:12]<+Samuel> I just heard from the church.  5 minutes
[19:12]<+Kiri> Laura - I don't know last I heard she was off to follow Journey on their tour - or smething like that
[19:12]<+Shiral> She's on the Journey journey
[19:12]<+Lbarms> I wonder if Mark still plays with them occasionally
[19:12]<+the_Bee> ?
[19:12]<+Lbarms> wow, that is great
[19:12]* Debbie-VB has quit (Quit: Debbie steps on the portal and vanishes in a cloud of pink sparklies)
[19:12]<KK> I would guess he must, if she's off following them.
[19:12]<Bynw> please make sure you all leave a message for Susan here (register if you arent already registered on the forums)
[19:12]<+Lbarms> I wanted her to do an ISO Journey tour when I was deployed
[19:13]<~RainbowDragon> ISO?
[19:13]<@TheDeryni> The only rock concert I ever went to was Journey, in Hartford.
[19:14]<+Lbarms> Sorry, that was supposed to be a USO tour
[19:14]<~RainbowDragon> ah
[19:14]<+Shiral> Journey In Search Of A Tour
[19:14]<+Mistyck> ah was thinking that was what you meant but then wasn't sure if there was a new name for it now lol
[19:15]* Shiral looks at whipped cream can and wonders where the heck it came from
[19:15]* Shiral sprays TD with it
[19:15]<+Lbarms> Darn U and I are too close on the keyboard
[19:15]* TheDeryni blinks
[19:15]<+AceofSwrds> Shiral, maybe Journey could find a tour if they could get the time off from the Waffle House. :-D
[19:15]* Shiral sprays Laura next
[19:15]<+Samuel> Folks. It's time.  The prayer service in NYC is starting
[19:16]<+Shiral> Okay
[19:16]* Lbarms puts deflector shield up
[19:16]* Bynw says a prayer himself for Susie
[19:16]<+Samuel> Would someone like to offer an online prayer?  Or should we do an individual prayers and a few minues of "silence"?
[19:16]<KK> Chori angelorum te suscipiat.  In paradisum deducant te angeli....  Let's pause for a moment of silence in memory of our departed sister, Susan.
[19:17]<+Brom> ...
[19:17]<+the_Bee> ...
[19:17]<@TheDeryni> ...
[19:17]<+Mistyck> ...
[19:17]<+jemler> ...
[19:18]<+Shiral> Shiral...
[19:18]<+Shiral> Oops....
[19:18]<+Lbarms> ...
[19:20]<KK> May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest....  We'll miss you, Susan.  And we'll miss your complications.  Amen.
[19:20]<+Mistyck> Susan will be at Darkover this year watching us all from within God's loving arms
[19:20]<+Brom> May she be in heaven before the Devil knows she's passed on. Amen
[19:20]<@TheDeryni> Amen
[19:20]<+the_Bee> so may it be.
[19:20]<KK> And Bynw will be attending the memorial service in Chicago, carrying all our good wishes.
[19:20]<Bynw> Amen
[19:21]<+Shiral> Let life and Deryni life never become too simple without you, Susan
[19:21]<+AceofSwrds> I didn't get a chance to meet Susan, but I'd like to offer a prayer anyway.
[19:21]<+Shiral> All prayers are good
[19:21]<+Brom> ditto
[19:21]<KK> Watch.  She's gonna somehow inject further complications into my brain when I least expect it!
[19:21]<+AceofSwrds> It's the least I can do, being an Elder in my church.
[19:22]<+Shiral> Well, she's now in the position to petition Camber, Katherine!
[19:22]<+Mistyck> of course KK, Camber now has her adding her voice to your thoughts :)
[19:22]<+Shiral> "PSsst... Tell Katherine I've got a new idea!
[19:22]<+jemler> KK, don't forget to ask the Muses for help when writing about Susan.
[19:22]<+Brom> Of course, she wouldn't be the MoC otherwise.
[19:22]<+Samuel> susan, you touched my heart.  I was never able to tell you how deeply my affection for you is.  Your currently out of my reach.  Your touch is still felt
[19:22]<KK> Yeah, I suppose she is.  And she's going to know <all> the complications long before the rest of you!
[19:23]<+Shiral> I hope she and Stefan are sharing a good bottle of Fianna Red!
[19:23]<+Mistyck> yep and she's going to be giggling when we try to guess and guess wrong :)
[19:23]<+Brom> And she will  still be a zipper sister
[19:23]<+Shiral> Darn! But maybe she'll drop me a hint!
[19:24]<+Shiral> Yes, she'll always be one of that complex secret circle of Zipper Sisters
[19:24]<+Shiral> And Zipper Brethren
[19:24]<+Brom> but will you recognize it?
[19:25]<+Samuel> faire thee welle folks, until we meet again.
[19:25]<+AceofSwrds> Gracious and Merciful God, may you take Susan into your bosom and carry her safely the mansion You have made for her in Your Kingdom. Bring words of consolation and care to her family and friends during this most trying hour. Heal their hearts and keep only good memories of Susan in their minds. In your name we pray, Amen.
[19:25]<+Mistyck> Amen and thank you Ace
[19:25]<+Shiral> You're going, Sam? 
[19:25]<+Samuel> amen
[19:25]<+Shiral> Amen, Ace
[19:25]<Bynw> Amen. Thank's Tom
[19:25]<+the_Bee> Amen.
[19:26]<+Samuel> shiral, yea......  I don't think I can take much more.
[19:26]<@TheDeryni> Amen
[19:26]<Bynw> cya Sam. Feel free to call me or IM me anytime.
[19:26]<+AceofSwrds> It was my honor, Chris. Thank you for allowing me the venue.
[19:26]<+Shiral> Well huggles, Sam
[19:26]<+the_Bee> bye Sam
[19:26]<+Shiral> We'll get through this
[19:26]<+Mistyck> take care Sam ((((Hugs))))
[19:26]<+the_Bee> and huggles
[19:26]<+Brom> fw sam
[19:26]<+Shiral> I hope too, that Kim  and Pat were on hand with Susan's parents to welcome her
[19:27]* Samuel has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:27]<+Mistyck> I'm sure they were there
[19:27]<KK> I'm sur they were.
[19:27]<KK> sure
[19:27]<Bynw> I'm sure they are. Even though it is far too soon.
[19:27]<RainbowDragon> and Bynw's mom
[19:27]<KK> It <is> far too soon.
[19:27]<+Shiral> And that they're having a good feast, and a good laugh together
[19:27]<+Shiral> Definitely Marnin
[19:27]<+Brom> she has stepped into the light ...
[19:28]* Bynw smiles at Shiral
[19:28]<+the_Bee> with Thumper and Pan cadging for scraps
[19:28]<Bynw> you remember my mom's nick in the chat :)
[19:28]* Shiral smiles back
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> Remembered Joy
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free!
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> I follow the plan God laid for me.
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> I saw His face, I heard His call,
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> I took His hand and left it all...
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> I could not stay another day,
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> To love, to laugh, to work or play;
[19:28]<+Shiral> Hopefully in the afterlife, Susan won't have to worry about pet dander
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> Tasks left undone must stay that way.
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> And if my parting has left a void,
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> Then fill it with remembered joy.
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss...
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> Ah yes, these things I, too, shall miss.
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> My life's been full, I've savoured much:
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> Good times, good friends, a loved-one's touch.
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> Perhaps my time seemed all too brief—
[19:28]<@TheDeryni> Don't shorten yours with undue grief.
[19:29]<@TheDeryni> Be not burdened with tears of sorrow,
[19:29]<@TheDeryni> Enjoy the sunshine of the morrow.
[19:29]<Bynw> The next few days are gonna be rough for me. Glad I already told work I wasn't coming in until Thursday.
[19:29]<+Brom> ty, TD
[19:29]* Shiral hugs Bynw
[19:29]<+Mistyck> thank you TD that was very sweet
[19:29]* Mistyck hugs Bynw also
[19:29]<+Shiral> Thank you, The Deryni
[19:29]<@TheDeryni> :)
[19:29]<+the_Bee> yes, thank you.
[19:29]<Bynw> Hygilacl just signed on IMs
[19:29]<+jemler> well Zpiiper Kin, I'll log off for the night. Takr care of yourse;ves this week.
[19:29]<Brom> Bynw, call me anytime.
[19:30]<Bynw> now that i have your TN i may do that
[19:30]<@TheDeryni> Nighters, jemler
[19:30]<~RainbowDragon> I'll take my leave as well. Bye folks
[19:30]<+Shiral> Night, Jemler
[19:30]<+jemler> nite all.
[19:30]<@TheDeryni> Bye, RD

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Re: KK Chat 05-24-2009 (Memorial to Susan Werner RIP)
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2009, 08:53:29 pm »

(part 2 of the chat ... for some reason it didn't post in one grouping)

[19:30]<+Mistyck> take care all and nite
[19:30]<+the_Bee> goodnight RD
[19:30]* RainbowDragon has quit (Quit: )
[19:30]<@TheDeryni> See you soon!
[19:30]<+Shiral> Night RD, don't be a stranger!
[19:30]<@TheDeryni> ack
[19:30]* jemler has quit (Quit: )
[19:30]<+Shiral> Eat somegood Knights..dearn
[19:30]<+Shiral> darn
[19:30]<+Brom> gotta run, ST is about over ...
[19:30]<+Mistyck> he always logged off too fast
[19:31]<+Mistyck> take care Brom, nice to see you again
[19:31]<+the_Bee> bye brom
[19:31]<Bynw> cya brom
[19:31]<+Brom> same here, Rita.  Enjoy retired life.
[19:31]<@TheDeryni> Night Brom
[19:31]<+Shiral> Bye Brom
[19:31]<+Mistyck> I will thanks
[19:31]<+Brom> bya all.
[19:31]<+duck> cheers brom
[19:31]<+Shiral> Good to see you again, even if under sad circumstances
[19:32]* Brom has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:32]<Bynw> I'm letting Hyglic know she hasnt touched her email all weekend due to tstorms
[19:32]<KK> Ah, sigh.  As we get older, these things will become more and more frequent, but this one should have been delayed for many years.  Comfort for us all; Susan is Home.
[19:32]<+Mistyck> ahh wow, it's going to be a shock for her
[19:32]<+Shiral> I emailed Linda too just to let you know
[19:32]<+Lbarms> did anyone tell the other Linda
[19:32]<+Shiral> Death's Deputy is going to have to use a lasso on me!
[19:33]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:33]<+Shiral> Bye, KK
[19:33]<+Lbarms> Bye KK
[19:33]<@TheDeryni> Nighters, Katherine.
[19:33]<+Mistyck> I plan on making the AF pay me retirement for a very long time
[19:33]<+Shiral> Have as good a week as possible in the circumstances
[19:33]<+the_Bee> Goodnight, KK
[19:33]<+Mistyck> take care Katherine
[19:33]<+duck> see you katherine
[19:33]<+Kiri> Night Katherine.   
[19:33]<KK> Oh, I'll be at ConCarolinas next weekend, so won't be here, alas.
[19:33]<@TheDeryni> :(
[19:33]<Bynw> night KK thanks
[19:33]<+the_Bee> we'll miss you.
[19:33]<+Shiral> Okay, night, KK
[19:33]<+Mistyck> yes we will..say hi to Scott
[19:33]<KK> Huggles.  Nighters.
[19:34]* KK has quit (Quit: )'


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