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KK Chat Log 03-29-2009
« on: March 30, 2009, 06:47:25 pm »

[18:06]* KK ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:06]<Sarah> Everyone: the ears arent perfect but they are finally attached.
[18:06]<jemler> hi KK
[18:06]<the_Bee> Joan Baez, Judy Collins and Theodore Bikel.
[18:06]<KK> Hello, ladies & gentlemen.
[18:06]<the_Bee> Hi KK!
[18:06]<jojo> Hello KK
[18:06]<+Elim> Morning KK
[18:07]<KK> So, how is everybody?
[18:07]<the_Bee> How has your week been, KK?
[18:07]<KK> It was ok.  Busy.
[18:07]<KK> Nothing out of the ordinary.
[18:07]<+Elim> the_Bee,
/>[18:08]<the_Bee> Melantha and I are fine, but my neighbor's cat has been crying.
[18:08]<+Elim> Better than the Joan Baez version I think.
[18:08]<KK> Why?  Is its person away?
[18:09]<jojo> Spring sprang this week.
[18:09]<the_Bee> I think he must be.  Mickey's locked in so he can't visit us.  I wonder if someone complained about him wandering the building.
[18:09]* Shiral (Mibbit@504018.A7BCBA.B14B10.7ECE3F) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:09]<the_Bee> Shiral!!
[18:09]<Shiral> Howdy
[18:09]<Shiral> Why, Tis  herself
[18:09]<KK> Hey, Shiral.  Your timing is grest!
[18:10]* jemler decides to sit quietly with his hands in his pockets
[18:10]<Shiral> I've always WANTED Grest timing. =o)
[18:10]<Sarah> hey Shiral
[18:10]<Shiral> Hi Everyone
[18:10]* Sarah pokes jemler in the side.
[18:10]* Shiral tickles Jemler
[18:11]* jemler whispers to Sarah "I'm hiding"
[18:11]<Shiral> So have I missed anything important?
[18:11]<the_Bee> Nope.  KK just got her too.
[18:11]<the_Bee> here too
[18:11]* Alewaulfe (Mibbit@DCDEB4.385755.FD6852.14EDD2) has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:11]<the_Bee> hello Alewaufe
[18:12]<Shiral> If you're hiding Jemler, why can I see you?
[18:12]* jemler covers his eyes with his hands, now Shiral can't see him :)
[18:12]<the_Bee> He's like and ostrich--he buries his head in the sand
[18:12]<Shiral> Good going, Ostrich!
[18:12]* Sarah walks slowly away from jemler....
[18:13]<Shiral> Hi Alewaulfe
[18:13]<Alewaulfe> A Question for Katherine if she is on line.  Do you know the schedule for the third book in the Child Morgan series. The second question if there will be new books in the Kelson Series
[18:13]<KK> That can't be the Aelwaulfe I knew from the SCA in L.A.....
[18:13]<the_Bee> Do "ostrich" and "Easter" come from the same root?
[18:13]<jemler> Last week I opened my mouth and KK left before Shiral could talk to her. This week I'm staying quiet!
[18:14]<Alewaulfe> Yes it is.  I cannot type well tonight.  Hello, I hope you and Scott are doing well
[18:14]<Shiral> Okay, I get it, Jemler, but it's kind of hard to ignore an ostrich in chat
[18:14]<KK> I'm supposed to have it finished by the end of August--which means, if I succeed in that, it <might> be out for Christmas.  Next spring is a better guess, though.
[18:14]<Bynw> hiyas KK
[18:14]* Coboney ( has joined #deryni_destinations
[18:14]<Shiral> Hiyas Bro
[18:14]* Bynw gives channel operator status to KK
[18:15]<the_Bee> hi coboney
[18:15]<KK> Hi, Bynw.
[18:15]<Bynw> Hi sis
[18:15]<Shiral> Hi Coboney
[18:15]<LeDuc> I have learned creativity takes time
[18:15]<Alewaulfe> I will look forward to see it. 
[18:15]<@KK> Aelwaulfe, what a delight to see you here!  It's been many, many years.
[18:15]<Coboney> hi Shiral, the_Bee, and everyone else
[18:16]<@KK> Re more books in the Kelson series....haven't decided yet.
[18:16]<Shiral> King Kelson's Kiddies?
[18:17]<LeDuc> how about ALL th kiddies, hehehe
[18:17]<the_Bee> Hide the royal honeypot!
[18:17]<@KK> Possibly.  But I have some other projects that I want to do, too.
[18:17]<Alewaulfe> To many years since I called you on the death of Piers.  But life goes on.  I still working with the embroidery when I have the time and energy. I started a new kingdom table runner to replace the old Kingdom Table Cloth three years ago, so far I have a good portion of it outlined out, but I find other things to do
[18:18]<LeDuc> I buy the ones in print, each is well written and cherished
[18:18]<jemler> Alewaulfe, do you mean Piers Anthony?
[18:19]<@KK> Natalya keeps me up to date re SCA.  I don't think I'd know Caid, these days.
[18:19]<@KK> No, an SCA friend named Piers.
[18:20]<Alewaulfe> You need to re-subscibe to the Crown Prints,  Maybe Natalya can get you online with the Order of the Rose for Caid, or even the Caid Peers list.  At least there you might learn what is going on even though you do not know  all the players today.
[18:21]<@KK> I suspect I know hardly any of the players, these days.  It's just been too long.
[18:22]<Alewaulfe> Well, Baron John ap Griffin and Baroness Flavia is Baron & Baroness of Angeles, and Gabrielle is now the Seneschal for Angels
[18:22]<@KK> Anywa, the audio versions of the first three books are going ahead.  I had a lovely chat with the narrator, to clear up pronunciations.
[18:22]<jojo> What is the timeline on an audio book?
[18:23]<@KK> I'd heard about John & Bjo; wasn't Gabrielle Seneschal of the Angels in the old days?  What goes around comes around.
[18:24]<@KK> Don't know, but they didn't waste any time between signing the contract and starting the prep.  It will be around 26 hours, I believe.  And it's unabridged.
[18:24]<the_Bee> Why do angels need a senschal?  to polish their halos and comb out their wing-feathers?
[18:25]<@KK> Narrator has a nice, mid-Atlantic accent, which is to say no accent.  He should be good.  He's a fan of the series.
[18:25]<Alewaulfe> She was briefly, before I became Seneschal, Gabrielle became principality seneschal and later kingdom seneschal.  Then after the kids were born, she & John sort of dropped out of the SCA.  The returned about 5 years ago, I think Natayla have probably given you a better detail of how there lives turn around.
[18:26]<@KK> I know some of the saga.
[18:26]<Shiral> Back, Sorry. I had to look "official"
[18:26]<@KK> Meanwhile, work progresses on the first couple of chapters.  I found an outline I'd forgotten about, which solved a lot of whata I'd been wrestling.
[18:27]<Alewaulfe> I also have a further question on the family of Morgan in Child series.  What happens to his sisters, and there children.  Also, does Morgan still have the County that was given to his father, for life, while Morgan was growing up.
[18:28]<@KK> The answers to thse questions, and more, will emerge in the new book.  And yes, he will get Lendour back when Kenneth dies.
[18:28]<jemler> I would think that Kelric should become Earl of Lendour as a courtesy title until he becomes Duke of Corwyn.
[18:28]<Shiral> Kelric is already titular Earl of Lendour
[18:28]<Shiral> Honey pots and all
[18:29]<@KK> Yes, Kelric is Earl of Lendour--once he gets born.  :-)
[18:30]<Alewaulfe> How do you like your new home. Natalya hasn't said much about it. Also, do you get a chance to see Conrad more frequently now.
[18:30]<Shiral> The kid was BORN sticky
[18:30]<@KK> We love living in Virginia--and we see Conrad every year at Darkover.  He's our favorite panel moderator.
[18:31]<Alewaulfe> He was always a good speaker and teacher when in Caid. He is sorely  missed.  When I saw him at World Con in Anaheim. I find he hadn't changed abit.
[18:32]<@KK> Nope, the same old Conrad.  He's a delight.
[18:33]<@KK> I don't think he's played SCA in years.
[18:34]<Alewaulfe> Well I have to go, My dogs want there evening walk before there dinner. I have enjoyed this chat. I find that I have missed your council from the early years in the SCA.  Thank you for encourging me to continue with the Embroidery work, even though most of the major pieces have been lost or destroyed.
[18:34]<@KK> How sad.  But you have a great talent.  Don't stop using it!
[18:35]<Alewaulfe> I won't.  I am also knitting again, but this time with Alpaca.  A wonderful fiber.
[18:35]<jojo> Nice to know the SCA is still around; never partook but had a friend who did.
[18:36]<Alewaulfe> You have missed something wonderful that the SCA offers.  It varies from kingdom to kingdom. But in the end. They pretty much follow the same Ideals.
[18:36]<LeDuc> KK, what are the other prjects, may I ask?
[18:37]<jemler> I have a video called In Service to the Dream from Caid.
[18:37]<@KK> It was a very important part of my life for many years, but I was already phasing out when we moved to Ireland.  I think I attended <maybe> half a dozen events in the 21 yars we were there, and none since we've been back.
[18:38]<the_Bee> My niece is an SCaer, but I don't think she's had much time for it lately.
[18:38]<Alewaulfe> That is a wonderful song. Also, look up the Burden of the Crwon.  Has it been 21 years.  It seems only to have been yesterday
[18:38]<@KK> Other projects: I'd like to do the Lammas Night prequel, another Adept, maybe a Gargoyle sequel, maybe something set during the Civil War, parallel to Two Crowns.  And that doesn't even mention the other Deryni projects, like 948, the Orin & Jodotha story....
[18:39]<+Elim> Sarah, what is with the mouse ears?
[18:39]<Alewaulfe> Gabrielle will look forward to the Lammas Night Series, and I will look forward to all those series.
[18:39]<jemler> Who's the leader of the club, that's made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E!
[18:39]<the_Bee> Is your hat puuled over your face, Sarah, or are your ears on backwards?
[18:40]<Sarah> i felt like making them
[18:40]<@KK> It's actually 23 years since I left Caid.  We're been in Virginia for two, on March 13.
[18:40]<Sarah> the pic is of tyhe hat on my knee because i couldnt get a better pic
[18:40]<the_Bee> ah. ok
[18:40]<Sarah> congrats KK
[18:40]<jemler> The you must know Jade.
[18:40]<Alewaulfe> Time fly's to fast.  Good night Katherine. 
[18:40]* Alewaulfe has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:41]<LeDuc> time for me to go to work too, thx KK this doesn't happen often
[18:42]<@KK> Nighters, LeDuc.
[18:42]<the_Bee> goodnight, leduc
[18:42]<jemler> night leduc
[18:42]<Bynw> everyone isnt supposed to leave yet
[18:43]<Bynw> no one can leave in fact!
[18:43]* Bynw bars the doors
[18:43]<Sarah> im not oging anywhere yet.
[18:43]<Sarah> going*
[18:43]<jojo> me either
[18:43]<jojo> I want to know more about the Civil War piece...
[18:43]<@KK> Sorry, I'm leaving just before 8, to watch Kings.  So far, I want to see what happens next.  I doubt it's going to last, though, unless it gets much, much better pretty soon.
[18:43]<the_Bee> I bet jemler is ogling someone. ;)
[18:44]<jemler> jemler is watching House
[18:44]<@KK> Civil War and Freemasons and mistical Washington DC.
[18:44]* Shiral wants 948....
[18:44]<jojo> That would be great also!
[18:44]<Shiral> Wouldn't mind more Adept and Gargoyles
[18:44]* Shiral wonders if Adam Sinclair and Paddy would ever meet.... =o)
[18:45]<@KK> Hmmm, I suppose they could.....
[18:45]<@KK> Adam wouldn't have any problem in believing, that's for sure.
[18:45]<jemler> my 2 cents, more on the hidden circle in Rhaname
[18:45]<Shiral> Adam's the kind of guy who can cope with the bizarre and inexplicable.
[18:46]* LeDuc has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:46]<the_Bee> Are you still planning that Adept prequel?  the one that's a link between the Adept series and Lammas Night?
[18:47]<@KK> That's the one I have in mind.  And meanwhile, I hope to get Lammas reissued, like we did with the first 3 Deryni.  (I'll need someone to sca it for me--hint, hint, hint.)
[18:47]<@KK> to scan it, too
[18:47]<the_Bee> I now own the first Deryni trilogy in hardcover.
[18:47]* Bynw doesnt have a working scanner right now
[18:47]<Shiral> Hmmmmmm.....I do...
[18:48]<Shiral> =o)
[18:48]<@KK> There's a hardcover in the offing, if you accept the challenge.  Easier to scan; won't fall apart.
[18:48]<jojo> Do you also need it run through OCR to put it into Word?
[18:48]<Shiral> What I'm not sure about is having an accessible copy of Lammas Night
[18:48]<@KK> I've just offered one.  And yes, it needs to get converted to Word after scanning.
[18:49]<jemler> i have a scanner with ocr
[18:49]<jojo> I have a paperback...
[18:49]<Shiral> I have OCR, a scanner and word, but I won't knock down and trample people who might also want to do this
[18:49]<jemler> i have a paperfront:)
[18:49]<jojo> but no ocr:(
[18:49]* Shiral probably has to update OCR on my laptop....
[18:50]<the_Bee> What's OCR?
[18:50]<jemler> Optical Character Recognition
[18:50]<Shiral> Optical Character Recognition
[18:50]<@KK> Optical Character Recognition?
[18:50]<the_Bee> ah, thanks
[18:50]<@KK> Boy, we all jumped in on that one!
[18:50]<jemler> you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome
[18:50]<jojo> it's what reads the text that was just scanned and translates to Word format
[18:50]<Shiral> Like bunny rabbits
[18:51]<jemler> hmmm kinky
[18:51]<jojo> hop hop
[18:51]<Shiral> It scans the text, but I usually had to do a lot of cut and paste. Sometimes OCR is a little weird in the way it formats things.
[18:51]<Shiral> That, and it seemed to think Alaric Morgan's first name was Maria
[18:52]<Shiral> I'm still trying to figure that one out
[18:52]<@KK> Silly computer!
[18:52]<Shiral> Maybe it thought he was a transvestite!
[18:52]<jemler> A Mac?
[18:52]<Shiral> A PC
[18:52]<@KK> How do you solve a problem like Maria....?
[18:53]<Shiral> You turn her into Alaric!
[18:53]<@KK> Yep.
[18:53]<jojo> search and repace?
[18:53]<jojo> replace
[18:53]<Shiral> And the Warding ceremonies for THAT were intense.
[18:54]<jemler> Have Dom Emrys do it.
[18:54]<Shiral> Not to mention the shape-changing
[18:54]<the_Bee> Evaine managed it, remember Brother John?
[18:54]<Shiral> True
[18:55]<Shiral> At least Alaric only had to contend with Loris, not the entire Ordo Custodum Fidei
[18:56]<jemler> No he just ahd Loris, Gorony, Warin de Gray, general suspicion on the part of just about everybody.
[18:56]<Shiral> Yes, Loris was quite enough to contend with
[18:57]<the_Bee> and Warin came around.
[18:57]<@KK> Well, right now his father is worrying about Oliver de Nore--nasty piece of work!  And I gotta go watch Kings.
[18:57]<Bynw> I think Gornoy was a member of some secret society within the Church ... perhaps an underground movement of the Ordo Custodum Fidei since he KNEW about merasha and what it would do to the Deryni
[18:57]<the_Bee> maybe.
[18:58]<the_Bee> Nighters, KK! have a good week.
[18:58]<jemler> In the Priesting of Arilan, Coram thought there mught be a secret order who made wine.
[18:58]<jemler> i didn't say nothin, shiral!!!
[18:58]<@KK> There is definitely an inner cabal of some sort at work, re the merasha in the wine.  Hopefully, we'll break that in this book.
[18:58]<Shiral> Night, KK
[18:58]<Bynw> cools
[18:58]<Shiral> I know, you were very good today, Jemler <G>
[18:58]<@KK> See you next weei.  Nighters!
[18:58]<Bynw> have a good night Katherine
[18:58]<Shiral> Have a good week, write well, KK
[18:58]<jemler> nite kk
[18:59]<the_Bee> Thins characters suspect have a habit of turning out to be true.
[18:59]<jojo> Enjoy your week, KK
[18:59]* KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[18:59]* KK has quit (Quit: )


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