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KK Chat - 23 Nov 2008
« on: November 24, 2008, 03:41:05 pm »
[19:23] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:23] <&DeryniBot>  The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws KK into the chat.
[19:23] <jemler> KK!
[19:23] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[19:23] <~RainbowDragon> Greetings, KK
[19:23] <@KK> Hello, all.
[19:23] <jemler> I heard her come in! :)
[19:23] <~RainbowDragon> How are you today?
[19:24] <@KK> Fighting off a cold, and winning--I think--but otherwise, ok.
[19:24] <@KK> Anybody going to Darkovercon?
[19:24] <~RainbowDragon> I think Kelos might be.
[19:24] <@KK> I think he is.
[19:24] * Shiral has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:24] <&DeryniBot>  The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws Shiral into the chat.
[19:24] <~RainbowDragon> I don't know about the Zipper Sisters though
[19:24] <@KK> Duck, are you there?!
[19:24] <Shiral> Hi all
[19:24] * DeryniBot sets mode: +v Shiral
[19:24] <@KK> Hi, Shiral!
[19:25] <jemler> hi shiral!
[19:25] <+Shiral> Hi Katherine
[19:25] <~RainbowDragon> Speak of the dev... err, angel!
[19:25] * +Shiral prods RD with her mother of pearl pitchfork
[19:25] <~RainbowDragon> Shiral, are you going to darkover?
[19:25] <+Shiral> No, can't make it this year
[19:25] <+Shiral> =o(
[19:25] <@Bynw> hiyas KK
[19:25] <@Bynw> hiyas sis
[19:25] <+Shiral> Hiyas Bro
[19:26] <+Shiral> Susan I believe is planning to go, though
[19:26] <@KK> Well, we have two new feline residents now, while Cameron is living with us--and thus far, no spats with the regular residents.
[19:26] <+Shiral> Wow, that's a lotta paws
[19:26] <@KK> In fact, Algernon, who is very skittish of people, seems to have bonded with Nicholas.  They're nearly the same color, after all, except that Nichilas is redder.
[19:27] <@KK> Mr. A is very curious and smart, and is boldly coming into our bedroom now, probably far more than we're aware of.  But no touching, thus far.
[19:28] <~RainbowDragon> Have you ever gotten umm, flowers for Algernon? :-D
[19:28] <@KK> Cameron might have done. ;-)
[19:28] <+Shiral> Flowers FR OM Algernon would be quite  a feat
[19:28] <@KK> His other cat is a calico called Penelope.  So you see, exotic Victorian/Edwardian cat names run in the family.
[19:30] <duck> hi KK - sorry i was off doing some worky stuff
[19:30] <jemler> hi duck!
[19:30] <duck> and shiral and jemler too!
[19:30] <+Shiral> Blends in well with the family theme
[19:30] <@KK> Penelope's big trick yesterday was to somehow get herself up onto the top of the canopy over Cameron's bed.  Thumb tacks came loose, and Penelope came down, and we must do some serious restructuring of the bed hangings.  Nothing damaged; just out of place.
[19:31] <@KK> Duck, how's your new job?
[19:31] * the_Bee has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:31] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there the_Bee! Welcome to the chat.
[19:31] <jemler> hi bee
[19:32] <duck> lots of fieldwork at the moment but it looks to be slowing down for the summer - last fieldtrip we hit 48 C and it will get hotter
[19:32] <the_Bee> \hi jemler!
[19:32] <+Shiral> Hi Jemler
[19:32] <@KK> Wow, that is HOT!  How do you stand it?
[19:32] <+Shiral> Hi Duck
[19:33] <the_Bee> pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp[]`11111111111116
[19:33] <the_Bee> mELANTHA SAYS HI TOO
[19:33] <jemler> Hi, Melantha
[19:33] <the_Bee> -----------------------------==================8888888888-78
[19:33] <jemler> Bee, does your local paper carry the Arlo & Janis comic?
[19:33] <@KK> Melantha has a lot to say, doesn't she?
[19:33] <the_Bee> =--.////'/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
[19:34] <+Shiral> Talented typist
[19:34] * jemler hums the 'Meow Mix theme'
[19:34] <the_Bee> I can get it online at Arcamax
[19:35] <jemler> They had one last week, where the cat found a cat warmer. Janis' laptop computer. :)
[19:35] <the_Bee> Shiral's Pan used to do that.  than she got a skiiny model.
[19:36] <the_Bee> mY FAMILY HAD A K
[19:36] <+Shiral> The computer is skinny, and the cats are rather rotund
[19:36] <@KK> Pan was a cat of excellent taste.
[19:37] <jemler> i could say something, but ....
[19:37] <the_Bee> -=PP
[19:38] <+Shiral> Unka Pan of blessed memory is still missed
[19:38] <+Shiral> But he would find his female friends far too obstreporous for him, now.
[19:39] <the_Bee> ';[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[/  Melantha wants to monopolize the conversation.  When I try to type she nips my hands.
[19:39] <~RainbowDragon> Obstreporous? Huh?
[19:39] <duck> big word for bouncy
[19:39] <jemler> I think that word is kind of like 'Military Intelligence'. Just a word made up on the spot. ;)
[19:40] <duck> in the tigger sense of meaning
[19:41] <+Shiral> Bouncy, energetic,
[19:41] <+Shiral> Tearing all over the place, galloping over their mother in the dark, etc etc.
[19:42] <+Shiral> So.....KK, dare I ask about book progress? =o)
[19:42] <duck> i had a game with a former colleague at my last job in which we tried to innocuously slide these sorts of words into workplace meetings 
[19:42] <@KK> I've found the beginning point at last, and am currently fleshing out Llion's younger brother.
[19:43] <jemler> obstreporous - stubbornly resistant to control : unruly
[19:43] <the_Bee> How long will the timespan be on this one?
[19:43] <+Shiral> Ah.. Younger brother good, or  younger brother bad?
[19:44] <jemler> younger brother skeleton!
[19:44] <@KK> Younger brother good.  And it will go at least through the birth of Kelson.
[19:44] <the_Bee> ah.
[19:46] <+Shiral> Soooo... we get to see more of Brion. Good, good!
[19:46] <@KK> Remember that Llion's family has fallen on hard times, and he's had to hustle.  GOing to court with Kenneth is the best thing that could have happened to him--and it's probably allowed younger siblings to prosper as well.
[19:47] <jemler> Will we learn more about the Arilans and Kenneth Morgans shields?
[19:47] <+Shiral> Although keeping Alaric Morgan out of trouble  is a tall order
[19:49] <@KK> True.  And yes, we'll learn more about the Arilans, and probably Kenneth's shields--though he doesn't have long in this book.  Only about a year.
[19:49] <the_Bee> I'm looking forward to getting to know Bronwyn better.
[19:49] <+Shiral> Yikes
[19:49] <+Shiral> Poor Kenneth
[19:49] <+Shiral> Although then we get to learn more about Jared and Vera
[19:49] <jemler> Come on, remember! Kenneth died when Alaric was about 9.
[19:50] <duck> he's fairly old by this time too isn't he
[19:50] * +Shiral snaps her fingers and produces a laden tea table
[19:51] <@KK> Not that old.  But the Haldanes use their retainers hard.
[19:51] <jemler> Shiral, you want some soft peppermint sticks to put in the tea?
[19:51] <+Shiral> Yes, I remember this, although it depends on how long the gap is between where CM ended and the new book starts
[19:51] <@KK> It starts with Brion's knighting.
[19:51] <+Shiral> Oh, yes please, Jemler
[19:51] * the_Bee sets out a platter of fresh-baked manchet bread, with honey, butter, and homemade strawberry preserves.
[19:51] <+Shiral> It's tough to serve your royal family
[19:51] * jemler passes soft peppermint sticks to Shiral
[19:52] <+Shiral>  Thanks, JM.
[19:52] <+Shiral> Oops, Jemler rented fingers
[19:52] * +Shiral prepares a teacup puts in a peppermint stick and floats it over to KK
[19:52] <jemler> Altoids Cinammon works good in tea, too!
[19:53] <the_Bee> what about ginger tea to soothe the stomach?
[19:54] <jemler> I'm eating a slim jim, my stomach's fine. Mint works for that too.
[19:54] <jemler> Besides, I prefer Mary Ann! :)
[19:54] <the_Bee> OUCH!
[19:54] <+Shiral> So we get to meet Jehana, soonish
[19:54] <the_Bee> and at long last her brother.
[19:55] <jemler> Ryol?
[19:55] <+Shiral> Bee, I really think Brion liked Jehana better...
[19:55] <+Shiral> =o)
[19:55] <the_Bee> yep
[19:56] <@KK> It'll be a few years before that happens. 
[19:56] <the_Bee> I hope so, but I've wondered if Ryol shared his sister's attitude toward their Deryni background.  did he know about it?
[19:58] <duck> almost makes you wonder whether they went - oh bollocks she's a bit antideryni after that stint with the abbess what are we going to do with her now, i know we can send to that hotbed of antiderynidom in gwynedd she'll be happy as larry there
[19:58] <+Shiral> Did it freak him out  as much as it did her?
[19:59] <the_Bee> Well, he probably wasn't sent to a convent.
[19:59] <@KK> He might, as the heir.  It may be that the Bremagni royals regard their Deryni magic as a shameful secret, that only the direct heir knows about.
[19:59] <+Shiral> "happy as larry", Duck?
[20:00] <the_Bee> not as a privelge confined to the monarch and the heir?
[20:01] <the_Bee> Ryol didn't disown his sister; he gave her an escort to accompany her back to Rhemuth.
[20:01] <duck> how about as happy as laran shiral?
[20:02] <+Shiral> Okay. Although he never seemed all that cheerful!
[20:02] * +Shiral steps onto her portal waves farewell to her friends  and disappears in a shower of bright pink fireworks.
[20:02] <the_Bee> happy as a bunny in clover
[20:03] <the_Bee> bye Shiral
[20:03] <+Shiral> Blasted transfer portal repair people! They STILL don't have it right!
[20:03] <jemler> nite shiral
[20:03] <+Shiral> Bye, all, sorry, I have to go back to being a good employee as opposed to a BAD employee
[20:03] <+Shiral> Have fun at Darkover, all who are going
[20:03] <+Shiral> BYE!
[20:03] * +Shiral Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[20:06] * TemprusFood Quit (Quit: Have /Quit, will travel)
[20:06] <@KK> Anybody know the origin of that phrase, Happy as Larry?
[20:06] <jemler> nope
[20:07] <the_Bee> not I
[20:07] <@KK> Refers to St. Lawrence, who is said to have been roasted over a gridiron, and said, at one point, Turn me over, lads.  I'm done on this side.  His cheerfulness about his martyrdom led to the phrase.
[20:08] <@KK> It's a common phrase in Ireland, though it took me a long time to find out where it had come from--and it wasn't anybody in Irelqand, I don't think.
[20:08] <the_Bee> It also earned him the nickname of "Lazy Lawrence."
[20:09] <@KK> Er, I don't think so....
[20:09] <the_Bee>
[20:10] <the_Bee> I read that his killers did it to mock him for being too lazy to turn himself. over.
[20:10] <@KK> Hmmm, hadn't heard that one....
[20:11] <@KK> That'd be pretty gross.  Couldn't even be martyred in peace.
[20:14] <jemler> KK, a question about Europe.
[20:14] <@KK> Fire away.
[20:15] <jemler> When you lived in Ireland, did you ever try what they call Drinking Chocolate?
[20:16] <@KK> Yes.  It's a true hot chocolate, that you have to make in milk, and add sugar.  More trouble than it's worth, in my estimation, but some folk swear by it.
[20:17] <jemler> I was thinking of buying a can from a site I found on the net. $13/can plus s/h!
[20:17] <the_Bee> made with bitter chocolate?  I've had that.
[20:17] <+Elim> I make my own hot chocolate.
[20:19] <@KK> I don't think it would be good value for money, but try it if you like.  You might be able to find it in a good supermarket, especially one that carries European brands.  Carbury's does one.  Or you can shave a bar of chocolate and melt that in hot milk.  Instant is easier, and pretty much as good, to my taste buds.
[20:19] <@KK> It be more specific, it's cocoa powder, like you use in baking, so that's why you have to add sugar.  And whisking it is also a good idea, to get it a bit frothy.
[20:20] <the_Bee> with whipped cream or marshmallow?
[20:20] <jemler> What I was looking at is called Schokinag. German chocolate cut into little chiplets,. 3 tablespoons in milk for 1 cup.
[20:21] <@KK> Whipped cream will improve just about anything sweet, but especially hot chocolate.  Myself, I'm not partial to marshmallows in hot chocolate.
[20:21] <the_Bee> I like both
[20:21] <+Elim> I use this recipe
[20:22] <@KK> Shiral sends me a tin of peppermint chocolate shavings every year.  That's good to just eat by the spoonful!  But it also improves reagular instant hot chocolate.  (But Scott doesn't like mint, so I have to heave that out of his.)
[20:23] <jemler> What a shame! you have to save all that mint for yourself! :)
[20:23] <the_Bee> eat by the spoonful?  KK, you're a kindred soul!
[20:23] <+Elim> I must admit that I add an extra pinch of cayenne to my mug along with a little but of fresh nutmeg.
[20:24] <+Elim> bit*
[20:24] <@KK> I've heard that a bit of spice adds something.  Mexican chocolate is more bitter, and they sometimes add a bit of chilipepper, I think.
[20:25] <+Elim> That originates from the first people to consume chocolate.
[20:25] <the_Bee> didn't the Aztecs or Toltecs or whoever sweeten it with honey?
[20:25] <+Elim> And added pepper.
[20:26] <+Elim> Which really has a great effect on the drink.
[20:26] <@KK> Not to my taste, I'm afraid.  But you're welcome to it.
[20:26] <jemler> With Christmas coming on, I'm looking forward to some eggnog.
[20:28] <the_Bee> and hopefully pork pies.
[20:30] <@KK> Yike, talking a;bout all this food made me look at the clock!  Gotta dash!  How the time does fly.
[20:31] <the_Bee> enjoy your dinner, KK
[20:31] <@KK> Anyway, won't be here next week, but will try to make it in two.
[20:31] <the_Bee> we'll miss you.
[20:31] <jemler> Have a good Thanksgiving KK. Don't overdo it!
[20:31] <~RainbowDragon> Thanks for stopping by, KK
[20:31] <the_Bee> ditto
[20:31] <@KK> Take care, you guys.  And have a good turkey day.  We all mave much for which to be thankful.
[20:32] <+Elim> have fun.
[20:32] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:32] * @KK Quit (Quit: )
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