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KK Chat - Aug. 25, 2003
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:43:33 pm »
KK Chat - Aug. 25, 2003

[16:57] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:57] <DeryniBot> Welcome to #Deryni_Destinations KK
[16:57] <Samuel> Hi KK!!!
[16:57] <VirtualBabe> Hi Katherine
[16:57] <the_Bee> "I'm with you and you're with me, and so we are all together..."
[16:57] <jm> Hi Katherine
[16:57] <TerryOBrien> Hello Katherine!
[16:57] <Mak> Hi, Katherine
[16:57] <RainbowDragon> Greetings, Katherine
[16:57] <kirienne> Hi Katherine
[16:57] <Bynw> hiyas Katherine!!   
[16:57] <Tika> hi KK :)
[16:57] <KK> Hello, all.
[16:57] <Mistyck> hi KK
[16:57] <Shiral> Hello Katherine!
[16:57] <the_Bee> Welcome, Katherine
[16:57] <jm> But we are not the Walrus
[16:57] <VirtualBabe> How was your week?
[16:57] <Shiral> No tusks around here!
[16:57] <the_Bee> what about the carpenter?
[16:58] <KK> Verra busy--but mostly not with writing, alas.
[16:58] * VirtualBabe is now known as Debbie-VB
[16:58] <Shiral> Remodels are like that, unfortunately
[16:58] <Mistyck> yes they are
[16:58] <Shiral> Hygilac says Hello, Katherine
[16:58] <the_Bee> will your ghosts recognize the place once you're done with it?
[16:58] <KK> And my pesky cough is still being pesky.  I've <got> to get in to see that specialist!
[16:59] <RainbowDragon> No writing?  :-(   More remodeling?
[16:59] <Shiral> Poor Katherine =o(
[16:59] <Debbie-VB> Not more, try still
[16:59] <TerryOBrien> More closet cleaning?
[16:59] <RainbowDragon> Sorry to hear about the pesky cough... no fun
[16:59] <KK> I did get a very short article done in first draft this afternoon.  But no serious writing yet.
[16:59] <the_Bee> please get well, KK
[16:59] * kirienne tells KK's pesky cough to go away
[16:59] <jm> Pesky coughs are a pain
[16:59] * Shiral passes Katherine some high powered cough syrup
[17:00] * Debbie-VB sends anti-pesky cough woodgies Ireland-wards
[17:00] <RainbowDragon> How is the remodeling progressing?
[17:00] * ElectricD has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:00] <DeryniBot> ElectricD uses a Transfer Portal to join the chat in #Deryni_Destinations
[17:00] * kirienne asks Duncan and Dhugal why they have not healed Katherine
[17:00] <the_Bee> hi ED
[17:00] <Mistyck> hi ED
[17:00] <kirienne> hi ED
[17:00] <Shiral> Hello ElectricD
[17:00] <ElectricD> Hello, all.
[17:01] <Mak> Hi ElectricD
[17:01] <KK> It's the silly sinuses, I'm convinced.  Just subdued a major coughing attack that lasted for most of an hour!
[17:01] <jm> Healers weren't too successful with things involving lungs
[17:01] <Shiral> Sounds miserable, Katherine
[17:01] <KK> It is.  I'm very tired of it.
[17:01] <Shiral> It can take a lot out of you
[17:01] <kirienne> I bet you are
[17:01] <Mistyck> Katherine:  I've found that when I cough at night, it's my allergies and Clariton D helps that
[17:01] <Shiral> What was the topic of the article?
[17:02] <the_Bee> postnasal drip?  i had that in high school
[17:02] <Mistyck> yep Bee
[17:02] <RainbowDragon> Good question, Shiral
[17:02] <KK> It's allergy-type drip, and chlortrimeton or the like does dry it up, but I had to take two of them this evening.
[17:03] <Shiral> Definitely
[17:03] <the_Bee> does the medicine make you groggy?
[17:03] <KK> And there's this wheeze, that succumbs to a buterol inhaler, but one shouldn't be using that regularly.
[17:03] <jm> Allergies, no fun
[17:03] <KK> No, no grogginess.
[17:03] <Tika> that stuff makes me "fuzzy"
[17:03] <Shiral> Fortunately
[17:03] <the_Bee> you need grog for that
[17:03] <Mistyck> you might want to try the Claritin
[17:03] <kirienne> LOL Bee
[17:03] <Mistyck> I only take 1 a day
[17:03] <Shiral> Derry would know a good Grog shop
[17:04] <Wrengl> evening katherine
[17:04] <RainbowDragon> What was your article about, KK?
[17:04] <Wrengl> hi ed
[17:04] <KK> Well, my doctor prescribed something that's supposed to last for 24 hours, but it never does.  I've been on it for a week now, and I'm good until about mid-afternoon, but then I need to boost it with chlortri or the like.
[17:05] <KK> The article is for one of the Chicken Soup books, requested by a friend who's editing it.
[17:05] <Wrengl> oh neat
[17:05] <the_Bee> ??
[17:05] <Mistyck> cool
[17:05] <Debbie-VB> OOooooooooo KEWL
[17:05] <Wrengl> what is this one to be called
[17:05] <Shiral> Chicken soup for the sorceror's soul?
[17:05] <Wrengl> lol
[17:05] <Tika> neat!
[17:05] <kirienne> LOL
[17:05] <KK> This one is Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul. 
[17:05] <Shiral> Or maybe the Templar's Soul
[17:05] <Debbie-VB> Chicken soup for the Deryni soul?
[17:06] <Wrengl> ah
[17:06] <Shiral> Definitely a need for Chicken soup, there
[17:06] <Wrengl> i will have to have a friend look for it
[17:06] <RainbowDragon> When will that book with your article be released?
[17:06] <kirienne> I will have to get that book for my friend who's breast cancer is in remission
[17:06] <KK> Wrengl, speaking of ailing folk, how is Kathi?
[17:06] <Wrengl> she is doing better, thank you
[17:06] <Debbie-VB> I like that idea for a chicken-soup book.
[17:06] <KK> Sometime next year, I think.
[17:07] <the_Bee> and jasta?
[17:07] <RainbowDragon> ok
[17:07] <KK> Haven't heard from Jasta lately.
[17:07] <Wrengl> first day of my retirement she went to the doctor
[17:07] <Wrengl> than we went into the city to buy SILVER!
[17:07] <Tika> hehehehe
[17:07] <the_Bee> hi-ho!
[17:07] <KK> Woo-hoo!
[17:07] <Shiral> Serious supplies
[17:07] <Wrengl> spent all available money!
[17:07] * Tika got lots of candle supplies at a conference this weekend :)
[17:07] <kirienne> LOL
[17:07] <Wrengl> yes indeed serious supplies
[17:07] <Tika> so I understand, Wrengl!
[17:08] <Debbie-VB> Pat's going to be busier then she ever was as a wage-slave
[17:08] <Wrengl> lol
[17:08] <KK> I have a really neat earring design I want to send her, done with silver wire.  I'll xerox or maybe scan the design and send it to you guys.
[17:08] <Wrengl> but writing and jewelry making are FUN
[17:08] <kirienne> but at least it will be doing fun things
[17:08] <Tika> Debbie, from your lips... ;) 
[17:08] <Shiral> True, things you actually CHOOSE to do
[17:08] <Wrengl> yes, please do
[17:08] <Wrengl> tika has the catalogue up
[17:08] <Wrengl> but we are changing the file system
[17:08] <Tika> and may actually have time to break it up this week :)
[17:09] <Wrengl> and, of course, we already have new stuff!
[17:09] <the_Bee> Pat: is it mithris silver?
[17:09] <Tika> had to get my own candle site up for the conference this weekend first - which was fun but time consuming
[17:09] <the_Bee> mithril
[17:09] <Debbie-VB> I'll have to keep an eye out for your stuff Pat. I do like jewlery
[17:09] <Wrengl> it is mostly sterling silver that we bought
[17:09] <RainbowDragon> candle conference?
[17:09] <Wrengl> and some .999 fine silver
[17:09] <Shiral> Very illuminating, RD
[17:09] <Tika> sooooo, the jewelry site is slow loading but very pretty
[17:09] * kirienne would love to have some mithril
[17:10] <KK> mithril silver is cool!
[17:10] <Tika> yes, RD - we had a big to-do here in Cedar Rapids, I just got home
[17:10] <Shiral> I would too, but I'd just as soon skip Moria
[17:10] <RainbowDragon> I see
[17:10] <Tika> ugh, Moria
[17:10] <Wrengl> i've not heard of mithril silver, bee
[17:10] * Debbie-VB mugs Frodo to get some mithril for kirienne
[17:10] <the_Bee> in Lord of the Rings
[17:10] <Wrengl> ah
[17:10] <kirienne> thanks Debbie
[17:10] <Wrengl> long time since i read the books
[17:10] <Shiral> Kind of expensive and hard to obtain
[17:11] <Wrengl> we missed both movies, although we have the first on dvd
[17:11] <kirienne> Gimli could get us some
[17:11] <Mistyck> rather dangerous to obtain
[17:11] <Shiral> How goes the remodeling, Katherine?
[17:11] <Wrengl> i would think so
[17:11] <Debbie-VB> well, at least we have the movies right now
[17:11] <Tika> speaking of which, have all the ladies seen the poster for the 3rd movie? Yum :)
[17:11] <Wrengl> no
[17:11] <Shiral> Which Poster, Tika?
[17:11] <Wrengl> i have not seen it
[17:11] <Debbie-VB> Not yet.
[17:11] <kirienne> yes    that is indeed a yummy poster
[17:11] <Shiral> I think there's more than one
[17:11] <Tika> one word:  Viggo
[17:11] <Wrengl> lol
[17:11] <Mistyck> yum
[17:11] <Shiral> Ah, yes. I've seen that one
[17:11] <Debbie-VB> OOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo yum
[17:11] <Tika> ok two - Viggo, yum
[17:11] <Tika> :)
[17:11] <Mistyck> lol
[17:12] <KK> It's coming along.  Today I painted flat-black behind where a radiator will go, with a box covering it and a cast iron fireplace mounted on the front.  Scott designed it.  Best radiator cover ever, masquerading as a fireplace.
[17:12] * Golux has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:12] <DeryniBot> Welcome to #Deryni_Destinations Golux
[17:12] <Tika> he's almost as handsome as Bynw :)
[17:12] <Shiral> Keep him away from RD, lest he get eaten
[17:12] <jm> I keep thinking the trailers should have hit theaters by now but haven't seen one
[17:12] <Tika> LOL!!!
[17:12] <Mistyck> Katherine:  any word on how sales for DT are doing?
[17:12] <Shiral> Neat, Katherine
[17:12] <the_Bee> hi Golux!
[17:12] <Golux> Hello strangers!
[17:12] <Shiral> Hi Golux
[17:12] <jm> Hi Golux
[17:12] <Wrengl> hi golux
[17:12] <Mak> HI, Golux
[17:12] <Golux> Long time, no chat
[17:12] <KK> Should be another royalty report along soon, hopefully with more royalty payments.
[17:13] <Debbie-VB> Ho Golux, Long time since I've seen your font here
[17:13] <Mistyck> cool!
[17:13] <Tika> hi Golux
[17:13] <Shiral> verra cool
[17:13] <Mistyck> hi Golux
[17:13] <KK> Hi, Golux.  Ready for school to start again soon?
[17:13] <Tika> do we know the actual release date for ITKS yet?
[17:13] <Golux> Yes, tomorrow!
[17:13] <Debbie-VB> well there is going to be a 10 min behind the scenes trailer for Return of the King in the Two towers DVD
[17:14] <the_Bee> that early??
[17:14] <Tika> ooooooo
[17:14] <Shiral> Not that GOlux is looking forward to this at all =o)
[17:14] <KK> Whoa!  Tomorrow!  What year are you now?
[17:14] <KK> ITKS is a November release.
[17:14] * Shiral rubs her little paws in keen anticipation
[17:14] <Golux> Ray is a senior, Elsa is in 7th grade
[17:14] <Shiral> But five minutes ago, he was a freshman!
[17:14] <Debbie-VB> Chapters is saying late Oct., but they don't know if they will be carrying it in KC yet
[17:15] <KK> You guys are growing up fast!
[17:15] <Debbie-VB> HC
[17:15] <the_Bee> I'm afraid of dying before i've read all your books, KK
[17:16] <Shiral> Hmmmm, I thought I'd finished growing up...
[17:16] <KK> Nope, you're gonna live a long life, with many more books.
[17:16] <the_Bee> before you've written all your books
[17:16] <jm> No Shiral you haven't
[17:16] <Shiral> (But no pressure, you understand...)
[17:16] <Debbie-VB> Well Bee, you can always buy them in the Mall in Heaven
[17:16] <the_Bee> am I the only one here who's older than kk?
[17:16] <Golux> Just make a deal that you will die as soon as you finish reading them and then just don't read the last one
[17:16] <kirienne> well, I am fast approaching 51
[17:17] <Debbie-VB> I'm closing in on 53
[17:17] <KK> Probably.  You and I are the old timers, Bee.
[17:17] <the_Bee> 60 last march
[17:17] <Golux> sort of a weird dorian grey
[17:17] <Shiral> I just feel old
[17:17] <jm> I hit 50 at the end of the year
[17:17] <Debbie-VB> 53 going on 29
[17:17] <Mistyck> yeah Shiral...know the feeling
[17:17] <kirienne> LOL
[17:18] <Samuel> later all
[17:18] <Shiral> But am hoping for some rejuvenation soon
[17:18] <Shiral> Bye Sam
[17:18] <Tika> cya Sam
[17:18] <Golux> you are as old as a teenager thinks you are
[17:18] <kirienne> bye sam
[17:18] <jm> Bye Sam
[17:18] <RainbowDragon> Bye, Sam
[17:18] <KK> Nighters, Sam.
[17:18] <Mak> bye Sam
[17:18] * Samuel Quit (Quit: Put your spare computer power to some good use finding a cure for Alzheimers. Team 1084 Deryni-Fans... USA's National anti pest web site.)
[17:18] <Golux> bye sam
[17:18] <Shiral> Ancient, then
[17:18] <jm> No teenagers make you feel ancient
[17:18] <Wrengl> not as old as me debbie
[17:18] <TerryOBrien> Any of you folks know who Moonwolf (Michael Longcor) is?
[17:18] <Mistyck> not I
[17:18] <Shiral> Nope
[17:19] * Kiri` has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:19] <RainbowDragon> nope
[17:19] <DeryniBot> Welcome to #Deryni_Destinations Kiri`
[17:19] <Mistyck> hi Kiri
[17:19] <Wrengl> but you and bee and i never have to grow up
[17:19] <Shiral> Hello Kiri
[17:19] <kirienne> I'm going by elf years....means I'm just an elfling
[17:19] <Mak> Nope
[17:19] <Kiri`> hello all!
[17:19] <Wrengl> :)
[17:19] <RainbowDragon> Hi, Kiri
[17:19] <Mak> Hi, Kiri
[17:19] <Wrengl> hi kiri
[17:19] <kirienne> hi Kiri
[17:19] <Shiral> That's the spirit, Kirienne
[17:19] <Bynw> hi Kiri`
[17:19] <KK> Moonwolf sounds familiar, but can't remember from where.
[17:19] <TerryOBrien> Filksinger and SCAdian: former king of the Midrealm, raconteur, etc.
[17:19] <Wrengl> well if you have not grown up by the time you hit fifty human years, you never have to grow up
[17:19] <jm> Lets all just move to neverland and we'll never grow old
[17:20] <Golux> Elsa has been looking over my shoulder when I typed the teenager comment
[17:20] <TerryOBrien> Quite a handsome fellow, even though he's probably around 50. Dark hair, wears black a lot.
[17:20] <Tika> oooo sounds like Morgan :)
[17:20] <kirienne> LOL Golux
[17:20] <Shiral> I guess I just run around in the wrong crowd
[17:20] <Debbie-VB> I've not grown up yet
[17:20] <Golux> She thinks we type slow
[17:20] <Shiral> Morgan is a filksinger???
[17:20] <Shiral> =o)
[17:20] <KK> That describes a lot of guys, Terry.
[17:20] <Wrengl> except alaric is blond
[17:20] <Tika> LOL
[17:20] <Wrengl> now blonds in black
[17:20] <Wrengl> yummy thought
[17:20] <the_Bee> and he's past the black phase
[17:21] <Wrengl> true
[17:21] <Shiral> yes, but he's shortly due to regress, Bee =o)
[17:21] <Mistyck> well, there can always be a need for stealth
[17:21] <Shiral> Since we're revisiting his youth!
[17:21] <Debbie-VB> but he will be back in the black phase for book 3 of the childe cycle
[17:21] <Wrengl> true shiral
[17:21] <Mistyck> yep Debbie
[17:21] <Kiri`> yes it is hard to be stealthy when one is wearing sparkles
[17:21] <KK> We'll eventually find out why he wore black for so long....
[17:21] <jm> very true
[17:21] <Shiral> Excellent, KK!
[17:21] <TerryOBrien> Was told that he was at a con and was being checked out from behind by a group of 15-something girls. Then they got a look at his front and cried "He's Old!"
[17:21] <kirienne> great KK
[17:21] <Mistyck> lol, Terry!
[17:22] <Wrengl> lol terry
[17:22] <KK> LOL!
[17:22] <kirienne> LOL terry
[17:22] <the_Bee> who, Morgan?
[17:22] <Shiral> Now you've got us curious, KK
[17:22] * Kiri` grins at Terry
[17:22] <KK> That was the intention.  :-)
[17:22] <Kiri`> a hint?
[17:22] <Shiral> Naturally!
[17:22] <Golux> Just like a teenager...
[17:22] <kirienne> LOL  KK
[17:22] <TerryOBrien> If you ever get the chance, sit down and listen to him. He may not be the greatest singer, but he's a very charismatic one.
[17:22] * Shiral watches KK, hoping to do a wee bit of probing, soon...
[17:22] <Debbie-VB> not that Katherine NEEDS to stir up any excitement for her work
[17:22] <Wrengl> indeed
[17:22] <Shiral> Never hurts though VB!
[17:22] <Bynw> evil writer ... must find out WHY morgan wears black
[17:23] * kirienne always gets excited at the mere mention of Morgan
[17:23] <Tika> btw Shiral, we will expect a full report :)
[17:23] <Shiral> It doesn't show the dirt, I'll bet Bynw
[17:23] <Tika> with photos!
[17:23] <jm> Not fair Katherine , second book isn't started and you're teasing us about the third
[17:23] * Tim37 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:23] <DeryniBot> Hail and Well met Tim37
[17:23] <Mistyck> hi Tim
[17:23] <Shiral> I'll share All that I'm authorized to share
[17:23] <Bynw> Hiyas Tim
[17:23] <RainbowDragon> Hi, Tim
[17:23] <the_Bee> hi tim
[17:23] <kirienne> hi Tim37
[17:23] <jm> Hi Tim37
[17:23] <Shiral> Hello Tim37
[17:23] <Mak> Hi, Tim
[17:23] <Tim37> Hello all
[17:23] <Tika> hi Tim!  you have a good number in your nickname :)
[17:23] <Wrengl> hi tim
[17:23] <RainbowDragon> Tim, Katherine Kurtz is KK  :-)
[17:23] <Debbie-VB> back to the zipper sisters phase again shiral?
[17:24] <Shiral> Just a wittle bitty Zip, Debbie
[17:24] <kirienne> LOL
[17:24] <Kiri`> well is the reason practical or due to something specific?
[17:24] <Shiral> But I won't want to spoil anything for anybody
[17:24] <KK> Probably a bit of both.
[17:24] <kirienne> LOL
[17:24] <Kiri`> is is because of a woman?
[17:24] <Shiral> He probably figured he looked really COOL in black!
[17:25] * Kiri` gasps.. he doesn't wear it because of Jehana does he? ;)
[17:25] <Shiral> Alaric is not without his small vanity after all
[17:25] <Tika> LOL
[17:25] * Kiri` giggles
[17:25] <Mistyck> I think it's because he wants to scare humans
[17:25] <Shiral> LOL
[17:25] * Debbie-VB would like to believe that there is some secret tragedy that leaves him in extended mourning
[17:25] <Tika> me too - scoundrel!
[17:25] <jm> This is true Shiral
[17:25] <Kiri`> it's probably cause it sets of his hair "just so"
[17:25] <Shiral> Well, he does lose both parents early in life
[17:25] <Shiral> Probably has something to do with it, Kiri
[17:26] <TerryOBrien> ITs for dramatic effect: If you have to be the Evil Deryni, why not look the part? You'd almost expect him to stroke his moustache or something.
[17:26] <Kiri`> Shiral are you in Ireland now?
[17:26] <Shiral> ALas, not yet Kiri
[17:26] <Mistyck> yep Terry, I agree
[17:26] <Shiral> Next month
[17:26] <Kiri`> ah   
[17:26] <Shiral> First Italy, then Ireland
[17:26] <TerryOBrien> (I can't help it: I watched "The Great Race"
last week, with Jack Lemmon as "Professor Fate".)
[17:26] <Mistyck> hehe
[17:27] <Kiri`> Italy too?   ooooh *bright eyed*
[17:27] <Shiral> Italy too
[17:27] * Debbie-VB liked Jack lemmon in "Some LIke It Hot"
[17:27] <Shiral> I'm looking forward to both
[17:27] <Shiral> Some like  it Hot is a comic masterpiece
[17:27] <KK> Hope it's cooled down by then.
[17:27] <Shiral> I do TOO!
[17:27] <Debbie-VB> still warmish in your part of the world Katherine?
[17:28] <KK> It was back pretty warm here, the past few days.
[17:28] <KK> Muggy, too.
[17:28] <Shiral> Okay, all cool clothes to the fore!
[17:28] <Bynw> its like 99F here ... and more with the heat index
[17:28] <Debbie-VB> Yuck.  Hot and muggy!  Bad combo
[17:28] <kirienne> we had thunder and lightening, big time on thursday was rather warm though
[17:28] <Shiral> Yikes!
[17:28] <KK> And Friday night, we went to a barbeque at our next door neighbor's and got thoroughly <midged>!
[17:28] <Mistyck> Katherine:  that's because someone thinks Europeans should experience Florida/Texas weather :)
[17:29] <KK> Bee there, done that, hated it all!
[17:29] <Golux> I just wish that next door wouldn't smoke outside so I could keep more windows and doors open
[17:29] * Shiral packs "Midge Away"
[17:29] <RainbowDragon> midged?
[17:29] <Debbie-VB> We've had almost no rain here all summer, and we are sure paying for it right now with Fires
[17:29] <jm> Don't forget Mississippi whether Mistyck
[17:29] <KK> Eaten by Pirhana midges, no-seeums.
[17:29] <the_Bee> isn't thursday (Thor's Day) supposed to be a
traditional day for thunderstorms?
[17:29] <RainbowDragon> oh...
[17:29] <jm> It's hot and muggy a good 7 months of the year
[17:29] <Shiral> Piranha midges! Sounds fierce
[17:29] <Shiral> =o)
[17:30] <Golux> It's hot and muggy in San Francisco today!!!
[17:30] * TerryOBrien Quit (User has been mind-ripped)
[17:30] <KK> They are.  Where do you think we got the imagery for the Faerie host in The Adept?
[17:30] <Shiral> I won't insist on a barbecue then KK
[17:30] <kirienne> well, I guess if you look at it that way Bee,it does make sense, he must have been throwing that hammer around
[17:30] <Shiral> LOL
[17:30] <Mak> We had t-storms bad enough to flicker lights on Friday evening, but about 15 min away at the hospital, Mike said not a drop!
[17:30] * TerryOBrien has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:30] <DeryniBot> TerryOBrien uses a Transfer Portal to join the chat in #Deryni_Destinations
[17:30] <Kiri`> wb terry
[17:30] <the_Bee> I heard of a couple who made the mistake of honeymooning in new hamshire during blackfly season
[17:30] <Shiral> Where do you buy Sidhe repellant?
[17:30] <TerryOBrien> How annoying.
[17:30] <KK> Good question.
[17:30] <Mak> wb Terry
[17:30] <TerryOBrien> I thfought Cold Iron was a Sidhe repellent.
[17:30] <Shiral> Aside from Dunvegan Castle, of course
[17:31] <jm> got to run, dinner calls,  All have a good week
[17:31] * jm Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:31] <Mistyck> wb Terry
[17:31] <Shiral> WB, Terry
[17:31] <kirienne> Cold Iron would do the trick, but you can just send the Sidhe my way <g>
[17:31] <Debbie-VB> well he sure left in a hurry
[17:31] <KK> Even the Pirhana Sidhe?
[17:31] <Shiral> I dont' know if airport security would like it, though!
[17:32] <kirienne> no, just the fun Sidhe, LOL
[17:32] <Shiral> I'll be in the wrong place for Dunvegan Castle, anyway
[17:32] <KK> Well, I gotta run, too.  I'm worn out from coughing. Send healing woodgies my way, please.
[17:33] <the_Bee> how come silver is loved by some supernatural beings, but deadly to others?
[17:33] <TerryOBrien> kirienne, we could always divide the Sidhe: you take the lords and I'll take ladies.
[17:33] * Mistyck sends healing woodgies to Ireland
[17:33] * Shiral sends a raft of Healing Woodgies to Katherine
[17:33] <kirienne> healing woodgies on the way KK, nighters , huggles and get well soon
[17:33] <Debbie-VB> Will do Katherine.  Sleep Sweet, and have a terrific week
[17:33] <Mak> Woodgies on the way!
[17:33] <Mistyck> nite KK, have a great week
[17:33] <Shiral> Tell that Pesky cough to get lost, my dear!
[17:33] <Tika> niters KK
[17:33] <TerryOBrien> 'night Katherine.
[17:33] <Shiral> Night, Katherine
[17:33] <Tim37> nite kk
[17:33] <RainbowDragon> Goodnight, Katherine
[17:33] <kirienne> have a great week KK, with less coughing
[17:33] <Mak> Night, have a good one- get some rest!
[17:33] <Shiral> Sleep well
[17:33] * the_Bee sends kk all the healing woodgies she can portal
[17:33] <Golux> Woodgies to heal, sleep well
[17:33] <Kiri`> night Katherine!
[17:33] <Shiral> Good luck with all and any projects
[17:33] <Wrengl> nibhg
[17:33] <Wrengl> night even
[17:33] <Wrengl> feel better katherine
[17:33] * Debbie-VB sends even more anti-pesky cough woodgies towards Ireland
[17:33] <Shiral> I'll bring some woodgies in my luggage, too
[17:33] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night (punctuated by a cough), and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[17:34] * Wrengl hands kk a bowl of chicken soup
[17:34] <Shiral> Just in case long distance woodgies don't work
[17:34] * KK Quit