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KK Chat - Aug. 17, 2003
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:42:13 pm »
KK Chat - Aug. 17, 2003

[17:16] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:16] <DeryniBot> Hail and Well met KK
[17:16] <jm> hi Katherine
[17:16] <RainbowDragon> Greetings, Katherine
[17:16] <Mistyck> hi Katherine
[17:16] <Martine> Hi Katherine! Huggles :-)
[17:16] <Ghostgames> Hi, Katherine!
[17:16] <Sedina> hi, KK
[17:16] <kirienne> hi Katherine
[17:16] <Mak> Hi, Katherine
[17:16] <Debbie-VB> Hi Katherine
[17:17] <Barticus> howdy katherine
[17:17] * Rasyr performs a stately bow in the direction of Ms. Kurtz
[17:17] <Mistyck> how was your week?
[17:17] * Dan waves at honored guest.
[17:17] * KK is now known as KIK
[17:17] * Rasyr tries not to trop over his own two feet while doing so
[17:17] <kirienne> LOL Rasyr
[17:18] <KIK> Obviously if I come through this door, I have to come incognito.
[17:18] <Rasyr> methinks that I need to ghost writer just for chatting...
[17:18] <Martine> LOL!
[17:18] <kirienne> LOL
[17:18] <RainbowDragon> Using java chat tonight!
[17:18] <Martine> You may want to work on your disguise a bit more.... :-)
[17:18] <Mistyck> hehe
[17:18] <Mistyck> I was going to ask if you're on Java tonight :)
[17:19] <KIK> Well, I <could> really come incognito, if you want....
[17:19] * Debbie-VB passes Katherine a set of Groucho Glasses
[17:19] * Rasyr looks at his fingers to be sure that they are not broken and thinks to himself must be dyslexia or something
[17:19] * Dan sets mode: +o Dan
[17:19] <kirienne> no Rasyr, it's just the rental fingers we all use
[17:19] <Mistyck> Dan or RD:  can you OP KK?
[17:19] <kirienne> they are designed that way
[17:19] <Rasyr> ah!! cheap rentals! confound it!
[17:20] <Mistyck> must be from Wencit's Rentals :)
[17:20] <KIK> Hello, Rasyr.  I don't recognize your name.
[17:20] * RainbowDragon sets mode: -o RainbowDragon
[17:20] * RainbowDragon sets mode: +q RainbowDragon
[17:20] * RainbowDragon sets mode: +o KIK
[17:20] <Mistyck> :)
[17:20] <Rasyr> I am not here often, even though I am a fan of your works, especially the Templar and Adept stories
[17:20] <KIK> Ah.  Well, welcome.
[17:20] <Mistyck> much better, used to seeing KK "up there" :-)
[17:21] <KIK> Martine, how's the jetlag?
[17:21] <Rasyr> can only stick about for a little while then I have a manuscript to get back to revising  :)
[17:21] <KIK> What kind of manuscript?
[17:21] <Rasyr> rpg game
[17:22] <KIK> Ah.  I am only recently introduced to gaming.
[17:22] <kirienne> Katherine, Shiral and Pat send their greetings. Pat was having thunderboomers and Shiral had to get back to work
[17:22] <Ghostgames> Which rpg?
[17:22] <Rasyr> I work for Iron Crown Enterprises, and am authoring a new game being released in October
[17:22] <Rasyr> HARP
[17:22] <KIK> Ah, Ann, you're here too!
[17:22] <Ghostgames> ah.
[17:22] <Ghostgames> Yes, I am! on the tail end of a migraine, though. :-/
[17:22] <Martine> Katherine, I went to bed at 8pm last night and was up at 5am this morning!
[17:22] <Martine> Still a ways to go in adjusting. Arwen was thrilled to have company that early, though!
[17:22] <KIK> Sounds about right.
[17:23] <Mistyck> how was your week, Katherine?
[17:23] <kirienne> Martine, do you have to go to work tomorrow or do you get another day or so to adjust?
[17:23] <KIK> Seems like nothing got done, though I know that isn't true.
[17:23] <Martine> I'm at work tomorrow, Kirienne.
[17:23] <Mistyck> ahh...
[17:23] <KIK> No writing, though.
[17:23] <Martine> Then next week I'm in Phoenix on business... just to play with my internal clock some more! <g>
[17:23] <Mistyck> :(
[17:24] <kirienne> have Kelson work an anti-jet lag spell on you
[17:24] <Mistyck> but if you have the construction more under control, that's good too ;)
[17:24] <Martine> Kelson! Get over here! <g>
[17:24] <KIK> Progress is slow but steady; stress is awful!
[17:24] <Mistyck> is Scott back yet?
[17:24] <Martine> Just keep thinking what it's all going to look like when it's done!
[17:24] <jm> Anti fatique spell could be just as good
[17:25] <KIK> Today I spent about 4 hours going through all the clothing from our dressing room that was just tossed into the front guest bedroom, where we'll shortly have to move.
[17:25] <Debbie-VB> Katherine, I was wondering something.  Is Adam Sinclair related in any way to Arnault de Saint Claire?
[17:25] <Rasyr> perhaps a spell of "Mountain Dew"....
[17:25] <Rasyr> Debbie, yes, distantly
[17:25] <Ghostgames> I know what you mean! I came home to discover the painters had done a really poor job, I have to get them back in here to fix things -- not easy, since they've already been paid. Poor Paul didn't have time to ride herd on them last week, work's been busy and I was gone...
[17:25] <kirienne> yikes, I can't imagine how hard it must be to go through that stress. My Pastor and his wife are having their home remodelled, they are nearly finished with the kitchen
[17:25] <KIK> Probably, VB.
[17:25] <Dan> Limited amounts of stress - applied when required is a good thing... Anybody know how to "postpone" stress until needed?
[17:25] <Martine> Katherine, how did you manage to clean out all the stuff stored in that room in only four hours?
[17:26] <Rasyr> Adam is a descendant of Jauffry (sp?), who was cousin to to Arnault
[17:26] <jm> long walks work for me
[17:26] <KIK> It's a bummer when you have to be away while work is being done.
[17:26] <Mak> Dan- no, but if you figure out how, you could make a fortune! :)
[17:26] <Rasyr> at least I remember that much from the books :)
[17:26] <KIK> I didn't say it was gone; only gone through, and somewhat organized.
[17:26] <KIK> And somewhat weeded.
[17:26] <Martine> LOL!
[17:26] <Debbie-VB> I've *just* started the temple and the crown series
[17:27] <Martine> It's probably looking better than my lawn and garden right now....
[17:27] <Rasyr> weeded a room?
[17:27] * Martine pretends she doesn't see the two foot grass now growing in her garden.....
[17:27] <KIK> Well, weeded the stuff that was in the room....
[17:27] <Martine> Apparently, we got all the rain that Ireland didn't in the last two weeks! The garden is out of control.
[17:27] <KIK> Culled.  Decluttered.  Put things in goodwill bags. Threw some stuff out.
[17:27] <Mak> Martine- I can't even see my back garden right now....
[17:27] <Rasyr> hehe... know that feeling... am in process of doing that to whole house (just moved a month ago)
[17:27] <Mistyck> Martine:  if you can, get a landscaping Co. to come out and do your yard...over here they charge about $40 for an overgrown yard
[17:28] <Martine> Mistyck, they charge a LOT more here.
[17:28] <Debbie-VB> Martine, Try to get the Ground Force on it
[17:28] <Martine> And I can't justify the expense when I'm just back from two weeks in Ireland.
[17:28] <Dan> Martine - tell your neighbors you let that field go fallow this year, and you'll be harvesting the hay in the fall.
[17:28] <Martine> ROTFL!!! I like that approach!
[17:28] <Mak> At least nothing in it that is worth seeing...
[17:28] <KIK> We do have our good gardener back, who mowed our grass for years, several years ago.  Pat the Postman.
[17:28] * kirienne wishes she had a yaed to get overgrown
[17:28] <kirienne> yard even
[17:29] <Martine> Darn! I guess I don't get the gardening post, then? <g>
[17:29] <Martine> Finding a good gardener is a tough job.
[17:29] <KIK> Well, he'll retire again, eventually.  We do now own a lawnmower.
[17:29] <Rasyr> hooray for progress! :)
[17:29] <KIK> Now we must get the crew to build us a wee shed to keep it in.
[17:30] <Mistyck> a riding one I hope...
[17:30] <Martine> LOL! I can't imagine a "wee shed" next to Holybrooke! <g>
[17:30] <Rasyr> wee shed == 4 car garage?
[17:30] * Dan wonders if lawn mower goes "Baaa"
[17:30] <Mak> Ah, yes- lawnmowers have a tendency to get cranky when exposed to the elements for too long....
[17:30] <KIK> No, because we have a fair amount of steep slope that a ride-around can't do, so we'd still need a regular one.  This one is self-propelled, though.
[17:31] <Mak> I can sympathize- our yard killed 2 riding mowers, so we gave up on 'em
[17:31] <KIK> No, it will be a wee shed, just big enough for the mower.  We'll get a proper garden shed that's bigger, after we've reroofed the West Wing.
[17:31] <Mistyck> that helps
[17:31] <Martine> Have the bookshelves been installed yet?
[17:32] <Rasyr> yes! those are important
[17:32] <KIK> You yard killed ride-around mowers?  Gad, woman, what do you have growing in your yard?!
[17:32] <Martine> LOL!
[17:32] <Rasyr> must have bookshelves!
[17:32] <KIK> No bookshelves installed yet, but we have light in the new laundry room.
[17:32] <Martine> One of the guys that works for me killed his on his sloped yard. Parking break slipped and it rolled into a tree!
[17:32] <Mak> Two extremely steep slopes... front and back- the riders can't handle it
[17:32] <Martine> Light! Hooray! Fiat lux.
[17:32] * Dan has to run now... Grilling time.
[17:32] <kirienne> that's good. Martine told us about the laundry trying to flood the library
[17:32] <Martine> Bye, Dan!
[17:33] <Mak> Bye Dan!
[17:33] * Dan Quit (Quit: See ya.)
[17:33] <Sedina> ack, missed Dan
[17:33] <KIK> Still a couple of weeks away from being into the new laundry room.
[17:33] <Martine> I never knew my dirty socks could be so dastardly.
[17:33] <KIK> Must see about floor tomorrow.
[17:33] <Barticus> hey all I need to vamoose as well /need to be sociable with the family
[17:33] <Rasyr> ahh... must go as well.... work calls..... :(
[17:33] <Martine> Bye Bart!
[17:33] <kirienne> see ya Bart
[17:34] <Debbie-VB> Nighters Bart
[17:34] <KIK> Nighters, Bart.
[17:34] <Barticus> y'all have a great and safe week
[17:34] <Sedina> night, Bart
[17:34] <Rasyr> ciao
[17:34] <Mak> Bye Bart! and Rasyr!
[17:34] <kirienne> by Raysr
[17:34] <Ghostgames> g'night, Bart!
[17:34] <Debbie-VB> Nice meeting you rasyr
[17:34] * Barticus waves as he steps onto hiks crop circle and is gone
[17:34] <jm> Bye Bart
[17:34] * Rasyr Quit (Quit: Rasyr slumps over his keyboard, passed out due to total exhaustion...)
[17:34] <KIK> Night, Rasyr.
[17:34] * Barticus Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:34] * Barticus has left IRC
[17:34] <Sedina> night, Rasyr
[17:34] <Martine> Ack! one moment/ glasses lens fell out
[17:34] <Debbie-VB> *eep*
[17:34] <KIK> Ack!
[17:35] <Mak> Oops
[17:35] <KIK> Ann, have your doggers forgiven you for being away so long?
[17:35] <RainbowDragon> Thats not good
[17:35] <jm> Uh-oh
[17:35] <Martine> Sent hubby for screwdriver
[17:35] <Ghostgames> Looks like it, Katherine. They're both on the bed with me (and Paul) right now. :-)
[17:35] <Martine> Phew! Back in business. Or sight.
[17:35] <Martine> How about the kitties?
[17:35] <kirienne> that darn computer worm messed up a lot on my computer, but I can still get the internet just fine. My computer friend and his wife are coming to dinner on Wed and he will hopefully bring the new computer he's been making me, or fix this to work well until he is done making new one
[17:36] <KIK> Sounds like they survived, then.  How do they like the new bedroom?
[17:36] <Debbie-VB> I know the feeling Martine.  I only wear glasses when i want to see.
[17:36] <Mak> It's a good thing to be able to see, Martine- I just got new glasses and can finally read again without taking the dang things off!
[17:36] <Ghostgames> Dana hasn't shown hide nor hair (wouldn't expect her too) but Fox has been quite friendly. Shadow, too, although in his case he's usually looking for food. He doesn't like the kitty diet he's on...
[17:36] <Martine> I'm blind without mine. Just see vague blobs of color.
[17:36] <KIK> I need to get mine checked soon.  It's been a while.
[17:36] <Harvey2> I'm heading to dinner.  See you guys later.
[17:36] * Harvey2  Quit
[17:36] <Martine> LOL! Fox is not only found, he's being sociable!
[17:36] <Martine> Bye, Harvey.
[17:36] <kirienne> see ya harvey
[17:36] <kirienne> akk, missed him
[17:37] <Ghostgames> New bedroom is still undergoing remodelling. I'm fixing all the mistakes the painters made. Some of the trim (side and undersides) wasn't even painted!
[17:37] <jm> Need them for reading but otherwise can see pretty good
[17:37] <Martine> I need to get mine checked, too. My astigmatism has gotten worse.
[17:37] <Ghostgames> There's white trim paint on the walls, and green wall paint on the trim...
[17:37] <Martine> Ugh!
[17:37] <Mistyck> yuck
[17:37] <Ghostgames> or at least there was until I got started yesterday...
[17:37] <KIK> I know that drill; spots like that in the front bathroom.
[17:37] <Martine> Have you finished repainting yet?
[17:37] <KIK> Who, me or Ann?
[17:37] <Martine> Ann.
[17:38] * Bynw[GM] sets mode: +o Sedina
[17:38] <Martine> I didn't think you were painting yet, Katherine.
[17:38] <Debbie-VB> I'd like to get that laser vision thingie, but I'd still need glasses, or grow my arms another foot or so to hold books with
[17:38] <Ghostgames> Paul hadn't realized quite how bad a job it was. I call the painters tomorrow and try to get them back here, with the carrot/stick approach.... Come finish the job the way it should have been done in the first place, and get to do our exterior painting as well. Don't, and get a bill for the time it takes me to fix their work...
[17:38] <KIK> It sounds like she <thought> she was finished--until she looked closely at what they'd done--or hadn't done.
[17:39] <Ghostgames> I'm almost done with the re-painting in the bedroom. All the trim's got white paint on it now, at least.
[17:39] <Martine> Ann, you're having the remodel from hell! From start to finish.
[17:39] <Ghostgames> Tonight I'll touch up the bits of green wall that are white, and a few spots where the green paint is obviously a single coat...
[17:39] <Mak> Got to go - time to go find something to eat!
[17:39] <KIK> I may try to paint all or most of the laundry room myself.
[17:39] <kirienne> see ya mak
[17:40] <Mistyck> nite Mak
[17:40] <KIK> Night, Mak.
[17:40] <Sedina> night, Mak
[17:40] * Mak grabs a big bunch of bright green balloons and floats gently off into the sunset
[17:40] <Martine> Night, Mak!
[17:40] <Ghostgames> We paid $4600 for this paint job, and I can paint straighter lines with my left hand (I'm mostly right-handed) than they could with both hands.
[17:40] <KIK> Now, that's a novel departure....
[17:40] <Mak> {{{{HUGS}}}} everyone!
[17:40] <Debbie-VB> sounds like you ended up with the painters from hell, ann
[17:40] * Mak  Quit
[17:40] <Ghostgames> bye, MAK!
[17:40] <jm> Taking a break from painting, got two rooms and the hall done.  My wife still want's our room done but that means moving bookshelves-not fun
[17:40] <Ghostgames> (I've proven that a couple of times, where the left hand allowed a better paintbrush approach...)
[17:41] <Martine> I guess I shouldn't ask you for their number to finish painting our trim, huh? <g>
[17:41] <Ghostgames> The bedroom walls are /bright/ green - brighter than I expected. So now I have some glaze and some dark foliage green and some sponges, will do some sponge-work finishing techniques. :-)
[17:41] <Martine> Oooo! That's fun!
[17:42] <KIK> JM, we've got baseboards like that in one bedroom, that still need painting because we didn't want to move furniture the last time the room was painted.  It will be done this time, since we have to redo the carpet as well.
[17:42] <Martine> I've done that in our living room, dining room, and hallway.
[17:42] <jm> My son wanted his room painted an electric green color. Quite bright, with the sun coming in his window, you turn green when you go into his room
[17:42] <KIK> Electric green?!  You're very brave.
[17:42] <Martine> If you use a "wall wash" motion instead of the "dabbing" motion, you get a color wash effect with a sponge and cover the wall a lot faster.
[17:42] <Ghostgames> I also bought some deer-in-the-forest border paper today, to go just under the crown moulding around the room. :-)
[17:43] <Debbie-VB> Or the son is brave
[17:43] <Ghostgames> With honey-oak furniture and wooden blinds, should be quite peaceful in there. :-)
[17:43] <KIK> Do you really want all those deer looking at you all night?
[17:43] <Martine> Ahhhhh......
[17:43] <jm> I don''t have visit that room too much
[17:43] <Martine> LOL!
[17:43] <Martine> Better than the blue tigers (chosen by a former owner) that used to stare at you when you used my parent's powder room!
[17:43] <Ghostgames> They'll be staring across the room at the other side near the ceiling, not looking down at our bed. ;-)
[17:43] <Martine> One was postitioned just perfectly to look you straight in the eyes when you were seated.
[17:44] <kirienne> LOL Martine
[17:44] <Debbie-VB> That would kind of inhibit one IMO Martine
[17:44] <KIK> We have friends who had a completely mirrored powder room.  Now, <that> was a bit disconcerting.
[17:44] <Debbie-VB> inhibit
[17:44] <Martine> Mirrored??? Ack!
[17:44] <KIK> Yep.
[17:45] <Ghostgames> can't quite imagine that...
[17:45] <Martine> Um... no thanks... have no interest in watching myself in there....
[17:45] <jm> gives me a headache picturing it
[17:45] <kirienne> yikes, Katherine, I would try to avoid that room as much as possible
[17:45] <Debbie-VB> mirrored bathroom?   
[17:45] <KIK> It always seemed a bit crowded to me.  :-)
[17:45] * Debbie-VB swoons
[17:45] <kirienne> these rental fingers came with the rented brain I got after church this morning
[17:45] <KIK> Yep, toilet and sink.
[17:46] <KIK> They were white.
[17:46] <jm> oh yuck, you would be lucky to find them
[17:46] <Martine> And I thought my grandparents' former foil wallpaper in their bathroom was bad.
[17:46] <Ghostgames> I'm going to be doing clouds in the bathroom. :-)
[17:47] <KIK> That sounds peaceful.
[17:47] <Martine> Float away.....
[17:47] <kirienne> that will be nice Ann
[17:47] <Martine> Back to Ireland..... ;-)
[17:47] <Mistyck> I need to tear up the wallpaper in all 3 of my bathrooms...starting to peel
[17:47] <Ghostgames> The painted portions of the walls are a bright, deep blue. I'll be softening them with white, fluffy clouds. :-)
[17:47] <KIK> Will you be able to gaze up at them from the double-ended tub?
[17:47] <Debbie-VB> clouds in a bathroom sounds nice Ann
[17:47] <Mistyck> the Humidity is getting to it
[17:47] <Ghostgames> LOL!
[17:47] <Martine> "Oh look! I think I see a sheep in that one!"
[17:48] <KIK> LOL
[17:48] <Mistyck> or a silver lining :)
[17:48] <RainbowDragon> Three bathrooms, Mistyck?
[17:48] <Mistyck> yes...2 upstairs, one downstairs
[17:48] <jm> did that in one bathroom a while back Mistyck wasn't too bad
[17:48] <Mistyck> and all have the peeling wallpaper at the same time
[17:48] <RainbowDragon> ahhh
[17:48] <Martine> At this point, I'd be happy just to be able to begin construction on the basement bathroom.
[17:48] <jm> Though when I tried pulling it down in the kitchen was major pain
[17:48] <KIK> At least it peels fairly easily.
[17:49] <Mistyck> true
[17:49] <KIK> Not as much humidity in the kitchen.
[17:49] <Debbie-VB> Paint would probably be much better for Bathroom use
[17:49] <Mistyck> that's what I'm planning on doing
[17:49] <Martine> Semi-gloss paint. It stands up to humidity very well.
[17:49] <KIK> Probably.  What color are the fixtures?
[17:49] <jm> No, and big sun window so was really stuck on
[17:49] <Mistyck> especially with the humidity in Houston
[17:49] <Martine> Just make sure you get all the wallpaper glue of the wall first before you paint. Otherwise the paint will just come right off again!
[17:49] <Mistyck> cream colored sinks
[17:50] <KIK> At least those will be easy to work with.
[17:50] <Mistyck> yep
[17:50] <kirienne> when a friend of mine tried to peel off wallpaper in her kitchen, part of the wall started to come with it, it was really stuck, so they just painted over the wall paper that would not easily peel off, they did a faux finish and made it look good, like it was a textured wall
[17:50] <Martine> Now that's clever!
[17:50] <KIK> Yep, make a feature of a problem.
[17:50] <Mistyck> yep
[17:50] <jm> That is eventually what I did to part of the Kitchen
[17:51] <jm> It came out ok
[17:51] <Martine> Sort of like Scott's stone in his office? Has he decided what to name it yet?
[17:51] <jm> But had to finish getting the paper off of the wall I started
[17:51] <Mistyck> and I want to rip up the carpeting in my bathroom and the vinyl in the other bathroom and put in tile like I have downstairs
[17:51] <KIK> Hasn't named it yet.
[17:52] <KIK> I'd better boogie now.  Much to do tomorrow, and it's approaching Pumpkin TIme.
[17:52] <Martine> Huggles, Katherine!
[17:52] <Mistyck> it took me a whole day to silicone the grout but it's worth it now
[17:52] <Mistyck> nite Katherine have a great week
[17:52] <Martine> Keep those workmen in line!
[17:52] <jm> Have a great week Katherine
[17:52] <Ghostgames> Good night, Katherine!
[17:52] <RainbowDragon> Bye, Katherine. Thanks for stopping by...
[17:52] <Debbie-VB> OK Katherine.  Sleep Sweet, and have a terrific week
[17:52] <kirienne> nighters and huggles Katherine, have a good week
[17:52] <KIK> See you guys next week.  Ann, I'll be sending you an e-mail about that map.  Ginjer would like to use a version of it.
[17:53] <kirienne> thanks for coming to chat
[17:53] <Sedina> have a good night, KK
[17:53] <Mistyck> cool! about the Map
[17:53] <Ghostgames> Great!
[17:53] * KIK steps onto her Portal and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[17:53] * KIK Quit


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