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KK Chat - Aug. 10, 2003
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:40:46 pm »
KK Chat - Aug. 10, 2003

[16:33] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:33] * KK sets mode: +q KK
[16:33] <DeryniBot> Welcome to #Deryni_Destinations KK
[16:33] <TranshaLass> It's a big campus, lots of walking
[16:33] <VirtualBabe> Hi Katherine
[16:33] <Bynw> hiyas Katherine!
[16:33] <kirienne> Hi Katherine
[16:33] <RainbowDragon> Greetings, Katherine
[16:33] <Shiral> Hello Katherine!
[16:33] <Tika> hi KK :)
[16:33] <KK> Hi, troops!
[16:33] <Mak> What did TL do? (Enquiring minds (and nosy ones) want to know.....)
[16:33] <TranshaLass> Hi, Katherine
[16:33] <Mak> Hi, Katherine
[16:34] <TranshaLass> lol, Mak, I'm afraid I had my doctor switch a medication that has a weight-gain side effect  ;-)
[16:34] <RainbowDragon> How was your week, Katherine?
[16:34] <Mak> Well, that's a good thing, isn't it?
[16:34] <TranshaLass> I'm finally back to where I was before
[16:34] <Mak> those kinds of side effects are not fun!
[16:34] <Mak> Good for you
[16:34] <KK> Ann and Martine are here in Ireland now.  They were here at the house this afternoon, and I met them out in Co. Clare on Thursday for an overnighter.
[16:34] <Shiral> Darned inconvenient too
[16:35] <Mak> I'm very slowly shrinking myself...
[16:35] <KK> Hi, Shiral.
[16:35] <Shiral> Are they having a good time?
[16:35] <kirienne> cool, glad you got to have a nice visit with them
[16:35] <TranshaLass> Slow is better than fast, then you can keep it off
[16:35] <Shiral> Hi Katherine
[16:35] <RainbowDragon> Are they enjoying themselves, KK?
[16:35] * VirtualBabe turns slightly green with envy again
[16:35] <KK> They're having a great time; had a wonderful 4 days of riding in Clare/Galway.
[16:35] * Bynw waves hi to the whole gang at Katherine's place
[16:35] <kirienne> wow
[16:35] <Shiral> Oh a very nice spring green shade, VB <G>
[16:36] <TranshaLass> I'd love to visit England and Ireland, maybe somebody will give me a million dollars
[16:36] <RainbowDragon> No saddle sores? :-)
[16:36] <Mak> Good for them- sounds like they are having fun!
[16:36] <Shiral> Hope their legs aren't too sore! =o)
[16:36] <KK> Today, after they got the Holybrooke tour, they went over to Kilruddery House, built by the same architect, and then were going into Dublin for a ghost tour.
[16:36] <Mak> If you find that somebody, see if they have a spare million for me, eh, TL? :)
[16:36] <TranshaLass> Sure, Mak
[16:36] <KK> Ann got one saddle-sore, but in all, they were in pretty good shape.
[16:37] <Shiral> A ghost tour?
[16:37] <RainbowDragon> That's good
[16:37] <TranshaLass> I'd get so saddle-sore, I've been riding twice in my life, both times as a kid
[16:37] <Shiral> Guided by ghosts, or in search of ghosts?
[16:37] <KK> I brought home their dirty riding britches and put them through the wash Friday night, so they've got cleans to ride in on Tuesday from here.
[16:37] <KK> In search of ghosts, in old Dublin.
[16:37] <Shiral> Ah
[16:37] <VirtualBabe> sounds like a fun excursion
[16:37] <KK> Tomorrow they're going into Dublin for the day, and to see the Book of Kells.
[16:38] <Mak> Me, too, TL- tho I usually make it riding once a year, still not enough to do what they are doing for sure!
[16:38] <kirienne> LOL
[16:38] <Shiral> Sounds like you got stuck doing the laundry, Katherine
[16:38] <KK> Tuesday I'll meet them with the dogs at Glendalogue, and then they'll come back here for an afternoon ride-out.
[16:38] * VirtualBabe has ridden once, as a much younger girl
[16:38] <TranshaLass> I always wanted a horse when I was little, didn't understand why mom wouldn't let me keep one in the backyard
[16:38] <kirienne> LOL transhalass
[16:38] <Mak> Me, too- silly parents!
[16:38] <Shiral> One of the great mom Mysteries, TL
[16:39] <KK> Laundry was easy.  But it sure was hot making the drive over and back.  We've been setting all kinds of heat records for the year.
[16:39] <Shiral> "But It could eat the lawn!"
[16:39] <Mak> Exactly what I said, Shiral!
[16:39] <Mak> LOL
[16:39] <TranshaLass> I tried that one, didn't work
[16:39] <Shiral> How goes the building project, Katherine?
[16:39] <Mak> I heard it was rather warm over there recently, Katherine
[16:39] <VirtualBabe> what temps are we talking here?
[16:40] <kirienne> I heard about the heat there, I truely didn't mean for the spell I worked to send the heat to You :-)
[16:40] * Shiral snaps her fingers and sets up the virtual sundae bar
[16:40] <KK> In the low 90's here, much hotter in the UK, 45/104 in Spain.
[16:40] <Shiral> Wow
[16:40] <Mak> Well, it had to go somewhere, kirienne- you have to remember that stuff....
[16:40] <VirtualBabe> OW!
[16:40] * Shiral revises her packing lists
[16:40] <kirienne> I just wanted it gone from here :-)
[16:40] <KK> Yes.  Shiral, when do you leave?
[16:40] <VirtualBabe> We had a nice day last sunday for the Vancouver pride parade
[16:41] <Shiral> I leave the states on September fourth, at
[16:41] <RainbowDragon> Shiral needs lots of cool clothes for hot weather
[16:41] <Shiral> Oh my gosh it's so early in the morning I might as well not go to bed
[16:41] <kirienne> LOL
[16:41] <Shiral> I arrive in Rome on the morning of Sept 5th
[16:41] <Mak> Sometimes, that actually works best, Shiral...
[16:41] <RainbowDragon> You'd be too excited to sleep anyway
[16:41] <Shiral> I'll get to Dublin on the night of Sept 19th
[16:41] <KK> Pack for warm!
[16:41] <Shiral> I hear ya!
[16:42] <KK> You're going to have a great time, though.
[16:42] <Shiral> Of course, with my luck, I'll arrive in Dublin the night AFTER the heat wave dies down and spend the week freezing to death <G>
[16:42] <RainbowDragon> No packing any knives or swords, Shiral
[16:42] <Shiral> Darn!
[16:42] <RainbowDragon> heh
[16:42] <Shiral> Then I can't take my rapier to Italy?
[16:42] <RainbowDragon> Nope
[16:42] <Shiral> Shoot. How am I supposed to fight any duels, then?
[16:42] <kirienne> Shiral, Maybe Morgan will let you borrow one of his hidden wrist stilettos
[16:43] <KK> No, September will still be warm; not as hot as it's been, but you won't have anything really cold, either.
[16:43] <Mak> Not as a carry-on at least... the airlines frown on those things
[16:43] <Shiral> I'm going to be bringing a sweater and a rain jacket for wet stuff
[16:43] <KK> You could <buy> a rapier in Italy....
[16:43] <Shiral> Otherwise, lots of light cotton clothing
[16:43] <KK> Good re sewater and rain jacket, esp. the latter.
[16:43] <Shiral> True, Katherine! But maybe I'll just settle for a loaded paintbrush
[16:44] <KK> Hmmmm, dueling artists....  I love it!
[16:44] <Shiral> "This paintbrush is loaded, and I know how to use it...
[16:44] <VirtualBabe> Sounds like a good plan shiral, after all the paintbrush is mighter then the sword
[16:44] <Shiral> "
[16:44] <Mak> Ah, truly a deadly weapon in the right hands...
[16:44] <TranshaLass> The airlines shouldn't complain about paintbrushes, either
[16:44] <KK> True.
[16:44] <Shiral> Especially as you can make lovely splattery patters with a wet paintbrush!
[16:45] <Shiral> I hope not, as I'll be taking them in my carry-on luggage
[16:45] <kirienne> and those paintings sell for bucket loads od money
[16:45] <Shiral> Although my paper will be in my big suitcase
[16:45] * RainbowDragon will be afk for a few minutes... chicken and dumplin's are calling my name :-)
[16:45] <Shiral> Just have to hope the airline doesn't loose my bag
[16:46] <Shiral> Katherine, how goes the work on the house?
[16:46] <VirtualBabe> oh well, I guess I'll have to be content with (finally) getting to darkover
[16:46] <Mak> You're doing better than me at that, VB...
[16:47] <TranshaLass> Me, too, with my tuition and books I count myself lucky to have enough left over to pick up a copy of ITKS when it's released
[16:47] <Mak> What with the trip to SC in Sept and Reno in Oct, that will be about all the travel I can handle for a while
[16:47] <KK> Good progress.  I did lots of running around this past week, buying radiators and plumbing bits & pieces and the like, since Scott was in Oxford all week.
[16:47] <VirtualBabe> I'm already saving my pennies for that one
[16:47] <Shiral> I'll have to see if Darkover is feasible after da big trip
[16:48] <Shiral> Ah, doing yeoman duty
[16:48] <KK> Yep, fulltime site manager and builder's mate.
[16:48] <Shiral> Whew
[16:48] <kirienne> LOL
[16:48] * Mak Quit (User has been mind-ripped)
[16:48] <Shiral> Just keep thinking "Dedicated sewing room..."
[16:48] <kirienne> poor Mak, peer got her
[16:49] * Shiral takes Peer Hang gliding
[16:49] * kirienne throws one of Morgan's daggers at peer
[16:49] * VirtualBabe pelts peer with a plateful of petrified peeps
[16:49] <KK> Must finish the new laundry room first, so that the contents of the old one can be moved in and the old one turned into another bathroom.
[16:49] * Rae has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:49] <DeryniBot> Welcome to #Deryni_Destinations Rae
[16:49] <kirienne> another bathroom is always useful
[16:49] <Shiral> Hello Rae
[16:49] <kirienne> hi Rae
[16:49] <Rae> Hi shiral
[16:50] <Rae> Hi Kirienne
[16:50] <VirtualBabe> especially with visitors there
[16:50] <Shiral> Especially with the number of houseguests that move through Holybrooke
[16:50] <Shiral> GMTA, VB
[16:50] <TranshaLass> Hi, Rae
[16:50] * VirtualBabe bows
[16:50] <Rae> Hi TranshaLass
[16:51] <Shiral> But it doesn't sound as if there was a lot of writing going on this week, with everything else
[16:51] * Bynw would love to be a houseguest at Holybrooke sometime
[16:51] <KK> OK, I'd better sign off.  Busy day tomorrow.  And <maybe> I'll be able to get back to the writing this week--I hope.
[16:51] <VirtualBabe> so would I Bynw
[16:51] <Shiral> I'll bet Tika would, too
[16:51] * Bynw could show KK all the ins and outs of mirc and make scott write book 3 of the Knights of the Blood
[16:51] <Tika> weeeee!
[16:51] <Tika> LOL
[16:51] <VirtualBabe> LOL
[16:51] <Tika> have a good week, KK :)
[16:51] <kirienne> huggles and good night Katherine, good luck with writing
[16:52] <TranshaLass> Take care, KK
[16:52] <Shiral> Huggles, and good luck with the house, KK
[16:52] <Bynw> take care {{{ Katherine }}}
[16:52] <kirienne> thanks for chatting with us
[16:52] <VirtualBabe> Sleep sweet Katherine, and have a terrific week
[16:52] <KK> Thanks, all.
[16:52] <Rae> Good Night Katherine
[16:52] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[16:52] <Shiral> Bye bye
[16:52] * KK Quit
[16:52] * KK has left IRC


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