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KK Chat - Jun. 22, 2003
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:36:12 pm »
KK Chat - June 22, 2003

[16:24] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:24] <DeryniBot> KK uses a Transfer Portal to join the chat in #Deryni_Destinations
[16:24] <Mistyck> hi KK
[16:24] <Sedina> Hi, KK
[16:24] <Tieg> hi KK
[16:24] <Debbie-VB> Hi Katherine
[16:24] <Mistyck> you're early!
[16:24] <RainbowDragon> Greetings, KK!
[16:24] <frito> yo, kk
[16:24] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Greetings indeed, Lady Katherine! :)
[16:24] <KK> Hi, guys.  Yep, I'm early, and will be leaving early.
[16:24] <Debbie-VB> :-(
[16:24] <frito> sounds good to me !
[16:24] <Debbie-VB> Wassup?
[16:25] <frito> 10:25 pm after all
[16:25] <KK> Well, we were out waaaaay late last night, and the sleepies are settling on both of us.
[16:25] <Wrengl> evening katherine
[16:25] <Mistyck> aah
[16:25] <Wrengl> hi mistyck
[16:25] <Wrengl> hi tieg
[16:25] <Mistyck> hi Pat
[16:25] <KK> Hi, Pat.
[16:25] <Wrengl> hello Sedina the Invisible
[16:25] <Sedina> I know how that goes...Sadie and I ended up taking a bit of a nap earlier for that very reason.  :)
[16:25] <Debbie-VB> Have a good week Katherine?
[16:25] <KK> Is Andy reading Harry Potter?
[16:25] <Mistyck> yes
[16:25] <Sedina> Hi, Pat...  :) 
[16:25] <KK> LOL.  I hear it's good.
[16:25] <Andy_reading_HP5> Yes.
[16:25] <Debbie-VB> I believe he is Katherine
[16:26] * kirienne has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:26] <DeryniBot> Welcome to #Deryni_Destinations kirienne
[16:26] <Wrengl> little girl across the street was on page two hundred of her SECOND reading by one this afternoon
[16:26] <Debbie-VB> but then again, so am I
[16:26] <Mistyck> hi Kirienne
[16:26] <Sedina> Hi, kirienne
[16:26] <kirienne> hi everyone
[16:26] <Wrengl> hi kirienne
[16:26] <KK> Wow! 
[16:26] <RainbowDragon> Hi, kirienne
[16:26] <Sedina> oh my goodness, Pat!
[16:26] <Wrengl> we have not started it yet
[16:26] * the_Bee has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:26] <DeryniBot> Welcome to #Deryni_Destinations the_Bee
[16:27] <KK> Do you have it?
[16:27] <Mistyck> hi Bee
[16:27] <Sedina> I still have to go out and get a copy for myself yet
[16:27] <Debbie-VB> Buzz, Bee
[16:27] * kirienne waves excitedly to everyone
[16:27] <Wrengl> then we will fight, unless kathi reads while I am at work
[16:27] <Sedina> hi, Bee
[16:27] <Wrengl> hi bee
[16:27] <Tieg> Hi Bee
[16:27] <the_Bee> buzz, y'all
[16:27] <Wrengl> ours was from Amazon
[16:27] <Debbie-VB> I've got a perfect solution for that pat.
[16:27] <kirienne> I got my copy Friday night, sat on the floor of the bookstore for 3 1/3 hours
[16:27] <Wrengl> so it was delivered yesterday morning
[16:27] <Mistyck> hi Nancy
[16:27] <KK> You mean you've got it and you haven't started reading it?!
[16:27] * Kelos_al-Hazar decides to save his money for Katherine's books instead...
[16:27] <kirienne> the Harry potter party at the bookstore was fun
[16:27] <Mistyck> Nancy's on her way in
[16:27] <RainbowDragon> How was your week, Katherine?
[16:28] <Wrengl> well it was in the car overnight
[16:28] <Mistyck> she's having trouble
[16:28] <Tieg> I need to finish book four first :)
[16:28] <Wrengl> it was too rainy when we got home yesterday afternoon after getting soaked at the pow wow
[16:28] <KK> Writing-wise--a total washout.  But we've got another week of construction under our belts, and it's going great!
[16:28] <kirienne> :-)
[16:28] <Wrengl> did not want it to get wet!
[16:28] <kirienne> there were lots of children dressed in Hogwarts school clothing
[16:28] <KK> Plus, we put the last pieces of paper into place on our refinance, and should have the check in the next couple of days.
[16:29] <the_Bee> how do the cats cope with the workers?
[16:29] <Wrengl> congratulation on the construction work, katherine
[16:29] <kirienne> good construction is going so well Katherine
[16:29] <Debbie-VB> If I know cats, they are hiding
[16:29] <Wrengl> indeed
[16:29] <kirienne> bet you'll be so happy when it's done
[16:29] <Sedina> construction?  I've obviously been out of the loop for a while...what are you working on now?  :)
[16:29] * Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:29] <DeryniBot> Hail and Well met Barticus
[16:29] <Barticus> howdy all
[16:29] <Wrengl> i have been making jewelry for the dealers table we will have at castlecon
[16:29] <kirienne> hi Bart
[16:29] <the_Bee> hi bart
[16:29] <Wrengl> evening barticus
[16:29] <Debbie-VB> Hi Bart
[16:30] <Kelos_al-Hazar> As for the construction on my place... we're all but finished now. :)
[16:30] <Sedina> hi, Bart
[16:30] <Tieg> hi Bart
[16:30] <Mistyck> hi Bart
[16:30] * Barticus waves from the windswept cornfields of iowa
[16:30] <KK> The cats are not entirely happy; the dogs hate it more than the cats.  They flake out in the forecourt to get away from all the hammering.
[16:30] <KK> Hi, Bart.
[16:30] * kirienne wishes the bookstore would have a Deryni party when ITKS is released :-)
[16:30] <Barticus> howdy kk
[16:31] <Mistyck> Katherine: in your email, were you talking about who to have do the cover or what should the cover be?
[16:31] <Mistyck> for DR
[16:31] * Barticus may miss the orginal opening
[16:31] <Wrengl> maybe we need to start reporting to the media on ITKS
[16:31] <Debbie-VB> I know.  I have to practically BEG chapters to carry Katherine's work
[16:31] <Tieg> Katherine, I didn't realize you have dogs too.  What kind of dogs and cats do you have?
[16:31] <Wrengl> start a media frenzy on it or about it 
[16:31] <KK> For those of you whose e-mail addresses I don't have, Ace has moved the rerelease of DR forward, to July of next year.
[16:32] <Kelos_al-Hazar> And I apologize most sincerely to those who did not get my reply. :)
[16:32] * Barticus will miss DR opening too
[16:32] <KK> I'm soliciting opinions of what the subject matter should be for the cover.
[16:32] <Mistyck> Katherine:  Yesterday I recommended the Deryni series to a RPG Game Master who wants to run psionic campaigns
[16:32] * Debbie-VB makes a note in her Palm to watch for the DR, the directors cut in July
[16:32] <kirienne> I think a wonderful portrait of Morgan would be nice
[16:33] <Mistyck> lol
[16:33] <KK> Has to have action.
[16:33] <kirienne> of course, I always think such a portrait would be nice :-)
[16:33] <KK> Though if we could get as good a likeness as his father's on ITKS....
[16:33] <Kelos_al-Hazar> That's why I suggested that the scene be one that's pivotal to the story... :)
[16:33] <Barticus> how about kelson's empowering sequence in the saint camber chapel
[16:33] <Mistyck> how about Rogier coming up on Kelson, Morgan, and Duncan at the Crypt at Brion's tomb?
[16:33] <Debbie-VB> Morgan and Duncan empowering kelson would be a good scene for a cover
[16:33] <Tieg> I agree
[16:33] <kirienne> empowering action portrait, wow, I like that
[16:34] <the_Bee> the 3-in-1 edition's cover showed the empowering
[16:34] <KK> I'm considering Morgan setting ward cubes around Kelson, Kelson's empowering (which would also show Morgan and Duncan), Brion's death scene in the field of Candor Rhea, the final duel between Kelson and Charissa....
[16:34] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Perhaps showing the Eye of Rom AND the Ring of Fire?
[16:35] <Debbie-VB> I like all four ideas Kathewrine
[16:35] <KK> Those are pretty small for cover art, Kelos....
[16:35] <Mistyck> The final duel would be re-using the paperback cover?
[16:35] <Kelos_al-Hazar> True enough.
[16:35] <KK> I'll probably send all of them to Ginjer.
[16:35] <kirienne> those are all very good scenes for a cover Katherine
[16:35] * Harvey has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:35] <DeryniBot> Hail and Well met Harvey
[16:35] <Mistyck> hi Harvey
[16:35] <KK> Redoing the third version of paperback cover....
[16:35] <Debbie-VB> Hi Harvey
[16:35] <kirienne> hi harvey
[16:35] <Harvey> Hi.
[16:35] <Sedina> hey, Harvey
[16:35] <Barticus> howdy harvey
[16:35] <KK> Hi, Harvey
[16:35] <Mistyck> yep that's the one I have
[16:36] <the_Bee> the Crimson Lion and the Grypon supporting the central picture on either side?
[16:36] <Barticus> that sounds neat
[16:36] <KK> That starts to get a bit busy.
[16:36] <KK> The more people or critterss, the less space for each one.
[16:36] * Olympia has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:36] <DeryniBot> Olympia uses a Transfer Portal to join the chat in #Deryni_Destinations
[16:36] <Mistyck> hi Nancy
[16:37] <Olympia> there.
[16:37] <Mistyck> you made it!
[16:37] <kirienne> hi Olympia
[16:37] <KK> Yay, she made it!
[16:37] <Harvey> Hi Nancy.
[16:37] <Sedina> huggles, Nancy
[16:37] <Olympia> giant group hug - silly computer!!!
[16:37] <Mistyck> yep
[16:37] <Tieg> :)
[16:37] <Barticus> howdy olympia
[16:37] <Debbie-VB> Speaking of the Crimson lion, Is that brooch the same brooch that Mika gave Rhys Michael?
[16:37] <Debbie-VB> Hi nancy
[16:37] <Olympia> Greetings to everyone from overcast yucky Southern California
[16:37] <KK> You need to get Bynw to send you a shortcut icon that will bring you directly here.
[16:38] <KK> Yes, Debbie.
[16:38] <Debbie-VB> I kind of suspected it was
[16:39] <the_Bee> do you want a cover that hasn't been done before?
[16:39] <Debbie-VB> well, I just sent an e-mail off to obtain a copy of the Annales
[16:39] <kirienne> it is a verra nice day here, in Sacramento. Sunny and warm, but not hot, thank God. We are seeing no sign of triple digit heat
[16:39] <KK> Well, we knew it existed by Kelson's time, and we knew it hadn't been used in Cinhil's empowering--so it must have been made somewhere in between.
[16:39] <Olympia> Who did the artwork for the cover?
[16:39] <Barticus> mine should be in the mail debbie
[16:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Sunny today here in 'Bama, for about the first time this month...we're already WAY above normal rainfall totals this month here.
[16:40] <KK> Cover will be new, but not necessarily new subject matter.
[16:40] <Mistyck> Katherine:  I think the Candor Rhea scene would make a gripping cover
[16:40] <KK> May not be enough action.  And Morgan isn't in it, nor is Duncan.
[16:40] <Kelos_al-Hazar> about the scene of Kelson confronting Jehana about his being King (in the Council chamber)?
[16:41] <Barticus> or the fight scene with Morgan and Ian in the catherdral
[16:41] <kirienne> oh, Kelos. That is a good idea, Kelson showing he IS King
[16:41] <KK> Kelson vs. Jehana doesn't have enough action--talking heads. Morgan vs. Ian is action, but no magic--and Ian is kind of minor.
[16:41] <Harvey> I think you need a rocket and a dragon on the color. Those sell books!
[16:42] <kirienne> too bad there can only be one chosen for cover art
[16:42] <Debbie-VB> Problem is Katherine, there are soooooo many good scenes in the book to choose from
[16:42] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Occasionally, I do have good if I can JUST get back into the groove writing-wise in ref. Rising of the Phoenix! :(
[16:42] <KK> There can be only one!  (add reverberation sound effects.)
[16:42] <kirienne> LOL
[16:42] <Tieg> lol
[16:42] <Mistyck> lol! Highlander!
[16:42] <kirienne> I see lightening flashing all around katherine
[16:43] <Olympia> Oh that happens all the time <grin>
[16:43] <the_Bee> or Buffy!
[16:43] <Debbie-VB> LOL
[16:43] <KK> Yeah, well, I had ideas, but I wanted to see if they meshed with what you guys would like.  This is a rare chance for fans to give direct input.
[16:43] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Well, I could see a center section with the REST of the full, blazing colour, of course! :)
[16:43] <Debbie-VB> Who will be doing the cover art?
[16:43] <Mistyck> the Empowering Scene would be good
[16:43] <KK> Don't know.  Maybe the guy who did ITKS.
[16:43] <Olympia> I vote for Kelson 'n Charissa meself.
[16:43] <Harvey> Empowering is good.  Depiction of magic in progress.
[16:44] <kirienne> yes, the empowering would show all three of them
[16:44] <Tieg> how about the Brothers Hildebrandt?
[16:44] <Mistyck> oh well
[16:44] <Olympia> Nooooo, please.. no Hildebrandt.....
[16:45] * Samuel has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:45] <Debbie-VB> I like the artist who did KKB
[16:45] <DeryniBot> Welcome to #Deryni_Destinations Samuel
[16:45] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Well, I suggested Shiral... :)
[16:45] <Mistyck> hi Sam
[16:45] <KK> Hi, Sam!
[16:45] <the_Bee> hi sam
[16:45] <Barticus> I liked the guy who did KKB
[16:45] <Olympia> On the other hand, if we could get whoever does the art to put them in authentic garb, I'd be happy <grin>
[16:45] <Samuel> Hello all
[16:45] <Olympia> Hiya Sam
[16:45] <Barticus> howdy sam
[16:45] <KK> Has to be a pro, alas.
[16:45] <kirienne> hi sam
[16:45] <KK> We <will> get better garb!
[16:45] <Mistyck> :)
[16:45] <kirienne> :-)
[16:45] <Olympia> :) <happy 11th C. Spanish smile>
[16:46] <KK> Think El Cid or Becket....
[16:46] <Mistyck> Becket
[16:46] <Olympia> Ooooo! Katherine!!!!! I just had a BRAINSTORM!
[16:46] <KK> Uh-oh!
[16:46] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Uhoh. ;-)
[16:46] * Debbie-VB overhears overtones of "No-body expects the spanish inquisition"
[16:46] <Olympia> Your beautiful stepping up dress - the dark turquoise one...
[16:46] <Sedina> hi, Sam!
[16:46] <Barticus> run!!
[16:47] <KK> Dark green, actually--but that was one of the Unicorn tapestries....
[16:47] <Olympia> (Sadly my favorite dress from "El Cid" is the one that isn't authentic!)
[16:47] <KK> Which one is that? 
[16:48] <Olympia> Her wedding dress. The boring black 'n grey one IS authentic; the white one isn't. Ah well... yeah the dark green one.
[16:48] <Sedina> I love the costumes from El Cid....
[16:48] <Olympia> Urraca's dresses are all authentic however.
[16:49] <Debbie-VB> as long as it is not some of the dresses from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
[16:49] <Olympia> Hee hee!!! we'll save THOSE for Torenth!
[16:49] <KK> That brown velvet one that she wears, with the long overvest edged with brown fur....
[16:49] <Olympia> ::looks around for Melissa::
[16:49] <Mistyck> no Melissa
[16:49] <Olympia> That big gold collar Urraca wears is good too.
[16:49] <Mistyck> or Ann
[16:49] <KK> Melissa is probably working
[16:49] <Olympia> Hm, I don't even see Miss Melissa online :(
[16:50] <kirienne> I bet she is stuck at work
[16:50] <the_Bee> where have you folks seen all these dresses?
[16:50] <KK> Or in transit.
[16:50] <Harvey> Authentic dress might not be best from a marketing point of view.
[16:50] <Olympia> Which ones? the ones in El Cid?
[16:50] <kirienne> I never saw El Cid
[16:50] <the_Bee> el cid and Uracca's
[16:50] <Olympia> If I may disagree, Harvey, there are LOTS of GORGEOUS gowns that are authentic. :)
[16:50] <KK> Run, do not walk, to your nearest video store and rent it!
[16:51] <Mistyck> lol
[16:51] <kirienne> ok,
[16:51] <Harvey> True.  But many of the scenes we're describing take place while the participants are wearing things that are rather drab.
[16:51] <Olympia> "El Cid" is one of the great movies even if the ending isn't historically accurate.
[16:51] <kirienne> I will look for it
[16:51] <the_Bee> I've seen El Cid twice
[16:51] <Olympia> Urraca's dresses are very vibrant
[16:51] <Debbie-VB> I know, and there is a store that actually makes and sells medieval gowns here in Van.
[16:51] <KK> Even drab can work....
[16:51] <Sedina> I've seen it numerous times....for Spanish classes alone
[16:52] <KK> The headdresses are sometimes a little OTT.
[16:52] <kirienne> that store sounds like it would be fun to shop in Debbie
[16:52] <Debbie-VB> I've looked in and drooled a few times
[16:52] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Perhaps the Council scene is the best, if ornate dress would be advantageous?
[16:52] <Sedina> I don't think I'd be able to contain myself in a store like that
[16:53] <kirienne> I bet they are expensive, when I see nice garb at Faires etc, they are always expensive
[16:53] <KK> The duel between Kelson and Charissa is full court garb.
[16:53] <Mistyck> I'd never want to leave a store like that
[16:53] <Harvey> Yes.  The duel has really nice clothing.
[16:53] <Kelos_al-Hazar> True, KK, but... it's been done? :-P
[16:53] <KK> But not done well at all!
[16:53] <Olympia> ::casts ballot for the duel arcane::
[16:53] <kirienne> I would love  to win a shopping spree in a store like that, I could 'clean them out' in a verra short time
[16:53] <Debbie-VB> but it is a tossup between one of those gowns and darkover.  Darkover won
[16:53] <Harvey> And magic in action.  I think action draws buyer's eye.  Or magic being performed (a sort of action).
[16:54] <Olympia> I was going to take costumes to Gencon but no time (ok except for the corset 'n skirt for pirate stuff)
[16:54] <Barticus> oh how about when Morgan and Kelson return from the empowering to Kelson's quarters and encounter those intruders
[16:54] <the_Bee> pirates wore corsets?
[16:54] <KK> I know.  Suddenly time is running short.
[16:54] <KK> No magic.
[16:54] <Olympia> Yep, they did.
[16:54] <KK> Or at least none to speak of.
[16:55] <Mistyck> only a month left now
[16:55] <Harvey> None visible to the outside eye.
[16:55] <KK> I leave July 3, which is a week from Thursday.
[16:55] <Olympia> I'm bringing "normal" clothes to Gencon (ok, except for a ZodiacGirlz tee shirt and my AEG tee shirt...)
[16:55] <Sedina> btw, KK, it will be the start of Juneberry season while you're here.  :)
[16:55] <Olympia> None visible to the outside eye - you mean corsets?
[16:55] <KK> Magic.
[16:55] <Olympia> Ooooooooooooooooooooooo juneberry............
[16:56] <the_Bee> how do you show magic--kelson's hands glowing red and charissa's glowing blue?
[16:56] <kirienne> what is a juneberry?
[16:56] <Harvey> No.  No visible magic.
[16:56] <Mistyck> KK:  will you have access to a computer while you're in the States?
[16:56] <Olympia> a juneberry is HEAVEN
[16:56] <KK> Juneberries are ok, but I like strawberries better!
[16:56] <Sedina> I'm going home next weekend and fully intend to get myself a nice supply of juneberries  :)
[16:56] <Harvey> Why aren't you brining corset to Gencon?
[16:56] <KK> Off and on, Mistyck.
[16:56] <Olympia> I am bringing one, Harvey
[16:56] <Sedina> juneberries with raspberries are the best
[16:56] <Mistyck> ok...
[16:56] <Debbie-VB> Are juneberrys the ones that are also called saskatoons in canada?
[16:56] <Harvey> Oh.  I thought you meant no corset.
[16:56] <Barticus> strawberries are even better
[16:56] <Olympia> No I meant that's the only costume I'm bringing
[16:56] <KK> I'll have my laptop, but I don't know if I can get internet access, since I don't have a local server.
[16:57] <Sedina> kirienne - juneberries are kind of a relative of blueberries
[16:57] <Sedina> yes, they're called Saskatoon berries in Canada
[16:57] <kirienne> oh, I don't really  care for blueberries, but I love raspberries and blackberries
[16:57] <Debbie-VB> I love saskatoons
[16:57] <Mistyck> you could at some hotels...or we could send you an AOL Free hours CD
[16:57] <the_Bee> we had wild blueberries near our home
[16:58] <RainbowDragon> KK, here's an off the wall question: who or what institution was it that trained Camber?  He seemed to be highly trained.
[16:58] <kirienne> and at the moment, I have strawberries marinating in some captain Morgan Parrot bay rum
[16:58] <KK> I'll be at cons two of the weekends, and unavailable the other two.
[16:58] <Sedina> KK, most of the hotels in that area have free high speed access because of the business clientele
[16:58] <KK> I haven't specified re Camber yet.
[16:58] <RainbowDragon> ahh, okay
[16:58] <Barticus> kirienne yummy!
[16:58] <KK> I can check my mail on my mom's and dad's machines.
[16:58] <Debbie-VB> Kiriennes macerating strawberries?  Yummy!
[16:58] <Sedina> yum, kirienne
[16:59] <kirienne> I thought I'd treat myself to a yummy desert tonight. I will have it over angelfood cake
[16:59] <Olympia> I love being in a chat room with people who know what macerate means!!! :) <happy tummy smile>
[16:59] <KK> Yum, Kirienne!
[16:59] <KK> LOL, Olympia!
[16:59] <Barticus> we'll be right over Kirienne
[16:59] <Olympia> I'm going to Buca di Beppo for dinner so I didn't have lunch!
[16:59] <kirienne> :-) olympia, I know a few words from watching Emeril on tv
[17:00] <KK> I'm going to bring back a box or two of angelfood cake mix.  They don't know angelfood cake over here.
[17:00] <Debbie-VB> Interesting name for a restaurant
[17:00] <kirienne> ok Bart, there is enough
[17:00] <kirienne> come on over everyone
[17:00] <Sedina> that's what I was thinking, Debbie...I'm trying to figure out what a Beppo is.  I can translate the rest of it...  :)
[17:00] * Barticus tries to port using his crop circle but it is not working
[17:00] <KK> A proper name?
[17:00] <kirienne> LOL
[17:00] <Debbie-VB> only Beppo I can think of is a clown
[17:00] <the_Bee> isn't Beppo a man's name?
[17:00] <Sedina> I was hoping that was the case...
[17:01] <Olympia> Buca di Beppo is this utterly evil family style Italian restaurant chain across the country - HUGE portions!
[17:01] <Barticus> isn't it one of the marx brothers
[17:01] <Olympia> In this case "Beppo" means "omigod did I really eat THAT much pasta?"
[17:01] <Sedina> lol
[17:01] <kirienne> LOL
[17:01] <Debbie-VB> Harpo, Chico groucho gummo, Zeppo,... No i don't think so
[17:01] <Olympia> The "small" portions feed 6 people... easily
[17:02] <kirienne> wow, that is a lot of food
[17:02] <Sedina> oh my word...
[17:02] * Barticus wonders why he never heard of this restuarnt
[17:02] <Mistyck> Nancy:  You are an Evil Woman!!!!
[17:02] <Mistyck> I guess I'm going out for Italian tonight too :)
[17:02] <Olympia>
[17:02] <Mistyck> I haven't had good Italian in a while :)
[17:02] <Sedina> have a sudden craving, Mist?
[17:02] <Harvey> Buca di Beppo has Italian soccer paraphenalia all over the walls.  In the bathroom, there are pictures of little kids urinating.  It's funny and creepy at the same time.
[17:02] <kirienne> I'm making  chicken and rice for dinner, and enough for leftovers for a few nights
[17:02] <Mistyck> yep, Sedina!
[17:02] <Olympia> Wow Harvey! thanks so much for sharing!
[17:03] <Sedina> lol
[17:03] <Wrengl> hi everyone i missed
[17:03] <Harvey> When we went, everybody kept coming back from the bathroom and saying, "you need to go look at the pictures in there."
[17:03] <Mistyck> lol
[17:03] <Harvey> I thought it was like the marble and gold from the Chinese place.  But, no.
[17:03] <kirienne> LOL
[17:03] <Debbie-VB> Hmmmmmm, there's one in seattle
[17:03] <KK> Olympia, what do the ladies get to look at in <their> bathroom?
[17:03] <the_Bee> Isn't there a public fountain somewhere of a boy urinating?
[17:03] <Olympia> Oh great "Harvey's Guidebook to Men's Rooms in Restaurants"!!!
[17:04] <Harvey> I didn't go in the ladies room.
[17:04] <Olympia> j/k
[17:04] <Olympia> sorta
[17:04] <Olympia> <grinning at Harvey>
[17:04] <kirienne> LOL
[17:04] <Harvey> ;)
[17:04] <Debbie-VB> well one would certainly hope so harvey
[17:04] <Wrengl> lol harvey
[17:04] <KK> Brussels
[17:04] <frito> Brussels
[17:04] <Harvey> There is a picture of that fountain there least in the one near me.
[17:04] <KK> I saw him in January when I was there.
[17:05] <the_Bee> "Honi soit qui mal y voit./Il ne fait que ce qu'il droit."
[17:05] <Barticus> huh?
[17:05] <Olympia> The first one I went to was in Milwaukee - "Wow wish we had this at home" we said to the server. "Oh, where do you live?" she asked. "L.A." Ha ha ha says she - where do you think the chain started.
[17:05] <Olympia> I wasn't thinking honi, Bee, honest!
[17:06] <KK> I think I may have been to one in the DC area.
[17:06] <KK> Buca--not the men's room.  ;-)
[17:06] <the_Bee> "Shame on anyone who sees evil here; he's only doing what comes naturally
[17:06] <kirienne> LOL KK
[17:07] <Debbie-VB> I guess I'd be one of the very few who are entitled to make restroom comparisons
[17:08] <Olympia> Last time I was at Gencon (in Milwaukee) - by the last day I was soooo tired and I had to go to the little writer's room so in I went - imagine my surprise to see men in the ladies' room!
[17:08] <Mistyck> lol
[17:08] <Harvey> It's on Connecticut Avenue, north of DuPont Circle, down the street from the Hilton where Reagan was shot.
[17:08] <KK> Oh, really....
[17:08] <kirienne> LOL to both Debbie and Olympia
[17:08] <Mistyck> I think almost everyone has done that at one time or another
[17:08] <Barticus> the ladies room is usually cleaner
[17:08] <Kelos_al-Hazar> LOL!
[17:09] <Debbie-VB> and usually much less writing on the walls
[17:09] <Harvey> Yes, but it's quite difficult to find the urinals in the womens' room.
[17:09] <Mistyck> lol
[17:09] * Barticus is not saying a word to that one
[17:09] <Olympia> Hee hee! oh there's writing on the walls but the spelling is better!!! ;)
[17:09] <KK> Technology alert--or maybe they're already in the US.
[17:09] <Olympia> what?
[17:10] <Debbie-VB> women's urinals?   
[17:10] <Olympia> smart toilets? I like those
[17:10] <kirienne>  many many years ago at a con, I was in the ladies room with my friend, (a woman) who was dressed as Luke Skywalker, her jedi costume was so good that a little girl came up and whispered to Luke that he was in the wrong bathroom
[17:10] <KK> We were looking last week at bathroom fixtures, and they've got domestic urinals now, with a sliding cover that goes over the bowl-part.
[17:10] * hygilac has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:10] <DeryniBot> hygilac uses a Transfer Portal to join the chat in #Deryni_Destinations
[17:10] <Mistyck> hi Linda
[17:10] <Olympia> OH YUCK Katherine
[17:10] <Mistyck> long time!
[17:10] <Olympia> no way
[17:10] <the_Bee> hi linda
[17:10] <Barticus> howdy linda
[17:10] <Sedina> hi, Linda
[17:10] <KK> Sort of oval, looks a lot like an egg.
[17:10] <hygilac> hi all
[17:10] <Olympia> ::covering my ears::
[17:10] <kirienne> hi Linda
[17:10] <KK> Actually, quite practical.  It even flushes.
[17:10] <RainbowDragon> KK: do you have any idea what your itenerary will be at GenCon? I was looking at their website yesterday but couldn't find a schedule of talks you'll be giving, etc.
[17:10] <hygilac> I feel like I am in the twilight zone
[17:10] <Olympia> but... but... oh never mind
[17:11] <Mistyck> I'll keep the old ones where the men have to raise and lower the seat!
[17:11] <hygilac> I keep getting disconnnected
[17:11] <Olympia> Ahhh the schedule is hidden....
[17:11] * Debbie-VB thinks about leaving the seat up, and collapses into helpless giggles
[17:11] <KK> These new ones, only the men use, so if it's yucky, it's their fault.
[17:11] <Mistyck> lol
[17:11] <Olympia> You would think I mean they can AIM for heaven's sake!
[17:11] <KK> Dragon, I have no idea.  I just go where and when I'm told.
[17:11] <RainbowDragon> ahhh, okay
[17:11] <Olympia> Let me see if I can find the schedule URL
[17:12] <Olympia> ::diving into the Gencon mess...
[17:12] <hygilac> Hi KK
[17:12] <KK> The lid actually pivots around behind the egg--quite aesthetically pleasing, actually.
[17:12] <hygilac> long time no see
[17:12] <Olympia> ta da
[17:12] <KK> Hi, Linda.
[17:13] <Olympia> urinal + aesthetically pleasing... wow! welcome to the Deryni Chatroom! ;)
[17:13] <RainbowDragon> Bless you, Olympia  :-)
[17:13] <hygilac> heh
[17:13] <Mistyck> thanks Nancy!
[17:13] <Sedina> gotta love the topics of conversation in this place *lol*
[17:13] <the_Bee> question: from where did the 11 Kingdom's import silk?
[17:13] <Debbie-VB> two words i never thought I'd see used in the same sentence
[17:13] <KK> Well, it's never boring....
[17:13] <Olympia> Torenth, Bee
[17:13] <hygilac> humor appreciated
[17:13] <Olympia> Torenth rocks! <grin>
[17:14] <hygilac> have been deep in HP5 all weekend
[17:14] <Mistyck> oh Lordy...and I told a couple of people to check out the logs at a.b.d. for today's people!!!
[17:14] <Debbie-VB> So have many others here linda
[17:14] <Olympia> Torenth has THE best food and THE best clothes and THE cutest men... but I'm prejudiced!
[17:14] <KK> Well, they'll find out we're a fun bunch!
[17:14] <Mistyck> yep
[17:14] <hygilac> uninhibited, at least
[17:14] <Olympia> I had to go to Border's today to buy a gift and the staff is just bleary eyed and Very Grumpy
[17:14] <kirienne> me too, though my eyes are too tired to clearly read although I have started to, so far I really like the book , which is HUGE
[17:14] <Olympia> Oh, I have a book to recommend...
[17:14] <Sedina> not in the least, Nancy   Heheh
[17:15] <Olympia> that ISN'T HP5
[17:15] <hygilac> I'll bet
[17:15] <Olympia> Actually, two books... >>
[17:15] * Barticus Quit (User has been mind-ripped)
[17:15] * Debbie-VB perks up, she's always interested in new books
[17:15] <Olympia> "Sea Dragon Heir" by Storm Constantine (1st of 3) and "The Fall of Kings" by Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner.
[17:15] <Harvey> Recommand away.
[17:15] * kirienne sneaks one of Morgan's daggers and throws it at peer
[17:15] <Harvey> Thanks for the schedule link.
[17:15] * Debbie-VB pelts peer with a plateful of petrified peeps
[17:15] <KK> Me too.  Try Diane Duane's Stealing the Elf King's Roses.  A delightful read.
[17:15] <Olympia> I LOVE Storm Constantine (I wanted to go to WraethuCon but it's in London)
[17:15] * Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:16] <DeryniBot> Hail and Well met Barticus
[17:16] <Mistyck> wb
[17:16] <Sedina> wb, Bart
[17:16] <Barticus> stupid phone
[17:16] <Olympia> "The Fall of Kings" is just plain delicious and elegant (but warning adult for those who avoid that sort of thing)
[17:16] <KK> Speaking of adult, is Kushiel's Chosen in paperback yet?
[17:16] <the_Bee> anyone know a site that specializes in reviewing adult fantasy books?  NOT x-rated, please
[17:16] <Olympia> nooooooooooo :(
[17:17] <Olympia> Me so sad BUT I wrote Ms. Carey a fan letter :)
[17:17] <Olympia> and she wrote back!
[17:17] <Mistyck> cool!
[17:17] <KK> What did she say?
[17:17] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Question to all the ladies in the room a bit later... :)
[17:17] <Olympia> She thanked me for the letter (I told her that I recommended the books to everyone and made my writers on 7th Sea read them!)
[17:18] <hygilac> heh--some very nice people to be met that way, Nancy
[17:18] <KK> True, true.  Some people in this very room.
[17:18] <Mistyck> :)
[17:18] <Debbie-VB> Just like I'm always recommending katherines work
[17:18] <Olympia> I mentioned that I was a writer (without being all drooly) and she was very encouraging. I like writers who are encouraging <eyeing my favorite encouraging writer!!>
[17:18] <hygilac> yup
[17:18] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Quite so! :)
[17:19] <Olympia> I asked if she was going to be at Gencon but she just finished a horrendous tour and she's taking a break.
[17:19] <Harvey> I missed the signing when Ms. Carey came to Washington.
[17:19] <Harvey> :(
[17:19] <Olympia> I LOVE those books! yeah I missed the signing when she was in L.A.
[17:19] * Andy_reading_HP5 is now known as Andy_done_reading
[17:20] <Mistyck> woohoo, Andy!
[17:20] <kirienne> hi Andy
[17:20] <Sedina> hi, Andy.  All done?  Or just done for now?
[17:20] <KK> So how is it, Andy?
[17:20] * Andy_done_reading waves to all.
[17:20] <Olympia> So what are ya gonna read tomorrow, Andy?
[17:20] <Barticus> howdy andy
[17:20] <hygilac> hi andy
[17:20] <hygilac> no spoilers, andy
[17:21] <Mistyck> Nancy:  how is the Atlas coming along?
[17:21] <KK> Well, we know it isn't Hagrid who gets the chop.  Rowling already said that.
[17:21] <Debbie-VB> I'm not even reading ahead or checking out the back of the book
[17:21] <Andy_done_reading> Tomorrow?  Probably more astrophysics or something like that.
[17:22] <Olympia> The Atlas is coming along - we have some things in the queue ahead of it at this red-hot minute.
[17:22] <hygilac> that should be light compared to teenage angst
[17:22] <KK> Ann is hoping to send me the next Rhemuth city plan tomorrow or so.
[17:22] <Mistyck> cool!
[17:22] <kirienne> I'm still bleary eyed from waiting in the line Friday night to make much sense of what I read,
[17:22] <Olympia> Cool - did Jim and Martine every swap files?
[17:23] <Olympia> I have to go back and read the previous book! I've um read 'n written a few things since then ;)
[17:23] <KK> Don't know.  Haven't heard from Martime in a bit.
[17:23] <Debbie-VB> My chapters didn't have a midnight party, but they did open early
[17:23] <Sedina> Martine's been pretty tied up with work hell, I do believe
[17:23] <hygilac> amazon came through with my copy arriving in Saturday's mail
[17:24] <Olympia> The Borders staff were muttering about screaming children and rude parents...
[17:24] <Andy_done_reading> I just scooted over to Target to buy mine . . .
[17:24] <Olympia> Has anyone talked to Sharon this past week?
[17:24] <Barticus> no say it isn't so screaming children and rude parents
[17:24] <hygilac> this one is guaranteed to send some of the more imaginiative kids into nightmares
[17:25] <KK> I had an e-mail from her, sort of mid-week.
[17:25] <kirienne> the bookstore played the audio books as we waited, they  served cake, had a costume contest, and raffel drawings, and a trivia contest and activities for the children, and  a verra full bookstore, most of us sitting on the floor trying to be verra patient until Midnight, they brought the books out at 10 min before midnight and we went crazy
[17:25] <KK> Sounds like it was quite a happening.
[17:25] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Here's the question I mentioned earlier, although it's not directly related to anything Deryni OR this conversation. What picture comes to mind if you see the following description: "She was dressed in a Chinese-looking black silk dress with slightly flared fore-sleeves, also unadorned black silk. There was a slight amount of silver around the collar, but no other adornment; even the buttons were matte-black silk." (Fore-sleeve: part of the sleeve from elbow to wrist.)
[17:26] <Barticus> sounds like the cabbage patch kid craze
[17:26] <Olympia> One of my friends got to the store early, enjoyed the party and then the store ushered everyone out and made them get in line BEHIND the people waiting outside
[17:26] <Debbie-VB> There were absolutly no stuffed owls to be found anywhere but the bookstores from what I understand
[17:26] <Olympia> No, Bart... this is a GOOD craze! It gets kids to READ
[17:26] <Mistyck> yep
[17:26] <kirienne> it was a lot of fun, I was home and in bed by 1am, but had to get up verra early yesterday to get laundry done and go to a baby shower, and was up late last night trying to write, so I am quite bleary eyed today :-)
[17:26] <Olympia> Kelos, sounds like my 7th Sea character Lady Yu Ying Lei :)
[17:26] <KK> Sounds like a nice gown, Kelos.
[17:27] <RainbowDragon> How is Jasta doing?
[17:27] <Barticus> at least kids are reading these days
[17:27] <KK> Her surgery took more out of her than she'd thought, but she seems to be mending well.
[17:27] <Mistyck> good
[17:27] <Debbie-VB> now if we could just get them reading katherine as well as JoAnn
[17:27] <RainbowDragon> good that she's doing well
[17:28] <kirienne> the book store let us in at 8:30 and had us sign in at the reservation table, we did not have to go get in another line outside after that, I was glad
[17:28] <hygilac> or--radical thought--their TEXTBOOKS
[17:28] <KK> Well, I gotta go, guys.  Sleep summons....
[17:28] <Mistyck> nite KK
[17:28] <Mistyck> sleep well
[17:28] <Olympia> Sleep well
[17:28] <Debbie-VB> Sleep sweet katherine
[17:28] <RainbowDragon> Goodnight, KK
[17:28] <Barticus> that would be a scary though linda
[17:28] <Samuel> Good night KK
[17:28] <hygilac> bught Kk
[17:28] <Olympia> Sweet dreams
[17:28] <Tieg> thanks for dropping by, good night
[17:28] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Sleep well, and have many wonderful ideas! :)
[17:28] <Barticus> Goddnoight KK
[17:28] <Sedina> sleep well, KK
[17:28] <the_Bee> nighters katherine. have a good week
[17:28] <Debbie-VB> and have a terrific week
[17:28] <Barticus> thanks for coming
[17:28] <kirienne> nighters and huggles Katherine, have a wonderful week
[17:29] * Mak has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[17:29] <hygilac> argh!  Keira likes to type
[17:29] <DeryniBot> Mak uses a Transfer Portal to join the chat in #Deryni_Destinations
[17:29] <frito> night
[17:29] <Mistyck> hi Mak
[17:29] <Mak> Hello, All!
[17:29] <the_Bee> hi mak
[17:29] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in
a shower of green sparkles.
[17:29] <Tieg> hi Mak
[17:29] * frito Quit (Quit: KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar")
[17:29] <Sedina> hi, Mak
[17:29] <Mistyck> nite KK
[17:29] <KK> Hail and farewell, Mak.
[17:29] <kirienne> hi Mak
[17:29] <Mak> Hi and Bye!
[17:29] <Olympia> I actually need to head back to work myself...waves to all.....
[17:29] <Mistyck> nite Nancy
[17:29] <Debbie-VB> bye-eee all
[17:29] * KK Quit
[17:29] * KK has left IRC


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