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KK Chat - May 25, 2003
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:27:21 pm »
KK Chat - May 25, 2003

[18:03] * KK  has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:03] <DeryniBot> KK uses a Transfer Portal to join the chat in
[18:03] <jp> hi kk
[18:03] <Mistyck> hi KK
[18:03] * Debbie-VB blows a kiss to any who want one
[18:03] <Steffy4s3> Hi KK
[18:03] <Mak> Yeah, what Jasta said!
[18:03] <Shiral> Hello, Katherine
[18:03] <kirienne> Hi Katherine
[18:03] <Andi55> if you liked Adept, I bet you could handle Lammas
[18:03] <Mak> :)
[18:03] <Kitsune> yo.
[18:03] <Mak> Hi, KK
[18:03] <Andi55> Hi KK :)
[18:03] <JastaElf> Hi Katherine, welcome!!
[18:03] * Debbie-VB changes her mind
[18:03] <RainbowDragon> Greetings, Katherine
[18:03] <Mistyck> lol, Debbie
[18:03] <kirienne> LOL Debbie
[18:03] <Andi55> hehe
[18:03] <Steffy4s3> LOL debbie
[18:03] <KK> Hello, all.
[18:04] <Debbie-VB> Hi Katherine
[18:04] <Steffy4s3> Did you decide to stay?
[18:04] <Mistyck> how are you Katherine?
[18:04] <Shiral> Glad to see you
[18:04] <Steffy4s3> How was your week?
[18:04] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Welcome, Lady Katherine...
[18:04] <KK> Fine aqnd fine.
[18:04] <JastaElf> How was your week, Katherine?
[18:04] <KK> and
[18:04] <Debbie-VB> Of course I did.  Katherine's here
[18:04] <Mistyck> lol!
[18:04] <Mak> lol, Debbie
[18:04] <the_Bee> Hi KK! Lawrence says thanks for your letter
[18:04] * Mistyck thinks KK's got good news :)
[18:04] <Shiral> And Dennis says hello, he had to go
[18:04] <KK> Gus had brought me a pigmy shrew and left it under my
desk, so I had to dispose of the remains before moning on line.
[18:04] <JastaElf> he had to leave, taking the now post-partum wife
out to dinner
[18:05] <Mistyck> youch!
[18:05] <Andi55> eew
[18:05] <JastaElf> Oh, GUS!!  yuck...  :-)
[18:05] <Shiral> From the cat that cares
[18:05] <KK> Yes, Bee, he sent me an e-mail.
[18:05] <Mak> How very thoughtful of Gus
[18:05] <Shiral> He wanted you to be well fortified for chat...I guess
[18:05] <Mistyck> yep
[18:05] <kirienne> eeeeewwwww Guscat, thats yucky
[18:05] <Steffy4s3> but it was a present just for you Katherine.
[18:05] <Shiral> Enough to bring the hairy beast
[18:05] <JastaElf> Twue Wuv from the kitty....
[18:05] <Debbie-VB> Gus sounds like our Peanuts.  Only he caught a bat
[18:05] * Andi55 has indoor cats
[18:05] <Shiral> wants to show he's a good provider
[18:05] <KK> Yep, I think he's discovered where they hang out, because
that's the second one in about 3 days.  And there was one the week
[18:06] <jp> peanut, the cat with wings
[18:06] <JastaElf> Ah, a trend....
[18:06] <Kitsune> my cat used to bring in live animals.  It was always
awkward getting them out again.
[18:06] <Andi55> he must _really_ love you ;)
[18:06] <Shiral> Well of course he does =o)
[18:06] <KK> We used to have a cat who brought in live bats and turned
them loose in the great hall to fly about.
[18:06] <JastaElf> It's the vole faces on the pillow that would do ME
[18:06] <the_Bee> How is Jessicat, KK?
[18:07] * Mistyck wonder what it means when her dog grabs her shoes
and runs around the house with them!
[18:07] <jp> Pigmy shrew's come in two's
[18:07] <Debbie-VB> Bats and ghosts in a castle?  Holy atmosphere!
[18:07] <Steffy4s3> a walk Mistyck
[18:07] <RainbowDragon> It means your shoes are stinky
[18:07] <Mistyck> lol
[18:07] <Steffy4s3> either that or Hungry LOL
[18:07] <KK> Jessicat is wonderful--and apparently, after 10 months,
has forgiven me re the kittens and is now sleeping on the bed again;
even burrowed in my ponytail this AM, which she hasn't done in all
that time
[18:07] <Andi55> awwww
[18:07] <Mistyck> awww, about time!
[18:07] <Shiral> Not a cat to carry a grudge <G> At least not
[18:08] <Shiral> Has it been a good literary week?
[18:08] <Mistyck> Did you get to do any riding?
[18:08] <KK> So-so.  I was sorting out some genealogical charts,
[18:08] <Andi55> my boyfriend's parents had a cat who got mad at them
for going on he peed in their suitcases
[18:08] <Shiral> Always a complicated process
[18:08] <Mistyck> yikes!
[18:08] <Steffy4s3> that could be a time consuming process all by
[18:08] <Andi55> empty, as far as I know, thankfully
[18:08] <Shiral> keeping it straight who is related to whom
[18:09] <jp> will we finaly find out who's related to who?
[18:09] <Steffy4s3> they are all relatatively related jp
[18:09] <KK> Just reorganizing them by more logical family and/or area
groups, redrawing a few.
[18:09] <Debbie-VB> and just how are Morgan and duncan related to
Rhyse nad Evaine?
[18:09] <Mistyck> KK:  what are the possibilites of another Adept
[18:09] <KK> Soy, I mailed you two books this week--around Wrednesday,
I think.
[18:09] <KK> Wednesday
[18:09] <the_Bee> On the website genealogies, I have trouble finding
out that Evaine married Rhys
[18:09] <Shiral> An author always has to keep her secrets <G>
[18:10] <KK> Depends on when Ace will let us do one, Mistyck.
[18:10] <Andi55> What if we wrote letters to Ace and begged.....
[18:10] * Mistyck crosses her fingers and toes and hair and everything
else and hopes that Ace allows it!
[18:10] <jp> you have to wait for permission?
[18:10] <Steffy4s3> would it help? I just read the first adept book
[18:10] <Shiral> First, more Childe Morgan!
[18:10] <the_Bee> does your old publisher still hold copyrights?
[18:10] <Andi55> probably not to _write_ it.....but for no money
[18:11] <KK> It's a matter of time.  I'm contracted for two more
Childe books and two more Deryni rewrites before I could schedule
anything other than editing.
[18:11] <jp> oh
[18:11] <Mistyck> aah
[18:11] * Shiral is intent on getting new Deryni fixes, fist
[18:11] <Shiral> first, too
[18:11] * kirienne is also
[18:11] <Mistyck> well, then maybe a Deryni Tales 2?
[18:11] <Shiral> Want my Morgan fix!
[18:12] <KK> Copyrights for what, Bee?
[18:12] <Mistyck> true, but we know those are on their way?
[18:12] <kirienne> so do I shiral
[18:12] <KK> They're mine.
[18:12] <soycomosoy> oh thanks KK
[18:12] <Andi55> Adept books are even more addictive for me than
[18:12] <Shiral> We'll share him, Kirienne <G>
[18:12] <KK> I know what the next one will be; hope to work on the
outline soon.
[18:12] <the_Bee> KK, years ago you wrote me that the Deryni didn't
come from Caeriesse.  But could it have been their point o
[18:12] <kirienne> ok Shiral, it's a deal
[18:12] <soycomosoy> I want to read this books
[18:12] <Shiral> And we'll let Mak enjoy Arilan
[18:12] <Kitsune> Folks keep telling me I should read those Adept
books, but they seem to be out of print here.
[18:12] <Andi55> Kitsune:  where is here?
[18:12] <Mak> Thanks, Shiral! :)
[18:12] <the_Bee> of arrival in the 11 kingdoms?
[18:13] <KK> I'll have to ask about their status.
[18:13] <Shiral> And Jasta can have both Nigel and Duncan
[18:13] <Mak> ANd you can keep Morgan...
[18:13] <Kitsune> Here is Scotland.
[18:13] <the_Bee> KK the books they published
[18:13] <Wrengl> evening katherine
[18:13] <Shiral> Not a problem, Mak
[18:13] <Mistyck> KK:  would it help to write to Ace about Adept
[18:13] <RainbowDragon> Bee: your post got cut off
[18:13] <Andi55> I think you can get most of the Adept from, but I guess shipping to Scotland would be pricy
[18:13] <Kitsune> garn.   
[18:13] * jp Elrond, Aleric and Duncan are all now naked and ousing
healing woodgies
[18:13] * Wrengl laughs
[18:14] <Andi55> lol
[18:14] * Wrengl has morgan hidden away
[18:14] <the_Bee> Yes.  Could Caeriesse have been where the Deryni
firsst arrived in the 11 Kingdoms?
[18:14] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Not if you order from
[18:14] <Shiral> You think so, Pat, but....
[18:14] <KK> I hold all my copyrights, but Ace was the publisher, and
it would be silly to move publishers.  Besdies, that still doesn't
solve the problem of coming up with enough time to do several projects
at once.  Adepts have to wait.
[18:14] <KK> Some Deryni could have come from Caeriesse.
[18:15] <Steffy4s3> can some one tell me the rough geographic location
of Caeriesse?
[18:15] * Andi55 sighs
[18:15] <Andi55> oh well
[18:15] <JastaElf> under water, Steffy.  :-)
[18:15] <Andi55> I'm not even caught up on all the Deryni books, so
I'm not one to talk
[18:15] <KK> Sort of north and west of Cassan & Kierney.
[18:15] * Mistyck sighs...Well I've waited for years for CM, guess I
can wait a bit for Adept 6/Lammas2
[18:15] <the_Bee> like the ones in Deryni Magic who were in Gwynedd
before Caeriesse sank, but claim descent from people who fled the
[18:15] <Shiral> BAD Jasta!
[18:15] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:15] <jp> north west of everything else
[18:15] <JastaElf> It's the medication, Shiral...
[18:15] <Shiral> True
[18:15] <Steffy4s3> sok Jasta is a smart alec
[18:16] <Mistyck> lol
[18:16] <JastaElf> Why yes...  :-)
[18:16] * JastaElf looks about innocently, fairly glowing with
sweetness and light.
[18:16] <Mak> I doubt that- you were bad before the meds, Jasta!
[18:16] <Mistyck> and a published author!
[18:16] <Mak> :)
[18:16] <Andi55> hehe
[18:16] <Steffy4s3> cides i kinda zinged her earlier
[18:16] <JastaElf> Well true, Mak.
[18:16] * Andi55 looks around behind Jasta for the backlight
[18:16] <JastaElf> 'S OK, Steffy, I can take it.  :-)
[18:16] <Andi55> it must be there somewhere.......
[18:16] * JastaElf kicks shut the background lighting
[18:16] <Shiral> Jasta's a fun person
[18:16] <KK> What meds, Jasta?  Are you ailing again/still?
[18:16] <Mistyck> yeppers!
[18:16] <Steffy4s3> pssssssst andi its over there -->
[18:16] <JastaElf> Umm, yeah...
[18:16] * JastaElf shuffles feet
[18:17] <the_Bee> you've said that only most historian's opinions, KK.
 Since they don't agree on whether Caeriesse even existed, they can
hardly be sure where or when
[18:17] * jp I'de like to see a dive on lost Caeriesse
[18:17] <JastaElf> I had to have a transfusion on Friday night.  But
I'm OK now and the operation is June 5...  :-)
[18:17] <Mistyck> prolly is a legend similar to Atlantis :)
[18:17] <Wrengl> unfortuneately you need to wait several centuries for
that jp
[18:17] <JastaElf> JP, that sounds like a good Modern Day Deryni
[18:17] <Shiral> Be carefl of the bends, JP
[18:17] * Andi55 stands in front of the backlight and glows sweetly ;)
[18:17] <Shiral> It's pretty far down
[18:17] <KK> A transfusion?  Yuck!  Sigh.  June 5 can't come too soon!
[18:17] <Shiral> That would be cool. The Deryni Jacques Cousteau <G>
[18:18] <JastaElf> Amen, your Excellency...  :-)
[18:18] <jp> lol
[18:18] <KK> I agree, Jasta.
[18:18] <KK> Someone should write it.
[18:18] * Mistyck sends JastaElf healing woodgies
[18:18] <JastaElf> There you go, JP!
[18:18] <JastaElf> Thanks, Mistyck
[18:18] <the_Bee> there was a legendary island named Ker IS off
Brittany that was supposedly sunk for its people's wickedness
[18:18] <JastaElf> A dive to find Caeriesse would be like LauraJ's
report on the camber embroidery!
[18:18] <the_Bee> similarity of names is an odd coincidence
[18:19] <KK> There are sunken lands off the coast of Cornwall, too.
[18:19] <Mistyck> yep
[18:19] <Steffy4s3> ok nother question kinda related when is it
purporited to have sunk?
[18:19] * jp The boat rocked gently on the slight swell coming in off
the Atlantic.........
[18:19] <Andi55> brb...time to reconnect my internet again
[18:19] * Andi55  Quit
[18:19] <JastaElf> JP, do it, do it!   
[18:19] <KK> Good start, JP.
[18:19] <Mistyck> yep!
[18:19] <Shiral> Yes, JP
[18:19] * JastaElf wriggles with anticipation
[18:19] <Steffy4s3> Jp looks like the ball is in your court
[18:19] <Mak> Go, jp!
[18:19] <Mistyck> more Deryni Fan Fic :)
[18:19] <Shiral> Dive dive!
[18:19] <JastaElf> Is your main character going to be Deryni?
[18:19] <kirienne> yeah, go jp
[18:19] <Steffy4s3> they got me started on the wards major
[18:20] * JastaElf scoots her ward cubes toward Steffy as incentive
[18:20] <Mistyck> we are just sooo BAD!!!
[18:20] * Shiral hands JP the scuba equipment and oxygen tanks
[18:20] <Steffy4s3> no Mistyck, i havent written more since i last
talked to you
[18:20] * Andi55 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:20] <DeryniBot> Hail and Well met Andi55
[18:20] <soycomosoy> sleep time
[18:20] <Andy_Hock> wb
[18:20] <Shiral> WB, Andy
[18:20] <Steffy4s3> wb andi
[18:20] <Kitsune> rehi.
[18:20] <Mak> WB, Andi
[18:20] <Andi55> hi
[18:20] <Kitsune> bye, Soy.
[18:20] <JastaElf> JP, I'm sure the Duke of Cassan would help fund the
[18:20] <Debbie-VB> nighters soy
[18:20] <soycomosoy> bye all
[18:20] <KK> Sleep well, Soy.
[18:20] <kirienne> bye soy
[18:20] <Mak> And bye, Soy
[18:20] <Shiral> Andi jeez...I'll get you straight
[18:20] <Steffy4s3> bye Soy
[18:20] <Shiral> Bye, Soy
[18:20] <soycomosoy> and thanks KK
[18:20] <Andi55> it's okay Shiral
[18:20] <jp> bye soy
[18:20] <the_Bee> said to have sunk between 600-625, but people were
claiming escent from the survivor as early ast 5999 or so.
[18:20] <soycomosoy> :)
[18:20] <Steffy4s3> thanks Jasta
[18:20] <Wrengl> night soy
[18:20] <JastaElf> Nighters Soy!
[18:20] * Mistyck hands JP her *real* dive equipment...tank,
regulator, dive suit, weight belt and BC
[18:20] <Andi55> night Soy
[18:20] * soycomosoy has left #Deryni_Destinations
[18:21] <the_Bee> 599
[18:21] <Shiral> Katherine, any plans for the coming week?
[18:21] <Steffy4s3> thanks bee
[18:21] <KK> Always plans.
[18:21] <Shiral> =o)
[18:21] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:21] <Steffy4s3> i got lost there for a second trying to figure
that out
[18:21] <the_Bee> of couse the dates would work if they were BC
[18:21] <Steffy4s3> so it would be theoretically there at the time of
my story correct?
[18:21] <KK> But we've got guests coming in Thursday, leaving Monday.
And more coming the following week for about 4 days.  Sigh.
[18:22] <JastaElf> Wow, packed out....
[18:22] <KK> But I have started assembling the things that need to go
with me in July.
[18:22] <JastaElf> Sounds like "Monarch of the Glen!"
[18:22] <Mistyck> cool!   
[18:22] <Shiral> Gracious, The Katherine Hotel
[18:22] * Mistyck can't wait till July 24th :)
[18:22] <Steffy4s3> i want pictures LOL
[18:22] * Andi55 wants to come to GenCon soooooo much
[18:22] <Kitsune> sounds like our flat...
[18:22] <Andi55> I hope I've got the money
[18:22] <Steffy4s3> i cant go but i want pictures
[18:22] <the_Bee> the Holybrooke Inn
[18:22] <KK> That's part of the fun of having a house like this.
[18:22] <Shiral> Yup!
[18:22] <KK> We also expect the builders in another week or two.
[18:22] <Wrengl> indeed
[18:23] <Steffy4s3> right now trying to save for dark over
[18:23] * Debbie-VB is waiting impatiently for November to get here
[18:23] <Kitsune> our flat isn't HUGE, we just shove random people
into corners.  :)
[18:23] <Steffy4s3> got around 30 saved in 3 weeks in just change
[18:23] <Shiral> Will you be coming to San Francisco  on your US
Swing, still?
[18:23] * jp what part of Scotland Kitsune?
[18:23] <KK> Yes, Shiral.
[18:23] <Shiral> Too wonderful <G>
[18:23] <Kitsune> Edinburgh, JP.
[18:23] <Shiral> Plans will have to be made =o)
[18:23] <Mistyck> cool, KK
[18:23] <KK> Yep.
[18:24] * Mistyck is going to try to get KK to Houston this year or
next year
[18:24] * jp nice castle
[18:24] <Mistyck> KK:  Would October be good?
[18:24] <Steffy4s3> LOL
[18:24] <KK> I expect it would be next year, Mistyck.  Folks will have
made their plans for this year already.
[18:24] * Debbie-VB is trying to find out who to bug to get Katherine
into vancouver
[18:24] <Mistyck> yep
[18:24] <Steffy4s3> are ya'll trying to get her to move back to the
states already?
[18:24] <Mistyck> want to try to get ya here in the cool months if
[18:25] <Mistyck> KK:  I just joined the SCA in Houston!
[18:25] <KK> No, just to come for a con.
[18:25] <kirienne> cool Mist
[18:25] <Steffy4s3> ahhhhhhhhh i got losted again
[18:25] <Shiral> Now then, Mistyck, Katherine DOES need time at home
to write!
[18:25] <Debbie-VB> That's why god invented laptops
[18:25] <Mistyck> yep
[18:25] <Andi55> so Bill Gates _is_ God........
[18:26] <KK> Some things can be done on the road, others not.
[18:26] * Steffy4s3 mutters that doesn't work when the characters
demand pencil and paper
[18:26] <Mistyck> and if she's in Houston, we can even hook her up and
not even have her miss Sunday chat :)
[18:26] <Shiral> Yes, but peace and a place to concentrate are also
[18:26] <Mak> Of COURSE he is, Andi....  :)
[18:26] <Andi55> lol
[18:26] <KK> I'll have some time on the July trip, so am bringing the
laptop on that trip.
[18:26] <Debbie-VB> at least he thinks he is andi
[18:26] <Mistyck> cool!
[18:26] <jp> KK, any word from GhostGames about the map/atlas?
[18:27] * Kelos_al-Hazar prefers Linux, personally...just hasn't
successfully transitioned this box to it...
[18:27] * Andi55 is a Mac person by choice, but a Windows user from
[18:27] <KK> They're still working on it, still hoping to have it for
[18:27] <Andi55> my Mac internet connection is sloooooow
[18:27] <KK> Atlas is being aimed at Darkover.
[18:28] <Steffy4s3> i fought goign to windows in the first place
[18:28] <Mistyck> KK:  do you know if Ann is going to be running the
Deryni RPG?
[18:28] <KK> Yes, she is.
[18:28] <Mistyck> cool!
[18:28] <KK> And I'll be playing villains.
[18:28] * Shiral pipes up from her corner We're working on the Atlas
as hard as we can!
[18:28] <Mistyck> my son wants to play too :)
[18:28] <Andi55> cool!
[18:28] <KK> We're running it twice.
[18:28] <Mistyck> awesome!
[18:28] * JastaElf adds: "yes, indeed!" and hits save on the Kierney
[18:28] * Andi55 needs to start saving money _now_
[18:28] <Shiral> Ah, and Katherine looks so innocent <G>
[18:28] <Andi55> hehe
[18:28] * the_Bee ducks and runs from villainous KK
[18:29] <Shiral> But now we know she really loves her villains, too
[18:29] * kirienne wants map and atlas verra much
[18:29] <Mistyck> she's not!  Innocent that is :)
[18:29] * Mistyck has first hand experience!
[18:29] <Steffy4s3> did you get bit Mistyck?
[18:29] <kirienne> will hang map in the living room
[18:29] <KK> Heh, heh.  When I played for the first time at Darkover,
the Camberian Council had to step in at the end; my villain was too
nasty, and the players didn't have a chance.
[18:29] <kirienne> LOL
[18:29] <Shiral> She mopped us up, yup!
[18:29] <Mistyck> big time...actually I was "burned"
[18:29] <Steffy4s3> LOL
[18:30] <Steffy4s3> ok brb searching for lost child
[18:30] <Mistyck> but I saved the book!
[18:30] <RainbowDragon> When will those of us not attending GenCon be
able to purchase the atlas and map?
[18:30] <KK> I've been advised to be less efficient with my villains,
at least in the games. :-)
[18:30] <Shiral> Your villain was very clever
[18:30] * Mistyck leapt into the "Wall of Fire" to save the book
[18:31] <Mistyck> yes RD, I thin that was what Ann was planning on
[18:31] <KK> Well, I'm still getting the hang of these things.
[18:31] <Mistyck> that's ok, KK, you can experiment on us again :)
[18:31] * Shiral joins Jasta and hits save on her current file...
[18:31] <RainbowDragon> Mistyck: huh? when?
[18:31] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Sadly, must go...machine becoming unstable.
:( BBL. If I see you not again tonight, KK, have a good night! :)
[18:31] * Kelos_al-Hazar has left #Deryni_Destinations
[18:31] <kirienne> nighters and huggles Kelos
[18:31] <Debbie-VB> I may try to play at darkover, but i've not played
RPGas in like years
[18:31] <Andi55> KK: it's very brave of you to jump into gaming at
GenCon of all places ;)
[18:32] <Andi55> you ain't seen nothing yet...... ;)
[18:32] <Shiral> Katherine makes a most formidable villain
[18:32] <Mistyck> not sure exactly when, but I'd say she'll have it
published by Grey Ghost Publishing, so look for it in the Gaming
[18:32] <Steffy4s3> ok if i dont get back before you leave
[18:32] <KK> Well, I've now played twice, so 3rd time should be the
[18:32] <Debbie-VB> if, that is, there is some gaming at darkover
[18:32] <Steffy4s3> have a good week Katherine
[18:32] <Steffy4s3> hopefully i will be back soon
[18:32] <jp> Just been reminded of the time here. I have work (YUK) in
the morning and a fan fic to work on. Along with the one about the
canibal Haldane ancestors and the Harry Turtledove alternate history
one etc. Night all
[18:32] <Andi55> night Steffy
[18:32] * Steffy4s3 is now known as Steffy_afk
[18:32] <Shiral> Night, JP
[18:32] <Mak> Nite, jp
[18:32] <kirienne> night jp
[18:32] <Steffy_afk> i have to retrieve a child that wandered out
[18:33] * jp  Quit
[18:33] <Andi55> night JP
[18:33] <the_Bee> enjoy yourself and your guests, KK.  not mention
Scott and the cats
[18:33] <Mistyck> yikes, missed JP
[18:33] <KK> Night, JP.  But isn't tomorrow a holiday for you guys?
[18:33] <Debbie-VB> come back steffy's child
[18:33] <Andi55> me too
[18:33] <Shiral> Yup!!
[18:33] <the_Bee> not TO mention
[18:33] <JastaElf> Memorial Day in the US, yup
[18:33] <Mistyck> yep
[18:33] <Mistyck> nice to have a 3-day weekend
[18:33] * kirienne is glad to have an extra day off from work
[18:33] <Shiral> A whole day off....which a good bit will be spent at
the computer Atlasing
[18:33] * Andi55 would like to have work.......
[18:33] <Debbie-VB> not in canada, ours was last weekend, but I'm on a
week's vacation anyways
[18:33] <Andy_Hock> JP is in the UK, iirc.
[18:33] <KK> It's even a Bank Holiday in the UK--but not here, and not
in Scotland, I don't think.
[18:34] <JastaElf> Darn...
[18:34] <Mak> Not for everyone, tho- we retail slaves will work....
[18:34] <Mistyck> true
[18:34] <Mistyck> Memorial Day has some big sales
[18:34] <JastaElf> :-( Poor Mak....
[18:34] <Kitsune> I'm not sure about Scotland, and Edinburgh has
holidays all of its own.
[18:34] <Mistyck> lol
[18:34] <KK> Our June Bank Holiday weekend is NEXT weekend.
[18:34] <kirienne> (((((((Mak)))))))
[18:34] <Shiral> Huggles, Mak
[18:34] <Wrengl> huggles mak
[18:34] <Debbie-VB> why do they call them bank holidays?
[18:34] <Kitsune> poor Mak!
[18:34] <KK> Ah, but won't you get a comp day, Mak?
[18:35] <Mak> After 11 or so years, I'm used to it...
[18:35] <Mak> Yes, I do- get a comp day, that is
[18:35] <Shiral> All the banks go to the beach, Debbie
[18:35] <Andi55> LOL
[18:35] <KK> Well, the banks are closed.  I think it's a hangover from
when they needed a day every month or so to catch up with their
recirds, pre-computers.
[18:35] <Wrengl> lol shiral
[18:35] <JastaElf> the banks are closed, VB.  :-)
[18:36] <Shiral> Aw...I kinda liked the picture of the banks going
down to the beach for picnics.. <G>
[18:36] <Debbie-VB> judging from the service i get the few timesa I've
been in my bank, everyday's a bank holiday then
[18:36] <Andi55> KK:  I was curious, do you still practice hypnosis?
[18:36] * the_Bee pictures ATMs walking up and down the sand, playing
[18:36] <Andi55> hehehe
[18:36] <KK> Only occasionally, Andi.
[18:36] <JastaElf> Nah, she's got it right by now, Andi.  :-)
[18:36] * Andi55 grins
[18:36] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:36] <Mistyck> that's cool, KK
[18:36] <Shiral> They're great at spiking Bee
[18:36] <Mak> Lol, Jasta
[18:37] <JastaElf> It's the meds.  Really.  :-)
[18:37] <Shiral> Of course it is, dear
[18:37] <Mak> Yeah, riiiiiight....
[18:37] <Wrengl> sure jasta, we know
[18:37] * Mistyck sides with Mak
[18:37] * JastaElf looks about innocently, fairly glowing with
sweetness and light.
[18:37] <Andi55> Did you do it for therepy?
[18:37] <Mistyck> Jasta, we know you too well :)
[18:37] <Shiral> Look, over there IS that Nigel????
[18:37] <JastaElf> darn...
[18:37] * Andi55 kicks over the backlight now that she knows where to
find it
[18:37] * JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention
Nigel Haldane?"
[18:37] <KK> Only informally.
[18:37] <JastaElf> LOL, Andi!
[18:37] <Mistyck> lol
[18:37] <Shiral> Just checking
[18:37] <kirienne> and maybe the Fianna red Morgan took with him to
your house, for medicinal reasons, i'm sure <g>
[18:38] <Mistyck> Duncan McLain!
[18:38] * JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention
Duncan McLain?"
[18:38] <Mistyck> oops, I meant Duncan McLeod
[18:38] <Wrengl> actually it's duncan not nigel that i see
[18:38] <Mistyck> lol
[18:38] <Mak> No, I don't think so- must be the meds....
[18:38] <JastaElf> Oh.  Never mind....  :-)
[18:38] * JastaElf looks up expectantly and asks, "did someone mention
Moat Monsters?"
[18:38] <JastaElf> oops, wrong alias....
[18:38] <Mistyck> got ya!
[18:38] <Andi55> hehee
[18:38] * Shiral drops some shrimp to the Moat Monster
[18:38] * Debbie-VB giggles
[18:38] <Andi55> just curious, Katherine :)
[18:38] <JastaElf> oh yum, shrimp....
[18:38] <Mistyck> KK:  how are the kittens doing?
[18:39] <Andi55> I've always thought hypnosis was interesting
[18:39] <the_Bee> hardly kitten any more
[18:39] <KK> Speaking of moat monsters, has anyone heard from Martine,
how her--sister-in-law?--is?
[18:39] * Andi55 thinks Jasta needs to get a snack
[18:39] <KK> Not that Martine is or has Moat Monsters,s of course.
[18:39] <Mistyck> nope, not lately, KK
[18:39] <JastaElf> The tests came back positive, Katherine.  :-(
[18:39] <Shiral> I haven't heard from her since last sunday
[18:39] <Mistyck> awww :(
[18:39] <KK> Oww.
[18:39] <Andi55> oh :(
[18:39] <JastaElf> And the sis is extremely depressed.  :-(
[18:39] <Mak> :(
[18:39] <Mistyck> youch
[18:39] <KK> Understandably.
[18:39] <JastaElf> Almost suicidal, from what I've heard.  VEry bad.
[18:39] <Debbie-VB> Not good jasta
[18:39] <KK> What's next.
[18:39] <Shiral> It's a bad deal for them and for the kids
[18:40] <Mistyck> ooh, not good
[18:40] <JastaElf> Nope, prayers are definitely innorder.
[18:40] <KK> This is--pancreatic?
[18:40] * Mistyck will send Martine an email
[18:40] <Shiral> I thought it was breast cancer?
[18:40] <JastaElf> I can't recall where the cancer is located offhand,
but I have her note here somewhere
[18:40] <Mistyck> KK:  Susan's boy friend's mother also has cancer
[18:40] <Mak> Prayers are a done deal from here
[18:40] <Shiral> Martine says it was breast cancer, thought
[18:40] <JastaElf> This will need LOTS of prayer, as the kids were
already calling the sister "Mom"  :-(
[18:40] <KK> Sigh.  It hits close to all of us.
[18:40] * Debbie-VB adds another name to her prayer list
[18:40] <KK> \
[18:40] <Shiral> Pancreatic, now THAT would be really terrible
[18:41] <kirienne> oh my. I will send oodllles of prayers on her
[18:41] <Andi55> definately prayers
[18:41] <Mistyck> if Breast Cancer is found early enough, it can be
removed easily...My mother lived for 7 years after the cancer was
[18:41] <Wrengl> so will we
[18:41] <JastaElf> She's trying to adopt two little boys, and the
cancer report will probably scotch that, barring a miracle.
[18:41] <KK> This is the one who was about to adopt two boys, isn't
[18:41] <Shiral> Yes
[18:41] <Andi55> ohhhh :(
[18:41] <JastaElf> Fraid so, yes.  Hence the severe depression.  :-(
[18:41] <Debbie-VB> shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoot
[18:41] <Mistyck> oh, poor thing!
[18:41] <Mak> Oh, *#$@$#$  :( :(
[18:41] <Shiral> The cancer is by far the less depressing thing
[18:41] <KK> Scott's mother had it many years ago, and is still going
strong at 78.
[18:42] <Mistyck> yep
[18:42] <Mistyck> just got to catch it early enough
[18:42] <JastaElf> I hope the adoption agency is kind...  :-(
[18:42] <Mistyck> my mother's was the size of a pea
[18:42] <Shiral> It's the adoption getting ruined that's hard
[18:42] <Andi55> prayers for that, too
[18:42] <Mistyck> yes
[18:42] <Shiral> Indeed
[18:42] <Debbie-VB> and for the two little boys
[18:42] <JastaElf> Definitely; I know they'll appreciate it.
[18:42] <Shiral> Those poor kids, ALMOST having a family
[18:42] <JastaElf> :-( yup
[18:42] <Mistyck> :(
[18:43] <kirienne> :-((((
[18:43] <JastaElf> But God can do wonderful things, so prayer will
decidedly help
[18:43] <KK> We do that pretty well.
[18:43] <Mistyck> I will email Martine and if they can try it, Houston
has the world's best Cancer Research Center.  I can find out some info
for them
[18:43] <Shiral> I hope God decides to act quickly, in this case
[18:43] <JastaElf> :-) Yes, by golly, we do....
[18:44] <Andi55> A man at my old church managed to pray himself out of
serious cancer....between one doctor's visit and the next it was gone
[18:44] <KK> I'll put Lucy on the case, too.  Our hosuekeeper is one
of the best pray-ers I know.
[18:44] <JastaElf> Yup, Lucy does good intercession.  :-)
[18:44] <Mistyck> and I will call M.D. Anderson to find out what I can
[18:44] <Mak> My grandma used to say "Prayer never hurt"
[18:44] <KK> Shiral will get to meet her in September.
[18:44] <JastaElf> :-) Lucky Shiral....
[18:44] <Mistyck> :)
[18:44] <Shiral> And I'm looking forward to it IMMENSELY!
[18:45] <KK> Me too!
[18:45] <Shiral> Thank you so much, Katherine for letting me come!
[18:45] * Debbie-VB turns slightly pea green with envy
[18:45] * JastaElf sneaks herself into Shiral's luggage....
[18:45] * Mistyck is hoping to fund a trip to Scotland and Ireland
next year
[18:45] * Shiral sneaks Jasta some cheese and crackers to keep her
strength up
[18:45] <KK> You're all welcome any time--though not all at once, even
it it is a big house.
[18:45] <Mistyck> true
[18:45] <JastaElf> Thanks, Shiral!  :-)
[18:45] <kirienne> LOL
[18:45] <Mistyck> thanks, Katherine!
[18:45] * Shiral adds a bottle of code red
[18:45] <Wrengl> thanks katherine
[18:45] <Andi55> Party at Katherine's!!!
[18:45] <Andi55> ;)
[18:46] <Wrengl> lol
[18:46] <kirienne> thank you Katherine
[18:46] <Shiral> I'll keep you posted on the practical details
[18:46] <Mistyck> I have always wanted to visit Scotland Highlands and
Ireland...something about the Gaelic....
[18:46] <KK> I just realized--Shiral, you're not at the library, are
[18:46] <Shiral> Not today, Katherine
[18:46] <Shiral> Holiday!
[18:46] <JastaElf> She's HOME!  :-)
[18:46] <KK> Yippie!
[18:46] <Mistyck> yippie!
[18:46] <Shiral> Indeed!
[18:47] <Andi55> :)
[18:47] <Shiral> We're still nailing down the Rome Dublin flight
[18:47] <Wrengl> two sundays in a row away from work for shiral
[18:47] <Shiral> WHOOPEEE!!!!
[18:47] <Mistyck> cool!
[18:47] <JastaElf> :-)
[18:47] <KK> Someone asked about the kittens--who are now 10 months
old, and huge--and obvilsusly mighty hunters, as well as being
[18:47] <Mistyck> cool!
[18:47] * JastaElf is a SUCKER for kittens....
[18:47] <KK> obviously
[18:47] <Mistyck> have they adjusted to the other cats?
[18:47] <kirienne> awwwwww, I bet they are really cuties
[18:48] <Shiral> I'm looking forward not only to meeting Lucy, but to
seeing Holybrooke and meeting all the various four foots
[18:48] <Debbie-VB> I am too jasta
[18:48] <KK> Yes.  And more important, the other cats have adjusted to
them.  Even Jessicat.
[18:48] <Mistyck> cool!
[18:48] <Andi55> how can you _not_ be a sucker for kittens
[18:48] <Shiral> AND of course, having the wonderful opportunity to
see Katherine and Scott!
[18:48] * Mak agrees with Andi
[18:48] <Wrengl> Askley kitten is now nicknamed the Fearless Flea
[18:48] <Mistyck> :)
[18:48] <KK> How old is FF now?
[18:48] <Shiral> Kittens are impossible to resist
[18:49] <Wrengl> about ten weeks
[18:49] <Mistyck> Katherine:  you up for some homemade Indian food for
[18:49] <Shiral> Oh, a  new cat person chez Pat and Kathis!
[18:49] <Wrengl> but she tries to beat up mom and her two older
[18:49] <Debbie-VB> even sphinx kittens?
[18:49] <Mistyck> lol, Pat!
[18:49] <Wrengl> FF also watches television
[18:50] <Wrengl> she likes animation best but you should have seen her
watching Iron Chef last night
[18:50] <KK> Indian food is always welcome!
[18:50] <kirienne> LOL Pat
[18:50] <Mistyck> Katherine:  I am planning on bringing Halva and
anything else that I can pack into a cooler :)
[18:50] <Andi55> my cat Deimos likes children's tv....anything
brightly colored
[18:50] <KK> Yum!
[18:50] <kirienne> were they cooking something she thought might be
[18:51] <Shiral> Mouse Mousse?
[18:51] <Mistyck> the Halva will be from a store, but, it is
homemade...the owner is a friend of mine :)
[18:51] <KK> Mouse Mousse.  Now, there's a thought.
[18:51] <the_Bee> moose mousse
[18:51] <Andi55> lol
[18:51] <Mistyck> and Mouse will be at GenCon :)
[18:51] <Mak> None of my cats seem to care about TV
[18:51] <Mak> Too busy sleeping
[18:51] <Andi55> don't make mousse out of mouse!
[18:51] <Mistyck> yep...Mouse writes good fanfic :)
[18:52] <Wrengl> not sure two many of the cat folks would like mouse
[18:52] <Wrengl> mouse is the perfect meal but most don't like the
[18:52] <Shiral> Cool, I'm sorry not to be coming to Gen Con, but
would rather go to Ireland <G>
[18:52] <Mistyck> KK:  Katy is Mouse in here :)
[18:52] <Andi55> KK: I have an Adept question
[18:53] <Andi55> Did you invent the idea of Hunt Followers, or was
that adapted from Dion Fortune and the like?
[18:53] * Mistyck watches everyone wait with bated breath!
[18:53] <KK> Hunt Followers were my extrapolation.
[18:53] <Mistyck> cool!
[18:53] <Andi55> very cool!
[18:54] * Andi55 wants to be a Hunt Follower! ;)
[18:54] <Debbie-VB> Diud you hear about the cat who ate some cheese
and waited by the ousehole with baited breath?
[18:54] <KK> Well, they were a logical extension of Huntsmen.
[18:54] * Andi55 groans
[18:54] <JastaElf> LOL, VB!
[18:54] <Shiral> Ooo, I'd LOVE to be a hunt follower
[18:54] <Shiral> <G>
[18:54] <Mistyck> KK:  I always loved the way you used real world
occult stuff in the when Adam uses Pendling
[18:55] <the_Bee> Are the Masons really that big in Scotland?
[18:55] <KK> I expect that all of you could be Hunt Followers.  They
have specialized talents that the Hunt sometimes needs.
[18:55] <Andi55> The Adept stuff _must_ be's too realistic
not to be *grin*
[18:55] <Mistyck> and the Tarot Cards and I-Ching :)
[18:55] <Debbie-VB> that's part of what makes the adept books so
believable  Mistyck
[18:55] <KK> Well, they're big--though I'm sure they wouldn't admit to
an Inner Lodge.
[18:55] <the_Bee> My dad was a Mson, but I was never really impressed
[18:55] <Shiral> Well, if they need ref librarians, they're in luck
[18:55] <Mistyck> yep
[18:56] <JastaElf> I wanna hop on a horse and help out as a hunt
follower...  :-)
[18:56] <Shiral> LOL
[18:56] <KK> Well, you know that Adam does book research all the
time--and calls people for specialized info.
[18:56] <Andi55> All the Inner Planes stuff....chills up my spine
every time I read it
[18:56] <Shiral> Exactly <G>
[18:56] * Andi55 got hooked on Adept sooo quickly
[18:56] <Andi55> I must have read the entire series in 2 weeks the
first time....then re-read them
[18:56] <KK> Andi, have you read the Dr. Tavener stories?
[18:56] <Shiral> They're fast acting, Andi
[18:56] <Mistyck> I always visualized Astral Projection when Adam went
to the INner Planes
[18:56] <Andi55> no, but I'd like to
[18:57] <Andi55> I tried to track them down at a local bookstore, but
no luck
[18:57] <Debbie-VB> Who writes them Katherine?
[18:57] <KK> I'm sure they're still in print.  The Secrets of Dr.
Tavener, by Dion Fortune.
[18:57] <the_Bee> who writes them?
[18:57] <JastaElf> The Taverner stuff is great.... hard to find tho
[18:57] * Mistyck is going to try to hunt them down in Houston
[18:57] <KK> They should be still in print.
[18:58] <Mak> Just don't shoot 'em when you do, Mistyck- try to live
trap 'em!
[18:58] <Shiral> Alibris or bibliofind are good online bookstores to
[18:58] <KK> Or you should be able to find a used copy.  They're
somewhat dated, of course--which is part of the reason I started
writing the Adept books.
[18:58] <Mistyck> Katherine:  maybe you can include Wiccans in the
next Adept book :)
[18:58] <Debbie-VB> .0..../me frantically searches for a pen to write
that author's name down
[18:58] * Andi55 nods
[18:58] <Kitsune> "Hunt followers" sounds familiar.
[18:59] <Mistyck> well, you kinda did in Lammas Night, but more about
Wiccans would be really good
[18:59] <KK> Well, there are hunt followers in horse and hound
[18:59] <Kitsune> makes me think of Herne.  :)
[18:59] <kirienne> LOL Kit
[18:59] <JastaElf> Or Orome if you're an Elf...  :-)
[18:59] * Shiral mounts her Irish thoroughbred hunter and asks which
way the hunt went
[18:59] <Shiral> <G>
[19:00] <KK> I remember one New Years Day when Scott and I got in our
little Honda and followed the local hunt for a while.
[19:00] <Mistyck> cool :)
[19:00] * JastaElf sneaks up on Jasper and hopes she can get into the
saddle without him noticing...
[19:00] <KK> That was a bad day.  I think they lost several horses in
bad falls, that had to be put down.
[19:00] <Mistyck> ouch
[19:00] <Andi55> :(
[19:00] <Wrengl> uch
[19:00] <Mak> :(
[19:00] <Shiral> Oh dear =o(
[19:00] <Debbie-VB> ouch
[19:00] <kirienne> verra sad day indeed
[19:00] <Shiral> That would be very sad
[19:01] <JastaElf> That can spoil a day badly...  :-( poor babies!
[19:01] <Andi55> Weren't the Dion Fortune stories supposed to be
teaching tools....or something like that?
[19:01] <Debbie-VB> not a good day for the horses either
[19:01] <Andi55> not to change the topic back ;)
[19:01] <KK> We didn't see it, but we heard about it.  Lucy's son was
riding that day, and he saw some of the aftermath.
[19:01] <Andi55> that is sad
[19:02] <Shiral> I saw an interesting show on the race horse
Seabiscuit last night
[19:02] <Mistyck> ouvh
[19:02] <KK> Yes, Andi.
[19:02] <Mak> Seabiscuit- the ugly duckling of the racing world
[19:02] <the_Bee> I saw part of that, shiral
[19:02] <Wrengl> yes but what a runner mak
[19:02] <Shiral> Indeed
[19:02] <Mak> Indeed
[19:02] <Shiral> I thought he had quite a beautiful face
[19:02] <the_Bee> a working-class hero for the Depression
[19:02] <Andi55> A movie on Seabiscuit is coming out later this
summer...I forget when, exactly
[19:02] <Shiral> But he is kind of a corgi in a horse suit
[19:03] <Wrengl> lol
[19:03] <Shiral> Short legs and long body
[19:03] <Mak> Yeah- a runt that no one thought could run- did he fool
[19:03] <Wrengl> thumper liked that description shiral
[19:03] <Mistyck> :)
[19:03] <KK> I caught just the end of a movie about the Godolphin
Arabian some months ago--one of the three Arab foundation sires to
whom all modern thoroughbreds trace their lineage.
[19:03] <RainbowDragon> Is ITKS still slated for release in November?
[19:03] <kirienne> cool
[19:03] <Debbie-VB> I was wondering what thumper would think of that
[19:04] <Mistyck> KK:  have you heard from Julianne regarding DATZ
[19:04] <Shiral> Cool, I'd love to see that movie
[19:04] <KK> One of my favorite books when I was a kid was King of
Wind, by Marguerite Henry, I think.  It's about the Godolphin Arabian.
[19:04] <Shiral> I LOVED That book!
[19:04] <Mak> Oh, I loved that one, too
[19:04] <KK> She's nagged me, yes.  I need to get some stuff back to
[19:04] <Mak> Wore out the local library copy.... :)
[19:04] <Mistyck> ok
[19:04] <Shiral> Marguerite Henry was wonderful
[19:04] <Mistyck> thanks
[19:04] <Debbie-VB> BTW, do you have an ISBN # yet for ItKS?
[19:04] <the_Bee> I've read that.  Godolphin Arabian or Godolphin
[19:04] <Shiral> She was who I was hooked on before I discovered
[19:04] <Shiral> Arabian
[19:04] <KK> But her husband's grandmother died the week before last,
so she was momentarily distracted from nagging by that.  ;-)
[19:04] <KK> Either, Bee.
[19:05] <Shiral> Ouch, poor Julianne
[19:05] <Mistyck> ouch...
[19:05] <kirienne> :-(
[19:05] <the_Bee> the wheat ear for bad luck
[19:05] <KK> The other two were the Byerly Turk and--I forget the
third one.
[19:05] <JastaElf> I sent her a story about little Duncan... I hope it
cheers her up!
[19:05] <Shiral> Darley Arabian
[19:06] * the_Bee likes Morgan horses
[19:06] <KK> The Something Barb.
[19:06] <Mistyck> Shiral, you need to write about young Alaric
[19:06] <the_Bee> godolphin Barb, I think
[19:06] * JastaElf is partial to Connemaras and Morgans...
[19:06] * Andi55 doesn't know much about horses
[19:06] <KK> No, that's the same as the Godolphin Arabian.
[19:06] <Debbie-VB> she'e leaving that to katherine I think
[19:06] <KK> There's a third one.
[19:07] <Shiral> Byerly Turk and the Darley Arabian
[19:07] <Andi55> I'd love to learn to ride, but I've never really had
a chance
[19:07] <Mistyck> me either, Andi
[19:07] <Wrengl> nor have i andi
[19:07] <RainbowDragon> Well folks, I need to leave. See y'all
[19:07] <Wrengl> i have ridden but never learned how
[19:07] <Mistyck> nite RD
[19:07] <Andi55> night, R
[19:07] <Wrengl> night rd
[19:07] <Shiral> Mistyck, first I have to finish my assigned bits ont
he Atlas
[19:07] <Mak> Nite, RD
[19:07] <Andi55> RD
[19:07] <Kitsune> seeya.
[19:07] <Debbie-VB> huggles RD
[19:07] <Shiral> Bye RD
[19:07] <Shiral> Huggls
[19:07] <Mistyck> true, Shiral
[19:07] <the_Bee> I'll try to look up "thoroughbred hstory"
[19:07] <JastaElf> Night RD!!
[19:07] <the_Bee> seeya RD
[19:07] <KK> Well, it's after 1 AM here, so I'd better head out as
[19:07] <Mistyck> night KK
[19:08] <Shiral> I need to go too, sadly
[19:08] <Andi55> night KK
[19:08] <Mistyck> have a great week!
[19:08] <Shiral> Dinner time with family
[19:08] <Mak> Nite, Katherine
[19:08] <JastaElf> me too..., gotta get some sleep
[19:08] <Andi55> I actually have to go soon as well
[19:08] <Debbie-VB> sleep sweet Katherine, and have a terrific week
[19:08] <Shiral> BYe Katherine, Huggles and THANK YOU!!!
[19:08] <RainbowDragon> Goodnight, Katherine
[19:08] <KK> See you next weekend--I hope.  If I can get away from our
guests, which I should be able to do.
[19:08] <Shiral> Have a good week
[19:08] <Kitsune> seeya.
[19:08] <JastaElf> Hugs to Scott from me, and tell him to hug you for
me!  :-)
[19:08] <the_Bee> I need to clean out my computer before I leave for
my new apartment.
[19:08] <kirienne> nighters and huggles Katherine, have fun with house
guests  next week
[19:08] <Mistyck> see you next week Katherine!
[19:08] <Shiral> Night all, Huggles
[19:08] <Andi55> Thanks for the answers to my questions, Katherine :)
[19:08] <Mak> Nite
[19:08] <Wrengl> night katherine
[19:08] <KK> Jasta, you get well!  We can't have you bleeding out on
[19:08] <JastaElf> :-) I'm doin' my best, ma'am!
[19:08] * Shiral waves farewell, steps onto her portal and disappears
in a flash of blue steam
[19:09] <kirienne> nighters and huggles to all others who are leaving
[19:09] <Wrengl> when do you move bee?
[19:09] <JastaElf> bye Shiral!!
[19:09] <the_Bee> deadline may 31
[19:09] <Shiral> Jasta get well good bye to all!
[19:09] <Wrengl> night shiral
[19:09] <Shiral> Bye
[19:09] <JastaElf> Will try!  Bye!
[19:09] * KK steps onto her Portal and disappears in a shower of green
[19:09] * Shiral Quit
[19:09] <Mistyck> nite Shiral
[19:09] <kirienne> huggles shiral
[19:09] * Andi55 waves goodbye to everyone
[19:09] <Mistyck> nite KK
[19:09] <Andi55> goodnight all
[19:09] * KK  Quit


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