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KK Chat - Apr. 6, 2003
« on: November 17, 2008, 01:11:08 pm »
KK Chat - Apr. 6, 2003

[16:57] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:57] <DeryniBot> King Kelson greets KK with a bow
[16:57] <kirienne> hi Jessie
[16:57] <Jessie> Hello, all
[16:57] <Wrengl> hi jessie
[16:57] <Sedina> hi, KK
[16:57] <Jessie> Hello, Katherine.
[16:57] <Mistyck> Martine, did you /pass <password>
[16:57] <Sedina> hi, Jessie
[16:57] <Debbie-VB> Hi Katherine
[16:57] <Wrengl> evening Katherine
[16:57] <Mistyck> hi KK
[16:58] <kirienne> Hi Katherine
[16:58] <Shiral> Hello Katherine and Jessie
[16:58] <Martine_L> hi Katherine!
[16:58] <RainbowDragon> Greetings, Lady Katherine!
[16:58] <KK> Hello, all.
[16:58] <Martine_L> Mistyck, I did. That's when it tells me someone
else is registered.
[16:58] <the_Bee> i don't know if i'm registered or not. i don't have
to log in...
[16:58] <Mistyck> hi Jessie
[16:58] <RainbowDragon> Hi, Jessie
[16:58] <Debbie-VB> How did your week go katherine?
[16:58] <the_Bee> Hi KK
[16:58] <Wrengl> you have to specifically register on the server, Bee
[16:58] <Kiri`> Hello KAtherine!
[16:58] <Wrengl> to be registered
[16:58] <Mistyck> Martine:  ah...yep sure sounds like some one else
beat you to the registration
[16:58] <Wrengl> how went your week, katherine
[16:58] <KK> Spent the entire week going over the copy-edited
manuscript and finishing the index of characters and places.
[16:59] <Wrengl> good!
[16:59] <DeryniBot> Azim provides Harvey with the Deryni Chat portal
[16:59] <kirienne> yippie
[16:59] <Harvey> HI.
[16:59] <Shiral> Good, KK
[16:59] <Wrengl> wb harvey
[16:59] * Wrengl looks up and smiles at the six foot invisible rabbit
[16:59] <kirienne> wb Harvey
[16:59] <Mistyck> wb Harvey
[16:59] <Shiral> WB, Harvey, you got mind ripped
[16:59] <Shiral> Need some aspirin?
[16:59] <Martine_L> Is the manuscript finally off for good this time?
[16:59] <DeryniBot> Riding in from Valoret in service to the
ArchBishop is jp
[16:59] <Mistyck> hi JP
[16:59] <Shiral> Hello JP
[16:59] <kirienne> hi JP
[16:59] <Sedina> hi, jp
[16:59] <Wrengl> hi jp
[16:59] <jp> evening all
[16:59] <Harvey> I don't think I ever got mindripped beore.
[16:59] <KK> Well, this is all part of the process.
[16:59] <Sedina> wb, Harvey
[17:00] <KK> It actually goes back tomorrow via UPS.
[17:00] <Harvey> I never got kicked off in my whole time coming here
except when a human did it.
[17:00] <Martine_L> Hooray and hallelujah!
[17:00] <Shiral> Congratulations, Katherine
[17:00] * Debbie-VB has reservations about any company that has a name
that sounds like oops
[17:01] <Mistyck> Katherine:  You will be able to go to GenCon right?
[17:01] <jp> what goes back via UPS?
[17:01] <Kiri`> hi jp
[17:01] <KK> The manuscript goes back.
[17:01] <KK> I'll be at both GenCons.
[17:01] <jp> ITKS?
[17:01] <Shiral> Well, let's hope there won't be an oops in this case
[17:01] <Mistyck> awesome!  Of course, it's a bit late to ask now,
since I already made the hotel reservations!
[17:01] <Debbie-VB> Oh yes, definitly
[17:01] <KK> Yep, ITKS.  And official release date is apparently
November 4.
[17:02] <DeryniBot> Rothana enrolls jm in classes at the Academia
Sancti Camberi
[17:02] <the_Bee> question for KK: do Tieg's and Jerusha's lines fail,
or did you just not bother to trace them?
[17:02] <Sedina> hi, jm
[17:02] <Martine_L> My husband is currently working for "Oops". He
says, and I quote, "Humph!" <g>
[17:02] <Shiral> Hello JM
[17:02] <Martine_L> Hi jm!
[17:02] * kirienne had a hard time concentrating while listening to
the sermon in church this morning, she kept imagining that Duncan was
giving the sermon
[17:02] <Wrengl> hi jm
[17:02] * Debbie-VB marks Nov 4 on her calender
[17:02] <jp> hi jm
[17:02] <Martine_L> November 4 - just in time for Darkover!
[17:02] <Mistyck> hi JM
[17:02] * Shiral circles november 4th
[17:02] <jm> Hi all
[17:02] <Mistyck> yep!
[17:02] * Harvey Quit (User has been mind-ripped)
[17:02] * Harvey has left IRC
[17:02] <Shiral> Poor harvey
[17:02] <kirienne> Yippie again, ITKS comes out on my Birthday
[17:02] <Mistyck> yikes, there goes Harvey again
[17:02] <the_Bee> got him again!
[17:02] <RainbowDragon> Glad to hear the official release date!
[17:02] <Debbie-VB> Peer's got it in for harvey today
[17:02] <Mistyck> that's what he gets for saying he's never been
peered before!
[17:03] * kirienne throws one of Alaric's daggers at peer
[17:03] <Shiral> I'll be parked by the bookstore doors that morning
[17:03] <Mistyck> me too, Shiral!
[17:03] <Kiri`> I'll join you for criossants at the bakery down the
street before they open Shiral =)
[17:03] <KK> Jerusha died too young to marry.  Tieg's line goes
[17:04] * Martine_L rips Harvey's mind away from peer and holds it
safely until Harvey returns.
[17:04] <Shiral> Jerusha dies???
[17:04] <Debbie-VB> I'll be with you in spirit as I'm parked outside
my local chapters
[17:04] <Mistyck> KK:  you have her listed in CTH as living until 1001
[17:04] <Kiri`> What about Rhysel?
[17:04] <KK> Which Jerusha do you mean?
[17:04] <DeryniBot> Trumpet fanfare sounds as Imre and Ariella escort
Harvey into the chat room
[17:04] <Sedina> wb, Harvey
[17:04] <Mistyck> the Healer, Evaine's daughter
[17:04] <Harvey> Hi.
[17:04] * Martine_L hands Harvey's mind back to him
[17:04] <Shiral> I know Camber's daughter Jerusha dies, but I had the
impression that Jerusha THuryn lives quite a long time
[17:04] <Harvey> I don't know what's happening today.
[17:04] <kirienne> wb again harvey
[17:04] <Harvey> Thanks for holding my brain.
[17:04] <Harvey> I'm sure it was light.
[17:05] * Shiral snaps her fingers and the table is laid for tea
[17:05] <jp> KK, I may or may not be in London for gencon europe, If I
make it to London, can we meet? I hear you like to hug your fans!
[17:05] <Mistyck> wb Harvey
[17:05] <KK> Correct.  I was looking at the wrong Jerusha.  The second
line goes through.
[17:05] * kirienne brings out some tea sandwiches and lembas
[17:05] <Martine_L> It was a nasty fight to get it away from Peer,
Harvey, but the riding crop and spitting cat helped.
[17:05] <Shiral> Whew!
[17:05] <Shiral> =o)
[17:05] <Sedina> Arwen likes to spit?
[17:05] <KK> JP, looking forward to that hug! ;-)
[17:05] <the_Bee> yes. genealogies say Jerusha Thuryn lives into 1000+
[17:06] <Martine_L> Only when she feels cornered and threatened.
[17:06] <Shiral> You've got to stop giving Arwen chewing tobacco,
[17:06] <kirienne> well I don't blame arwen for spitting at peer
[17:06] <Martine_L> Sigh. It's the only thing that distracts her from
clawing up my leg to steal shrimp!
[17:06] <KK> When Edgar spits, it sounds like something is making an
electrical spark.
[17:06] <jm> Yes it's bad for Arwen's gums
[17:06] <Martine_L> lol! Arwen is the same!
[17:06] <Martine_L> "Who turned up the static in here? Oh, it's only
the cat."
[17:06] <DeryniBot> Richenda sends handfire to light the way to chat
for Tika
[17:07] <Mistyck> hi Tika
[17:07] <Shiral> It just looks inelegant to have a cat aiming at a
[17:07] <Martine_L> Hi Tika! Huggles!
[17:07] <jp> hi tika
[17:07] <kirienne> hi Tika
[17:07] <Debbie-VB> Hi tika
[17:07] <KK> Honestly, the first few times we heard him do it, we
thought something electrical was shorting out.
[17:07] <Shiral> Hi Tika, Huggles
[17:07] <Tika> greetings all :)
[17:07] <the_Bee> hiya tika
[17:07] <Shiral> Edgar means business, that's all
[17:07] <Martine_L> Arwen's hiss sounds completely unearthly, too.
Raises the hair on your neck.
[17:07] <jp> ELECTROCAT
[17:07] <Kiri`> hi tik!
[17:07] <Sedina> hey Teeks!
[17:07] <KK> Hello, Tika.
[17:07] <Tika> lol jp
[17:07] <Martine_L> By the way, she's sleepily waving her tale to all
connected kitties :-)
[17:07] <Tika> how's everyone doing this fine Sunday? :)
[17:07] <Martine_L> Or trying to pounce on a loose string from my
pants.... I'm not sure which....
[17:07] <Mistyck> good
[17:07] <Shiral> Chatting, how about you?
[17:07] <KK> Tail, too, I'll bet.  ;-)
[17:07] <Tika> and no, I didn't drug Bynw or knock him uncocious ;)
[17:08] <kirienne> just fine Tika, how are you?
[17:08] <Sedina> Myah rarely hisses...though Sadie will hiss at Myah
when little miss bossy shoves her (and I mean that literally) out of
the window
[17:08] <Martine_L> What??? You didn't?????
[17:08] <Tika> hehehe
[17:08] <the_Bee> been looking at rental ads
[17:08] <Martine_L> ROTFL, Sedina! Good thing you live on the ground
[17:08] <Martine_L> Been trying to continue the office excavation
efforts here in NJ :-)
[17:08] <Tika> good thing the window is ground level, eh Sedina? :)
[17:08] <Shiral> What did you do, Tika? Is he lying on the floor
mummified in duct tape?
[17:08] <Tika> ROFL
[17:08] <KK> Excavating here, too.
[17:08] <Shiral> Kicking and squirming for all he's worth?
[17:08] <Sedina> oh, the fur children don't get to go out...  Sadie's
not quite up on the whole "let's not wander out in the streets" rule
[17:09] <Tika> no, he's working on his new game.. the other one ended
last Sunday and they are taking a week off
[17:09] * Martine_L shares her paper recycling bags and
contractor-sized garbage bags with Katherine
[17:09] <Tika> and the time changed so he didn't realize it was so
late, bwahahahaha!
[17:09] <Martine_L> LOL! That's truly evil, Tika!
[17:09] <KK> We did that last week.
[17:09] <Shiral> I didn't get a chance to do my weekly cleaning this
week so this place looks a bit like a cave...
[17:09] <Martine_L> My riding instructor was late for our 9am lesson
this morning because she forgot the time change :-P
[17:09] <Tika> LOL
[17:09] <kirienne> I have been trying to re-organize the sewing/craft
room with little success because I need things lika a big desk/table,
lots of plastic bins and shelving units to put them on, I do not have
any of those things
[17:09] <DeryniBot> Tieg quietly reaches out and blocks RainTurtle
[17:10] <Shiral> Katherine, do you have any fun plans for this week,
or will it be plain vanilla?
[17:10] <Mistyck> hi Rain
[17:10] <RainTurtle> good evening, all
[17:10] <Andy_Hock> Hi, Rain.
[17:10] <jm> Hi RT
[17:10] <Shiral> Hi RT
[17:10] <Martine_L> Hi RT!
[17:10] <Tika> our computers always remember time changes so we never
forget! :)
[17:10] * Debbie-VB is a good girl. she totally remembered the time
change today. besides her computer reminded her
[17:10] <jp> hi rain
[17:10] <kirienne> hi RT
[17:10] <RainTurtle> hello, hello  :)
[17:10] <the_Bee> hi RT
[17:10] <KK> Plain vanilla for another couple of weeks, I fear.
[17:10] <Sedina> hi, RT
[17:10] <Tika> howdy RT - best get Tieg to make you not clear soon ;)
[17:10] * Kiri` waves
[17:10] <Shiral> I remembered last night just as i went to bed
[17:10] <Debbie-VB> Hi RT. was wondering If you'd make it, or if you
were totally washed away
[17:10] <Shiral> Well...plain vanilla can be productive, too
[17:10] <Martine_L> Kirienne, storage units do wonders to corral mess.
They actually make my bedroom closet look presentable! Now if they
could create an attic-sized storage unit for my office.....
[17:11] <Kiri`> plain vanilla.. ?  *missed what it reffered to*
[17:11] <Tika> or at least restful!
[17:11] <Shiral> Katherine's weekly plans
[17:11] <RainTurtle> Two doors down, there were 24" of water over the
main highway, and flooding on the main floor
[17:11] <Kiri`> Kirienne - YardBirds is having a sale on thoise
storage drawer/bins
[17:11] <KK> Plans for the next week or two.
[17:11] <Martine_L> No plan, huh?
[17:11] <kirienne> I need a wall full of storage in order to get the
sewing room looking nice
[17:11] <RainbowDragon> what is plain vanilla as far as plans go?
[17:11] * Kiri` sends KK some cinnamon
[17:11] <KK> Good grief, Turtle.  I hope you swim!
[17:11] * Martine_L hands Katherine a shovel and some garden gloves,
and invites her over to NJ.
[17:11] * Jessie was hoping for work on Annales
[17:11] <Tika> yikes RT!  has it stopped?
[17:11] <Martine_L> Eek, RT!
[17:11] <Tika> rising, I mean
[17:12] <kirienne> and I have no money to buy any storage items with
[17:12] <Sedina> Martine - um, don't you need to get rid of the snow
before you can garden?
[17:12] * Shiral hands Turtle some fisherman's wading boots
[17:12] <KK> Annales <might> surface this week.  It's on my wish list.
[17:12] <kirienne> an dno way to get them home if I did have money
[17:12] <RainTurtle> The floods gone down a bit, but it did ten
million dollars' worth of damage to the bridges and roads....not to
mention the orchards....
[17:12] <Shiral> More snow this week, Martine??
[17:12] <Tika> it's snowing here now :(
[17:12] <Martine_L> Minor details, Sedina. If I can get rid of the
leaves and trim the bushes/hedges today BEFORE the heavy snow moves in
tomorrow, I'll just be ahead of the game.
[17:12] <Shiral> =o(
[17:12] <jp> yawsa!
[17:12] <KK> Turtle, where <are> you, with such flooding?
[17:12] <Martine_L> And yes, we're supposed to get buried tomorrow.
[17:12] <Tika> we're supposed to be buried by the time we wake up
[17:12] <RainTurtle> Nova was the worst in our history
[17:13] <Shiral> Kind of gets rid of any motivation to get up, doesn't
that, Tika?
[17:13] <kirienne> this is supposed to be spring, not winter
[17:13] <KK> This is April, guys.  It's spring.  What's this about
serious snow?
[17:13] <RainTurtle> Two deaths....they tried driving through a washed
out patch of road
[17:13] <Debbie-VB> yeah they had major flooding in Nova scotia last
[17:13] <Martine_L> I don't know, katherine. Ask the weather gods!
[17:13] <the_Bee> we've had snow in may
[17:13] <Tika> good questions, both Shiral and KK
[17:13] <Shiral> It's even chilly here in California
[17:13] <Tika> it was 85 here last week - crazy stuff
[17:13] <Shiral> I've actually turned on my little space heater
[17:13] <Martine_L> It was supposed to be 49 here today, but never
quite made it above 43 or so.
[17:13] <jm> When I lived in Mass, we got a foot and a half of snow
the first day of spring
[17:13] <Mistyck> I remember it snowing in Chicago in July in 1978
[17:13] <jp> Sunshine in the UK, can you believe it?
[17:14] <Tika> the grass has all sprouted and trees are budding
[17:14] <Kiri`> it's been downright cold up here.. we've gotten into
the low 30's
[17:14] <Martine_L> Lucky, Tika! We haven't gotten over 60 yet.
[17:14] <Debbie-VB> It's raining here in Vancouver, but then that's
not really news
[17:14] <KK> Well, we've had flurries in April--but really....
[17:14] <Tika> well now it's 30, so the luck was short lived... but
luckier than RT, I fear
[17:14] <Shiral> Things are very strange all over the place it seems
[17:14] <jm> It's warm and muggy in the south
[17:14] <Wrengl> we are due 3 to 6 inches tomorrow katherine
[17:14] <Martine_L> isn't just saying "Snow" tomorrow for
us. They're saying "Heavy snow." :-(
[17:14] <the_Bee> I once had 3+ snow days for my birthday
[17:14] <Martine_L> Apparently Mr. Snowman hasn't looked at the
calendar lately.
[17:14] <Wrengl> and SNOW is a nasty four letter word
[17:14] * Shiral hands Martine some snow shoes
[17:15] <Wrengl> lol
[17:15] <RainTurtle> We're lucky here in the Annapolis Valley....the
river is old enough that flash flooding is impossible.  Everyone got
out safely
[17:15] <KK> Martine, I bought riding britches yesterday.
[17:15] <Sedina> we went from 65 on Monday to a blizzard on Tuesday
[17:15] <Martine_L> Thanks, Shiral!
[17:15] * kirienne hands everyone who is getting burried by snow some
mittens and warm slippers fro when they come in
[17:15] <KK> I might actually get back in the saddle this week.
[17:15] <Martine_L> Whoo hoo, Katherine!
[17:15] <Shiral> Neat, KK <G>
[17:15] <Wrengl> that would be good katherine
[17:15] <Martine_L> May your horse be more settled than the one I rode
on Thursday and this morning ;-)
[17:15] <kirienne> have fun Katherine
[17:15] <Shiral> See? now THAT'S an enjoyable thing to do <G>
[17:16] <Martine_L> you'll have to e-mail me how it goes! And I need
to get the muscle rub in the mail to Ireland.... ;-)
[17:16] <RainTurtle> KAtherine, is there an authorised musical setting
for the Adsum Domine/healer's song?
[17:16] * Debbie-VB sends katherine a virtual tube of Tiger Balm for
after her horseback ride
[17:16] <RainbowDragon> Good question, Rain!
[17:16] <Shiral> Tee hee, KK I actually DID buy a Russian cookbook
this week with the proceeds...<G>
[17:16] <Tika> oooo, great question, RT!
[17:17] <Mistyck> awesome, Shiral!
[17:17] <Martine_L> On Thursday, just as I was mounting my horse
swatted itself so hard it started bucking before I'd even gained the
stirrups! :-P
[17:17] <kirienne> LOL Martine
[17:17] <Martine_L> This morning it was really windy, and my mount was
spooking a lot at the rattling doors in the ring.
[17:17] <KK> Good for you, Shiral!
[17:18] <Shiral> <G>
[17:18] <Martine_L> Thursday's horse apparently thought he still had
his cooler on and was RATHER surprised when he swatted at it and hit
himself! <G>
[17:18] <Shiral> Well, it was a VERY pleasant surprise. ANd well timed
[17:18] * the_Bee never progressed beyond horse on lead rope
[17:18] * Martine_L invites Shiral over to cook her dinner ;-)
[17:18] <DeryniBot> Tavis assists Samuel to find a seat in the Chat
[17:18] <KK> Turtle, there's not yet a musical setting for the Adsum.
[17:18] <Shiral> But I haven't made anything from it yet. I only got
it yesterday
[17:18] <Sedina> wb, Sam
[17:18] <Wrengl> hi sam
[17:18] <Wrengl> wb
[17:18] <kirienne> wb sam
[17:18] <Samuel> hello all
[17:18] <the_Bee> hello samuel
[17:18] <KK> LOL, Martine.
[17:18] <jm> Hi Sam
[17:18] * Jessie waves
[17:18] * jp I've been pony treking, does that count?
[17:18] <Martine_L> Bee, a bucking horse isn't difficult to sit unless
he's bucking to get you off him :-)
[17:18] <Mistyck> wb Sam
[17:18] * Shiral changes the tea table to a table full of zakuskis and
vodka and caviar..
[17:18] <KK> Hello, Sam.
[17:19] <jp> hi sam
[17:19] <Shiral> WB, Sam
[17:19] <RainTurtle> hmmm   
[17:19] <KK> Swatted with his tail, Martine?
[17:19] <Tika> got any OJ for the vodka, Shiral? :)
[17:19] <the_Bee> Hi Jess
[17:19] <Martine_L> Yup, Katherine!
[17:19] * Wrengl cav
[17:19] * Shiral adds oj for Tika
[17:19] * Wrengl Puts out a tray of cavier on blinis
[17:19] <KK> Horses can be very silly.
[17:19] <Tika> LOL thanks
[17:19] <Martine_L> He has really sensitive skin and tries to swat off
his coolers, blankets, saddle, what have you.
[17:19] <Shiral> Not a whole lot of brains in a large animal
[17:19] * Debbie-VB wonders what zakuskis are
[17:19] <Wrengl> true
[17:19] <Martine_L> No kidding! Chip from Thursday and Merlin from
this morning definitely fit the "silly" category.
[17:19] <KK> They can scare themselves very easily.
[17:19] <Shiral> Russian style appetizers Debbie
[17:20] <Shiral> And yes, there is a recipe for blinis, Pat
[17:20] <Shiral> <G>
[17:20] <Wrengl> figured there would be
[17:20] <Martine_L> Merlin has apparently survived the indoor ring
during wind storms without problems. Today with a good stiff 20mph
wind rattling the doors, he freaks. Go figure! <g>
[17:20] <Shiral> Several in fact
[17:21] <Martine_L> Did someone say blini?
[17:21] <Shiral> Yup
[17:21] <Martine_L> With sour cream and caviar like they serve it in
[17:21] * Martine_L drools
[17:21] <KK> Yum!
[17:21] * Shiral hands Martine just such a blini
[17:21] * Debbie-VB makes sad puppy-dog eyes to get one too
[17:21] <jp> You guys eat way too much rich food
[17:22] <Tika> all things in moderation, jp :)
[17:22] * Martine_L gobbles the blini down and starts wondering if
there will be enough for seconds. And thirds. And fourths!
[17:22] <Shiral> There are several recipes I'd LIKE to try, but the
quantities make me think I'd be cooking enough for the Soviet Army
[17:22] <Tika> plus if it's virtual food there are no calories!
[17:22] <Shiral> Go check the table, Martine. Lots of Zakuskis waiting
[17:22] <Shiral> And the samovar should be hot by now <G>
[17:22] <the_Bee> where do eussians get caviar? Baltic Sea or Black
sea?  What kind of fish is best?
[17:22] <Debbie-VB> Most of my recipes are like that too shiral.  Kind
of useless when one lives alone
[17:23] <Martine_L> I think it's the black sea, Bee.
[17:23] <Shiral> The most famous are sturgeons, bee
[17:23] <Shiral> Beluga
[17:23] <Debbie-VB> Sturgeon makes the best caviar
[17:23] <Martine_L> And I can't remember which fish is best.... ah.
Shiral got it!
[17:23] <Mistyck> cut them down in half until you get the amount you
[17:23] <Shiral> And a little expensive too, VB <G>
[17:23] <Martine_L> Not when you're in Moscow!
[17:23] <Martine_L> Caviar's dirt cheap there.
[17:23] <Shiral> BUt the Bay Area Deryni folk need to get together for
a gathering
[17:23] * jp Wait, is that Omar and Julie in an ice covered house i
see before me
[17:23] <Shiral> We haven't seen one another in AGES
[17:24] <Shiral> I was talking about cooking for a crowd, Martine.<G>
[17:24] <KK> We'll have to do a gathering when I'm there in July.
[17:24] <Shiral> Oh cool!
[17:24] <Shiral> When are you coming, Katherine?
[17:24] <KK> You can make Russian goodies!
[17:24] <Shiral> Da!
[17:24] <KK> Right after July 4 weekend.
[17:24] * Debbie-VB will be there in spirit
[17:24] <Shiral> <G>
[17:24] <kirienne> cool
[17:24] * Shiral clears her calendar
[17:24] <Martine_L> That would be worth flying out and camping in
Shiral's living room for! Well, if Ireland hadn't eaten all the
vacation money.... <g>
[17:25] <Shiral> I'm hoping to be in Europe this September too, Kk
[17:25] <Shiral> I'd love to pop by Holybrook, if I wouldn't be
[17:25] <Shiral> imposing
[17:25] <KK> I'll be grumpy if you don't!
[17:25] <Shiral> Hooray!
[17:25] <the_Bee> If I've done moving by then, I just might make
[17:26] <Kiri`> woo!   
[17:26] <kirienne> bee, where are you moving to? have you found a
place yet?
[17:26] <Shiral> Heavens,  a grumpy Katherine! I HAVE to come, now <G>
[17:26] <Martine_L> We certainly can't have a grumpy Katherine! ;-)
[17:26] <Mistyck> nope, so Shiral HAS to oblige :D
[17:26] <Shiral> We must keep our favorite author happy =o)
[17:26] <KK> :-)
[17:26] <Debbie-VB> by all means shiral
[17:26] <Kiri`> shiral  if you need to test the recipes.. i could
pehaps arrange for a pre-KK gathering up here.. bbq style. =)
[17:27] <Shiral> a Russian Barbecue <G>
[17:27] <the_Bee> reading today's ads. waiting to see if I qualify for
assisted housing or need to spend my savings
[17:27] <Martine_L> I hope you qualify, Bee!
[17:27] <kirienne> good luck Bee, I'll pray that you qualify for the
[17:27] * Debbie-VB sends bee some hive-finding woodgies
[17:27] <Shiral> If all Bee needed was a hive it might be easier to
find housing
[17:28] <Wrengl> good luck bee
[17:28] <KK> Good luck hunting!
[17:28] <RainTurtle> good hunting, Bee
[17:28] <the_Bee> they're not used to disabled people with 50,000 in
[17:28] <Kiri`> they aren't happy with ones with ira's..
[17:29] <Shiral> So in between rides, will you be working on DR again
this week, KK?
[17:29] <kirienne> well thank God you have those investments, my
savings would not cover even 1 month of living expenses in an
[17:29] <KK> I hope to.
[17:29] <the_Bee> My brother is willing to let me put my $ in a trust
[17:29] <Martine_L> That would be verra smart, Bee!
[17:29] <Shiral> Fifty K is better than no K's at all
[17:29] <Wrengl> indeed
[17:29] <Kiri`> speaking of which  KK  I've decided to send the other
ones to you on CD.   that way you don't have to worry about Dl'ing
them =)
[17:29] <Shiral> I'm still whimpering after the week I had
[17:30] <the_Bee> My advisor says at age 60 I can start enjoying some
of my savings
[17:30] <KK> That sounds great, Kiri.
[17:30] <kirienne> wonderful Bee
[17:30] <Debbie-VB> a bad week shiral?
[17:31] <Kiri`> KK - thought you'd appreciate that =)
[17:31] <the_Bee> those darn patrons again?
[17:31] <Shiral> Car Insurance Rent and Taxes between last Sunday and
Wednesday, Bee
[17:31] <KK> Ouch!
[17:31] * Martine_L shudders at the thought
[17:31] <jm> Yuck
[17:31] <jp> I'm off to bed with a good book(s), One last question KK,
will you be in London for the whole four days of gencon?
[17:31] <Shiral> So for the rest of the month, I have to watch it
[17:31] * Martine_L shudders again because she hasn't paid taxes yet.
[17:31] <Sedina> night, jp
[17:31] <RainTurtle> be well, jp
[17:31] <Shiral> Or else rattle my tin cup
[17:31] <Mistyck> nite JP
[17:31] <Shiral> Night JP
[17:31] <Wrengl> cya jp
[17:31] <Wrengl> good night
[17:31] <jm> Night JP
[17:31] <KK> Yep, coming in Friday morning early (0930 or so) and
leaving Mondya evening.
[17:31] <Martine_L> Night, jp!
[17:32] <Debbie-VB> I know all about too much month at the end of the
mondy too
[17:32] <Jessie> Take care, jp.
[17:32] * the_Bee efiled her taxes yesterday. no pay, no refund
[17:32] <Debbie-VB> month
[17:32] <kirienne> I know how that is shiral, I have to steal from my
alrealy verra tiny savings in order to pay taxes. I may need to get a
second job but am putting it off as long as possible, hoping for a
miracle, and because not many places are hiring for part time evening
work just now
[17:32] <Shiral> I knew I was going to have to pay. Actually, it
wasn't as bad as I feared
[17:32] <Kiri`> bee - do we have to file?
[17:32] <jp> great, hope to see you soon, nite gang.
[17:32] * jp has left #Deryni_Destinations
[17:32] <Shiral> But I still can't splurge this month
[17:32] <Martine_L> John's unemployment didn't have taxes taken out,
so our bill will be a bit on the high side :-(
[17:32] <the_Bee> we who?
[17:32] <KK> I must do my taxes this week, too.
[17:32] <Kiri`> bee - no pay.. still have to file?
[17:33] <Shiral> Time to take the credit cards OUT of the wallet and
put them in the drawer
[17:33] <KK> I think it's about time for me to sign off on this end.
[17:33] <Martine_L> Don't stop with the drawer. Shred 'em!
[17:33] <the_Bee> ask the website "Who must file"?
[17:33] <RainTurtle> be well, KAthering
[17:33] <RainTurtle> KAtherine, rather...
[17:33] <Shiral> Good night, Katherine, sleep well and write well in
the coming week <G>
[17:33] <KK> Thanks, all.  See you next week.
[17:33] <Mistyck> have a great week Katherine
[17:34] <jm> Have a good week katherine
[17:34] <Kiri`> Night Katheirne!  have a good week  and don't get a
heache over the taxes !
[17:34] <Mistyck> good night KK
[17:34] <Kiri`> =)
[17:34] <Martine_L> Huggles, Katherine. Good riding this week, with no
[17:34] <kirienne> ok, nighters and huggles Katherine, have a great
[17:34] <Sedina> if Bee has investments, then yes, she's required to
still file
[17:34] <Debbie-VB> Ok Sleep sweet katherine, and have a terrific week
[17:34] <Shiral> Huggles  and good writing and Riding
[17:34] <RainbowDragon> Bye, KK!
[17:34] <Sedina> good night, KK
[17:34] <KK> Nighters, all.
[17:34] <Tika> night KK
[17:34] <the_Bee> good night and good week, Kk/ enjoy your leisure and
your riding
[17:34] * KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears
in a shower of green sparkles.
[17:34] <Jessie> Night, Katherine.
[17:35] <Sedina> have a good week
[17:35] * KK has left IRC