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KK Chat - Jan. 18, 2001
« on: November 17, 2008, 10:00:31 am »
KK Chat 01/18/2001

[17:19] <Shiral> And now for something completely different -- Katherine,
I've been meaning to ask you about the Naming Ceremony, as in the ceremony
done by Lady Alyce for Alaric. Any chance that we'll see Richenda perform a
similar ceremony for one of her children?
[17:20] <Katherine_Kurtz> That naming ceremony will be in the appropriate
Childe Morgan book.
[17:21] <Shiral> But, will we maybe one day see Richenda perform the
ceremony for one of her children?
[17:22] <Katherine_Kurtz> I suppose it's possible that Richanda might..
Hadn't planned for it, though.
[17:25] <Shiral> Okay, further question about the naming ceremony, if the
child has no mother, would the father perform the ceremony?
[17:26] <KK> I don't see why he couldn't.
[17:26] <Shiral> I was wondering whether it was a "woman specific" ceremony
for the child and his or her nearest female relative
[17:27] <the_Bee> Does the child get a new name at the naming ceremony?
[17:28] <Shiral> Or is it a confirmation of the name they were given at
[17:28] <KK> No, it isn't a confirmation; it's a conferring of a magical
[17:29] <Shiral> Which is different from the name that means
[17:29] <Jessie> is the magical name the same as the name they use
[17:29] <the_Bee> Ah--Deryni specific?
[17:31] <KK> I imagine it's a hold-over from past times, sort of equivalent
to magical names in current neo-pagan/ceremonial magic practice, only used
in ritual.  It's an aspiration name.
[17:32] <KK> I've been looking closely at Stefan while pulling together the
threads for the Childe Morgan trilogy.
[17:33] <KK> I think his ancestor may have been there when Lewys ap Norfal
disappeared from Coroth Castle in 1052.
[17:35] <KK> We don't see a great deal of Lewys himself, but we get hints
about what he did to deny the CC 3 years before.
[17:35] <Shiral> I've been wondering about Lewys ever since the King's
[17:36] <KK> Actually, he DEFIED the CC.
[17:37] <KK> Jamyl Arilan will have a major part in this trilogy.
[17:37] <Shiral> Oh yes, Jamyl's another big curiousity of mine. As is
Michon de Courcy. Not to mention Alyce and Vera themselves.
[17:37] <Jessie> my understanding was that the CC didn't hide their
existence -- they hid the identity of the members didn't they
[17:37] <Shiral> And Donal Blaine Haldane, too.
[17:38] <KK> Michon is definitely in it.  He's in "The Green Tower," too.
[17:38] <KK> Bingo, Jessie!
[17:39] <Wrengl> To exert any control of Deryni, wouldn't they have to
reveal their existence to 'pure' Deryni.
[17:39] <Shiral> That must have been quite an assemblage of powerful Deryni
gathered to see Lewys' experiment that morning
[17:39] <KK> Complicating things is the fact that the CC will sometimes send
a non-member of the CC to deliver the CC's edicts/instructions/prohibitions.
[17:40] <KK> Yes, some had come from far and wide.
[17:41] <KK> THey are obeyed because the CC can and does kick ass, on
occasion,--but it's the hidden hand in the glove
[17:42] <KK> They can also mind-wipe, or lock against revealing certain
information, so that even if a person knows the identity of a CC member, he
or she can't reveal it.
[17:42] <Shiral> I've always wondered how they enforced the rules they set
[17:42] <Bynw> I can see the CC kicking ass back in the days when Camber and
his kin were on it.... but the modern CC seems to be a bit on the wussy side
[17:43] <KK> Well, I think they were prepared to kick ass in HD--but Coram's
action precluded the need.  He had his own agenda.
[17:43] <Jessie> I'm not sure that I feel comfortable with the current CC
having the power to mind-wipe anyone (or rather the CC prior to Azim &
[17:44] <KK> I agree, the CC we first met did not inspire a great deal of
confidence.  In the days of Michon, things were different--and they'll be
different with Azim and Sofiana on it.
[17:44] <Shiral> Good. <G>
[17:44] <Bynw> I think with Azim on it now it has the potential to kick ass
[17:44] * Jessie smiles and thinks thank goodness
[17:44] <Wrengl> I feel more confident with Azim and Sofiana on the CC
[17:45] <the_Bee> It was the idea of *anyone* turning them down that put
their noses out of joint.
[17:45] <Shiral> Any idea who will replace Vivienne yet?
[17:45] <KK> I think every powerful institution has its ups and downs,
especially when it exists over a long span of time.
[17:45] <Jessie> they tend to get complacent with their power & stodgy in
their thinking
[17:46] <Shiral> But now they seem to be in an upswing.
[17:46] <KK> Yep.  (You're very sharp tonight, Jessie.)
[17:46] <the_Bee> What qualities do they look for in a potential member?
[17:47] <KK> Power, ability, discretion, loyalty, honor--all the good
boy/girlscrout virtues, amplified by Deryni powers.
[17:48] <the_Bee> Do they try to balance different skills and outlooks?
[17:48] <KK> They do try to balance perspectives, but they don't always get
it right, as we know.
[17:49] <the_Bee> Does the CC's authority extend through all the Eleven
Kingdoms and neighboring states?
[17:50] <Shiral> I'm wondering what sort of  Camberian Councilor  the newest
guy will be. Of course, I can't remember his name when I need to
[17:50] <KK> Sion Bennet.
[17:51] <Jessie> will we see anymore about Jebediah Alcara?  He has always
been a curiousity to me
[17:51] <KK> Sion is a descendant of Jebediah's brother.
[[17:51] <KK> I very much liked Jebediah.
[17:52] <KK> And that scene when he finds out that "Alister" is really
Camber just tore my heart out.
[17:53] <KK> No, we know that Sion is essentially a civil servant--or at
least a courtier--with a difficult royal romance to manage, back at home.
[17:54] <Shiral> I liked it that he was ready to help Camber afterwards,
understanding what lay at stake  and wanting to do his part.
[17:54] <Shiral> Will we hear more about Gwenlian and Cuan later on?
[17:54] <Wrengl> I thought Jebediah was a neat character and liked him a
[17:54] <KK> It had to have been tough for him  Not only has he lost his
friend, but he lost him years before and didn't know--though the
explanationof the truth at least eased some of the pain of things he never
quite understood while he was living through them.  Alister hadn't betrayed
him after all.
[17:55] <KK> I expect that Gwenlian and Cuan will inevitably cause some
local ripples, as they work through their domestic situation.
[17:56] <Shiral> What makes Colman such a jerk, though? He seems to be on
everybody's bad list.
[17:57] <KK> Some guys are just dips.  Gals, too.  They think they can have
it all their own way--and think they can only do this by somebody else NOT
having.  THey don't know about WIN-WIN.
[17:57] <the_Bee> I've noticed that before, Katherine.  Your villains tend
to have no redeeming virtues,
[17:58] <KK> Now, now.  I think you'll find that the bad guys always think
they're doing the right thing, from <their> pespective.  Think about Loris.
[18:00] <the_Bee> I *was* thinking about Loris.   You made the readers see
him as a total rotter.
[18:01] <KK> But from Loris' POV, he was doing his duty, what he was
supposed to be doing, to protect humans from the evil Deryni.
[18:02] <KK> Hello, Sas--and sorry, but I'm winding down here.  It's
midnight in Ireland. :-)
[18:02] <Wrengl> Thank you for dropping bye, Katherine
[18:03] <Jessie> waiting anxiously for more on Jebediah :)
[18:03] <KK> Incidentally, you guys might want to sort of put out the word
that I'm apt to drop in about this time on Sunday evenings--'cause this is
free line time and it's after ER. :-)  But I really have been on for well
over a hour, so I need to go.  See you next week.


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