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KK Chat - Nov. 16, 2008
« on: November 17, 2008, 08:54:25 am »
[18:42] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:42] <&DeryniBot> Gwynedd's Sheriff, Marnin, nods to KK and checks their weapons at the door.
[18:42] <@TheDeryni> KK!
[18:42] <@KK> Hi, guys.
[18:42] <sarah> hi kk
[18:43] <~RainbowDragon> Greetings, KK
[18:43] <@Bynw> hi katherine!
[18:43] <@KK> Sorry I'm late tonight.  We've got guests, but I've broken away for a few minutes to say hello.
[18:43] <@TheDeryni> How are you this fine evening, Katherine?
[18:43] <@KK> I'm good.  We have a tenant for the house we're renovating next door, so there'll be rent coming in after the first of the new year.
[18:44] <@Bynw> now that would be cool for a fan
[18:44] <@TheDeryni> So, any more news on the movie that you could share, Katherine?
[18:44] * sarah is now known as Sarah_afk
[18:45] <@KK> Nothing new.  The screenwriter won't be able to come to Darkover after all; has a deadline on another project.
[18:45] <@TheDeryni> Bummer.
[18:45] <@KK> meanwhile, he's working on the notes the studio gave him--and waiting for additional, I think.
[18:46] <@TheDeryni> *nods*
[18:47] <@TheDeryni> Shiral said to say hi
[18:47] <@KK> Good.
[18:48] <@TheDeryni> And, how's the 3rd Childe Morgan going (Sorry about the rifle of questions)
[18:48] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I will be able to come to Darkover, KK... Have everything set, basically. Just need to figure out logistics from BWI to the hotel (and back on the 1st) LOL
[18:48] <@KK> Slowly, but I've found the focus for the beginning--finally!
[18:48] <@TheDeryni> :)
[18:48] <Kelos_al-Hazar> That's always a good thing. :D
[18:48] <@KK> Sir Llion gets to open the book.
[18:50] <~RainbowDragon> Sir Llion?
[18:51] * @TheDeryni listens carefully
[18:51] <@KK> He's the young knight whom Alaric chose, after they left Corwyn, and he's in charge when Kenneth has to be away.  His governor, if you will.
[18:52] <~RainbowDragon> Ah, okay.
[18:53] <@TheDeryni> Woohoo. Another character to kill off. (Just kidding)
[18:53] <~RainbowDragon> Bad TD!
[18:53] <Kelos_al-Hazar> I always love characters with interesting-sounding names... and Llion sounds interesting. ;)
[18:54] <~RainbowDragon> Is it pronounced like the animal or like Leon?
[18:55] <@KK> He is.  Remember, he's a younger son from a large family, so had no prospects of his own; was probably lucky to be knighted at all.  And then he caught up with Kenneth and the family on an ancient horse.  But Alaric took a shine to him, even before his knighting, so his parents decided to take Llion into their service, to look after Alaric.
[18:55] <@KK> It's the Welsh double-L, so it's sort of Hlion.
[18:56] <~RainbowDragon> Okay
[18:57] * Kelos_al-Hazar reminds self to actually acquire copy of second book of "Childe Morgan" series and remember to take the first with him to Darkover...
[18:59] <@KK> Anyway, I'm being called to come back and be sociable, so I'd better sign off.  Next week, I'll try to get here earlier and stay longer.
[18:59] <@KK> Have a good week, y'all.
[18:59] <Sarah_afk> toodles KK
[18:59] <Kelos_al-Hazar> No worries, my lady... Have a good one!
[18:59] <@TheDeryni> Ok. Thanks!
[18:59] <~RainbowDragon> Thanks for stopping by, KK.
[19:00] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:00] <@TheDeryni> :)
[19:00] * @KK Quit