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Author Topic: Suggested Reading Order  (Read 25204 times)

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Re: Suggested Reading Order
« Reply #30 on: March 18, 2017, 04:18:31 pm »
It's probably either a minor miracle or a testament to how nerdy I am that I ever read the whole series, since I picked up Deryni Magic at a book clearance sale that was held in what had once been a home-improvement store (along the lines of Home Depot or Lowe's, it was a big space), and I was both confused and intrigued reading it, since it's meant to be a companion book and not really something to be read independently of the rest of the Deryni series. 

I don't really recommend going about it the way I did, since I basically did things in the most backwards way possible, LOL.   ;D

But I started accumulating the rest of the series at used book shops, since I bought Magic in the early 1990's, so a lot of the ones that were published earlier were not so easy to find in bookstores that sell new books.  It was either The Harrowing of Gwynedd or King Javan's Year that was the first one I bought newly published.

And here I am; the only works of hers that I don't own in hard copy are The Legacy of Lehr (which, I must confess, I've never read either), St. Patrick's Gargoyle (though I just snapped that up on Kindle yesterday), the two Templar books (The Temple and the Stone, which I also just snagged yesterday on Kindle, and The Temple and the Crown), a first edition Codex Derynianus (I have a second edition, though), and Venture in Vain, and the latter two are limited editions, so they're a bit thin on the ground.

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Re: Suggested Reading Order
« Reply #31 on: March 18, 2017, 10:06:05 pm »
Back in 1984 when I was 25 I returned to Oxford to collect my Master's degree - Oxford still having the medieval system whereby you can convert a Bachelor's degree to a  Master's after 4 years on payment of £10, which even as a penurious new Mum was within my reach. (My daughters who have both worked extremely hard for their Master's degrees are seriously unimpressed).

I stayed with an old college friend and her husband for a week and they gave me Deryni Rising to read "You'll like this, it's got religion in it".  I was hooked by the combination of fantasy which I loved, and  the Christian worldview that somewhat weirdly ( in the view at least of most of my family and friends)  I shared. Within that week I had read the first of the Kelson era trilogies and the first Camber era trilogy and they lodged in my imagination. From time to time I made attempts to look for the books again but never with any luck.

Scroll on nearly 30 years, 3 children, about 30 assorted pets and ordination to the Anglican priesthood later, to when I acquired a Kindle and found some novels co-authored by Katherine Kurtz (the Adept stories). I enjoyed them but they didn't have Duncan or Joram in them, a big drawback. The Deryni series were not then available in electronic format in the UK but access to Amazon revealed the possibility of cheap second hand copies from across the pond and I revisited the originals and devoured the rest of the series. Having read everything published on the Deryni and still hungry I went looking on the Web and found Rhemuth Castle open to well-intentioned members of the public and a gracious welcome offered by it's denizens. What did I use to do with my spare time?
"All the world’s a stage,
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And one man in his time plays many parts."
As You Like It.

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Re: Suggested Reading Order
« Reply #32 on: March 18, 2017, 11:29:14 pm »
I revisited the originals and devoured the rest of the series. Having read everything published on the Deryni and still hungry I went looking on the Web and found Rhemuth Castle open to well-intentioned members of the public and a gracious welcome offered by it's denizens. What did I use to do with my spare time?

Haha!  I know what you mean, Revanne.

Actually Rhemuth Castle has saved me from hours upon hours of World of Warcraft. I find I can not read and write on the same day I play WOW. Therefore I consider Rhemuth Castle good for my brain. Much more interactive than mindless gaming. I am so glad we did not have gaming when I was in college, I may never have read these books if I had that avenue for escapism. It is good to remind myself to keep reading. And it is good to motivate young people to read.

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Re: Suggested Reading Order
« Reply #33 on: March 20, 2017, 04:15:44 am »
Haven't read the 'later' books (last I read was Harrowing) but up to that point read in publication order.
The obvious advantage of chronological order is that the canonization of Camber will be as much a shock to the reader as it was to the characters. I didn't find any 'spoilers' for the later books; the Quest is mostly learning about things that happened after Camber as near as I could see.
I'd still recommend starting with Deryni rising though; it is a superb stand alone work.


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