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KK Chat - Oct. 26, 2008
« on: October 26, 2008, 07:38:29 pm »
[18:40] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:40] <&DeryniBot> Gwynedd's Sheriff, Marnin, nods to KK and checks their weapons at the door.
[18:40] <jemler> KK!
[18:40] <+Elim> Morning KK
[18:40] <~RainbowDragon> Greetings, KK
[18:40] <@KK> Hi, guys!
[18:40] <+Shiral> Hi KK
[18:40] <Samuel> Hi KK
[18:40] <Sarah> hi KK
[18:40] <jemler> KK, Congrats on the movie! we've been talking about it!
[18:40] <@TheDeryni> Ah, cool
[18:40] <+Shiral> Wow, some kind of record meeting you here twice in a row. =o)
[18:41] <@TheDeryni> Woohoo!
[18:41] <@KK> Sorry I'm a bit late, but we just got back from highland games in Richmond.  Very nice.
[18:41] <@KK> And re the movie, here's the link to the article in Hollywood Reporter:
[18:41] <@TheDeryni> heh
[18:42] <@KK> Don't know why that isn't showing up blue, but that's where it is.
[18:42] <Sarah> its blue on my end...
[18:42] <+Shiral> On mine, too
[18:42] <Samuel> The link works for me
[18:43] <jemler> it doesn't look blue, it looks rather happy in fact.
[18:43] <Sarah> lol
[18:43] * +Shiral swats Jemler with a trout
[18:43] <@KK> Good, 'cause it's just in ordinary type here.
[18:43] <@TheDeryni> It's in the topic KK. The second link is the same as that one.
[18:44] <jemler> Shiral, are you trying to tell me something?
[18:44] * the_Bee has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:44] <&DeryniBot> Gwynedd's Sheriff, Marnin, nods to the_Bee and checks their weapons at the door.
[18:44] <jemler> BEE!
[18:44] <+Shiral> Me? gracious no
[18:44] <@TheDeryni> Hi Bee!
[18:44] <+Shiral> Hi Bee
[18:44] <the_Bee> Hi shiral
[18:44] <+Shiral> So how was the Caber Tossing at the Highland games, KK?
[18:44] <the_Bee> HI JEMLER
[18:45] <Samuel> Would any of you Darkover Going People happen to have any GOOD pictures of me?  I need one or two good pics of me.
[18:45] * @TheDeryni presses the caplock buttun for Bee
[18:45] <@TheDeryni> button, too
[18:45] <@KK> Only saw a bit of that.  Watched the sheaf-tossing, and the massed bands (3 of them).  And there were lots of merchants' stalls.  This was a celtic faire as well as highland games.
[18:45] <jemler> for good pics of me, go to America's Most Wanted
[18:46] <@KK> Great stage bands.
[18:46] <the_Bee> Jemler shouted to me, so I shouted back.  What's this about KK and Highland Games?
[18:46] <+Shiral> Sounds like fun =o)
[18:46] <@TheDeryni> Ah, so he did.
[18:47] <the_Bee> I attended some highland games once.  I liked the bagpipes best.
[18:47] <@KK> We went to some today, over in Richmond.
[18:47] * Sarah is now known as Sarah_afk
[18:48] <+Shiral> I stuck to lowland games, today AKA paying bills
[18:48] <the_Bee> The caber-tossing and highland dancing were mostlt for the judges' benefit. They were too far away from the audience for me to see.
[18:48] * jemler hums 'The Bonnie Scotsman' to himself
[18:48] <@KK> And Cameron is cooking tonight: his own beef stroganoff recipe.  Sure smells good!
[18:48] <the_Bee> Yummy!
[18:48] <+Shiral> Excellent, get the Stepson to cook!
[18:49] <the_Bee> I made beef stroganoff when my milk turned sour.
[18:50] <+Shiral> Tonight, I think it's going to be warmed up seafood chowder, for me
[18:50] <the_Bee> mine is thawing in the oven
[18:51] <@KK> He volunteered; even bought all the ingredients.  And he's always been a good cook, if not the tidiest.  Somehow, men manage to dirty nearly every dish and utensil in the kitchen--though I have to say, it's looking pretty tidy out there, thus far.  Being on his own the past ten years obviously has taught him about messes, since he's had to clean up his own.
[18:51] <@TheDeryni> That reminds me Shiral, I brought home some crawfish chowder last night. Gonna heat it up!
[18:51] <+Shiral> That'll do it, yeah
[18:52] <+Shiral> Not that I'm MUCH tidier, but I always seem to have a small mountain of dishes to deal with after making dinner
[18:52] <jemler> my nephew just got a job on a cruise ship as a chef.
[18:52] <the_Bee> are crawfish fresh-water or salt-water crustaceans?
[18:52] <Sarah_afk> fresh
[18:53] <Temprus> I try to keep my use of pans/dishes/etc to a minimum when cooking
[18:53] <+Shiral> Me, I like a kitchen that doesn't tilt, too much.
[18:53] <jemler> we used to call them johnny crwals, we caught them for bait.
[18:53] <Temprus> probably because I was the dishwasher growing up ;D
[18:53] <@TheDeryni> Some people call them crayfish
[18:53] * the_Bee sings "You get a line and I'll get a pole/ And we'll go fishing at the crawdad hole."
[18:53] <jemler> they look like little grey lobsters
[18:54] <jemler> take it away, Opie!
[18:54] <@KK> Florida crayfish are salt water, and they pass for lobster down there.  Good eating!  You eat the tails, not the claws.  Sort of like langostino.
[18:54] <Temprus> our crawdads were more "lobster colors" than grey
[18:55] <Temprus> even though they were fresh water (I think)
[18:55] <@TheDeryni> Ours are grey, until cooked that is.
[18:55] <the_Bee> do they turn red?
[18:55] <@TheDeryni> Yep
[18:55] <jemler> you would if you were boiled.
[18:55] <@TheDeryni> lol
[18:56] <Ghostgames> I have a husband who cleans the kitchen for me. :-)
[18:56] <Temprus> Not into seafood, if I had been, I would have been able to feast on crawdads :D
[18:56] <the_Bee> do you ever trade roles?
[18:56] <Ghostgames> He has proven he can cook, too, although not a wide range of dishes... (which is a GOOD thing or he might not need me anymore! ;-))
[18:57] <@TheDeryni> I do the cooking here.
[18:57] <the_Bee> Meals on Wheels does most of mine, though I've been doing some lately
[18:58] <+Shiral> I keep trying to make the cats cook, but they don't get it.
[18:58] <the_Bee> lol
[18:58] <+Shiral> Nina just sits on the counter and  looks at me with her innocent little face...
03[18:59] * Regan has joined #Deryni_Destinations
03[18:59] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Regan
[18:59] <&DeryniBot> Sedina gives a highland welcome to Regan as they join the chat
[18:59] <the_Bee> looks can be deceiving, can't they
[18:59] <jemler> hi regan
[18:59] <the_Bee> Hi Regan
[18:59] * @TheDeryni Quit ([] Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Regan)
[18:59] * Regan is now known as TheDeryni
[19:00] <the_Bee> leading a double life?
[19:00] <@TheDeryni> lol
[19:00] <jemler> multiple personalities?
[19:00] <@TheDeryni> Regan is my Teara-Adan RP Character
[19:01] <@TheDeryni> Fudge style :)
[19:03] * +Shiral drops pin CLANG!
[19:03] <Sarah_afk> Ow, my ear..
[19:04] * Regan has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:04] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Regan
[19:04] <&DeryniBot> The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws Regan into the chat.
[19:04] <@Regan> Ack
[19:04] * @TheDeryni Quit ([] Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Regan)
[19:04] * Regan is now known as TheDeryni
[19:04] <Temprus> Regan is living the circle of life ;D
[19:04] <the_Bee> your evil twin is rising up to haunt you
[19:04] <Temprus> Well, the circle of dis/reconnects ;D
[19:04] <Sarah_afk> lol
[19:04] <@TheDeryni> Remind me NOT to use the microslave when using the wireless.
[19:05] <Temprus> microslave?
[19:05] <@TheDeryni> Microwave
[19:05] <Samuel> I don't have an evil twin......  I **am** the evil twin!
[19:05] <Temprus> ah
[19:05] <+Shiral> Thank you for clearing that up, TheDeryni. =o)
[19:05] <Temprus> I found out that I can't use the microwave at the same time as my elctric water heater at work
[19:06] <@TheDeryni> :)
[19:06] <@TheDeryni> Blown circuit
[19:06] <@KK> Ah!  Gotta go!  Dinner is ready; and it smells divine!
[19:06] <@TheDeryni> ?
[19:06] <+Shiral> Night, KK
[19:06] <@KK> I'll be away next weekend, so see you in two weeks.
[19:06] <Temprus> thankfully it only took out a power strip and not the circuit breaker :D
[19:06] <the_Bee> enjoy, KK! have a good week
[19:06] <Temprus> By KK, thanks for coming
[19:06] <@TheDeryni> Okay. Have a good one KK. And congrats!
[19:06] <@KK> Good weeks to all of you as well.  And happy halloween!
[19:07] <Temprus> congrats on the movie developments
[19:07] <Temprus> Oh, yeah, Happy Halloween all
[19:07] <+Shiral> Good Samhain, KK
[19:07] <@Bynw> you too KK
[19:07] <Ghostgames> good night, KK!
[19:07] <jemler> Boo!
[19:07] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves good night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles and the aroma of stroganoff......
[19:07] <@TheDeryni> heh
[19:07] * @KK Quit


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