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KK Chat - Oct. 19, 2008
« on: October 19, 2008, 07:19:20 pm »
[18:05] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:05] <&DeryniBot>  The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws KK into the chat.
[18:05] <jemler> KK!
[18:06] <eeElim> Morning KK
[18:06] <~RainbowDragon> Greetings KK and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
[18:06] <the_Bee> Hi KK!  happy belated birthday
[18:06] <KK> Hello, all--and thanks for the good wishes.
[18:06] <jemler> Happy Birthday KK, How do you like being 35?
[18:07] * ~RainbowDragon gives jemler some Brownie points
[18:07] <KK> It's just fine.  ;-)
[18:07] <~RainbowDragon> Did you do anything fun?
[18:07] <the_Bee> 35?? she's only 1 by bynw's method.
[18:08] <KK> Yes, went to a newly discovered French restaurant down in Lexington, which was quite nice.  We'll definitely go back!
[18:08] <jemler> i like my method. i'll be 6 in march
[18:08] * the_Bee likes French cuisine
[18:08] <KK> Scott had duck, and I had scallops. Very good!
[18:09] <~RainbowDragon> He eated our Aussie buddy? (teasing)
[18:09] <KK> He eated it all up--and I got to taste!
[18:09] <~RainbowDragon> heh heh
[18:09] <jemler> So that's why he hasn't been around! :)
[18:10] <~RainbowDragon> I've always wondered what duck a l'orange (sp) tasted like.
[18:10] <KK> I suspect he hasn't been around because he's either looking for a new job or larking about before he settles down to look for a new job.
[18:10] <the_Bee> ? What happened to his old job?
[18:11] <jemler> Spring should be starting down under soon.
[18:11] <KK> He finally got fed up with them and quit.
[18:11] <jemler> i've done that before too
[18:11] <the_Bee> Ah.  tired of dealing with snakes? or with bureaucrats?
[18:12] <jemler> same thing
[18:12] <the_Bee> Spring should be well underway Down Under.
[18:12] <KK> He was working for an oil pipeline, evaluating the importance of artifacts that turned up in the pipe trenches--and rescuing wildlife that fell in before they (the trenches) could be covered over.
[18:12] <KK> Some of you will remember his tales of rescuing poisonous snakes from said trenches.
[18:13] <the_Bee> He had some hair-raising stories.
[18:13] <KK> Yep.
[18:14] <KK> Anyway, last I heard, he had several other entities already trying to woo him into employment, so I suspect he'll only be jobless as long as he wants to be.
[18:14] <jemler> as long as they're willing to wait for him.
[18:14] * deryni_guest7502 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:14] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there deryni_guest7502! Welcome to the chat.
[18:14] * deryni_guest7502 is now known as Shiral
[18:14] <Shiral> Hello all
[18:14] <Shiral> Hey KK
[18:14] <KK> Hello, Shiral!
[18:14] <the_Bee> I had a sort of adventure coming home from Derynifest.  At the transit stop I tried to pull my suitcase up theescalator, and it tipped over and took me down!
[18:14] <jemler> just in time, shiral!
[18:15] <the_Bee> Hi Shiral!
[18:15] <Shiral> We finally meet!
[18:15] <KK> Yike!  I hope you weren't hurt!
[18:15] <jemler> are you ok , bee?
[18:15] <the_Bee> My ribs are still sore, but nothing broken
[18:15] <KK> Wow.  I've had that happen.  Not fun.
[18:15] <jemler> bad for ribs, great for everything else
[18:16] <Shiral> Ouch, Bee
[18:16] <~RainbowDragon> !op KK
[18:16] <the_Bee> If my brain had been working, I would have set the movement of the stair carry it along.
[18:16] <@KK> Bummer way to end the weekend.  You all should have seen Bee's fetching costume.  She looked really spiff.
[18:16] <Shiral>  So, report,  How was the Fest?
[18:16] <~RainbowDragon> !voice Shiral
[18:16] <+Shiral> Oh, Thanks RD
[18:17] <Ghostgames> Bee: Katherine may remember the time I got stuck on the escalator with my overloaded laptop bag (the wheeled kind) -- at WorldCon in Boston....
[18:17] <+Shiral>  Now I won't have to send smoke signals. =o)
[18:17] <~RainbowDragon> hee hee  :-)
[18:17] <Ghostgames> It was /not/ fun!
[18:17] <@KK> It was fun.  Some of us had a lovely dinner at Bob Evans on Friday night, we all went to the Renn Faire on Saturday, then had another great dinner at the Inn just down the road afterwards.
[18:18] <+Shiral> Any interesting tidbits of news? She asks innocently
[18:18] <the_Bee> Most of us were in costume, we pallled around  together except when Raymond/Kelos or I wandered off.  They served some yummy ice-cold birch beer.
[18:18] * +Shiral snaps fingers and sets up virtual sundae bar
[18:18] * the_Bee makes herself a mint chocolate sundae.
[18:18] * jemler sets out some apple brandy, for those over 21
[18:19] * @KK makes herself a chocolate-chip hot fudge sundae.
[18:19] <@KK> Ghostgames, I remember.
[18:19] <~RainbowDragon> Oh, Ann! How's the doggie?
[18:19] * Ghostgames contemplates that butterscotch pudding recipe she dug up the other day... who knew real butterscotch pudding was so easy to make?
[18:20] <the_Bee> in the good news column, Melantha was just fine when I got home.
[18:20] <~RainbowDragon> Good news, Bee  :-)
[18:20] <the_Bee> does it have butter in it?  and scotch?
[18:20] <Ghostgames> They're doing quite well, thank you! Brandy seems to have recovered from her emergency surgery for a retrobulbar abcess... (infection behind her eye)
[18:20] <Ghostgames> She's still a little careful not to yawn too widely, since it hurt so much for her to open her mouth!
[18:20] <@KK> I'll bet she's happy to be well.
[18:21] <Ghostgames> Bee: butter (although not much), no scotch....
[18:21] <@KK> Any idea yet how she got it?
[18:21] <Ghostgames> Mostly milk and brown sugar. :-)
[18:21] <Ghostgames> kk: most likely by chewing on something that poked the inside of her mouth, a tiny piece of stick or something may have migrated behind her eye...
[18:22] <Ghostgames> We'll never know, really.
[18:22] <@KK> Eeeew!
[18:22] <@KK> At least she's better now.
[18:22] <jemler> Ghostgames: Butter Scotch, Butter Gin? Candy is dandy, but Liquor is quicker!
[18:22] <Ghostgames> We're not even 100% sure that's what it was (if it was an abcess we got it early enough that it wasn't full of pus.... but the surgery/lancing seemed to do the trick even if there wasn't any satisfactory confirmation of the diagnosis....)
[18:22] <the_Bee> glad you caught it before it got even worse!
[18:23] <@KK> Jemler, are those in the same family as butterbeer?
[18:23] <Ghostgames> Now Paul's got a really sore mouth, and it's all my fault!
[18:23] <@KK> What did you do to Paul?
[18:23] <the_Bee> What did you do to him?
[18:23] <jemler> Don't know. It's a line from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
[18:24] <Ghostgames> I cooked beef stew a week ago, and he burned the roof of his mouth. So badly that when the dentist examined it a few days ago (it kept getting worse), he said things like "Oh, wow," and "oh,
my," and "ooh, ooh" and "ouch!" while making cringing faces....
[18:24] * +Shiral snaps her fingers and claims a butter beer from the bar
[18:24] <@KK> Yike!
[18:24] <the_Bee> Is that as good as hot buttered rum?
[18:24] <Ghostgames> Now he has to coat his mouth with a concoction of various stuff (including lidocaine!) that apparently tastes REALLY bad but numbs his mouth.
[18:25] <the_Bee> yowtch!
[18:25] <Ghostgames> He's on liquids & soft foods until it heals -- dentist said "a week or two."
[18:25] * jemler wisely decides to say nothing at tis point ;-)
[18:25] <@KK> Just rell him not to bite his tongue while everything is numb.
[18:25] <Ghostgames> Ann Marie and I didn't burn ourselves on /our/ stew....
[18:26] <+Shiral> Beee it's delish, you should try one.
[18:26] <Ghostgames> (he's mimicking biting his tongue...0
[18:27] <the_Bee> I like to make my hot buttered rum with hot spiced cider instead of water.
[18:27] <~RainbowDragon> A burnt roof of the mouth is no fun. A word to the wise: never drink hot cocoa through a straw!  *innocent look*
[18:27] <Ghostgames> Oh, and the latest animal vet bill involves Zephyr and another bout of EPM (equine protozoal myeloencephalitis).... (neurological disease)
[18:28] <Ghostgames> mmm, hot cocoa.... :-)
[18:28] <the_Bee> because it melts the straw?  (whistles)
[18:28] <~RainbowDragon> um... yeah
[18:28] <Ghostgames> RD: I've actually done that before, although I didn't burn myself too badly...
[18:28] <jemler> in a hospital once, i drank soup thru a straw.
[18:29] <@KK> Sounds like you need to take out shares in a veterinary practice.
[18:29] <Ghostgames> jemler: That's okay with hospital food, it's rarely very hot.... ;-)
[18:29] <+Shiral> I think I'll stick to cats
[18:30] <+Shiral> Nina was being absurdly cute the other day
[18:30] <jemler> how do you drink a cat?
[18:30] <+Shiral> It's tough, Jemler
[18:30] <the_Bee> You drink cats through a straw?!
[18:30] <+Shiral> Especially through a straw
[18:30] <jemler> i wasn't going to say that? I'd get booted!
[18:30] <+Shiral> But I MEANT, I'll stick to   cat ownership
[18:31] <+Shiral> It's especially TOUGH  drinking cats through straws
[18:31] <the_Bee> are you home tday?
[18:31] <+Shiral> No, at work
[18:31] <the_Bee> patron are wose than cats.
[18:31] <+Shiral> Yup
[18:31] <the_Bee> worse too
[18:31] <+Shiral> And not as cute
[18:31] <+Shiral> Mostly
[18:33] <Ghostgames> Talking about shares in a vet practice, I recently discovered an equestrian property for sale, complete with vet clinic:
[18:33] * +Shiral helps herself to a sundae
[18:33] <Ghostgames> If I were interested in running a large equestrian business I'd go for it. :-)
[18:33] * ~RainbowDragon helps himself to a mondae
[18:34] <+Shiral> Oh, you always have to be different, RD!
[18:34] <+Shiral>  =o)
[18:34] <~RainbowDragon> hee hee
[18:34] <jemler> is that a manic mondae?
[18:34] <+Shiral> Does it still  taste good?
[18:34] <~RainbowDragon> Oh yeah, the blue mondaes are especially good.
[18:34] <+Shiral> Did  you have a good bday, KK?
[18:35] <@KK> Yep.
[18:35] <~RainbowDragon> French restaurant!
[18:35] <+Shiral> Tres bien
[18:35] <@KK> Oui.
[18:35] <+Shiral> Scott made some good husband points, then
[18:35] <@KK> Yep.
[18:36] <Ghostgames> So Paul's been asking me for months now, what are husband points good for? 'cause he's got a lot....
[18:37] <the_Bee> KK, I *finally* saw the note you sent Julianne last July about my latest Caeriesse poem :D
[18:37] <@KK> I'm not sure.  I think it's so that when they really tick you off, you have to forgive them.
[18:37] <+Shiral> Sounds about right
[18:38] <+Shiral> Kind of like credit card debt. =o)
[18:38] <@KK> Well deserved, Bee.
[18:38] <@KK> Yeah.
[18:38] <the_Bee> God gave women no sense of humor so we could love men instead of laughing at them.
[18:38] <Ghostgames> Paul sez, "is that ALL they're good for?!?" :-)
[18:39] <+Shiral> But if we had no sense of humor, then how could we see how funny they can be
[18:39] <@KK> Well, what did he have in mind?!
[18:39] <Ghostgames> er, well, he wants a coupon book...
[18:39] <Ghostgames> ... but I can't think of a lot of things to put in it.
[18:39] <Ghostgames> Maybe I'll only put a couple of things in... with multiple coupons for each. :-)
[18:39] * deryni_guest8584 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:39] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there deryni_guest8584! Welcome to the chat.
[18:40] <@KK> That sounds about right--a good start, anyway.
[18:40] * deryni_guest8584 is now known as Sarah
[18:40] <the_Bee> Hi Sarah
[18:40] <jemler> Sarah!
[18:40] <+Shiral> Hi Sarah
[18:40] <Sarah> Jemler!
[18:40] <Sarah> Hi everyone
[18:40] <Ghostgames> Paul grew up with green stamp catalogs... for 57 stamps you could get a new bike!
[18:41] * Sarah hugs RainbowDragon, Elim, Festil, jemler, and Shiral.
[18:42] <Sarah> phew! alot of hugs.
[18:42] <Festil> Hey everybody!
[18:42] <+Shiral>  Wonder if Araxie woud ever give Kelson Good Husband Coupons? =o)
[18:42] <+Shiral> Hi Festil
[18:42] <Sarah> Festil, did you get my hug?
[18:43] * +Shiral gives Sarah a hug in return
[18:43] <Sarah> ^^
[18:43] * Festil hugs Sarah
[18:43] <the_Bee> He's busy plotting a coup d'etat in Torenth.
[18:43] <Sarah> lol
[18:43] <Sarah> ^_^
[18:43] <@KK> I remember green stamps--but it would've taken more than 57 stamps--57 books, maybe.
[18:43] <Sarah>  how is everyone, and what did i miss?
[18:43] <Sarah> oh!
[18:44] <Sarah> I'M AN AUNT AGAIN!!!!!
[18:44] <Sarah> for those of you who didnt know.
[18:44] <the_Bee> Congrats
[18:44] <Ghostgames> congrats, Sarah!
[18:44] <Sarah> Thank you!!!!
[18:44] <~RainbowDragon> Could you try to be a little enthusiastic there, Sarah?
[18:44] <jemler> boy or girl? (The kid, not you!)
[18:44] <Sarah> Boy-
[18:44] <the_Bee> whose kid is it?
[18:44] <Ghostgames> (I don't think Paul ever actually /got/ anything from the green stamp catalogs....)
[18:44] <Sarah> gimme sec, i post link
[18:45] <~RainbowDragon> we wait
[18:45] <jemler> you post link, we click link :)
[18:45] <Sarah> Yes.
[18:45] <jemler> she get excited, skip words
[18:45] <@KK> I think we got a few things, like irons and toasters--my mom, not me.  I just moistened the stamps & stuck them in the books.
[18:45] <Sarah>
[18:45] <Sarah> lol
[18:46] <~RainbowDragon> Hmmm, "click link" makes me think of Colonel Klink (Hogan's Heroes)
[18:46] <Sarah>
[18:46] <jemler> I know nothing!
[18:46] <Sarah>
[18:46] <Sarah> lol
[18:46] <the_Bee> Awww!
[18:47] <Sarah> *huge smile*
[18:47] <Sarah> three days old
[18:47] <jemler> That's the first German phrase I learned to speak!
[18:47] <+Shiral> I dimly remember green stamps. My mother told me they were NOT postage stamps... =o)
[18:47] <~RainbowDragon> The baby is waving at us  ;-)
[18:47] <+Shiral> After I stuck some on an envelope, I think
[18:47] <the_Bee> WoW! He looks huge for so young.
[18:47] <Sarah> he is! 9pounds 3 oz
[18:48] <Sarah> awesome jem!
[18:48] <@KK> Gobs of hair, too.  A fine, strapping lad!
[18:48] <the_Bee> Is he your brother's kid or your sister's?
[18:49] <Sarah> lol Hes got great lungs on him too.
[18:49] <Sarah> My sisters
[18:49] <Sarah> fiance's yeah, my sis's second, the little girl is my niece, her first.
[18:50] <the_Bee> You have a fiance?
[18:50] <Sarah> well...alost, this would make the seond time we've been engaged.
[18:50] <Sarah> but we arent yet, until he comes back from Missouri
[18:51] <Sarah> almost*
[18:51] <+Shiral> He's cute, Sarah
[18:52] <Sarah> thanks.
[18:52] <jemler> Wait a minute...Doesn't RD live in Missouri?
[18:52] <+Shiral> Although His sister does look a little like  "Umm.... I'm done holding him, now?"
[18:52] <Sarah> lol
[18:52] <Sarah> yeha, lol
[18:52] <Sarah> yeah*
[18:53] <+Shiral> RD, is there anything you should be telling us? =o)
[18:53] <Sarah> LOL
[18:53] <Sarah> no, hes on fort leonardwood.
[18:53] <Sarah> for his national guard training
[18:54] * deryni_guest1515 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:54] <&DeryniBot>  Sedina gives a highland welcome to deryni_guest1515 as they join the chat
[18:54] * deryni_guest1515 Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:55] <jemler> No time to say Hello/Goodbye
[18:55] <Sarah> lol
[18:55] * ambush Quit (Quit: )
[18:55] <Sarah> i'm late i'm late i'm late!!!
[18:55] <Sarah> lol
[18:55] <jemler> No comment
[18:55] * deryni_guest7755 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[18:55] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there deryni_guest7755! Welcome to the chat.
[18:56] * deryni_guest7755 is now known as ambush
[18:56] <Temprus> you get a second chance
[18:56] <Sarah> BUBBA!
[18:56] <jemler> wb ambush
[18:56] * Sarah hugs ambush!
[18:56] * +Shiral Ambushes Ambush
[18:56] <ambush> had to the switching of computers
[18:56] <Sarah> lol
[18:56] <ambush> playing games in the living room
[18:56] <ambush> :)
[18:56] <+Shiral> Although Alas, I have to go
[18:56] <ambush> hey guys n gals
[18:56] <ambush> nite shiral *hugs*
[18:56] <Sarah> bye Shiral.
[18:57] <jemler> nite shiral
[18:57] * +Shiral waves farewell, steps onto my portal and... doesn't disappear
[18:57] <+Shiral> Dang Portal Repair folks!
[18:57] <@KK> Nighters, Shiral.
[18:57] <+Shiral>  They STILL haven't fixed my portal
[18:57] <Sarah> uh oh.
[18:57] <+Shiral> Okay, next try
[18:58] <+Shiral> Night, KK et al
[18:58] <~RainbowDragon> Looks like you'll have to "take the long way home"
[18:58] * +Shiral steps onto her portal and disappears in an explosion of tribbles
[18:58] <ambush> lol
[18:58] <+Shiral>  Disembodied voice says, that's better, but it
[18:58] <Sarah> lol
[18:58] <+Shiral> STILL isn't right!
[18:58] <@KK> Tribbles, eh?  That'd be a lot of trouble!
[18:59] <+Shiral> That's the problem with these Torenthi Fly By Night Repair outfits!
[18:59] <jemler> Maybe we could have someone from a Star Trek chat beam them up?!
[18:59] <+Shiral> Don't feed 'em anyone
[18:59] <+Shiral> NIght!
[18:59] <+Shiral> BYE
[18:59] * +Shiral Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[18:59] <jemler> who did you think were going to feed them?
[19:00] <Ghostgames> bye, Shiral!
[19:00] <jemler> they're not Mogwai you know
[19:00] <Ghostgames> Happy transporting! :-)
[19:00] <@KK> I think I'd better transport outta here myself.
[19:01] <Sarah> bye KK
[19:01] <Ghostgames> good night, KK!
[19:01] <jemler> Happy Birthday, KK
[19:01] <Ghostgames> I think I'm going to go cook that butterscotch pudding now. Supposedly it's good HOT as well as cold. :-)
[19:01] <jemler> g'nite
[19:01] <the_Bee> Have you chosen your Halloween costume yet, Sarah?
[19:01] <~RainbowDragon> Thanks for stopping by, KK
[19:01] <Ghostgames> good night, all!
[19:01] <@KK> Oh, absolutely!  Hot is much better than cold, like tapioca.
[19:02] <Ghostgames> ooh, tapioca.... :-)
[19:02] * Ghostgames Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:02] <@KK> Yep.  And Cosy Shack is the best pre-made brand I've discovedered--a regular staple at our house.
[19:02] <@KK> discovered, too.
[19:03] <the_Bee> have a good week, KK
[19:03] <@KK> I'll do my best.
[19:03] <Sarah> ummm....well the_Bee, i think im going as a stick person
[19:03] <Temprus> Post Happy Birthday, KK
[19:03] <Temprus> Have a good week
[19:04] <Temprus> Good night everyone else ;D
[19:04] <Temprus> You also have a good week
[19:04] * Temprus Quit (Quit: Rock on, elf buddy!)
[19:04] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves goodnight, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[19:05] * @KK Quit


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