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Does anyone know off hand where Sir Adam is talking about reincarnation of selected souls in the Adept books?


Very briefly on page 65 of the first book, when Peregrine asks if he thinks reincarnation is possible he responds with "Is it possible that we are born again and again in the course of fulfilling our individual spiritual destinies? Don't ask me. Ask yourself."  Then on page 77, after Peregrine sleeps on it, they have a more in-depth discussion.  They talk about the possibilities of reincarnating as different sexes on page 159.


Doesn't one of the other books have something on that when Sir Adam is at a lecture?

The first chapter of Templar Treasure?

In the beginning of the chapter he is giving a lecture on regression through hypnotherapy to students and ends up talking to them about past life regression as well as age regression.


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