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DeryniCon pity party!

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Well, it does not look like my back disability will come through in time for me to go to DeryniCon.  I wish I could be there, and I hope everybody has lots of fun.

Anybody up for a DeryniCon pity party in chat, for those of us who can't go for whatever reason? :)

the Bee:
 :(  <<<Huggles>>>  :'(

Folks...  We may ALL be in need of a Derynicon Pity Party.  :-[  As of Wedndesday, Julianne had fewer than ten Con registrations in hand with just over a month to go. If we're not around the 60~70  mark by Monday, which looks unlikely,  I believe Julianne will be forced to cancel the Con, within the 1 month before the date window according to the contract with the hosting hotel.

I don't know where the enthusiasm went, but there appears to be no strong interest concerning the con out their among the fan base. But we have until Monday to turn this around, if we're going to.


Doesn't look to me much like anybody cares, Melissa.

 Alas... no.  :( :(



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