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KK Chat - 3 August 2008
« on: August 03, 2008, 07:56:49 pm »
[19:38] * KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:38] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there KK! Welcome to the chat.
[19:38] <@DesertRose> Hi KK!
[19:38] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o KK
[19:38] <the_Bee> hi KK!
[19:38] <~RainbowDragon> Greetings KK!
[19:38] <Festil> Hey KK
[19:38] <@KK> Hi, gang.
[19:38] <jemler> -+
[19:39] <@DesertRose> How's it going?
[19:39] <@KK> So, what's up?
[19:39] <+Shiral> Hi KK
[19:39] <the_Bee> any Jessicat sightings?
[19:39] <@KK> Alas, no.
[19:40] <+Shiral> Too bad....
[19:40] <@KK> I fear she has voted with her little fuzzy feet.
[19:40] <+Shiral> Have you checked local animal shelters?
[19:40] <@KK> I'm thinking about doing that this week.
[19:41] <the_Bee> how long do they keep strays?
[19:41] <+Shiral> Might be worth a look, before someone falls in love with her
[19:41] <@KK> Dunno.
[19:42] <@KK> It's been difficult to get away, because things have been happening here at the house.
[19:42] * +Shiral Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:42] <the_Bee> ?
[19:42] * mib_4fsfo0 has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:42] <&DeryniBot>  The smell from Wrengl's kitchen draws mib_4fsfo0 into the chat.
[19:43] * mib_4fsfo0 is now known as Shiral
[19:43] <the_Bee> wb shiral
[19:43] * Shiral mumbles irritably about chat servers
[19:43] <@KK> I may try Wednesday.  Tomorrow we have to go to Charlottesville for the day for a doctor's appt.  Tuesday the cabinet guy comes to finish the installation of the cabinets in our new pantry.
[19:43] * sets mode: +v Shiral
[19:43] <+Shiral> Thanks
[19:43] * +Shiral sings an aria
[19:43] <the_Bee> Don't wait too long.  they may euthanize her.
[19:44] <@KK> I'm hoping they aren't too trigger-happy here.  If she's there, she can't have been there that long.  And she's a lovely, affectionate cat; probably would be adopted, if she's there.
[19:44] <+Shiral> Tha's a danger, yes. I keep wondering about Francesca's original family--they don't know what happened to her
[19:45] <~RainbowDragon> Francesca was a stray?
[19:45] <@KK> And she had such a beautiful baby!
[19:45] <+Shiral> I got her from the humane society, yes. She'd been picked up off the streets
[19:45] <+Shiral> I fell in love with a pretty face
[19:46] <@KK> She's a very pretty girl.
[19:46] * jemler blushes
[19:46] <the_Bee> some strays are throwaways. :(
[19:46] <+Shiral> I have a theory that she escaped because she was in heat and found herself a boyfriend, then couldn't find her way home
[19:46] <+Shiral> She was too well socialized and in too good shape physically to have been a feral cat
[19:47] <the_Bee> good.
[19:47] <@KK> If she's been obviously pregnant, that might have explaiined why someone got rid of her.  But as we know, you didn't have a clue that she was enciente.
[19:47] <+Shiral> It's true, Bee, but I think she belonged to people who valued her
[19:47] <+Shiral> Even my vet missed that she was pregnant, though
[19:47] <+Shiral> When I took her in for her first vet check
[19:48] <+Shiral> But I hope all will yet be well with Jessicat
[19:48] <+Shiral> To get back on track
[19:48] <the_Bee> I tried to take Melantha to a rabies-shot clinic, but I got there too late.
[19:50] <~RainbowDragon> too late? she got rabies?
[19:51] <the_Bee> they were gone by the time I got there.  August 14 is the deadline for her booster shot; the next clinic is Aug 16.
[19:52] <the_Bee> It took too long to get there.  her carrier was too heavy and I was walking. 1+1/2 miles
[19:52] <~RainbowDragon> what will happen now that you will miss the deadline?
[19:52] * @Bynw will be back shortly
[19:52] * @Bynw Quit (Quit: I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.)
[19:52] <@KK> Fortunately, critters don't self-destruct if you're two days late on getting a booster, just as foods don't combust if you eat them a day or two past the sell-by date.
[19:53] <the_Bee> I'll have to go to Animal Rescue League where I got her.  They sent me a reminder, but I was looking for someplace closer.
[19:53] * Bynw has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[19:53] <&DeryniBot>  Hi there Bynw! Welcome to the chat.
[19:53] <@KK> I take it you don't drive?
[19:53] * DeryniBot sets mode: +o Bynw
[19:53] <the_Bee> I f I make the deadline, the shot will last 3 years.  If not, it will last one year.  or that's what they told me.
[19:54] <the_Bee> no I don't drive.  I should have taken a taxi.
[19:54] <@KK> Yep.
[19:54] <the_Bee> 20/20 hindsight.
[19:55] <the_Bee> especially since I took a taxi home
[19:55] <@DesertRose> I've got to take Sweetie Pie for her feline distemper booster, and Tess needs all her shots, and the vet says CC needs his bordetella booster.
[19:55] <the_Bee> Melantha's thinking asbout joining us.
[19:55] <@KK> After my other got rid of her car, I practically had to arm-wrestle her to get her to take taxis home from the grocery store, after taking the bus to get there.  Had to remind her how much she was saving by NOT having and maintaining a car, so that she could now afford to take a taxi occasionally, without it wreaking havoc with her budget.  She listened, for once.  :-)
[19:56] <the_Bee> you other what?
[19:56] <@KK> mother
[19:56] <@DesertRose> He hates getting his bordetella booster though.  It's not a shot; he tolerates shots just fine.  The bordetella vaccine goes up his nose.
[19:57] <~RainbowDragon> my puppers have all their shots now but in 3 months they will be barking soprano
[19:57] <@KK> That sounds like the doggie kennel cough booster.  And what is bordetella?!
[19:57] <@DesertRose> LOL
[19:57] <@DesertRose> The microbe that causes kennel cough.
[19:57] <@KK> Ah.
[19:58] * +Shiral Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[19:58] <@DesertRose> He hates having that stuff shot up his nose.  I think he'd really rather have an injection.
[19:58] <the_Bee> 8=-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Z78
[19:58] <@DesertRose> Hi Melantha.
[19:59] <@KK> I figured that's who it was.  :-)
[20:00] <the_Bee> 3/"""""c;[p0- **hyyyyj7u
[20:00] <@KK> I need to get Gus, Sasha, and Nicholas in for their rabies and cat flu boosters.  Tillie got hers when she was in for something else.  Those will be good for 3 years.
[20:00] <the_Bee> she lies on the keyboard do I can't send.
[20:01] <the_Bee> so I can't send
[20:01] <@DesertRose> Tessa likes to walk on the keyboard if she thinks the computer is getting too much of my attention.
[20:02] <@KK> Somewhere in arecent catalogue, I saw a cat shelf that you can put next to your computer, so that, in theory, the cats sprawls in this nifty padded shelf and leaves the keyboard alone.  You can fasten it to the edge of the desk, too.
[20:02] <jemler> or you can buy your cat a computer! or a mouse pad, she might like that! :)
[20:02] <the_Bee> but then she couldn't chat with you-all.
[20:02] <@KK> True.
[20:03] <jemler> evryone loves a chat cat, or is that a kitty chat?
[20:03] <@KK> Everyone <here> does....
[20:03] <~RainbowDragon> a chatty catty?
[20:03] * @DesertRose slaps RainbowDragon around a bit with a large trout
[20:04] <jemler> lets keep up the chit-cat
[20:04] <@KK> Ah, the trout is back!  Haven't seen one of these around here in a while.
[20:04] * @DesertRose slaps jemler around a bit with a large trout
[20:04] <jemler> cats love fish!
[20:04] <~RainbowDragon> I haven't seen a monkfish slap in ages
[20:04] <@DesertRose> I'm sure my cats would love some fresh trout.
[20:04] <jemler> here you go
[20:04] * jemler throws dr trout back
[20:05] * @DesertRose feeds the trout to Tessa and Sweetie Pie.
[20:05] <jemler> we're having a fish fly!
[20:05] <@KK> Gus comes and stares at the fish in the morning, while I'm feeding them, but doesn't seem particularly interested in trying to catch them.  He drinks right next to them, and they don't even panic.
[20:05] <the_Bee> anyone ever hear of a wolffish?
[20:05] <@KK> Yes.  Heard of them, but can't tell you anything about them.
[20:06] <~RainbowDragon> I've got a friend in Colorado whose dog eats the outdoor fishies food
[20:06] <jemler> i heard some kids playing with a gofish
[20:06] <@DesertRose> I had a cat and two hamsters a while back, and the cat never once tried to eat the hamsters.  He would follow the hamster ball around when I would put one of them in it, but I think he was just following the moving ball.
[20:06] <the_Bee> Our local restaurants are having a "restaurant week." One meno item is "wolffish."  I wasn't surethey weer actually fish or something else.
[20:06] <~RainbowDragon> Mocha is a mighty bug hunter
[20:07] <jemler> where do you find mighty bugs?
[20:07] <@KK> It may be a new fish that's being caught as other species get fished out.
[20:07] <@DesertRose> Sweetie Pie is too, as well as a mighty toy hunter, although she's very good at hiding her toys and making us go retrieve them from weird places.
[20:07] <the_Bee> or an old fish with a new PR name.
[20:07] <jemler> so, you're a mighty toy hunter yourself?
[20:08] <@DesertRose> Yeah, when she loses them under the fridge or under the pantry shelves.
[20:08] <@DesertRose> Sometimes she gets them so lost I can't find them.
[20:08] <the_Bee> does she ever drop them in the toilet?
[20:08] <@KK> Tilapia is one that's being eaten instead of sole or cod, for instance.
[20:08] <jemler> check the litter box, she may be playing with your head.
[20:08] <@DesertRose> No, we keep the toilet lids closed.
[20:09] <the_Bee> so do I
[20:09] <@DesertRose> No, she couldn't swallow a bottle cap.
[20:09] <@KK> Good thinking.
[20:09] <jemler> no guys aroung huh, dr?
[20:09] <@DesertRose> She likes the caps from soda bottles.
[20:09] <@DesertRose> No, Cliff is just not a cat person so he doesn't hunt toys.  It's always my job to find the toys that the cats (usually Sweetie Pie) lose.
[20:10] <the_Bee> Melantha likes twist ties and styrofoam packing pellets
[20:10] <@KK> When they were kittens, Gus and Tillie used to like the ring-pulls off of milk jugs.
[20:10] <@DesertRose> The dog is his, the cats are mine.
[20:10] <the_Bee> anything that's not designed to be a cat toy.
[20:10] <@DesertRose> My mother's cats liked those things (the ring pulls off milk jugs) when they were still young enough to play.
[20:11] <the_Bee> ring puuls are good too
[20:11] <@DesertRose> The cats are mine even though Sweetie Pie is his fault.
[20:11] <@KK> Paper wads are still a toy of choice.  They skitter well.
[20:11] <jemler> a writer would know!
[20:13] <the_Bee> Mickey loves made-for-kitties stuff.
[20:13] <@DesertRose> Sweetie Pie plays with absolutely anything.
[20:13] <@DesertRose> Including my hair, if I bend over and my braid falls down into her reach.
[20:14] <~RainbowDragon> Does she ever give you neck rubs any more?
[20:14] <@DesertRose> She has some actual made-for-kitties cat toys, but she plays with anything she can get her paws on.
[20:14] <@DesertRose> No, she quit doing that after we got her spayed.  I think she's holding a grudge.
[20:14] <~RainbowDragon> ahhhh
[20:14] <jemler> good guess!
[20:14] <@DesertRose> She was NOT a happy camper when I brought her home from the vet after she got spayed.
[20:15] <@DesertRose> Tessa was not nearly so angry about it.  Sweetie Pie was p.o.'d.
[20:15] <the_Bee> Melanta wasspayed before I got her.
[20:16] <@DesertRose> Well, most shelters do that nowadays.
[20:16] <the_Bee> yup.
[20:16] <@DesertRose> Tessa was from my neighbor and Sweetie Pie adopted us.
[20:16] <jemler> you notice the guys are staying out of this conversation?
[20:16] <the_Bee> OH?
[20:17] <the_Bee> we can always switch to neutering...
[20:17] <~RainbowDragon> I piped up earlier but everyone missed it, jemler
[20:17] <~RainbowDragon> In three months my puppies are gonna bark soprano
[20:18] <@DesertRose> No mas cojones para ellos?
[20:18] <~RainbowDragon> ummmm, nope
[20:18] * Festil snickers
[20:18] * jemler moans in sympathy for RainbowDragons puppies
[20:19] <@DesertRose> That a in mas should have an accent mark over it but I don't know how to make IRC do that.
[20:21] <@DesertRose> I guess Festil can read Spanish. :D
[20:21] <~RainbowDragon> Simon says chat!
[20:21] <~RainbowDragon> I think he can
[20:22] <@DesertRose> Or at least enough Spanish to know what I said in Spanish.
[20:22] * Festil can indeed
[20:22] <@DesertRose> :)
[20:23] <jemler> i can read spanish too, i just don't know what the words mean! :)
[20:23] <@DesertRose> I said "no more (vulgar slang for testicles) for them?"
[20:23] <the_Bee> Dr. does you computer have a character map?  You can use that to enter odd characters.
[20:23] <jemler> then you spelled cajones wrong.
[20:23] <@DesertRose> I don't know.
[20:24] <@DesertRose> No, I'm pretty sure it's cojones in Spanish.
[20:24] <the_Bee> aaaaaaaaaaá
[20:25] <~RainbowDragon> DR, press and hold the alt key and at the same time press 0225 on the keypad
[20:25] <~RainbowDragon> then let go
[20:25] <@DesertRose> No más
[20:25] <@DesertRose> Cool.
[20:25] <@KK> How'd you do that?!  I know how to do it in Word, but that command doesn't work here.
[20:25] <the_Bee> do they actually remove the testicles, or just snip the vas deferens?
[20:25] <~RainbowDragon> there ya go
[20:26] * jemler crosses his legs
[20:26] <@DesertRose> It works in mIRC because I just did it.
[20:26] <@DesertRose> When they neuter an animal, they take the testicles off.
[20:26] <@DesertRose> My dog has no testicles, but that doesn't stop him from trying to mate with anything he can reach.
[20:26] <@KK> They remove 'em.  The idea is not just to sterilize, to prevent more puppies or kittens, but to remove the source of raging hormones that cause fighting in the critters.
[20:27] <~RainbowDragon> It's supposed to also calm them down
[20:27] <@KK> They make much better pets that way.  Or so I'm told.
[20:27] <@DesertRose> He doesn't try to mate with humans' legs but he tries to mate with any dog he meets, and he tried to mate with Sweetie Pie when she was in heat before we got her spayed.
[20:27] <@KK> I've always had all my critters neutered as soon as they were old enough.
[20:28] <@DesertRose> Me too.  Cats in heat are a pain, and unneutered tom cats you just can't live with.
[20:28] <@KK> They spray.  Yuck!
[20:28] <@DesertRose> Yeah, yuck is right.
[20:28] <the_Bee> yES!  i'VE SMELLED TOMCAT SPRAY.
[20:28] <@DesertRose> It stinks to high heaven.
[20:29] <@DesertRose> And it's darn near impossible to get the smell to go away.
[20:29] <the_Bee> didn't mean to shout.  I didn't notice the caps lock was on.
[20:29] <@DesertRose> No matter how much you clean where they sprayed.
[20:29] <@KK> That's how Sasha got introduced to our household.  He cane in & sprayed in the kitchen--so Scott caught him and took him off to the vet, even though he wasn't yet our cat.  Fortunately, he came back.
[20:29] <jemler> scot or the cat?
[20:29] <the_Bee> lol
[20:30] <~RainbowDragon> Silly jemler
[20:30] <@KK> Worst case scenario, though, is that he wouldn't have been contributing to the population explosion.  Both of them came back.  ;-)
[20:30] <@DesertRose> I've been tempted to do that with the black tom cat who hangs around my house.  He hasn't sprayed my house that I can tell, but he's siring kittens left right and center.
[20:30] <@DesertRose> I haven't had the money to do it though.
[20:30] <jemler> given the topic of conversation, a little levity helps!
[20:31] <@KK> There's probably a spay/neuter clinic at your local animal shelter--and males are cheaper than females.
[20:31] <@DesertRose> Probably, but I need to get my own furballs taken care of before I take responsibility for a random neighborhood furball.
[20:32] <@KK> True.  But maybe you can get a group rate.
[20:32] <@DesertRose> Even if he is pretty.
[20:32] <@DesertRose> But Cliff won't let me have another cat.  He's allergic to cats and we already have two.
[20:33] <@KK> Just have him neutered and let him carry on as before.  You don't have to adopt him.
[20:33] <jemler> Cliff?
[20:33] <@KK> The black tom--not your husband. 
[20:33] <@DesertRose> True.  And my neighbor feeds him.
[20:33] <@DesertRose> My fiance.
[20:33] <@DesertRose> No, Cliff would not appreciate being neutered.
[20:33] <@DesertRose> :D
[20:33] <@KK> I think you do have to adopt him.  ;-)
[20:33] <jemler> i agree with cliff!~
[20:33] <@DesertRose> He wouldn't mind a vasectomy so he wouldn't have to worry about getting me pregnant, but I think being neutered would tick him off just the littlest bit.
[20:34] <jemler> yeah, it's not like a haircut! it doesn't grow back!
[20:34] <@DesertRose> :)
[20:34] <the_Bee> it would sorta put a crimp in your wedding night.
[20:35] <@DesertRose> Just a little.
[20:36] <@KK> On that interesting note, I think I'd better sign off.  I've gotten a fair bit written this past week--and have just had the galleys arrive for the new paperback of Deryni Checkmate.  It never ends!
[20:36] <~RainbowDragon> hooray for the galleys
[20:36] <jemler> we hope not!
[20:36] <~RainbowDragon> :-)
[20:37] <@KK> I've got unti the 14th to get them back.  The corrections, at least--of which there will be very few, I'm sure.
[20:37] <@DesertRose> Okay, KK, have a good week.  Thanks for showing up!
[20:37] <the_Bee> glad you made it this week.  see you next Sunday, I hope
[20:37] <jemler> we love your love your work!
[20:37] <~RainbowDragon> Thanks for stopping by, KK
[20:37] <@KK> Should be here next Sunday.  Looking forward to the Olympics starting Friday, especially gymnastics.  They do some amazing things!
[20:38] <the_Bee> It's hard to believe bodies can bend that way!
[20:38] <@DesertRose> Yes, they do.  I wanted to be Mary Lou Retton when I was a kid.
[20:38] * @KK steps onto her Portal, waves good-night, and disappears in a shower of green sparkles.
[20:38] <the_Bee> nighters, KK
[20:38] <@DesertRose> G'night KK.
[20:38] <@KK> Nighters.
[20:38] <jemler> nite kk
[20:39] * @KK Quit (Quit: )
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