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KK Chat - Dec. 29, 2002 (pt. 1)
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:02:02 pm »
KK Chat - Dec. 29, 2002, pt. 1

[16:04] *** KK has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:04] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KK
[16:04] <Mistyck> hi KK
[16:04] <Samuel> Hello KK!
[16:04] <Kiri`> Hi Katherine!
[16:04] <RainTurtle> Good evening, Katherine
[16:04] <KK> Hello, all.
[16:04] <jp> KK
[16:04] <Jestyna> Greetings KK
[16:04] <Sedina> hi, Katherine!
[16:04] <StephanieG> Hi Katherine!
[16:04] <jm> Hi Katherine
[16:04] <RainbowDragon> Hello, Katherine
[16:04] <kirienne> no, but there are patterns for clerical vestments in the pattern books now
[16:05] <kirienne> Hi Kathrine
[16:05] <KK> So, did everyone have a good Christmas?
[16:05] <Shiral> Hello Katherine,
[16:05] <Shiral> Huggles
[16:05] <Martine> Hi Katherine! Huggles! And Merry Christmas!
[16:05] <Mistyck> Marian:  also alot of the chat logs are on airsid
[16:05] <Jestyna> So far so good thanks KK
[16:05] <Mistyck> yes, Ma'am!
[16:05] <jm> Yes
[16:05] <StephanieG> thank kirienne! My priest is pretty petite and I want one that won't drown her in the fabric.
[16:05] <kirienne> Christmas was fun, just me with my sister and her husband. She fixed a lovely ham dinner.
[16:05] * Sedina had a wonderful Christmas with her family
[16:05] <Lady_Marian> OK.. I'm back... I can't wait until this one is toilet trained!
[16:05] <KK> Stephanie, are you making vestments?
[16:05] <Lady_Marian> Hello, Katherine!
[16:05] <kirienne> Stephanie, I'm sure it comes in many sizes
[16:06] * Martine got news she's becoming an aunt later this year, and Chistmas-crud (aka flu) to go with it!
[16:06] <Temprus> hi kk
[16:06] <StephanieG> KK: I am making a stole for our priest for the pentecost season for her ordination next month.
[16:06] <Shiral> Neat, Stephanie
[16:06] <KK> Ah.  Are you concerned about size?
[16:06] <Martine> Neat, Stephanie!
[16:06] <Lady_Marian> Oh, good, I'll be able to catch up! Thanks for the info about google groups... I've been gone a LONG time!
[16:06] <jp> don't steal a stole
[16:06] <Shiral> Don't want a stole that will drag on the ground
[16:07] <StephanieG> I am concerned about size since she is a very petite lady and has very narrow shoulders. Many of the stoles I have seen are rather large.
[16:07] <Shiral> You're welcome. It's good to have you back, Beryni
[16:07] <KK> Well, if she's just being ordained, I can't suggest that you borrow one you know is the right size.
[16:07] <Tika> greetings, KK :)
[16:07] <Mistyck> Katherine:  how was your Christmas?
[16:07] <Shiral> Measure her, Stephanie
[16:07] <jp> lol
[16:07] <KK> Are you trying to make it a surprise?
[16:07] <Jestyna> is it meant to be a surprise Stephanie? can't you just size her up?
[16:08] <StephanieG> I was actually thinking of e-mailing her mentoring priest who is approximately the same size and build. She also makes her own stoles and would gladly let me borrow one for a present.
[16:08] <Mistyck> Stephanie:  how petite is she?  I'm pretty small
[16:08] <KK> Ah!  There's your answer.
[16:08] <Shiral> Sounds like a good plan
[16:08] <StephanieG> Not a huge suprise. I talked with her this morning about length.
[16:08] <Tika> hehehe 
[16:08] <Martine> LOL!
[16:08] <Lady_Marian> Thankfully, my kitty is asleep... not interfering with the computer for a change.
[16:09] <RainTurtle> My kitties have been pouncing on imaginary mice
[16:09] <jm> She just wants to join the group
[16:09] <Mistyck> I have a sleepy doggie at my feet since he had to have his Benadryl
[16:09] <Shiral> Which I'm trying to discourage
[16:09] <kirienne> Stephanie, that is a nice present you're going to make for her
[16:09] <Shiral> Very nice, I'm sure it will be appreciated
[16:09] <jp> size doesn't matter, it's what she does with it that counts
[16:09] <Martine> My kitty is trying to find a way to make the window disappear so she can pounce on whatever's got her riled outside.
[16:09] <Lady_Marian> Would it be selfish of me to ask for positive thoughts and prayers for my job search from all of you?
[16:09] <StephanieG> KK: In answer to your earlier question, Yes! The Ganger family had a wonderful Christmas. Amazing what a difference letting the kids take as long as they want for each present will make for how pleasant the day goes.
[16:09] <Martine> Not at all, Marian!
[16:09] <KK> No, size doesn't matter ultimately, but it's still good if it isn't too wide or too long.
[16:09] <Shiral> Katherine, did you get any writing done this week
[16:09] <RainbowDragon> Katherine: did you have a chance to do any writing?
[16:10] <kirienne> Bernie, not selfish at all. You can count on prayers from me
[16:10] <Shiral> Job woodgies coming your way, Marian
[16:10] <RainbowDragon> GMTA, Shiral
[16:10] <RainTurtle> Marion: I'll "light a candle" for you
[16:10] <Shiral> Precisely, RD
[16:10] <Lady_Marian> It's scary coming out of the academic world and having to apply what one has learned to real life!
[16:10] * Mistyck sends Lady Marian lots of job search woodgies
[16:10] <jp> Always the same old questions!
[16:10] <Shiral> But at least you HAVE the knowledge, Berni
[16:10] <KK> Yes, I got some writing done.  I got Alyce and Marie enrolled at the Arc-en-Ciel Convent school.
[16:10] <Martine> Whoo hoo!
[16:10] <Lady_Marian> :)
[16:10] <jm> Great!
[16:10] <Shiral> Excellent
[16:10] <kirienne> :-) KK
[16:10] <Shiral> =o)
[16:10] <Mistyck> woohoo Katherine!
[16:11] <Martine> It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas at Holybrooke :-)
[16:11] <Jestyna> wow.... getting any writing done over the holidays is an accomplishment.. congrats!
[16:11] <Shiral> Many woodgies coming your way for good writing in the week to come
[16:11] <KK> Bernadette, I gather you're job-hunting?
[16:11] <Shiral> HUGE accomplishment, yes
[16:11] <Lady_Marian> I'm looking forward to getting to read for pleasure again too...
[16:11] <Lady_Marian> Yes... I graduated from Mansfield University on Dec 14th
[16:11] <Lady_Marian> The reason I was away from the NG and the chat for so long...
[16:11] * Jestyna frowns at the resident typo daemon again...
[16:11] <Shiral> I sure didn't get any writing done this week <G>
[16:11] <StephanieG> Congratulation on the graduation!
[16:11] <KK> We had a very good Christmas.  The cats got two great catnip toys from my mother.  Jessicat found the package first.
[16:12] <Lady_Marian> I was not spending enough time studying because I was online so much so I made the sacrifice
[16:12] <Mistyck> cool...Katherine...Chance made a beeline for his Santa package too
[16:12] <Martine> And how long were the Deryni kitties high on catnip? <g>
[16:12] <KK> Woo-hoo, Bernie!  Congratulations!
[16:12] <Shiral> Very wise, now you can participate without guilt
[16:12] <RainbowDragon> KK: what does Arc-en-Ciel translate to?
[16:12] <KK> Rainbow, Rainbow.  :-)
[16:12] <RainTurtle> arc en ciel = rainbow
[16:12] <Lady_Marian> *giggle* I thought my chemistry class was going to keep me from graduating but I did it--magna cum laude
[16:12] <RainbowDragon> Thanks!
[16:13] <Shiral> Wow, that's quite an accomplishment, Marian
[16:13] * Mistyck takes her hat off to Lady Marian
[16:13] <Jestyna> Very well done Marian!
[16:13] <Martine> Excellent job, Marian!
[16:13] * kirienne gives Lady Marian a big hug
[16:13] <Lady_Marian> *blushes* thank you...
[16:13] <jm> Very good Marian
[16:13] <Kiri`> Woo congrats Berni! *hug*
[16:13] <Mistyck> that's a HECK of an accomplishment!
[16:13] <KK> Magna, along with chemistry courses.  Wow!
[16:13] <Lady_Marian> And my family was incredibly supportive... couldn't have done it without my husband!
[16:13] <Shiral> Chemistry -- always a downfall
[16:14] <Mistyck> 'twas mine, Shiral :D
[16:14] <KK> What's the degree in?  Is it a BS?
[16:14] <Lady_Marian> This was an intro course for a gen ed requirement... and the prof was brand new to teaching...
[16:14] <Mistyck> ouch, Marian
[16:14] <Lady_Marian> B.S. in Mass Communication with emphasis in broadcasting.
[16:14] <Mistyck> that's always hard
[16:14] <jm> Those are always fun
[16:14] <KK> Ah.  Well, it's still an accomplishment!
[16:14] <Lady_Marian> But I have all but two classes necessary for a Public Relations degree too
[16:14] * kirienne is glad of the fact she never had to have any chemistry classes, sounds verra complicated
[16:14] <Mistyck> cool!
[16:14] <Shiral> And you're going to broadcast chemistry??
[16:14] <KK> LOL
[16:14] <Lady_Marian> Nope! LOL
[16:14] <Jestyna> lol
[16:14] <RainbowDragon> KK: another question please... where is this convent located?
[16:14] * Kiri` is still considering quantum physics..
[16:14] <Samuel> mass comunication????  advertising.
[16:15] <jp> *giggle*
[16:15] <Shiral> I'm likely to blow out a wall if I take chemistry
[16:15] <KK> Not too far north of Rhemuth.
[16:15] <Lady_Marian> I'm looking at civil service, in public affairs...
[16:15] <RainbowDragon> Thank you, Katherine :-)
[16:15] <jm> I did that- not a wall but caused a bang
[16:15] <jp> how far north is too far?
[16:15] <Lady_Marian> Its' a job that would allow me to still do my own private writing
[16:15] <Jestyna> I rather liked chemistry... it made more sense than some of the other subjects.. at least you can see the results of what you're doing
[16:15] <KK> A few hours' ride.
[16:15] <Kiri`> Katherine - what road is it along? *has become curious*
[16:15] <Shiral> Hygilac is busy with family today, but she wishes everyone a very happy New Year and says she'll be back next Sunday
[16:15] <Lady_Marian> making a map, Kiri? :)
[16:16] <Kiri`> Berni - nope.. that's someone else's job.. just wondering =)
[16:16] <Lady_Marian> Jestyna, I'd have enjoyed it if the prof had been more competent!
[16:16] <KK> Probably just off the main road north along the river toward Valoret.
[16:16] <Mistyck> Marian:  there IS a Deryni Atlas being worked on right now
[16:16] <Jestyna> true enough Marian, the professor makes all the difference!
[16:16] <Mistyck> Ann/ghostgames is going to publish it
[16:16] <Lady_Marian> Oh, neat! All the news I've missed! 
[16:16] <Martine> With forests and cities and castles and cathedrals.... oh my!
[16:16] <kirienne> it's gonna be so cool when it gets done, (the Atlas)
[16:16] <RainTurtle> I enjoyed Organic Chemistry...
[16:16] <RainTurtle> <-- nerd
[16:16] <Shiral> You've got some Deryni homework to do now, Marian <G>
[16:17] * Sedina really enjoyed chemistry, but considering that's one of her degrees, that's likely a good thing
[16:17] <Shiral> Probably, Sedina
[16:17] <Jestyna> Rainturtle.. that's only nerdy if you think it is.. I don't think it is
[16:17] <Lady_Marian> Oh yes... BTW, I FINALLY picked up the book of stories and got to read it this week and I am IMPRESSED!
[16:17] <RainTurtle> :)
[16:17] * Martine enjoyed computer science and electrical engineering..... <----Big Geek
[16:17] <Lady_Marian> I loved them all but I really loved yours, Melissa!
[16:17] <Shiral> *Blush* Thanks, Marian!
[16:17] <Shiral> Music to my ears
[16:17] * kirienne never had any of those classes either
[16:18] <jp> i just read that too
[16:18] *** Barticus has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:18] <Mistyck> hi Bart
[16:18] <jm> Hey Electrical Engineering is fun
[16:18] <kirienne> hi Bart
[16:18] <Shiral> Hello Barticus
[16:18] <Tika> Bart!
[16:18] <RainTurtle> hi, Barticus
[16:18] <Barticus> howdy all!
[16:18] <Lady_Marian> Hi Bart!
[16:18] <jm> Hi Bart
[16:18] <Kiri`> hi bart
[16:18] <KK> Yo, in the cornfields, Barticus!
[16:18] * Barticus waves to all from the crop circles of Iowa
[16:18] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Martine, what's my Dad? He graduated with a double-major in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. :)
[16:18] <Martine> Hi Bart!
[16:18] * Tika drove around a lot yesterday and saw very few crop circles :P
[16:18] <Tika> LOL
[16:18] <Barticus> wow there sure is a lot of people here today
[16:18] * Shiral doesn't have ANY engineering degrees of any kind
[16:18] <Sedina> hi Bart!
[16:19] <kirienne> LOL tika
[16:19] * Mistyck still thinks it's a really cool idea to hide a portal in crop circles.
[16:19] <Jestyna> lol Martine.. I was going to say how horrible I found my Engineering physics classes because the professor thought that women didn't belong in Engineering.. but I thought it was too geeky.. I should have known better
[16:19] <Barticus> looks like christsas dinner with my family
[16:19] * Lady_Marian wonders if she is crazy for contemplating a Master's Degree already...
[16:19] <Martine> LOL, Jestyna! Luckily that wasn't the problem at my school - they were courting women.
[16:19] <jm> Go while it is fresh
[16:19] <Shiral> Yikes, Marian! Give it six months, at least
[16:19] <Martine> I didn't walk out with an EE degree, but as a Computer Science major, half the classes were shared with EE.
[16:19] <jm> Tougher after a few years
[16:19] * Barticus how do you think I get around so quickly Mistyck
[16:19] <Mistyck> lol
[16:20] <Lady_Marian> I'd like to find an employer who will help pay for it!
[16:20] <Shiral> Verra practical
[16:20] <Jestyna> Master's is a lot of work.. what would your thesis be on Martine?
[16:20] <jp> I gotta go as my life is no longer worth living, and if i stay any longer it won't be worth living some more. If I'm still living next week I'll see you all then, BYESIES
[16:20] <Lady_Marian> And while I'm dreaming, pay for trips to the UK and Ireland too! *giggle*
[16:20] <jm> Lot of companies assist now adays
[16:20] <Mistyck> nite JP
[16:20] *** jp has left #Deryni_Destinations
[16:20] <Barticus> bye jp
[16:20] <Martine> It's a bachelor's degree, Jestyna. We didn't have to do a thesis.
[16:20] <KK> Bye, jp.  Happy New Year!
[16:20] <jm> Now you're going some
[16:20] <kirienne> that would be the ideal thing . I shall put a spell on your employer if you like, once you get one of course
[16:21] <Martine> LOL, Marian! I'm saving pennies myself for summer in Ireland :-)
[16:21] <Jestyna> oh.. wasn't it you who said you were comtemplating a masters? /me scrolls up...
[16:21] <Shiral> The "T" word keeps me from wanting an advanced degree
[16:21] <Lady_Marian> Oh, I had TWO of my papers published by the Uni last year! :)
[16:21] <Lady_Marian> Only for on campus use but still!
[16:21] <Martine> That was Marian on the masters
[16:21] <Martine> Cool, Marian!
[16:21] <Jestyna> I see that... oops.
[16:21] <Shiral> Very impressive, Marian
[16:22] <Lady_Marian> I'm looking at doing it on communication issues with children's so-called educational television and commercialism
[16:22] <Martine> Very cool! I couldn't even get into a writing class at my university! <laugh>
[16:22] <Lady_Marian> But I've got time to work it out...
[16:22] <Lady_Marian> Anyway, "Beowulf and the Mark of Cain" won the best long critical essay for 2001 and
[16:22] <Jestyna> I'm sighed up for a scripting class and creative writing at a college in January.. I am so looking forward to it
[16:23] <Lady_Marian> "Color Symbolism in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" came in third for best literature review.
[16:23] <RainTurtle> well done
[16:23] <Shiral> Okay, who ELSE feels like an underachiever, here?
[16:23] <Shiral> =o)
[16:23] <Lady_Marian> I still want to take classes in more Medieval Lit though...
[16:23] <KK> Hey, speaking of Beowulf, did you guys see the news this morning that a Tolkien translation of Beowulf has just been found?
[16:23] * Martine raises her hand next to Shiral's
[16:23] <Kiri`> no  i hadn't heard that..
[16:23] * Jestyna puts up here hand... I thought I did a lot
[16:23] <Martine> Really! cool!
[16:23] <Shiral> Oh wow, cool
[16:23] <Lady_Marian> hey, Shiral, you've been PROFESSIONALLY published! Mine was just in-house!
[16:23] <jm> No, that would be interesting
[16:23] <Lady_Marian> *giggle*
[16:23] <Samuel> Lady_Marian: if you have a copy on your computer still, would you forward the Color Symbolism essay to me please????
[16:24] <Lady_Marian> Sure!
[16:24] <Barticus> no I hadn't
[16:24] <Shiral> Well, yes, but I had an INCREDIBLY lucky break <G>
[16:24] <kirienne> Oh cool Kathrine, I wanna read that one
[16:24] * Shiral points at KK
[16:24] <Shiral> A lot of help from this nice author, you se...
[16:24] <Shiral> see, too
[16:24] <StephanieG> I wonder how long til they publish his translation?
[16:24] <Lady_Marian> Samuel, email me at to remind me!
[16:24] <KK> Yeah, 4 volumes found at the bottom of a box of manuscripts at Oxford, I think by a researcher who's always been a Tolkien fan and couldn't believe his good luck.
[16:24] <Martine> Are you saying Dhugal at Court is all KK's fault, then?
[16:24] * Martine ducks
[16:25] <Martine> I wonder how long until it's published?
[16:25] <StephanieG> Oh wow! That will be exciting to see if they can get it into print!
[16:25] <KK> Puts Seamus Heaney's translation in the dirt.  And it's clear where a lot of the background for his Elvish came from.  :-)
[16:25] <Shiral> No, part of it is MY fault, you wicked girl
[16:25] <Shiral> <G>
[16:25] * Martine rubs her hands in impatient anticipation
[16:25] <jm> What a find
[16:25] <Lady_Marian> I hope it is soon! I have the Heaney translation but I'm collecting others
[16:25] <KK> Tolkien's is much more poetical, as one might expect.
[16:25] <Lady_Marian> :)
[16:25] * kirienne wants a copy of that translation. also wants to learn to speak elvish
[16:26] <Martine> Good! I found the Heaney translation almost... dare I say... boring.
[16:26] <RainbowDragon> Is it to be published, KK?
[16:26] <Shiral> That's a good ambition for 2003, I think...Learning Elvish
[16:26] <RainTurtle> The background for his Elvish had already been rather clear....
[16:26] <KK> Seems to me that Elvish would be a whole lot more useful than Klingon, anyway.  Sounds a lot like Gaelic.
[16:26] <Shiral> Martine, resist the urge to start up with Chaucer
[16:26] <Shiral> <G>
[16:26] <Lady_Marian> For my paper I used the translation in Crossley-Holland's THE ANGLO-SAXON WORLD
[16:26] <Martine> Ack! Shiral, I'm still trying to relearn Latin and learn Irish! Now I have to learn Elvish, too???
[16:26] <kirienne> I asked Santa for THE ELF, but he didn't deliver him to me
[16:26] <Shiral> I'm NOT about to learn Klingon!
[16:26] <Martine> Shiral.... it's all your fault.....
[16:27] <Shiral> Rats, Jasta must have diverted the package, Kirienne
[16:27] <KK> It'll definitely be published; not sure about the timeframe.
[16:27] <Martine> "Whan in Aprille with his shoures soote...."
[16:27] <Mistyck> no chaucer
[16:27] <Lady_Marian> LOL!
[16:27] <jm> I don't know you never know when your going to bump into a Klingon at your local movie store
[16:27] * Martine puts duct tape on her mouth before she can continue
[16:27] <Shiral> If you'd adopted a  male cat, you'd have had to name him Chaucer, Martine
[16:27] <Mistyck> lol, Martine
[16:27] <Martine> Don't think I wouldn't have, Shiral!
[16:27] <kirienne> well, if the package went to Jasta, I'll share. she needs elf huggles really bad
[16:28] <RainTurtle> *learned some Klingon when studying Artificial Languages in SocioLinguistics*
[16:28] <Lady_Marian> I came *fingertips together* this close to stopping in at the local shelter and adopting a new cat yesterday...
[16:28] <Lady_Marian> ...but we can't afford it right now...
[16:28] <Martine> Where do you live, Marian?
[16:28] <RainbowDragon> How is Jasta doing?
[16:28] <Lady_Marian> Mansfield, PA... north central PA near the NY state line...
[16:29] <Martine> Ah... so close, and yet so far....
[16:29] <kirienne> when I heard from her a week ago, she said she'd join us again after getting some bills paid
[16:29] <Lady_Marian> ... but depending on where i find work, I'll be hopefully moving soon.
[16:29] <KK> Ah, hes, has anyone heard from Jasta?
[16:29] <Martine> I know a very sweet 18-month old kitty at my city's shelter who is badly in need of a home.
[16:29] <Lady_Marian> and I don't want to have to teach TWO cats about a new "only home"
[16:29] <Samuel> hehehe!  Right on the other side of PA from ME!
[16:29] <Martine> No Jasta news on the Atlas list that I've found :-(
[16:29] <Shiral> I haven't heard anything from her, sounds like Kirienne has, though
[16:30] <Lady_Marian> Well, I get the impression that I could move just about anywhere in the U.S. and find deryni fans though!
[16:30] <KK> Martine, you and Arwen definitely need a second cat.
[16:30] <Martine> I agree, Katherine, but John unfortunately doesn't.
[16:30] <Mistyck> yes Marian, even in Houston, Texas :D
[16:30] *** VirtualBabe has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:30] <Shiral> Pretty close, Lady Marian <G>
[16:30] <Shiral> Hello VB
[16:30] <RainTurtle> hi, VB
[16:30] <Sedina> hi, VB
[16:30] <Barticus> howdy vb
[16:30] <jm> Hi VB
[16:30] <RainTurtle> Not just the US, either
[16:30] <Mistyck> hi VB
[16:30] <Martine> Poor little Bonnie kitty has been in the shelter since last May or June, and is getting more and more depressed :-(
[16:30] <KK> But two don't eat twice as much as one, and they aren't twice the work--though they <are> twice the fun!
[16:30] <VirtualBabe> Hi all, and a slightly early happy new year to you
[16:30] <Sedina> Martine - you do know that Linda was contemplating getting you the "One cat leads to another" button at Darkover  :)
[16:31] <kirienne> I sent her a e-card of THE ELF, I thought she needed a huggle, and when she wrote to thank me, she said to tell everyone she'll be back after paying a couple of bills
[16:31] <Shiral> How very true <G>
[16:31] <Martine> Lol, Sedina! John would have killed me!
[16:31] <Martine> Katherine, when we're in Ireland will you help me work on my stubborn hubby? ;-)
[16:31] <KK> YES!
[16:31] <Lady_Marian> BRB, the toddler is having a hissy fit...
[16:31] <kirienne> Hi VB
[16:31] <Shiral> Just pile the cats on his lap, Martine <G>
[16:31] <RainTurtle> Speaking of kitties, though,....I just got another.  Six now.
[16:31] <Martine> Bonnie is absolutely adorable, but hopefully by this summer she'll already have a home.
[16:31] <Martine> LOL, Shiral!
[16:32] <Shiral> He won't be able to get up
[16:32] <Martine> Bonnie is all white except for a brown and black tabby patch around one eye and ear.
[16:32] * VirtualBabe wishes she could have a kitty of her own
[16:32] * Jestyna has a dog... the cat passed away about 2 years ago... at age 18... haven't had the heart to get another...
[16:32] <RainbowDragon> kirienne: does that mean Jasta finally found a job? *fingers crossed*
[16:32] * Barticus has enough animals
[16:32] <Martine> I love the plan, Shiral! Before he can escape from Deryni cats I'll have flown home and picked up the second cat!
[16:33] <Shiral> LOL
[16:33] <Lady_Marian> OK.. I'm back... crisis diverted... :)
[16:33] <kirienne> She didn't say, but I have heard from others that she's still looking
[16:33] <RainTurtle> :)
[16:33] <Shiral> And Katherine will just keep piling the cats back on his lap
[16:33] <Shiral> <G>
[16:33] <KK> Yay, second cat, Martine!
[16:33] <Martine> :-( Kirienne
[16:33] <KK> He won't be able to resist my 5 charmers.
[16:33] <jm> Talk about evil sceaming women- from a husband's perspective- kidding
[16:33] <Barticus> thats an idea deryni cats
[16:33] <Shiral> Especially not all at once, Katherine
[16:33] * VirtualBabe pictures a kitty warding it's kitty litter
[16:34] <Kelos_al-Hazar> My sister found a job right here in town...that pays better than her accounting she's moving back to Clanton...
[16:34] <RainTurtle> cool, Kelos  :D
[16:34] <Martine> I'm counting on it, Katherine! Arwen needs a little sister or brother.
[16:34] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Now when I get well, may my job search be as successful.
[16:35] <KK> Is Bonnie the friend Arwen had to leave behind at the shelter?
[16:35] * kirienne sends job getting woodgies to Kelos
[16:35] <Martine> One of them, yes.
[16:35] <VirtualBabe> well, Kelos, I'm sending you some good-job angel light
[16:35] <RainTurtle> *will light a candle for you, too, Kelos*
[16:35] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Mine's a bit complicated by the fact that I can't drive due to vision difficulties.
[16:35] <Shiral> BRB, Must feed beasts
[16:35] <KK> I hope you <are> feeling better, Kelos.
[16:35] <Martine> OMIGOD! I just checked the shelter's web site, and Bonnie's listing disappeared since Christmas! She found a home! WHOOO
[16:35] <RainTurtle> :D :D :D
[16:35] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Slowly, slowly...
[16:35] <Barticus> awesome
[16:36] <kirienne> good for bonie
[16:36] * Barticus can't stand the idea of a cat in shelter
[16:36] <VirtualBabe> It's always nice when a fur-person gets a home
[16:36] <KK> I hope it's a good home.  Kitties aren't just for Christmas, after all.
[16:36] <Kelos_al-Hazar> But I'm sick and tired of feeling sick, tired and hurting...
[16:36] <KK> Bart, better in the shelter than killed in the shelter, or killed on the road or worse.
[16:36] <Jestyna> Ya, holiday gifts of pets doesn't always work out so well
[16:36] <kirienne> did you get the nasty flu kelos?
[16:36] <Martine> So do I, Katherine. But considering how timid, shy, and depressed Bonnie was, I don't think she'd be a Christmas impulse pick.
[16:36] <Barticus> yup that is where I got precious
[16:36] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Quite possibly, yes...
[16:36] <VirtualBabe> our local SPCA won't adopt pets for christmas
[16:37] <Martine> More likely she was adopted by someone who really loves kitties in need.
[16:37] <Lady_Marian> I got my cats about six weeks after a holiday in each case...
[16:37] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Started off as sinus drainage, but it's not good.
[16:37] <KK> Martine, can you find out?
[16:37] * kirienne sends healing to Kelos
[16:38] <Jestyna> Too bad it didn't really work that way Kirienne
[16:38] * Kelos_al-Hazar thinks of the other possibility and mutters in anger
[16:38] <jm> There is a bug running around down here, three of my kids got clobbered by it- starts off with sinus problems
[16:38] <Martine> I can ask the next time I drop off food donations :-)
[16:38] <Martine> They don't have many cats listed now, so it's highly unlikely she was put to sleep as unadoptable. They have plenty of room.
[16:38] <kirienne> well Jestyna, one can always hope
[16:38] <StephanieG> hmm I was looking for the story of the Tolkien translation of Beowulf and discovered that it was published in Nov 2002. You can get it on Amazon it is called Beowulf and the Critics.
[16:38] <Jestyna> Tis the season for bugs of all kinds... I really hope to avoid it this year...
[16:38] <Lady_Marian> rescued them from being dumped by people who "didn't realize they'd be so much work"
[16:38] <Shiral> I'm back, now I don't have to type between cat lets
[16:38] <Lady_Marian> grrr
[16:38] <Shiral> legs
[16:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Some shelters get adoptions from people who are actually adopting to give the luckless animal over to a laboratory... :(
[16:39] <Jestyna> lol Shiral
[16:39] <Barticus> that thought I did not need
[16:39] <Shiral> No, definitely not
[16:39] * VirtualBabe growls at those people who adopt for labs
[16:39] <Lady_Marian> That's HORRIBLE!
[16:39] <kirienne> thanks Stephanie, I will have to look for it
[16:39] <Martine> Our city shelter does background checks on everyone, Kelos.
[16:39] <Kelos_al-Hazar> People like that should be fed, slowly, to a grinder.
[16:40] * Shiral must start planning trip to Europe for a chance to see KK and Cats and House
[16:40] <Barticus> we can arrange that
[16:40] <VirtualBabe> people like that should be used as lab animals
[16:40] <Sedina> most shelters these days will do background checks before they'll allow an adoption
[16:40] <KK> These days, I think that most shelters "vet" the prospective "parents," and mostly won't sell to labs.
[16:40] <Lady_Marian> My sister donates food to a no-kill shelter in Dayton, OH
[16:40] <Kelos_al-Hazar> Not all ASPCA shelters have the $$$ to do background checks, though.
[16:40] <Jestyna> I guess I'm not surprised it happens.. but its not like they do repeat business.. surely the shelters track who adopts pets?
[16:40] <Mistyck> Katherine:  was Santa good to you at Christmas?
[16:40] <KK> Yes, Santa was good.
[16:40] <Shiral> =o)
[16:40] <Martine> :-)
[16:40] <Mistyck> :D
[16:41] <RainbowDragon> 8-D 
[16:41] <Barticus> :-)
[16:41] <Shiral> It's funny to see all the different emoticons
[16:41] <Jestyna> :)
[16:41] <KK> I'm wearing a great sweatshirt that my mother sent--has a cartoon cat sprawled on a stack of books, and says:  Books.  Cats. Life is good.
[16:41] <Jestyna> I was thinking the same things Shiral
[16:41] <RainTurtle> :)
[16:41] <Tika> hehehe
[16:41] <Martine> I've seen that sweatshirt! It's great!
[16:41] <Shiral> I've got a bookbag with that design, Katherine, <G>
[16:41] * Barticus snicker
[16:41] <VirtualBabe> speaking of books, I found a new book yesterday
[16:41] <Jestyna> Sounds like a great sweat shirt!
[16:41] <KK> Yep, my mother knows about these things.
[16:41] <Shiral> I used it to haul Christmas presents around
[16:41] <Martine> LOL! I almost sent the mug version over to Holybrooke.
[16:41] <Shiral> She knows YOU, Katherine =o)
[16:42] <KK> She also sent me a little china plaque that says, "I smile because you are my daughter.  I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."  :-)
[16:42] <RainTurtle> lol
[16:42] <Barticus> LOL
[16:42] <Martine> ROTFL!!!
[16:42] <Mistyck> that's really funny
[16:42] <Jestyna> ROFL
[16:42] <KK> It is soooo apt!
[16:42] <kirienne> LOL Kathrine, that is verra nice
[16:42] <VirtualBabe> ROTFL
[16:42] <Tika> LOL
[16:42] <kirienne> and funny
[16:42] <Tika> I need one of those :)
[16:42] <Jestyna> Sounds like my mother!
[16:42] <Shiral> LOL
[16:42] <jm> very true
[16:42] <Barticus> sounds like something my family would say
[16:42] <Lady_Marian> Katherine, before I forget to ask again (meant to ask you last year when I was last here) are there any plans to do another printing of LAMMAS NIGHT?
[16:42] <KK> I have a really neat mother.  Shiral has met her.
[16:42] <StephanieG> LOL my mother-in law got a pillow like that from her sister.

(to be continued...)


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