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KK Chat - Dec. 15, 2002 (pt. 2)
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:00:55 pm »
KK Chat - Dec. 15, 2002, pt. 2

[16:33] <hygilac> what is Ikea?
[16:33] <Devin> :steps away from the firestorm about to fall on jp.
[16:33] <Olympia> I like English Country or Tuscan decore myself.
[16:33] <Shiral> But it's way up in the East Bay where traffic is horrendous
[16:33] <Mistyck> furniture, Linda
[16:33] <Martine> It's a cheap furniture & home decorating store, Linda.
[16:33] <Debbie-VB> not to the swedes and danes JP
[16:33] <Martine> Most of it has a very modern look.
[16:33] <Olympia> Scandinavian furniture Linda - simple, plain and not too expensive
[16:33] <Martine>
[16:33] <Shiral> For people with ordinary budgets
[16:33] <KK> Kind of cool stuff, though.  I wish we had it here.
[16:33] <Carol> Saying "Swedish/Danish, same difference" is like saying "Cassani/Claibourne... same difference"
[16:33] <hygilac> ah
[16:33] <Devin> Linda: usually with some component of modularity and assemble-yourself.
[16:33] <hygilac> lol
[16:33] <jp> Oooops.
[16:33] <Shiral> LOL, Carol
[16:33] <Debbie-VB> does most of it still come in kits ready to assemble?
[16:33] <Martine> Unless you are both, like me, Carol ;-)
[16:33] <Olympia> Ah yes. Some Assembly Required.
[16:33] <Carol> they're both highlanders!
[16:33] <Barticus> well I need to get going all, if Don't see you for next weeks chat have a safe and Merry Christmas
[16:33] <KK> I mostly don't care for their furniture, but some of their accessory items are cool.
[16:33] <Wrengl> uses real wood, though, instead of particle board
[16:33] <Shiral> There's an Ikea in Carthmoor?
[16:34] <Barticus> bye all
[16:34] <StephanieG> I just redid our entire sunday school room in IKEA. We needed a ton of new bookshelves for the GodlyPlay program we are doing.
[16:34] <Devin> Carol: beautiful analogy.
[16:34] <Olympia> You too Barticus
[16:34] <Mak> Same to you, Bart!
[16:34] <Wrengl> cya barticus
[16:34] * kirienne wants big chunky wooden medieval style furniture
[16:34] <bynw> cya Barticus
[16:34] <Martine> Their Abo bookcase is nice - doesn't have that sleek metal/modern look to it.
[16:34] <hygilac>  bye Bart
[16:34] <Carol> by bart
[16:34] * Barticus waves as he disappears in to the crop circles
[16:34] <Mistyck> bye Bart
[16:34] <jm> Bye Bart
[16:34] <Martine> More country with beadboard backing :-)
[16:34] <Shiral> Bye Bart
[16:34] *** Barticus has quit IRC (QUIT: Leaving)
[16:34] <KK> Nighters, barticus.
[16:34] <Martine> Bye Bart!
[16:34] <Wrengl> they also have good, inexpensive, stainless steel cookware
[16:34] <Mak> Ah, I love that sleek, modern look! :)
[16:34] <Shiral> Kirinne, I'd love a four poster bed with curtains, myself
[16:34] * Devin found the perfect computer desk at Ikea last trip there. Now to scrounge $129 plus tax, after getting bills paid.
[16:34] <jp> I seem to have opened up the whole Swedish/Danish can of worms
[16:34] * kirienne doens't like modern decor, or the country look either
[16:34] <Shiral> Except that the cats would climb the curtains
[16:34] <Carol> that's co:okwa:re w/ the umlauts over the first o and the a
[16:35] <StephanieG> Candles!!! They have wonderful UNSCENTED candles there and at the best prices plus they don't drip or smoke!
[16:35] <hygilac> no curtains, Shiral
[16:35] <hygilac> cats would have to climb them
[16:35] <Devin> StephanieG: oh, hey, that's an excellent point about having a bed with drapes. The cats will climb them. So choose -- pixiebobs, or bed with drapes.
[16:35] <Shiral> What a choice, Stephanie <G>
[16:35] <Carol> Katherine:  are you doing any special seminars at Gen Con US this year?
[16:36] <kirienne> LOL Devin. I don't have cats so bed curtains would be verra nice
[16:36] <StephanieG> Devin: You already said no drapes a couple of years ago. Besides I AM getting a pixiebob.
[16:36] * Devin is already rooting for pixiebobs, himself.
[16:36] <Wrengl> i am not much for modern furniture but some of their things are still nice we got a nice table there for the studio
[16:36] <Mak> So, does that mean I'd need an *8* poster bed?? To have enough curtains? <G>
[16:36] <Martine> Devin, depends on the cat. Mine doesn't climb anything unless you teach her to.
[16:36] <KK> Carol, I have no idea.  I've never been to a GenCon, and don't know what they do.
[16:36] <KK> I'll do whatever Ann asks me to do.
[16:36] <Carol> ooohhh Ann!!
[16:36] <Devin> And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a practical example of "arranging the choices so you know the outcome."
[16:36] <Ghostgames> I have to contact Peter Adkisson and let him know that Katherine will be coming to GenCon US as well as GenCon UK. I'm sure he'll let us schedule all sorts of fun stuff. :-)
[16:36] <Carol> cool
[16:36] <bynw> cool
[16:36] <KK> Can we wear costumes?
[16:36] <Mistyck> that's gonna be a blast
[16:37] <Carol> oh yes!!!
[16:37] <bynw> yes
[16:37] <Debbie-VB> and gencon US is where?
[16:37] <Carol> please do!
[16:37] <Ghostgames> BTW, Katherine, that reminds me -- I need a short bio and picture I can send them so they can start advertising your guest status...
[16:37] <Devin> One of these years, I'll make it to GenCon.
[16:37] <bynw> Indy
[16:37] <hygilac> When is GenCon UK?
[16:37] <Ghostgames> If you want to wear costumes, you'd be quite welcome to!
[16:37] <KK> Can you pull what you need off my website?
[16:37] <jp> GenCon UK ? Whens that??
[16:37] <Ghostgames> GenCon UK is Easter Weekend (April), in London.
[16:37] <Carol>
[16:37] <bynw>
[16:37] <StephanieG> Easter is pretty late this year.
[16:37] <hygilac> okay; gonna try to get David to go
[16:37] <Carol> though that's still the old one... sorry.  that still said Milwaukee
[16:37] <Shiral> April 21st I think
[16:38] <Devin> Yeah -- WotC is out of GenCon now.
[16:38] <StephanieG> April 20th is Easter.
[16:38] <Shiral> Off by one day
[16:38] <Shiral> <G>
[16:38] <Devin> This last year was their last, IIRC.
[16:38] <Olympia> I want to go to GenCon UK and Origins and I'm going to GenCon U.S. (Bring your earplugs, Katherine!)
[16:38] <jp> Ah, London. The old hunting ground
[16:38] <StephanieG> GenCon is apparently a privately owned entity now.
[16:38] <Mak> Those off by one errors will get you every time, Shiral! :)
[16:38] <Carol> Gen Con Indy '03  July 24th - July 27th
[16:38] <Ghostgames> Why, yes, Katherine, I can, what an ingenious idea!
[16:38] <Shiral> Yup, Mak <G>
[16:38] * Ghostgames is very embarassed she didn't think of beforehand
[16:38] <KK> I like the picture, and the info is there.
[16:38] <bynw> peter owns it now, he bought it after he sold WotC to Hasbro
[16:38] <Debbie-VB> well, I'll just keep planning for darkover '03 then
[16:39] <Shiral> Tsk tsk Ann <G>
[16:39] <Devin> StephanieG: IIRC, Peter Adkisson (former president of Wotc) bought it.
[16:39] <Olympia> Yes, Peter Adkison took it back from ::feh:: WotC!
[16:39] <Carol> what sorts of costumes, KK?  wonderful SCA sorts?
[16:39] <KK> Of course!
[16:39] <Carol> :)
[16:39] * Martine thinks it's a chance to actually FINISH her costume <g>
[16:40] <hygilac> Carl is proably the closes of us all to Indy, yes?
[16:40] * Olympia makes the sign of the devil against Hasbro
[16:40] <Shiral> Well get sewing, Martine <G>
[16:40] <Carol> Ann, maybe KK can be a "guest judge" at the Costume Contest?  Unless she can be IN it? 
[16:40] <Carol> I live in Chicago
[16:40] * bynw goes to help Tika with laundry for a moment
[16:40] <Olympia> Ann, do they have a costume contest at GenCon????
[16:40] <Carol> I'll be at GenCon, as I have been for years
[16:40] <KK> I think I'd rather judge.
[16:40] <Ghostgames> Of course they have a costume contest at GenCon!
[16:40] <Ghostgames> (I don't think they have one at Origins, though.)
[16:40] <Olympia> heh! I'm usually playing in the D&D open!!!
[16:40] <hygilac> she's a good judge; she gave me a prize at Darkover  :)
[16:40] <Devin> As long as KK doesn't end up being a booth bunny for GG!
[16:40] <Carol> I remember a Masquerade March sort of thing at Origins
[16:41] <Ghostgames> I'll let Peter know that Katherine is experienced as a costume wearer and also as a costume contest judge. :-)
[16:41] <Olympia> We will DEFINITELY have to have costumes for our Revel in November
[16:41] <Carol> don't remember if there was a full costume contest
[16:41] <Devin> I think that would be just a bit too weird to handle.
[16:41] * Gamgee wonders how many time "Knights of the Dinner Table" has been done for the costume contest.
[16:41] <Martine> DEFINITELY, Nancy! ;-)
[16:41] <Olympia> Oooo! I can judge too. Oh wait. Not That Kind of Laurel <grin>
[16:41] <Shiral> Definitely
[16:41] <the_Bee> WotC: "World of the Cats"?
[16:41] <Devin> Even though she would do it with style, grace, and panache.
[16:41] <Carol> Wizards of the Coast
[16:41] <Martine> Are you getting the collars or the chains, Olympia! <g>
[16:41] <Ghostgames> Well, I was thinking of getting a booth for Grey Ghost at GenCon (rather than being part of the Wizards Atticconglomerate), which means signings in the booth at least....
[16:41] <Shiral> I felt silly not to drag out my garb at Darkover after having packed it
[16:41] <Martine> phone
[16:41] <Wrengl> she gave thumper a prize also Linda!
[16:41] <Carol> WotC owns Magic: The Gathering and now owns AD&D
[16:42] <Olympia> Cool, Ann!
[16:42] <Devin> Signings are *not* the same thing! :)
[16:42] <Carol> Oohhh
[16:42] <Carol> a grey ghost booth!!
[16:42] <Wrengl> i never put on my garb at darkover
[16:42] <Carol> cool ann!
[16:42] <Ghostgames> As for being a booth babe, I'd leave that up to Katherine. ;-)
[16:42] <Olympia> Next year, mega garb <grin>
[16:42] <Debbie-VB> i've not played AD&D for like ages
[16:42] *** Harvey has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:42] <Olympia> Heh! I had to do a lot of booth babing!
[16:42] <Shiral> Hi Harvey
[16:42] <Wrengl> howdy harvey
[16:42] <the_Bee> hi harv
[16:42] <Shiral> Huggles
[16:42] <hygilac> Hi harvey
[16:42] <Ghostgames> Hi, Harvey!
[16:42] <jp> Hi harv
[16:42] * Wrengl  looks up and smiles at the six foot invisible rabbit
[16:42] <Mak> Hi Harvey
[16:42] <Olympia> HARVEY!!!!
[16:42] <Harvey> Hi.
[16:42] <jm> Hi Harvey
[16:42] *** Martine is now known as martine_phone
[16:42] <Mistyck> hi Harvey
[16:42] <Debbie-VB> but I'd make an interesting booth bunny
[16:43] <KK> Hello, Harvey.
[16:43] <Carol> Ann, if you get a booth, you know that Janice and I can run it, leaving you to do Ann sorts of things
[16:43] <kirienne> I need to win the lottery so I can go to the cons. I have fabric for garb, but no place to wear it
[16:43] <jp> LOL
[16:43] <RainTurtle> hi, Harvey
[16:43] <kirienne> hi Harvey
[16:43] <Harvey> I can be a booth bunny... (it's a joke...see...the name...oh, nevermind)
[16:43] * Devin now definitely wants to come to GenCon. Would help man the booth.
[16:43] <Olympia> I know that AEG isn't going to pay my way to the con, darnit! but at least I'll have books there.
[16:43] <Devin> Harvey: LOL!
[16:43] <Shiral> Harvey, Didja do a Starbucks run for us?
[16:43] <Shiral> <G>
[16:43] <Mak> lol Harvey
[16:43] <Harvey> I did at Darkover
[16:43] <Olympia> Havey, dear, you'd be at great booth boy!
[16:43] <Harvey> I would again if I make it there.
[16:43] <Olympia> Harvey and Donald SAVED US at Darkover!
[16:44] <Shiral> Yes, they did
[16:44] <Shiral> <G>
[16:44] <jp> And i could be Bunny Booth, private eye.
[16:44] <KK> Yes! The great Starbuck's run!
[16:44] <hygilac> lol, jp
[16:44] <Mak> Anyone who will do a Starbucks run is ok in my book- invisible rabbit or no! :)
[16:44] <Wrengl> lol
[16:44] <Olympia> Earned my eternal gratitude!
[16:44] <martine_phone> Can I put in a pre-order for another EggNog latte? <g>
[16:44] <Olympia> I will do just about anything for Starbucks!
[16:44] <Ghostgames> Carol: that would be /so/ cool, thanks!
[16:44] <Carol> Ann: we'll chat later about it, ok?
[16:45] <Harvey> It was fun.  But, I think you selected the two people who had never been in a Starbucks before.  We made do and the counter people were nice to the obviously lost people.
[16:45] *** martine_phone is now known as Martin
[16:45] *** Martin is now known as Martine
[16:45] <Debbie-VB> I tasted some eggnog ice cream yesterday
[16:45] <Ghostgames> Then I might even get Paul and Steffan out to run Fudge games, which they used to do before they refused on the grounds that they hated booth duty. :-)
[16:45] <Shiral> Floating trays of coffee are a little unsettling <G>
[16:45] <Olympia> Ann, I'll take a smart pill and make my room reservation - which hotel for Indy?
[16:45] <RainTurtle> wb, Martine
[16:45] <StephanieG> Olympia: We live near the Starbucks capital of the world so I don't say things like that!
[16:45] <Shiral> Hello Martin/Martine
[16:45] <Ghostgames> I'd still let you run Deryni stuff, though. I actually think you and Katherine would make a great GM team....
[16:45] <Olympia> I actually LIKE to hear about people's games 'n characters...
[16:45] <Carol> booth is my life at cons, you know that
[16:45] <Carol> and I'd so LOVE to run Deryni Fudge w/ KK!
[16:45] <Gamgee> when is gencon again?
[16:45] <Devin> Olympia: you *LIKE* ankhs & tuber stories???
[16:45] <KK> Are you sure you want to put us together?  We're bad and dangerous!
[16:45] <Olympia> July 24-27 early this year
[16:45] <Carol> I've got people talking to me now about getting in my Deryni Fudge game at the next Gen Con again
[16:46] <Carol> We've got some people hooked, Ann!
[16:46] <Shiral> That's why, Katherine! <G>
[16:46] <Debbie-VB> olympia would you like to hear about my bard character Bill Spearshaker?
[16:46] <Olympia> Yep, Devin. I mean if they play they buy books - I write sourcebooks - it's a win/win situation
[16:46] <Martine> Ann, just don't forget to tell gms that the players are supposed to win! <g>
[16:46] <Carol> KK:  shhhh... don't tell Ann we're dangerous
[16:46] <Carol> she may not let us DO anything then!
[16:46] <Ghostgames> Nancy: I dunno which hotel, I'll ask Eric if he's scoped any out yet.
[16:46] <Gamgee> rats.  too close to Pennsic and I don't have off that weekend.
[16:46] <Shiral> Now Martine, you KNOW you were having way too much fun being evil <G>
[16:46] <Carol> Ann:  how many books did you sell after my Deryni Fudge games?
[16:46] <Olympia> ok let me know as soon as possible. Oooo Pennsic... I went to Pennsic... back in '83...
[16:47] <Martine> Tons and tons of fun, Shiral! ;-)
[16:47] <Harvey> PCs supposed to win...most of the time Martine.  Most of the time.
[16:47] <Olympia> Oh, Ann - the Gamemasters Secrets book - I was laughing myself sick! it's a GREAT book!
[16:47] <Martine> Um... um... sorry about those lingering singe marks, Mistyck <g>
[16:47] <Shiral> You looked too smug, so I knew you had to be having a great time
[16:47] <Harvey> And supposed to be able to die gloriously if unable to survive.
[16:47] <Ghostgames> KK has already proven herself dangerous. I forgot to ask her to have the villain make a fatal mistake so the PCs could win, had to pull out the Mysterious Cloaked Figure to pull the PCs out of some /literal/ fire!
[16:47] <Mistyck> Ann:  my sister said some of the teenagers were asking about your D20 books at her library
[16:47] <Carol> Not the MCF again!
[16:47] <Devin> Nancy: aha. Gotcha.
[16:47] <KK> Ann is right.  She didn't warn me.  When I'm a villain, I show no quarter!
[16:47] <Carol> St. Camber preserve us
[16:47] <Shiral> I have gaming books stacked up by my bed <G>
[16:47] <Martine> Fatal mistake? Bah!
[16:47] <Carol> oh... wait... that IS the MCF
[16:47] <Mistyck> Martine, I thought I did a rather good job of getting out of the fire
[16:48] <Olympia> I'm surrounded by them in the office, Shiral.
[16:48] <Shiral> And we know from the books that Katherine sometimes lets the bad guys win <G>
[16:48] <Devin> KK: Guest villian is a fun part to play. :)
[16:48] <KK> Heh-heh-heh! 
[16:48] <Carol> wwhaaa haaa haaa!
[16:48] <KK> Yes!
[16:48] <Martine> You sure did, Mistyck! You'll never miss the lost hair...
[16:48] <Shiral> I'm not surprised, Olympia <G>
[16:48] <Olympia> I like creating them but when I play - mega tank!!! slash first, ask questions later.
[16:48] <hygilac> KK writes such villainous villains, you should have know she would be evil, Ann
[16:48] <Mistyck> lol!  It grows back
[16:48] <Debbie-VB> ma-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
[16:48] <Devin> When I was running my GURPS Deryni campaign back in college, I had a good friend of mine in the polysci department being the guest villain.
[16:48] <Gamgee> Next year, I wana play the PC with absolutely no moral values. except loyalty to the group I'm with.
[16:49] <Shiral> Sam, you did a pretty good job THIS time <G>
[16:49] <Devin> He never showed up to games; instead, we'd worked out how many agents he had, etc., and I'd give him a report after each game on what his agents told him.
[16:49] <Harvey> Next year I want to play.
[16:49] <Martine> LOl, Sam!
[16:49] <Ghostgames> Uh, Sam, what character /were/ you playing?!? ;-)
[16:49] <Mistyck> yeah, Sam...:D
[16:49] <Harvey> Of course, I was just voting to kill the entire village under the theory that you would kill the villian eventually in the process.
[16:49] <Olympia> LOL, Harvey!
[16:49] <Martine> Bad Harvey! Bad! Bad bad bad!
[16:49] <Mistyck> yep
[16:49] <Harvey> It's always worked before. 
[16:49] <Devin> He'd then give me orders based on that info (which was often incomplete or incorrect). Very effective.
[16:49] <Martine> Evil! Wicked! Hey... can I help? <g>
[16:49] <Shiral> Put him with the regents/Custodes camp <G>
[16:49] <Gamgee> Shiral: yea, but if it wern't for that damned "Won't kill for profit" flaw....
[16:50] * Olympia hands Martine the crop
[16:50] <KK> Kill them all!  God will know His own!
[16:50] <Mak> I don't know- sounds reasonable to me, Harvey! :)
[16:50] <Shiral> Ah, I see
[16:50] <StephanieG> lol
[16:50] * Martine brandishes the crop and starts strapping on the armor.
[16:50] <Martine> C'mon Harvey! Hurry up! Let's go!
[16:50] <Shiral> And here I always thought Katherine was so wholesome. <G>
[16:50] <kirienne> LOL Harvey, villaneously evil
[16:50] <Ghostgames> Devin: sounds like a /great/ way to run a PBEM game, too!
[16:50] <Harvey> Rock!
[16:50] <jp> someone will have to explain all of this to me one of these days
[16:50] <KK> Not when I'm playing a villain.
[16:50] <Olympia> I ain't sayin' nuthing, Shiral.
[16:50] <Mistyck> Katherine:  I have a military patch that says "Nuke 'Em All, Let God Sort 'Em Out"
[16:50] <hygilac> Kk is not this viscious ting
[16:50] <Carol> jp... what is needed to be explained?
[16:50] <KK> Yep, Mistyck.  Same theory.
[16:50] <Harvey> Back in the day some friends and I wasted the entire village from Assassin's Knot (I think it was D&D module L2).
[16:50] <Carol> gaming?
[16:51] <Harvey> We just gave up on plot and wasted everybody.
[16:51] <Olympia> Katherine and I have had a mutually beneficial influence on each other <evil grin>
[16:51] <RainTurtle> lol
[16:51] <KK> Yes.
[16:51] <jp> yup
[16:51] <Debbie-VB> LOL
[16:51] * Shiral raises her eyebrows at Olympia
[16:51] <Martine> And now Nancy is training me <g>
[16:51] <Mistyck> lol
[16:51] <Olympia> mwahahahahaha!
[16:51] <Wrengl> lol
[16:51] <Shiral> Somehow, I'm not surprised, Olympia <G>
[16:51] <Mistyck> it's a good thing that there are some of us fast thinking players..otherwise you villians would have no fun
[16:51] <Gamgee> OH!  Nasty me!!!!  I have the campaign for next year......  with a lot of modifications.......
[16:51] <KK> Olympia, I've already told Martine that she's sort of like me 20 years ago.  ;-)
[16:51] <Devin> Ann: yeah, that could work. It's also fun to have multiple groups of PCs who are communicating via agents/couriers and do that. :)
[16:52] <duck> the network of leading one another astray is revealed
[16:52] <Martine> Hee hee hee! <g>
[16:52] <Olympia> Definitely, Katherine.
[16:52] <Martine> Impart to me your evil wisdom, oh great ones...
[16:52] <Harvey> It's like each Dark Lord of the Sith has one sidekick to train in the use of the dark side.
[16:52] * Martine kowtows
[16:52] <Olympia> Harvey, we have two rules in our group. Never get off your horse; never take off your armor.
[16:52] <Carol> jp:  we're chatting about role-playing, like D&D. there's a new game coming out, putting the characters into the Deryni universe.  You can play healers, Michaelines, lords of the manor, basic monks, any character that KK has dreamed up, we'll be able to either play or encounter
[16:52] * Debbie-VB sits back, her halo shining brightly
[16:52] <KK> Sit at the feet of the masters, Martine!
[16:52] *** Khorod has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:52] <Harvey> Don't forget never split up!  (I learned that one on Scooby Doo.)
[16:52] <Andy_Hock> Hi, Khorod.
[16:53] <Olympia> Hello Khorod
[16:53] <RainTurtle> hi
[16:53] * Martine scrambles and sits at KK's and Nancy's feet
[16:53] <the_Bee> hi Khorod
[16:53] <Wrengl> howdy khorod
[16:53] <Mak> Hi Khorod
[16:53] <kirienne> hi khorod
[16:53] <Mistyck> hi Khorod
[16:53] <Martine> Hi Khorod
[16:53] <jm> Hi Khorod
[16:53] <KK> There's a new name.  Hi, Khorod.
[16:53] <hygilac> Hi khorod
[16:53] <jp> not the whole idea of gaming as i did once play D&D and Rune Quest and Call of Chtulhu
[16:53] <Shiral> Hi Khorod
[16:53] <Khorod> hi
[16:53] <Mistyck> I like Fudge system...
[16:53] <Khorod> just looking in
[16:53] <duck> time for me to head off so i can start work while its still relatively cool outside
[16:53] <Olympia> runequest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite game!!!!!!!
[16:53] <Mistyck> it's a lot easier than D20
[16:53] <Debbie-VB> In scooby doo, they ALWAYS split up, fred and Daphne, Shaggy Velma and scooby
[16:53] <RainTurtle> be well, Duck
[16:53] <Carol> jp:  cool!  ok... so now you've got the idea that there's going to  be a game for Deryni roleplaying
[16:53] <Harvey> Later Duck!
[16:53] <hygilac> bye duck!
[16:53] <Mistyck> bye Duck
[16:53] <Mak> Bye Duck
[16:53] <Shiral> Bye Duck, Huggles
[16:54] <KK> Bye, Duck.  Watch out for the creepie crawlies.
[16:54] <Wrengl> cya duck
[16:54] <Debbie-VB> have a good day duck
[16:54] <Martine> G'quack, Duck!
[16:54] <Harvey> That's why I learned not to split up from Scooby Doo.  That's where it always went bad for the Scooby gang.
[16:54] <Shiral> and the Slitheries
[16:54] <jp> bye duck
[16:54] <Carol> jp: I've playtested it at GenCon last year... it was a blast!  I had such great players and we had such fun running around Brion's kingdom.
[16:54] * kirienne has never  had a chance to do any of that roleplaying, that's another reason to win lottery so she can go to DarkOver and GenCon
[16:54] <Ghostgames> bye, duck!
[16:54] <the_Bee> I took a D&D class once and got turned off.  It was all about "is this corridor 8 feet wide or 10 feet wide?
[16:54] <kirienne> bye Duck
[16:54] <the_Bee> seeya duck
[16:54] <KK> Some of you guys need to organize a West Coast Deryni gathering.
[16:54] <Carol> oh Bee... you need to see Fudge!
[16:54] <Mistyck> yes
[16:55] <Olympia> YES
[16:55] <Martine> YES YES!
[16:55] <duck> ciao ciao
[16:55] *** duck has left #Deryni_Destinations
[16:55] <Debbie-VB> like in  Vancouver
[16:55] <RainTurtle> Or Comox?
[16:55] <Ghostgames> And have it coincide with one of Paul's trips to San Diego.... :-)
[16:55] <Mistyck> LA area would be really good too
[16:55] <the_Bee> I looked at Fudge.  Do you have to be physically in the same place, or can it be played online?
[16:55] <Carol> bee:  it's not about "how exactly wide is this corridor" (though you can do that if you want) it's about so much more.
[16:55] <Carol> and I suppose it could be played online
[16:56] <Carol> PBEM and such, just like any other system
[16:56] <Ghostgames> There are some online Fudge games. None of them are Deryni games (yet), though. Hopefully some PBEM and online Fudge Deryni games will start up once the book's out. :-)
[16:56] <bynw> any rpg can be played online
[16:56] * jp West coast of Great Britain
[16:56] <Martine> Or my summer business trip to Phoenix... <g>
[16:56] <Carol> I haven't done any rpgs online
[16:56] <the_Bee> The gamesmaster said the other group did better
[16:56] <Olympia> there WILL be a GenCon on the westcoast in 2004
[16:56] <Olympia> Martine!!!!!!! when?
[16:56] <Mistyck> cool!
[16:56] <kirienne> cool
[16:56] <Martine> August, Nancy. Ready to melt?
[16:56] * bynw runs his D&D game online for the past 2-3 years, and it has Deryni in it although not set in the 11 Kingdoms
[16:56] <Debbie-VB> When and where Nancy
[16:56] <Martine> It used to be Palm Springs every year. For 2003, they moved to Phoenix.
[16:57] <Olympia> Thank heaven for air conditioning!
[16:57] <Carol> Ann:  have we got some new wonderful scenarios to spring on 'em at Gen Con?
[16:57] <Mistyck> even better for me, I can Drive!
[16:57] <kirienne> august is terribly hot here in California, don't know about other western states
[16:57] <Martine> Amen, Nancy!
[16:57] <Olympia> Sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's sorta yucky
[16:57] <Martine> Yup!
[16:57] <Shiral> It's definitely hot in Arizona in August
[16:57] <hygilac> august in Tennessee is invariably hot and sticky
[16:57] <Carol> Ann: or are we going after another Mad Deryni again?
[16:57] <Harvey> West Coast Gencon 2004?  Where?
[16:57] <Shiral> Sometimes it's both hot AND yucky
[16:57] *** Gamgee has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[16:57] <Martine> Palm Springs was always hot and muggy, except for three years ago when it was actually 70 degrees and RAINED all week <go figure>
[16:57] <StephanieG> You could go north! It is relatively cooler the farther north you go!
[16:58] <Mistyck> nothing beats Houston heat and humidity in August
[16:58] <Olympia> San Diego I think Harvey
[16:58] *** Khorod has left #Deryni_Destinations
[16:58] * Debbie-VB pelts peer with a plateful of petrified peeps
[16:58] * the_Bee swarms furiously after peer
[16:58] <Shiral> San Diego is very nice
[16:58] <hygilac> Indy in July is HOT, folks
[16:58] *** Gamgee has joined #Deryni_Destinations
[16:58] <Martine> No hotter than Chicago in July!
[16:58] <Mistyck> wb Sam
[16:58] <jp> Oh no, the corridor is shrinking from 10 to 8 feet. Or did i eat the cake to make me bigger?
[16:58] <Shiral> WB, Sam
[16:58] <the_Bee> rehi sam
[16:58] <Martine> wb Sam!
[16:58] <Olympia> Indy is HUMID too
[16:58] <Mak> wb Sam
[16:58] <Gamgee> hello again
[16:58] <RainTurtle> hi, Sam
[16:58] <Carol> Amen on the heat in Chicago Martine
[16:58] * Mistyck has everyone beat with Houston
[16:58] <Harvey> I could theoretically get sent to San Diego for work.  But, I don't think I'll get a work trip like that.
[16:58] <hygilac> oh, yeah
[16:58] <KK> I hate humid!
[16:58] <Wrengl> wb sam
[16:58] <Wrengl> i hate humid also
[16:58] *** jm has quit IRC (QUIT: )
[16:58] <kirienne> if it is on west coast and I can get verra cheap airfare and could share a room with someone, I could start saving nickles and dimes now
[16:59] <Mistyck> 105F and 100% humidity
[16:59] <Carol> KK.. they have air conditioning in Indy too
[16:59] <Olympia> Katherine, we'll make sure we whisk you from airport to car to hotel all air-conditioned
[16:59] <Carol> KK: I can bring an extra fan for your room if you'd like
[16:59] <RainTurtle> Prefer -15C and 10% humidity? :D
[16:59] <jp> Humid always says nice things about you
[16:59] <KK> Most places do have air, these days.
[16:59] <Mak> I am no fan of humid, but I hate cold even more!
[16:59] <Carol> and by fan, I mean the ones that blow air, not the ones who blow hot air and want your autograph
[16:59] <Martine> Moscow didn't!
[16:59] <Olympia> Heh! Katherine and I are sharing a room so you better believe the AC will be on!
[16:59] <Mistyck> Mak:  one summer in Houston and you won't say that any more
[16:59] <Ghostgames> Air conditioning -- Bush's Energy advisors' answer to Global Warming! ;-)
[16:59] <KK> Cold is fine.  You can always put on another sweater.
[16:59] <Ghostgames> (sorry, couldn't resist....)
[16:59] <Debbie-VB>  I'd rather have it +15 C RT
[17:00] <Martine> I'm with you, Katherine. There's only so much you can take off!
[17:00] <jp> gotta go again before my time see ya
[17:00] <Olympia> uh oh... multiply by 9 divide by 5 add 32
[17:00] <Carol> KK: is that why you live in Ireland, so you don't have to deal w/ Midwest Summers AND winters?
[17:00] <Mistyck> yep
[17:00] <Martine> Depending on what sort of company you're with <g>
[17:00] <Mak> Who says, Martine? :)
[17:00] <Shiral> And still go about in Public
[17:00] * kirienne agrees with kathrine and Martine
[17:00] *** jp has left #Deryni_Destinations
[17:00] <KK> That's one reason.  I like changes of seasons, too.
[17:00] <Martine> Well, Mak, what happens when it's ALL off and you're still hot?
[17:00] <Mistyck> yep
[17:00] <Olympia> aha! 59 degrees F
[17:00] <Mak> For me, it's better than being cold
[17:00] <Carol> KK: other reason is: that's where the family is, I'll bet
[17:01] <Mistyck> that's what it's like here...big AC bills every summer
[17:01] <Olympia> Welcome to my world, Martine!
[17:01] <KK> Well, the family came with me, but....
[17:01] <Carol> <g>
[17:01] <Martine> Nancy, you're teaching me well :-)
[17:01] * Devin facepalms. His kids are bodysurfing down the stairs again.
[17:01] <KK> Wanted to live in a castle.
[17:01] <Martine> This is an excellent reason to move anywhere :-)
[17:01] <Olympia> sob so she ABANDONED us....
[17:01] <Devin> KK: I can highly respect that.
[17:01] <Carol> and a cool castle it seems to be, from the pics. thanks for posting those, btw.
[17:01] <Olympia> Let me here alllll alone....
[17:01] <Carol> oh Nancy, shush!
[17:02] <Mistyck> lol, Nancy
[17:02] <Debbie-VB> I'd love to see your castle someday
[17:02] <Shiral> We need to post the new kitty pics on the website too, Katherine
[17:02] <Martine> Nancy, just win the silly lottery and buy that wing Katherine's selling!
[17:02] <Carol> at least you can go visit her at the drop of a hat.
[17:02] <the_Bee> One of your book-blurbs mentioned your castle-living ambition, KK
[17:02] <Olympia> I tried but I only had 2 numbers last night - no one won so now it's $46 mil
[17:02] <hygilac> new kitties?
[17:02] <KK> Yep.  It's great.
[17:02] <the_Bee> left wing or right wing?
[17:02] <Martine> See? See? You just have to try again!
[17:02] <Devin> In a moment of weakness, I promised Steph a castle someday.
[17:02] <Harvey> West wing?
[17:02] <KK> Yes, new (in August) kitties.
[17:02] <Olympia> Well not at this red-hot moment, Carol. I'm a poor writer.
[17:02] <KK> Yes, West Wing.
[17:03] * StephanieG is still patient enough to wait for the castle.
[17:03] <Carol> no, you're a good writer... just cash strapped
[17:03] <kirienne> we need to win the lottery and we can buy a verra big castle and all of us live there
[17:03] <Harvey> You're a good writer who is poor.  We don't want to confuse that.  That's different that a poor writer, I think.
[17:03] <Devin> The catch is, we're building ours instead of buying.
[17:03] <Martine> You just haven't had that magic mystical fateful "big time" moment yet, nancy!
[17:03] <Carol> and Nancy is the Editrix here!  sheesh!
[17:03] <Devin> . o O ( Too hard to run the fiber optic lines for the network through existing stonework... )
[17:04] <KK> Well, guys, I'd better sign off.  It's after pumpkin time, and tomorrow the car has to go back for its retest.
[17:04] <Olympia> Yep, hopefully soon (with the big book) althoug I did go visit the co-written one at B&N.
[17:04] <Shiral> Night, Katherine
[17:04] <Mistyck> nite Katherine
[17:04] <RainTurtle> Bye, KK.  Be well
[17:04] <Martine> Night, Katherine!
[17:04] <StephanieG> Night!
[17:04] <hygilac> Night Katherine
[17:04] <Devin> KK: thanks for your time! Have a good one!
[17:04] <Mak> Nite Katherine
[17:04] <Carol> sleep well, merry part
[17:04] <Shiral> Sleep well and write well this week
[17:04] <hygilac> have a good week
[17:04] <Olympia> Good night, Katherine!
[17:04] <the_Bee> have a good week katherine
[17:04] <RainbowDragon> Bye, Katherine
[17:04] <kirienne> night kathrine, huggles. Good luck with the car retest
[17:04] <Shiral> Thanks for popping by as always
[17:04] <Martine> Oh! And I have fireplaces to send you still, KK!
[17:04] <Harvey> Goodnight Katherine.
[17:04] <KK> Ghost Team, I'll be in touch.
[17:04] <Martine> Now that Ann saved my file :-)
[17:04] <Wrengl> night katherine
[17:04] <bynw> cya Katherine
[17:04] <Shiral> Martine, the postage on those fireplaces is going to be a killer <G>
[17:04] <Olympia> I actually need to go finish some Editrix work myself...
[17:04] <Olympia> thank you all for the Sunday smiles!
[17:04] <Mistyck> nite Nancy
[17:05] <Martine> I had to take a second and third job to pay for it, Shiral!
[17:05] <hygilac> and we were searching for a name
[17:05] <Shiral> LOL
[17:05] <Carol> nitey nite nancy
[17:05] * KK steps onto her Portal, blows kisses, and waves goodbye as she vanishes in a shower of green sparkles.
[17:05] <Shiral> Next time, just send them through the portal
[17:05] <kirienne> night nancy
[17:05] <Ghostgames> Good night, Katherine!
[17:05] <Shiral> Bye Katherine
[17:05] <Ghostgames> (oops, missed her!)
[17:05] <Mak> And I have cookies waiting to be baked...
[17:05] <Mistyck> goodnight Katherine
[17:05] <Debbie-VB> nighters Katherine
[17:05] <Martine> Portal! Doh!
[17:05] <Harvey> Good night Nancy.
[17:05] <Martine> Bye, KK!
[17:05] <Harvey> Good luck with trix.
[17:05] <Shiral> Oh NOW she thinks of it....<G>
[17:05] *** KK has quit IRC (QUIT: )


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